Solaris 201 2

QUESTION 1 You accidentally initiated an abort sequence. As a consequence, your SPAR ! based SYSTE" #ENT INTO T$E %ro& "O'E. #(ic( t)o actions disable t(e de*ault +eyboard abort sequence, - (oose t)o. A. detac( serial console de/ice 0. run t(e +bd !a disable co&&and . run t(e ee%ro& co&&and to disable 1EY0OAR'2A0ORT '. in PRO" &ode, c(an3e t(e /alue o* +eyboard to disable E. edit 4 etc4de*ault4+bd to c(an3e t(e /alue o* t(e /ariable 1EY0OAR'2A0ORT to disable QUESTION 5 6i/en7 a%7 7 sysinit74sbin4suto%us( !*4etc4iu.a% s%7 7 sysinit74sbin4socon*i3 !* 4etc4soc+5%at( s&*7 7sysinit74lib4s/c4bin4s/c.startd 84de/4&s3lo3 5984de/4&s3lo3 94de/4console %:7s15:;7%o)er*ail74usr4sbin4s(utdo)n !y !i< !3= 84de/4&s3lo3 5984de/4&s3lo3 #(ic( t)o state&ents are true, -c(oose t)o. A. T(is *ile &ust be read by t(e %rocess inetd. 0. #(en bootin3 t(is syste&, s/c.startd )ill start. . T(is is a %art o* t(e content o* t(e 4etc4inittab *ile '. T(is syste& starts4lib4s/c4bin4s/c.startd *or run le/el 1. E. #(en t(is syste& 3ets t(e %o)er*ail si3nal, s/c.startd )ill be res%a)ned. QUESTION : T(ere is a %roble& on a SPAR !based syste& t(at (as se/eral %er&anent, custo&i>ed de/ice aliases . T(e syste&?s use o* t(ese aliases needs to be te&%orarily disabled, so t(at )(en t(e %roble& is cleared, t(ey can be enabled )it(out (a/in3 to rede*ine t(e&. #(ic( sequence o* O0P co&&ands te&%orarily disables t(e custo&i>ed de/ice aliases de*ined on t(e syste&, A. use!n/ra&rc@*alse reset 0. use!n/ra&rc,@*alse reset . seten/ use!n/ra&rc, *alse reset '. seten/ use!n/ra&rc, @ *alse reset QUESTION ;


c(ec+ i* t(e *ra&e bu**er is )or+in3 %ro%erly 0. You run t(e s/cs 3re% a%ac(e co&&and. but you are not sure o* t(e %(ysical %at( in*or&ationH #(ic( O0P co&&and s(o)s you t(is in*or&ation4 A. %rinten/ 0. c(ec+ i* t(e NGRA" alias boot!*ile is set %ro%erly '. T(is ser/ice is &ana3ed by JR . A. c(ec+ i* t(e PRO" /ariable boot!de/ice is set %ro%erly E. '. . In order to s(ut do)n t(is ser/ice. you are as+ed to s(ut do)n t(e A%ac(e $TTP' ser/ice t(at is runnin3 on a de/elo%&ent ser/er. c(ec+ i* t(e PRO" /ariable local!&ac!address. A. %robe!all .Solaris 201 2 An ABC!based la%to% (as Dust (ad Solaris 1= OS installed. s(o)!de/s '. 4user4dt4bin4Asession . %rtdia3 !/ E. Je3acy2run Keb2=5 1R 74ET 4R :2'4S<=APA $E 0ased on t(is out%ut. T(is ser/ice is NOT &ana3ed by S"K . %robe!scsi!all QUESTION I As syste& ad&inistrator. 4usr4A114bin4Aor3 !con*i3ure QUESTION < A SPAR !based syste& does not boot and dis%lays t(e &essa3e7 FTi&eout )aitin3 *or ARP4RARP %ac+etF #(ic( t(ree actions s(ould you ta+e to c(ec+ t(e boot en/iron&ent o* t(e syste&. and recei/e t(is out%ut. #(ic( %ro3ra& can you run to create an Esun con*i3uration *ile. )(ic( t)o state&ents are tru. 0.(oose t(ree. you need to eAecute t(e s(utdo)n scri%t in t(e 2|Page . 4usr4A114binAor3con*i3 '. c(ec+ i* t(e NGRA" alias net is set %ro%erly . T(e 3ra%(ics con*i3uration (as NOT been auto&atically detected and it is runnin3 )it(out 3ra%(ics. QUESTION C A SPAR !based syste&. A. 4user4E114bin4Eser/er 0. Any le3acy2run state can NOT be &anually s(ut do)n. 4usr4o%en)in4bin4+d&con*i3 E.

d directory E. In order to s(ut do)n t(is ser/ice.Solaris 201 2 4tc4init.d4s<=a%ac(e 3|Page . you need to eAecute t(e *ollo)in3 s(utdo)n scri%t s/cad& !/ disable 4etc4init.

