Semeste Semeste Semeste Semeste Semeste Semeste Semeste Semeste I E!"m#$"t#%$ II E!"m#$"t#%$ III E!"m#$"t#%$ IV E!"m#$"t#%$ V E!"m#$"t#%$ VI E!"m#$"t#%$ VII E!"m#$"t#%$ VIII E!"m#$"t#%$ N%&em'e ( )*+* M",( )*++ N%&em'e ( )*++ M",( )*+) N%&em'e ( )*+) M",( )*+N%&em'e ( )*+M",( )*+.

S,//"'0s "11/#c"'/e t% the st02e$ts see3#$4 "2m#ss#%$ t% the B.Tech. (Mech"$#c"/ E$4#$ee #$4) C%0 se #$ the "c"2em#c ,e" )*+*.


1. There shall be the following four year Degree courses under the Faculty of Technology. i. ii. iii. i!. !. !i. Bachelor of Technology (Electronics & Communication) Bachelor of Technology (Com uter) Bachelor of Technology (Electrical) Bachelor of Technology ("echanical) Bachelor of Technology (#roduction & $ndustrial) Bachelor of Technology (Ci!il)

!ii. Bachelor of Technology (En!ironmental) !iii. Bachelor of Technology (#olymer %cience & Chemical Technology) i&. &. &i. Bachelor ofTechnology ($nformation Technology) Bachelor of Technology (Bio Technology) Bachelor of Technology (%oftware Engineering)

&ii. Bachelor of Technology (Electrical& Electronics) &iii. Bachelor of Technology ('utomobile Engg) &i!. Bachelor of Technology (Engineering #hysics) (. $n addition to the conditions laid down in )rdinance $* a candidate see+ing admission to any of the abo!e Courses of study for the Bachelor,s Degree should satisfy the following conditions. (a) Educational Qualifications: ' candidate assing any one of the following e&aminations and securing -. ercent or more mar+s in the aggregate of #hysics* chemistry 'nd "athematics shall be eligible for admission to the first %emester of Bachelor of Technology Course ro!ided he/she has assed in each sub0ect se arately 1 i. %enior %chools Certificate E&amination (1( year course) of the Central Board of %econdary Education (C.B.%.E.)* 2ew Delhi. ii. $ndian %chool Certificate E&amination (1( 3ear course) of the Council for $ndian %chool Certificate E&amination* 2ew Delhi. iii. B.%c. (4en.) 4rou 5', final E&amination of the 6ni!ersity of Delhi or e7ui!alent e&amination. i!.B.%c. (8ons.) E&amination in #hysics* chemistry and "athematics of the 6ni!ersity of Delhi with combination of #hysics* Chemistry* "athematics and e7ual weightage to the subsidiary sub0ects or e7ui!alent e&amination. !. 'ny other e&amination recogni9ed as e7ui!alent to the %enior %chool Certificate E&amination of the C.B.%.E by the 6ni!ersity of Delhi. ' candidate must additionally ha!e assed English as a sub0ect of study at the 1( th class le!el (core or electi!e) (

NOTE : There shall be no direct admission to any le!el of the Courses abo!e the $st %emester. ;. 6nder each B.Tech. Degree course certain sub0ects are offered which can be classified as Theory/ #ractical/ Drawing/ Design/ #ro0ect/ #ractical Training. Further classification is based on the relationshi of the sub0ects with the degree courses admitted to* namely 8umanities and %ocial %cience/ Basic %ciences/ 'llied engineering* De artmental* core* etc. $n addition to the abo!e* a sub0ect could be classified as a com ulsory one or as one of the re<re7uisite for another sub0ect. The Committee of courses and %tudies of the concerned De artment shall do this classification. =. ' student who 0oins the first semester will be automatically* deemed to ha!e registered for the sub0ects which are listed under the first %emester of the %644E%TED %C8E"E )F >E'?2$24. E!ery student is re7uired to register for the sub0ects to be taught in the second and subse7uent semesters. This rocess of registration shall start 0ust before the start of ne&t semester. The student will also indicate during registration of sub0ect/ sub0ects of earlier %emester(s) in which he/ she desire to a ear* if otherwise eligible. %uch a student will be allowed to a ear in the End %emester E&amination and his/ her mar+s of mid terms acti!ities will remain unaltered since attendance is com ulsory* a student will be ermitted to register for course/ courses which he can attend. The number of theory sub0ects ermitted will not be more than si&. The total duration of contact eriod should not ordinarily e&ceed thirty two hours er wee+. B.Tech Degree shall be awarded if a student has earned a minimum of ((A credits as s ecified in each degree rogram sub0ect to brea+ u and com ulsory credit as mentioned there in. 8owe!er* a student may register in sub0ects leading to a ma&imum of (=. credits in the entire course. ' student should +ee a watch on his rogress and register in those a ers in which he must earn the credit to satisfy the abo!e re7uirement of the articular degree. $f a student earns more than a s ecified minimum credit for degree the best mar+s in the minimum credits (satisfying the abo!e conditions) will be considered for the ur oses of classification of result.



E aluation and !" i"#
The committee of Courses & %tudies in each De artment shall s ecify the following for the degree course:<

(a) (b)

%uggested %cheme of >earning. "inimum credits needed for the degree course and brea+ u in terms of classification of courses i.e. a. b. 8umanities and %ocial %ciences Basic %ciences ;

!ii. $.C may alter the mar+s awarded u ward/ downward.?. To lay guidelines for teaching a sub0ect. To moderate the 7ui9/ assignment test a ers gi!en by each concerned teacher in class with a !iew to maintain uniformity of standards and course co!erage amongst !arious classes and to attain sti ulated le!el of learning. To recommend a ointment of %emester. This E. 2ormally each concerned teacher* who is also a member of E. 't the end of the %emester* the E. for a theory course with weightage of 1. 'llied Engineering De artmental Core #ractical Training 6ns ecified/ Electi!e and #ro0ect. d. For a ractical course* .?.C consist of the teachers who are li+ely to teach sub0ects in the grou ..C. !i. iii. Chairman will send to the 6ni!ersity the consolidated mar+s for the mid<term acti!ities and the End %emester in se arate column for tabulation and for declaration of results. The decision of the E?C shall be final. To consider the indi!idual re resentation of students about e!aluation and ta+e the remedial action if needed. The candidate shall a ly for the same on a rescribed #roforma along with the e!aluation fee rescribed the 6ni!ersity from time to time only for the end %emester E&amination within se!en days from the date of declaration of result. C.B and the end of term e&amination whose weightages shall be C. 'fter scrutini9ing the E. has the following functions: i. for the mid<term and the end semester e&amination and to get them e!aluated.B (The mid<term acti!ities will be one mid term test or (. !.B).?.B for End %emester E&amination.C. a er setters/ e&aminers of !arious e&aminations at the start of each ii. Classification of !"sult: = .* will do this 0ob for his class.?. To re!iew and moderate the mid term and end of term results of each class with a !iew to maintain uniformity of standards and course co!erage amongst !arious classes and to attain sti ulated le!el of learning. The mode of e!aluation of the mid<term acti!ities whose weightage shall be . g.C. The committee of courses & %tudies in each De artment shall a oint one or more E!aluation<cum< ?e!iew Committees each dealing with grou of sub0ects. The E. e.?. 8owe!er* in e&ce tional circumstances any art the wor+ will be entrusted to some other member of E.B weightage which will be su lemented by assignments* 7ui99es etc.?.B weightage be gi!en for internal e!aluation and C. f.c. To get re ared 7ui99es* assignments* test a ers etc. i!..

mar+s. The student has not cleared the dues to the institution /hostel. First Class with Distinction C@B or more First Class -. The admission stands cancelled at the end of 1= semester in any case. credits at the end of eight semester* his admission to the course and the institution stands cancelled.B or more mar+s in a sub0ect e!aluation to earn the credits assigned to the sub0ect. ' student has to ut in a minimum of C@B attendance se arately in each sub0ect for which he has registered. The $nstitution /6ni!ersity may cancel the registration of all the sub0ects in a gi!en semester if: 1. (.B A. 11. (iii) The registration of a student stands cancelled if his attendance re7uirements are not satisfied in the sub0ect. ' student after ha!ing secured the minimum credit as needed for the degree course will be eligible for the award of degree. ' unishment is awarded leading to the cancellation. a!erage mar+s =  ∑ (Credits × "ar+s %ecured) (∑ Credits) (%ee clause @ for best grades in the minimum credits) The final result will be classified based on the a!erage mar+s as follows. @ .B or more but less than @. There shall be a Central 'd!isory Committee consisting of the following: (a) (b) Dean* Faculty of Technology* (Chairman of the Committee) 8eads* of the $nstitutions. $n case a student has not earned a minimum of 1. 2ote:< (i) ' student should submit the e!idence to the abo!e fact within three wor+ing days of resuming the studies. D.B or more but less than -.. Certificates submitted later will not be considered. (ii) 2o rela&ation in attendance beyond (@B is ermitted in any case.. 1. The final result will be e!aluated as below: Each sub0ect will carry 1. The duration of the course is not less than A %emesters and the s an is not more than 1= semesters.' student has to secure =. 't discretion of the institution the result may be withheld e!en if the registration of the student stands.B or more but less than C@B %econd Class @.B #ass Class =. The student was ill.. ' rela&ation u to a ma&imum of (@B may be gi!en on the roduction of satisfactory e!idence that: (a) (b) The student was busy in authori9ed acti!ities. ' student who earn 1@ credits or less at the end of the first semester will recei!e a warning for his/her oor erformance* if he fails to earn at least (@ credits at the end of the second semester* he has to lea!e the course and institution.

Tech.. The re ort is to be submitted by summer /winter brea+s. 'ssignments) and an end<semester e&am. The total mar+s associated with each #ractical Training ?e ort is 1. The total credits in all scheme of e&amination to B. mar+s of which . mar+s are awarded by the de artment on the basis of guidance of #ro0ect Gor+. For all !aluation of %essional (Code 1 F%) there is semester assessment of 1. mar+s. 4i!e an inter retation of the rules in case of difference of o inion which shall be binding on all. Credit of F% are not included in the total credits of semester.@ credits are declared to ha!e assed B. 't F$$ and F$$$ semester le!els there is assessment of #ractical Training ?e orts by a duly constituted Board. mar+s..(c) (i) (ii) 1(. of . 6nder !ery e&ce tional conditions minor rela&ations in rules may be allowed and im lemented by the Central 'd!isory Committee. The total mar+s for the Theory #a ers is thus (=.Tech. Candidates securing (.. For all Theory #a ers (Code:T8) there is one min<semester test of .. The total mar+s associated with the ro0ect re ort is 1. Candidates securing ((D to (. . hours or = hours duration for C. mar+s are awarded by the de artment on the basis of su er!ision of $ndustrial Training. - .. 8owe!er* it is mandatory to ass the F% course. (. C. mar+s and an end semester e&am of . The ro0ect and the #ractical Training after F & F$ %emester are mandatory. D.. 't F$$$ semester le!el there is assessment of #ro0ect ?e ort by a duly constituted Board. Candidates securing e&actly ((A credits are declared to ha!e assed B. Final e&amination ro!ided they s+i / fail in not more than = credits in C)?E. and the denominator for calculation of a!erage mar+s for final result will be ((A. @... Final e&amination* ro!ided they s+i / fail in not more than = credits in core* not more than = credits in ' lied Engineering* and not more than = credits in ' lied %ciences & 8umanities. Courses u to F$$$ semester will be (=. mar+s of which . 1...Tech. 8owe!er* same rela&ation in rules can not be granted in a subse7uent semester. -.. This Committee shall ha!e the following functions: >ay guidelines for the rocess of registration.. $n case the conditions warrant such a rela&ation again* the rules shall ha!e to amended. Final e&amination.E1. %"n"&al Not"s: 1.Tech. 8eads of the De artments in the Faculty of Technology. mar+s ((. =. The re ort is to be submitted by the student of the ro0ect wor+ erformed at the F$$ and F$$$ semester le!els. credits are declared to ha!e assed B. There is no end< semester e&am for these courses. For all #ractical #a ers (Code: #?) there is semester assessment of . hours duration for C. The total mar+s for the #ractical a er is thus 1. A. mar+s.

Tech..C 1.. .A 11 -C ..@.AB (C. .. . . . ..* $$$<.B #ercentage 1C. ... F% (E!aluation of sessional courses ha!e been con!erted in the form of regular theory or ractical course with End %emester E&amination) C ..* F<.Distribution of credits : %ub0ects $ $$ $$$ $F F F$ F$$ F$$$ Total Credits (=..* F$$$<... DEPARTMENT %emester wise: $<.* $$<. . degree: (=.= .. (=. ..* $F<. 1. ..D .. @@....A .B Contents of 8* '* C 8 8umanities* %ocial %tudies and Basic %ciences ' C " 'llied Engineering Core (include ma0or ro0ect and ractical training also) "andatory Core I$20st #"/ t "#$#$4 %5 +) 6ee3s 20 "t#%$ 20 #$4 s0mme &"c"t#%$s "5te 7th semeste "$2 . . ... 6ee3s "5te 8th semeste ..=1B T)T'> C?ED$T% " ...* F$$<...D 1( (1 (= ((( 1D 1. 8 1D 1= . =1 ' 11 .MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Su''a&( of !" is"d %cheme of E&amination Total Credits for B. ..* F$<.

.( . C.A EE 1. . . . .. C. 1.. . 1... C.( #8 1. C.. "' 1.C C8 1.8 =8 =8 =' . 1.. .. 1.. $nformation Technology ' lied #hysics >ab ' lied Chemistry >ab Electrical %ciences >ab $nformation Technology .. #?= Course No. 1.' (8 (8 (' (' +.( ..#8 1.1. . SECOND SEMESTER (MECHANICAL ENGINEERING) (C%mm"$ t% "// ' "$ches) A . ...( +.= EE 1.. (1...@ $T 1..FI!STSEMESTER (MECHANICAL ENGINEERING) (c%mm%$ t% "// ' "$ches) S. T8= T8@ T8#?1 #?( #?. 1.1. C. >ab TOTA) *&actic" SUGGESTED SCHEME FOR BTech.SUGGESTED SCHEME FOR BTech. ..1 86 1... End C. C. T81 T8( T8. . . of (1. Cre'$t T()e =8 . Tot"# M"r&s 1.No ...1. C.. C. 1.. 1.D $T Subject "athematics<1 Communication s+ills ' lied #hysics ' lied Chemistry Electrical sciences Fundamentals LT .1.( E!"#u"t$o% %essional . C8 1.. C.. . 1.. .. -&s 11..

..C +. '% 11= "E 11@ C)E 11"E 11C C)E 11A #8 11D #E 1(. . C.. -&s E!"#u"t$o% %essional .. 1.. C. Cre'$t T()e =8 (' =8 =8 =C (' ... .... C.. .( . . "' 111 E2 11( '% 11. 1. 1. End C.' (C (' . C. T81 T8( T8..... .. 1. TOTA) Subject "athematics<$$ En!ironmental %cience ' lied #hysics<$$ Engineering "aterials Basic "echanical Engineering #rogramming Fundamentals Engineering 4ra hics #rogramming >ab ' lied #hysics >ab Gor+sho #ractice *&actic" LT .. #?= Course No. =.. C. ... (. 1.1.... 1. . 1. C. 1. =. T8= T8@ T8#?1 #?( #?. Tot"# M"r&s 1..1..S... . C.( ...No . . C... +.. 1.. .. (. C. D . . .

.I 0 ENGINEERING MECHANICSLA1 MACHINE DRA3ING ENGINEERING MATERIALS AND METALLURGY LA1 SEL5 STUDY LT 310 300 310 310 310 400 002 002 002 001 30hr s E!"#u"t$o% Sessional End 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 Tot"# M"r& s 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 1000 Cre'$t T()e 4C 3A 4H 4A 4C 4H 2C 2C 2A 1C 30 1. ENGINEERING MECHANICS ENGINEERING EC/N/MICS AND ACC/UNTANCY THERMAL ENGINEERING . ME 201 ME 202 ME 203 ME 204 ME 20ME 20.Tech.N o. THIRD SEMESTER (MECHANICAL ENGINEERING) S.I ENGINEERING MATERIALS AND METALLURGY NUMERICAL TECHNI UES UANTITATI!E TECHNI UE "#$%o&a&ili'( ) S'a'is'i*al Me'+ods.SUGGESTED SCHEME FOR B. ME 207 ME 202 ME 204 ME 210 TOTAL Subject THERMAL ENGINEERING . TH1 TH2 TH3 TH4 THTH. $R1 $R2 $R3 !S1 Course No.

No.II 0 5LUID MECHANICS LA1 $R2 ME 212 INSTRUMENTATI/N AND 002 30 70 100 2C C/NTR/L ENGG8 0 6INEMATICS /5 MACHINES LA1 $R3 ME 214 MACHINE SH/$ LA1 002 30 70 100 2A !S2 ME 220 SEL5 STUDY 001 30 70 100 1C TOTAL 30hrs 1000 30 11 . M"r& t s T()e TH1 ME 211 THERMAL ENGINEERING 310 30 70 100 4C .II TH2 ME 212 5LUID MECHANICS 310 30 70 100 4C TH3 ME 213 INSTRUMENTATI/N AND 310 30 70 100 4C C/NTR/L ENGINEERING TH4 ME 214 6INEMATICS /5 310 30 70 100 4C MACHINES THME 21$RINCI$LE /5 310 30 70 100 4A MANU5ACTURING SYSTEMS TH.SUGGESTED SCHEME FOR B. ME 21.Tech. FOURTH SEMESTER (MECHANICAL ENGINEERING) S.No Course Subject LT E!"#u"t$o% Tot"# Cre'$ Sessional End . $R/DUCTI/N AND 300 30 70 100 3A /$ERATI/NS MANAGEMENT 7 I $R1 ME 217 THERMAL ENGINEERING 002 30 70 100 2C .

I C ENGINES 0 5LUID 002 30 70 100 SYSTEMS LA1 ME 307 DYNAMICS /5 002 30 70 100 MACHINES ME 302 MECHANICS /5 002 30 70 100 S/LIDS LA1 ME 304 MANU5ACTURING 002 30 70 100 TECHNI UES 7 I LA1 ME 310 MIN/R $R/9ECT-I 002 30 70 100 Ind:s'%ial T%ainin.SUGGESTED SCHEME FOR B.No . "D:%a'ions 4 <ee=s in <in'e% >a*a'ion a' '+e end o? !'+ se@es'e%. ME 301 ME 302 ME 303 ME 304 ME 30Subject I C ENGINES 5LUID SYSTEMS DYNAMICS /5 MACHINES MECHANICS /5 S/LIDS LT 310 310 310 310 E!"#u"t$o% Sessional End 30 30 30 30 70 70 70 70 Tot"# M"r& s 100 100 100 100 Cre'$ t T()e 4C 4C 4C 4C 4A 2C 2C 2C 2C 2C MANU5ACTURING 310 30 70 100 TECHNI UES 7 I ME 30. TH1 TH2 TH3 TH4 TH$R1 $R2 $R3 $R4 $RCourse No. FIFTH SEMESTER (MECHANICAL ENGINEERING) S.Tech. TOTAL 30hrs 1000 30 1( .

"D:%a'ions SIA-EIGHT <ee=s in S:@@e% >a*a'ion a' '+e end o? !I'+ se@es'e%. TRANS$/RT $HEN/MEN/N 0 002 30 70 100 2C RE5RIGERATI/N AND AIR C/NDITI/NING LA1 $R2 ME 317 MACHINE DESIGN .ME 320 !I!A !/CE EAAM /5 ! 002 30 70 100 2C SEMESTER INDUSTRIAL TRAINING Ind:s'%ial T%ainin. $R.ME 31. TOTAL 30hrs 1000 30 1. . # t M"r& T()e s TH1 ME 311 TRANS$/RT $HEN/MEN/N 310 30 70 100 4C TH2 ME 312 RE5RIGERATI/N AND AIR 310 30 70 100 4C C/NDITI/NING TH3 ME 313 MACHINE DESIGN 7 I 300 30 70 100 3C TH4 ME 314 $/3ER $LANT ENGINEERING 310 30 70 100 4C TH.I LA1 003 30 70 100 3C $R3 ME 312 $/3ER $LANT ENGINEERING 002 30 70 100 2C LA1 $R4 ME 314 MIN/R $R/9ECT-II 002 30 70 200 2C "5A1RICATI/N .$R/DUCTI/N AND 310 30 70 100 4A /$ERATI/N MANAGEMENT 7 II $R1 ME 31. SI*TH SEMESTER (MECHANICAL ENGINEERING) S. No.N Course Subject LT E!"#u"t$o% Tot" Cre'$ Sessional End o.Tech.SUGGESTED SCHEME FOR B.

* . ME 417 Subject MANU5ACTURING TECHNI UES 7 II ELECTI!E.II /$EN ELECTI!E II MANU5ACTURING TECHNI UES .. ME 401 ME 402 ME 403 #ME47AB ME 40ME40. TH1 TH2 TH3 $R1 $R2 $R3 $R4 Course No.SUGGESTED SCHEME FOR B.Tech. ME 411 ME#42AB ME 413 ME 414 ME 41ME 41. TO / 0 1 2T0 0 D GRAND T/TAL MAR6S C 2000 1= .II LA1 SEMINAR 0 RE$/RT MA9/R $R/9ECT "$ART-II..II LA1 ELECTI!E 7I LA1 MA9/R $R/9ECT "$ARTI. TO / 0 1 2T0 0 D SUGGESTED SCHEME FOR B. !I!A !/ICE EAAM /5 !I SEMESTER INDUSTRIAL TRAINING LT 310 310 300 310 310 002 003 002 002 002 30hrs E!"#u"t$o% Sessional End 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 Tot"# M"r& s 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 1000 Cre'$ t T()e 4A 4C 3C 4C 4A 2C 3C 2C 2C 2C 30 TOTAL . LT 310 310 310 003 003 002 0010 30 hrs E!"#u"t$o% Sessional End 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 Tot"# M"r& s 100 100 100 100 100 100 400 1000 Cre'$t T()e 4A 4C 4A 3A 3C 2C 10C 30 TOTAL . SE+ENTH SEMESTER (MECHANICAL ENGINEERING) S. TH1 TH2 TH3 TH4 TH$R1 $R2 $R3 $R4 $RCourse No. EIGHTH SEMESTER (MECHANICALENGINEERING) S.Tech.* .No .No . ME 407 ME 402 ME 404 ME 410 Subject MECHATR/NICS CAD-CAM MACHINE DESIGN 7 II ELECTI!E 7I /$EN ELECTI!E 7I MECHATR/NICS LA10CAD-CAM LA1 MACHINE DESIGN .II LA1 ELECTI!E.

