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This free acronyms and abbreviations finder is a dictionary of useful acronyms and abbreviations for training, learning, teaching, etc. This collection is also a study in language and communications. This acronyms list contains acronyms and abbreviations, and 'backronyms' (acronyms constructed restrospectively to fit a word), with origins in the armed forces, healthcare, IT and various other business and training fields, including funny lifestyle and social acronyms and abbreviations. The acronyms and abbreviations in this listing can therefore be used for various purposes: for simple amusement for finding unknown meanings for illustrating and emphasising points that you wish to make in training or speaking or presentations and for e!amples of how language and e!pressions develop and evolve. "hatever, acronyms and abbreviations add colour and te!ture to the written and spoken word, and to life in general. They are a fascinating reflection of the development of communications, language and social attitudes. #trictly speaking, acronyms are words formed from the abbreviations of others, but as you'll see, many of these acronyms aren't words at all, and even some of the best known acronyms like $%#&' and '%(%' have bent the acronym rules. #ome of these acronyms are not 'politically correct', including many which can be interpreted to be rude or offensive. %s such be careful how and where you use them. %nd if you are easily offended please don't read the page.

'backronyms' ('bacronyms')
Other acronyms have meanings, usually amusing and ironic, which have been formed in reverse, ie., by starting with a word, especially a brand name, treating it as an acronym, and finding words to fit each of the letters, for example the acronyms ACRONY and YA!OO. "he amusing term for these types of acronyms is #bac$ronyms# %or #bacronyms#&, which is a portmanteau word %in this case combining the words #bac$# and #acronym#&. 'ac$ronyms feature strongly in the acronyms created from aviation and airlines and automotive and car ma$e names, and in corporate name bac$ronyms such as ()A*+O. "he device is not new, as seen in the old *,R interpretation. "wo notable and -uite different examples of bacronyms being used to positive effect are A.(A and /)*.

acronyms and abbreviations
Acronyms, whether true acronyms or not, and abbreviations, add colour, fun and interest to our language, and thereby they act as mnemonics, or

memory devices. any technical and process0related acronyms and abbreviations greatly assist in memory retention and learning. any acronyms and abbreviations when used properly can certainly enhance communications, because they act as #short0hand# and therefore increase the efficiency of communications1 in other words, more meaning is conveyed in less time and fewer words. any acronyms and abbreviations are also motivational and inspirational for training, because they contain a special theme, and because the acronym or abbreviation itself is a mnemonic device %a memory aid&. .ome of these acronyms and abbreviations originated as far bac$ as the 2345s %notably the 6nd ,orld ,ar&, and a few probably the early 2355s %notably the 2st ,orld ,ar&. any other abbreviations listed here are far more recent. any older acronyms provide fascinating examples of the development of language and changing cultural attitudes. 7atterly similar dar$ and cynical humour is evidenced in the development of acronyms and abbreviations relating to the field of customer service, especially in the contexts of )" and healthcare, for which an additional healthcare acronyms listing appears below separately, due to its richness and diversity.... Also, increasingly, lifestyle groupings and demographics profiles are providing fertile sub8ect matter for acronyms, and again, a separate listing of lifestyle and demographics acronyms appears below. ,hen using acronyms and abbreviations for serious and intentionally open communications ensure that definitions and meanings are understood or explained, or the acronym defeats its own purpose. )t#s advisable that if using acronyms in reports and other important communications, such as instructions, manuals, procedures, and training materials, you should include a glossary of acronyms and abbreviations, which hopefully enables the audience to understand the meanings involved. Automotive acronyms %actually these are #bac$ronyms#, since they are retrospective constructions&, lifestyle9demographics profiles acronyms and healthcare acronyms are listed in separate sections below. .ome of these acronyms and #bac$ronyms# also appear with more details and explanations in the main acronyms listing.

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Any time, Any place, Anywhere. /opular texting abbreviation %ac$ : 7ewis&. "he expression actually originated from a 23;5s9<5s artini "= advert in which the song went> Any time, any place, anywhere, "here#s a magical world we can share %??&, )t#s the right one, it#s the bright one, )t#s %"hats ?& artini... Other variations of lyrics following the opening line were used in more recent years %)t#s a new world, e and you girl..&. .uggestions on a postcard please as to the original words %and ad agency, composer, etc&, and later versions. "he word artini in the context of media has now assumed an amusing additional modern meaning, referring to mobile and on0demand communications and media, and is also used as an ironic reference to someone exhibiting particularly flexible or pragmatic tendencies, especially politicians who pander to views and support for personal advantage above ethical considerations.

Apples !o ranges. Acronym to highlight any inappropriate comparison1 a modern shorthand for #chal$ and cheese#.

Age, $uild, %lothes, &istinguishing marks, 'levation, (ace, )ait, "air, #e*. Acronym used by @A armed forces and services staff for identifying people involved in incidents or crime.

Alive, Alert, Aggressive. One of very many triple0A acronyms. .omewhat macho but catchy nevertheless, and not a bad rallying call for self or team in a variety of situations %visit to the dentist, disaster de0 debriefing with scary C+O, public spea$ing pep0tal$, etc.& Apparently originated in the .eal Cove fishing community on *rand anan )sland in the 'ay of Bundy, New 'runswic$... %Ac$ * yers& And by way of extending the theme>

Association Against Acronym Abuse. %Ac$ / =allee&.

Always $e %losing. "raditional selling process acronym which emphasises the need to be continually moving the customer towards action and agreement within sales discussions %ac$ " Rowe&. A'C %along

with A'C2& also refers to the :)CNAR. demographics system of social grades classifications.

Above and $eyond the %all of &uty. ,hether this acronym originated in the armed services is not clear. "hese days it is 8ust as applicable to the civilian wor$ environment, and particularly the need to ensure a healthy wor$0life0balance. A reminder also for all managers and corporations that people who go the extra mile, beyond normal expectations, are to be treasured and suitably rewarded, not exploited. %ac$ " Rowe&

A%+ ,-.
Abbreviated %oded +endition f ,ame -ielding .eaning. Bine example of the #bac$ronym# art and very apt for near top of the list. *reat for dinner parties and smart0asses. %Ac$. Ralph :ohnston.&

A%+ ,-.#
Absurdly %ontrived +epresentations #tupefication. As above.. %Ac$ A 'rady& f ,ames -ielding .ass

A% +,
A %lassification f +esidential ,eighbourhoods. Acronym for the CAC) 7td research organiCation#s system of demographics classifications, used for consumer mar$eting in the @A. ore about ACORN and other demographics classifications. )n the @., ACORN also stands for the Association of %ommunity rgani/ations for +eform ,ow, which claims to be the @.A#s largest community organiCation representing low0 income and moderate0income families, D...wor$ing together for social 8ustice and stronger communities...D

Analysis, &esign, &evelopment, 0mplementation, 'valuation. "he process of innovation, any field at all. (eviate from it at your peril. %Ac$. (on Clar$&

All &ay 0 &ream About #e*. /erhaps the best $nown of the weird A()(A. bac$ronyms %Ac$ /B&. "here are more and weirder ones in the A()(A. entry in corporanyms section. )f you have others to share feel free to send them. "hese bac$ronyms are not a reference to the Adidas company, merely wordplay using the name.

... Overcome/Overtaken By Events? (or maybe ... Or Be Eaten? It's a mystery. If you know please contact us.This seems to be a )# armed forces acronym from ""II. #ee the pictures, kindly provided by $orna. The picture is on a wall in a house in $iverpool, left by )# troops billeted there in the #econd "orld "ar. The %&*+& acronym is on the left breast of the soldier aiming the catapult. *n the front of the ,eep the acronym #-%.) can be seen above the radiator grille. Thanks $orna for these lovely pictures, and / 0ates and ' 'eid for the suggestions that the last three letters possibly1probably stand for Overcome By Events/Overtaken By Events. *+& is seemingly used in this way in )# (efense and )# (efense contracting, referring to plans or situations rendered obsolete for the reason implied. %pparently novelist Tom /lancy has used the term in this conte!t. %lternatively perhaps the fork and spoon are clues2 3aybe Attack Enemy Or Be Eaten (ack T +aldridge) or perhaps Al!ays Eat Or Be Eaten (ack 4 3ead). "ho knows2

A'0 1 &&&
Apople*y, 'pilepsy, 0n2ury, pium or other drugs, 1raemia, &ead &runk and &iabetes. edical acronym and useful mnemonic for remembering the different possible diagnoses of unconsciousness. %Ac$ (r (uffield&


Another (lipping 3earning tas$. %Ac$ :C&

pportunity. A big mista$e or onerous

A( 3
All (ine n 3eaving. %O(.A& Nurses abbreviation on patient notes.

Ask (or !he rder. "he #psychological imperative# and one of the most important rules of selling, despite which, millions of sales people usually forget it.

Acute )ravity Attack. %O(.A& )n other words, the patient fell over, from Nova .cotia orthopaedics and no doubt used elsewhere. .ee also /ABO. %Ac$ A/&

A" -A
Asshole f !he -ear Award. Brom the consumer electrical e-uipment repair industry, although widely applicable elsewhere. An amusing acronym which all decent fol$ can privately en8oy when faced with irrational, threatening, anti0social behaviour and those exhibiting it, be they ignorant customers, bullying bosses, or aggressive next0door0 neighbours, etc. %ac$ / Christian&

Attention, 0nterest, &esire, Action. )f your sales, advertising or any effort designed to motivate others to action doesn#t follow this se-uence it won#t succeed. Also extended version A)(CA 0 the #C# is for Commitment or Conviction %on the part of the customer or audience&. Also $nown as the !ierarchy of +ffects, but !O+ doesn#t have -uite the same ring as A)(A.

Also 4nown As. An remar$able acronym that#s now so well established that it#s virtually become a word, and certainly re-uires no reference to the original source words to be immediately understood. A$a is truly up there with the all0time great acronyms li$e radar, scuba, -uango and yuppie.


. *enerally something you#d rather not do that someone else has decided will be #good for you#. Ao8a$.tars$y and !utch..outh And !rousers. .. to highlight the characteristics of someone fully alert and aware %and paying attention to the tutor&. rarely well timed or utiliCed %see the Aristotle -uote about anger&. selling. A7' . Cagney and 7acey. etc. %Ac$. ..'. %Ac$ :anes& Alternative meaning Always 3ate 0n !ake5off Always 3ate 0n Arrival %Ac$ Chin&. riented times 3 (person. Acronym version of an old +nglish expression. place. Obviously great for training sessions generally. :C& A. Nurses# and doctors shorthand used on patients# notes1 this acronym transfers especially well to training sessions. customer service. "he classic @. also counselling. 'ooth& A30!A30A Airplane 3ands 0n !urin And 3uggage 0n Ancona.A police alert. "angiers. A7$ All57oints $ulletin. although there would be certain destinations that could substitute and fit perfectly> "ur$ey. A3( Always 3isten (irst. "he metaphor is universal of course. Australia. otivational method of debatable value and limited use. also '!NC.A 4ick 1p !he Arse. ore aviation acronyms are in the airlines acronyms list. )n any event AA@"A is generally more effective when also +*O. etc. %Ac$. No offence intended towards Alitalia organiCation 0 these terms are generic and for comment on air travel experiences in general. . Air travel acronym %strictly spea$ing a #bac$ronym# or #bacronym#& for those frustrating lost luggage moments. Alas$a. and relationships overall. A 63 Alert.. A3 A 3earning pportunity.A! All . as featured at least fifty times in every single episode of !awaii Bive0O. time).

