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The History of Vodka
Vodka is said to be developed in the Northern European region. olish !laim it "as their dis!overy. The #ussians "ill tell you it "as theirs. $espite the spe!ulation, "e "ill try to summari%e it in a !ouple o& paragraphs, using its ba!kground in the three !ountries that played the biggest role in its development ' #ussia, oland, and ("eden. Vodka !ame to be a huge part o& the #ussian !ulture, as it "as being distilled even be&ore the "ord vodka !ame into general use. )lthough it has been des!ribed by many other names, the "ord vodka is a diminutive o& the "ord voda* in #ussia, meaning "ater. The distilling te!hni+ues had signi&i!antly emerged in #ussia &rom the 12th !entury, "hen they had to redistill the vodka mi, to get rid o& the &used oils that "ere used, to the 1-th !entury, "hen distilling te!hni+ues "ere learned &rom &oreigners, as honey no" "as used to improve the aroma and the &lavor o& vodka. .n the 1/th !entury, it "as later dis!overed that !har!oal "as a great method to &iltrate the mi,, to get rid o& the unne!essary by'produ!ts, even though the spirit had to be diluted be&ore it "as &iltered. $istilling te!hni+ues and strategies &urther improved "ith the introdu!tion o& di&&erent herbs and spi!es. .n spite o& the multiple vodka varieties that the #ussians have been introdu!ed to, in!luding vodka made out o& "heat and potatoes, rye "as !onsidered to produ!e the &inest taste. Over the years, Russia experienced problems with vodka, namely moral issues, as drunkenness became an issue. In 1917, vodka was banned from the markets and, until 19 !, bevera"es over #$% of alcohol content could not be sold. &ince the culture's attitude resembled a de"ree of depression, the ban on vodka was removed. (runkenness, a"ain, became an issue with the Russian culture. )onse*uently, +orbachev tried to take control of this fact, increasin" prices and imposin" various policies, but that only forced the Russians to take the operation under"round, creatin" an alcoholic mix called samo"on, meanin" self,brew. 0urrently, vodka is mainly distilled in 1os!o" under various !ompanies like .$V, the o"ners o& (mirno&&, and still serves as a !om&orter &or #ussians &rom some o& the horrors o& daily li&e. In the -th century, stron" alcohol was discovered in .oland, when wine was left over durin" the winter to free/e0 however, the solution produced was used for medicinal purposes, as opposed to drinkin". It was used for these purposes up until the 11th century, when "or/alka, or burnt wine, was produced, as a result o& the kno"ledge o& distilling spirit &rom "ine spreading to oland. 1oreover, olish historians !laim that vodka "as &irst produ!ed in 140- and is said to have rea!hed #ussia &rom oland. 2y the &irst hal& o& the 13th !entury, 4ing 5an 6bra!ht o& oland allo"ed the produ!tion and sales o& al!ohol. 7ater, in 1-82 he limited the produ!tion and sales o& al!ohol to the gentry, &rom "hi!h a 109 ta, "as e,tra!ted. .t "as not until the 18th !entury, that vodka "as established as a national drink. .n this period o& time, olish also started e,porting their produ!tion to Northern European Dimitri Lezinska 28 Shottsford, 100 Talbot Road Notting Hill London W2 L! +447971193330

Time passed and in 142. or rather its an!estor. There "ere multiple attempts to ban its produ!tion &or health reasons. resulting in su!h pra!ti!es as triple distillation. !alled $onskoy &or his vi!tory over the 1ongol'Tartar army on the 4ulikovo Aield by the #iver $on.8. Dimitri Lezinska 28 Shottsford. but it "as de!ided that its resulting revenue "as &ar more signi&i!ant than the !ulture>s health. they presented him "ith vessels "ith the above mentioned spirit.. )s the drink "as too strong. burnt "ine and bitter "ine among others. These temperan!e movements reappeared throughout the ("edish history. (our!e@ 0lassi! Vodka by Ni!holas Aaith ? . other names "ere also used &or the drink@ "ine Ebread "ineF. They travelled via 1os!o". "hi!h "as abundant in #ussia. vodka "as o&&i!ially sold as a li+uor beverage. ("eden did not play as huge a role as #ussia and oland have in the vodka movement.n the 1-th !entury the monasteries o& #ussia began produ!ing grain vodka. their te!hni+ues had !onse+uently advan!ed. <o"ever. .th !entury.t is thought that the drink itsel&. . 2y the 1/th !entury.!ountries like #ussia. 0urrently. like oland. partly be!ause o& the strong temperan!e movement that took pla!e be&ore the 1. olmos. . Alattered by the hospitality o& the 1os!o" governor. burning "ine.t is interesting to note that ("eden.vanovi!h. our an!estors "ere not mu!h impressed "ith this distilled &ermented grape =ui! Bisnie"ski@ 7ondon. en!ompasses 2. 