Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC), which translates as "term of controlled origin" is the French certification granted to certain French

geographical indications for wines, cheeses, butters, and other agricultural products, all under the auspices of the government bureau Institut National des Appellations d'Origine (INAO).

medium-full bodied. Pouilly Fuissé wine information: Appellation: Location: Place: Soil: Size: Production: Grapes: Chardonnay Type of wines: Age: Vintages: (recommended) Appellation Pouilly Fuissé Controlée around Mâcon Fuissé. !ouilly-Fuiss" is made near the city of #$con and all of #$con%s white wines are &'' percent Chardonnay. Ver isson Clayey limestone !"# ha $%. %'''. pecifically. Solutré-Pouilly. Although Pouilly Fuissé should be drun when age !" it can be forgotten in a cellar for a very long time as it can possibly age #$ years or even more % Pouilly Fuissé should not be confused with Pouilly Fumé" a white wine from the &oire 'alley. %''&. years %''#. white wine from the Burgundy wine-producing region of France located approximately in the center of the country and is made from the Chardonnay grape variety. %''%. %''/.Pouilly Fuissé is a dry. &000 . -ich dry white wine % to . The large wine area actually covers 4 villages to produce a good white wine sold under the name of Pouilly Fuissé.&#' acres( #)! million *ottles +hite wine only in Pouilly Fuissé. Pouilly and Fuissé are two distinct villages in the Mâconnais. Chaintré.

Aromas: 1rilled almond 2ut +hite flower Pouilly Fuiss and Food: !"eese: Shellfish. 3ysters 4anon Mâconnais Picodon .

million *ottles +hite wine only. etc 6imestone Clayey-limestone !#' ha $%. It is characteri&ed b smo' flavors and mineralit . Pouilly Fumé wine information: #ame: Location: Places: Soil: Size: Production: Appellation Pouilly Fumé Controlée 5astern part of the 6oire Valley 5ast of Sancerre and 4our es Pouilly sur 6oire.!ouilly-Fum" is a dr white wine from the !oire "alle wine#producing region of France and is made from the $auvignon %lanc grape variet . 7racy sur 6oire.&'' acres( . Saint Andelain. Pouilly Fumé: Sau8i non Grapes: Pouilly sur 6oire: Chasselas Type of wines: Age: Vintages: (recommended) 7hic9 dry white wine & to # years %''/ Smo9ed 4room Acacia Salmon Chic9en Veal Aperitif Aromas: Food: !"eese: Crottin de Cha8i nol .

in the (astern part of the !oire valle . #ame: Location: Appellation Sancerre Controlée 2orth-east of 4our es city. Cha8i nol. 4ué. in the east part of the 6oire Valley. St-Satur. %''/ 1rapefruit $and citrus( +hite flowers Shellfish 7rout Fish Cha*ichou du Poitou Aromas: Food: !"eese: . )he former tend to be fruitier and more well balanced than the latter. million *ottles Sau8i non 4lanc 2er8ous dry white wine 6i ht and fla8ored red wine & to # years %''#. Cré:ancy. on the left *an9 of the ri8er 4annay. Ste-1emme.='' acres( &. Sancerre. Ménétréol. Menetou--atel. )hese wines are often considered the most elegant of wines made from the $auvignon %lanc grape.. wine# ma'ing is the largest source of income for the area. Verdi ny and Vinon Places: Soil: Size: Production: Grapes: Type of wines: Age: Vintages: (recommended) Marl $called <white soil<( 6imestone %. Apart from tourism. Sury-en-8au. ) pical wines are made from $auvignon %lanc and *inot Noir grapes grown in vine ards on marl or limestone based soil. Monti ny.ancerre is a French white wine named after the town of $ancerre. Veau ues.%'' ha $#. North (ast of the cit of %ourges in France. 7hau8enay.

Crottin de Cha8i nol Pouli ny Saint Pierre Valencay .