#<'6T)"'T$)2 $2 "'26F'CT6?$24 =C=# <C)"#6TE? $2TE4?'TED "'26F'CT6?$24 =C@ #< ?E>$'B$>$T3 E24$2EE?$24 =C-#<%E>ECTED T)#$C% .T<F6E> CE>> TEC82)>)43 =A=T<83B?$D TEC82)>)43 =A@T<%E>ECTED T)#$C% E>ECT$FE<( =A1D <F?'CT6?E "EC8'2$C% =A(D<E>'%T$C & #>'%T$C BE8'F$)6? )F E244.T<'6T)")B$>E E24$2EE?$24 =C=T<%E>ECTED T)#$C% E>ECT$FE<( =A1T<C)"B6%T$)2 4E2E?'TED #)>6T$)2 =A(T<C)"#6T'T$)2'> F>6$D D32'"$C% =A.D HT?$B)>)43 =C=D <EJ#E?"E2T'> %T?E%% '2'>3%$% =C@D<%E>ECTED T)#$C% #?)D6CT$)2 4?)6# E>ECT$FE<1 =C1# <D$"E2%$)2'> K6'>$T3 E24$2EE?$24 =C(#<'DF'2CED "'C8$2$24 #?)CE%%E% =C.# <%6#>>3 C8'$2 "'2'4E"E2T =A=# <F$2'2C$'> "'2'4E"E2T =A@#< #'CI'4$24 TEC82)>)43 =A-#<%E>ECTED T)#$C% 1@ DE%$42 4?)6# E>ECT$FE<1 =C1D <"EC8'2$C'> F$B?'T$)2% =C(D<F$2$TE E>E"E2T "ET8)D =C.D<'2'>3%$% '2D %32T8E%$% )F >$2I'4E% =A=D<?)B)T$C% '2D '6T)"'T$)2 =A@D<%E>ECTED T)#$C% E>ECT$FE<( =A1#< K6'>$T3 "'2'4E"E2T %3%TE"% =A(# <"'TE?$'>% "'2'4E"E2T =A."'TE?$'>% =A.CREDITS C 240 E)ECTI/E S012ECTS T8E?"'> 4?)6# E>ECT$FE<1 =C1T<2)2< C)2FE2T$)2'> E2E?43 ?E%)6?E% =C(T <26C>E'? E2E?43 =C.

asesE %eal .ME.+ noIIleH noIIle e??i*ien*(Ee??e*' o? ?%i*'ion and s:De%sa':%a'ed ?lo< '+%o:.+ en'%( D%ess:%e and 'e@De%a':%e and i's li@i'a'ionsH ne*essi'( o? %e-+ea'in. o? *ondense%sE '(Des and De%?o%@an*e o? *oolin. s'a'eE ai% <a'e% >aDo% @iG':%eE *al*:la'ion o? D%oDe%'ies o? ai% <a'e% >aDo:% @iG':%e UNIT II Rankine C !le and Anal sis: Ran=ine *(*le and i's %eD%esen'a'ion on T-S and H-S dia.+ noIIle8 UNIT # Steam Tur%ines: 3o%=in. D%in*iDle and '(Des o? s'ea@ ':%&inesH >elo*i'( dia. *(*le and i's li@i'a'ionsE '(Di*al ?eed <a'e% +ea'in.E Ta'a M*.E *o@Da%ison o? i@D:lse and %ea*'ion ':%&inesE*ondi'ion line and %e+ea'-?a*'o%E losses in s'ea@ ':%&inesH .E ideal and a*':al %e. 'o<e%s Su&&ested Readin&s: 18 En&ineerin& Thermod nami!s &( $868Na.%a< Hill $:&lis+in. *alo%i@e'e%E *o@&ined seDa%a'in. o? i@D:lse ':%&inesH oD'i@:@ >elo*i'( %a'io and @aGi@:@ e??i*ien*(E&lade '<is'in.%a@E s'ea@ 'a&lesE de'e%@ina'ion o? F:ali'( o? s'ea@E '+%o''lin. Co@Dan( Li@i'ed8 28 En&ineerin& Thermod nami!s &(Ro.ene%a'i>e ?eed <a'e% +ea'in.e%sE $ea%son Ed:*a'ion8 1- .201 THERMAL ENGINEERING – I T L 3 1 P 0 Credit s 4C UNIT I Fundamentals: $%oDe%'ies o? D:%e s:&s'an*e in solidE liF:id and >aDo:% D+aseE $!T &e+a>io% o? si@Dle *o@D%essi&le s(s'e@E T-S and H-S dia. *alo%i@e'e%E @aG<ell and o'+e% '+e%@od(na@i*s %ela'ionsE@iG':%e o? non %ea*'i>e ideal .+ noIIlesH *ondi'ion ?o% @aGi@:@ dis*+a%.e@en's ?o% >a%io:s *aDa*i'( Do<e% Dlan's8 UNIT III Introdu!tion to "oilers: Classi?i*a'ion o? &oile%sE &oile% @o:n'in.o>e%nin.asesE *o@D%essi&ili'( *+a%'E la< o? *o%%esDondin.s and a**esso%iesH d%a?' s(s'e@sE *i%*:la'ion s(s'e@H *o@&:s'ion and i's *al*:la'ionsE and &oile% De%?o%@an*e8 UNIT I# Steam No$$les: T(Des o? noIIlesE ?lo< o? s'ea@ '+%o:. ) '+%o''lin.%a@sH e??e*' o? lo< &a*= D%ess:%e and +i.%a@s ?o% i@D:lse and %ea*'ion ':%&inesE *o@Do:ndin.e '+%o:. a%%an. o? s'ea@ ':%&inesE UNIT #I Steam Condensers: T(Des and <o%=in.

en's and ?ille%s8 1C . o? I%onE Me'+ods o? D%o'e*'ion ?%o@ *o%%osion8 UNIT # Fi%er Rein'or!ed Com-ositesJ Gene%al *+a%a*'e%is'i*sE ADDli*a'ionsE In'%od:*'ion 'o 5i&e%s 7 . and <ea% %esis'in.8E &%assesE &%onIesE d:%al:@inE die-*as'in.@an D:&lis+e%8 48 Treatise on . L'd8 ME-202ENGINEERING MATERIALS AND METULLURGY L T P 3 1 Credits 0 4A UNIT I Stru!ture o' metalJ C%(s'al s'%:*':%eE @ille% indi*esE la''i*esE i@De%?e*'ionsE ele@en'a%( '%ea'@en' o? Doin' and line de?e*'s and '+ei% %ela'ion 'o @e*+ani*al D%oDe%'ies8 /e'ormationJ SliDE '<innin. e'*E D%e*iDi'a' En&ineerin& &( !8 $8!asandani and D8S8 6:@a%E Me'%oDoli'an 1oo= Co8 "D. C.e%s and Yon Ma(+e<E $ea%son D:&lis+e%8 -8 Fundamentals o' Classi!al Thermod nami!s &( !an 3(len and Sonn'a. Fundamentals o' En&ineerin& Thermod nami!s &( Mo%an and S+aD%ioE (ohn )ile * Sons+ In!. on @e*+ani*al D%oDe%'iesE D%in*iDles o? %e*o>e%(E %e-*%(s'alliIa'ion and .%o<'+8 UNIT II Fra!tureJ 5%a*':%e o? @e'als and allo(sE &%i''le and d:*'ileE ?%a*':%eE ?a'i. TreatmentJ $%in*iDles and D:%Dose o? +ea' '%ea'@en' o? Dlain *a%&on s'eelsE annealin. o? al:@in:@ allo(s8 UNIT I# 0aterialsJ $lain Ca%&on s'eelsE e??e*' o? allo(in.E 9o+n 3ile( ) Sons In*8 -. Thermod nami!s: An En&ineerin& A--roa!h &( Cen.%ain . allo(s8 IS s'anda%ds *odes ?o% s'eels8 CorrosionJ T(Des o? *o%%osionE Gal>ani* *ellE %:s'in.+ and lo< 'e@De%a':%e se%>i*eE *%eeD *:%>eE e??e*' o? @a'e%ial >a%ia&les on *%eeD D%oDe%'iesE &%i''le ?ail:%e a' lo< 'e@De%a':%e8 UNIT III Solidi'i!ationJ $+ases in @e'al s(s'e@E le>e% %:leE solidi?i*a'ion o? @e'al and allo(sE solid sol:'ionE e:'e*'i*E e:'e*'oid and in'e%-@e'alli* *o@Do:ndsE I%on *a%&on eF:ili&%i:@ dia. 7 *a%&:%iIin.%a@E TTT-dia. and &ea%in.n *onside%a'ion8 Cree-J1asi* *onside%a'ion in '+e sele*'ion o? @a'e%ial ?o% +i. s'eels8 $%od:*'ionE *o@Dosi'ionE D%oDe%'iesE and :se o? non-?e%%o:s allo(s e8.E e??e*' o? *old and +o' <o%=in.38 Thermod nami!s &( 6enne'+ 3a%=E M*.el and 1olesE T+e M*G%a<-Hill Co@Danies8 28 A--lied Thermod nami!s 'or En&ineerin& Te!hnolo&ists&(T8D8 Eas'oDE Lon. ele@en'sE desi.E +a%denin.:e ?ail:%eE e??e*' o? allo(in.%a<-+ill 1oo= Co@Dan(8 48 En&ineerin& Thermod nami!s &( Go%don Ro.E iso'+e%@al '%ea'@en'E *ase +a%denin. a. ele@en'sE D%oDe%'ies and :sesE +ea' '%ea'@en' o? 'ool s'eelsE s'ainlessE sD%in.E 'e@De%in.%a@8 .E no%@aliIin.E ni'%idin.lassE *a%&onE 6e>la% 44 ?i&e%s8 Ma'%iG 7 $ol(@e%i*E Me'alli*E Ce%a@i* Ma'%iGE Co:Dlin.

.e $:&li*a'ionE Ne< Del+i8 3.In'%od:*'ion 'o '+e D%a*'i*e and dis*iDline o? Nano.0&io-oGida'ion D%o*esses8 1a*'e%ia :sed in '+ese D%o*esses and '+ei% *+a%a*'e%is'i*sE &a*'e%ial lea*+in. Ma'e%ial S*ien*e ) En.i@8E $%en'i*e Hall IndiaE Ne< Del+iE 14428 2.i*al D%o*esses8 T+e &iolo. Me*+ani*al Me'all:%. Ma'e%ial S*ien*e and En.a%@o E8 $a:l e'8alE $%en'i*e Hall IndiaE Re'eren!e "ooks: 1.inee%in.en*eE 5iGed-Doin' @e'+od8 UNIT II 4S stem o' Linear Al&e%rai! E5uations6 Ga:ss eli@ina'ion @e'+odE C%o:'Ls @e'+odE Ga:ss-Seidel @e'+od8 UNIT III 4Inter-olation6 1A . an In'%od:*'ionE 3illia@ D8 Callis'e% 9%E 9o+n <ile( ) Sons8 3.$%in*iDles o? En.:la5alsi @e'+odE Se*an' @e'+odsE Ne<'on-RaD+son @e'+odE Ra'e o? *on>e%.S*ien*eE Nano s*ale di@ensionE Nano s*ien*e and en. En. Ma'e%ials ) $%oDe%'iesE81:d:is=( e' alE K $%en'i*e Hall IndiaE Ne< Del+iE 3.(E L8 6%is+na Redd(E Ne< A.+a>an $%en'i*e Hall India L'd8E 20018 2.inee%in.inee%in. D%in*iDlesE Nano @a'e%ialsE *a%&on nano-':&e 'e*+nolo. Ma'e%ials ) $%o*esses in Man:?a*':%eE De. &iolea*+in.( $a%' 1ERa(@ond A Hi.(E Die'e%E M* G%a< +ill ME-203 NUMERICAL TECHNIQUES L T P Credits 3 1 0 4H UNIT I 4Solution o' Al&e%rai! and Trans!endental E5uations6 1ise*'ion @e'+odE Re. &io-+(d%o @e'all:%.n8 Su&&ested "ooksJ Te1t "ooks: 1.En.Ra.E!. EG'%a*'ion o? @e'als ?%o@ s:lD+ide o%es and *on*en'%a'es :sin.inee%in.inee%in.( and ind:s'%ial aDDli*a'ions8 UNIT #I.inee%in.0&io-oGida'ion D%o*esses and D%o*ess desi. Me'all:%.i*al and *+e@i*al D%in*iDles o? &iolea*+in. @e*+anis@E '+e Da%a@e'e%s a??e*'in. Me'all:%.

%a'ion ?o%@:laE T%aDeIoidal %:leE Si@DsonLs 103%d %:le and e%%o% es'i@a'ionE Ro@&e%.3ile( Eas'e%n L'd8 48 In'%od:*'o%( Me'+ods o? N:@e%i*al Anal(sisJ S8S8Sas'%(E $8H8I8 -8 Ad>an*e En.8 1D dis'%i&:'ions .$ea%sonE Ed:*a'ion L'd8 28 N:@e%i*al Me'+odJ E8 1ala.*on'in:o:s and dis*%e'eH .is'i* %e.8 Co@D:'a'ionsJ M8689ainE S8R868 I(en.%a@@in. &( Leas' sF:a%e @e'+odEN:@e%i*al di??e%en'ia'ion8 UNIT # 4Numeri!al Inte&ration6 Ne<'on-Co'es in'e.e@en'E Meas:%es o? *en'%al 'enden*( and disDe%sionE 6:%'osis8 Unit II: Introdu!tion to -ro%a%ilit theor $%o&a&ili'( '+eo%(E Moin'l( dis'%i&:'ed %ando@ >a%ia&lesE Sa@Dlin.E 1esselLs and E>e%e''Ls.. Ma'+e@a'i*sE !ol 2E H8C8 TaneMa E I868 In'e%na'ional ME-204 QUANTITATI E TECHNIQUES L T P Credits 3 1 0 3 Unit I: Introdu!tion to statisti!s Na':%e and %ole o? s'a'is'i*s in @ana.5ini'e and >a%io:s di??e%en*e oDe%a'o%sE In'e%Dola'ion ?o%@:lae "Ne<'onLs ?o%<a%d and &a*=<a%dE S'i%lin. -othesis Testin& Es'i@a'ion and +(Do'+esis 'es'in.?o%@:la'ion and aDDli*a'ionsE sol:'ion '+%o:.%ession anal(sisE ADDli*a'ions o? s'a'is'i*al Da*=a.%aD+i*al @e'+od and Si@DleG @e'+odsE in'%od:*'ion 'o non-linea% D%o.inee%in.eLs in'e%Dola'ion ?o%@:la8 In'e%Dola'ion <i'+ a *:&i* sDlineE C:%>e ?i''in. dis'%i&:'ions8 Unit III: .%a'ion8 UNIT #I 4Numeri!al Solution o' Ordinar /i''erential E5uations6 $i*a%dLs @e'+odE Ta(lo% se%ies @e'+odE E:le% and Modi?ied E:le% @e'+odE R:n.es8 Unit I#: Linear 8ro&rammin& $%o&le@.%an.H $a%a@e'%i* 'es'sH '-'es'H AN/!AH Non-Da%a@e'%i* 'es'sH C+i-sF:a%e 'es'E Co%%ela'ion and %e.:%:sa@( T8M8H8 38 N:@e%i*al Me'+ods ?o% S*ien'i?i* and En.Ls In'e.8E UNIT I# 4Inter-olation and Cur7e 'ittin& and Numeri!al /i''erentiation 6 La.+ .e% and R868 9ain.e-6:''a 5o:%'+ o%de% @e'+odsE MilneLs @e'+odE Ada@s-Mo:l'on @e'+od8 Su&&ested readin&s: 18 ADDlied N:@e%i*al Anal(sisJ C:%'is 58 Ge%ald and $a'%i*= G8 3+ea'le(.%ession anal(sisE lo.

s(s'e@s8 UNIT #: D(na@i*s o? o? a Da%'i*leE Linea% @o@en':@E An.Unit #:Trans-ortation 0odels T%ansDo%'a'ion and '%anss+iD@en' D%o&le@sE assi.%a@E Condi'ions o? Ri. 3.le o? ReDoseE En.e Lea%nin. Mo@en's in Di??e%en' 1ea@s8 UNIT III 5%i*'ionJ La<s o? d%( ?%i*'ionE 5%i*'ion ConeE An.8 3ed.5i%s' Mo@en' "*en'%e o? .inee%in. :an'i'a'i>e Me'+ods ?o% 1:siness &( Ande%sonE Cen.:la% @o@en':@E 1odiesJ 5%ee 1od( Dia. ADDli*a'ions o? ?%i*'ion e8. . :an'i'a'i>e Me'+ods &( 9 6 S+a%@aE Ma*Millan $:&lis+e%s8 2.es8 Su&&ested Readin&s: 1.:la%E *(lind%i*al and sD+e%i*al *oo%dina'esE !e*'o% de%i>a'i>es in %o'a'in.a.n@en' and seF:en*es @odels8 Unit #I: /e!ision Theor De*ision T%eeE Ga@e T+eo%(-Mini@aG and MaGi@inE Do@inan*e $%in*iDle and :se o? /R so?'<a%e Da*=a.%a>i'(.nonLs T+eo%e@8 Co:DleJ EF:i>alen' Co:DlesE EF:ili&%i:@ o? Ri.( @e'+odsE D(na@i*s o? s(s'e@ o? Da%'i*lesE o%&i'al @o'ionE =ine@a'i*s o? a %i.o? C:%>ilinea%E $lane and Solid 1odies8 UNIT II T%:ssJ T(DesE Sol:'ion o? Si@Dle Dlane '%:sses &( anal('i*al and . 1:siness s'a'is'i*s &( 1aMDaiE $ea%son India ME-20! ENGINEERING MECHANICS L T P 3 1 0 Credits 4C Stati!s UNIT I In'%od:*'ion8 I@Do%'an' !e*'o% F:an'i'ies o? Me*+ani*sE 5o%*eJ EF:i>alen' S(s'e@ o? 5o%*es8 Mo@en' o? a ?o%*eJ !a%i. ) Se*ond Mo@en' "@o@en' o? ine%' &od(E C+asleLs '+eo%e@E (. o% %e>e%si&ili'( o? @a*+ines8 / nami!s: UNIT I#: 9inemati!s o? a Da%'i*leE >elo*i'( and a**ele%a'ion o? a Da%'i*le in Da'+ *oo%dina'esE %e*'an.eE !elo*i'( %a'ioE E??i*ien*( and la< o? @a*+inesE sel? lo* 1odies8 "Sol:'ion o? '+e D%o&le@s &( !e*'o% @e'+od also8.eE 1el' ) $:lle( and S*%e< 9a*= e'*8 Li?'in.%aD+i*al @e'+ods8 S+ea% 5o%*es and 1endin. @a*+inesJ Me*+ani*al Ad>an'a.

+' line @e'+od o? deD%e*ia'ionE de*linin.%a< +ill $:&lis+in.E %a'e o? %e':%n @e'+odE EGa@Dles in all '+e @e'+ods8 Unit #: /e-re!iation and Ta1es DeD%e*ia'ion.ineee%in. %e':%ns s*ale8 An o>e%>ie< o? S+o%' and Lon. ?:nd @e'+od o? deD%e*ia'ion0 Ann:i'( @e'+od o? deD%e*ia'ionE Modi?ied a**ele%a'ed *os' %e*o>e%( s(s'e@E TaG *on*eD's and a?'e% 'aG e*ono@i* *o@Da%ison8 (1 .inee%in.E 5:':%e <o%'+ @e'+od "Re>en:e do@ina'ed *as+ ?lo< dia. e??i*ien*(H De@and Anal(sisE La< o? De@andE De'e%@inan's o? de@andE Elas'i*i'( o? de@and-$%i*eE In*o@e and *%oss elas'i*i'(8 Uses o? *on*eD's o? elas'i*i'( o? de@and in @ana.%a@.E Ann:al eF:i>alen' @e'+od "Re>en:e do@ina'ed *as+ ?lo< dia. %:n *os' *:%>es 7 ?iGed *os'E >a%ia&le *os'E a>e%a. Me*+ani*sJ S'a'i*sH Me%ia@ and 6%ai.e *os'E @a%.e In'e%na'ional D:Dli*a'ionsN 0E:20.inal *os'E /DDo%':ni'( *os'E 1%ea=-E>en-Anal(sis8 Unit III: Time #alue o' 0one $%esen' <o%'+E ann:al <o%'+E 5:':%e <o%'+E in'e%nal %a'e o? %e':%nE EG'e%nal %a'e o? %e':%n8 Unit I#: Com-arison amon& alternati7es $%esen' <o%'+ @e'+od "Re>en:e do@ina'ed *as+ ?lo< dia.UNIT #I: Ine%'ia 'enso%E $%in*iDal aGesE D(na@i*s o? a %i.H En.%a@.H8S+a@esHN $%en'i*e Hall o? India8 48S8Ti@os+en=o and D8H8Yo:n.In'%od:*'ionE Classi*al Me'+odsJ S'%ai.eE 9o+n 3ille( ) Sons8 38En. Me*+ani*s &( S8S81+a>i=a''i ENNe< &od(E E:le%Ls eF:a'ionsE DLAle@&e%'Ls D%in*iDleE $%in*iDle o? >i%':al <o%= and s'a&ili'(E Su&&ested Readin&s: 18 Me*+ani*s ?o%*an*e and @e'+ods o? de@and ?o%e*as'in.inee%sJ S'a'i*sE 5e%dinand $8 1ee% and E R:ssel 9o+nson8 Ta'a M*. Me*+ani*sJ S'a'i*s )D(na@i*sHI%<in. Unit I: Introdu!tion to En&ineerin& E!onomi!s Con*eD' o? en. EN<INEERIN< ECONO0ICS AN/ ACCOUNTANC= L T8 3 0 0 Credits 3.i's @e'+od o? deD%e*ia'ionE sin=in. &alan*e @e'+od o? deD%e*ia'ion-S:@ o? '+e (ea%s di.inee%in. e*ono@i*s 7 En.%a@E *os' do@ina'ed *as+ ?lo< dia.inee%in.E D%od:*'ion ?:n*'ionE La<s o? %e':%ns 'o s*ale ) La< o? Di@inis+in. Co@Dan( Li@i'ed8 28En.inee%in. Me*+ani*sNE M*G%a<Hill8 -8En.%a@E *os' do@ina'ed *as+ ?lo< dia.E si.%a@.e%ial de*isionE in'%od:*'ion 'o @i*%o and @a*%o-e*ono@i*s8 Unit II: /emand Fore!astin& and Cost Estimation Meanin.inee%in.

id *o:Dlin. o' :Case Stud : o' the Sim-le 0e!hani!al s stems+ %ased on the -rin!i-le o' 0e!hani!s 4Bith !ontent o' the s lla%us.4. :Case anal sis: S stem identi'i!ation+ Anal $in& it Bith the -rin!i-les 0e!hani!s 4Bith !ontent o' the s lla%us6. '+e 3eal'+ o? Na'ions &( Da>id Miles and And%e< S*o''E 3ile( 8RACTICALS 0E:20>THERMALENGINEERING $RACTICAL -10ENGINEERING L T 8 Credits 0 0 2 2C MECHANICS -E1-eriments %ased on the theor s lla%us o' the su%?e!t 0E201@0E20A.ine Da%'sE I8C en.4.inee%in.Unit #I: "ook 9ee-in& $%in*iDles o? do:&le en'%( s(s'e@J &an= %e*on*ilia'ion s'a'e@en'E sin. '+%ee >ie<s ?%o@ >a%io:s @odelsJ D%a<in.inee%in.E 5%ee.+and s=e'*+in. 5%ee.INE /RA)IN< LT 8 Credits 0 0 2 2C $RACTICAL En.E S'ea@ En. 0E: 20C 0AC.E si@Dle &:s+ 1ea%in. %odE $is'on8 (( .ine Da%'s i8e Conne*'in. E*ono@(E S:lli>anE 3i*=sE and 6oellin.E $ea%son In'e%na'ional 28 Ma*%oe*ono@i*sJ Unde%s'andin.+and eGe%*ises ?o% d%a<in.E 5leGi&le *o:Dlin.JS$. as De% IS-. ) S*ale d%a<in.n@en' a**o:n'8 Su&&ested Readin&s: 18 En.E $l:@@e% 1lo*=E &all ) Rolle% &ea%in.le en'%( s(s'e@J Moin' >en':%e and *onsi. o? T<o0T+%ee >ie<s o?J Co''e% 9oin'E 6n:*=le 9oin'E Ri>e's ) Ri>e'ed Moin'sE T(Des o? S*%e< '+%eads and '+ei% %eD%esen'a'ionE S*%e<s01ol's and n:'sE %i. D%a<in.

AUT/. .CAD8 %uggested readings: 1. 4ill 0E: 204 ENGINEERING MATERIALS AND METALLURGY LA1 $RATICAL L T 8 Credits 0 0 2 2A E1-eriments %ased on the theor s lla%us o' the su%?e!t 0E202 0E:210 SELF STU/= L T 8 Credits 4#S16 0 0 1 %uggested ?eading: 's suggested by the Teacher 1C ME-211 THERMAL ENGINEERING II L 3 T 1 P 0 Credit s 4C (.In'%od:*'ion 'o AUT/ CADE $%a*'i*e o? asse@&l( d%a<in. %# <=..Code )f #ractice )f Engineering Drawing #ublisher B$% (.Engineering Drawing for %chool 'nd Colleges #ublisher B$% . $%<-D. "achine Drawing by #. :sin.%.

ines 7 oDe%a'ionE sold and liF:id D%oDellan's8 Su&&ested Readin&s: 18 28 38 48 -8 En&ineerin& Thermod nami!s &( Go%don Ro.E e??i*ien*( o? .%a@sE e??i*ien*( o? *o@D%esso% s'a.e *o@D%esso%E *o@D%esso% De%?o%@an*eE >a**:@ D:@D8 UNIT III <as 8oBer C !les Ai% s'anda%d *(*le /''oE diesel and d:al *(*lesE $-! and T-s dia.e%sE $ea%son $%en'i*e Hall Fundamentals o' <as / nami!s 1( Ro&e%' D8 O:*=e% and /s*a% 1i&la%IE 9o+n 3ile( ) SonsE In*8 -.E @:l'i-s'a.e%s and Yon Ma(+e<E $ea%son D:&lis+e%8 Thermal En&ineerin& &( S8 Do@=:nd<a%E D+anDa'Rai) Co "D.eE *+oi*e o? %ea*'ionE s' ':%&ine *(*le UNIT I# <as Tur%ines: Si@Dle oDen and *lose *(*le .e In'e%na'ional "D. on e??i*ien*( and <o%= o:'D:'E e??e*' o? oDe%a'in.ene%a'ionE %e-+ea' o? Me' D%oD:lsion 7 ':%&oMe' en.ine <i'+ and <i'+o:' a?'e% &:%ne%E ':%&oD%oDE %a@ Me'E D:lse Me'E %o*=e' and disad>an' and disad>an' d(na@i*sE ene%.( eF:a'ionE s' ':%&ineE . >a%ia&les on '+e%@al e??i*ien*(E ai% %a'eE <o%= %a'ioH <a'e% inMe*'ionE Ad>an'a. *(*lesE e%i*sson *(*leE a'=inson *(*leE &asi* . L'd A--lied Thermod nami!s &( /n=a% Sin. Li@i'ed <as Tur%ines &( Co+en ) Ro.e *o@D%essionE ideal in'e%@edia'e D%ess:%eH *o@D%esso% *lea%an*eE >ol:@e'%i* and iso'+e%@al e??i*ien*(H @ini@:@ <o%= %eF:i%e@en' o? a *o@D%esso%8 UNIT II Centri'u&al !om-ressor: !elo*i'( ':%&ine UNIT # <as / nami!s: 5:nda@en'als o? .e D%ess:%e %iseE ':%&ineE e??i*ien*( and sDe*i?i* o:'D:' o? si@Dle *(*leE e??e*'s o? 7 %e.+ noIIle and di??:se%sE In'%od:*'ion 'o s+o*= <a>esE UNIT #I (et 8ro-ulsion: in'%od:*'ion 'o Me' D%oD:lsionE ad>an' ':%&ine *o@Donen'sE De%?o%@an*e and aDDli*a'ion o? .es o? .in.le and @:l'i-s'a.UNIT I Re!i-ro!atin& Air Com-ressor: S'ead( ?lo< anal(sisE iso'+e%@alE adia&a'i* and Dol('%oDi* *o@D%essionH'ion D%oDe%'iesE isen'%oDi* ?lo< '+%o:. and in'e%-*oolin. *(*le "?o% oDen and *losed s(s' ':%&ine "1%a('on.%a@s o? '+ese *(*lesE e??i*ien*(E @ean e??e*'i>e D%ess:%e8 *o@Da%ison o? o''oE dieselE d:al *(*les ?o% sa@e *o@D%ession %a'io and +ea' inD:'E s'i%lin. Fundamentals o' <as / nami!s &( Ro&e%' $8 1enedi*'E 9o+n 3ile( ) SonsE In*8 (= .+E Ne< A.

