TECHNICAL RESOURCES Description and Uses of the Product The proposed projects belongs to food industry specifically on refreshment

drinks and that is the Shake for Health that contains fruits, vegetable, milk and sugar that blends together with ice crushed. The advocate proposed this project to meet the needs and demand of many people for healthy and nutritious products. The proposed project will provide a naturally made drink to people and to heal their thirst and help them to cool and refresh their feelings. Healthy living and keep away from any diseases is now very easy and convenient by just at least drink one glass of Shake for Health a day. Manufacturing process Shown below is the process of making ampalaya-malungay concentrate to be used in the preparation of the Shake.

¼ kilogram of malungay First ¼ kilogram of ampalaya Third

Half liter of water


Procedure: 1. Pour the malungay in blender 2. Then, the ampalaya and the water gently 3. Blend it for two cycle, one minute per cycle or until it will thoroughly blend.

4. Pour it on a 1 liter picher with lid then put it in the refrigerator this could be used for twenty for hours. Note: The preparation of malungay-ampalaya concentrate will be made before the opening of the mall or during the operation if needed. The illustration in preparing the Shake is shown below.

Evaporated milk


Ampalaya-malungay concentrate Granulated white sugar

Crushed ice

BLENDER Shake for Health



1. Choose fresh ripe fruits. 2. Peel and remove seeds (when needed) slice fruits into smaller pieces. Remove seeds. 3. Pour the crushed ice on the blender 5 ml for small,12 ml for large and 14 ml for extra large 4. Next, is the granulated white 1 table spoon for small, 1 and 1/2 table spoon for medium, 2 and ½ for large and 3 table spoon for extra large 5. Pour 1 table spoon of ampalaya-malungay concentrate for small, 2 table spoon for large and 3 table spoon for extra large. 6. Weigh the fruits a total of 40 grams for small and additional 15 grams for large and 25 grams. 7. Put two (3) table spoon evaporated milk for small, three (4) table spoon for large and four (5) table spoon for extra large cup. 8. Blend it for two cycles, thirty five seconds per cycle or until it will thoroughly blended. 9. After, pour it in the cup, cover it with lid and put the straw. Then, serve it to the customer. Note: If the customers wish to change the combination of ingredients, lessen or take it out from the ingredients of a certain desired product this would be granted. The time standard preparation of the shake before serving is one and one half minutes. Grapes must only be only 5 grams for small, 7 grams for large and 10 grams for extra-large. Sources of Raw and other Materials Raw materials such as fruits and vegetable will be bought from Sta. Cruz Public Market except for apple, orange and grapes will be on Whoopee Supermarket and cups, lids and straw will be purchase in Styro Plast at Tetuan Zamboanga City. For sugar and milk this would be purchase in Shoppers’ Center Mall in their Supermarket. Purchasing of fruits and vegetable in the Sta. Cruz Public Market and Whoopee and the milk and sugar at the Supermarket of Shoppers’ Center Mall will be every two days and the cups, lids and straw will be ordered every fifteen days or if the stocks are critical the manager will take an order to avoid delayed transaction in the business. For the give away such as balloons will be order at JR every day and the key chains at the Mixed and Match every fifteen days. Machinery, Equipment and Utensils The following is the needed machineries, equipments and utensils and their market prices based on Zamboanga market price. Machineries and Equipments 1 pc Fruit slicer 6” (stainless steel) 1 pc can opener Market Price Php278.25 60.95

1 set measuring spoon (plastic) 1 pc measuring cup (plastic) 1 pc Chopping board (anti-bacterial) 10 pcs plastic wares 1 pc Spatula 1 pc basin Push Cart Signage 2 units Blender 1 unit kitchen Scale 1 pc Ice chest 1 Computer set(for office) 1 Air condition unit(for office) 1 unit Refrigerator (10 cubic size) Others 6 sets of table with chairs(for office) 4 pcs Trash can(2 for office) 2 pcs water tank Total Initial Investment Location of the Business

35.75 50.70 90.50 300.00 55.25 60.00 30,000.00 10,000.00 2,450.00 240.75 220.95 26,590.00 12,000.00 10,150.00 13,500.00 440.00 480.50 Php107,003.60

The proposed business will be located at Shoppers’ Center Mall Zamboanga City at the ground floor before the entrance of supermarket wherein the target market usually go and stand by. Manpower Requirements The proposed business will only creates at least five jobs included the accountant and the manager, 2 production staffs and cashier crew. Inventory levels The ingredients and raw materials mentioned earlier is only good for 2 days storage to maintain its freshness. Utilities The leasing contract as proposed by Shoppers’ Center Mall of Php 5,000 a month for space rental with three months advance payment, Php 1,000 for janitorial services, Php 1,000 for air condition, Php 400 for the two blenders, Php 500 for the refrigerator, and Php 100 for the signage monthly charges and renewing of contract will be every after six months this would be for the push cart or the production and selling plant. For the office the proponent will be renting a room on Raymond property on Sevilla St. Beside 1812 and on the back of Chong Hua High School and the proposed room rental will Php 3,000.00 with two months advance and additional payment for every

appliance. The proposed equipment will be such as one air condition for Php 500.00 and 1 set of computer for Php 200.00 monthly payment.

Waste Disposal The proposed project will have own garbage can one is for biodegradable and the other one for non-biodegradable and at the end of the day garbage will be pick up by the mall’s janitorial services. For the office will also have its own trashed can to be collected by the care taker of the building.