4/ar4sad&4install4%ac+a3e4content QUESTION 1= A Syste& is required to be installed *ro& '!RO" )it( t(e so*t)are cluster t(at reco3ni>es. ee%ro& boot!de/ice@bootdis+=5 0. #(ic( Solaris OS co&&and a&ends t(e boot!de/ice %ara&eter to cause t(e syste& to boot *ro& bootdis+ =5 by de*ault. SUN# '.Solaris 201 2 QUESTION B On a SPAR !based syste&. 4etc4issue 0. but does not acti/ate net)or+ ser/ices.eAecute M init < :. A. 1. #(ic( t)o %rocedures %resent t(e ne) dis+ to t(e Solaris 1= OS. t)o de/ice aliases na&ed bootdis+=1 and bootdis+=5 are created. A. A. urrently bootdis+=1 is used by de*ault. 4/ar4ad&4syste&4 JUSTER . 1. SUN# 0. SUN# &in rnet netr &inr QUESTION 11 As syste& ad&inistrator. seten/ boot!de/ice bootdis+=5 QUESTION L A user?s syste& does not contain all t(e %arts o* t(e Solaris OS t(at t(e user needs.. SUN# . #(ic( so*t)are cluster can ac(ie/e t(is. seten/ boot!de/ice@bootdis+=5 '.%o)er on t(e )or+station .eAecute M (alt 4|Page .. T(ese aliases allo) t(e boot syste& to boot *ro& t)o di**erent dis+s. you are as+ed to install additional internal dis+ into a SPAR !based )or+station t(at is needed to store a%%lication data.eAecute M de/s*ad& ! dis+ 0. #(ic( *ile tells you )(at so*t)are cluster (as been installed on t(e user?s syste&.install t(e ne) dis+ into t(e )or+station . 1. A. 4/ar4sad&4syste&4ad&in4 JUSTER '.eAecute M touc( 4recon*i3ure 5. ee%ro& boot!de/ice bootdis+=5 .

&+*s !c 1C:B.5L.5L. you *ind a directory )it( t(is content Mls !li total ::<I=C5. you )ant to create one inode *or e/ery 1C. ty%e boot !A ' t(e o+ %ro&%t.LCI5LC Nan 5: 117<L *ile5 5CB<CC !r)!!!!!!!!!< bin bin ..5LC bytes '. 4de/4rds+4c1t5d=s= '. 5CB<CC !r)!!!!!!!!!< bin bin . ty%e boot !r QUESTION 15 T(ere is a require&ent to create a ne) UKS *ile syste&.C5. A. bytes .%o)er on t(e )or+station <.at t(e o+ %ro&%t.1IL.eAecute M init C E. 1. ne)*s !I 1C:B. A. True I. #(ic( co&&and can ac(ie/e t(is.%o)er on t(e )or+station C. To &aAi&i>e t(e s%ace a/ailable.usin3 /i. 4de/4rds+4c1t5d=s= .install t(e ne) dis+ into t(e )or+station . ne)*s !c 1C:B. bytes o* data s%ace.LCI5LC Nan 5: 117<L *ile: 5CB<CC !r)!!!!!!!!!< bin bin .5L. ty%e seten/ auto!boot.LCI.1B.LCI5LC Nan 5: 117<L *ile1 5CB<CC !r)!!!!!!!!!< bin bin . ty%e seten/ auto!boot.eAecute M init < 5..install t(e ne) dis+ into t(e )or+station :.5L. $o) &uc( dis+ s%ace can you reclai& by re&o/in3 t(ese *iles.install t(e ne) dis+ into t(e )or+station <.LCI5LC Nan 5: 117<L *ile. bytes 5|Page .at t(e o+ %ro&%t..%o)er o** t(e )or+station :. . In t(e *ile syste&. Kalse :. &anually edit t(e 4etc4%at(2to2inst *ile and add an entry *or t(e ne) dis+ <.. so you decide to loo+ *or *iles t(at can be re&o/ed.Solaris 201 2 5. 1.. = bytes 0. &+*s !I 1C:B. ::. 1I. 4de/4rds+4c1t5d=s= 0. T(is %articular *ile syste& )ill only (a/e a s&all nu&ber o* *iles.%o)er on t(e )or+station .eAecute M init = t(e o+ %ro&%t. 4de/4rds+4c1t5d=s= QUESTION 1: One o* your dis+s is al&ost *ull.%o)er o** t(e )or+station .5L.<I=.