( *o%%e*'ion ?a*'o%sH Do<e% a&so%&ed in >is*o:s %esis'an*eE ?il@ l:&%i*a'ion8 UNIT # Tur%ulent 'loB: T%ansi'ion ?%o@ la@ina% 'o ':%&:len' ?lo<E ':%&:len*e and ':%&:len*e in'ensi'(E ':%&:len*e @odelin.@aMo% and @ino% lossesE DiDes in se%ies and Da%allelE +(d%a:li*all( s@oo'+ and s@oo'+ and %o:.+ *i%*:la% DiDesE Mo@en':@ and 6ine'i* ene%. Co@Dan( Li@i'ed8 -85l:id Me*+ani*s ) 5l:id $o<e% En.. Co@Dan( Li@i'ed "200.inee%in. Co@Dan( Li@i'ed "2003. on ?la' Dla'e8 1o:nda%( seDa%a'ion8 5lo< a%o:nd i@@e%sed &odies.d%a.8 A TeG' 1oo= o? 5l:id Me*+ani*s ) H(d%a:li* Ma*+inesE 1ansal8D%8R86E ELaG@i $:&li*a'ions"$. len.!en':%i@e'e%E /%?i*e @e'e%E $i'o'.+ DiDesE ?%i*'ion ?a*'o% *+a%'s8 UNIT #I Laminar and Tur%ulent "oundar La er 'loBsJ 1o:nda%( la(e% *on*eD'E &o:nda%( la(e% '+i*=nessE disDla*e@en'E @o@en':@ and ene%. &odies8 UNIT II Fluid kinemati!sJ Gene%al des*%iD'ion o? ?l:id @o'ionE s'ead( ?lo<E :ni?o%@ ?lo<H s'%ea@E s'%ea= and Da'+ linesH La.ed and ?loa'in. Co@Dan( Li@i'ed"2002. 28 5l:id Me*+ani*sE Cen.el)Ci@&alaE E Ta'a M*G%a<-Hills $:&lis+in.ian and E:le%ian aDD%oa*+H Con'in:i'( eF:a'ionE Da%'i*le a**ele%a'ionH %o'a'ional and i%%o'a'ional ?lo<H s'%ea@ ?:n*'ionH >elo*i'( Do'en'ial ?:n*'ionE ?lo< ne'sH *i%*:la'ionH si@Dle ?lo<sH so:%*eE sin=E >o%'eGE do:&le'E ?%ee and ?o%*ed >o%'eG8 UNIT III Fluid / nami!s: Con*eD' o? s(s'e@ and *on'%ol >ol:@eH Re(noldLs '%ansDo%' '+eo%e@E E:le%Hs eF:a'ionE 1e%no:liiLs eF:a'ionE Na>ie% s'o=esL eF:a'ionH 5lo< @eas:%e@en'.ME.+a@Ls π .E $%andil @iGin. 5l:id Me*+ani*s ) Ma*+ine%( A.%al eF:a'ionH d%a. L'd8E Ne< Del+i8 (@ Credits 4C . and li?'8 Su&&ested Readin&s: 18 In'%od:*'ion 'o 5l:id Me*+ani*s and 5l:id Ma*+inesESo@8S86)1is<as8G Ta'a M*G%a<-Hills $:&lis+in. 3.':&eE ?lo< @e'e%sE no'*+es8 /imensional anal sis: 1:*=in.E D%8D8S86:@a%E E S8686a'a%ia)Sons"2002. 38 5l:id Me*+ani*sE 3+i'e858ME Ta'a M*G%a<-Hill $:&lis+in.%an.T+eo%e@8 Non-di@ensional Da%a@e'e%sE si@ila%i'( and i's aDDli*a'ion 'o ?l:id D%o&le@s8 UNIT I# #is!ous 'loB: La@ina% ?lo< &e'<een Da%allel s:%?a*es and '+%o:.a%<al8S86E Ta'a M*G%a<-Hill $:&lis+in.'+ +(Do'+esisH ?lo< losses in DiDes.( '+i*=ness8 Mo@en':@ in'e.212 "LUID MECHANICS L T P 3 1 0 UNIT I Introdu!tion: 5l:id and ?lo< de?ini'ion and '(DesE *on'in::@E ?l:id D%oDe%'ies8 Fluid Stati!s: $%ess:%e >a%ia'ion in a s'a'i* ?l:idH +(d%os'a'i* @ano@e'%(H ?o%*es on Dlanes and *:%>ed s:%?a*esE s'a&ili'( o? s:&@e%.8 .

nal ?il'e%8 UNIT #I Dis*%e'e-'i@e *on'%ol s(s'e@sE sin.a.a.@ .n :sin.%aD+(8 Mis*ellaneo:s ins'%:@en'sJ Teles:%?E s'%o&os*oDeE eG'enso@e'e%s8 UNIT I# D(na@i* and s'a'i* s(s'e@sE 5eed&a*= *on'%olE /Den and *losed looD *on'%ol s(s'e@s8 T%ans?e% ?:n*'ionsE 5%eF:en*( %esDonseE 1ode and N(F:is' dia.i>en ?%eF:en*(0&and<id'+and %esonan*e Dea=8 M:l'i-looD and o'+e% *on'%ol *on?i.e8 1asi* *+a%a*'e%is'i*s and ResDonse o? @eas:%in. %oo' lo*:s @e'+od and Ro:'+ *%i'e%ionE Desi.eE T+e%@al-*ond:*'i>i'( .eE Mo@en':@-'%ans?e% .esE M*leod .a. a si@:la'o% o? d(na@i* s(s'e@E s'a&ili'( o? dis*%e'e-'i@e @odelE dis*%e'iIin. and di??e%en'ia'in.%a'in.e8 Te@De%a':%e @eas:%e@en'E :se o? &i@a'e%ialsE Resis'an*e '+e%@o@e'e%sE '+e%@o*o:DlesE se@i*ond:*'o% -M:n*'ion 'e@De%a':%e senso%sE linea%-F:a%'I '+e%@o@e'e%E oD'i*al D(%o@e'%(E in?%a%ed D(%o@e'%( and '+e%@o.E a**:%a*( and *ali&%a'ion s'anda%dsH T%ansd:*e%s o? di??e%en' '(Des and '+ei% :sa.a.e D%ess:%e *ellsE 1o:%don ':&es <i'+ nea%l( *i%*:la% *%ossse*'ion8 Lo<-D%ess:%e">a*::@.%a@s8 S'a&ili'( o? d(na@i* s(s'e@sE Roo' lo*:s 'e*+niF:eE Ro:'+s'a&li'('es'8A:'o@a'i* *on'%ol s(s'e@ desi.a.i'al *on'%olle%sE $I and $ID *on'%ol8 (- .le-looD di.nal *ondi'ionin.%ades o? @eas:%a&ili'(E s*ales and s*alein>a%ian' D%oDe%'iesE E%%o%sE D%e*ision"%esol:'ion.a.ME213 #INSTRUMENTATI$N AND C$NTR$L ENGINEERING L T P Credits 3 1 0 4C UNIT I $+(si*al F:an'i'ies and '+ei% @eas:%e@en'sE Di??e%en' .eE 6n:dsen . *i%*:i'sH DisDla( de>i*es li=e >ol'@e'e%sE CR/E !T!M and %e*o%de%s8 UNIT III Meas:%e@en' o? disDla*e@en'sE s'%ainsE >elo*i'(E a**ele%a'ionE 'e@De%a':%eE D%ess:%e and ?l:id ?lo<8 Hi. *on'in:o:s-'i@e @odelsE di??e%en*e eF:a'ionsE ?o%<a%d di??e%en'ia'ionE&a*=<a%d di??e%en'ia'ionE dis*%e'iIin.a.+ D%ess:%e @eas:%e@en'E s'%ain-.nE *on'in:o:s-'i@e sin. @eas:%e@en'E diaD+%a.le-looD ?eed&a*= *on'%ol UNIT # Desi.:%a'ions8 Nonlinea% *on'%ol s(s'e@sE desi.n ?o% . de>i*es li=e a@Dli?ie%sE in'e. ins'%:@en's :nde% s'a'i* and d(na@i* *ondi'ionsH UNIT II In'e%@edia'e o% si. a si.eE Ionisa'ion .n and s'a&ili'(8 Dis*%e'iIin.

1e*=<i'+E Ma%an. ?%i*'ion8 UNIT I# Cams: Classi?i*a'ionE :ni?o%@ a**ele%a'ion SHM '(De *ons'%:*'ion o? Ca@ D%o?ile8 Hi.%aD+i*al @e'+ods o? ?indin. a**ele%a'ion o? di??e%en' Doin's in @e*+anis@sE a**ele%a'ion in slide% *%an= @e*+anis@E Co%iolis *o@Donen' o? a**ele%a'ion8 UNIT II 0e!hanism Bith loBer -airs: Des*%iD'ion o? S'%ai.esE :se o? so?'<a%e ?o% @o'ion and in'e%?e%en*e anal(sis8 Su&&ested Readin&s: 18 T+e T+eo%( o? Ma*+inesE T+o@as 1e>enE C1S D:&lis+e%s and dis'%i&:'e%s 28 T+eo%( o? Ma*+inesE Ra''an8S8SEM*G%a<-Hills L'd8 38 6ine@a'i*s and D(na@i*s o? Ma*+ine%(E R8L8No%'onETa'a M*G%a<-Hill 48 T+eo%( o? Ma*+ines and Me*+anis@sE 9o+n898Ui*=e%9%E Go%don R8$en*o*=E9oseD+E8S+i.Mi*%o-*o@D:'e% *on'%ol s(s'e@sE DA0AD *on>e%'e%s8 Co@D:'e% da'a a*F:isi'ion and *on'%olE $:lse @eas:%e@en's and *o@@andE $:lse o:'D:'s and s'eDDe% @o'o%E Mi*%o-*o@D:'e% %ealiIa'ion o? a liF:id le>el0?lo< *on'%ol s(s'e@8 8 SU<<ESTE/ REA/IN<S: 18Me*+ani*al Meas:%e@en's. @e*+anis@ o? >e+i*lesE Hoo=Ls Moin' e'*8 UNIT III Fri!tion: $i>o' and Colla% ?%i*'ionE *l:'*+es and &el' %oDe d%i>es aGisE &o:nda%( ?%i*'ionE ?il@ l:&%i*a'ionE %ollin.( o? +eli*al .le(E /G?o%d Uni>e%si'( D%ess8 ME.n 7 Doe&elinE Ta'a M*G%a< Hill 381oo=N S(s'e@ d(na@i*s ) *on'%ol 7 E%oniniU@eI-E%oniniE T+o@son $%ess8 ME.ea%s8 <ear trains: Si@Dle *o@Do:nd and eDi*(*li* .ea% '%ains8 UNIT #I In'%od:*'ion 'o s(n'+esis o? lin=a.214 %INEMATICS $" MACHINES L T P Credits 3 1 0 4C UNIT I #elo!it and A!!elerationJ In'%od:*'ion 'o si@Dle @e*+anis@sE disDla*e@en'E >elo*i'( and a**ele%a'ion *:%>esE >elo*i'ies o? di??e%en' Doin's8 In @e*+anis@sE %ela'i>e >elo*i'( @e'+odE ins'an'aneo:s *en'%e @e'+odE '+%ee *en'%e in line '+eo%e@E .+' line @e*+anis@s li=e $ea:*ellie%Ls @e*+anis@ and Ha%' @e*+anis@E En.oniE Lien+a%dE $ea%son Ed:*a'ion 28 Meas:%e@en' s(s'e@s ADDli*a'ion and E**en'%i* Ca@ UNIT # Toothed <earin&J Geo@e'%( o? 'oo'+ D%o?ilesE *(*loidal and in>ol:'e D%o?ileE @ini@:@ n:@&e% o? 'ee'+ on DinionE in'e%?e%en*eE a%* o? *on'a*'E 'e%@inolo.21! PRINCIPLE $" MANU"ACTURING SYSTEMS L T P Credits (C .ine indi*a'o% @e*+anis@E S'ee%in.+ sDeed Ca@s8 Ca@s <i'+ sDe*i?ied *on'o:%s8 Anal(sis o? a %i.

E &o%in.8 UNIT III 0illin& ma!hineJ Cons'%:*'ionE '(Des sDe*i?i*a'ionsH *:''e%sE di>idin.E '%:in. 3o%=s+oD Te*+nolo.H >a%io:s oDe%a'ionsJ Sla& @illin.E sli' .E ?eed %a'eE @a*+inin.sDe*i?i*a'ionsE s+aDesE se''in. 'i@e8 UNIT II LatheJ Cons'%:*'ionE i@Do%'an' @e*+anis@s >iI 8E aD%onE 'ail s'o*=E +ead. ) Ma*+ine Tools &( $8N8RaoE Ta'a M*G%a< Hill $:&li*a'ions8 .e In'e%na'ional $:&li*a'ions8 =.E 'ool and *:''e% . *:%>e8 (A . 8RO/UCTION AN/ O8ERATION 0ANA<E0ENT :I L T 8 Credits 3 0 0 3A UNIT I: Introdu!tion to 8O0 In'%od:*'ion 'o $/ME /De%a'ions s'%a'e.E s*%e< *:''in. ) Ma*+ine Tools &( 18L89:neMaE G8S8Se=+on)Ni'in Se'+E Ne< A.( desi. In'%od:*'ion 'o Ma*+inin. Ele@en's o? 3o%=s+oD Te*+nolo.8 UNIT I# Sha-er+ Slotter+ 8lanerH Cons'%:*'ionE a:'o@a'i* ?eed @e*+anis@E F:i*= %e':%n @e*+anis@sJ oDe%a'ions e8.le *:''in.8E +o%iIon'alE >e%'i*al and in*lined @a*+inin.%indin.E slo' @illin. Te*+nolo. %ea@in. @.E na':%e o? oDe%a'ionsE :D and do<n @illin. +eadE si@Dle *o@Do:nd and di??e%en'ial indeGin.(E s'%a'e. <+eels.E e**en'%i* ':%nin.+:<ans+iE D+anDa'Rai) SonsE $:&li*a'ions.E ?l( @illin. :nde%.*e%'ain'(E :n*e%'ain'( and %is=8 UNIT II: 8rodu!t and 8ro!ess /esi&n $%od:*' desi.%indin.3 1 0 4A UNIT I Introdu!tion to 0a!hine Tools:Classi?i*a'ionE si@ila%i'iesH >a%io:s *:''in.E 'aDDin.n and de>eloD@en' D%o*essesE D%od:*' li?e *(*leE $%o*ess ?lo< *+a%'E T(Des o? D%o*essesE $%o*ess De%?o%@an*eE Lea%nin..E sD:% and &e>elE T. Man:?a*':%in.E sDline *:''in.n D%o*essE *o%Do%a'e and oDe%a'ions s'%a'e.E an.E d%essin.E . 5:nda@en'als o? Me'al C:''in.iesE /De%a'ions *o@De'i'i>e di@ensionsE $%o*ess o? de*ision @a=in.eo@e'%( and no@en*la':%e o? '<is' d%illE oDe%a'ions e8.8E 'aDe% ':%nin.(J Me'al C:''in. $laneE *(lind%i*alE in'e%nal and *en'%eless .s'o*=E ?eed &oGH sDe*i?i*a'ionE oDe%a'ions e8.slo' @illin.8 UNIT # <rindin& 0a!hinesJ ME n '(Des and *ons'%:*'ion ?ea':%esE /De%a'ions e8. ?l:idsJ sDeed o? *:''in.8 Su&&ested Readin&sJ 1.e In'e%na'ional $:&li*a'ions8 (.( !ol82E &( 18S8Ra. S*ien*e &( G868LalE Ne< A.8 UNIT II /rillin& ma!hineJ Cons'%:*'ionE ?eed @e*+anis@J SDe*i?i*a'ionE .( !ol82E &( HaI%aC+and+a%iE Media $%o@o'e%s 0E: 21.%indin.ea% @illin.E =e(<a( *:''in. %a'e and @a*+inin.E *on'o:% @a*+inin. 'ools and *:''in.

'+e lo*a'ion de*isionsE @e'+ods o? ?a*ili'( lo*a'ion.A1CE !EDE and 5SN anal(sisE 9IT @an:?a*':%in.8 UNIT I#: /emand Fore!astin& :ali'a'i>e and F:an'i'a'i>e ?o%e*as'in.e@en' ?o% *o@De'i'i>e ad>an'a. and *on'%ollin. and o%.INE S. e%%o%s8 UNIT #: In7entor model I@Do%'an*e o? in>en'o%(E :nde%s'o*=in.e@en'. s(s'e@E To(o'a D%od:*'ion s(s'e@s.E 5iGed o%de% F:an'i'( @odels and ?iGed 'i@e De%iod @odels "E/ @odels.ER0AL EN<INEERIN< D I I LA" @FLUI/ 0EC.e@en'E 6%aMe<s=i and Ri'I<anE $ea%son Ed:*a'ion8 28 $%od:*'ion and /De%a'ions Mana. o? D%oMe*'s8 Te1t "ooks: 18 /De%a'ions Mana. D%oMe*'sE ?easi&ili'( s':d( o? D%oMe*'sE D%oMe*' Dlannin.?a*'o% %a'in.6AN1AN @odelE and eli@ina'ion o? <as'e8 UNIT #I: 8ro?e!t 0ana&ement De?inin. *os'-'i@e '%ade o??E @oni'o%in.UNIT III: Fa!ilit lo!ation and La out 5a*'o%s a??e*'in.O8 LA" (D .eH C+aseE 9a*o&E and AF:ilanoH TMH 38 Mode%n $%od:*'ion0/De%a'ions Mana.E Ti@e se%ies and %e.E D%oMe*' s*+ed:lin. s(s'e@sE *en'%oid @e'+odE and D%o?i' >ol:@e anal(sisH T(Des o? la(o:'E 1lo*= dia.e@en'E Ada@E 9%8 El&e%'E $HI 8RACTICAL 0E:21> T. and o>e%s'o*=in.EOR= OF 0AC.e@en'E 9a( HeiIe%E 1a%%( Rende%H $ea%son lea%nin.<o%= &%ea=do<n s'%:*':%eE $ERT ) C$ME anal(Iin.INES LA" 8RACTICAL L T 8 Credits 0 0 2 2C "ased on Course Bork !orres-ondin& to INSTRU0ENTATION AN/ SI<NAL 8ROCESSIN<0E :213@Theor o' ma!hines :0E213 0E: 21E 0AC.E Sele*'i>e in>en'o%( @ana.%a@ and Asse@&l( Line 1alan*in.e@en'E 1:??a and Se%inE 9o+n 3eil( India8 Re'eren!e "ooks: 18 /De%a'ion Mana.aniIin. 28 /De%a'ions @ana. 0E:21C INSTRU0ENTATION AN/ SI<NAL 8ROCESSIN<LA"@ T.ANICS LA" L T 8 Credits 0 0 2 2C "ased on Course Bork !orres-ondin& Thermal En&ineerin&: II 0E: 211@Fluid me!hani!s 0E: 212.%ession @odelsE Meas:%es o? ?o%e*as'in.

C En&inesJ Classi?i*a'ionH '<o and ?o:% s'%o=eE SI and CI'ion s(s'e@s UNIT III Com%ustion -henomenon in CI en&ines: $%in*iDles o? *o@&:s'ion in CI en. . D%in*iDlesE *+e@i*all( *o%%e*' ai%-?:el %a'io and load >a%ia'ionE *o@Densa'in.ines and oDe%a'in.ines UNIT I# Fuel s stem and 0i1ture re5uirement in SI and CI En&ine: Ca%&:%e'ion.ineEe??e*' o? en. dela( De%iodE diesel =no*=E @e'+ods o? *on'%ollin. >a%ia&les on i. D%in*iDle and >al>e and Do%' 'i@in. de>i*esE >en':%e and Me' di@ension *al*:la'ionE @ode%n ?:el ind:*'ion s(s'e@E @:l'i Doin' ?:el inMe*'ion s(s'e@E ?:el inMe*'ionJ *o@@on %ail di%e*' inMe*'ion UNIT # En&ine Testin&+ Su-er!har&in&+ Lu%ri!ation and En&ine Coolin&:'ionE a&no%@al *o@&:s'ionE '+eo%( o? de'ona'ionE e??e*' o? en.8RACTICAL L T 8 Credits 0 0 2 2A "ased on Course Bork !orres-ondin& to 8rin!i-le o' manu'a!turin& s stems 0E:220SELF STU/=L T 8 Credits 0E 21A 4#S26 0 0 1 "ased on Course )ork Su&&ested % the Tea!her 0E 210 1C ME-301 I&C& ENGINES L 3 T 1 P 0 Credit s 4C UNIT I Introdu!tion to'ionE adia&a'i* ?la@e 'e@De%a':%eE'ion dela( ) ?la@e D%oDa. dia. diesel =no*=E *o@&:s'ion D%o*ess ) *o@&:s'ion *+a@&e%s ?o% CI en.a'ionE *o@&:s'ion *+a@&e% ?o% SI en.ineE dela( De%iodE >a%ia&les a??e*'in.ine and oDe%a'in.ines Da%'sE <o%=in. >a%ia&les on de'ona'ionE s:%?a*e i.inesE *(*le 'o *(*le >a%ia'ionE D%e-i.<o%=in.%a@ UNIT II Com%ustion 8henomenon in SI en&ines: $%in*iDles o? *o@&:s'ion in SI en.

