The Original Kabbalah of the Bible
by Ariel Bar Tzadok Copyright © 2010 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.

I have a very important lesson that I wish to share. Although I could present this topic in an academic format with various proof-texts, I believe that by presenting it so I would contradict the very message itself. To proceed in that format, in my opinion, would be misguiding to my readers, something of course I do not desire to do. For a number of decades now I have taught a special segment of Biblical teachings dealing with mystical matters, which we all popularly call the abbalah. For many years now I have reali!ed that most of what is popularly today called abbalah, even that which is taught in the most established and traditional "rthodox #ewish circles, is something comparatively modern and does not have a historical source in ancient Bible-time, authentic #ewish literature. Although almost all of what is today publicly presented under the various titles of $#ewish% mysticism have, of course their historical foundations in various #ewish philosophies that have developed over the centuries, nevertheless, what the vast ma&ority of modern abbalah lac's is any connection whatsoever to the original teachings of the Bible itself. #ust because a school of mysticism adapts a Biblical text to serve as the source of its theology does not mean that the Biblical texts themselves have any actual connection to the mysticism being applied to it. (uch correlations hold tremendous sub&ective value, but they bare no ob&ective credibility. )ot being able to distinguish between these two has led many to disingenuous conclusions and given rise to fundamentalism and dangerous divisions. *i'e I &ust said, I could easily provide numerous proof-texts to validate these realities, but I believe such an approach to mostly be a waste of time. The Bible itself is not a collection of boo's that expresses any interest in proof-texts, or for that matter, any other form of academia, philosophy or theology. Bible teachings come from a very different point of view than does modern thin'ing and original and authentic abbalah, coming out of the Bible as it does, is also radically different from almost everything called abbalah today. +owever, I am not interested drawing attention to that which is not Biblical. I would much rather place my emphasis on that which is Biblical. The most ancient usage of the term abbalah is found used by the Talmudic (ages who lived during the time of the (econd Temple. In their lexicon, the term abbalah, which literally means $to
1 Copyright © 2010 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.

the . For centuries. and their mista'es. The Bible needs to be viewed without these s'ewered agendas. Anything and everything viewed outside its original context is sub&ect to misunderstanding and misconception. The Bible needs to be loo'ed at for what it is.ords and *aws of . . . we learn from their examples. li'e them. this usage of the term abbalah was not a reference to the secret teachings of prophetic techni0ues 2 Copyright © 2010 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. . It is specifically because of this that we can relate to the individuals whose lives have been recorded. and not to the cure of understanding it honestly.e learn to become better human beings and to live more moral and righteous lives.-d. The Bible is not a collection of boo's beyond interpretation. the Biblical abbalah was the teachings of the prophets and had nothing to do with the later mysticism that adopted the name. the Bible is merely a collection of stories. and the original "ral Traditions of the prophets called abbalah we have to go bac' to the Biblical sources. parables. one which includes every interpretation and the other which includes none are e0ually dishonest and thus wrong.ays. such endeavors only contribute to the problem of misunderstanding the Bible. They were all written a long time ago in a land and culture very far away and different from our own. various parties with vested interests have turned to the Bible and have sought to interpret its specific verses and its overall general message in accordance to each groups agenda and needs.e have to turn $full circle. we must first eat a healthy meal. as they were originally meant and as they were originally understood. fragile mortals. . (ome of these views are rather $stretched. Again. The teachings of the Bible especially fall under this category. of history. All rights reserved. as they were originally given. The Bible as we 'now is a collection of boo's.KosherTorah. Both extremes.e need to peel away centuries and layers of religious additions that have so overwhelmingly clouded the original Biblical truths.% -et. This metaphor applies e0ually to both physical and spiritual nourishment.hat I wish to present here in the next few paragraphs I pray may help my readers to get in touch with the pure and simple. For the most part. The messages that they relate have to be understood within the context of their origins in order for such messages to be understood correctly. one that transcends its historical origins and yet still is very much wrapped up in them. . *i'e us they were human and suffered from the problems of their humanity.ranted there was and still exists an authentic form of Biblical $mysticism. "n the receive% specifically referred to the body of teachings received originally from the Biblical prophets. If we ever want to truly understand the Bible.% in that they ta'e the original text and seem to $turn it on its side% in order to extract from it what its proclaimers insist is its $correct% meaning. authentic Biblical mysticism.e have to get bac' to basics. The Bible is not about holier-than-thou super-beings. theological or doctrinal wor's.% . The Bible is not a collection of boo's sub&ect to every interpretation. moral messages and the message of the conse0uences that result when proper righteous behavior and morals are not followed. The +ebrew word abbalah literally means to receive. In other words. this form is as different from the later forms of mysticism presently called abbalah as day is different from night. The Bible is not a series of philosophical. without preconceived notions and without pre&udice. /verything that came after the original Biblical teachings are li'e $icing on the ca'e. In its most ancient application the term abbalah specifically referred to the teachings of the Biblical prophets.% But before we parta'e of desert. -et. These teachings. . &ust li'e ourselves. a series of ancient documents that proclaim a universal human message. . the Bible is about down-toearth.