Birst. Age . "he alternative recent #bacronym# interpretation is a very clever technical healthcare acronym %ac$ /aul& used in emergency assessment of burns victims. especially the massive global corporations in the broadcast. A. not least when absence of life would be obvious to even a blind gerbil. the growth of which is arguably bound to s-ueeCe the life out of some very large traditional profit0driven corporations now caught between two irresistible mar$et forces> at one end by the free user0based content enabled by the world wide web. "his acronym illustrates the immensely useful aspect of the acronym as a teaching and communications device.(A in 23. A+71 Annualised +evenues 7er 1ser. "echnically only a physician can declare someone dead. but named A. Area. and at the other end by free broadband connectivity %and subse-uent technologies& enabled by local and national schemes to establish free high0speed big0capacity #wi0fi# access for everyone. 7eripheral. devised by the . /aramedic term for the condition of a patient when all hope is gone. AR/@ is a favourite and fundamental financial measure used by the big consumer services corporations.pecialist 'urns @nit at . a considerably powerful ability.(A is memorable because it is the name of the @A supermar$et chain. telephony and internet sectors. aside from its value as a branding method. dead. )n this context. &epth. A+! Assuming +oom !emperature. "he three main types of listening. +mpathic listening is the s$ill of understanding meaning and motive in another#s words. "his battle for control of content and internet distribution 0 now under way 0 will become one of the defining global issues of the modern age. %Ac$ " +aston& A#&A Age. as commonly believed&. so the paramedics use this acronym to get around the protocol.. entertainment. 'mpathic.Attentive. AR/@ in the collective and inter0related mar$ets of telephony. #assuming room temperature# means that since the patient is dead their body is no longer regulating its own temperature and instead is #assuming the temperature of the ambient#.histon !ospital in erseyside.E via the contraction of #As-uith and (airies# %not Associated (airies. ie. on the basis that such infrastructure is vital for local and national competitiveness. information. #ite. AR/@ basically represents the average sales or billing value that the corporation is able to extract from each customer in a year. now owned by . used by the erseyside Regional Ambulance service and no doubt elsewhere too.almart. internet connectivity and broadcast is li$ely to be threatened by the progressive development and availability of free or low0cost technology and content.

upper and lower bac$. which implied a few days in the punishment bloc$ for the absconder when apprehended. . the expression is now well established in life generally and applied to any missing.F age of patient1 . which is very amusing as well. %Ac$ RC& A#!+ Always #tating !he +eally bvious. awareness and procedures. . but also $". usually given as a percentage of body area according to the ingenious #rule of also . since these three components are essential for success and productive performance.o Action. . ilitary acronym. abdomen. a methodology based on proportions.$ills. +ach section represents 3G of total body area. especially sales and account management. . Activity. A#4 Activity. chest. "he balancing 2G is reserved for the genitals. A971 . %Ac$ (& A!. A8 3 Absent 8ithout 3eave. which arguably would constitute the greatest emergency burn of them all. #kills. can be Attitude.uper acronym for training and development. lost or wandered0off person or item causing breach of rules or mere inconvenience. as this would be the order of training. because people are different siCes.%. each thigh and each lower leg. "he #rule of nines# divides the body into eleven sections> head."'O.ite F where on the body1 (epth F depth in mm or superficial9partial thic$ness9full thic$ness %redlining of s$in9blister9all s$in damaged charred&1 and Area F area of burn. Arguably the order should be Anowledge. .imilar to calling a person #Captain Obvious#. An alternative meaning %ac$ A *ow& of A8 3 applies in the healthcare industry as an abbreviation on patients# notes> All 8ell n 3eaving. Alternative interpretation especially for roles where activity is reactive rather than proactively motivated.A All !alk . each arm. Bascinating. )n one acronym we see many different aspects of how we use language and systems to enhance understanding. 4nowledge. 4nowledge. =arious uses at wor$ and play.AA# doesn#t have -uite the same ring. #kills.

No longer politically correct in the clinical arena. 1nresponsive. #ee #oon. !aving said which. And while not a first0aid or life0 threatening matter. as well as their dead men#s shoes. edical9healthcare acronym from the O(. . this term is used on notes or charts to denote a patient who is in a confused or demented state.idely used business0 and mar$eting0spea$. down to #unresponsive#. A=/@ is a descending scale of brain state in which #alert# is the highest level of conscious control and awareness. pride %coming before a fall&. arrogance. )f anyone $nows who devised the A=/@ acronym please tell me. relating to a victim#s level of response> A means Alert1 = means responds to =oice1 / means responds to /ain1 @ means @nresponsive. 9oice. which is effectively unconscious or worse. %Ac$ :. Birst aiders training acronym used in casualty assessment. etc. the term is perfectly apt in the boardroom or shop floor if referring to senile old directors grimly hanging on to their old fashioned notions. /olite and reasonably safe alternative to the fruitier 6BC96 version. (octors and nurses should use with extreme care. A warning for self or others as to the ris$s of complacency. in which the higher levels or outer layers of the brain are temporarily shut down or over0ridden by the deeper parts of the brain associated with fundamental survival and bodily function. the A=/@ acronym might also be used as an interesting and amusing reference point in discussing or illustrating the #fight or fight# unconscious reaction experienced in highly stressful situations such as public spea$ing. %Ac$ Richard 'eard& 2$%:2 !oo $loody %lever by "alf. $2% is logially therefore $usiness !o %onsumer1 $2) is $usiness !o )overnment. Appalling and very scary doctors# notes shorthand acronym. A8!( Away 8ith !he (airies. and then it gets really silly> $2' is $usiness !o 'verybody1 $2A is $usiness !o Anybody1 and $2$2% is $usiness !o $usiness !o %onsumer.hen a casualty#s condition moves down the A=/@ scale this logically signifies a deepening affect on the brain. . %ac$ * Chamberlain&. describing a trading model where a business supplies other businesses. as it has become commonly $nown in recent years and relatives tend to get a little miffed. $$## or $2#2 $ig $oobs. 7ain. .& $2$ $usiness !o $usiness.A stable.Alert. if at all. over0complication.

teve 'uonaugurio.uisance . 'ffect. %Ac$ ( 'odycombe& $A. &esires. typically used as a table or template or matrix for identifying motivations and issues of sta$eholders within a pro8ect plan. particularly a new initiative.eeds. :ulie 'ramhall& $A#0% $eginners All5purpose #ymbolic 0nstruction %ode. % y than$s to . 0nterests. %Ac$ R 7eviton& .7 $eliefs.ob ut. /+'CAA and /)CN) also CO'O7. 7roud of. Covert )" technical support staff acronym to describe a human failing instead of e-uipment or software fault. .A. a$es a good -uiC -uestion. 'vidence. A model. +esults. '*pectation.ear Anyone.& $"A) . who emailed me to confirm it featured on a Robbins seminar handout.entors.) / acronym is apparently used by "ony Robbins. $''+ $ehaviour.hen you next hear reference to a '(@ error. Acronym name for the early computer programming language.. no matter how long you leave them at the bottom of the in0tray. %Ac$. $&1 $rain &ead 1ser.ister acronym to :B(). "he headings by which to assess performance of anything. A great discipline when wor$ing with a team or delegating another to conduct a review. as$ for an explanation.&80..) / is also confirmed by Robert 'uttric$. who seems also to be the originator. (on Clar$& $'. who emailed to suggest it was first coined by "ony Robbins. Robbin#s use of '+N(. "his has the loo$ of something that could be protected intellectual property so )#d urge caution if you intend to exploit it outsode of a passing reference. . when it#s importnat to $eep the review focused.A $uilt Absolutely . Bor those ir$some tas$s that won#t go away. "he '+N(.. $ang Another .$A. %Ac$.othing Anywhere . . %Ac$ N & .ee also )(25". /artner acronym and ideal next stage to N) 'Y. 8ounds. .

))B motivational theory& of the word #bag# when used to refer to someone#s area of interest or expertise.easonal acronym for when wor$ and customers must necessarily fit in around the festivities and holidays. ore boring and less tasty alternative to the more common usage 0 'acon 7ettuce and "omato %sandwich&. for example. $0!%" $abe 0n !otal %ontrol of "erself. . and enable gradual progress to the point that the whole thing can be practiced. "he polite version #'ig !airy Audacious *oal# doesn#t have -uite the same ring to it %no pun intended&. $0A! $oss 0s A !wit:!werp:!wat etc.D $". . %Ac$ Coo$& /rovides an additional interpretation %and emphasises the . %Ac$ (on Clar$& $.% $ig "at .hat a great expression.upreme interpretation or response for the typical insulting or envious use of the term.! .ee also A A" and BCNA. "he abbreviation is all the more amusing because it loo$s li$e some $ind of highly official certificate for the construction or maritime industry. when turning down an offer or opportunity with the response. %Ac$ R 'iggs& $0& $reak 0t &own. .hen training anything to anybody never teach the whole thing all at once. No nonsense here.. %"han$s A ac*owan& $3A%71 $ack 3ater After %hristmas 7iss5up. 'rea$ the s$ill or process down to digestible parts. A small yet powerful example of redefining a negative into a positive..$ig "airy5Arsed )oal. Binding the good angle 0 an essential instrument of success. $3! $ase53ine !est. "his will avoid destroying confidence.. one of the more direct modern wor$place acronyms. . . DNot my 'hag )#m afraid...o %attle.

D %un$nown& and D)f you#re not part of the solution you must be part of the problem. 'ehaviour that can be exhibited by a group when stressed.$efore . %Ac$ :!'& $ %%A . change and improvement. and not gender specific.y !ime. $ A% $etter n A %amel. which is apparently used by *erman fol$. %Ac$ /arets$i& $.ainly by 8ankers. !ere are a couple of helpful -uotes in this connection> DYou have a choice whether to be part of the steam roller or part of the road. either through envy or because the mar$ is a favourite among gangsters who attract aggressive attentions. (ace ff %rimewatch. being a reflection of the car ma$e#s tendency to attract envious attac$. ' . and probably funniest of all to the fol$ who particularly resent the car brand and what they thin$ it stands for> $ought . . responsibility and suitable freedom to identify and pursue constructive 8ieder. and means #'ust Again#. which officially stood for 'ritish Overseas Airways Corporation.I&.oan and 8hine:8hinge. in a speech in 23. Bocus on positive response rather than blame. Additionally %ac$ +d /& ' .y 8indows. interestingly including %ac$ * 'oyle& $ersten . American political activist group. #that was then and this is now#.igrant 8orkers1 the irresitibly smile0inducing $ig5up . )n other words. founder member and information minister of the 'lac$ /anthers. $ $( % $ody ff $aywatch... )f you are a new broom trying to sweep clean.D %the commonly paraphrased version of the original -uote> D. this is a useful response to the #we#ve always done it that way# school of thought. %Ac$ (enise& )f you are a manager or team leader and ever find yourself having to handle a ' . Younger viewers perhaps will not $now the old 'OAC airline. session. %ac$ +"& ore aviation acronyms are in the airlines acronyms list below. give the group encouragement. is interpreted to form other ironic meanings such as the somewhat offensive $uilt by . Also a common sub8ect area in meetings where the purpose and facilitation perhaps re-uires a more a positive focus or perspective. in the automotive aconyms list. or you#re part of the problem.y 8illy.8 $itch.D by +ldridge Cleaver 23HE03I. after which it merged with '+A %'ritish +uropean Airways& to become 'ritish Airways. Nightclub and dating vernacular. is also interpreted in some police circles %ac$ /J:& as $reak . demotivated or unhappy with their situation. 'OAC was the 'ritish state airline from 23H30<4.hat we#re saying today is that you#re either part of the solution. "here are some other automotive0related interpretations of ' . ore relevant motivational -uotes are on the -uotes page..

? 'O( A. giving: (ivide ne!t. %Ac$ Coo$& $ &. giving: %ddition ne!t. %ourage. Remember that the word #Order# in 'O( A. %onviction. instructs us to wor$ it out in the se-uence below. starting formula B O " # A $ 56 7 88 9 :: ! (5. giving: #ubtraction ne!t. means power. for example %6 x E& K H F 2H. &ivide. 9 <)5 = 5 56 7 88 9 :: ! (8)5 = 5 56 7 88 9 :: ! < = 5 56 7 8 ! < = 5 56 7 5. helps both to construct and wor$ out a formula such as %H K 4&6 K %. Bor the process of change. 'O( A. ptimism.g. so the answer is 2H.. $ "0%A . but also great for emphasising the need for creative thin$ing to achieve cost0effective. #ubtract. giving: *rder (power) ne!t.$elief. Bor example does 6 x E K H F 2H or 2. or 25 s-uared&. 'O( A.ultiply. Add. )n those two examples we calculate the brac$ets first. = 5 65 = 5 6> +rackets first. is therefore very useful for non0 mathematical fol$ when trying to construct complex formulas %formulae& for spreadsheet cells. rder (means power. giving: 3ultiply ne!t. A more complex example might be 6E K HH L 22 x %6< L 3&6 F what? and where on earth do you start? 'O( A. Or the formula could be shown with brac$ets to give clearer indication. "hus 'O( A.. high perceived value promotional selling. power of two shown as 2).A# $rackets. 25 x 25. or 6 x %E K H& F 2. ) hasten to add %no pun intended& that ) am not a mathematician and ) welcome suggestions for improving this item. tells us to multiply before adding. %than$s : cColl& provides the se-uence for wor$ing out and constructing mathematical e-uations and formulas %#formulae# to be precise& containing more than one calculation. Action..e. e. ar$etingspea$. . L 6&H F <. giving: $ ) (( $uy ne )et ne (or (ree. as in 256 means 25 to the power of two %i.