E s:De%* D:@DsH >elo*i'( '%ian.E .+ DiDe linesH <a'e% +a@@e%H D%e*a:'ion a.e%sE ':%&o *+a%. 48 -8 I.asE &io.C En&ines and Air 8ollution &( E858/&e%'E In'eG' Ed:*a'ional $:&lis+e%s8 I.E 'o%F:e *on>e%'e%8 H(d%a:li* and $ne:@a'i* $o<e%J Si@Dle H(d%a:li* *i%*:i'sE +(d%a:li* *on'%ol >al>esE $ne:@a'i* Do<e%8 UNIT #I In'%od:*'ion 'o Co@D:'a'ional 5l:id D(na@i*sand i's ADDli*a'ion ?o% si@Dle C5D sol:'ions ?o% in*o@D%essi&leE *o@D%essi&leEla@ina%E ':%&:len' ?lo<sE ?lo<s <i'+ +ea' '%ans?e% and ?lo< <i'+ ?%ee s:%?a*e8 Su&&ested Readin&s: 18In'%od:*'ion 'o 5l:id Me*+ani*s and 5l:id Ma*+inesESo@8S86)1is<as8G .1 .lesE e??i*ien*(E d%a?' ':&esE . s(s'e@E ai% *oolin.E <a'e% *oolin. .o>e%nin.asE H2E &iodiesel and al*o+ols Su&&ested Readin&s: 18 (. E @eas:%e@en' o? Do<e%Es:De%* De%?o%@an*e and 'es'in. li@i's o? SI )CI en. oilE addi'i>esE *oolin.ines @e'+ods o? s:De%*+a%.302 "LUID SYSTEMS L T P 3 1 0 Credits 4C UNIT I INTR/DUCTI/NJ E:le%Ps eF:a'ion o? ':%&o @a*+inesH i@D:lses and %ea*'ion ?o%*es d:e 'o ?l:id s(s'e@s on s'a'iona%( and @o>in. s(s'e@E D%oDe%'ies o? l:&%i*a'in. o? en.C En&ines &( En&ines &( Ma'+:%) S+a%@aE D+anDa'Rai and Sons8 The Internal Com%ustion En&ine : Theor and 8ra!ti!e #ols.lesE e??i*ien*(E ':%&ine D:@DsE aGial and @iGed ?lo< D:@DsE Dosi'i>e disDla*e@en' D:@DsH %e*iD%o*a'in.:sonE 9o+n 3ile( ) Sons8 Fundamentals o' I. I * II &( C858Ta(lo%E MIT $%ess8 ME.C En&ines &( 981 He(<oodE Ta'a M*G%a<-Hill Co@Danies8 I.ine ?:elsE ne*essi'( o? al'e%na'i>e ?:elsE L$GE CNGE D%od:*e% .E l:&%i*a'ion D%in*iDlesE ?:n*'ion o? l:&%i*a'in. UNIT #I Introdu!tion to Automoti7e Fuels: $e'%ole:@ &ased ?:els and '+ei% D%oDe%'iesE =no*= %a'' <a'e% +a@@e% in ':%&ines and D:@D ins'alla'ionsE +(d%a:li* %a@8 UNIT # Mis*ellaneo:s H(d%a:li* Ma*+inesJ A**:@:la'o%sE in'ensi?ie%sE D%essesE *%anesE ?l:id *o:Dlin. s(s'e@s o? >anesH Me' D%oD:lsion8 UNIT II 3ATER TUR1INESJ Classi?i*a'ionH $el'onE 5%an*isE D%oDelle% and 6aDlan ':%&inesH !elo*i'( '%ian.ea% and <a>e D:@Ds8 $e%?o%@an*e o? 5l:id Ma*+inesJ Si@ila%i'( la<s aDDlied 'o %o'o-d(na@i* @a*+inesE sDe*i?i* sDeedE :ni' F:an'i'iesE *+a%a*'e%is'i* *:%>esE :se o? @odelsE *a>i'a'ion and a''endan' D%o&le@s in ':%&o @a*+inesE sele*'ion o? ':%&inesE +(d%oele*'%i* Dlan's8 UNIT I# H(d%a:li* Do<e% '%ans@issionJ T%ans@ission o? +(d%a:li* Do<e% '+%o:.8 UNIT III $:@DsJ Cen'%i?:.

@ass s(s'e@ 'o +a%@oni* ?o%*esH <+i%lin.ine and Do<e% D%essesE sDeed and ene%.ines and i's e??e*'E &alan*in.o>e%no%E '(Des o? .+' loadedE sD%in.8 48 A TeG' 1oo= o? 5l:id Me*+ani*s ) H(d%a:li* Ma*+inesQE8D%8R86E1ansal LaG@i $:&li*a'ions"$.%ee o? ?%eedo@H '%ans>e%se >i&%a'ion o? &ea@s <i'+ :ni?o%@ and *on*en'%a'ed loads &( Ra(lei.el and 9o+n M Ci@&alaE Se*ond Edi'ionE M*G%a<-Hill 38E 5l:id Me*+ani*sED%8D8S86:@a%)A.( ?l:*':a'ions8 UNIT II <o7ernors: 5:n*'ion o? a . Co@Dan(Li@i'ed 0E: 303 /=NA0ICS OF 0AC. @o@en' dia. o? s+a?'sE >i&%a'ion isola'ion and >i&%a'ion o? @ass s:DDo%'ed on ?o:nda'ions s:&Me*' 'o >i&%a'ionsH >i&%a'ion si@:la'ion8 UNIT #I Introdu!tion to Tri%olo& J T+eo%( o? ?%i*'ion <ea% and l:&%i*a'ion8 Su&&ested Readin&sJ Te1t "ooks: 18T+e T+eo%( o? Ma*+inesE T+o@as 1e>enE C1S D:&lis+e%s and dis'%i&:'e%s Ma*+inesE Ra''an8S8SEM*G%a<-Hills L'd8 386ine@a'i*s and D(na@i*s o? Ma*+ine%(E R8L8No%'onETa'a M*G%a<-Hill 28T+eo%( o? .%a@s8 UNIT III < ros!o-es: $%in*iDles o? G(%os*oDeE .inesE Da%'ial &alan*in.( . Co@Dan( Li@i'ed "2003. dia. @a*+ines8 UNIT # #i%rations: 5%ee >i&%a'ion o? a &od( sin.le de.H lo. o? in-line en.%a@s ?o%I8C en.o>e%no%E *on'%ollin. loadedE e??o%'s and Do<e% o? a .inesH s'ea@ en.E S8686a'a%ia) Sons "2002.(%os*oDi* *o:Dle and i's e??e*' on '<o <+eel and ?o:% <+eel >e+i*les and s+iDs8 UNIT I# "alan!in&: 1alan*in. L'd8E Ne< Del+i8 -85l:id 5lo< Ma*+inesQE Go>indaRao8N8SE Ta'a M*G%a<-Hills $:&lis+in.a%i'+@i* de*%e@en'H %esDonse o? da@Ded sD%in.a%<al8S86 5l:id $o<e% En. o? lo*o@o'i>e en. o? %o'a'in. o? %e*iD%o*a'in.inee%in.o>e%no%sE <ei. 28E 5l:id Me*+ani*s EY:n:s A8 Cen. Da%'sE D%i@a%( and se*onda%( &alan*in.Ta'a M*G%a<-Hills $:&lis+in.+ @e'+odH 'o%sional ?%ee >i&%a'ion o? '<o %o'o% s(s'e@E '+%ee %o'o% s(s'e@ and . Da%'s and D%i@a%( &alan*in.ea%ed s(s'e@sH da@Ded ?%ee >i&%a'ions <i'+ >is*o:s da@Din.INES L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3C UNIT I Fl Bheels: T:%nin.

and 'o%sion8 S-rin&sJ .Re'eren!e "ooksJ 18T+eo%( o? Ma*+ines and Me*+anis@sE 9o+n898Ui*=e%9%E Go%don R8$en*o*=E9oseD+E8S+i.E Cas'i.Ps @od:l:sE $oison %a'ioE s'%ess a' a Doin'E s'%ess and s'%ains in &a%s s:&Me*'ed 'o aGial loadin. .s s:&Me*'ed 'o aGial load and aGial '<is'E sDi%al and lea? sD%in. o? &endin.8 *. J a.:la%E *i%*:la% and *+annel se*'ions8 UNIT III: 3/ Stress+ Theor o' 'ailure +Strain ener& + Im-a!t load J Con*eD' o? '+%ee di@ensional s'%ess and s'%ainE S'%ess 'enso%E '+%ee s'%ess in>a%ian'sE S'8 !e%nan's D%in*iDle EGene%aliIed +oo=s la<E T+eo%( o? ?ail:%esE S'%ain ene%.J &endin.304 MECHANICS $" S$LIDS L T P 3 1 0 Credits 4C UNIT I Sim-le stresses and strainsJ Con*eD' o? s'%ess and s'%ainH s'%ess and s'%ain dia.(J S'%ain Ene%. Can'ile>e%s &.%a'ionH Ma*a:la(Ps @e'+odJ Use o? all '+ese @e'+ods 'o *al*:la'e sloDe and de?le*'ion ?o% '+e ?ollo<in.le(E /G?o%d Uni>e%si'( D%ess8 285:nda@en'als o? !i&%a'ions &( Leona%d Mei%o>i'*+ M*G%a<-Hill *o@Dan( 385:nda@en'als o? !i&%a'ions &( G%a+a@ 6elle(E M*G%a<-Hill *o@Dan( ME.De?le*'ion o? sD%in.liano T+eo%e@8 UNIT I# TorsionJ De%i>a'ion o? 'o%sion eF:a'ion and i's ass:@D'ions8 ADDli*a'ions o? '+e eF:a'ion o? '+e +ollo< and solid *i%*:la% s+a?'s 'o%sional %i.8 Te@De%a':%e s'%ess and s'%ain *al*:la'ions d:e 'o aDDli*a'ions o? aGial loads and >a%ia'ion o? 'e@De%a':%e in sin.sE Close-*oiled +eli*al sD%in. ?o%@:laJ i's aDDli*a'ion 'o &ea@ o? %e*'an.( :nde% d:e 'o aGial loadsE s'%esses d:e 'o s:dden and i@Da*' loads UNIT II Com-ound stress and strainsJ T+e tBo dimensional s stemH s'%ess a' a Doin' on a DlaneE D%in*iDal s'%esses and D%in*iDal DlanesH Mo+%Ps *i%*le o? s'%esses8 1endin.( in 'o%sion and &endin. '+eo%(E de%i>a'ion o? &endin.s :nde% 'o%F:e and Mo@en'8 UNIT # Slo-e and de'le!tionJ Rela'ions+iD &e'<een @o@en'E sloDe and de?le*'ionE Mo+%Ps '+eo%e@H Mo@en' a%ea @e'+odH @e'+od o? in'e. Si@Dl( s:DDo%'ed &ea@s <i'+ and <i'+o:' o>e%+an.le and *o@Do:nd <alls8 S'%ain Ene%.8 Mod:l:s o? elas'i*i'(E s'%ess D%od:*ed in *o@Do:nd &a%s s:&Me*' 'o aGial loadin.%a@E Hoo=ePs la<E Yo:n..idi'(8 D%in*iDal s'%esses and @aGi@:@ s+ea% s'%esses :nde% *o@&ined loadin. Unde% *on*en'%a'ed loadsE :ni?o%@l( dis'%i&:'ed loads o% *o@&ina'ion o? *on*en'%a'ed and :ni?o%@l( dis'%i&:'ed loads8 .

Columns and strutsJ Col:@ns o? di??e%en' end *ondi'ions and ?ail:%e o? *ol:@nsE E:le%Ps ?o%@:lasH Ran=ine-Go%donPs ?o%@:laE 9o+nsonPs e@Di%i*al ?o%@:la ?o% aGiall( loaded *ol:@ns and '+ei% aDDli*a'ions8 UNIT #I C linders and s-heresJ T+in C(linde%s and sD+e%esH De%i>a'ion o? ?o%@:lae and *al*:la'ion o? +ooD s'%essE lon;i':dinal s'%ess in a '+in *(linde% and sD+e%e s:&Me*'ed 'o in'e%nal D%ess:%e8 T+i*= *(linde%sJ HooD E %adial and lon;i':dinal s'%esses in '+i*= *(linde%s d:e 'o in'e%nal and eG'e%nal D%ess:%eE Co@Do:nd *(linde%s ES'%esses in s+%in= ?i's8 Ro'a'in; dis* o? :ni?o%@ '+i*=nessE dis* o? >a%ia&le '+i*=ness E Ro'a'in; s+a?' and *(linde%s8

Su&&ested Readin&s: 18 QEn;;8 Me*+ani*s o? solidsQE $oDo> E;e% $8E $%en'i*e HallE Ne< Del+iE 1442 28 QS'%en;'+ o? Ma'e%ialsQES%iNa'+ L8S8 e'8al8E M*MillanE Ne< Del+iE2001 38 QS'%en;'+ o? Ma'e%ialsQESad+: Sin;+E 6+anna $:&lis+e%sE Ne< Del+iE 20008 48 QEle@en's o? S'%en;'+ o? Ma'e%ialsQETi@os+en=o S8$8E Eas'-3es' a??ilia'edE Ne< Del+iE 20008 -88E QMe*+ani*s o? Ma'e%ialsQE Hi&&le% R8C $%en'i*e HallE Ne< Del+iE 14448 78E QMe*+ani*s o? SolidsQE 5enne%E Ro;e%8T U868 18C8 $:&li*a'ionE Ne< Del+iE 14408 28Me*+ani*s o? @a'e%ials &( 9a@es M8 Ge%e8

LT 8 310 Credits 3A UNIT I Castin&: $%oDe%'ies o? @o:ldin; sandE Sand 'es'in;E Ga'in; and %ise%in; s(s'e@E $%in*iDleE D%o*ess and aDDli*a'ions o? Die *as'in;E Cen'%i?:;al *as'in;E In>es'@en' *as'in;E and Con'in:o:s *as'in;E Mel'in; o? @e'al ?o% *as'in;E Cas'in; de?e*'s '+ei% *a:ses and %e@ediesE Cleanin; and InsDe*'ion o? *as'in;sE 5o:nd%( @e*+aniIa'ion and la( o:'8 UNIT II )eldin&: $%in*iDleE eF:iD@en'E and aDDli*a'ions o? S:&@e%;ed A%* 3eldin; "SA3,E Gas T:n;s'en A%* 3eldin; "GTA3,E Gas Me'al A%* 3eldin; "GMA3,E $las@a A%* 3eldin;E UNIT III Ul'%asoni* 3eldin;E Ele*'%on 1ea@ 3eldin; "E13, and Lase% 1ea@ 3eldin; "L13,8Gas *:''in; and a%* *:''in; o? @e'alsE 3eldin; de?e*'s '+ei% *a:ses and %e@edies8 UNIT I# 0etal Formin&: Me*+ani*al &e+a>io:% o? @e'als in elas'i* and Dlas'i* de?o%@a'ionE s'%ess-s'%ain %ela'ions+iDsE Yield *%i'e%iaE Con*eD' o? ?lo< s'%ess &( '%:e s'%ess-s'%ain *:%>es UNIT # Ho' 5o%@in; and Cold 5o%@in;E Anal(sis o? i@Do%'an' @e'al ?o%@in; D%o*esses li=e 5o%;in;E Rollin;E EG'%:sionE 3i%e D%a<in; &( sla& @e'+odE S+ee' @e'al ?o%@in; D%o*esses8 In'%od:*'ion 'o Hi;+ Ene%;( %a'e ?o%@in; D%o*esses8 ;=

UNIT #I 8oBder 0etallur& : $o<de% @e'all:%;( D%o*ess and oDe%a'ionsE Ad>an'a;esE ADDli*a'ions and Li@i'a'ions o? Do<de% @e'all:%;(8 Su&&ested Readin&sJ 18 Man:?a*':%in; Te*+nolo;( &( $8N8RaoE Ta'a M*G%a< Hill $:&li*a'ions 28 Man:?a*':%in; $%o*esses and A:'o@a'ion &( R8S8$a%@a%E 6+anna $:&li*a'ions 38 3o%=s+oD Te*+nolo;( !ol81E &( 18S8Ra;+:<ans+iE D+anDa'Rai $:&li*a'ions 48 $%o*esses ) Ma'e%ials o? Man:?a*':%e &( R8A8Lind&e%;E $%en'i*e Hall $:&li*a'ion -8 $%in*iDle o? Me'al Cas'in; &( Heine ) Rosen'+alE Ta'a M*G%a< Hills $:&li*a'ion .8 3eldin; $%o*esses and Te*+nolo;( &( R8S8$a%@a%E 6+anna $:&li*a'ions 78 3eldin; ) 3eldin; Te*+nolo;( &( Ri*+a%d L Li''leE Ta'a M*G%a< Hill $:&li*a'ions 28 Me'al 5o%@in; $%o*esses &( G8R8Na;DalE 6+anna $:&li*a'ions8 0E:30; I C EN<INES LA"@FLUI/ S=STE0SLA" 8RACTICAL LT 8 0 0 2 Credits 2C

"ased on the Course Bork !orres-ondin& to I C EN<INES 0E 301@Fluid s stems 0E302

0E:30>/=NA0ICS OF 0AC.INES LA" 8RACTICAL L T 8 Credits 0 0 2 2C "ased on the Course Bork !orres-ondin& to / nami!s o' 0a!hines 0E 303 0E 30C 0EC.ANICS OF SOLI/S LA" 8RACTICAL L T 8 Credits 0 0 2 2C "ased on the Course Bork !orres-ondin& to 0e!hani!s o' Solids 0E 303 0E: 30E 0ANUFACTURIN< TEC.NOLO<=:1 LA" 8RACTICAL L T 8 Credits 0 0 2 2C "ased on the Course Bork !orres-ondin& to 0anu'a!turin& Te!hnolo& :1 0E 30A 0E:31E 0INOR 8RO(ECT ;@

L T 8 Credits 0 0 2 2C Industrial Trainin& 4/uration 'our Beeks in Binter 7a!ationat the end o' #thsemester6

L 3 T 1 8 0 Credits 3C

UNIT I Introdu!tion and Condu!tion: !a%io:s @odes o? +ea' '%ans?e%E 5o:%ie%PsE Ne<'onPs and S'e?an 1ol'I@anPs La<E *o@&ined @odes o? +ea' '%ans?e%E '+e%@al di??:si>i'(E and o>e%all +ea' '%ans?e% *oe??i*ien'E '+e%@al *ond:*'i>i'( o? solidsE liF:ids and ;asesE ?a*'o%s in?l:en*in; *ond:*'i>i'(E @eas:%e@en'E ;ene%al di??e%en'ial eF:a'ion o? *ond:*'ionE one di@ensional s'ead( s'a'e *ond:*'ionE linea% +ea' ?lo< '+%o:;+ a Dlane and *o@Dosi'e <allE ':&e and sD+e%eE *%i'i*al '+i*=ness o? ins:la'ionE e??e*' o? >a%ia&le '+e%@al *ond:*'i>i'(E *ond:*'ion <i'+ +ea' so:%*esE +ea' '%ans?e% ?%o@ eG'ended s:%?a*esE ?in De%?o%@an*esE *on*eD' o? *o%%e*'ed ?in len;'+0 e%%o% in 'e@De%a':%e @eas:%e@en' &( '+e%@o@e'e% <ellE '%ansien' +ea' *ond:*'ion- l:@Ded s(s'e@ anal(sisE '%ansien' 'e@De%a':%e *+a%'s "Heisle% and G%o&e% *+a%'s,E '%ansien' +ea' *ond:*'ion in @:l'idi@ensional s(s'e@s8 UNIT II Con7e!tion 4For!ed6 In'%od:*'ionE la@ina% &o:nda%( la(e% eF:a'ions ?o% in'e%nal and eG'e%nal ?lo<sH la@ina% ?o%*ed *on>en'ion on a ?la' Dla'e and in a ':&eE Re(nolds-Col&:%n analo;(0Di@ensional anal(sis and D+(si*al si;ni?i*an*e o? '+e di@ensionless Da%a@e'e%s UNIT III Con7e!tion 4Natural6 Di@ensional anal(sis o? na':%al *on>e*'ionH e@Di%i*al %ela'ions+iD ?o% na':%al *on>e*'ionE *on>e*'ion <i'+ D+ase *+an;eE des*%iD'ion o? *ondensin; ?lo<E '+eo%e'i*al @odel o? *ondensin; ?lo<E in'%od:*'ion 'o +ea' DiDeE %e;i@es o? &oilin; +ea' '%ans?e%E e@Di%i*al %ela'ions+iDs ?o% *on>e*'ion <i'+ D+ase *+an;e8 UNIT I# Thermal Radiation: In'%od:*'ionE a&so%D'ion and %e?le*'ion o? %adian' ene%;(E e@issionE %adiosi'( and i%%adia'ionE &la*= and non &la*= &odiesE =i%*+*+o??Ps la<H in'ensi'( o? %adia'ionE %adia'ion eG*+an;e &e'<een &la*= s:%?a*eE ;eo@e'%i* *on?i;:%a'ion ?a*'o%E ;%e( &od( %adia'ion eG*+an;e &e'<een s:%?a*es o? :ni' *on?i;:%a'ion ?a*'o%sE %adia'ion s+ieldsE ele*'%i*al analo;( 'o si@Dle D%o&le@sE non-l:@ino:s ;as %adia'ionE e%%o%s in 'e@De%a':%e @eas:%e@en' d:e 'o %adia'ion8 UNIT # .eat E1!han&ers ;-

e%a'ion needs o? ai%*%a?'sE a*':al %e?%i.E >aDo% a&so%D'ion s(s'e@E *al*:la'ion o? @aG C/$E des*%iD'ion and <o%=in. ?a*'o% and *o%%e*'ion ?a*'o%E In'%od:*'ion 'o *o@Da*' and Dla'e +ea' eG*+an.e *o@D%ession s(s'e@E and '+ei% anal(sisE ne*essi'( and <o%=in.e%sH desi.E @:l'is'a. s(s'e@ UNIT III Re'ri&erants and A%sor-tion Re'ri&eration: Desi%a&le D%oDe%'ies o? %e?%i.)elt F (ohn )ile * Sons 487t6. 0E :312 REFRI<ERATION AN/ AIR CON/ITIONIN< L 3 T 1 8 0 Credit s 3C UNIT I Introdu!tion to Re'ri&erationJ Ne*essi'( and aDDli*a'ionsE :ni' o? %e?%i. D%in*iDleE &asi* *o@Donen's and anal(sisE D%in*iDle and oDe%a'ion o? >o%'eG ':&e o% +ils*+ ':&e8 . D%in*iDle and essen'ial *o@Donen's o? '+e Dlan'E si@Dle >aDo:% *o@D%ession %e?%i. o? NH3 .e%a'ion s(s'e@ UNIT II #a-our Com-ression Re'ri&erationJ 3o%=in.<o%=in.e%a'ion *(*le .eat and 0ass Trans'er &( R8C8Sa*+de>aE Ne< A.Di??e%en' '(Des o? +ea' eG*+an. Ltd. ?l:id s:%?a*esE in'%od:*'ion 'o @ass '%ans?e% in la@ina% and ':%&:len' *on>e*'ionE di@ensional less Da%a@e'e%s in *on>e*'i>e @ass '%ans?e%E *o@&ined +ea' and @ass '%ans?e% Su&&ested Readin&s: 18 Fundamentals o' En&ineerin& . and s:De% +ea'in.e??e*'s o? s:& *oolin.e%a'ionE ai%%e?%i. . o? *as*adin.e%sE LMTD and NTU @e'+odsE ?o:lin.n o? +ea' eG*+an.e%a'ion s(s'e@ .eat and 0ass Trans'er &( 98$ Hol@anE Ta'a M*G%a< Hill8 Trans'er &( M8N8 /Iisi=E M*G%a< Hill 1oo= Co8 -8 .eat and 0ass Trans'er &( (ames R.e%a'ionE &ell *ole@an *(*leE oDen and dense ai% s(s'e@sE a*':al ai%-%e?%i.e%an's :sedE no@en*la':%eE oIone deDle'ionE .e In'e%na'ional $:&lis+e%s8 28 Fundamentals o' .e%a'ionLs E *lassi?i*a'ion o? %e?%i.e%a'ion and C8/8$8E '(Des o? Ideal *(*les o? %e? Fundamentals o' 0omentum+ .eat and 0ass Trans'er &( Ma+es+ M8 Ra'+o%eE LaG@i $:&li*a'ions8 78 .eat Trans'er &( A8 1eManE 9o+n 3ile( and Sons8 48 .8 En&ineerin& .elY:n:sE Ta'a M*G%a< Hill8 .*(*le anal(sis .<a'e% s(s'e@ and Li 1% 7<a'e%E '+%ee ?l:id a&so%D'ion s(s'e@ and i's salien' ?ea':%esE s'ea@ Me' %e? and 0ass Trans'er &( $ 5%an=8 In*%oDe%a and Da>id $8 De3i''E 9o+n 3ile( and Sons8 38 .lo&al < Trans'er A 8ra!ti!al A--roa!h &( A8Cene.C/$E ReD%esen'a'ion o? *(*le on T-S and D-+ *+a%'s .C .e%s8 UNIT #I 0ass Trans'er Mass and @ole *on*en'%a'ionsE @ole*:la% di??:sionE 5i*=Ps la<H edd( di??:sionE @ole*:la% di??:sion ?%o@ an e>aDo%a'in.e%a'ion s(s'e@ D%o&le@sE %e?%i.A*':al *(*leE In?l:en*e o? >a%io:s Da%a@e'e%s on s(s'e@ De%?o%@an*e 7 ne*essi'( o? @:l'is'a.

inee%in.'+E and s'%ess *on*en'%a'ion8 5ail:%es %es:l'in.uman Com'ort: ReF:i%e@en's o? +:@an *o@?o%' and *on*eD' o? e??e*'i>e 'e@De%a':%eE *o@?o%' *+a%'E *o@?o%' ai%*ondi'ionin.E s'a'i* s'%en.E *oolin.A .?e%%o:s and non.nE *o@D%isin.and%ook D Re'ri&eration 2010 0E: 313 0AC.inee%in.:e da@a.n D%o*ess ele@en'sE Desi.INE /ESI<N I L T 8 Credits 3 0 0 3C UNIT I: In'%od:*'ion 'o desi. o? Me*+ani*al en. ?%o@ >a%ia&le loadin.n-e*ono@i*sE Un*e%'ain'(E S'%ess and s'%en. ) de+:@idi?i*a'ion s(s'e@sE load *al*:la'ion and aDDlied Ds(*+%o@e'%( UNIT # .ea&ili'(E Li@i'sE 5i'sE and Tole%an*es as De% Indian S'd8 S(s'e@E S:%?a*e %o:. desi.'+E Codes and S'anda%dsE 5a*'o%s o? sa?e'(E Relia&ili'(E $%o&a&ilis'i* aDD%oa*+ 'o Desi.nE in'e%*+an.E s:@@e% and <in'e% ai%-*ondi'ionin.:e 'o @e'alsE S'%ain li?e %ela'ions+iDE s'%ess li?e %ela'ions+iD8 End:%an*e li@i' @odi?(in.?e%%o:s @e'alsE +ea' '%ea'@en' o? @e'alsE Desi.:e8 . *on'%olE ai% +andlin.'+e &asi*sE sele*'ion s'%a'e.RAE . ?%o@ s'a'i* loadin.n8 UNIT II: Sele*'ion o? @a'e%ials. AS.+ness8 UNIT III: 5ail:%es %es:l'in.n D%o*essE In'e%a*'ion &e'<een desi. *onside%a'ions in desi.E ai% dis'%i&:'ion and d:*' desi. load *al*:la'ions8 UNIT : #I Control: Re?%i.UNIT I# Air Conditionin&J $s(*+o@e'%i* D%oDe%'ies ) D%o*essesE *o@?o%' ai%-*ondi''ion o? s'eels as De% ISJ 1-70-1472E ASTM s'anda%ds8E A''%i&:'e li@i's and @a'e%ial indi*esE *o@D:'e% aided sele*'ion8 Man:?a*':%in. @a'e%ials. 48 Re'ri&eration and Air Conditionin& &( A&d:l A@eenE $%en'i*e Hall o? India L'd8 -8 "asi! Re'ri&eration and Air Conditionin& &( $8 N8 Anan'+ana%a(anE Ta'a M*G%a< Hill .e8 T+e desi.n Su&&ested Readin&s: 18 Re'ri&eration and Air Conditionin& &( C8 $8 A%o%aE Ta'a M*G%a< Hill 28 Re'ri&eration and Air Conditionin& &( A8 R 8T%o'' and T8 C8 3el*+E 1:''e%<o%'+.(E ?a@ilies o? en.E in'%od:*'ion 'o ?a'i. ?a*'o%sE s'%ess *on*en'%a'ion and no'*+ sensi'i>i'(E C:@:la'i>e ?a'i.8 Re'ri&eration and Air Conditionin& &( 3il&e%' 58 S'oe*=e% and 9e%old 38 9onesE Ta'a M*G%a< Hill 78 Re'ri&eration and Air Conditionin& % Ri*+a%d C+a%les 9o%danE Ga(le 18 $%ies'e%E $%en'i*e +all o? India L'd8 C.n ?a*'o%s in ?a'i.E %eF:i%e@en's o? ind:s'%ial ai%-*ondi'ionin.E ai%-*ondi'ionin.nE desi.e%a'ion and ai%-*ondi'ionin.Heine@ann 38 Re'ri&eration and Air Conditionin&Te!hnolo& &( 3+i'@anE 9+onson and To@*I(=E T+o@son Del@e% Lea%nin.

