The Quran could not have come from the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) due to the

following reasongs: a) The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was an Arab himself and all the Arabs failed to challenge the Quran. b) The Arab linguists at the time of revelation never accused the prophet (peace be upon him) of being the author of the Quran. One of the best Arab linguists of the time walid bn al!Mughira said:"# $od% none of #ou is more conversant than with poetr#& melodious h#mns and songs& and b# $od never hear an#thing similar to what he sa#s. t is so sweet and so grafecul that it remains at the summit with nothing to surpass it'. c) The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) e(perienced man# trials and tribulations during the course of is prophetic mission.)et the Quran*s language remains that of divine voice and character. +othing in the Quran e(presses the turmoil and emotions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). t is almost a ps#chological impossibilit# to go through what the prophet (peace be upon him) went through and #et none of the emotions are e(oressed in the literar# character of the Quran. d) The hadith or narrations of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) are in a totall# different st#le than that of the Quran. ,ow can an# human being e(press themselves orall# over -. #ear period in two distinct st#les/ This is a ps#chological and ps#chological impossibilit# according to modern research. e) All t#pes of human e(pression can be imitated if the blueprint of that e(pression e(ists. 0or e(ample precious artwor1 can be imitated regardless of how impressive it is."ut in the case of the Quran we have blueprint % The Quran itself! #et no one has been able to imitate its uni2ue literar# form.