Regrettably however many sorts of leadership 0 especially of significant scale 0 eventually degenerate into control. %Ac$ C 7loyd& $ #%A+&'! . !imely. Accepting modern politically correct adaptations. And if you are a C+O and you begin to see a few 'O!)CA posters appearing around the place.ounds familiar?. b2ective. 'y the way the term 'O BO* is lin$ed most famously with certain very grand -uotes attributed to the Roc$erfellers %Nelson and :ohn (& around the mid 2355s. Nigel Rees.( ) $rotherhood f . generally pronouncing how a new world can be established. )f you#re a "heory0M manager %see (ouglas c*regor M0Y "heory&. @seful acronym for coaching and giving feedbac$ to people. Bor a free 'O!)CA colour poster see the free businessballs posters page. based on their own %superior.$end ver. A fine motto for all who suffer under incompetent management. )f anyone $nows the origins please tell me. western. capable of mature independent thoughts and actions of far greater purity and truth than those exhibited by our leaders. "his interpretation 0 and the wider implications of 'O BO* 0 have a very relevant modern resonance with a certain arrogant deluded leadership style %a$in to "heory Y. then perhaps start as$ing yourself some -uestions about your organisational culture and management style.. and the assumption that holding such a view somehow includes the right to impose it on others. supported incidentally by much of our media. 'nhancing. %than$s to Ralph :ohnston for suggesting this acronym. 'O BO* attitudes typically sit snugly alongside the marginalisation of women and all other historically brow0beaten groups. "ere 0t %omes Again. . 'O BO* thin$ing undermines human$ind#s independence and development. /aternalistic 0 and thoroughly patronising 0 expression of traditional values still held by many. 7eadership 0 and government. #enlightened#& view of life. the commentator and language expert refers to 'O BO* as an acronym for a pompous meaningless generality.& $ " ( $ack f "and n (orehead. but altogether more deeply insidious& that we often see in the western world. +elevant. including some who lead us. bserved. $ #!'+ $alanced. which see$s to suppress and control all good and honest fol$ 0 people li$e you and me.. sham. #pecific.. Bor those 'O!OB moments. and 'O BO* principles. Nowadays more (under the) (atherhood f )od. and any organiCed system 0 should be a force for genuine individual aspiration and emotional maturity. manipulation. your staff will regularly use this in your honour. $ .

+isks. %Ac$ A :ones& $+0% $ra/il. Assumptions. %onstraints. b2ectives. =ery useful acronym for inception of pro8ects. 'stimates. reports.. )t was9is used %apparently originally by !os$yns. ore amusingly the acronym allegedly ta$es on an alternative meaning among certain transport staff who translate instead to mean $e !here 7resently (or 7ossibly or 7otentially) when en-uiry demand from customers exceeds the staff resource that is available to respond. for the same reasons they were once moved away. An acronym from recent times.hat are the benefits and ris$s from a particular course of action or option or default? . health and safety. !R and training. )t will not be long before the old economies start to find manufacturing and low0s$illed 8obs returning. .$ackground. recruitment... where purpose. %Ac$ : O#Connor& $7 $usiness 7rocess utsourcing. %hina. for example. $+A. )#m wondering when the first example of an outsourced board of directors will be seen. $enefits. $!7 $ritish !ransport 7olice. manufacturing.othing. "his increasingly visible acronym emphasises the growing significance of the emerging mar$ets. telemar$eting. sales and promotion.hat are the alternatives %also considering their benefits and ris$s&? And finally always remember that there is the option to do nothing. )". studies. !imescales. applicable and useful for all sorts of situations. investigations %in-uiries&. %Ac$ A'& $!8 . +eporting. parameters and ground0rules etc.. covering a multitude of activities that are commonly outsourced today. (ecision0ma$ing aid. have to be established. call centre and customer services. 0ndia. and the fact that the world is changing. committees. etc. Alternatives. logistics. +ussia. and pretty well anything else that a corporation might have considered a core function before outsourcing came along. which on occasions can be the best thing. &ependencies. . #cope. -uality assurance and accreditation. who later became Cap *emini& as a reminder of the headings for a terms of reference document. RJ(. whether the traditionally dominant %and patronising and arrogant& nations li$e it or not.

which has now almost passed out of use. . One of the most commonly used abbreviations today. %O(. #'y the way# is referenced in 2I<5s 'rewer. $1. meaning #incidentally# or #in passing#. %A7 %over All 7ossibilities. 8ust try to be $ind and understanding. $9A $reathing 9aluable Air. (laps. $1+7 $ankrupt 1nemployed +e2ected aslow. originally meaning #by the way of a secondary sub8ect or matter#. Never use this. or that it has a name at all. 0nstruments. 7itch. A captcha is the distorted code you copy and type into a website form. %A&'! %an't Add. expression. /re0landing chec$s system popular in private pilot licence training. "he code is uni-ue and random and distorted so that computers %hopefully& cannot read and . "atches.ometimes extended to '@ BB/)C!!7 and '@ BB/)C!!7C to include 7anding light and Clearance. &oesn't 'ven !ry.((70%"" $rakes. =ersatile training and planning acronym. %Ac$ A"& $8# $eached 8hale #yndrome. Assessment acronym for the numerically and motivationally challenged.. .oodhouse&. 1ndercarriage. Amusing and highly efficient. %O(. . and transferable to a wide variety of situations. A more polite mnemonic than the /. You will probably have used a captcha without realising that it has this strange name. '". which was earlier shortened to #by the bye#. and. so it#s not a recent expresssion.i*ture.A& Nurses and doctors shorthand acronym. %"han$s 7 .$y !he 8ay. %A7!%"A %ompletely Automated 7ublic !uring test to tell %omputers and "umans Apart. %arb heat. "arnesses.A& Apparently used in 7os Angeles by nurses as a comment about less deserving patients. (uel.

aged %of the @A& referring to prison drug services and the programmes therein. %A+A! %ounselling. anuel 'lum. . "he "uring test element refers to the exceptional +nglish mathematician and computer scientist Alan "uring and his theory and test wor$. following which he committed suicide in 23E4.& means that the captcha designers must stay ahead of the bad guys. and also reflects its purpose. "he acronym reflects its technical meaning and origins. but instead the elements contained within it. perhaps a little more humility and awareness of our own past %and ongoing& failings would be more constructive. )ncidentally when a captcha system is breached it enables what is $nown as a #denial of service attac$# %(o. attac$&. "he term %sometimes understandably mista$en to be CARRO"& also extends to the assistance and wor$ers involved in the delivery of prisoner drug abuse treatment and rehabilitation. which while primarily acting as a security device. occasionally for the purposes of blac$mailing the site operators. +eferral. seemingly by 7uis von Ahn. to $eep captcha systems impregnable to automated computer violation. derived from the the late 2E55s when horse0drawn carts were used for prisoner transport. attac$. and subse-uently went on to pioneer the development of early computers and artificial intelligence. whereby a website or multi0user computer system is brought down by computer0automated enormous and unmanageable volumes of re-uests or actions. but the resulting CAAR" was presumably not memorable enough. As with any situation where one see$s influence and change. dealing with artificial intelligence and comparisons between human and computer #thin$ing# capabilities. which guards websites against mischievous or criminal automated attac$.re0use it. and which is the origin of the modern expression #in the cart# meaning to be in trouble or difficulty. but often for reasons unrelated to monetary gain. first published in 23E5. Advice. . "oday 'ritain is very $een to patronise and impose our holier than thou ideas on the developing world. meaning prison or gallows. Captcha is one of the most interesting and convoluted acronyms ever devised. Acronym used in ! /rison . Assessment and !hroughcare. Alan "uring %23260E4& was a fascinating character in his own right 0 regarded as a founder of computer science. "he element called "hroughcare might alternatively be represented as Aftercare %after release&.orld . or perhaps too close to the slang term #cart#.hamefully his country later saw fit to prosecute and convict him for being a homosexual. he was part of the famous and pivotal codebrea$ing team at 'letchley /ar$ in the . the speedy development of malevolent technology used by hac$ers and computer criminals %you could call it #captcha catchup#.econd . also enables the #capture# of data. "he acronym does not signify a se-uential process.e must . but the captcha does represent perhaps the earliest strategic battleground in the struggle to protect the web. "he captcha is not the only angle of (o. !owever. "he actual se-uence would typically place the Assessment element ahead of Advice and Referral.. Nicholas !opper and :ohn 7angford in 6555.

oney. %3A. (orecasting and +eplenishment. a C and and R would have been impossible.. . %7(+. "he bacronym meaning is entirely made0up. %"A # %hief "as Arrived n #cene. . %3. sometimes more fully expressed as C/B(R %Collaborative /lanning. %Ac$ : Attison& %"A9 %ouncil "oused And 9iolent. odern mischievous #bacronym# based on the chav slang word for a vulgar and9or anti0social the li$ely actual word origins of chav. %Ac$ R *esling and . A reminder to thin$ twice before embar$ing on any action that has an obvious whiff of disaster about it.ove. /hillips& % $ 3 % mmon $usiness rientated 3anguage. namely that a good acronym should be memorable and distinct in its abbreviated and full form. and no doubt used elsewhere too.ervice in *eorgia @. %Ac$ R7& . . )f not then it should be. cited by : Yate %interview guru and author&. +mployment and recruitment industry acronym> the six acceptable reasons for leaving your 8ob if as$ed why in a 8ob interview. Bor interfering bosses the 8ob interviews -uestions and answers page. 3ocation. Brom the Bire Rescue . %areer 3imiting .)C. aside from illustrating the elements of a rehabilitation process. 7ride (or 7restige). Advancement. but reflects a certain view in society of the description. male or female.assume that "hroughcare was preferred because devising a useful mnemonic with three A#s. Relatively modern supply chain management term. "here is an interesting lesson in also 'A. and unfortunately CARA" is not. Acronym0derived name for the early computer language.7# %hallenge. Borecasting (emand and Replenishment&. #ecurity. despite the very worthy aims and activities which underpin it. Alternatively and less li$ely> Continuance /olicy 0 (omestic Relations (ivision %related to legal process in /hiladelphia . %7(&+ %ollaborative 7lanning.

%#+ %orporate #ocial +esponsibility.. Needs no explanation. when it would be shown as CpBdR. Or a tedious training course or meeting. %70 and %7% %ost 7er !housand. or one of those awful #pep up the wor$ers# roadshow presentations by the new board of directors. %omputer #ays . %ost 7er 0n<uiry and %ost 7er %onversion. %! %erca !rova. 7atin for #.)OBYB. %!& %ircling the &rain.A&. or a microbiological term for a itochondrial0type Berredoxin Oxidoreductase. ie total advertising cost divided by the number of in-uiries received. "ransferable to a wide variety of lost causes. and one of several related concepts within the #ethical organisations# philosophy.o. C/) and C/C are what count. Advertising terms and crucial measures of advertising and selling performance. Or it#s also a @. +ngineering -ualification. %Ac$ 7 . and . 7owest C/" doesn#t necessarily produce the lowest C/). %Ac$ 7 Russell& %1 A . neither C/C.peden. C/" refers to the cost of reaching each thousand people of the target audience with the advertising$ and and you shall find#. R (ale& %#. "his acronym has various uses> for example onday morning after *lastonbury or the /rague stag9hen wee$end1 those #.enior# moments experienced by fol$ of advancing years. %+A(! %an't +emember A (lipping !hing. "echnically and originally %lose !o &eath. C/C is the total cost of each converted sale.County @. !ighly civilised and academic alternative to *AABOBY. A central aspect of capability and process within all all good organiCations. C/) is the cost of each in-uiry received. !ealthcare acronym. 7owest C/) doesn#t necessarily produce lowest C/C. %7!. Conversion ratios or percentages between C/".