4etc4r&t4ta%e. *ile syste& )it(out brin3in3 t(e syste& to sin3le!user &ode or un&ountin3 t(e 4 -root.r&t= QUESTION 1I T(e d* !K u*s !+ co&&and on your Solaris syste& 3i/es t(e out%ut s(o)n in t(e eA(ibit. A..r(osts 0.6 L<O 4eA%ort4(o&e #(ic( co&&and dis%lays dis+ usa3e by user. T(e ser/er is t(e only syste& on t(e local net)or+ t(at (as de/ices. a users )or+station in your de%art&ent )ill no lon3er &ount t(e users (o&e directory. 4etc4(osts.con* '. d* !+ 4eA%ort4(o&e4P '. A. *ile syste& is required. 6|Page . 4. ne)*s !N 4de/4rds+4c=t=d=sI QUESTION 1< E/ery user?s (o&e directory is located in t(e 4eA%ort4(o&e *ile syste& as 4eA%ort4(o&e4 9userna&e8. T(e out%ut *ro& d* !( s(o)s t(e user?s (o&e *ile syste& *illin3 u%7 Kilesyste& Si>e used a/ail ca%acity "ounted on 4de/4ds+4c=t=d=s< I. It (as a nu&ber o* ta%e de/ices attac(ed to it. A. You belie/e t(at t(e su%erbloc+ in t(ee 4de/4ds+4c=t=d=sI *ile syste& (as beco&e corru%t.<6 =. ne)*s !sb 4de/4ds+4c=t=d=sI '. ls !lr 4eA%ort4(o&e .L6 I. #(ic( co&&and dis%lays t(e alternati/e bac+u% su%erbloc+s. A *ile &ust b con*i3ured to allo) re&ote bac+u%s.Solaris 201 2 QUESTION 1. A*ter a %o)er outa3e. 4etc4(ostna&e. #(ic( *ile &ust be correctly con*i3ured on t(e syste& )it( t(e ta%e de/ices attac(ed to enable t(e ot(er syste& to success*ully %er*or& its bac+u%. *sc+ !sb 4de/4ds+4c=t=d=sI 0. A bac+u% o* t(e 4 -root.equi/ . *sc+ !N 4de/4rds+4c=t=d=sI . du !s( 4eA%ort4(o&e4P QUESTION 1C A ser/er (as not (ad any c(an3es &ade to t(e con*i3uration o* t(e standard syste& lo3in accounts. du !( 4eA%ort4(o&e 0.

ra) 4. re3ardless o* acti/ity on t(at *ile syste&. u*sdu&% =u* 4de/4r&t4= *ssna% !o bs@4o%t.ra) 4. 7|Page .ra)4. u*sdu&% =u* 4de/4r&t4= sna%*s !o bs@4/ar4t&% . E. *ile syste& to t(e 4de/4r&t4= ta%e de/ice. u*sdu&% =u* 4de/4r&t4= sna%*s !o bs@4eA%ort. '. u*sdu&% =u* 4de/4r&t4= sna%*s !o bs@4/ar4t&% 4. A. u*sdu&% !s =u* 4de/4r&t4= 4 0. .Solaris 201 2 #(ic( co&&and ensures a success*ul bac+u% o* t(e 4 -root.