there is more to them than meets the eye. . but rather its spirit. They were not of the mindset to be overly rational or academic. even as . Although we do not ascribe to them the sacred authority of scripture. integrity and character. . 2roverbs and /cclesiastes are collections of wise sayings promoting thought. It cannot be touched through philosophy. The spirit of 6ivine inspiration flows into the heart and flows out of the heart. The rest of the Biblical texts are what they are. debates and arguments.recian civili!ation. -et. The spirit of the Biblical authors we have come to call the holy spirit 4ruah ha'odesh5. understand the Bible as the authors meant for it to be understood and do not try to reinterpret the Biblical texts in light of concepts and philosophies that came into play centuries 3 Copyright © 2010 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. if not all. 3ost of the prophecies are poetic narratives that may not ma'e any historical sense. such a pursuit towards 'nowledge did not even exist in ancient Israel at that time. Indeed. The original message. the term abbalah referred to their prophetic message to improve morals. narratives which tell a story. They were wise and profound and at the same time simple and straightforward. The authors of the Bible wrote from their hearts and endeavored to spea' to the hearts of their readers. The boo's of the Bible did not exist in a vacuum. one must be honest and come to this material straightforward and not bac'wards. In Biblical times. 2salms and *amentations all Biblical boo's are written in the forms of narratives. 2salms and *amentations are essentially poetry whose purpose is to spea' to the hearts of its readers. Those $in the 'now% 'now this. the authentic abbalah therefore had absolutely nothing to do with mystical philosophies and exotic speculations regarding the nature of supernatural worlds. Those who do not 'now this never that the prophets taught and used amongst themselves. /!e'iel and more. The Biblical authors were not theologians or philosophers. In other words. this does not mean that these boo's have no moral merit or historical value. of the Biblical boo's were already written. Isaiah. many of these $outside boo's% are the source of legends and teachings that are the foundation of many later religious teachings. people lived by their hearts and their spirit. There is never any mention of any of this type of thin'ing to be found anywhere throughout the Bible. The Biblical authors were the ones who passed down the prophetic traditions.ith the exception of boo's li'e 2roverbs and /cclesiastes. If one wishes to point to the supernatural visions expressed in the Bible in /xodus. The intellectual7philosophical outloo' on life was a byproduct of the . The outside boo's were studied in Biblical days and still offer much 'een insight to those who invest their time to study them today. insight and an awareness of the 2resence of +eaven. All rights reserved. There is no set list of these other boo's but many of them still exist to this day in numerous translations. For the common denominator of all Biblical literature is not the style in which it is written. They then were the original masters of the abbalah. demanding reform of human behavior as it applies to interacting with other human beings. 1ather. This influence only came into Israel years after the Babylonian exile when most.KosherTorah. one will never come to experience spirit or understand it at all. (pirit is above intellect and unless one can transcend the limitations of intellectual thought with all its philosophies. all these boo's have one thing in common. This spirit is never an academic ac0uisition.-d has commanded in the Bible itself. the way abbalah was originally meant to be. There were numerous other boo's that circulated in and around the same time that were not later added to the Biblical cannon. "n the contrary. bypassing the head and human intellect almost entirely. The original abbalah was a Biblical call of repentance. They are not meant to. (pirit is a matter above intellect and is as different from intellect as are emotions. theology or debate.