:nde% di%e*' and e**en'%i* loadsE<nE as+ *olle*'ion &( &a.nJ $ea%son Ed:*a'ionE Indian ReD%in'-20018 -8 Ma*+ine Desi.nES+i.( s*ena%ioE Indian *oalsJ ?o%@a'ionE D%oDe%'iesE anal(sisE &ene?i*a'ion and +ea'in.n o? %i>e'ed Moin's.sE Desi.%a>i'( seDa%a'ionE ele*'%os'a'i* D%e*iDi'a'o%s and <e' s*%:&&e%sE &oile% e??i*ien*( *al*:la'ionsE <a'e% '%ea'@en'J eG'e%nal and in'e%nal '%ea'@en' UNIT III Com%ined C !le 8oBer 8lants: .n o? s*%e<sE Do<e% s*%e<s8 Desi. and non-*o=in.E and ?ini'e ele@en' anal(sis o? @a*+ine *o@Donen's :sin. and non-*o*=in.D .n eF:a'ions8 Su&&ested Readin&sJ 18Me*+ani*al En.inee%in.n o? sD:% . solid @odelin. a>aila&le so?'<a%e in CAD La&o%a'o%(8 UNIT # Desi.n D8 68 A. *oalsE ?:el +andlin.n o? $iDes and DiDe Moin's8 UNIT #I 6e(s and *o:Dlin.nE Q 9:>inallE R8 C8E and Ma%s+e=E 68 M8E 9o+n 3ile( and SonsE 20008 385:nda@en'als o? Ma*+ine Ele@en's Ha@%o*=E 18 98E 9a*o&sonE 18 S*+@id'E S8 R8E8 M*G%a< HillE 14448 48An In'e.n 1+anda%i TMH .:e loadin.s ?o% s'a'i* and ?a'i.+ D%ess:%e :'ili'( &oile%E na':%al and ?o%*ed *i%*:la'ionE ?:el +andlin. >al:e *al*:la'ion o? *oalsH *o*=in.le(E 98 E8E Mis*+=eE C8 R8 and 1:d(nasE R8 G8E M*G%a< HillE 7'+ Edi'ionE 20048 In'e%na'ional8 285:nda@en'al o? Ma*+ine Co@Donen' Desi. s(s'e@E *o@&:s'ion D%o*essE need o? eG*ess ai%E *(*lone ?:%na*eE ?l:idiIed &ed &oile%E Dla*e@en' o? e>aDo%a'o%E e*ono@iIe%sE s:De% +ea'e%sE %e-+ea'e%sE ai% D%e-+ea'e% in '+e &oile%E de-ae%a'ionE &oile% &lo<.n o? Me*+ani*al sD%in. Le<is eF:a'ion and AGMA desi. +o:seE .asi?i*a'ion UNIT II Steam <enerators: Hi. Desi.8 Ma*+ine Desi.%a'ed ADD%oa*+E No%'onE R8 L8E Ma*+ine Desi.E *o=in..ea%s :sin.ene%a'ed Do<e% Dlan'E *aD'i>e Do<e% Dlan'E and '+ei% ?ields o? aDDli*a'ion ) sele*'ion *%i'e%iaE Indian ene%. *oalE *oal &ene?i*a'ionE *oal D:l>e%iIa'ionE D:l>e%iIed ?:el ?i%in.UNIT I#J Desi.8 Desi.n o? @e*+ani*al ele@en'sE in*l:din. s(s'e@sH *oal .a%<al and $8 C8 S+a%@aD+anDa'Rai 0E: 313 8O)ER 8LANT EN<INEERIN< L 3 T 1 8 0 Credit s 3C UNIT I Classi?i*a'ion o? Do<e% Dlan'sE &ase load and $ea= load Do<e% s'a'ionsE *o-.

Su&&ested Readin&s: Te1t "ooks: 18 8oBer 8lant En&ineerin& &( M8M8 El<a=ilE Ta'a M*G%a< Hill8 28 8oBer 8lant En&ineerin& &( $86 Na.:a%d and s:De%>iso%( s(s'e@ "5SSS.E in'e%lo*=s and D%o'e*'ion o? &oile% ':%&ines UNIT #I En7ironment 8ollution and Ener& !onser7ation: E*ono@i*s o? Do<e% .( *onse%>a'ion and ene%.<o%=in.%a'ed *oal *o@&ined *(*le "IGCC.( a:di'in. and '(Des o? n:*lea% %ea*'o%sE & DiDe line *on'%olE MHD.S'ea@ Do<e% Dlan'E '+e%@ioni* s'ea@ Do<e% Dlan'E in' anal(sisE d%:@ le>el *on'%olE *o@&:s'ion *on'%olE s:De% +ea'e% and %e-+ea'e% 'e@De%a':%e *on'%olE ?:%na*e sa?e. . 0odern 8oBer 8lant En&ineerin& &( 9 3ies@an and R E*=a%'E $%en'i*e +all India L'd8 8lannin& Fundamentals o' thermal 8oBer 8lants &( 58S As*+ne%E 9o+n 3ile(8 A--lied Thermod nami!s &( T8D Eas'oD and M*Con=e(E Lon.1ina%( >aDo:% *(*lesE *o:Dled *(*lesE .@an S*ien'i?i* and Te*+ni*al8 CE<" 7olumes on -oBer -lant. 0E:31A 8RO/UCTION AN/ O8ERATION 0ANA<E0ENT:II L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3C Unit I : 8rodu!ti7it =. NT8C@N8TI -u%li!ations on 8oBer -lants.E a:'o ':%&ine %:n-:D s(s'e@"ATRS.ene%a'ionJ load d:%a'ion *:%>esE Do<e% Dlan' e*ono@i*sE Doll:'ion ?%o@ Do<e% Dlan'sE ':%&ine. Do<e% Dlan' UNIT I# Other -oBer -lants N:*lea% Do<e% Dlan's .s'ea@ ':%&ine Do<e% Dlan'E . A. o? +(d%oele*'%i* Do<e% Dlan'sE diesel and 'idal Do<e% Dlan's8 UNIT # Instrumentation and Controls in -oBer -lants: I@Do%'an' ins'%:@en's :sed ?o% 'e@De%a':%eE ?lo<E D%ess:%eE <a'e%0s'ea@ *ond:*'i>i'( @eas:%e@en'H ?l:e .E Ta'a M*G%a< Hill8 38 Steam and <as tur%ines &( A 6os'(:= and ! 5%olo>E MIR $:&lis+e%s8 ?eference Boo+s 18 28 38 3. <a'e% %ea*'o%E D%ess:%iIed <a'e% %ea*'o%E ?as' &%eede% %ea*'o%E *on'%ols in n:*lea% Do<e% Dlan'sE +(d%o Do<e% Dlan' -*lassi?i*a'ion and <o%=in.e@en' o? n:*lea% Do<e% Dlan' <as'e8 *on*eD' o? ene%.

le and do:&le sa@Dlin.nJ Ta(lo%Ls s*ien'i?i* @ana.$%od:*'ion s(s'e@s and '+ei% *lassi?i*a'ionsH $%od:*'i>i'( >a%ia&les and @eas:%e@en' $%od:*'i>i'(To'al and Da%'ial D%od:*'i>i'(E Reasons and %e@ed( ?o% Doo% D%od:*'i>i'(8 Unit II: )ork Stud 3o%= S(s'e@ Desi. "ER$. D%o&le@sE seF:en*in.E Ho:se 6eeDin.ono@i*sE S868 S+a%@a ) Sa>i'a S+a%@aE 6a'sonE Del+i8 38 Ind:s'%ial En. and /De%a'ions s*+ed:lin. ) Con'%olE Ro:'in.E in'%od:*'ion 'o e%.8 Unit #I: Relia%ilit and 0aintenan!e Relia&ili'(E a>aila&ili'( and @ain'aina&ili'(H dis'%i&:'ion o? ?ail:%e and %eDai% 'i@esH de'e%@ina'ion o? MT15 and MTTRE %elia&ili'( @odelsH s(s'e@ %elia&ili'( de'e%@ina'ionH Main'enan*e @ana. "MR$.inee%in.E @an:?a*':%in. and i's s+ee's ) Gan'' *+a%'s8 Unit I#: Gualit 0ana&ement Con*eD's o? F:ali'(E 'o'al F:ali'( @ana.E D%od:*'ion s*+ed:lin.%e.e@en' and i's o&Me*'i>esE !a%io:s '(Des o? Main'enan*e $lannin.E a.EAT AN/ 0ASS TRANFER@REFRI<ERATION AN/ AIR CON/ITIONIN< LA" 8RACTICAL LT 8 Credits 0 0 2 3C =1 .@aE IS/ 4000 ) IS/ 140008 Unit #: Resour!e 8lannin& En'e%D%ise %eso:%*e Dlannin.inee%in.ono@i*s and i's aDDli*a'ions8 Unit III: 8rodu!tion 8lannin& and Control T(Des and *+a%a*'e%is'i*s o? D%od:*'ion s(s'e@s /&Me*'i>e and ?:n*'ions o? $%od:*'ionE $lannin. ..E Mo& s+oD s*+ed:lin.e@en'E 6%aMe<s=i and Ri'I<anE $ea%son Ed:*a'ion8 28 3o%= s':d( and e%. ) Mana.E in*en'i>e s*+e@esE and <a.a'e Dlannin.E @a'e%ial %eF:i%ed Dlannin.o'ia $:&li*a'ionE Del+i 0E 31. %eso:%*e Dlannin.E -S *on*eD's8 TEHT "OO9 18 In'%od:*'ion 'o <o%= S':d(H /G?o%d and I1H D:&lis+in. 'ools and 'e*+niF:esE Loadin.e@en'H 18 6:@a%E 6+anna $:&li*a'ion8 Re'eren!e "ook 18 /De%a'ion Mana.s'oD <a'*+ 'i@e s':d(E @i*%o @o'ion and @e@o @o'ionE <o%= sa@Dlin.inee%in.E S*+ed:lin.E siG si.e@en'E Gil&%e'+Ls *on'%i&:'ionsH @e'+od s':d(E @i*%o@o'ion s':d(E D%in*iDles o? @o'ion e*ono@(H <o%= @eas:%e@en' .Sin.E s'anda%d da'aE $MTSH Mo& e>al:a'ionE @e%i' %a'in.e@en'E Ra>i S+an=e%E Gal.e@en'E *os' o? F:ali'(H s'a'is'i*al F:ali'( *on'%olE Con*eD' o? sDe*i?i*a'ion li@i'sE s'a'is'i*al *on'%ol li@i'sE D%o*ess *aDa&ili'(E $%o*ess *on'%ol and *on'%ol *+a%'s ?o% &o'+ a''%i&:'es and >a%ia&le da'a8 A**eD'an*e Sa@Dlin. and Mana.E DisDa'*+in. Co8 $>'8 L'dE Ne< Del+i 28 Ind:s'%ial En..e ad@inis'%a'ionH &:siness D%o*ess %een. "MR$ II. D%o&le@sE s*+ed:lin.

0E:301 0EC.EAT AN/ 0ASS TRANSFER LA" 0E: 311@ REFRI<ERATION AN/ AIR CON/ITIONIN< LA" 0E:312 0E 31> 0AC.INE /ESI<N :I LA" 8RACTICAL LT 8 Credits 0 0 3 3C "ased on the Course Bork !orres-ondin& to 0a!hine /esi&n:I 0E 313 0E 31C 8O)ER 8LANT EN<INEERIN< LA" 8RACTICAL LT 8 0 0 2 Credits 2C 0E: 31E 0INOR 8ROUECT:II4FA"RICATION6 8RACTICAL LT 8 Credits 0 0 3 3C 0E:320 #I#A: #OICE EHA0 OF #th SE0ESTER IN/USTRIAL TRANIN< 8RACTICAL L T 8 Credits 0 0 2 2C Ind:s'%ial '%ainin. "D:%a'ion SIA-EIGHT <ee=s in s:@@e% >a*a'ion a' '+e end o? !I'+ se@es'e%."ased on the Course Bork !orres-ondin& to .ATRONICS =( .

i'al *on'%olle%sH DA0AD *on>e%'e%sE @i*%oD%o*esso%sE in'e%?a*in.8 S'eDDe% and se%>o @o'o%sE En*ode%s and %esol>e%s8 UNIT III'o %es'%i*'i>eE @a.ele*'%i*alE ele*'%o@e*+ani*alE ele*'%o@a.E anal(sis and si@:la'ion o? d(na@i* s(s'e@sH :se o? MATLA1H 1odeE N(F:is' and %oo'-lo*:s Dlo'H UNIT I# 5eed&a*= s(s'e@sJ /Den and *losed looD *on'%ol s(s'e@sH S'a&ili'( and sensi'i>i'(H $IDE D+ase la.i*al ?l:id"MR.L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3A UNIT I In'%od:*'ion 'o @e*+a'%oni* s(s'e@s and *o@Donen'sH Senso%s and '%ansd:*e%sH UNIT II A*':a'o%s.i'al'o %+eolo.i*J Anal(sis and s(n'+esis o? @e*+a'%oni* s(s'e@s <i'+ aDDli*a'ion 'o %o&o'i*sE CNC s(s'e@s and o'+e%s8 Su&&ested Readin&s J 18 In'%od:*'ion 'o Me*+a'%oni*s and Meas:%e@en' s(s'e@sE" sDe*ial Indian edi'ion.E ele*'%o a*'i>e Dol(@e%s"EA$.inee%in.8 30eE $ea%son Ed:*a'ion8 .Hill L'd8 -8 Me*+a'%oni*sJ Ele*'%oni* Con'%ol s(s'e@s in Me*+ani*al and Ele*'%i*al En. <i'+ *o@D:'e%sE UNIT #I Di.E @a. and D+ase lead *o@Densa'ionE UNIT # Sa@Dled da'a s(s'e@s and'i*E +(d%a:li*E Dne:@a'i*E s@a%' @a'e%ial a*':a'o%sE @i*%o a*':a'o%sE nano a*':a'o%s8 A*'i>e a*':a'o%s.E Al*ia'o%e EDa>id Ta'a-M*G%a< Hill India L'd8 28 Me*+a'%oni*sJ $%in*iDlesE Con*eD's and aDDli*a'ionsEMa+ali=8NE Ta'a-M*G%a< Hill India L'd8 38 Me*+a'%oni*sJ $%in*iDles and aDDli*a'ionsE /n<:&ol:EElse>ie% India $>' L'd8 48 Me*+a'%oni*s &( Hind:s'an Ma*+ine Tools L'd8EM*G%a<.DieIoele*'%i*E s+aDe @e@o%( allo(s"SMA. . 78Me*+a'%oni*s 7 38 1ol'on E $ea%son Ed:*a'ion 0E 302 CA/@CA0 L T 8 Credits =.8Dan Ne*s:les*:E QMe*+a'%oni*sQE$ea%son Ed:*a'ion AsiaE2002"Indian %eD%in'.

E *ons'%ain' &ased Da%a@e'%i* @odelin.for spring system. T(Des and . $ar & $eam elements.E D%eDa%a'o%( ?:n*'ions"G. Necessity & its importance. +rinciples of *inite elements modeling.ard copy printers and plotters UNIT II <eometri! 0odelin&J 5:nda@en'als o? Geo@e'%i* Modelin.8 S:.H +ie%a%*+i*alE a''%i&:'e and +(&%id *odin. @e'+ods8 In'%od:*'ion 'o A%'i?i*ial In'elli. *lat +anel display. D%o*ess la(o:' ?lo< 'o s@oo'+ ?lo< in *ell:la% la(o:'E $%od:*'ion 5lo< Anal(sis "$5A.H In'%od:*'ion 'o Co@D:'e% Aided $%o*ess $lannin. Digiti"ers.ene%a'ions o? Ro&o'sE Classi?i*a'ion o? Ro&o's8 S'%:*':%e and oDe%a'ion o? Ro&o'E Ro&o' aDDli*a'ions in @an:?a*':%in.3 1 0 3C UNIT I Introdu!tionJ In'%od:*'ion 'o CAD8 Ele@en's and essen'ial %eF:i%e@en's o? CAD8+a%d<a%e Concepts of integrated CAD/CAM.8 UNIT III Finite Element 0ethod: Introduction.8 In'%od:*'ion 'o %aDid D%o'o'(Din. panels. Image scanner.sDlineE 1eIie%E 1-sDlineE and NUR1SH s*:lD':%e s:%?a*esE *lassi?i*a'ionE &asi*s o? *oonsE 1eIie%E 1-sDline and %:led s:%?a*esH '<ea=in.@o'ionE d<ellE :ni'E D%ese'E *:''e% *o@Densa'ionE *oo%dina'e and Dlane sele*'ion . Computer Graphics CAD/CAM systems. %tiffness matri-/displacement matri-. $ar elements in . Ii.8 UNIT #I Ro%oti!s: In'%od:*'ion to ro%ots..%a@@in. and *l:s'e%in. Graphics Input de ices!cursor control De ices. @e'+odsH *on*eD' o? Da%' ?a@ilies and *odin.%a@@in. 'andom & 'aster scan display.H 5MSH @a'e%ial and D%o.H a.H IS/ s'anda%d ?o% *odin.%a@@in.H NC Da%' D%o. #ey$oard terminals.Te!hnolo& : I@Do%'an*e o? &a'*+ and Mo& s+oD D%od:*'ionH @e%i's o? *on>e%'in. Engineering Applications. eGa@Dles8 UNIT # <rou. Colour C'& monitors.Ia.en' @an:?a*':%in.8 T<o Di@ensional and T+%ee di@ensional lineE s:%?a*e and >ol:@e @odelsH Cons'%:*'i>e Solid Geo@e'%( "CSG. %peech control de ices and &'ed Readin.H <i%e-?%a@e @odelin.Direct (ie) %torage &u$es.. "CA$$.H &asi*s o? &o:nda%( D%esen'a'ion. %tiffness matri. ind:s'%ies8 Ro&o' lan.8 I's aDDli*a'ion in anal(sis and @an:?a*':%in.ile @?. .D space /truss element0 UNIT IV Numeri! !ontrol and -art -ro&rammin&: $%in*iDles o? NC @a*+inesE CNCE DNCH NC @odes o? Doin' 'o Doin'E -line and 2DE 3D *on'o:%in.H /$ITOE MICLASS and DCLASS *odin.%o:DsH @is*ellaneo:s "M.:a.en*e ?o% In'elli. Graphics displayde ices!Cathode 'ay &u$e.E de?ini'ion o? Doin'E line and *i%*leH Dol(no@ial *:%>e ?i''in.H %o&o'sE AG! and '+ei% D%o. *odesH CLDATA and 'ool Da'+ si@:la'ionH adaD'i>e *on'%olE seF:en*e *on'%ol and $LCH si@Dle Da%' D%o.sJ TeG' 1oo=sJ == .

o? &ea%in. %odE *%an= s+a?'E Dis'on Su&&ested readin&s: 18 Me*+ani*al En.n and Man:?a*':%in.1.s and L:&%i*a'ionJ T(Des o? L:&%i*a'ionE >is*osi'(E Mo:%nal &ea%in. 2.+a@ eF:a'ion ?o% d(na@i* loadsE and <ea% *+a%a*'e%is'i*sE AGMA desi.n8 Sele*'ionE and aDDli*a'ions o? %ollin. 3.n o? 5%i*'ion *l:'*+esE :ni?o%@ <ea%E and :ni?o%@ D%ess:%e ass:@D'ionsE *en'%i?:.s <i'+ aGial and %adial loadsE &ea%in.s8 UNIT IIIJ Me*+ani*al d%i>esJ sele*'ion o? '%ans@issionE 1el' and C+ain d%i>esJ 5la' &el'sE ! 1el'sE Rolle% *+ains8 UNIT I# Desi.n o? an a:'o@o&ile .%a'ed Desi. Desi.n o? En. H 5a%id A@i%o:*+e H $ea%son8 CAD0CAM T+eo%( and $%a*'i*e &( I&%a+i@ Oeid8 CAD0CAM $%in*iDles and ADDli*a'ions &( $8N8 RaoE Ta'a M*G%a< Hill $:&lis+in.inee%in.n o? in'e%nal eGDansion ele@en'sE ass:@D'ionsE desi.n eF:a'ionsE Desi.nE9:>inallE R8 C8E and Ma%s+e=E =@ .ea%sE desi. s'%en. <i'+ De%?e*' l:&%i*a'ionE +(d%os'a'i* and +(d%od(na@i* l:&%i*a'ion '+eo%(E Mo:%nal &ea%in.ine Da%'sJ Conne*'in. Co@Dan( L'd8 Re?e%en*e 1oo=sJ CAD0CAM Co@D:'e% Aided Desi.'+ o? .ea% 'oo'+E 1:*=in.n and Man:?a*':%in. &( Mi=ell $8 G%oo>e% and E@o%( 38 Oi@@e%E 9%8 28 Co@D:'e% In'e.n and Man:?a*':%in.INE /ESI<N II L T 8 Credits 3 0 0 3C UNIT I: *l:'*+es8 1%a=esJ Desi. &( Da>id D8 1ed<o%'+E Ma%= R8 Hende%sonE $+iliD M8 3ol?e8 18 0E 303 0AC. ele@en'sJ T+eo%( o? *:%>ed &ea@sE C%ane +oo=sE Sna'*+ &lo*= asse@&l( ele@en's8 UNIT #I: Desi.n s'%essesE s'%ess *on*en'%a'ionE o>e%load ?a*'o%sE >elo*i'( ?a*'o%sE &endin. $%in*iDles o? Co@D:'e% Aided Desi.ea% &oG8 UNIT #J Hois'in. @a'e%ialsE &ea%in. sealsE @o:n'in.n o? Gea%sJ Heli*alE 1e>elE and 3o%@ .n S+i.n o? eG'e%nal *on'%a*'ion ele@en'sE 1and &%a=es8 UNIT IIJ 1ea%in.le(E 98 E8E Mis*+=eE C8 R8 and 1:d(nasE R8 G8E E M*G%a< HillE 7'+ Edi'ionE 20048 In'e%na'ional8 285:nda@en'al o? Ma*+ine Co@Donen' Desi. desi. ele@en' &ea%in.

nJ An In'e.%a'ed ADD%oa*+ No%'onE R8 L8E E $ea%son Ed:*a'ionE Indian ReD%in'-20018 -8 Ma*+ine Desi.n D8 68 A..INE /ESI<N:II LA" L T 8 Credits 0 0 3 3C "ased on 0a!hine /esi&n DII 0E303 0E:30C ELECTI#EII LA" L T 8 Credits 0 0 3 3C "ased on Ele!ti7e DI 0E303 =- .8 Ma*+ine Desi.ATRONICS LA"@CA/:CA0 LA" L T 8 Credits 0 0 2 2C "ased on s lla%us 'or 0e!hatroni!s 0E 301@CA/ CA0 0E 302 s lla%us 0E:30> 0AC.a%<al and $8 C8 S+a%@a D+anDa'Rai 0E:303 ELECTI#E::I L T $ C%edi's 3 1 0 4C 0E:30A O8EN ELECTI#E::I L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3A 0E 30. 0EC.68 M8E 9o+n 3ile( and SonsE 20008 38 5:nda@en'als o? Ma*+ine Ele@en'sHa@%o*=E 18 98E 9a*o&sonE 18 S*+@id'E S8 R8E8 M*G%a< HillE 14448 48Ma*+ine Desi.n 1+anda%i TMH .