2y the 13th !entury. kno"n &or their )bsolut brand vodka. rion 2ooks@ 1. at &irst. 1ead and beer "ere more popular in #ussia at the time. the largest vodka distiller in oland. distilled "ine. also used vodka &or medi!inal bene&its. . it "as normally diluted "ith "ater. "ho later lost his eyesight in the &eud "ith his relatives and got the ni!kname o& C$arkD. 100 Talbot Road Notting Hill London W2 L! +447971193330 Dimi@greygoosevodka. "here the &oreign guests had an audien!e "ith rin!e $mitry . did not a&&e!t the su!!ess o& the !ompany Vin ? (pirit. kor!hma or kor!hma "ine. The "ord CvodkaD has been kno"n sin!e the 18th !entury and is most likely a derivative o& CvodaD E"aterF. The li+uid "as appre!iated at the !ourt o& the young prin!e Vasily the (e!ond Vasilievit! .n the past. "as &irst brought to #ussia by Genoese mer!hants on their "ay to 7ithuania. .. <o"ever. (our!e used "ith permission &rom the publisher.independent distilleries and holds the domesti! market rights "ith a :no &ee: li!ense to produ!e the !lassi! vodka brands.t is likely that the idea o& diluting al!ohol Ethat is "hat a+ua vitae a!tually "asF "ith "ater "as the starting point &or manu&a!turing #ussian vodka that "as produ!ed &rom grain. =udging &rom the !ondition o& the ("edish !ulture. a strong drink !alled a+ua vitae E7atin &or C"ater o& li&eDF. &oreign visitors brought a+ua vitae to 1os!o" on!e again* this time it "as served as the universal !ure. but evidently.

the right to produ!e and sell vodka &or a payment o& a small per!entage o& in!ome to the state. . The Empress>s order o& 1ar!h 31. . the "ord CkabakD is not (lavi! by origin. trying to in!rease the in!ome &or the state to a ma. "ho &avoured the nobility and granted it numerous privileges. the dynasties o& #ussian Cvodka kingsD started.van the Terrible kabaks "ere rather "idely spread. <o"ever. the &irst CTsar>s kabakD "as opened. )longside the C!opperD. "as !onstantly being introdu!ed and "ithdra"n.t is "orth mentioning that in the end o& the 1-th !entury the grand prin!e o& 1os!o" and the Tsar o& all #ussia. but. The kabak business "as very pro&itable &or the state* this is "hy the #urikovi! . there "ere also the CkabakD revolts "hi!h "ere !aused by the kabak supervisors and their assistants> abuse o& their positions. that made the leaseholders &abulously ri!h. 2oris Godunov and the &irst #omanovs did not only keep the state monopoly.allo"ed only the nobility to distil "ine and also &reed them o& all a!!ompanying ta. but &rom it. in!luding vodka.n kabaks. Empress 0atherine the (e!ond. 183.van the Third E"ho had an astute and strategi! mindF introdu!ed a state monopoly on the produ!tion and selling o& . a pla!e "here various al!oholi! drinks. "ho had no +ualms at parting "ith their money earned "ith no signi&i!ant e&&ort. played di!e. vodka "as produ!ed not only by state'o"ned distilleries. 2y the "ay. &ought. These pla!es "ere mostly &re+uented by the Tsar>s guards. . !ould be bought and !onsumed.n 1-33.)s early as the beginning o& the 13th !entury Cburning "ineD "as brought not to #ussia. The 18th !entury "as =ustly termed rebellious by the !ontemporaries sin!e it "as a series o& revolts and all sorts o& roguish a!tivities.n the times o& .n 1813.n the middle o& the 1/th !entury. did not eat. but also by land'o"ning aristo!ra!y. people drank. Throughout #ussian history.D tried to share in the o"nership o& distilleries "ith aristo!rats or use their names in the do!umentation.t "as the &irst e. . The system o& "ine lease. the manner o& vodka produ!tion and sales has !hanged many times. !alling kabaks them C#ussian tavernsD.ts origin is not kno"n* the only thing that linguists are sure about is that it "as brought to #ussia &rom some"here in the East. but made it more rigid.port o& vodka that later "ould take over the "hole "orld.imum. 100 Talbot Road Notting Hill London W2 L! +447971193330 Dimi@greygoosevodka. the government sa" to it that the privilege o& the Dimitri Lezinska 28 Shottsford. . the &irst Emperor o& all #ussia o&&ered the aristo!ra!y and the mer!hants the e. . as "ell as on all other al!oholi! drinks. eter the Airst !ombined leases "ith the state sale o& vodka.perien!e o& the #ussian e.!lusive right to distil "ine. 1os!o" kabaks "ere mentioned in the diaries and travel =ournals o& &oreigners "ho visited the 1os!o" lands during the se!ond hal& o& the 13th !entury. un&ortunately. . made "ine distillation the sole privilege o& the aristo!ra!y. CsaltD and other revolts. . #i!h mer!hants that made their &ortunes at the time "hen anybody !ould produ!e vodka i& he paid the C"ine distillation ta. $uring the reign o& eter the Great.