&. = 1I P P . T(e sna%s(ot )as create )it(7 M &+dir 4/ar4t&%4bac+u%!sna%s M*ssna% !o bs@4/ar4t&%4bac+u%!sna%s 4eA%ort #(ic( *ile do you need to re&o/e. 4/ar4t&%4bac+u%!sna%s4sna%s(ot '. #(ic( co&&and brin3s t(is ser/ice bac+ online. 4/ar4t&%4bac+u%!sna%s4= . #(ic( is t(e correct cron table entry. s/cstart s/c74a%%lication4%rint4ser/er 0. 4usr4bin4banner FSyste& 0ac+u%s toni3(tF 8 4de/4console . you also need to re&o/e t(e bac+in3 store. s/cenabl s/74a%%lication4%rint4ser/er . 4/ar4t&%4bac+u%!sna%s4sna%s(ot = QUESTION 1L A user recei/es a &essa3e7 cannot establis( ontact )it( t(e IP %rint ser/er. sna%restore !i 8|Page . A. eac( T(ursday. = < P P . #(ic( co&&and correctly restores t(ese *iles. *ssna% !r 0. s/cad& start s/c74a%%lication4%rint4ser/er '. and you re&o/e t(e sna%s(ot. A.Solaris 201 2 QUESTION 1B A*ter you bac+ u% 4eA%ort usin3 a *ile syste& sna%s(ot. A. A. = 1I P P < 4usr4bin4banner FSyste& 0ac+u%s toni3(tF 8 4de/4console '. 4usr4bin4banner FSyste& 0ac+u%s toni3(tF 8 4de/4console QUESTION 51 You need to restore so&e *iles *ro& a *ile syste&. s/cad& enable s/c74a%%lication4%rint4ser/er QUESTION 5= You need to set u% a cron Dob t(at )ill run t(e 4usr4bin4banner co&&and to dis%lay t(e &essa3e syste& bac+u%s toni3(t in a )indo) at <7==%. T(e %rint ser/er is u% and runnin3. u*srestore !i '. but t(e %rint ser/ice is o**line. T(e *ile syste& )as bac+ed u% *ro& a sna%s(ot. *ssna% !i . 4/ar4t&%4bac+u%!sna%s 0. = < P P < 4usr4bin4banner FSyste& 0ac+u%s toni3(tF 8 4de/4console 0.

QUESTION 5: T(e security tea& requests t(at NKS lo33in3 be enabled. *t%8 #(ic( t)o state&ents are true. A user on d(c%!1== success*ully lo33ed in to d(c%!1=<.7 root ::1 Pass)ord required *or root. 4etc4nscd.Solaris 201 2 QUESTION 55 6i/en7 DoeQd(c%!1=<M *t% d(c%!1== onnected to d(c%!1==. Pass)ord7 root <:= Jo3in incorrect. T(e nscd dae&on restarts. 4etc4de*ault4n*s4n*slo3d QUESTION 5. Na&e -d(c%!1==7root. 4etc4de*ault4n*slo3d . . A user on d(c%!1=< is not aut(ori>ed to lo3 in to d(c%!1==. T(e %ass)ord *or root on d(c%!1=< is root. .co&. E.(oose t)o. '.con* is reread. A. Jo3in *ailed. 0. '.. 4etc4de*ault4lo3n*s 0. 0.. T(e (ost reboots. A user on d(c%!1=< is tryin3 to lo3 in to d(c%!1== )it( t(e root id. 4etc4de*ault4n*s2lo3 '. A user on d(c%!1=< is tryin3 to use *t% connect to d(c%!1==. In )(ic( *ile do you need to %lace t(e con*i3uration %ara&eters. A. 9|Page . E.(oose t(ree. A. T(ey su%%ly you )it( t(e con*i3uration %ara&eters t(at t(ey )ant. T(e y%bind dae&on restarts. #(at are t(ree outco&es o* eAecutin3 t(e M s/cad& restart syste&4na&e!ser/ice!cac(e co&&and. T(e local (ost?s cac(e o* t(e na&e ser/ices is cleared out. . 55= d(c%!1== KTP ser/er ready.cor%. .