8 UNIT# 0etrolo& : In'%od:*'ion 'o Me'%olo.n o? @a*+ine 'ool sDindle8 UNIT I# Non !on7entional ma!hinin&: S':dies on &asi* D%in*iDleE <o%=in. 'ools and C:''in. 'ool @a'e%ialsE E*ono@i*s o? @a*+inin./%'+o.E A&%asi>e Me' @a*+inin. ?o%*es a' 'ool Doin'E Li@i'a'ions and @odi?i*a'ions o? Me%*+an's '+eo%(E $lo<in. D%o*essesJ Ul'%asoni* @a*+inin.s ) ?iG':%es8 =C . D%o*esses8 UNIT II /esi&n Features o' 0a!hine Tools: Desi.e @a*+inin. and . "ECM. "USM.n %eF:i%e@en's o? @a*+ine 'oolsE 6ine@a'i* d%i>es o? @a*+ine 'oolsE T(Des o? @a*+ine 'ool d%i>es UNIT III Desi.E $las@a a%* @a*+inin.E Ele*'%o-*+e@i*al @a*+inin.nin.0E:30E 0A(OR 8RO(ECT 48ART:I6 LT 8 0 0 2 Credits 2C 0E:310 #I#A #OICE EHA0 OF #Ith SE0ESTER IN/USTRIAL TRAINI< L T 8 Credits 0 0 0 3C Indust&ial T&ainin3 (4u&ations SIX5EI%HT #""6s in Su''"& acation at t-" "nd of /It.E C+iD ?o%@a'ionE T(Des o? *+iDsE C+iD *on'%olE Me%*+an's '+eo%( o? *:''in.s ) ?iG':%es8 Di??e%en' de>i*es and @e'+ods o? lo*a'ions8 Di??e%en' '(Des o? *la@Ds :sed in Mi.s and ?iG':%e desi. "E1M.E C:''in. ?l:ids and '+ei% D+(si*al a*'ionE Tool <ea%E Tool li?e and Ma*+ina&ili'(E No@en*la':%e o? *:''in.s"'"st"&) 0E: 311 0ANUFACTURIN< TEC.E Anal(sis o? @illin. ?o%*es and '+e RSiIe e??e*'LE Hea' .( and i's %ele>an*eE Li@i'sE ?i'sE and 'ole%an*esE Linea% and an.. "$AM.onal and o&liF:e *:''in. "A9M. "EDM. "L1M.E Ele*'%on &ea@ @a*+inin.NOLO<=: II L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3A UNIT I Theor o' 0etal Cuttin&: Me*+ani*s o? @e'al *:''in.:la% @eas:%e@en's8 UNIT #I (i&s * Fi1turesJ I@Do%'an' *onside%a'ions in Mi. and Lase% &ea@ @a*+inin.ene%a'ion in @e'al *:''in.E Ele*'%o-dis*+a%.%indin.n8 Main D%in*iDles o? desi. o? Mi. and e??e*'s o? D%o*ess Da%a@e'e%s o? '+e ?ollo<in.

Me'%olo.Su&&ested Readin&s: 18 5:nda@en'als o? Ma*+inin.e In'e%na'ional $:&li*a'ions 38 Man:?a*':%in.( &( R868 9ainE 6+anna $:&li*a'ions . ) Ma*+ine Tools &( 18L89:neMaE G8S8Se=+on)Ni'in Se'+E Ne< A.( &( $8N8RaoE Ta'a M*G%a< Hill $:&li*a'ions 48 $%od:*'ion En.NIGUES:II LA" LT 8 0 0 3 "ased on s lla%us o' 0E 311 0E:31A ELECTI#E:II LA" L T 8 Credits 0 0 3 3C "ased on Ele!ti7e II 0E 312 0E:31.+E S'anda%d $:&li*a'ions8 -8 En.inee%in.8 En. Te*+nolo.( &( I8C8G:D'a 0E:312 ELECTI#E::II L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3C 0E:313 O8EN ELECTI#E::II L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3A 0E:313 0ANUFACTURIN< TEC.inee%in.inee%in. SE0INAR@8RO(ECT L T 8 Credits 0 0 2 2C 0E:31> 0A(OR 8RO(ECT 48ART:II6 L T 8 Credits 0 0 10 10C =A Credits 3A . Me'%olo. S*ien*es &( $8C8 $ande() C868 Sin.+'E Ma%*el ) De==e% $:&li*a'ions8 28 5:nda@en'als o? Me'al C:''in. ) Ma*+ine Tools &( Geo??%e( 1oo'+%o(d) 3ins'on A8 6ni.

ER0AL <ROU8 ELECTI#E:1 3>1TNON CON#ENTIONAL ENER<= RESOURCES L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3C UNIT I Man and Ene%.8 Su&&ested Readin&s: TeG' 1oo= 18 G8 D8 RaiE KNon-*on>en'ional ene%.(E 5%an= 6aie'+ ) Yo.inE na':%e and a>aila&ili'( o? sola% %adia'ionE es'i@a'ion o? sola% %adia'ion da'e8 E??e*'s o? %e*ei>in.(NE Ta'a-M*.as Dlan'sE 3ind ene%.asE desi.( s(s'e@s8 /*eani* Do<e% .T.n o? &io.e de>i*es s:*+ as <a'e% s'o%a.e s'o%a.( :'iliIa'ion8 UNIT # Sola% $! s('e@s8 5:el Cell Te*+nolo.ene%a'ions8 Role o? '+e non*on>en'ional ene%. s:%?a*e lo*a'ion and o%ien'a'ion8 Hea' '%ans?e% *onside%a'ions %ele>an' 'o sola% ene%.( a&so%D'ion8 UNIT III De>i*es ?o% '+e%@al *olle*'ion and s'o%a.E 9o+n 3ille( ) sons8 =D .E o'+e% sola% ene%.e s(s'e@s8 UNIT I# ADDli*a'ion s(s'e@s ?o% sDa*e +ea'in.(E H8$8 Ga%.e s(s'e@sE Da*=ed 1ed s'o%a.( al'e%na'i>esE UNIT II Sola% %adia'ionJ /%i.e s(s'e@sE D+ase *+an.( s(s'e@s8 UNIT #I Geo'+e%@al Ene%.( So:%*esNE 6+anna $:&lis+e%s8 28 S8$8 S:=+a'@eE K Sola% Ene%.e8Desi.( s'o%a.(E so:%*es in Do<e% Dlannin.n *onside%a'ionsE Ins'alla'ion and $e%?o%@an*e E>al:a'ion8 MHD Do<e% .ies8 Gene%a'ion and :'iliIa'ion o? &io.n *onside%a'ion and De%?o%@an*e o? di??e%en' '(Des o? sola% *ells8 5la' Dla'eE ?o*:sin.ene%a'ion8 Desi.( S(s'e@s8 Tidal ene%.E sola% <a'e% D:@DsE sola% '+e%@al DondE Sola% T+e%@al $o<e% Dlan'sE sola% dis'illa'ionE Sola% Re?%i.( '+e%@al D%o*essN 9A D:??ie and 38A8 1e*=@anE 9o+n <ille( ) sonsE Ne< Yo%=8 Re?e%en*e 1oo= 18 Sola% ene%. *olle*'o%s8 Ene%.i Gos<a@i 28 T%ea'ise o? Sola% Ene%.( so:%*esE Indian D%od:*'ion and %ese%>esE Ene%.(8 C+a%a*'e%is'i*s o? @a'e%ials and s:%?a*es :sed in sola% ene%.%a< +illE Ne< Del+i8 38 KSola% Ene%.(E <o%ld D%od:*'ion and %ese%>e o? *on>en'ional ene%.e%a'ion and sola% ai% *ondi'ionin.

Ene%.E Hea>( <a'e% *ooled and @ode%a'ed %ea*'o%sE Gas *ooled %ea*'o%s "HTGRE AGR.inee%in.'o%E M*G%a< HillE 14218 381asi* $%in*iDles o? N:*lea% S*ien*e and Rea*'o%sE L8 C8 Me%%i'e3ile( HillE 14218 48n'%od:*'ion 'o N:*lea% Rea*'o% $+(si*sE S8 E8 Li>e%+and' @.( and n:*lea% ?o%*esE 1indin.e@en' D+ilosoD+( and disDosalE ICR$ %e*o@@enda'ionsE Radia'ion +aIa%ds and '+ei% D%e>en'ionE Radia'ion dose :ni's8 S'a':s o? n:*lea% 'e*+nolo. 'e*+niF:es %ole o? sol>en' eG'%a*'ion in %eD%o*essin.n and oDe%a'ionE T+e%@al s'%essesE Rea*'o% s+ieldin.3>2T NUCLEAR ENER<= L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3C UNIT I N:*lea% $+(si*sJ A'o@i* n:@&e% and @ass n:@&e%sE Iso'oDesE N:*lea% ene%.E S8 Glass'one and A8 Se%ons=eE !an Nos'%and 7 Rein+oldE 14.a@@a.J N:*lea% ?:el *(*leE SDen' ?:el *+a%a*'e%is'i*sE ReD%o*essin.(E N:*lea% S'a&ili'(E Radioa*'i>i'(E N:*lea% %ea*'ionsE Radioa*'i>e iso'oDesE La< o? %adioa*'i>i'(E In'e%a*'ion o? %adia'ion "alD+aE&e'aE .eneo:s and +e'e%o.7 28 N:*lea% C+e@i*al En. do<n Do<e% and @ode%a'in. do<n o? ne:'%onsE S+o<in.E 5as' %ea*'o%s desi.( in IndiaJ Indian n:*lea% Do<e% D%o.inee%in.8 UNIT # Rea*'o% @a'e%ialsJ N:*lea% ?:elsE Mode%a'o%sE Coolan'sE Re?le*'o%s and s'%:*':%al @a'e%ials8 ReD%o*essin.E M8 1endi*' and T8A8 $i.nE Cons'%:*'ion and *on'%ol o? n:*lea% %ea*'o%s8 UNIT I# Hea' '%ans?e% in n:*lea% %ea*'o%sJ Hea' '%ans?e% 'e*+niF:es in n:*lea% %ea*'o%sE Desi. <i'+ @a''e%E In'e%a*'ion o? ne:'%ons <i'+ @a''e%E A&so%D'ion %adia'i>e *aD':%eE T%ans@:'a'ion 5issionE C%oss se*'ion ?o% n:*lea% %ea*'ions8 5ission D%o*essE Me*+anis@ o? n:*lea% ?issionE ?ission *%oss se*'ionE ?ission D%od:*'sE 1asi* %adio *+e@is'%(8 UNIT II Rea*'o% $+(si*sJ Ne:'%on &alan*eE Ne:'%on di??:sionE Di??:sion eF:a'ionE and i's sol:'ionE S+o<in.8 UNIT #I 3as'e @ana. .e@en' and %adia'ion D%o'e*'ionJ T(Des o? <as'eE 3as'e @ana.%o:D *%i'i*al eF:a'ionE A.eE Di??:sion @e'+odE Non-lea=a.J T(Des o? %e*'o%sE /%dina%( <a'e% @ode%a'ed %ea*'o%s "13RE $3R/. %a'io8 Rea*'o% '+eo%(J M:l'iDli*a'ion ?a*'o%sE 5o:% ?a*'o% ?o%@:laE /ne .%o:D di??:sion '+eo%(E Ho@o.eneo:s %ea*'o% s(s'e@sE Ti@e deDenden' %ea*'o% &e+a>io:%8 UNIT III N:*lea% Rea*'o% En.%a@E N:*lea% %ea*'o%s in IndiaE IndiaLs *o@@i'@en' 'o n:*lea%8 Su&&ested Readin&s: 18 N:*lea% Rea*'o% En.inee%in.e D%o&a&ili'ies and e??e*'i>e @:l'iDli*a'ion ?a*'o%E M:l'i .

e%s and Sa%a>ana@:''ooE Q Gas T:%&ine T+eo%( QE Lon.@an G%o:D L'd8E 14208 .e In'e%na'ional "$. Li@i'edE Ne< Del+iE 144.+'s8 Su&&ested readin&s: 18 S8M8 Ya+(aE Q 5:nda@en'als o? Co@D%essi&le 5lo< QE Ne<'ion D%oDe%'iesH Unit II Isen'%oDi* ?lo< <i'+ >a%ia&le a%eaE <a>e @o'ionH 5lo< <i'+ no%@al s+o*= <a>esE o&liF:e s+o*= <a>esE Unit III 5lo< in *ons'an' a%ea d:*' <i'+ ?%i*'ion and <i'+ +ea' '%ans?e%E Unit I# Meas:%e@en' o? ?l:id D%oDe%'iesE ane@o@e'e%E ?lo< >is:aliIa'ion8 Unit # Ai%*%a?' D%oD:lsion '+eo%(E Ra@Me' en.8 G8$8S:''onE Q Ro*=e' $%oD:lsion Ele@en's QE 9o+n 3ile(E 142. Co@Dan(E 14428 38 N898 O:*%o<E Q Ai%*%a?' and Missile $%oD:lsionE !ol8 I ) II QE 9o+n 3ile( E 147-8 48 N898 O:*%o<E Q $%in*iDles o? 9e' $%oD:lsion and Gas T:%&ines QE 9o+n 3ile(E Ne< Yo%=E 14708 -8 H8Co+enE G8E8C8Ro.ineE $:lseMe' en. Co8E Ne< Del+iE 1444.( eF:a'ionE s'a.8 28 $8Hill and C8 $e'e%sonE Q Me*+ani*s and T+e%@od(na@i*s o? $%oD:lsion QE Addison 3esle( $:&lis+in.E Ne< Yo%=8 78 A8H8S+aDi%oE Q D(na@i*s and T+e%@od(na@i*s o? Co@D%essi&le 5l:id 5lo< !ol8=l QE 9o+n 3ile( E 14-3E Ne< Yo%=8 28 !8GanesanE Q Gas T:%&ines QE Ta'a M*G%a< Hill $:&lis+in.ineH Ro*=e' D%oD:lsion and i's '+eo%(E Unit #I LiF:id D%oDellan'E solid D%oDellan'E %o*=e' aDDli*a'ionsE sDa*e ?li.3>3 T<AS /=NA0ICS AN/ (ET 8RO8ULSION L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 Unit I Con'in:i'( eF:a'ionE Mo@en':@ eF:a'ionE Ene%. ELECTI#E:2 3C1TCO0"USTION <ENERATE/ 8OLLUTION L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3C @1 .

n8 UNIT I# EG+a:s' '%ea'@en' de>i*esJ Ai% inMe*'ion in'o eG+a:s' s(s'e@8 UNIT # T+e%@al %ea*'o%sE Ca'al('i* *on>e%'o%8 S'%a'i?ied *+a%.disDe%si>e In?%a%ed anal(Ie%E Gas*+%o@o'o.e en.inesE T(De o? +(d%o *a%&ons8 Gasoline sDe*i?i*a'ions8 E??e*' o? En.ine Da%a@e'e%s on De%?o%@an*eE ?:el inMe*'ion ?o% SI en.%o:ndE I@Da*' o? C5D UNIT II @( . e>aDo%a'i>e e@issions8 E@ission *on'%ol s(s'e@s ?o% . >a%ia&les on .ine eG+a:s' e@issions8 H(d%o*a%&on E>aDo%a'i>e E@issionsJ !a%io:s so:%*es and @e'+ods o? '+ei% *on'%ol8 Canis'e%s ?o% *on'%ollin.8 C+e@is'%( o? s@o.ine >e+i*le %oad De%?o%@an*eE %oad De%?o%@an*e and ?:el e*ono@(8 UNIT II E@issions and ai% Doll:'ionJ A:'o@o'i>e E@issions and '+ei% %ole in ai% Doll:'ion8 $+o'o *+e@i*al s@o.ines8 E@ission Ins'%:@en'sJ Non.%aD+E ?la@e ioniIa'ion de'e*'o%E C+e@il:@ines*en' anal(Ie% 3C2T CO08UTATIONAL FLUI/ /=NA0ICS 4CF/6 L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3C UNIT I In'%od:*'ion 'o C5DE His'o%i*al &a*=.ine e@issions8 UNIT #I Me'+ods o? %ed:*in.ine ?:nda@en'alsJ 5:elsE al'e%na'i>e ?:els ?o% IC en.asoline %e*i%*:la'ionE s@o=e e@ission ?%o@ diesel en.ines8 Honda C!CC en. on De%?o%@an*e and e@ission ?o%@a'ion8 D8I and I8D8I en. *o@&:s'ion8 E??e*' o? ai% ?:el %a'ioE sDeedE inMe*'ion 'i@in.asoline en. e@issionsE eG+a:s' .en8 Alde+(de e@issions8 UNIT III In?l:en*e o? desi. ?o%@a'ion8 Co@&:s'ion in Ho@o.ine8 Diesel en.eneo:s @iG':%esE e@ission ?o%@a'ion8 In*o@Dle'e *o@&:s'ionE ?o%@a'ion o? +(d%o *a%&onsE Ca%&on @onoGide and oGides o? ni'%o.inesJ 1lo< &( *on'%ol *losed $C! s(s'e@ desi.UNIT I En.inesE En.ine *o@&:s'ion E@issionsJ So:%*es o? e@issions d:%in.n and oDe%a'in.

s and $%esen'a'ion o? ?o%@s Da%'i*:la%l( s:i'a&le 'o C5D8 UNIT III Ma'+e@a'i*al 1e+a>io% o? $a%'ial Di??e%en'ial EF:a'ionsJ I@Da*' on C5D UNIT I# 1asi* AsDe*'s o? Dis*%e'iIa'ionJ In'%od:*'ion 'o 5ini'e Di??e%en*eE 5ini'e Ele@en's and 5ini'e !ol:@e Me'+ods8 De'ailed '%ea'@en' o? 5ini'e Di??e%en*e @e'+odE eGDli*i' and i@Dli*i' @e'+odsE e%%o%s and s'a&ili'( anal(sis8 UNIT # G%ids <i'+ ADD%oD%ia'e T%ans?o%@a'ions AdaD'i>e .ene%a'ion and d%a. EF:a'ions o? 5l:id D(na@i*s De%i>a'ionE Dis*:ssion o? D+(si*al @eanin.en ele*'%odesH />e%all De%?o%@an*e8 UNIT II @.NOLO<= L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3C UNIT I Introdu!tion to Fuel CellJ 5:el Cell *o@Donen's and s(s'e@sE *lassi?i*a'ion o? ?:el *ellsE 5:el Cell Ele*'%o*+e@is'%( and T+e%@od(na@i*sE T+e%@od(na@i*s e??i*ien*(E Ele*'%o@o'i>e ?o%*e o? 5:el CellsE S'anda%d ele*'%ode Do'en'ialsH e??e*' o? *on*en'%a'ionH Ne%ns' eF:a'ionE Ra'e o? ele*'%ode D%o*essesJ T(Des o? Dola%iIa'ionH S:%?a*e %ea*'ionsH /G(.Hill L'd8 28 Co@D:'a'ional 5l:id D(na@i*sNET:E Else>ie%8 38 In'%od:*'ion 'o Co@D:'a'ional 5l:id D(na@i*sENi(o.8 G%id .iE $ea%son Ed:*a'ionE Del+i 1asi* 3C3T FUEL CELL TEC. %ed:*'ion8 An in'%od:*'ion 'o '+e ae%od(na@i*s o? ai%?lo<s ?o% *oolin.en ele*'%odesH H(d%o.T+e Go>e%nin. .ene%a'ionE 'e*+niF:es and aDDli*a'ion8 D%in*iDles and *on*eD's and '+e *+a%a*'e%is'i*s o? <in.8 GAM1IT 0 5LUENT.s and di??:se%s Su&&ested Readin&s: 18 Co@D:'a'ional 5l:id D(na@i*sNE9o+n Ande%sonEN M*G%a<.%ids and :ns'%:*':%ed @es+es8 Li?' %ed:*'ionE do<n ?o%*e .8 UNIT #I Co@@e%*ial *odes "e8.

esH @ol'en ele*'%ol('i* ?:el *ellH solid ele*'%ol('e ?:el CellH Cons'%:*'ionE Ai% deDola%iIed *ellsH 1io*+e@i*al ?:el *ellsE &8 T(Des o? +(&%ids 28 MULTI-5UEL HY1RIDS a8 1i-5:el H(&%ids &8 T%i-5:el +(&%idsE e'* @= .ene%a'ionH $o<e% Dlan' ?o% >e+i*lesH Do@es'i* Do<e%H 5:el *ells in sDa*e8 UNIT #I 5:el Cell e*ono@i*sE 5:':%e '%ends in ?:el *ells8 Su&&ested readin&sJ 18 5:el Cell S(s'e@sEI8981lo@enE $len:@ $:nlis+in.e@en'E %e@o>al o? $%od:*'sH @a'e%ials ?o% &a''e%( *ons'%:*'ionH $%od:*'ion and D:%i?i*a'ion o? ?:els8 UNIT # A--li!ation o' 'uel !ell s stemsJ La%.E 9o+n 3ille(E NYE20038 48E 1oo=s a>aila&le ?%o@ '+e in'e%ne'8 3C3T .e sa?e'( and in?%as'%:*':%e de>eloD@en'E ele*'%i*al a%%an./G(.H H(d%o.e%E Edi'o%sE "4 >ol:@es. Co%Do%a'ionE NY 1444 o% la'es'L 28 5:el Cells A8M*do:.NOLO<= L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3C UNIT I INTR/DUCTI/N T/ HY1RID !EHICLES De?ini'ion a8 Need ?o% +(&%ids and '+ei% ad>an'a.allE E 9o+n 3ille(8 N83E 147.="RI/ TEC. D%o&le@sE Lo< 'e@De%a':%e ?:el *ells o? o'+e% '(Des.( and aDDli*a'ions 38!iels'i*+E A8La@n and H8A8Gas'ei.i&h Tem-erature Fuel CellsJ Ad>an'a. o% la'es'8 38Hand 1oo= o? 5:el Cell 5:nda@en'alsE Te*+nolo.en D%od:*'ionE s'o%a.ene%a'i>e *ellsH Mi*%o ?:el *ells8 UNIT I# Fuel Cell o-erationJ S:DDl( o? ?:el and ?:el D%o*essin.Me'+anol ?:el *ellE H(d%o*a%&on ?:el *ell8 UNIT III .nH Li@i'in.e s*ale Do<e% .en.e @e@&%ane 5:el CellE H(d%o.en ?:el *ellsE al=aline and Dol(@e%i* @e@&%ane '(DesJ $+osD+o%i* a*id 5:el CellE A*'i>e Ca'al(s' and i's disDe%sionH Hea' and @ass '%ans?e%E Cons'%:*'ion and Desi.LoB Tem-erature Fuel CellsJ $%o'on eG*+an.

+' 118 $e%?o%@an*e Anal(sis o? H(&%id !e+i*les a8 5:el-e??i*ien*( anal(sis &8 E@issions Anal(sis *8 Li?e C(*le anal(sis 128 MISCELLENE/US TY$ES /5 HY1RID !EHICLES /ESI<N<ROU8 @@ .es &8 T(Des o? $HE! *8 $HE! D%i>e '%ain *o@Donen's 48 IC ENGINES 5/R HY1RIDS -8 M/T/RS 5/R HY1RIDS .38 $LUG-IN HY1RID ELECTRIC !EHICLES a8 Des*%iD'ion and Ad>an'a.8 1ATTERIES 5/R HY1RIDS 78 ELECTR/NICS0C/NTR/L CIRCUITRY 5/R HY1RIDS 28 SERIES AND MILD HY1RIDS a8 Mild H(&%id d%i>e '%ain &8 Se%ies +(&%id d%i>e '%ain 48 $ARALLED HY1RIDS a8 $a%allel +(&%id d%i>e '%ain 108 EAISTING HY1RIDS a8 To(o'a $%i:s &8 Honda Insi.