th !entury. 1endeleev>s !on!lusions "ere appre!iated and su!!ess&ully applied in al!oholometry and vodka produ!tion.n "as sold only in bu!kets E12. almost every lando"ner had his o"n spe!ial sort o& vodkaH . !ara"ay seed and dill.3 the national standard &or vodka "as established and the state monopoly on vodka that gradually spread all over the !ountry "as introdu!ed. )&ter the re&orms.nobility "as kept and mer!ilessly punished those "ho disobeyed. the e.. the tables in the estates o& the nobility bore de!anters "ith drinks that today "e !annot even imagineH (ophisti!ated gourmets !onsidered it a point o& honour to have all sorts o& vodka "ith &lavours "hose names started "ith all letters o& the #ussian alphabet.oti! drink. any"ay. the rouble under"ent in&lation. "here it "as useless to !ontrol the leaseholders.t is also interesting to note that home'made vodka.!ept &or (iberia. .n the 1. Dimitri Lezinska 28 Shottsford. "ater and various plant &lavours "ere added.t is not surprising then that the largest part o& vodka "as produ!ed in the estate o& the nobility and the +uality o& the drink "as unsurpassable. 1endeleev. beginning "ith the atrioti! Bar o& 1/12. The produ!ers attempted at high +uality "ater !leaning and used natural proteins@ milk and egg "hite. Bith !herry and pear.t is +uite !hara!teristi! that a&ter the "ar "ith Napoleon "as over. unlike that o& the state distilleries. and the government introdu!ed a state monopoly on vodka in the largest part o& the #ussian empire. The invention o& this vodka is !onne!ted "ith the name o& the &amous !hemist $. .4'1/. . The s!ientist had been sear!hing &or the ideal volume and "eight ratio o& al!ohol and "ater &or a year and a hal& and a&ter having solved the problem published his &indings in his do!torate dissertation C6n 0ombining )l!ohol and BaterD. brought to the Aren!h by those "ho de&eated 2uonaparte.3 litresF* no" bottles be!ame more "idespread. !on&is!ating su!h distilleries. bird !herry and sage "hat a number o& berries. 100 Talbot Road Notting Hill London W2 L! +447971193330 Dimi@greygoosevodka. . . bla!kberry and a!orn.!ise system "as introdu!ed. $uring the pro!ess o& making home'made vodka. and then the vodka "as distilled on!e more &or the &ourth timeH )!!ording to !ontemporaries. roots and tree seeds "as used &or &lavouring the traditional #ussian drinkH )nd. . then the ideas o& the best "ay to sell bread "ine "ere !onsidered. #ussian vodka "as highly appre!iated in Aran!e and it "as not !onsidered to be =ust one more e. the #ussian treasury got .n 1/. e. 2e&ore 1//. the system o& vodka produ!tion and sale kept !hanging. &irst. "as mostly &lavoured. but something noble and pure. the al!ohol "as distilled three times.