.(oose t)o. You can create a second NIS do&ain on t(e sa&e ser/er as t(e eAistin3 do&ain only i* you create a ne) >one and run t(e NIS ser/er in t(at >one. '. QUESTION 5C You lo3 on as root and issue t(e co&&and7 Msnoo% !a #(at are t)o results o* issuin3 t(is co&&and. A. A. . T(is cannot be done because you can only run one NIS do&ain on t(e syste& at a ti&e.. 0. You can create a second NIS do&ain on t(e sa&e ser/er as t(e eAistin3 do&ain as lon3 as t(e second NIS do&ain is a subdo&ain o* t(e &aster do&ain. Net)or+ tra**ic is dis%layed. 10 | P a g e . Only t(e "A addresses are dis%layed. . Addin3 additional s)a% causes &ore %a3in3 to occur and s(ould be a/oided. Pac+ets can be listened to on 4de/4audio. You can create a second NIS do&ain )(ic( is ser/ed by t(e sa&e y%ser/ dae&on. All net)or+ tra**ic is sent to t(e de*ault lo3 *ile. #(ic( state&ent is true about creatin3 a second NIS do&ain on t(e sa&e ser/er as t(e eAistin3 do&ain. 0. S)a%%in3 in/ol/es &o/in3 all &odi*ied data &e&ory %a3es associated )it( a %rocess to s)a% s%ace. E.Solaris 201 2 QUESTION 5< In %re%aration o* an outsourcin3 o%eration. t(e current NIS do&ain needs to be s%lit in t)o. . '. A. QUESTION 5I #(ic( t)o state&ents are true about %a3in3 and s)a%%in3 on a Solaris 1= OS.(oose t)o. . S)a%%in3 occurs *requently on a syste& )it( su**icient %(ysical &e&ory *or t(e %rocesses t(at are runnin3. 0. Pa3in3 in/ol/es &o/in3 all &odi*ied data &e&ory %a3es associated )it( a %rocess to s)a% s%ace. All out3oin3 %ac+ets (a/e t(e snoo% *la3 a%%ended. . '.

T(e du&% de/ice is also a s)a% de/ice. s(are !K n*s !o.%luto 4/ar4t&% E. s(are !K n*s root2access %luto 4/ar4t&% . #(ic( line s(ould you add to t(e 4etc4d*s4d*stab *ile *or saturn. . T(e sa/ecore co&&and )ill run as t(e syste& s(uts do)n *ollo)in3 a %anic.root@%luto. T(e syste& du&%s t(e )(ole content o* &e&ory to t(e du&% de/ice. ras( du&%s are )ritten to t(e 4/ar4cras(4)&1:)1 *ile. 11 | P a g e .(oose *our. s(are !K n*s !o. coread& !e all 0. Sa/ecore directory7 4/ar4cras(4)&1:)1 Sa/ecore enabled7 yes #(ic( state&ent is correct. #(ic( co&&and s(ould you issue to deter&ine t(e *requency o* t(ese *ailures. coread& !e init '. s(are !K n*s !o ro.root@%luto 4/ar4t&% '. You also )ant to allo) %luto to (a/e root access to t(is directory. 0ot( %a3in3 and s)a%%in3 allo) *or a syste& to run &ulti%le %rocesses )(ere t(e total &e&ory require&ent eAceeds %(ysical RA". A. . A. QUESTION 5L Users (a/e re%orted t(at an a%%lication critical to daily )or+ *requently ter&inates abnor&ally.root@%luto 4/ar4t&% 0. s(are !K n*s ro. coread& !e 3lobally QUESTION := You )ant to allo) t(e NKS ser/er saturn to s(are t(e 4/ar4t&% directory read! only )it( clients %luto and &ars. QUESTION 5B 6i/en t(e *ollo)in3 out%ut *ro& a du&%ad& co&&and7 M du&%ad& 'u&% content7 +ernel %a3es 'u&% de/ice7 4de/4ds+4c=t=d=s1 -s)a%. 0. coread& !e lo3 . '.ro@&ars.root@%luto 4/ar4t&% client@&ars7Pluto QUESTION :1 #(at are *our ty%es o* AutoKS &a%s.Solaris 201 2 E..

(oose t(ree. It con*i3ures t(e 4 -root..Solaris 201 2 A. P 0e3in "'' root in*o -do not edit. Indirect K. J'AP '.bl+ P End "'' root in*o -do not edit. 5= 3i3abytes 0. It con*i3ures net)or+ &ulti%at(in3. .= 3i3abytes . QUESTION :< #(ic( state&ent is true about t(e *ollo)in3 eAcer%t *ro& t(e 4etc4syste& *ile. . S%ecial $.. A. *iles K.(oose t(ree. It reboots t(e syste&. *ile syste& to use a &etade/ice. It con*i3ures t(e 4etc4ser/ices *ile to allo) *or bootin3 *ro& a &etade/ice. It con*i3ures t(e 4etc4/*stab *ile to allo) *or bootin3 *ro& a &etade/ice. 5= 3i3abyte dis+s. A. rootde/74%seudo4&dQ=7=. Sla/e 0. 'irect . s)a%*s QUESTION :: #(at is t(e &aAi&u& si>e o* a RAI'!< /olu&e t(at can be created usin3 *i/e. . 12 | P a g e . NIS 0. K. '. 0inary '. It con*i3ures t(e 4etc4syste& *ile to allo) *or bootin3 *ro& a &etade/ice. . 1== 3i3abytes QUESTION :. A. 0. 6. B= 3i3abytes '. #(at are t(ree *unctions o* t(e &etaroot co&&and. $TTP E. S%arse 6.1=. "aster E. E. It con*i3ures t(e s)a% de/ice to use a &etade/ice. annonical QUESTION :5 In )(ic( t(ree data sources can t(e auto&ountd dae&on loo+ *or &a%s. IKS .