!i&%a'ionH Daniel 9 In@anE $%en'i*e HallE Ne< 9e%se(8 .%ee o? ?%eedo@ S(s'e@sE Ma*+ine 'ool C+a''e%E sin.ANICAL #I"RATIONS L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3C UNIT I In'%od:*'ionJ 1asi*s o? >i&%a'ionE Ma'+e@a'i*al @odelin.le De. and ?o% di??e%en' '(Des o? aDDlied ?o%*esE La.( o? '+e %esDonsesE ResDonse 'oJ Re*'an. eF:iD@en'.a.%a&ECen.le De.le De. s(s'e@s.%an. eF:a'ions ?o% di??e%en' '(Des o? si'e &alan*in.%a< Hill *o@Dan( Li@i'ed8 48 5:nda@en'als o? !i&%a'ionsH Ro.le de.%ee o? 5%eedo@ s(s'e@ s:&Me*'ed 'o T%ansien' EG*i'a'ionJ ResDonse 'o i@D:lse EG*i'a'ionE %esDonse 'oJ S'eD inD:'E Ra@D inD:'E SDe*'%al Ene%.E $%in*iDal @odes o? >i&%a'ionE d(na@i* >i&%a'ion a&so%&e%E *en'%i?:. Un&alan*ed @assesE s(s'e@ <i'+ &ase eG*i'a'ion8 UNIT I# Sin.inee%in.>i&%a'ion si.8 28 Me*+ani*al >i&%a'ionsH Rao8S8SE $ea%son Ed:*a'ion8 38 Me*+ani*al !i&%a'ionsH S%ini>as $E Ta'a M*.na':%es. o? >i&%a'in.%ee o? ?%eedo@ s(s'e@sJ 5o%*e-1alan*e and Mo@en'.:la% D:lse eG*i'a'ionE Hal?.ELECTI#E:1 3>1/ 0EC.sine <a>e D:lses8 UNIT # T<o de. ?a*'o%E Go>e%nin.s'anda%ds>i&%a'ion 'es'in. o? %o'o%s8 Su&&ested Readin&sJ 18 5:nda@en'als o? >i&%a'ionsH 1ala*+and%anEMa.%ee5%eedo@ s(s'e@sJ 5%ee :nda@Ded >i&%a'ionsE S'a'i* and d(na@i* *o:Dlin.%ee o? ?%eedo@ s(s'e@s <i'+ Nonlinea% Ele@en's8 UNIT III Sin.%ee o? ?%eedo@ s(s'e@s s:&Me*'ed 'o De%iodi* eG*i'a'ionsJ ResDonse 'o Ha%@oni* EG*i'a'ionE ?%eF:en*(-%esDonse ?:n*'ionE S(s'e@ <i'+ %o'a'in.le a&so%&e%E !e+i*le s:sDension s(s'e@ %esDonse8 UNIT #I In'%od:*'ion 'o !i&%a'ion @eas:%in.e Lea%nin.1alan*e @e'+odsE da@Din.e% A AE A@e%ind $:&lis+e% Co@Dan( $>' L'd8 -8 En.Dis*%e'e and Con'in:o:s s(s'e@sE Conse%>a'i>e and Non *onse%>a'i>e s(s'e@ <i'+ %e?e%en*e 'o !i&%a'ions8 UNIT II Sin.8 Me*+ani*al !i&%a'ionsJ T8 T+o@son @- .eLs eF:a'ions8 5%ee %esDonses o? Unda@Ded and Da@Ded s(s'e@sE S'a&ili'( o? a Sin. Ins'%:@en'sJ !i&%a'ion @e'e%s.

ene%al *onside%a'ion o? Da%a@e'e%s in>ol>edE <ea% %a'eE @odelin. s:%?a*eE . and sol:'ion o? si@Dle D%o&le@s8 @C . J 185ini'e ele@en' Me'+odE/8C8 Oien=ie<i*I) R8A8 Ta(lo% 285ini'e ele@en' Anal(sisEC8S8 6%is+na@:%'+( 385ini'e ele@en' Me'+odE 6enne'+ H8 H:&ene% 48 5ini'e Ele@en' Me'+odE Desai ) A&el 3>3/IN/USTRIAL TRI"OLO<= L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3C Unit I In'%od:*'ionJ S:%?a*e in'e%a*'ionsE s*ien*e o? %:&&'ed Readin..3>2/ Finite Element 0ethods L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3C UNIT I 5:nda@en'al *on*eD's o? '+e 5ini'e Ele@en' Me'+od8 !a%io:s ele@en' s+aDesE DisDla*e@en' ModelE De%i>a'ion o? s'i??ness @a'%iG ?o% '+e ele@en' and ?o% '+e en'i%e do@ain UNIT II IS/ Da%a@e'%i* ele@en's Ele@en' s'%esses and s'%ains8 UNIT III De%i>a'ion o? ?o%*e and disDla*e@en' >e*'o%s ?o% '+e en'i%e do@ain8 1o:nda%( *ondi'ionsE Sol:'ion o? '+e o>e%all D%o&le@s8 UNIT I# ADDli*a'ions o? ?ini'e ele@en' @e'+od 'o solid @e*+ani*sE UNIT # ADDli*a'ions o? ?ini'e ele@en' @e'+od 'o ?l:id @e*+ani*s and +ea' '%ans?e%8 UNIT #I Use o? So?'<a%es s:*+ as ANSYS0 NASTRAN0IDEAS8 1asi* ?ea':%e o? '+ese so?'<a%es8 S:.

in'e%a*'ionsJ In'%od:*'ionE elas'i* D%oDe%'iesE $las'i* de?o%@a'ion D%oDe%'iesE %ela'ion &e'<een '+e s'%en.i*al Moin's .:e <ea%E &%i''le ?%a*':%e <ea%E *o%%osi>e <ea% <i'+ '(DesE Unit # 5%i*'ionJ In'%od:*'ionE la<sE ?:n*'ionE D%oDe%'ies o? :n*on'a@ina'ed @e'als in ai%E o:'. *ondi'ion8 Unit III S:%?a*e In'e%a*'ionJE SiIe o? %eal *on'a*' a%ea and e??e*' o? s:%?a*e ene%. T%i&olo. Doin' e??e*' o? sDeedE load on l:&%i*a'ion8 L:&%i*an'sE '+ei% D%oDe%'ies l:&%i*a'ion 'e*+niF:e in >a*::@E l:&%i*an' *oa'in.Unit II Ma'e%ial D%oDe%'ies in?l:en*in.(E s'i*=-sliD and i's D%e>en'ion8 Unit #I L:&%i*a'ionJ Solid ?il@ l:&%i*a'ionE &o:nda%( l:&%i*a'ion <i'+ sin. T%i&olo.inee%in.inee%in. EGDe%i@en'al Me'+ods in T%i&olo.+l( %elia&le Moin's8 E*ono@i* %ole o? <ea%E @eas:%e@en'E '(DesE and :se o? %adio'%a*e% 'e*+niF:es8 Unit I# Ad+esi>e <ea%J Me*+anis@E siIeE s+aDes o? '%ans?e%%ed and <ea% Da%'i*lesE F:an'i'a'i>e la<sE eF:ili&%i:@ *al*:la'ion o? ?%a.( &( G<idonS'a*+o<ia=E 200. and i's s'a&ili'(8 T+eo%( o? elas'o+(d%od(na@i* l:&%i*a'ion ?il@ '+i*=nessE ?%i*'ional s'%ess +ea' ?lo< ) 'e@De%a':%eE se%>i*e li?e o? %olle% &ea%in.(E %ela'ion &e'<een s:%?a*e ene%.(E siIe o? M:n*'ionE %+eolo.( &( G<idonS'a*+o<ia= "3.s8 Su&&ested readin&s: "1.ies o? Solids :nde% en. En.inee%in. @e'+ods ?o% +i.le and @:l'iDle Dene'%a'ion @odelsE D%oDe%'ies o? l:&%i*an'sE e??e*'i>eness o? l:&%i*a'ion-in'e%@edia'e 'e@De%a':%eE &e+a>io% o? a solid l:&%i*a'ion &elo< @el'in. En.ial D%oDe%'iesE 3ea% in '%i&olo.+'E Dola%iIa'ionE D+o'o elas'i* e??e*'E ?:nda@en'al oD'i*al la<s o? D+o'o elas'i*i'(H Dlans and *i%*:la% Dola%is*oDeH @A .Edi'ionE Else>ie% "2.( &( 9o+n 3illia@sE /U$ 3>3/ EH8ERI0ENTAL STRESS ANAL=SIS L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3C UNIT I 8hoto elasti!it : T+e di@ensional D+o'o elas'i*i'(E ?ield o? aDDli*a'ionE T+eo%( o? li.*lassi?i*a'ionE *al*:la'ion @e'+ods <i'+ allo<an*e ?o% s'i??nessE <ea% li@i'sE %elia&ili'( o? Moin'sE si@Dle eGa@DlesE de'ail s':d( o? @an:?a*':%in. s:%?a*e ene%.@en's :nde% di??e%en' *ondi'ionsE @ini@:@ load ?o% loose Da%'i*le ?o%@a'ionE :an'i'a'i>e eGD%ession ?o% a&%asi>e <ea%E o? +a%dness and Da%'i*le siIe on a&%asi>e <ea% %a'eE s:%?a*e ?a'i.( and +a%dnessE S:%?a*e In'e%?a*ial Ene%.'+ and o'+e% $%oDe%'ies o? solidsE *+e@i*al %ea*'i>i'( o? s:%?a*esE a&so%&ed s:%?a*e la(e%E S:%?a*e ene%.:essed @e'al s:%?a*eE *al*:la'ion o? ?las+ 'e@De%a':%e :sin.

e Ci%*:i's ?o% s'%ain @eas:%e@en'8 UNIT I# "rittle Coatin&: In'%od:*'ionE *oa'in.en' *as'in.e sensi'i>i'(E ?a*'o%s a??e*'in.e and s'%ain ?%in.iso*lini* and iso*+%o@a'i* linesH in'e%D%e'a'ion o? D+o'o elas'i* s'%ess Da''e%nE di??e%en' @e'+ods o? *o@Densa'ionH UNIT II Co@Dle'e anal(sis o? s'%ess Da''e%nE di??e%en' @e'+ods o? *o@Densa'ionH *o@Dle'e anal(sis o? s'%ess Da''e%n &( s'anda%d @e'+odsH D+o'o elas'i* @a'e%ialsH s'%ess ?%in.E in?l:en*e o? >a%io:s Da%a@e'e%sE e??e*' o? &iaGial s'%ess ?ield8 UNIT #I Introdu!tion to 0oire Te!hni5ues.a:. s'%essesE *o@Dosi'ion o? &%i''le *oa'in.eE *ons'%:*'ion and ins'alla'ionE 'e@De%a':%e *o@Densa'ionE .s8 UNIT III Elasti! Strain <au&esJ Ga:.-8 28 EGDe%i@en'al S'%ess Anal(sis E Rossen'+al ELECTI#E:2 3C1/ FRACTURE 0EC. disDla*e@en' *on*eD'8 @D .( *on*eD'E I%<inLs s'%ess in'ensi'( aDD%oa*+E ?%a*':%e 'o:.a:.+ness8 UNIT III <eneral =ieldin& Fra!ture 0e!hani!s: C%a*= 'iD Dlas'i* IonesE 3allLs *%a*= oDenin. s'%essesE ?ail:%e '+eo%iesE di??e%en' *%a*= Da''e%nsE *%a*= de'e*'ionE UNIT # Cali&%a'ion o? *oa'in.ANICS L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3C UNIT I Introdu!tionJ In'e%-dis*iDlina%( aDD%oa*+es in ?%a*':%e @e*+ani*sE @odes o? de?o%@a'ion and ?ail:%e8 UNIT II Linear Elasti! Fra!ture 0e!hani!sJ S'%ess *on*en'%a'ion in '+e >i*ini'( o? no'*+es and *%a*=sE G%i??i'+Ls ene%.e *ons'an'sH si@ila%i'( la<sH &i%e?%in.e &e+a>io%E $o'en'io@e'e% and 3+ea's'one 1%id. Su&&ested Readin&s: 18 EGDe%i@en'al S'%ess Anal(sisE Ada@s Do>eE $%en'i*e Hall In* 14. .

A#IOR OF EN<INEERIN< 0ATERIALS L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3C UNIT I 0e!hani!al Testin&: S':d( o? s'%ess s'%ain dia.%aD+i*al %eD%esen'a'ion o? lon.Hill $:&lis+in.ains' ?%a*':%e8 UNIT# Cree-: Lon. and dis*on'in:o:s (ieldin.UNIT I# E7aluation o' Fra!ture 0e!hani!s 8arameters: $lane s'%ain ?%a*':%e '*an*e o? ?%a*':%e 'o:.+ness 'es'in.e%8 48Ra@es+86H Ke-1oo= on En. 5%a*':%e Me*+ani*sNH IIT Mad%as8 3C2/ ELASTIC AN/ 8LASTIC "E. in Dol(*%(s'als and a@o%D+o:s @a'e%ialE UNIIT III S'%ain +a%denin.1%i''le '%ansi'ionE no'*+ e??e*' and no'*+ sensi'i>i'( and @e'+ods o? D%o'e*'ion a. Co@Dan( Li@i'ed8 286no''8985H K5:nda@en'als o? 5%a*':%e Me*+ani*sNE 9o+n 3ile( ) SonsE Ne<(o%=8 38Gdo:'os8E8EH K5%a*':%e Me*+ani*s. i8e8E 6i* 8 UNIT # 0i!ro Stru!ture and Fra!ture Tou&hness: $+(si*al si.+ness in %ela'ion 'o @i*%os'%:*':%eE D%in*iDles ?o% '+e de>eloD@en' o? ?%a*':%e %esis'an' @a'e%ials8 UNIT #I Fra!ture Sa'e /esi&n 8rin!i-les: T%ansi'ion 'e@De%a':%es and @e*+ani*s aDD%oa*+E 6i* onl(8 Fra!tured sur'a!es: A*F:ain'an*e <i'+ so@e *o@@on ?%a*':%e s:%?a*es o? >a%io:s @a'e%ialsE li=e s'eelsE C8IE non ?e%%o:s allo(s e'*8 Su&&ested readin&s: 18$%as+an' 6:@a%H REle@en's o? 5%a*':%e Me*+ani*sNH Ta'a M*G%a<. in *%(s'alsE dislo*a'ionsE (ieldin.'i@e *ons'an' loadE Cons'an'-'e@De%a':%e *%eeD 'es'sE @e*+anis@ o? *%eeD %:D':%eE .inee%in.An in'%od:*'ionNH SD%in. 'i@e *%eeD 'es' da'aE e@Di%i*al %ela'ion ?o% *%eeD &e+a>io%E Dlas'i* ?lo< %:les ?o% *%eeDE *%eeD %elaGa'ion in 'ension8 -.8 UNIT I# Fra!ture: S':d( o? d:*'ile and 1%i''le ?%a*':%eH D:*'ile . 'es's on Ro*=<ellE 1%inellE !i*=e%s +a%dness 'es'sH @i*%o +a%dnessE s:De%?i*ial and s+o%eLs s*+le%os*oDe 'es's8 UNITI II 0aterial "eha7ior "e ond Elasti! Limit: Inelas'i* a*'ionE (ieldin. .%a@s o? >a%io:s @a'e%ials8 UNIT II 'ensionE *o@D%essionE s+ea% and d:*'ile 'es'sE &end 'es' and E%i*+son*:DDlin..

an.S:a>e%( EF:a'ion8 UNIT #I 5ini'e disDla*e@en'J Ro'a'in.esNE M*G%a< Hill A S Hall 9%EN6ine@a'i* ) Lin=a.nNE $%en'i*e Hall India8 A@i'a&+ G+os+) A6 Malli*=E Me*+anis@s ) Ma*+ine T+eo%( E%d@an )Sando%E Me*+anis@ Desi.H anal('i*al desi.esJ T(Des and n:@&e% o? s(n'+esisH G%:&le%Ls eF:a'ion8 UNIT II Cen'%e and Cen'%odesJ =enned(Ls '+eo%e@ o? '+%ee *en'%esH de'e%@ina'ion o? *en'%es o? 6ine@a'i* C+ainH UNIT III 5iGed and @o>in. *en'%odesE >elo*i'ies o? Doin's on a @a*+ine @e@&e% &( *en'%e @e'+od and %esol:'ion @e'+od8 UNIT I# Desi.UNIT #I Fati&ue: T+e na':%e o? ?a'i.e Desi.nJ Anal(sis )S(n'+esisE$%en'i*e Hall8 T+eo%( /? Ma*+ines &( $en*o*=E S+i.:e s'%en.ESIS OF LIN9A<ES L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3C UNIT I In'%od:*'ionJ Con>en'ional s(@&ols :sed in 6ine@a'i* dia.:e s'%en.:e ?ail:%e :nde% *o@&ined s'%essE *:@:la'i>e ?a'i.H oDDosi'e Dole F:ad%an.:idin.le( 3C3/ RO"OTICS AN/ AUTO0ATION -1 .na'e lin=a.:e da@a. a@Dli':de o? s'%essE o'+e% ?a*'o%s a??e*'in.n o? 4-&a% @e*+anis@ ?o% *o-o%dina'ed @o'ions o? *%an=sH 5%e:dens'einLs eF:a'ions8 Su&&ested Readin&s: 18 28 38 48 -8 Ha%'en&e%.leE *en'%e s(s'e@ and i's aDDli*a'ion ?o% '+%ee Dosi'ion lin= .nJ 5o:% &a% @e*+anis@s o? Class I and Class II *+ainsJ Si@ila%i'( >a%(in.e d:e 'o >a%(in.:eE @e*+anis@ o? ?a'i.'+ o? @e'alsE s'%ess *on*en'%a'ionE ?a'i.esH 1a&illie%Ls '+eo%e@E DoleE DolodeE Dole 'an.leH '%ans@ission an. R8S and Dena>i'9EN6ine@a'i* S(n'+esis o? Lin=a.leH %ela'i>e Dole @e'+odH in>e%sion @e'+od and />e%la( @e'+od8 UNIT # Co:Dle C:%>esJ Ro&e%'Ls la<J Co. '%ian.:e s'%en.:eE ?a'i.%ee o? ?%eedo@ o? Lin=a.'+8 3C3/ ANAL=SIS AN/ S=NT.leE Dole '%ian.'+E ?a'i. ?a'i.leE ?o:% and ?i>e Dosi'ion lin= .:idin.en' and Dole >elo*i'(E '+e E:le%.%a@8 De.

E $ea%son ed:*a'ion8 28 Ro&o'i*s ?o% En. *+e*= lis'sE sa?e'( .inee%sE Y86o%enE M*G%a< Hill $:&li*a'ions8 8RO/UCTION <ROU8 ELECTI#E:1 3>18 /I0ENSIONAL GUALIT= EN<INEERIN< -( . s(s'e@ ?o% a %o&o'J In'%od:*'ionE '(Des o? senso%sE @a*+ine >isionE A%'i?i*ial in'elli. 'o ind:s'%ial Ro&o'sE &asi* 'e%@s %ela'ed 'o Ro&o' De%?o%@an*e and C+a%a*'e%is'i*sE Con'%ol >ol:@e o? a Ro&o'E UNIT III Ro&o' lan.en*eE Con'%ol 'e*+niF:es8 UNIT #I Ro&o' sa?e'(J In'%od:*'ionE Do'en'ial sa?e'( +aIa%dsE sa?e'( Dlannin.%a@in.L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3C UNIT I In'%od:*'ion 'o Ro&o'i*sE Classi?i*a'ion o? Ro&o'sE C+a%a*'e%is'i*s o? Ro&o'sE De%?o%@an*eE ad>an' and D%o. '+e Ro&o' s(s'e@sJ In'%od:*'ion 'o d%i>esE Me*+ani*alE H(d%a:li*E $ne:@a'i*E ele*'%i* d%i>esE ?eed &a*= *on'%ol UNIT# Sensin.8 UNIT I# Con' o? a Ro&o'E ind:s'%ial aDDli*a'ions o? a Ro&o'8 UNIT II 5:nda@en'als o? a Ro&o'J !a%io:s s(s'e@E s'%:*':%e and de?ini'ionE 'e%@s %ela' and disad>an'a.:idelinesE la'es' de>eloD@en' in sa?e'( @eas:%e@en'8 Su&&ested readin&s: 18 In'%od:*'ion 'o Ro&o'i*sJ Me*+ani*s and Con'%olE 9o+n M C%ai.:a.

+' ed.+'s :sin.es8 Ga:.a:.n 7 Ta(lo%Ls $%in*iDleE <ea% allo<an*e on .3E di??e%en' '(Des o? ?i's and @e'+ods 'o D%o>ide '+ese ?i's8 N:@e%i*al 'o *al*:la'e '+e li@i'sE ?i's and 'ole%an*es as De% IS 414.es8 Di??e%en' @e'+ods o? .e Desi.a:.L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3C UNIT I 8rin!i-les o' measurementJ De?ini'ion o? Me' 7 i's :se and *a%eE @e'+ods o? &:ildin.oD'i*al *o@Da%a'o%8 Ele*'%i*al and ele*'%oni* *o@Da%a'o%s8 $ne:@a'i* *o@Da%a'o%s 7 S(s'e@s o? $en:@a'i* .n@en' e%%o%sE aDDli*a'ion o? Leas' SF:a%e D%in*iDlesE e%%o%s in @eas:%e@en' o? a F:ali'( <+i*+ is ?:n*'ion o? o'+e% >a%ia&les8 Len&th Standards: Line s'anda%dsE end s'anda%ds and <a>elen.(E di??e%en*e &e'<een D%e*ision and a**:%a*(8 So:%*es o? e%%o%sJ Con'%olla&le and Rando@ E%%o%sE E??e*'s o? En>i%on@en' and Te@De%a':%eE E??e*'s o? s:DDo%'E ali.'+ s'anda%dsE '%ans?e% ?%o@ line s'anda%ds 'o end s'anda%ds8 N:@e%i*al &ased on line s'anda%ds8 SliD .J 5lo< '(De and &a*= D%ess:%e '(DeE di??e%en' '(De o? sensi'i>i'ies and o>e%all @a.le .es 7 Dl:.i>in.e <i'+ '+e +elD o? sDi%i' le>el and a:'o *olli@a'o%8 De'e%@ina'ion o? ?la'ness e%%o% o? a s:%?a*e Dla'e <i'+ '+e +elD o? sDi%i' le>el o% a:'o *olli@a'o%8 N:@e%i*als UNIT I# S!reB Thread 0easurement: E%%o%s in '+%eadsE Meas:%e@en' o? ele@en's o? s*%e< '+%eads 7 @aMo% dia@e'e%E @ino% dia@e'e%E Di'*+E ?lan= an.e and di??e%en'ial *o@Da%a'o%s8 N:@e%i*als8 UNIT III An&ular 0easurementJ Sine 1a% 7 di??e%en' '(Des o? sine &a%sE :se o? sine &a%s in *onM:*'ion <i'+ sliD .14438 IS/ s(s'e@ o? li@i's and ?i'sH Ga:.n@a Me*+ani*al Co@Da%a'o%8 Me*+ani*al . di??e%en' se's o? sliD .es and Disad>an'a. di??e%en' +ei. .le and e??e*'i>e dia@e'e% "T<o and '+%ee <i%e @e'+ods.esE D%e*a:'ions and *ali&%a'ion o? sine &a%s8 Use o? an.esE N:@e%i*als8 UNIT II Com-arators: C+a%a*'e%is'i*sE UsesE Li@i'a'ionE Ad>an'a.+'ness and 5la'ness e%%o%8 De'e%@ina'ion o? s'%ai.es8 Limits+ 'its and toleran!esJ !a%io:s de?ini'ionsE IS414-14.a:.a:.a:.+'ness e%%o% o? s' and i's '(DesE li@i' . .es8 Me*+ani*al Co@Da%a'o%sJ 9o+ansonMi=%o=a'o% and Si. 'ole%an*es on .a:.esE sDi%i' le>elE e%%o%s in :se o? sine &a%s8 N:@e%i*als8 $%in*iDle and <o%=in. +ead and *i%*:la% 'a&lesE *i%*:la% di>ision &( D%e*ision $ol(. o? Mi*%o-oD'i* a:'o*olli@a'o%8 Ci%*:la% Di>isionJ di>idin.a:.ons8 CaliDe% $%in*iDleE Cali&%a'ion o? Dol(.ons8 N:@e%i*al &ased on *i%*:la% di>ision8 Strai&htness and 'latnessJ De?ini'ion o? S'%ai.a:.8 E??e*' o? e%%o%s in Di'*+ and*a'ion8 SoleG $ne:@a'i* .in. and %in.a:.