the sadly remembered do!ument C6n the .2. the &irst #ussian president. the ne" presidential de!ree "as issued. (torage.t is notable that the above mentioned monopoly on vodka led to a !ertain de!rease in the number o& al!oholi!s Eanumber that "as +uite s!ary in the beginning o& the 20th !enturyF. Bholesale and #etail o& )l!oholi! rodu!tsD..mproved 1easures )gainst $runkenness and )l!oholismD stru!k a heavy blo" to the national li+uor and vodka industry. )lthough a&ter . Ieltsin issued the $e!ree on the )bolition o& the (tate 1onopoly on Vodka./-.2-. #ussia !an still &eel the damage today. 1. the beginning o& Gorba!hev>s era.The prohibition measures that "ere &irst introdu!ed during the "ar "ith 5apan o& 1.04'1.years time the absurd de!ision "as !onsidered erroneous. This time it "as !alled C6n the#eestablishment o& the (tate 1onopoly on rodu!tion. that in a year.3. E. ri!h &easts "ere a&&orded only by the Great rin!es and used as politi!al events to sign ne" !ontra!ts or arrange ne" !onta!ts..n 1ay 1. There is also the Cprohibition la"D introdu!ed by the government o& the #ussian Empire on )ugust 2.n the old times #ussian people didnJt have any idea o& getting drunk. )mong the items in the museum>s !olle!tion. the !ountry "as &looded "ith lo" +uality. . on 5une 11. <o" . 2. . and there&ore. The most popular strong beverages "ere !onsidered Dimitri Lezinska 28 Shottsford. 6n 5une 8 1. The e&&e!t o& this "idespread &ake vodka "as so apparent.are alone "orth a separate detailed story. 100 Talbot Road Notting Hill London W2 L! +447971193330 Dimi@greygoosevodka. visitors "ill re!ognise the "ell'kno"n C(toli!hnayaD label "ithout di&&i!ulties. The history of Russian vodka . .14 and o&&i!ially !an!elled by the (oviet government only in 1. To a great e.tent this de!rease "as in&luen!ed by the regulations &or selling vodka ' in many regions vodka !ould be sold only be&ore / p. N. a military vi!tory or the &uneral.pensive.m. 2e&ore the adoption o& the 0hristianity alcoholic beverages "ere put on the table to !elebrate three holidays@ the birth o& a !hild. )s a result. very o&ten &ake. ha%ardous produ!t. and the budget losses so noti!eable.0.t is not surprising then that in 1. 1. This brand be!ame very popular both at home and abroad as soon as it appeared on the market.-3 the C1os!o" (pe!ialD "as a"arded a gold medal at an international e.hibition in ("it%erland. etersburg and 1os!o". this limitation did not "ork in (t.

t re&ormer "as . eter . people drank vodka in shkaliki E30 gF and !harki E120 gF.van . 1onastery distillation !ompeted "ith the (tate Treasury and the Great prin!e . !ombined "ith herbs e. "hi!h "as !alled in a Tatar "ay “kabak” Ethat means drinking "ithout sna!kF. 6nly !ommon people "ere allo"ed to drink in the kabaks.kabaks appeared in di&&erent #ussian !ities and got into the traditional pla!e to have a drink and a spe!ial parti!ularity o& #ussian urbanism.(imple "orkers "ere not deprived o& their due share of vodka. $rinking !ulture at that time "as very high.ternal and internal use.n kabaks small glasses Estopka M 100 gF !ame into &ashion. .!entury. Vodka was a ust o& a !ombat ration. &ree%ing and re!ti&ying. <e. "hose love to"ards the &easts and &estivals "as the talk o& the !ountry. Thanks to him.n the middle o& 1/ !entury.van The Terrible "ho interdi!ted to pur!hase vodka in 1os!o" and ordered to build &or his servants a spe!ial house. the ine. .t "as the rule to "ork the "hole "eek and allo"ed to have al!oholi! drinks only on the holidays.. 100 Talbot Road Notting Hill London W2 L! +447971193330 Dimi@greygoosevodka. #ussian Empire learned to drink vodka in a s"eeping and =oy&ul manner. sin!e 1--. (u!!ess&ul years o& eter the GreatJs government. Every nobleman had his o"n brand o& vodka and !onsidered prestigious to have the !"# assort ent of vodka with different herbs$ a%%le vodka. “braga” (strong bread beverage) and beer. The soldier got 2 !ups o& vodka E1-'1/9F every day. 2esides the stopka.honey wines. 