%.. Not true of course... than$s. Commonly used by teachers when encouraging students to be more creative in answering -uestions. Not guilty. &o 0t . &0A)' &on't '*pect Any )reat 'mployment pportunities. "he principle that the effectiveness of advertising can only be measured if the aims of the advertising are clearly specified before it ta$es place. %Ac$ Navaroli& .. ) rarely publish newly created acronyms in this listing. "hey get run over. "here is the true story of the meeting that too$ place in a particular government office to discuss the effects of + @.# %Aneurin 'evan&..ot Analysis. & :B(). strategic planning.andra cCarthy. Readily transfers to corporate training and evaluation.. )#m sure they are every bit as punctual as all the other airlines...ith than$s to Aevin "homas..ardonic reverse acronym at the (elta airline#s expense.easured Advertising +esults. &0. %Ac$ 7eena Cohen& ..%ompulsive 1se f Acronyms. &'3!A &oesn't 'ver 3eave !he Airport. Bor procrastinators everywhere.ow. .. business report writing.& &A). while the other half were thin$ing about +nvironmental onitoring and @tilisation. but this one is so good ) had to include several other interpretations of the (+7"A acronym in the airlines and aviation bac$ronyms list.. . etc.ome considerable time into the meeting it was discovered that half of the participants thought they were there to discuss the +uropean onetary @nion. .A+ &efining Advertising )oals for .80! &on't 0nterrupt . As the famous -uote says> #.e all $now what happens to people who stay in the middle of the the full entry in the corporation bac$ronyms %#corporanyms#& list.e 8hile 0'm !alking.imple yet profoundly useful acronym for anyone involved in helping others to thin$ and interpret rather than simply paraphrase or describe.A &escription 0s . . &0. "his was created and sent to me by writer . .

"he only people these days who can remotely afford to buy a few bric$s of and a couple of fence panels towards their first house. sport. or perhaps even a bullying tribunal. notably in problem0solving.4&ouble 0ncome .igma pro8ect teams. )nterestingly as many as 25G of people at wor$ are thought could suffer with this disability to one extent or another %source> 'ritish (yslexia Association 0 not the National (yslexia Association.ix . "he . "wo important points about dyslexia> (yslexia is technically a disability as well as a #gift#. represented by the famous double helix. &. Alexander *raham 'ell.3. Bamous dyslexics include Albert +instein. and artistic expression of various sorts. A mischievous alternative interpretation to the usual meaning of (NA is . An innocently intended wor$place 8o$e or email.cott. .o 4ids:-et. which is a made0up organisation to fit the acronym&. in fact often the opposite is closer to the truth. and the !uman *enome /ro8ect which successfully mapped human (NA in 655H. which is of course cruel if used as such. %ontrol performance.& would be grounds for a disability discrimination claim. and was generally accepted to carry genetic code of all living things following the published wor$ of Cric$ and . &. #difficulty with words# is derived from *ree$ %lexis is *ree$ for speech&.ix .atson in 23EH.A &eo*yribonucleic Acid.. 7eonardo da =inci.igma process improvement model. (yslexia is often called a gift.&0.econdly and more positively.4:&0. its meaning. as defined by otorola )nc.easure performance. "he Y for #yet# was a later addition based on the pluralised ()NA)+. 0mprove performance. so employers -uite rightly have to ma$e appropriate allowances for sufferers or ris$ falling foul of disability and discrimination laws. as . innovation. trouble0shooting.. dyslexia sufferers tend to have special strengths resulting from the way their brains wor$. (NA %(eoxyribonucleic Acid& was first identified in salmon sperm by Briedrich iescher in 2I. and that#s what it means 0 difficulty with words. but does offer the opportunity to explain a little about (yslexia. notably spelling and reading 0 it does not mean that the person is daft or stupid. entrepreneurialism. so be careful. li$e the outrageously non0pc D(yslexics of the world 0 @ntieND %than$s 7 . creativity. used by .igma seems now to be. An acronym 0 or strictly an abbreviation 0 from the 23I5s. /ablo . which is widely misunderstood.ational &ysle*ia Association.A0% &efine opportunity. could have come up with a more memorable mnemonic. since for many #sufferers# that#s what it is. Analyse opportunity. "homas +dison. intuitive feelings and 8udgements. politics.. As regards the word (yslexia.ix . version of the base ()NA expression. One would have expected that such an all0con-uering management movement. .

. had to do with the acronym (R+A > #(edication.chwab.D Also according to ..otivation. Acronym mnemonic for wor$place culture. .. and individuals see$ing more information about dyslexia should visit the '(A website. values. and is now lin$ed with Aevin Carroll. Carroll as$ed if he could use them in the motivational tal$s he gave at schools and camps. )nfluential and useful acronym within the Ouality anagement field.. D &+0$ &on't +ead 0f $usy... According to . motivational spea$er and author. .teve . &+A8 &ignity and +espect At 8ork..teve Redgrave.arhol. teachers. +mployers. otivation. behaviour.. *eorge . (NA might alternatively be employed %than$s .. uhammad Ali. which aside from other purposes is a witty response for anyone see$ing the full scientific explanation. cCarthy& to mean &o . Andy . Carroll was handing them out by the thousands. when it was D8ust a series of rubber bands that urban bas$etball players put on their wrists as both a fashion statement and a shooting aid.. Charles .5s. the wristband penomenon can be traced bac$ to the 23. .# /retty soon. Binally.ulf. Carroll. in fact. "homas :efferson. attitude. (avid 'ailey. noticed that clear (R+A bands were being put as giveaways in boxes of Aevin *arnett shoes. former N'A trainer. %. Attitude.oodrow ..& .ot Ask.. an executive editor of +. .. +eview. "his aspect of alternative strengths relates to multiple intelligence theory.. 0dentify. %Ac$ Andrews& &+'A. Only the email generation could have developed the need for such an acronym... *eneral *eorge /atton. D. and nothing to do with (yslexia. wor$ing at Ni$e at the time. Attitude. 9erify. "om Cruise. '*ecute. Cher.illiams. Nigel Aennedy. etc. Robin .ee Ouality anagement process improvement tools. &+09' &efine. which li$e the whole area of individuality. &edication. Responsibility. it#s a gift.ashington. +ducation. 'ut it wasn#t until 6552 that the fashion statement too$ on some meaning. :ohn B Aennedy. Richard 'ranson.illiam !ewlett../icasso. :ohn 7ennon. is much neglected in education and wor$./N#s "he agaCine %Oct 655E&.. +rin 'roc$ovich 0 see. 'ducation. Aeanu Reeves. !enry Bord. every athlete was wearing elastic cloth0covered wristbands. /art of his spiel. "he (R+A acronym seems to feature particularly on rubber wrist bands.ilson. +esponsibility.ulf.

is what determines human progress. &+!!!! &ead +ight !here. (igital Rights anagement is basically the means by which intellectual property %)/& is protected and its usage is controlled. "he begs certain -uestions of )/ owners and also of those who might challenge their behaviour and motives. or ma$ing the most of what you can offer the world? "hese and other unfathomable -uestions will not be answered here and now. !here. or are they mean and greedy to start with. namely profit. "he #web 6. and that#s what ma$es them so effective at protecting and exploiting what they create? . And anyway. .here (R is restrictive and greedy. but (igital Rights anagement is a hugely far0 reaching issue. !here. to what extent can people and organisations who have already made vast fortunes from their intellectual property be a little more willing to share for free? Could multi0billionaires start helping the world earlier.. (R might seem one of the most boring abbreviations in this list.A& (octors and nurses shorthand acronym for a patient found dead at the scene.anagement. as (R" above.&+. software. %O(.here (R is open and giving. . "his particularly applies to intellectual property of the digital age> music. and technology. "he transference of $nowledge and technology among people around the world. but used for pedestrian0train . before accumulating such an incomprehensible level of personal wealth? (oes accumulating money and power and corporate success ma$e people mean and greedy.A& Nurses and doctors abbreviation. so $nowledge and human advancement are suppressed. and arguably more significantly> information. and !here. &igital +ights .hat is most important> ma$ing a ton of money. %O(. "he internet offers unprecedented opportunities for sharing $nowledge and extending access to created wor$s of all sorts. &+! &ead +ight !here. so $nowledge and advancement are expansive. whereas many )/ owners and exploiters have an entirely different priority.5# age of the internet %community0generated content and technology provision and sharing& is now challenging how we all thin$ and behave towards intellectual property. And yet typical corporate interpretations of (R essentially see$ to frustrate this process. and from one generation to the next. film. news. but in the way future generations loo$ bac$ on it all. "he implications of (igital Rights anagement extend ultimately to the way that $nowledge and created wor$s of all sorts are spread and made available around the world. will anyone actually want to pay money for Cliff Richard#s music in I5 years time?. Bor example. the process of which of course contributes to the development of human civilisation.

and Amorti/ation.incidents. +xtension of +/O. &+!A)!#!8 &ead +ight !here And )oing !o #tay !hat 8ay. !a*es. 0'm .& financial acronyms.A7A. used as a rider at the bottom of invoices and other documents with potentially legal and contractual also 7@C)(. %+arnings are profits from operating and non0operating activities. eg.$1+)" 'lated &arling. NOR. +ffectively means that no liability is accepted for mista$es and omissions.ear.easonal acronym explaining why most business comes to a grinding stop for two whole wee$s at the end of the year. +xtended version of (R" used by certain @. %Ac$ : Attison& '= ' 'rrors and missions '*cepted.tar$ey& .ale&. people have been using social and flirting short0hand for generations 0 before texting was ever imagined. %+lectronic /oint Of . whereby the retailer or seller point of sale system allows payment by electronic credit or debit method via connection to a central ban$ing agency. . see also .& ore financial terms and definitions on the financial terms and acronyms section. . $ook 1sual +oom. You see. 7overs code from way bac$. +'" F +arnings 'efore "axes1 +')A" F +arnings 'efore )nterest after "axes1 +')" F +arnings 'efore )nterest and "axes1 +')"( F +arnings 'efore )nterest. etc. police and fire0rescue personnel in incidents involving catastrophic in8uries.horthand disclaimer notice. %Ac$ N .. &epreciation. )rand "otel. .. %Ac$ 7 . '&0. &1!%"0' &efer 1ntil !he %hristmas "oliday 0s 'nded.hiteley& '$0!&A 'arnings $efore 0nterest.)C!. "axes and (epreciation1 and the completely unrelated +'R( F +uropean 'an$ for Reconstruction and (evelopment. '(!7 # 'lectronic (unds !ransfer at 7oint f #ale. "his outrageous acronym is an example of the human species# tendency to use humour when dealing with horrific trauma. Retail acronym. One of a series of esoteric #+'# %+arnings 'efore.