inee%in.en' @e'+od and de%i>a'ion o? @a'+e@a'i*al ?o%@:lae ?o% ea*+ @e'+od8 Tes' Dl:.e len. o? Da%allelis@ o? a s:%?a*e <i'+ '+e +elD o? oD'i*al ?la'8 :an'i'a'i>e es'i@a'e o? e%%o% in Da%allelis@E 5la'ness In'e%?e%o@e'e% N$L-Ga:. @a*+ine8 Ali.s @e'+od ?o% *+e*=in.(E I8C8 G:D'aE D+anDa'Rai $:&li*a'ionsE Del+i 3 4 .les and i's @a'+e@a'i*al de%i>a'ion8 <ear 0easurementJ Meas:%e@en' o? 'oo'+ '+i*=ness 7 Gea% 'oo'+ >e%nie% *aliDe%E Cons'an' *+o%d @e'+odE &ase 'an.?lan= an.(NE R868 9ainE 6+anna $:&lis+e%sE Del+i 2 En. '+e e%%o% in sliD .8 Meas:%e@en' o? Gea% $i'*+E $a%=inson Gea% Tes'e%8 N:@e%i*als8 UNIT # 0a!hine Tool Ali&nmentJ Ma*+ine 'ool 'es's and ali.ININ< 8ROCESSES L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3C UNIT: I -= . Me'%olo.n@en' 'es's on a %adial d%illin.aDo%e A8S8T8M8E8E KHand&oo= o? Ind:s'%ial Me'%olo.inee%in.n@en' 'es's on la'+e8 Ali.n@en' 'es's on @illin.E s:%?a*e *on'o:% 'es'sE oD'i*al ?la'sE 'es'in.a:.(NE $%en'i*e Hall 3>28 A/#ANCE/ 0AC. Di'*+ dia@e'e% and 'oo'+ sDa*in.(NE C8 Do'sonE R8 Ha%lo<E R8 T+o@DsonE T+o@son Asia $'e L'd8E Sin. Me'%olo.( ?o% En. @a*+ine8 Inter'erometr : $%in*iDle o? @eas:%e@en'E In'e%?e%o@e'%( aDDlied 'o ?la'ness 'es'in. Me'%olo.:la%i'iesE s'anda%d @eas:%es ?o% assess@en' and @eas:%e@en' o? s:%?a*e ?inis+8 Su&&ested readin&s 1 En.inee%sNE85838 Gal(e%) C8R8 S+o'&ol'E KEL1S edi'ion8 5:nda@en'als o? Me*+ani*al InsDe*'ionNE R8 9en=insE M*G%a< Hill K5:nda@en'als o? Di@ensional Me'%olo.'+ in'e%?e%o@e'e% ?o% *+e*=in.es8 N:@e%i*als &ased on In'e%?e%o@e'%(8 UNIT #I Sur'a!e te1tureJ In'%od:*'ionE di??e%en' '(Des o? i%%e.

and *+e@i*al @a*+inin.J D%od:*'ion o? lase%E <o%=in.J 3o%=in.e . " D%oD:lsion s(s'e@E a&%asi>e ?eede%E @a*+inin.E Da%a@e'%i* anal(sisE D%o*ess *aDa&ili'iesE aDDli*a'ions8 UNIT:II A&%asi>e Me' @a*+inin.E nano ?inis+in. D%o*essesE need o? ad>an*ed @a*+inin.J In'%od:*'ionE D%o*ess *+a%a*'e%is'i*sE D%o*ess De%?o%@an*eE aDDli*a'ions8 A&%asi>e 3a'e% Me' @a*+inin.J In'%od:*'ionE 3o%=in.8 UNIT: #I Ul'%a D%e*ision @a*+inin. D%in*iDleE '(Des o? lase%E D%o*ess *+a%a*'e%is'i*s and aDDli*a'ions8 Ele*'%on &ea@ @a*+inin. D%in*iDleE @a'e%ial %e@o>al and s:%?a*e ?inis+ Da%a@e'%i* anal(sisE D%o*ess >a%ia&les and aDDli*a'ions8 UNIT: I# Ele*'%o dis*+a%. D%o*essE D%8!8689ain -@ .e @a*+inin. *+a@&e%E A9M noIIleE a&%asi>e Da%a@e'%i* anal(sisE D%o*ess *aDa&ili'iesE aDDli*a'ions8 UNIT III 3a'e% Me' @a*+inin. D%o*esses8 Su&&ested readin&s: 18 Ad>an*ed @a*+inin.E dia@ond . D%o*essesE +(&%id D%o*esses Ul'%asoni* @a*+inin.%indin. and ?:':%e '%ends in ad>an*ed @a*+inin.J 3o%=in. D%in*iDleE Da%a@e'%i* anal(sisE D%o*ess *aDa&ili'ies and aDDli*a'ions8 A&%asi>e ?inis+in.+e% a**:%a*( and s:%?a*e F:ali'(E @i*%o @a*+inin. " and li@i'a'ionsE D%o*ess De%?o%@an*eE +(&%id D%o*ess s:*+ as EC .In'%od:*'ionJ @e*+ani*al ad>an*ed @a*+inin.J In'%od:*'ion EA9M se' :DsE . D%o*essJ 3o%=in. s(s'e@E aDDli*a'ions8 UNIT: # Ele*'%o-*+e@i*al @a*+inin. D%in*iDleE ECM s(s'e@sE Da%a@e'%i* anal(sisE ad>an'a.%indin. ?o% +i.%indin.J 3o%=in.J In'%od:*'ionE @e*+ani*s o? *:''in. D%in*iDleE $las@a a%* *:''in. D%in*iDleE Da%a@e'%i* anal(sisE D%o*ess >a%ia&lesE D%o*ess *+a%a*'e%is'i*sE aDDli*a'ionsE +(&%id D%o*esses s:*+ as ele*'%o dis*+a%.J aDDli*a'ions8 3o%=in.J 3o%=in.E <i%e EDME Lase% &ea@ @a*+inin. "EDM. D%in*iDleE D%o*ess Da%a@e'e%E D%o*ess *+a%a*'e%is'i*sE Ion &ea@ @a*+inin. D%in*iDleE D%o*ess Da%a@e'e%E D%o*ess *+a%a*'e%is'i*sE aDDli*a'ions8 $las@a a%* @a*+inin.

Cascade. Pump Selection.+-!ei'*+ @aDDin. Servo and Proportional Valves. $%od:*'ion o? *o@D%essed ai%8 T(Des o? *(linde%s8 Con'%ol >al>esJ di%e*'ionE D%ess:%e and ?lo<-ai% +(d%a:li* eF:iD@en's8 A*':a'o%s8 Gene%al aDD%oa*+ 'o *on'%ol s(s'e@ desi. Applications. etc. $ne:@a'i* circuits: Classic. @e'+od8 ai% +(d%a:li* *on'%ol8 Unit: III 8neumati! and h drauli! !ir!uits H(d%a:li* circuits: Reciprocating. Robotic Circuits. Characteristics. Unit:#I -- .8 S*+e@a'i* la(o:'8 Cas*adeE 6a%na:. ?o% a:'o@a'ion8 Unit:II Hydraulic System H(d%a:li* Principles. Hydraulic pumps: Characteristics. Step-counter. Direction Controls. Pumping Circuits. Electro Hydraulic. s(s'e@s8 E>al:a'ion o? a:'o@a'i* D%od:*'ion8 Desi. Hydraulic Valves: Pressure. Electro Pneumatic. Hydraulic Actuators: Linear. Unit:I# Ele*'%i*al control of fluid power: components and circuits.E s+a+ )$ande( 3>38 AUTO0ATION IN 0ANUFACTURIN< L T8 3 1 0 Credits 3C Unit:I Basic Principles In'%od:*'ion 'o A:'o@a'ion8 $%od:*'i>i'( >0s a:'o@a'ion @a'e%ials +andlin. Unit: III Pneumatic Systems $ne:@a'i* fundamentals.i* Circuits: Position.nin.28 Non '%adi'ional @e'+ods o? @an:?a*':%in. UNIT V Lo.E Combination Methods. Flow. Quick return. power pack. Accumulator circuits. Rotary. Pressure Sensing. Hydraulic Fluids: Symbols. Mi*%o-ele*'%oni* control of fluid power: PLC-Microprocessors uses and selection criteria for components. Sequencing synchronizing. Switching. Safety circuits.n8 S(@&ols and d%a<in.+E !ei'*+ @aDDin. Bunker automatic circuits. Selection. Case studies: conveyor feed system. 6a%na:.

Ashby. 2C/C2C/D2C terminology* ) erations of 2C/C2C machine tools. Pippenger. Andrew Parr.o and !8 So:nda%a%aManE $%en'i*e-Hall o? IndiaE Del+i 3 4 .A:'o@a'ion in @a*+ine 'oolsEMe*+aniIed ?eedin. 0NIT57 #arameters for ada tation of C'" technology* 'd!antages and disad!antages of C'"* #art rogramming* "anual & C'#* '#T& its statements/ rogramming with suitable e&am les to machine the com onents on C2C lathe* C2C milling machine * C2C 0ig boring machine * etc* #arallel rogramming& its ad!antages * #ost rocessor commands * Com ilation control commands * ?e etiti!e rogramming * etc.Michael. Pease and John J. #roduction lanning and o eration of F"% * Com uter 'ided Design * Conce t and Descri tion * )rigin of C'D* -C .s acti!ities * Central #rocessing 6nit (C#6) * $n ut De!ices * %torage De!ices * %ystem Configuration * Feasible re ort to introduce C'" technology for the first time in the industry * ad!antages &limitations of using C2C technology. Prentice Hall 3>38 CO08UTER INTE<RATE/ 0ANUFACTURIN< L T8 3 1 0 Credits 3C 0NIT5. Control cycles in C2C machine tools and how do these reduce o erator. Anthony Esposite. " Prentice Hall H(d%a:li*s and Pnematics (HB) ".8 A:'o@a'i* asse@&l(8 A:'o@a'i* @a*+ine 'ool *on'%ol8 T%ans?e% lines8 5a*'o%( a:'o@a'ion Su&&ested readin&s: 1 H(d%a:li* and $ne:@a'i* Con'%olsE R S%ini>asanE !iMa( Ni*ole i@D%in's $>'8 L'd8E C+ennai8 2 In'%od:*'ion 'o H(d%a:li* and $ne:@a'i* S8 Ilan.J. Dudleyt. " Jaico Publishing House 1asi* Fluid Power ". 7 2 /il H(d%a:li* S(s'e@s J $%in*iDles and Main'enan*eNE S8 R8 MaM:@da%E K Ta'a M*G%a<-HillE Del+i K $ne:@a'i* S(s'e@s J $%in*iDles and Main'enan*eNE S8 R8 MaM:@da%E Ta'a M*G%a<-HillE Del+i $o<e% Hydraulics ". $ntegration of re!erse engineering with C'"* Fle&ible "anufacturing %ystem *Elements of F"% * tool management systems * F"% control * Ty ical layouts of F"% * Benefits of F"% in the industries. " Prentice Hall 5l:id Power with Applications ". Tool length/ cutter com ensation * Com uter o timi9ed manufacturing * etc. Pinches and John G. 0NIT58 ?e!erse engineering* ?easons for re!erse engineering* im ortance of re!erse engineering* #rocess of re!erse engineering* ' lications of re!erse engineering. 0NIT5+ Canned cycles* linear/circular * arabolic inter olation* online/offline rogramming* unidirectional* bidirectional a roach* oint to oint and continuous control* Buffer storage * ada ti!e control* 2esting * o ti art *o ti route * recision sheet metal rocessing * C2C turret unch ress * C2C ress bra+e &its rogramming to machine the sheet metal com onents * 'uto inde&ing * safety as ects in C2C machine tools . A.

#roduct de!elo ment through C$"* %e7uential engineering* Concurrent engineering* Com arison of se7uential and concurrent engineering* im lementation of concurrent engineering* concurrent engineering and information technology* Characteristics of concurrent engineering. $ntroduction to ?obots * its ty es * >aws of robotics * %ymbolic modelling of robots * ?obotic sensors * Configurations of robot* ' lications of?obots in engineering industries.. Com uter 'ided "anufacturing by #. %oft com uting in C$": 'rtificial neural networ+s/'rtificial intelligence* Fu99y* Fu99y '8#Benefits of C$" * >ean manufacturing * com arison of lean manufacturing with con!entional manufacturing * a lications of lean manufacturing * etc. Com uter 'ided Design andCom uter 'ided "anufacturing by 4?))FE?<Limmer* .?e resentations &%imulations * Farious models of C'D* 'nalytical rograms* Different models of C'D * 'd!antages of C'D & its limitations * etc.2. 0NIT56 Basic conce ts of C$" * E!olution of C$"* 6nmanned manufacturing * Elements of C$"* C$" im lementation * C$" hardware and C$" software. 'utomation* #roduction system and com uter integrated manufacturing by 4?))FE?* (. !EFE!ENCE 1OO:SH 1. 2C/C2C Technology by I62D?'* ?')* T$G'?$* -A .?ao* =. 0NIT59 C'##* Ty es of C'##* 4rou technology * "erit/ Demerits* Database management in the de!elo ment of C'##* C'D<C'" integration * Essential elements of C'## * Future trends in C'##* $m ortance of C'## in C'"/C$"* etc.

The "anagement and Control of Kuality by M ? E!ans and G " * >indsay* Cengage learning* $ndia (. Cur!e1 %ingle* double* multi le* se7uential sam ling1 '%2* 'T$* ')K>* ')K* 'K>* >K>* #roducer.. 0nit59: ISO <. Total Kuality "anagement by Besterfield* #earson Education. Kuality "anagement by Ianish+aBedi* )&ford .s Kuality #lanning and 'nalysis for Enter rise Kuality* by F " 4ryna* ? C 8 Chua* M ' Defeo* Tata "c4raw8ill -D .lin3 %am ling rocess and lots formation1 'd!antages and a lications of acce tance sam ling1 characteristics of ). %tructure of $%) standards* Factors leading to $%)* $m lementation and registration* Benefits of $%). 0nit5+: Statistical *&oc"ss Cont&ol $ntroduction to Kuality characteristics< !ariables and attributes* Ty es and causes of !ariations* Control Charts for !ariables and attributes* #rocess ca ability.ELECTI#E:2 3C18 Gualit 0ana&ement S stems L T8 3 1 0 Credits 3C 0nit5. Mura.: Int&oduction to Qualit( Definition of Kuality< roduct* user* !alue* and manufacturing based ers ecti!es* Dimensions of Kuality* Kuality #lanning* Kuality costs< o timi9ation of 7uality costs* Kuality in manufacturing* ser!ices* health care* educational systems* the se!en tools of 7uality. Su33"st"d !"adin3s: 1.-i"s in Qualit( Mana3"'"nt S(st"'s #hiloso hies of Kuality 4urus< Deming* Muran* Crosby* Feigenbaum* $shi+awa* Taguchi. 0nit58: Acc".. 0nit57: *-iloso. Com arison of Kuality #hiloso hies1 Kuality "anagement awards< Deming ri9e* "alcolm Baldrige 2ational Kuality 'ward* Iirlos+ar 'ward 'wards... =.s and Consumer.s ris+s.:7.C..tanc" Sa'. 0nit56: Si= Si3'a #rinci les of %i& %igma* %tatistical basis* Tools and techni7ues* D"'$C rinci le* a lication of si& sigma in manufacturing and ser!ice organi9ations.

Datta<#8$ (. 0nit59: *u&c-asin3 #lanning urchasing materials* norms of !endor rating* CE$ methodology* Ma anese industry: selection and de!elo ment* urchasing rocedures and methods* legal as ects* insurance of materials* su ly management* sources of su ly* out sourcing. ... #urchasing 'nd "aterials "anagement H >eendersFearon H 6ni!ersal Boo+ %tall @. "aterials "anagement H # 4o ala+rishnan H #8$* (. $ntegrated materials management<'. 0nit57: Mat"&ials id"ntification Classifying of materials* codification of materials* standardi9ation* sim lification and !ariety reduction of materials* $n!entory control* techni7ues: F%2* FED* 'BC1 wor+ing ca ital management with reference to in!entory.3C280ATERIALS 0ANA<E0ENT L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3C 0 nit5.= .( =.2<T"$*C/e* (.: Int&oduction %co e of materials management* rimary and secondary ob0ecti!es* integrated materials management* relation with other functional areas of organi9ation1 )rgani9ing for materials management* basis for forming organi9ations* con!entional and modern a roaches to organi9ing materials management. "aterials "anagement H Farma " " H %ultan Chand 'nd %ons C. I. 0nit58: Mana3"'"nt of su&. #urchasing 'nd In>en'o%( Con'%ol H I % "enon H Gheeler#ublishers -. 'at"&ials "anagement of sur lus obsolete and scra materials* reasons for accumulation of sur lus obsolete and scra materials* methods of dis osal* regulations and rocedures. 0nit56: Su> cont&actin3 %ub contracting* reasons for subcontracting* criteria for selecting sub contractors* rating* factors affecting subcontract rate fi&ing H internal and e&ternal subcontract. Su33"st"d !"adin3s: 1. 0nit5+: Mana3"'"nt of sto&"s >ocation* different ty es of stores* methods of storing* safety and security of materials* stores e7ui ment* materials handling e7ui ment* factors affecting materials handling* stores issues and recei ts* rocedures* forms and olicies in stores transactions* stores accounting* stores organi9ation* materials safety and security.lus o>sol"t" and sc&a. #urchasing and %u ly "anagement<Dobbler* Burt D..

%u ly Chain "anagement by Cho ra and "endle* #8$ . (.l( C-ain Mana3"'"nt Conce ts in 4lobali9ation* 4lobali9ation forces* ?is+s and 'd!antages of $nternational su $nternational su ly chain management* ?egional differences in logistics.. %u ly Chain "anagement: Te&t and Cases by Mannat%ah* #earson Education. 0nit56: Int"&national Issu"s in Su.. 0nit59: St&at"3ic Allianc"s $ntroduction* Third arty logistics* Demand dri!en strategies* Distribution strategies< direct shi ment* cross doc+ing* transshi ment* %u lier relationshi s management* Customer relationshi management. 0nit57: In "nto&( Mana3"'"nt and !is6 *oolin3 $n!entory management* Classification of in!entory* Centrali9ed !ersus Decentrali9ed Garehousing and ?is+ ooling* Falue of $nformation* Kuantification of Bullwhi effect* Causes and remedies of Bullwhi effect.: Int&oduction #ers ecti!e of %u ly Chain "anagement* "anaging uncertainty* Iey issue in su ly chain management.AIN 0ANA<E0ENT L T 8 Credits 3 1 0 3C 0nit5. 0nit5+: !"sou&c" . ly chains* $ssues in Su33"st"d !"adin3s: 1. 3C38 FINANCIAL 0ANA<E0ENT L T8 3 1 0 Credits 3C C1 . Designing and "anaging the %u ly Chain: conce ts* strategic and case studies by Da!id %imchi<>e!i* #hili +amins+y* Edith %imchi<>e!i* ?a!i %han+ar* Tata "c4raw<8ill.3C38 SU88L= C.lannin3 'ggregate #roduction #lanning< Chase and le!eling strategies* "?#* "?#<$$* 'gile manufacturing %ystems 0nit58: *&ocu&"'"nt and Outsou&cin3 st&at"3i"s $ntroduction* outsourcing benefits and ris+s* "a+e/Buy decision* e< rocurement* Fendor selection and 7uota allocation.

Su33"st"d !"adin3s: 1. 6nit $$$: 'ncillary materials C( . 0nit II: *ac6a3in3 Mat"&ials #a ers and s eciality a ers* cellulosic films and laminates.: Funda'"ntals of Financial Mana3"'"nt $ntroduction* )b0ecti!es* goals and functions of financial "anagement. Com osite containers* drums and a er tubes. 0nit 56: Inflation and Financial Mana3"'"nt $nflation and 'sset re!aluation* firm !alue* financial mar+et returns* financial analysis* ca ital budgeting. 0nit5+: Ca. Time !alue of "oney* ?is+s and ?eturns* Faluation of %ecurities.0nit 5. "echanism of s oilage* degradation* corrosion & Their re!ention. Financial "anagement by Ihan and Main* T"8 (. 0nit 59: Cost Accountin3 Definition and sco e of cost accountancy and costing methods* elements of cost o!erhead classification distribution and absor tion* rocess costing< 6niform* "arginal and standard costing methods* Case studies. Com atibility< ermissible lastici9ers and their migration to food roducts.ital 1ud3"tin3 Conce t of ) erating cycles and wor+ing of Ca ital "anagement1 Ca ital Budgeting : in!estment decisions and ?is+ analysis in Ca ital Budgeting Cost of ca ital 0nit ? 8: Financial *lannin3 #lanning of rofit and le!erages (o erating and financial) ?is+ and ?eturn: 2ature of ris+* $nter<relationshi in ris+ and return* effect of Ta& on return. 4lass containers* am oules and !ials. Financial management by $. #andey 3CA8 8AC9A<IN< TEC. #ac+age design.NOLO<= 0nit I: Int&oduction #ac+aging as an integral rocess in roduction and mar+eting * #ac+ages* #ac+aging characteristics* #hysical ro erties. E& anded #E*#% and bubble films. 0nit 57: Financial $nstruments and "ar+ets Forms of Business )rgani9ations* ca ital structure* Construction analysis and inter retation of standard financial statements* Di!idend olicy and share !aluation. 'luminum foils* laminates and coating. #lastic<#E* ## #%* #FC*#FDC* 2ylon* #olyester and their combinations. ". %ingle layer and multilayer olymer ac+aging.

@. 0NIT III "aterials of "E"%* substrates and wafers* silicon as a substrate material* silicon com ounds* ie9oelectric crystals* olymers for "E"%.. $ntelligent microsystems* ' lications of "E"%. C. %uggested ?eadings: 1. %titching methods. %caling laws in miniaturisation. >abels and instant labeling. (. 0NIT / "icromanufacturing* Bul+ micromanufacturing* surface micromachining* >$4' rocess. 0NIT I/ "icrosystem fabrication rocesses* hotolithogra hy* ion im lantation* diffusion* o&idation* chemical !a or de osition* hysical !a or de osition <s uttering* de osition by e ita&y* etching. =. %eals and enclosures. "aterials for 'd!anced #ac+aging* >6* % ringer Encyclo edia of #ac+gingTechnolgy* Brody* Mohn Giley #lastics #ac+aging* #iringer& Bauer* Giley $nterscience #lastics #ac+aging* %el+e* 8anser 2ano #ac+aging* "orris* % ringer MEMS (Mic&o El"ct&o M"c-anical S(st"'s) 0NIT I Com onents of "E"% : microsensors* microactuators* microelectronics* microstructures. Cushioning materials and ro erties* reinforcements.'dhesi!es* 'dhesi!e ta es.* "icrosystem ac+aging. %tandards< basic conce ts for rigid and non rigid and non rigid and ancillary materials standards for e& ort ac+ages* $%) D.. 6nit $F: Testing* %tandards and Kuality control "echanicla testing* resistance to light* insect and mould. Different ty es of microsensors and microactuators1 micro<accelerometers* micro<fluidics. $n+ 0et rinting and bar coding.. . "icrosystem design. >ining com ounds and lac7uers. . Barrier testing for air* o&ygen etc. 4ra hic design. and im lications.. Eco ac+aging and regulatios. 6nit F: #rocess machinery and e7ui ment "achinery and e7ui ment for manufacture of bottles* carry<bags and laminates. %eal tests. 0NIT II Engineering mechanics for microsystem design* thin<film mechanics* static bending of thin lates* interfacial fracture mechanics Thermofluid engineering and microsystem design. #rinting techni7ues<#rinting in+s and rint e!aluations.* shelf life* worthiness of filled ac+ages.

1 ($%B2: .M.DA((DD1.. Iaa0a+ari* N#ratical "E"%*O %mall 4ear #ublishing* (...F... Io!acs* N"icromachined Transducers %ourceboo+O WGB/McGraw-Hill. "adou* NFundamentals of "icrofabrication* (nd ed..O CRC Press* (. Conclusions & Future Trends Su33"st"d &"adin3s: Su**este' re"'$%*s: 1.0NIT /I $ntegrated %mart %ensors and "E"%* $nterface Electronics for "E"%* "E"% %imulators* "E"% for ?F ' lications..( C.=) =. (.. (.Elwens oe+* "&Giegerin+* ?. -."echanical"icrosensors % ringer (."..CD(. ?ebei9* P?F "E"%: theory* design* and technology*P Giley $nterscience* (. C= .%. @.4. A.D ($%B2: DCA..'n $ntroduction To "icroelectromechanical %ystems Engineering 'rtech 8ouse (."E"% & "icro systems Design and "anufacture1 Tai<?an 8su1 Tata "cgraw<8ill (..4."aluf* 2.C(=-A) .. %enturia* N"icrosystem Design*O Kluwer Academic Publishers.