2ut the tsar also brought in the strict order in alcohol drinking. too. !entury large eterJs mug "as !hanged by a German glass that "as o& less si%e. .n 1. #ussian soldiers !arried al!ohol drinks to en!ourage themselves on the &ield o& battle. The last royal de!ree admitted the !omplete re&use o& the state monopoly and !ontrol o& private pra!ti!es. Vodka "as !onsidered good to heal the "ounds and relieve the pain. road "orker or do!ker. The &irst bread wine "as made in the 0hudov monastery in the 4remlin in the middle o& 1.n the an!ient #us vodka "as highly appre!iated and used as mira!le'"orking medi!ine. The prin!ipal rule "as to keep the mind sober and the vie" o& things sensible. $uring many !enturies al!oholi! beverage manu&a!turing di&&ered by private.. The ne. brought in the Airst vodka monopoly that lasted till 130-. not more than a hal& a . amateur !hara!ter. Thanks to that. determined the vague notion KvodkaL "ith s!ienti&i! Dimitri Lezinska 28 Shottsford. . eople o& upper !lasses should drink al!ohol at home and the people "hose a!tivity "as the art should not drink alcohol at any rate. loved al!ohol so mu!h that he !ould drink 33 glasses o& "ine during the day. &irst. al!oholi! beverage manu&a!turing be!ame the privilege o& the aristo!ra!y. .. !entury the &amous Russian che ist 'endeleev developed the basis o& al!oholi! beverage industry. The ne" pla!e be!ame to the tsarJs liking and the entertaining pla!e. (o. )t the beginning o& 1.haustible sour!e o& treasury enri!hment "as &ound. The taste o& Kbread "ineL "as improved by numerous &iltrations. in the time o& 0atherine . a!!ustomed people to mu!h al!ohol. 6ne glass E!harkaF o& lo" +uality vodka "as supposed to every builder. The gro"ing popularity o& this strong beverage helped its &ast spreading.tra!ts &or e. &est vodka an others.

barley. 1endeleev &ound out that only 409 al!ohol releases the ma. this !rude anestheti! and disin&e!tant "as distilled &rom rye. )lthough vodka began as rye'based li+uor. 1ade &or medi!al purposes.n #ussia the "ord voda. The t"o leading !andidates as the mother !ountry o& vodka are oland and #ussia.mperial ban+uets.n ea!h !ountry. Vodka is =ust as popular in oland. )ll meals "ere begun "ith bread and vodka. that makes vodka the main ingredients &or a "ide range o& !o!ktails. Ea!h !an boast a heavy asso!iation and great popularity &or the drink. )s vodka made the s"it!h &rom a &amily made li+uor to one that "as produ!ed on a grand s!ale by large distilleries. mu!h easier to distill &rom than other grains. means "ater. . Today most brands o& vodka are distilled &rom rye. believed to be the "ord that vodka originated &rom.4 1endeleevJs vodka "as patented as the prin!ipal #ussian al!oholi! beverage. and most !ommonly !orn.n #ussia. They introdu!ed gold vodka* vodka that is aged &or ten years in oak !asks be&ore itJs sold on the market. 100 Talbot Road Notting Hill London W2 L! +447971193330 Dimi@greygoosevodka. "heat. at times !ontaining more than a gallon o& vodka.30Js "hen the (mirno&& 0ompany opened &or business.!hara!teristi!s.ability. the potato be!ame the ingredient o& !hoi!e. Those "ho re&used to partake "ould be !onsidered impious. by "eight. 1any nations and many more individuals !laim to be the birthpla!e o& the popular spirit. )s during the e. Aamilies and !ommunities "ere produ!ing the drink be&ore the end o& the 1300Js &or the purpose o& drinking. Vodka is distilled at very high proo&s and then &iltered through vegetable !har!oal. The potato "as mu!h more !ommon. . The higher the proo&. Dimitri Lezinska 28 Shottsford.t "as not until the middle &ourteenth !entury that vodka "as dis!overed to have into. Vodka be!ame the only name o& prin!ipal #ussian strong drink. the less the &lavor and !learer the !olor. Vodka !an be made &rom a "ide range o& ra" materials. . but also &rom its mi. and no"aday is produ!ed in many !ountries all over the "orld* its popularity !omes &rom its uni+ue. the potato "as dis!arded and grain "as embra!ed. as it be!ame more popular to the masses. Vodka is made &rom rye spirit. the eighty proo& li+uor is drunk "ith meals. !lassy taste that !an be appre!iated "hen it is tasted alone.n 1/. !alled K1os!o" spe!ialL vodka The origins o& Vodka are shrouded in mystery. Vodka is de&initely the most popular distilled spirit in the "orld.i!ating !hara!teristi!s. ) !up "ould be passed around. .imum o& heat and di&&ers by the homogeneity. the birth date o& Vodka has been estimated around the beginning o& the t"el&th !entury.periments. dissolved. it "as believed that the drink !ontained its o"n spirit and it "as used at religious events. it did not be!ome popular in the Nnited (tates until the 1. and although the vodka did not taste as "ell. in spring mild "ater until 409 al!ohol. 2elieved to have originated &rom either oland or #ussia Esome say ersia alsoF. )lthough vodka had been a hit over in #ussia and Eastern Europe &or hundreds o& years. . Arom the beginning o& the seventeenth !entury it had be!ome !ustomary &or vodka to be served at #ussian .com .