%ass)d. %ro*2attr QUESTION :B A user is unable to access t(e syste& dee%!siA. aut(2attr. sources in t(e 4etc4nss)itc(. A. And nsloo+u% 3enerates t(e *ollo)in3 error &essa3e7 M nsloo+u% dee%!siA. T(e &essa3e )as created by t(e lo33er co&&and7 lo33er F3enuniA7 RI' L:CICL +ern. A. user2attr .C5. .C5. T(e &essa3e )as lo33ed by t(e +ernel.o/ert(ere. *ile syste&. T(e &essa3e )as created by t(e lo33er co&&and7 lo33er !t 3enuniA !% +ern.1.. It is t(e result o* initiatin3 a &etainit co&&and on t(e root -4.con* *ile.con* do&ainna&e yourde%t. do&ain.noticeS %&= is 4%seudo4%&Q= #(ic( state&ent is true.1M<: PP ser/er can?t *ind dee%!siA.I. QUESTION :C A syste& ad&inistrator *ound t(e *ollo)in3 &essa3e in t(e 4/ar4ad&4&essa3es *ile7 Nan 5C 1. T(e syste&?s (ost na&e is rootde/. aut(2attr.con* *ile on t(e user?s syste& contains t(e *ollo)in3 lines7 M cat 4etc4resol/. 0. #(ic( line needs to be con*i3ured.I. *ile syste& is a &etade/ice. 13 | P a g e . T(e root -4.yourco&%any.I.C5. 0. %ass)d.C5.1 na&eser/er 15L. T(e &essa3e )as created by t(e lo33er co&&and7 lo33er !t 3enuniA !% +ern.notice FRI' L:CICL +ern.yourco&%any..1. %ass)d. s(ado) and user2attr E.75L (ost 3enuniA7 RI' L:CICL +ern.notice F%&= is 4%seudo4%&Q=F. '.1.1 Address7 15L. %ass)d do&ain yourde%t.1.o/ert(ere Ser/er7 15L. '.1.o/ert(ere7 NE'O"AIN #(at can be done to resol/e t(is %roble& )(ile +ee%in3 t(e user?s syste& in t(e yourde%t. %ro*2attr '.noticeS %&= is 4%seudo4%&Q=F.yourco&%any.7.Solaris 201 2 A.noticeS %&= is 4%seudo4%&Q=F. QUESTION :I T(e syste& ad&inistrator )ants to con*i3ure user2attr-.I. T(e re/ol/e. T(e eAcer%t co&es *ro& a dis+less client. .co& na&eser/er 15L.

add searc( o/ert(ere.equi/ 14 | P a g e .r(osts E. !& ==7=I7eL7=<7aI7ab QUESTION .con* 0.. !'$ P '.Solaris 201 2 A.yourco&%any. c(an3e resol/..(oose t)o. !e ==7=I7eL7=<7aI7ab 6. 4root4. !d 0. 4etc4(osts. iBC%c E. A. 4etc4nolo3in '.(oose t(ree.iBC%c '. as+ t(e users to use dee%!siA.con* to (a/e do&ainna&e o/ert(ere. add anot(er na&e ser/er to resol/.o/ert(ere.con* . SUN#. 4etc4de*ault4lo3in 0. ABC .r(osts . 4. T(e ABC!based syste& )ill (a/e a unique Nu&%Start %ro*ile a%%lied to it.yourco&%any.yourco& to resol/. .yourco& instead o* do&ainna&e cor%. QUESTION :L A syste& ad&inistrator is con*i3urin3 a ser/er to PEE boot an ABC!based syste& )it( a "A address o* ==7=I7eL7=<7aI7ab. . #(ic( t(ree o%tions s(ould be s%eci*ied *or t(e add2install2client scri%t.= #(ic( t)o *iles are rele/ant in decidin3 )(et(er an rlo3in atte&%t as root succeeds.