@'A(. in which case the acronym ta$es on a more mischievous interpretation> 'mergency +etrograde %lerking of 7atient. A way of examining the bile ducts9gall bladder and pancreatic ducts using an endoscope. created the first +"A store 0 a hosiery bouti-ue in *ermany 0 which later grew into the famous +"A chain.. mar$et research. customer spending profiling and loyalty card systems. if a newly admitted patient dies suddenly before they have been examined %#cler$ed#& by the ward doctor.. including automated stoc$ control and re0ordering. . ) am grateful to Alain Mhignesse for explaining that +"A in fact derived from the company name +"Ablissements ayer. customer service.en. the #admission# notes may be written up post0mortem %after they should have also +B"/O. .. staff de0s$illing. %O(.ee also /+'CAA. "he retail industry term for auto0readers 0 normally of bar0codes 0 at store chec$out tills. Action.. Amend. enabling massive advantages for retailers and sellers. %ac$ +"& '# '<uipment #uperior to perator. /)CN)C.. but it#s an amusing acronym all the same.# . +/O. 7lan. '7 # 'lectronic 7oint f #ale. Coded acronym written on a wor$0 order by a technician that means #"here#s nothing wrong with this e-uipment 0 the problem is the owner. '(@.A& !ealthcare acronym. %heck. "he helix of continuous improvement. in other words&. 'verything !o Attract . '+%7 'ndoscopic +etrograde %holangio57ancreatoscopy. !owever. which in 232. )t isn#t. . caused a retail revolution.'7A%A 'valuate. sales trac$ing. %ac$ / Christian& '!A.ometimes referred to as +/. )t was suggested to me a while ago that this is the origin of the ladies fashionwear chain name. And so on.

arrogance. (on Clar$& ($ . . expensive designers and advertising agencies. %Ac$. but the sound of a fart is one of life#s more enduring features.hile modern sales methods have eclipsed the significance of the BA' also the #)( 25 "# code. to warn against complacency. who become seduced by their own magnificence. (A+! (ecal Air +ectally !ransmitted. (A! (inal Acceptance !esting. Advantages. etc. "he mysterious #B +leven A# code has been appearing on technical -uery reports for many years. /olite version. ar$eting or product development technical term. (A$ (eatures. (%ck # +ignall) #ee 5+/15. so it#s technically a #bac$ronym#. politicians and millennium commissioners. etc. /eople are more interested in what improvements a product or service will bring rather than a description of what is being sold. and ma$e disasterous assumptions on behalf ordinary people who then decide not to buy9vote9turn up etc. both of which are clearly onomatopoeic %sounds li$e what it is&.ords and language might change over time. unchanged in +nglish since the 2655s. ?arious uses for self or for others. $enefits. pride comes before a fall. as is the modern0day word. Crucial stage often overloo$ed by egocentric owner0managers and corporate chieftens. ./ over 5. 4olite version.%&'/% (oo &li))ing 'lever by *alf. *ne of the more creative acronyms. (>>4 (lip 0f 0 4now. (aft and amusing restrospectively devised acronym. %lternatively shown as 5. beyond merely what the proposition is. %Ac$ (R& . as illustrated right. A widely used selling techni-ues acronym within the traditional selling process and related sales training. "he word fart in fact is derived from Old !igh *erman #ferCan# %pronounced fertsan& from older *ermanic roots #fertan#. over=engineered solutions. the fact remains> it#s more important to focus on what a proposition will do for the listener.

and the primative brain switches to auto0pilot.o 4nickers. An alternative acronym meaning which addresses the point that fear is #all in the mind#. (welling on past disappointments or see$ing revenge is self0destructive. or yes. Apply . "here are fruitier interpretations of the word Borget of course. %Ac$ /rice& ('A+ (orget 'verything And +un. especially ondays after heavy wee$end..4 (ur %oat . was popularised by Pig Piglar> (alse 'vidence Appearing +eal. +very organiCation has a person who seems to be perpetually in B)A" mode. Additionally ) am informed %than$s C 7ane. to emphasise why nobody ever does anything really well under extreme stress except shut down. who originated this clever alternative& of another excellent interpretation of the B+AR acronym.@ O and '@BB. percentage management 0 a great alternative to simply saying maybe or perhaps. see also '!NC and A A". And with similar meanings. time management and planning. ost of us experience being in this state at least a couple of times a wee$. (0& (orget 0t and &rive also . An acronym made populr by motivational writer and spea$er Pig Piglar. %Ac$. (0A! (art 0n A !rance. )t#s far better to concentrate effort on the next challenge. when you really mean B'O. where one#s natural B+AR response can be seen instead in terms of nervousness benefits> (ocused 'nergi/ed Alert +eady. %Ac$ "ony 7omas& (0( (irst 0n (irst ut. and therefore not to feel so threatened by it. -uality management. to provide a convention for writing down the balance sheet value of assets of the same type. One of the best reverse acronyms %bacronym is the modern term& ever devised. A caviat for many occasions 0 business negotiating. Originally an accounting term.(ailing $etter ffer. 'en 'all& (%. . social diaries. or while captive in corporate presentations or boring training sessions. %"han$s A (avice& "he acronym explains what happens when the fear response ta$es over. *reat for presentations training and #training the trainer#. Alternative to +*O. for use especially in teaching public spea$ing and presentation s$ills.

or because they happen to be held in unreasonably high esteem by a superior. Again originally an accounting term for depreciation practice. through self0delusion.. whereby the oldest assets are the last to be written off.. "he term has wider applications.D when they perhaps are anything but fine. .he#s full of B)*:A . 'efore handover of !ong0Aong by the @A to China in 2333.# %Ac$ N'& (0)# (rench.& (0). )erman. D!ow are you?D by saying DBine. )deal code for referring to person or behaviour when someone holds a very high opinion of themselves. #. life0change... #!ow are you?..ot '*pressed.horthand used by some in considering or targeting the traditional four main languages of the +uropean mar$et and the demographics and communications variations re-uired to address it.A. overcrowded tube trains and airport buses. (0. 0talian. this acronym sardonically reflected the treatment by certain multi0national employers of under0performing or out0of0favour staff. %Ac$ A Breeman& (0+' (ind 0nform +estrict '*tinguish. arrogance. B)N+ carries an alternative meaning> (eelings 0nside . !ry "ong54ong.' (anatical. . %Ac$ :.eurotic and 'motional..e.uperb acronym with Australian origins for show0offs and big0heads everywhere.. . communications. . etc.. coaching. particularly roc$ festival car par$s. 0nsecure. /eople commonly respond to the -uestion.# %Ac$ ( :en$ins&. Alternative ironic acronym response to the universal -uestion. notably in the context of attitude. One of those wonderful acronyms in which the new word actully relates to the sub8ect1 this one for student fire0 to any situation where the oldest go first and the newest stay longest1 rather li$e the !R policies of many large organiCations. #panish. (03!" (ailed 0n 3ondon. (lip 0?m )ood. (03 (irst 0n 3ast ut..ust Ask .

here we fear and ridicule funny loo$ing people. deep down perhaps we see in them a strength and resolve that normal loo$ing fol$ don#t possess. . (0#! (irst 0n #tays !here.A&. Arguable contradiction in terms. (34 (unny 3ooking 4id. Bor a short boss with Napoleonic syndrome. because we#ve never had to.helly#s Bran$enstein?. /ennington& (31( (at 3ittle 1gly (ellow.. %Ac$ ( !arrison& (3 (!1# . similar to B). %Ac$ :!& (0#" (irst 0n #tays "ere. . !ealthcare acronym.". and companion acronym for "7A. Binancial and stoc$0holding term. @sed by medical and healthcare fol$ to describe an infant or newborn whose loo$s are unli$ely to provide a passport to fame and fortune. %Ac$ . so that the first pieces of stoc$ stay in stoc$ and #on the boo$s# for ever. /erhaps %aside from dar$ humour at wor$& this is a manifestation of some sort of envy. /olite version. %Ac$ A Chapman 0 no relation& (0#" = %"07# (ighting 0n #omeone's "ouse = %ausing "avoc 0n 7eople's #treets. and anybody else for that matter. %+ver read ary .ee above. describing the practice of not rotating the stoc$. since it represents the essential rules and process of dealing with also @"7A and @B7A. %Ac$ : "aylor& (3A (our 3etter Acronym. Army infantry acronym for urban warfare. given that #funny loo$ing $ids# often grow to be some of the loveliest people you could ever wish to meet.toc$ control expression.. %O(. (unny 3ooking 7arents.& (34(37 (unny 3ooking 4id. .fighters. .

insurance. )n recent years BO' is used less specifically. even to the extent that other meanings are inferred from the acronym. in preference to the more obvious and widely referenced B7O"@. %Ac$ /7& . "he BO' expression originates from the meaning that the buyer is free of liability up to the point that the goods are loaded on board the ship. 8ust an acronym that lots of people have heard and don#t $now what it means. passes from seller %exporter& to buyer %importer&. relevant to developing sales and business propositions.D (. %Ac$ /7& ( $ (ree n $oard. @. and the ultimate BO')O challenge 0 removing the cellophane from a new C(.. Nothing to do with s$ills development.hitehouse staff according to Richard Clar$e. most commonly (reight n $oard %which appears in many online dictionaries and acronyms listings&. crisis situations caused by errant cars.atson&> D) can thin$ of a reason why they use #B7OB"@. An acronym to illustrate the development or attainment of uni-ueness. ...oving %onsumer )oods. flat0pac$ self0 assembly furniture. mobile phones. ( A4 (irst f A 4ind. Acronym for the president#s wife..(irst 3ady ( !he 1nited #tates. BO' is an import9export term relating to the point %outgoing port or airport usually& at which responsibility for also *OA".# and not #B7O"@. "hese distortions reflect the fact that the BO' principle is not readily recognised or understood by the (ree n $oard original %and -uite old& meaning. ( %1#('&) (uturistic bservation %reates 1ni<ue #olutions ('nabling &evelopment). ( $0 (re<uently utwitted $y 0nanimate b2ects.%) (ast . Birst suggestion %ac$ Ait . which refers to the gas passed in flatulence./#s and value0added offerings. means something else as well? Answers on a postcard please. and )#ve also heard of (i*ed n $oard.#. used by . "raining and presentations acronym to emphasise that vision is essential for creating uni-ue solutions and development.. )deal for anyone struggling with one of those ridiculous picnic tables. )t#s a mystery why the B is employed 0 perhaps B7O"@. Blotus is very close to the word #Blatus#. and costs of transport. computers.

"he -uest for empowered people in organisations cuts both ways 0 the organisation needs to give people more . ore explanation about BO' in the financial terms section. . (ound n +ubbish &ump. but sometimes necessary and helpful. which is how language evolves. (1& (ear. An acronym that can be applied anywhere. Apt and amusing acronym %bac$ronym actually& to describe a pro8ect.."AAB7. A motto for self0reliance and ta$ing personal responsibility. +ead &irections. various types of insurance. ( % (ree f %harge. A -uic$ explanation for not pursuing the non0viable.. and also provided that the long0term well0being of operations and people are not sacrificed.idely used acronym promising a good further automotive acronyms. or arguably a more grammatically correct expression (i* r +eplace &aily %Ac$ . /erhaps not the most progressive strategy ever invented. etc. &ead.A industry. and how about (or utstanding +eliability and &ependability .. which is o$ay so long as explanations are given.. in relation to the car ma$e. %"han$s Adamson& )AA( ()o Away And (ind ut (or -ourself. %ac$ /7& . %Ac$ / 7oc$& ( +& (ound n +oadside. %Ac$ " (ay&. Brom @. also (irst n +ace &ay. in which propositions leveraged by B@( create additional motivation for the target audience to buy or act 0 for example Y6A computer scare stories. Acronym from the mar$eting world. 1ncertainty and &oubt. due to high probabilty of ultimate failure. )f you use or hear the term it#s sensible to clarify precise meaning. not worth bothering with. "hen there is (lip ver. provided the cost0cutting does not prevent activities that would otherwise bring good and fast returns on investment. &.hen language doesn#t ma$e obvious sense people are apt to change it. however see "AN. %Ac$ ( Compton& Alternatively. extended warranties and guarantees. ( +%' (ocus n +educing %osts 'verywhere. Alterntively and amusingly> (i* r +epair &aily %Ac$ A:&. security and surveillance offerings1 typically most preventative products and services. idea. An excellent reminder of the need to invest one#s time productively.

and . )AA# )enerally Accepted Auditing #tandards. Nothing to do with business.chmidt&. Originally 'ritish Birst .ee also . )AA7 )enerally Accepted Accounting 7rinciples. and people need to ta$e responsibility for finding their own answers and solutions. )0) )arbage 0n )arbage ut. anagers of course need to support the process of achieving all this %see delegation and "annenbaum J .)OBYB. )A4 )od Alone 4nows. *:& . /erhaps only marginally less contradictory than *AA/. purchasing. *AABOBY is also a super acronym for daft -uestions received in a training. %Ac$.O.orld . etc. but a really great doctor#s shorthand on a traumitised soldier#s medical report for shell0shoc$ or other nervous disorder %this prior to any official recognition of nervous condition resulting from months or years active service under fire and bombardment&. /ertaining to taxation and the avoidance thereof. teaching and coaching context. design.& =ariations include C)CO F Crap )n Crap Out. . )AA+ )eneral Anti5Avoidance +ule. )t#s a reminder that we all need to see$ our own answers rather than rely on #received wisdom# or someone else#s solution that might well be overdue for improvement. honestly. recruitment. which you#ll be able to wor$ out for also NY(N. Bor a free *AABOBY colour poster see the free businessballs posters page. Originated as a computer metaphor but deserves a much wider exposure. )A#7 )roup Against #mokers 7ollution.. Nowadays *AA serves as an incredulous reponse to any unfathomable -uestion. but they do exist. .). "o non0accountants this may seem a contradiction in terms. @se freely for any situation at all that involves effort and output %esp.