!olorless and &lavorless al!ohol. and the potato "as dis!arded@ in #ussia grain be!ame the main ingredients. The history of vodka Vodka originated in Eastern Europe in the 1iddle )ge@ both #ussia and oland !laim to be the birthpla!e o& this an!ient spirits. but its pre!ise origins are still un!ertain.30Js thanks to the &amous (mirno&& 0ompany "ho imported a vodka that is aged &or ten years. . Vodka Ea "ord originated &rom :voda:. "hile polish distillers pre&ered rye. Not only the potato "as mu!h more !ommon. and in 2alti! regions@ in these areas vodka "as mainly made &rom "heat mash.mperial ban+uets and all important meals in oland "ere begun "ith bread and vodka. Arom the beginning o& the seventeenth !entury it had be!ome !ustomary &or vodka to be served at #ussian . barley. and beers. Vodka "as also popular among (!andinavian people. "hi!h in a "ay. as it "as believed to !ontain its o"n :spirit:. espe!ially in ("eden an Ainland. The earliest distilled spirit in Eastern Europe. Vodka is distilled at very high proo&s and then &iltered through vegetable !har!oal. is not that &ar &rom the truth. Today vodka !ommands 209 o& the market in the Nnited (tates. Then. in the &ollo"ing !enturies.t "as not until the middle &ourteenth !entury that vodka "as dis!overed as a drink. and then dra"ing o&& the al!oholi! slush &rom the &ro%en "ater. there&ore the potato. the less the &lavor and !learer the !olor. Vodka be!ame the term &or beverage spirit. <o"ever vodka be!ame also popular to the masses. 7ater vodka !ame to be produ!ed on a grand s!ale by large distilleries. it lends itsel& to blending "ith &lavors and &orti&ying other beverages.n #ussia vodka "as used at religious events. meaning "ater both in several slavi! languagesF "as originally used to des!ribe grain distillates. and ameri!an distillers produ!e their o"n brands o& premium vodka@ N() is the se!ond ma=or produ!er o& this spirit a&ter #ussia. 100 Talbot Road Notting Hill London W2 L! +447971193330 Dimi@greygoosevodka. The higher the proo&.th !entury.n the 1.t is a !lear spirit o& high purity and the di&&eren!e in taste !an seem really subtle &or those "ho are not &amiliar "ith high +uality vodkas.Vodka is o&ten des!ribed as an odorless. it "as also easier to distill &rom than other ingredients. it did not be!ome popular in the rest o& the "orld until re!ently. .n an!ient times strong drink "as made by &ermenting strong "ines. "as made o& mead Ehoney "ineF or beer. "here the e. and most !ommonly !orn. ) !up "ould be passed around@ those "ho re&used to partake "ould be !onsidered impious. (in!e Vodka tends to be a neutral . even i& "e kno" that this kind o& spirits originated among (lavi! people "ho inhabited the North' East o& Europe.treme !old temperatures o& "inter inhibited the shipment o& "ines and beers. regardless o& its origin. high' proo& :#ussian spirit: "as held in high esteem by (herry produ!ers in (pain. poular vodka !an be obtained &rom molasses. Aamilies and !ommunities started to produ!e it be&ore the end o& the 1300Js &or the purpose o& drinking. !heaper than rye or grain. . Then bet"een the 12th and 13th !entury these populations dis!overed distillations. &ree%ing them. )lthough vodka "as !onsidered a !ommon drink in Eastern and Northern Europe &or hundreds o& years. These "ere used mainly &or medi!inal purposes. <o"ever vodka drinkers !an distinguish even the smallest di&&eren!es. 0heap. . as these relatively lo"' proo& beverages !ould &ree%e during transit. meads. "heat. be!ame the ingredient o& !hoi!e. Today most brands o& vodka are distilled &rom rye. "ho Dimitri Lezinska 28 Shottsford.t rea!hed Nnited (tates in the 1. . . kno"n as :perevara:.