. Authentic Biblical abbalah is not a set of interpretations of the Biblical texts. ideas and beliefs that ta'e us beyond the realms of our lives here on /arth. yet accomplish no true spiritual accomplishment with all their academic endeavors.e become $the receivers. The words of the prophets are themselves the authentic abbalah. the Bible is that foundation. everything that came forth from Talmudic times and later is not the foundation upon which the #ewish path is founded. As such they are $ abbalists% in name only.% A receiver in +ebrew is called a 3e'ubal. the true abbalah was to teach all. -et. and Isaiah.ithout the original prophetic. The Bible is the source of all and essentially the Bible is the collected words of the prophets. without the Bible. the only real 'ind. honesty and integrity. freedom and prosperity of all. )o further texts are needed. Indeed.-d in simplicity. (uch historical inaccuracies offend many and turn off even many more from the true value that religious teachings have to offer. the true reception 4 abbalah5 passed on from generation to generation. about how to serve . how to be honorable. "nly the students and disciples of the prophets can rightly be called abbalists by the authentic Biblical standard of definition. however mystical. stable form which naturally safeguards and upholds the rights. They can reapply terms and words to fit themselves and redefine any reality they so choose. righteous and moral. without the Bible as its source the Talmud could not exist. Therefore.-d. In order for religious teachings to be respected and appreciated. no involved set of intricate metaphors. they have to be built on a foundation of honesty and not reinvented and reinterpreted to meet the criteria and agendas of political parties or changing times.KosherTorah. the message of the prophets. As for all the other modern mystical philosophers. we have nothing. no series of concepts. can be found summed up in numerous words of the prophets. . . a true abbalist is only one who wal's the path of the Biblical prophets. the Bible itself is the authentic abbalah. as later abbalah has come to be 'nown. -et. )o. nor any mystical philosophies. let them call themselves whatever they wish. spiritual 4above intellect5 reception. #eremiah and /!e'iel.hen we wal' in the footsteps of the prophets. of all nations how we can all come close to . and by modern. the authority of the Talmudic (ages has no other place than in the Bible itself. Authentic Biblical abbalah. Therefore. The Talmud collects together nearly 8::: years of #ewish history. The Biblical abbalah was and still is all about serving . I mean mostly everything that has come forth over the last 89:: to . teachings and legends. Copyright © 2010 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved. especially those visions for a blessed future when righteousness shall reign and war shall be no more. which today is translated as abbalist. these are our role models and our teachers of the authentic path of . 3uch of modern Biblical and #udaic teachings.-d. They are our role models for wal'ing the proper path. no lexicon of profound and mysterious symbols. no Talmud and certainly no later socalled #ewish mysticism. serve +eaven in truth and thus mold human civili!ation into a proper. then we are receiving from them.::: years has been focused on philosophy and ritual. men and women. These of course have their very vital place in the lives of those who wal' the #ewish path. Those who embrace this modern application of the name aggrandi!e themselves. from mouth to mouth and from hand to hand. .com later and then proclaim that the later interpretations are actually the original and authentic ones. 3oses. Authentic Biblical abbalah is indeed a universal message.-d. no #udaism. /li&ah and /lisha. -es. *et the modern mystical philosophers call themselves abbalists. therefore. The message of the prophets. they have indeed received nothing. &ust as did the personages of the Biblical prophets themselves.

The simple is always better. inundated as it is with so many variant forms. . )o mention is made of the $head% anywhere. even as did those in the Bible in whose paths they follow. original path of the prophets instead of the sub&ective schools of the philosophers and theologians might not have popularity and fanfare. The philosophical mystical paths of modern days 4including those over the last 8::: years5 are not the pure and simple path of the Biblical prophets.ay of +eaven.e need to embrace the Bible heart to heart and to leave our minds and thin'ing out of this. All they have to do is directly read .-d commanded us to love +im with all our hearts and to place +is words upon our hearts.ords through +is prophets. themselves. )o further explanations needed. "pen your heart to . Those who wish to serve . to win it. This is +is promise. as recorded in the Bible. "ne does not need to confuse oneself by filtering the prophets or other Biblical teachings through later texts. . <lear your mind of 0uestions. but un'nowable to the mind.e need to return to the source. All one needs is an open mind and a bro'en and contrite heart. +owever.-d in you and you in +im. .com All these mystical philosophers do is fool themselves and those willing to listen to them and follow them.-d and +is promise is that +e will fill it. . This is the prophetic message. . traditions. interpretations and contradictions. )o commentaries necessary. . .KosherTorah. .-d and +e will fill you. . -ou will never 'now what this means as long as all you do is thin' about it.-d cares little about what is in our heads. the reception 4 abbalah5 is made complete and with it comes a great many things. This is always the . 1eceive this and you too automatically become a abbalist 4receiver5 in Biblical fashion 4the best and only real way5.e need to read them the way their authors meant for them to be read and to be understood. These modern systems do provide intellectual stimulation and satisfaction for those who embrace them.e need to put these differences down and place them aside.o full circle and return to the Bible. ! Copyright © 2010 by Ariel Bar Tzadok.oe to the blind who follow the blind and woe to the blind who lead the blind. those who choose the universal. Today. religion has become so convoluted.ith .-d=s . things that are 'nown to the heart. This is the abbalah 4reception5 of the Bible. . "pen up to . philosophies or beliefs. )o need to as' any more 0uestions. (ilence your tongue from speech. -ou=ve got to be in it. All rights reserved. yet they do have a very personal relationship with the <reator. the words of the Bible. its one and original true form.-d in truth can easily discover how to do so. but +e cares a whole lot about what is in our hearts.