. Affluent. An acronym from the sporting commentators# boo$ of superlatives. ). and in this respect there is a certain resonance .ome believe its origin dates from the 6nd .)odt . +veryone can be *OA" at what they do and who they are. %Ac$ /ieter Auiper& )f you can read .orld . Another wonderful demographics acronym. %*od be with you& "he only Anglo0*erman hybrid abbreviation ) $now.itt -ou. %Ac$ Robert .olfpac$ submarines during . notably still among . is )oals. Aims.)) who used the mixture of *erman and +nglish words to confuse the allies1 it was a traditional greeting between commercial ships1 it stems from old unofficial telegraph code1 is was an invention of a .. .% )arbage .arried. ) A! )reatest f All !ime. !ealthcare industry shorthand..wedish these#s more about * Y here.. 3eisured. iller uses the metaphor of #herding# your *OA"#s to explain the importance of organising personal activities so that they are focused on clear meaningful outputs. !argets. . a novel by :an *uillou.. as referenced by positive thin$ing writer (ouglas iller. and transferable to all. Apparently the signal * Y is mentioned in D) nationens intresseD.ade %arefully. other than to communicate their mutual respect through this expression. 7ess earthy and somewhat more detached than the )7B alternative. b2ectives. )3A. )n his excellent boo$ about positive thin$ing. "here is apparently no mention of * Y in 'ritish or *erman signal boo$s from .)) navy officer ascribes the origin of the signal to Christer Aier$egaard. )reying.)). used today as a sign0off in certain naval communications. )ood 3ooking . when traditionally they would not engage. D7il# som#thing bac$ from the Bord guys.tael =on !olstein& Others possible origins are suggested> "hat * Y was a greeting between *erman .ar.wedish vessels. A retired . when the message was sent between 'ritish and *erman enemy submarines operating in surface mode.wedish naval officer..)3. A wonderful example of industrial warfare by acronym %no offence intended&.um. who died 2333.D %Ac$ . Clory& ). An alternative and related meaning for *OA".

'+ )et ut of .uper demographics acronym. %ac$ +"& ) % )overnment wned. but 8ust generally deteriorating. After a very -uic$ visit to AJ+ the 8unior doctor would diagnose *OA and admit the patient to a ward. Alternative meaning in similar context is )enial ld (isherman 'n2oying +ecreation. %O(. %Ac$ A"& ) #7A . )$% )eneral $ody %rumble. used especially on ban$ holidays9wee$ends.y 'mergency +oom. An admission by government that they have the expertise to run the country %supposedly& but not anything as practical as a hot0dog stall. %O(. +specially at the golf club.A& Abbreviation used on ungrateful. %Ac$ C :udd& ) . %ontractor perated. %O(. ) ('+ )enial ld (arts 'n2oying +etirement. Bor chauvinists everywhere. .A& !ealthcare acronym to describe an elderly person with no specific diagnosis. allegedly originally seen on the bac$ of a caravan touring Australia1 now much used at retirement parties. after midnight or when there was an important football match on "=.between both *OA" acronym interpretations> decide what you want to be great at and then organise your plans accordingly.A& Apparently a popular healthcare diagnosis from many years ago.)O %let the nurses wor$ it out&. . %Ac$ 7A& ) 4 )od nly 4nows. unworthy patient#s notes1 another superb contribution from 7A nurses.uch patients not infre-uently later had an +RC/. often adding 7"N. 3adies (orbidden. %ac$ +"& ) 3( )entlemen nly.

which ma$es a lot of sense. A #bacronym# popular in the days of the original *reat . )1$1 )rotes<ue. %O(. : !aughey. nly. Not the most optimistic )+ 30'# )uardian +eader f 3imited 0ntelligence. #trategies.. and is relevant to any situation that re-uires realistic ob8ectives to be established.estern Railway %which ma$es it over E5 years old 0 see full entry in corporanyms section& and of course transferable to many situations and people which act when ready and not before.A& . A simple blueprint and order of thin$ing for business planning of any sort. and 1nprecedented. 8ill. 'thnic #kirt. Charles !aughey became embroiled in several outrageous scandals related to abuse of his position and financial affairs. Activities. 7lans. bi/arre.R is a novel way to describe or present a personality or system which cannot be moved or . and when -uestioned on one occasion prior to his eventual fall from grace he responded that the accusations were @.A#s. even for large complex challenges and entire businesses. )+ 8 )oals. +eality. ptions. and then shamelessly deny their shortcomings and deceit with the *@'@ defence. (oherty& )8+ )oes 8hen +eady.)oals. %Ac$ ..grotes<ue. and then the planning and determination to achieve them.tar$e& )7 )ood for 7arts diagnosis. who abuse their power and insult the intelligence and tolerance of ordinary people. and unprecedented.. 1nbelievable.@ *@'@ has since become a popular acronym in )reland. As such *. there is a potential application for explaining the more technical aspects of customer profiling. and it is listed here because the underlying meaning and message is obviously transferable to all sorts of corporate and political so0called leaders. B7A and other O(. *@'@ is a sort of maxim of political and corporate infamy. @se with care if you must use is at all. %"han$s Chris . effectively invented by Charles. and whilst not necessarily recommended. !ealthcare acronym. b2ectives. "aoiseach of )reland %/rime inister& for three separate terms between 23<3036. A maxim from the life0coaching industry. $i/arre.

R people tend to be process and detail oriented. Airframe. please feel . *ood !R will always be better than crap !C . but which strictly spea$ing could be covered simply by a modern view of !R .changed without suitable preparation and patience. remains to be seen. 3ocation. 3ookout.R situations tend to be big complex systems or networ$s %large old organiCations and institutions& with lots of entrenched practices and attitudes. )f are studying modern !R practices and methods then again you will tend to find such ideas being presented under the !C heading. when sufficient people embrace the idea that a new approach is warranted or opportune. As with many labels. "A+!3 %"his is now in the corporate bac$ronyms #corporanyms# list& "A#'33 "eight. pointing to various #new# !C components lin$ed to such terms as #new economy#. training. it#s not the label. Chec$list system popular in private pilot licence training for stall recovery and also used prior to aerobatics. and the li$e. *. which indicates the additional emphasis on analysis and accountability that perhaps most distinguishes !C from the traditional !R in practice. Arguably the same as !R %!uman Resources anagement&. although many %especially in the !C field& would disagree.anagement. "uman %apital . !ow long the !C expression lasts. As ever. then using the !C title might bertter emphasise the difference or change you are aiming to achieve. boo$s. "he use of a new title doesn#t automatically ensure a successful initiative or implementation. and the notion that it is very different really from modern !uman Resources anagement. "he !C term has arisen in recent years. but the precise definition and practice that counts. it#s more a different way to sell more services. "%.hat these things are called is not the issue 0 it#s what actually goes on that matters. although there is nothing to prevent well run !uman Resources activities enabling and generating 8ust the same reporting needs and outputs. 'ngine. in which case a new brand or pac$aging usually happens. you will see the word #Reporting# commonly appended to the !uman Capital term. *. if anyone would li$e to suggest any aspect of !C that is not possible under !R . Cynics would say that !C is not so much a different field. 'ut don#t be $idded that the label itself changes anything. On a more specific point. #ecurity. )f it suits your context9audience to differentiate between traditional !R and more open and progressive methods %!C & for managing people within an organiCation. as new buCCwords and abbreviations tend to. . differences between !R and !C largely depend on your own situation and interpretation. "hat said.

. holidays. %O(. "ext messaging ain#t got nothing on it.& "ope ur 3ove 3asts And .A7A. %Ac$ *wen& "!" "ope !his "elps. or better still put together some sort of matrix by which the two terms can usefully be compared. representing the @A#s EH4. +mail abbreviation when replying to re-uests. Could be a great name for the next governement initiative on pensions..ever &ies. Cynical interpretation of the more conventional !uman Resources meaning. "07 "igh 0nvolvement 7roduct. A mar$eting term for a product which re-uires a high amount of thought before purchase.555 per household and yet regard themselves as #wor$ing class#.&. Acronym from the envelopes of wartime home0bound love letters %see also C!)/. according to the Buture Boundation % ay 655. /otentially counter0productive if the recipient doesn#t understand what it means. " 33A.. "+ "uman +emains. Another poignant demographics acronym. etc. and )#ll gladly publish the "090 "usband 0s 9illage 0diot. "!!7 ..A& Classic nurses# shorthand. " 7'(13 "ard5up ld 7erson '*pecting (ull 1seful 3ife. +*Y/" and NOR.)C!&.555 people who earn more than Q255. "'8 "igh 'arning 8orker. (emographic acronym. cars.. . 'y definition the selling approach must be different for !)/s compared to B C*#s and 7)/#s for instance.. )"A7Y..

Alternative created and contributed by writer by . A great reference point for explaining the #emotional contract# and the false notion that people will do what you say 8ust because you tell them so. 0$. aside from having a dig at . +legant and wonderful acronym for many and various situations. for example to highlight where a person finds it difficult to accept responsibility for their own actions. so that in case of suffering a debilitating accident or emergency. A #bac$ronym# with different applications. ore )' acronyms %in fact bac$ronyms or #corporanyms#& for )' as used for the )' corporation are listed in the corporate bac$ronyms list.arried.icrosoft.e #tupid. and in some 8obs. 0diots $ecome .hile the acronym has had this meaning for a also 800(. or more usually. . and the sections on empathy and "ransactional Analysis. 0A. %Ac$ to (r Neale Roney. 0%' 0n %ase of 'mergency. cCarthy.3 "ow !o .anagers. etc."yper5!e*t !ransfer 7rotocol. %Ac$ ( Augler& 0&>A! . Adam&. "!.# 0t's About . especially explaining and understanding human relationships and communications. parent. normally representing the code which underpins the wor$ings of much of what we see on the internet. and here mainly lest we forget. in dating circles.& )' is also interpreted %ac$ /J:& as 0've $een . which for some competes strongly with marital responsibilities. than$s. in recent times the termonology has assumed additional significance> apparently modern practice is increasingly to identify a special #)C+ number# within one#s mobile telephone #phone boo$# listing.arkup 3anguage meaning of !" 7. for example the police service.ake 3ove.. a person assisting anyone in their moment of need is able immediately to contact the nominated friend. Amusing alternative interpretation of the more conventional "yper!e*t .. And with no slight intended to the )' corporation %ac$ . spouse. . (estined to become one of those abbreviations which nobody $nows the origin of in thirty years time. inactivity. since this can apply anywhere. 0 $lame .