emple. ' +ilution and bottling The spirit a&ter puri&i!ation is at a very high proo&. This !an be done "ith a simple pot still by dis!arding the &irst and last parts o& the distillate produ!ed* a modern !ontinuous still !an do this more e&&i!iently. 6ther materials. Nntil the end o& the 1/th !entury. <igher purity and al!ohol !ontent !an be obtained by multiple distillations* many vodkas are triple distilled. (ase )ngredients Bater is still the main ingredient in vodka Ea&ter all its name !omes &rom :"ater:. is &lavoured. (mirno&&. still not per&e!tly pure. still doF "hile no" distillers use their o"n pits* a s!andinavian produ!er E. There are many traditional olish and #ussian &lavoured vodkas. Neutral spirits are still used to &orti&y ort. )s &arming te!hni+ues advan!ed in the Best. &lo"ers.ture. leaves. shrubs and trees. but it is !heaper to deioni%e and &ilter the "ater. (ometimes !oagulants are used to bind impurities so that they !an be &iltered out more readily. the "ater that is used &or this dilution must also be properly puri&ied. &or e. ' Rectification #e!ti&i!ation is the pro!ess o& removing undesirable !omponents su!h as methanol &rom this distillate. this !ultivation be!ame more and more e. This is diluted. 6bviously. but !har!oal is superior. ho"ever. usually to about /0 proo& E409 al!oholF &or bottling. although the sour!e o& al!ohol &or su!h purposes these days tends to be the vast :"ine lake: that has been !reated by European Nnion agri!ultural pra!ti!es. ' +istillation The . o&ten 1. ' *iltration and %urification The distillate is then &iltered. vodka "as mainly produ!ed &rom rye Esometimes "ith nettle or broad beans addedF.& the range o& base ingredients &or making pure vodkas are limited.!ebergF use harvested i!eberg "ater.t step is to distill the "ash obtained &rom &ermentation to produ!e a high'proo& spirit. 'aking Vodka ' *er entation The &irst step in making vodka is the &ermentation o& the base ingredients into a pot.port@ &rom 1/th !entury on distillation &rom potatoes developed in oland. some even more. . shoots. The roots. (herry. like (toli!hnaya. 6ther vodka.-9 al!oholF. have been used in the past. "heat. This is also !onsidered to produ!e a better &lavoured vodka. "here this vegetable are still used today. and in re!ent years. the result o& distillation is a high'al!ohol mi. herbs. the list o& substan!es used to produ!e &lavoured vodkas is very long. see aboveF@ at the beginning people used to produ!e vodkas "ith "ater taken &rom river and lakes Eand some produ!ers. $istilled "ater !an be used. The !hoi!e o& pot has a &undamental e&&e!t on the &inal result@ shape and material o& the pot should be !hosen !are&ully. proudly pro!laims that ea!h drop o& their vodka passes through seven tons o& !har!oal.imported it to &orti&y their "ines. and other types o& &orti&ied "ines.0 proo& or so E. ' *lavouring 1ost vodka "ill be sold as plain vodka. both native and imported &rom &ar lands. 100 Talbot Road Notting Hill London W2 L! +447971193330 Dimi@greygoosevodka. . These "ere relatively !heap ingredients. usually through !har!oal. barley and oats. are used to make vodka all over the "orld.pensive in Eastern !ountries "hile prote!tionist poli!ies o& the "estern !ountries hampered e. su!h as river sand. &ruits and seeds o& many grasses. many Dimitri Lezinska 28 Shottsford.n the 1/20>s polish distillers be!ame using sugar as a main ingredients and later plums.

and are generally a!kno"ledged to be the leaders in Vodka produ!tion.Bestern produ!ers have released many &lavoured vodkas. ' #ussia. vodka. 0ommer!ial produ!tion "as established by the 14th !entury. all o& "hi!h are distilled &rom rye and "heat. to grapes and other &ruits in the "inemaking regions o& Aran!e and . all o& it &rom molasses. by la". so the distin!tion bet"een brands is more a matter o& pri!e and per!eption than taste* ' The 0aribbean produ!es a surprising amount o& Vodka. and Germany. and most also have lo!al &lavored spe!ialties. Traditionally the usual drinking party involves a lot o& eating bet"een shooters o& vodka. along "ith the 2alti! (tates o& Estonia. <olland. in order to eliminate the undesired e&&e!ts o& drinking. Eastern Europe is the homeland o& Vodka produ!tion. or &ruits. and 7ithuania. Oakuvski !omes in a large variety o& !hoi!es@ !aviar on blinis. 6nly the better brands. both &rom various grains Ein!luding !ornF and &rom molasses. Nobody measures the +uantity o& al!ohol poured. #ussians usually "ash vodka do"n "ith a sip o& 0o!a'0ola. neutral spirits. )s simple as the idea o& drinking vodka may seem. 100 Talbot Road Notting Hill London W2 L! +447971193330 Dimi@greygoosevodka. even i& eastern european vodkas still dominate the market. )lthough this step Dimitri Lezinska 28 Shottsford. in re!ent de!ades. Nkraine and 2elarus produ!e the &ull range o& Vodka types. Vodka produ!tion be!ame an integral part o& #ussian so!iety. 7et us &urther e. 1ost vodka is unaged. it should al"ays be pla!ed either beside the leg o& the table or on the &loor* ' $rink "hat is served to you in one gulp. 1i. today most !ountries produ!e their o"n Vodkas. )meri!an Vodkas are. smoked &ish.plore the methodology o& vodka drinking@ ' Bhen you are done "ith the &irst bottle. 1ost o& it is . are is per!eived as a "estern "ay o& doing things sin!e orange =ui!e is o&ten more e.ported &or blending and bottling in other !ountries* ' )ustralia produ!es molasses'based Vodkas. )risto!rati! lando"ners operated stills on their estates and produ!ed high'+uality Vodkas.taly* ' The Nnited (tates and 0anada produ!e non&lavored Vodkas.port market &or its straight and &lavored "heat'based Vodkas* ' Bestern Europe has lo!al brands o& Vodka "herever there are distilleries. This !ustom is !alled a :%akuvski:. typi!ally &lavoured "ith !itrus. there are a &e" things one must kno" &or proper vodka eti+uette. developed a substantial e. The base &or these Vodkas !an vary &rom grains in northern !ountries su!h as the Nnited 4ingdom.ported to the Best* ' oland produ!es and e. =ui!e and most o&ten. beer. (prite. "ith the best !oming &rom 5apan* +rinking %ure vodka #ussians &irmly believe that Vodka "as !reated in their land.ported* ' )sia has a smattering o& lo!al Vodkas. mostly &rom "heat* ' ("eden has. produ!e primarily grain'based Vodkas. but &e" are e.pensive than the vodka itsel&* ' )l"ays buy ba!k a round o& drinks to everybody that treats you. this is le&t to the dis!retion o& the pourer* ' Never sip or mi. pepper. 7atvia.periments in multiple redistillations "ere made. bla!k bread.ports both grain' and potato'based Vodkas. The 0%ars maintained test distilleries at their !ountry pala!es "here the &irst e. ) &e" varieties are aged in "ooden barrels. <o"ever. 1ost o& the high' +uality brands are produ!ed in pot stills* ' Ainland.

Aailing to &ollo" this !ourtesy might land you a &irst !lass spot on the vodka bla!k list* ' 0ommon pra!ti!e "hen drinking as part o& a group is to syn!hroni%e your drinking* everybody drinks at the same time. .might seem like a di&&i!ult one "hen your senses are altered a&ter a &e" too many intakes o& #ussia>s little "ater. but re!ently #ussians seems to pre&ere beerH Dimitri Lezinska 28 Shottsford. and it is part o& this !ountry>s !ulture.t is !onsidered an o&&ense to drink be&ore somebody makes a toast. this is . 100 Talbot Road Notting Hill London W2 L! +447971193330!ted. Vodka is still very popular in #ussia.