Not an acronym obviously but worthy of inclusion. /eople exhibiting )A).)..: for the spelling correction& 04080#0 0'll 4now 0t 8hen 0 #ee 0t. Not a lot of people $now that. (efine it. constraints. from a place called +lmtaryd. Action the chosen solution.0diot. . /+'CAA and /)CN)C. Action. %Ac$.). )dentify the issues. %"han$s . /rocess for changing also )A. "he @A system of human resources -uality and development accreditation system. '*plore. 3ookback. Or more amusingly. &efine. )(25". "he #)( "en "# code has been used by technical service people for years.) principle is not a great help when wor$ing with specialists who re-uire a decent brief. 04'A 0ngvar 4amprad. founded the )A+A retail chain.) below. '*ecute. +xplore possible solutions and also @'A(. /rocess for solving problems> )dentify the problem. 0480880#0 .). priorities. resources1 (esign the plan1 +xecute the plan1 Augment. 'lmtaryd. in Agunnaryd. '(@. "he )A). %Ac$ A'& .A. 0ntellectually 0mpaired 7erson (or 7assenger or 7rotester) 0 being the unofficial term allegedly used by some 7ondon "ransport staff to describe a person aggressively -uestioning staff and appearing not to understand the information or explanations provided.Y*. (on Clar$& 007 0nvestors 0n 7eople. %Ac$. Augment.). (ean .ee also /)".weden. 0&'A 0dentify. refine. . *reat -uiC -uestion.& 0&'A3 0dentify. )ngvar Aamprad. ad8ust and improve activies to consolidate change. )ronic and actually very prevalent alternative approach to .) behaviour generally need help to try thin$ing a little about aims and outcomes. . Agunnaryd. and probably explains very well a large proportion of user0reported faults and -ueries. &esign. and 7oo$ bac$ at the .hitehead.Y.NAB@ you#ve brought about %not really 0 7oo$ bac$ at a 255G successful outcome and a 8ob well done&.).

owned by the originator unless sold or transferred. any employers -uite reasonably insist that any )/ developed by their employees relating to their paid employment automatically belongs to the employer %since the employer has paid for it&. =ariation on the above theme. On0the08ob training in other words. %Ac$ "om Calvert& 07 0ntellectual 7roperty. 0mprove. so it is worthy of inclusion here. write down some ideas or aims.& 0. and thin$ that a -uic$ stroll among the wor$ers will boost morale and uncover some great idea how to save or ma$e the next million. .ome employers see$ . as in> )dentify customer0supplier relationships. %"han$s (!& 0.0'll 4now 8hat 0 8ant 8hen 0 #ee 0t. %hange. )nstead> sit down. Bor all those executives who haven#t got a clue what#s really going on in their companies. 0.y "umble pinion. A common term meaning copyrighted or trademar$ed or otherwise protected wor$. thin$. Change culture. )mprove communications. 0 8A 0diots ut 8alking About (or 8andering Around).how commitment. this would all automatically be your intellectual property %unless of course it replicates intellectual property already belonging to someone else&. ost international law recognises the originator#s rights in any type of original wor$ or idea 0 in whatever media.%0# 0dentify." 0n . etc. . "he basis of the :apanese approach to "O . )t#s a complex area however. )f you doodle on a nap$in or ta$e a photo or write a poem this is all automatically your intellectual property. )f you write a boo$ or a play or a training programme or you design a better mousetrap. #how. )/ is a widely used abbreviation referring to any wor$ of original creation. %Ac$nowledgments to :ohn Oa$land. 8ust sounds a bit more technical.anage.e don#t list many acronyms and abbreviations used in emails and texting. and it#s been around for ages. anage processes. . . because there are millions of them and other sites do it better1 however the ) !O acronym has a certain resonance for life and communications generally. "he procrastinator#s motto.#'! 0n5#ervice 'ducation and !raining. and then you will get good results.

7oo$ out especially for :oost. and its effects will be wide and deep. . )f you want to try imagining the possibilities.$ype 0 now safely launched and divested. being pioneered by Pennstrom and Briis. and the incredible implications of combining unlimited on0demand content.5 interactive internet technology %and the artificial intelligence of web H. licensing. . a high0speed virtually free internet. 07!9 0nternet 7rotocol !ele9ision (0nternet 7rotocol !9). Other modern age entrepreneurs are now emerging alongside :oost to challenge the traditional #old economy# media giants.. it#s best to see$ -ualified advice. especially by large organiCations in the finance. so "= over the web will do the same for "=. Bor investors )/O#s can ris$y as it is difficult to predict the value of the stoc$ or shares when they open for trading. Bor more detail relating to )/ issues attached to important or potentially significant personal or organisational liabilities.witch#&. who will all have their wor$ cut out to $eep pace with their -uic$er more efficient rivals in the battle for a share in this unimaginably dynamic mar$et. 07 0nitial 7ublic ffering. Nic$ Negroponte saw something li$e this coming nearly twenty years ago %they called it the #Negroponti . "he acronym is useful to remind all exponents of poor customer service how not to do it. Argue. ) wonder if an acronym ever had a more serious fundamental meaning than this one? Bull convergence between computers and "= is fast approaching.toc$ +xchange and corporate acronym for the initial sale of privately owned e-uity %stoc$ or shares& in a company via the issue of shares to the public and other investing institutions. 07A!!A7 0nterrupt.5 when it comes&. !hreaten. !erminate. consider combining all types of "= and video content. )n other words an )/O is the first sale of stoc$ by a private company to the public. insurance and telecoms sectors. and wireless anytime0anywhere high0speed high0capacity mobile connectivity. An )/O is effectively #going public# or #ta$ing a company public#. etc. Now it#s almost upon us. computer games. 7atronise. :ust as =O)/ %=oice Over )nternet /rotocol& is revolutioniCing the phone and mobile communications mar$ets.. web 6.. virtual reality.. who have already succeeded with two sector0rattling developments 0 AaCaa and .. )/Os are typically small. young companies raising capital to finance growth. A less than ideal customer service process for dealing with complaints and dissatisfied customers 0 widely exhibited. which is less reasonable. bigger and scarier than he ever imagined. and mobile extend this to employees# ideas and creations that are not related to the wor$. Apply 7enalties. And that#s 8ust for starters.

"he word derives from the *ree$ #isos#.(N> 0t #till &oes .tandards OrganiCation# are.0+$0A 0'd +ather $e 0n Ambridge.eed. "he words #)nternational .ee also NOR. .hen they#d rather be somewhere else.ump And 7ump All . You#ve seen people with that #)R')A# loo$ on their face. /ronounced #:ifdi#. %Ac$ ( cNally& 0# 0nternational #tandards rgani/ation. =arious applications. a retrospectively applied meaning 0 ).etwork.O was not originally an acronym. . . "he international standards0 setting organiCation chartered by the @nited Nations. %. %Ac$ R Anight& . Amusing alternative interpretation of the abbreviation#s original meaning> 0ntegrated #ervices &igital . whose #initials# prefix various published standards. and !O77AN(& . . and #isosceles# as in an #isosceles triangle#.. Another alternative meaning> 0 #till &on't 4now. 0nnovations #ubscribers &on't . for example ).)C!.A7A. "here#s even an )R')A ug.O3555. in other words a digital telephone line. 0!A30 !rust And 3ove -ou.(&0 . meaning e-ual %as in #isobar# 0 meaning a line on a weather map denoting the same atmospheric pressure.& 0#&.othing.artime bac$0of0envelope lovers code. Australian origins apparently. which you will remember from your school0days is a triangle with two e-ual sides&.ust (lipping &o 0t. far away from the pressures of a particularly tedious meeting or training course.ight. #isometric# 0 meaning e-ual measure. when the real world is getting to be too much. %Ambridge is the fictional and normally idyllic home to Radio 4#s #"he Archers#. the -uality standard. :B() is a must for . and a reminder that simply getting on with it is often the best answer to most moments of self0doubt.A7A. more properly called the 0nternational rgani/ation for #tandardi/ation. fascinatingly. typically four digit numbers. this acronym is the antidote to procrastination. %Ac$ O Armitage& And another amusing meaning of ).

"he :apanese original terminology is #$anban#. :)" is a lot tric$ier than it the demographics section. similar :ust )n "ime principles can be applied to other functions besides manufacturing and stoc$ and materials management1 really any activity where cost and resource can be saved by minimiCing leeway and contingencies relating to supply deadlines. "aiichi Ohno. F :ust )n "ime .ust 0n !ime. ore generally. and it is a vital part of the #lean production# process methodology. decreasing dependence on training. "here is no room for errors when employing :ust )n "ime management methods. notably the :apanese. the aim of which is to reduce capital employed in stoc$. :)")A F :ust )n "ime )nternational Aid. and the concept is typically most useful when viewed as a benefit or flexibility arising from strategic improvement within a business operation. :)" was and is used successfully by highly efficient manufacturing corporations. "hat#s the theory anyway. which also has $noc$0on benefits to reducing storage space. easier supply chain management. much used by media and mar$eting fol$. and Yasuhiro onden. .0! . "he term and methodology were developed within the total -uality management field by the :apanese as a next step on from #materials re-uirements planning# % R/&.0%. "he term arises in formal and cynical variations by adding suffixes with the initial letters of the particular :ust )n "ime %or dangerously starved& activity or resource. . time management and a maxim for self0reliance and empowerment. 'e mindful of this ris$ whenever you see such examples or suggestions. !umorous antonyms include :"7 F :ust "oo 7ate. and has been enabled by computeriCation especially to analyse and manage timings rather than stoc$ levels. :)"" F :ust )n "ime "raining. than a cause of improvement itself. .A+# . . and better overall -uality. which it is not. Noted authors to have covered the sub8ect include +dwards (eming. etc.toc$. so where an operation is incapable of accommodating :)" methods the description #disaster waiting to happen# is more apt. :)" normally describes operational or production methods based on minimiCing stoc$ levels. and the frustratingly :"B7 F :ust "oo Blipping 7ate. Certain industries and technologies are far more amenable than others to :ust )n "ime management. for example> :)". :)" management re-uires total commitment to -uality and efficiency or the supply chain brea$s down and operations come to a halt. "he body which established and runs the A'C social grades classification system. )ntroducing :ust )n "ime methods without creating the re-uired efficiencies and reliabilities beforehand is not a viable change. "he aim of $anban is actually Cero inventory.oint 0ndustry %ommittee for .ational +eadership #urveys.

4'9 4ey 'thical also . and the organiCational environment 0 accountants and bosses can#t measure it. ( Rowland& 40## 4eep 0t #imple #tupid. Another useful acronym for trainers to explain different aspects of learning. A motto and reminder that simplicity wor$s 0 in communications. #kills. meetings. Acronym for economic and financial life0change. A reminder of the importance of striving to improve yourself. design. individually and collectively. starting your own business. decision0ma$ing. %Ac$.! below. 4A#" 4nowledge. %Ac$. relationships. 4'4eep '*tending -ourself. buying a franchise. #kills.A)0 ing for the antidote. ore typically shown in plural as also AA. etc. (on Clar$& . and always to be see$ing new challenges. Attitude.(& )f you $now the origins of the AA. "abits. management and life generally. emotion. Anowledge and . *enerally s$ills and $nowledge are easier to develop and change than attitude and habits. 4077'+# 4ids 0n 7arents' 7ockets 'roding +etirement #avings.. . philosophy.ust ver $roke.! acronym please contact us. One of the all time great acronyms. to any situation to deter . and so true. so it#s often overloo$ed. A useful spur if you are contemplating self0employment. $ . referring to the Aey +thical =alues of an organiCation or proposition. "he constituents re-uired for people to succeed at what they do.. Coaching and motivational maxim. personal circumstances. Apply and promote A). Attitude. plumber. becoming a consultant. %Ac$ . %Ac$ / *osling& 4A# 4nowledge.$ills can largely be trained1 Attitude can#t 0 it#s a factor of personality. and then the boss and the accountant wonder why people aren#t performing.

.& . go home and begin preparations to . Originally a teachers# acronym but much too good to restrict to school assemblies. monitor and assess the effectiveness of any organiCational activity or process %"han$s for reminder Nic$ . Bor a free A).ee also AA@"A&. beauty. . 4eep 0t #imple #unshine. or unruly adult ones.uccess )ndicator& is a less common version of this acronym.ystem much used now by the @A Audit Commission %and no doubt by other highly centralised and high0control culture organiCations& to set down extremely specific criteria for inspectors assessing and reporting on local government services. A measure. +stablishing a series of A/)#s or A.o much for empowerment. and9or turn around and return their manager#s A)"A with a /)"* %/unch )n "he *ob& and9or say nothing.."+BA'O( %. truth.. 4#0 %F Aey . 7eicester. anagers persisting with this idiocy will find that after a A)"A session the recipient will be motivated to move only the small distance that Newton#s 7aws of otion provide for them to do so. also #:B()#&.)#s is a very useful way to manage. and honesty. excuses.ue "he +mployer Bor A 'arnful Of (amages&.chool. 4-"A(!4eep -our "ands And (eet !o -ourselves. %. integrity. theme include 4eep 0t #hort and #weet. colour poster see the free businessballs posters page. bureaucracy. used to manage and gauge the performance of an activity.unnecessary complication. Bor the youngest of audiences. +ngland. etc. process or pro8ect. 4eep 0t #imple and #traightforward . )n fact not motivation at all. otivation at its most basic. 4eep 0t #imple #ister. red0tape.hiteley&. and to encourage practical positive outcomes. %Ac$nowledgments to Anstey 7atimer . =ariations on the A). 4eep 0t #imple #weetheart. no0nonsense communications. target or standard. %Ac$ C& 470:4#0 4ey 7erformance 0ndicator:4ey #uccess 0ndictor. and then will do one or more probably a number of certain things> • • • sprawl to the floor in a useless heap %metaphorically& and be less committed and productive than they were pre0A)"A. 40!A 4ick 0n !he Ass:Arse. 43 ' 4ey 3ines f 'n<uiry..

& 3A#! 3isten. !hank. %Ac$ 7 .peden& Alterntive acronym is> 7ON) F 7ights On. Certain organiCations continue to pursue less positive methods. Nobody )n. %Ac$ "umby&. . which is an altogether more serious use of the abbreviation %see the sales training section&. 3$0A% 3eft $rains 0n Airport %arpark. +uphemistic reference to an idiot. %"han$s A'.ot n.anagement 7rocess. otto for independence and self0determination.+OR. +*O. "erminate. but it would never have caught on. 3A. /+AR7 and R!)NO. Advise. /atronise. %Ac$ *& 3A#'+ 3ight Amplification by the #timulated 'mission of +adiation. (avid Rawsthorn& . /erhaps one of the silliest and most wonderful reverse acronyms ever to have been devised. Argue. notably the )BO techni-ue %)gnore and Bob0 Off& or the )/A""A/ model %)nterrupt.3A&&'+ 3ongitudinal And &irectional &istance '*tremity +eacher. %Ac$ / *arbutt& 3A.7B also refers to the iller !eiman organisation#s 3arge Account .hould technically be 7A'". 3ights Are . A good aid for training customer service and complaints handling. or someone who#s behaviour resembles one. %Ac$. As used by airport and airline ground handling staff the world over. from the so0named activist group. #olve. "he shorthand coded version of #"he wheel is turning but the hamster is dead#.inded 7erson. and also very good for inattentive delegates who#ve had to ma$e an expensive air trip 8ust to fall asleep on your training course. Apply /enalties&. %Ac$ Rand& 3A&0'# 3ife After &ivorce 0s 'ventually #aner. . Bor people who aren#t concentrating or simple unable to do so.7 3ower Academically5. "hreaten.

One of the many amusing acronyms with miltary origins.howing genuine concern and understanding is vital for empathy. Consider the value of the customer and not the cost of resolving this particular issue. Ask. and then offer a solution. empathise with the customer. which will be useful especially if you are interested in the retail industry. de0personalise the situation %both of you stand bac$ and loo$ at it ob8ectively&. &e5personalise. not present a defence or a counter0argument.tanley#s website. +esolve. "he term has also been spotted in the education sector. 'mpathise. with wider potential applications. etc& to diagnose the situation or re-uest. and never attempt to interrupt.tanley#s highly regarded boo$ :ust About +verything a Retail anager Needs to Anow %than$s . ffer. %Ac$.3'A+ 3isten.tephen Carr. writer and spea$er. H. %Ac$ (R& . 'rilliant and simple. hence the expression to describe people who fail to ma$e the most of their opportunities and efforts. and ac$nowledgements to :ohn . 6. 3isten 0 You must show serious and honest concern for the customer seriousl. or 8ustify your point or argue. 'y listening actively you also ta$e the first step towards diffusing customer upset or anger. which can be important where the issue needs investigating before finally resolving. +esolve 0 Resolve the problem to the customer#s satisfaction as -uic$ly as possible. which appears in :ohn . and also good for any conciliation or conflict resolution> listen to the complaint. "he customer is not interested in your point of view 0 the other person wants you to understand them. 4. "he armed forces offer relatively short timescales by which staff can retire on a full pension. ainly for customer service.tanley is a retail expert. who confirmed to me that to the best of his recollection he devised the acronym in the 23<5s. 'mpathise 0 /ut yourself in the customer#s shoes and see the situation from their perspective. att 'ooth& 30('+ 3a/y 0gnorant (ool '*pecting +etirement.tephen Carr. 'mpathise. how.& 3'& 3isten. @nderstanding is not necessarily the same as agreeing. A fine mnemonic for customer service and other problem0solving communications. !ere is more detail of the model represented by the 7+AR acronym> 2. :ohn . %"han$s . . !ere is :ohn . (ec 655<&.tanley. which you will begin to do by listening. Ask 0 As$ Ouestions> as$ open -uestions %what.

=ery probably the most common acronym in use today. 3 3 3ots of 3ove. %"han$s ( for reminder& 7ombard in fact is a very old word for a pawn bro$er. *reat extension of 7ANO. 7ON) or as an alternative to /+AR7. .0 3ights n. %Or& 3aughing ut 3oud. ar$etingspea$ for a product which doesn#t re-uire much thought before purchase.oney $ut A +eal &ickhead. As if any confirmation were needed1 inheritence or accumulation of wealth doesn#t necessarily correlate with decency and integrity.$A+& 3oads f . @bi-uitous acronym found in email.obody's At "ome. Yuletide acronym. %Ac$ *& 31%0& 3eave 1ntil %hristmas 0s &one. Alternative acronym to 7ANO from the #wheel is turning but the hamster is dead# category.307 3ow 0nvolvement 7roduct. Ouestion> Are all B C*s 7)/s as well? 3 $.obody 0n. derived from 7ombardy in )taly where the system first flourished due to religious constraints surrounding money0 lending. Also for people who say that they#ve been listening when really we $now they haven#t. 3 (! 3ack f (lipping !alent.ardonic put0down or comment upon a daft action of a colleague found in banter across City trading floors and sales offices where such aggressive and competitive behaviours are part of the scene. chatroom and texting communications. 3 .A" 3ights n $ut . . when procrastinators everywhere are 8oined by most of the western world in deferring anything other than a life0threatening emergency until the Christmas blow0out is properly organiCed and maximum en8oyment extracted. . %Ac$ R .errett& 3 . A good acronym for aslow and !erCberg emphasis.

ad As A "atter.A& "his healthcare acronym has a certain onomatopoeic -uality.. 7argely unfair but very clever reverse acronym.oves All '*tremities 8ell. .A& Nurses and doctors acronym used on patient notes. %O(.(& .ee also AY!AB"Y.$A . "oo late to change it now though. 23I6&. . %O(. )f you are a manager and li$e to manage by wal$ing about ma$e sure you do it with humility and genuine interest. %"han$s "om Calvert for pointing out this omission. "he classic management.anagement $y 8alking About (or 8andering Around). but the '. AR"+R. the healthcare company&. "he term is perfectly transferable to over0active team members.ot. # aster of 'usiness Administration# arguably gives a somewhat lop0sided impression of what modern business management is all about. AR" and . and it#s extended variant '. . %"han$s for reminder .ee also ..A%0. !he perating #ystem "angs.$ (or .AA" . were part of a new management ideology which seems to have been first pioneered by a few bright American companies as far bac$ as the 2345s %eg =arian also )O. "he term '. . 0f .ost Applications %rash. .aster of $usiness Administration. and when you thin$ about it.A is generally ac$nowledged to have been coined by "om /eters %)n .A7.$ 's) . %Ac$ + "homas& .! #" .anagement $y b2ectives. and delegates at meetings or training courses. 'etter still why not actually do the 8ob on the factory floor for a wee$ and you#ll really find out what#s going on. and the techni-ues for effective delegation.A'8 . Not everyone $nows what this actully stands for...& .A. (epending on who is doing the wal$ing about and whether you are in the vicinity this could be either a good thing or a bad thing.earch Of +xcellence.$8A . but which people#s activities and aims 0 and the coaching support given 0 can be geared to organiCational targets and priorities.A style. along with anagement . delegation and development techni-ue.

'y Ob8ectives and Open (oor anagement. "he style was later adopted and further evangelised from the late 23E5s onwards by (avid /ac$ard and ,illiam !ewlett, the founders of !ewlett /ac$ard %who incidentally seem to have learned it from wor$ing at some stage with +dward *inCton of =arian&. "his modern approach is also $nown as .ilicon =alley anagement 0 .= 0 because that#s location of the first companies who used it, and where its effectiveness was first proven. "he .= style, and its contemporary variations, now a mainstay of recently successful big organiCations li$e Cisco and .un, is also indirectly referred to as the #!/ ,ay#.

.anagement $y 8andering Around and 3istening. +xtension of the ',A management techni-ue.

.y 'yes )la/ed ver. ,atch for this sign from your audience at your next presentation. )f spotted you could need more acronyms.... .ee /+AR7 and 7ANO also.

.ediocrity, 'go, 3imits, 9anity, 0ncompetence, ,ame5calling. Non0 productive aspects of wor$place behaviour and attitude. =arious +7=)N terms %eg #NO +7=)N#, #(on#t be a +7=)N#, #No +7=)N#s here#, etc& help remind people of the behaviours to avoid, especially in blame cultures or negative0thin$ing environments. %Ac$ / 7ubbers& .its well alongside other motivational and positive attitude maxims, many examples on the -uotes and leadership sections, and lin$s well with the philosophies of Covey#s seven habits, Carter0.cott#s rules of life and RuiC#s Bour Agreements.

.a*imum 0mpact, 3ittle 'ffort. Acronym to express the principle of optimising productivity, and the value of identifying #high0yield# areas on which to apply #high0yield# methods and techni-ues. +specially helpful in sales and mar$eting training. .ee also /AY and OB OB. .ee /areto /rinciple %"he I5>65 Rule&. %Ac$ /7&

.om 0'd 3ike to (ondle. /olite%0ish& version. "han$ you to the several million people who have pointed out this omission. Outrageous of course. .om 0'd 3ike to (eel offers some variety aside from the obvious and better $nown version. "hese are not references to incest. )7B came to

prominence in the 2333 teen0movie American /ie, hence @. spelling om instead of um. =ariations include .03! 0n 3eather !rousers&, .03' 0'd 3ike to 'n2oy&, #.03' %#occer .om 0'd 3ike to 'n2oy&, #.03! %#occer .om 0n 3eather !rousers& and &03( %wor$ it out&. /lease don#t send any more. Oh alright then.. %Ac$nowledgements are too numerous to mention. You $now who you are..&

.obility 0mpaired 7erson. .emi0official acronym used by 7ondon "ransport staff to describe a person who may have difficulty using stairs or escalators because of some physiological condition or because they are burdened with heavy luggage and9or children. %Ac$ A'& .ee also =)/.

... or 3.
.easurable, .anageable, .otivational. A great tri0pod or three0 legged stool analogy 0 the three essential struts for any contracted arrangement or understanding, or delegated tas$. Remove any of the three legs and the structure falls over. .ee also . AR", and the .martie !unt team building game. Alternatively> .rs, .other, .artyr, with an optional fourth for .istress if appropriate. %Ac$ + *idley&

. (. (
.inimum f (uss, .a*imum f (lavour. "he OB OB principle and acronym are advocated by, and should be attributed to, )talian chef Antonio Carluccio. "he OB OB maxim is however extremely transferable to wor$, management, business, and to life generally, since it essentially emphasises the concept of focusing your effort on what matters most. # inimum of Buss# e-uates to minimum effort, investment, time, resources, etc. # aximum of Blavour# e-uates to maximum return, result, reward or effect, etc. "his is the secret of productivity, sustainable success, and effectiveness in all fields, not 8ust coo$ing, and is one of the most widely neglected simple rules of achieving anything. "he wonderful /areto /rinciple %I5965 Rule& provides a useful scientific perspective to support the OB OB analogy, in which #I5# e-uates to the reward and #65# e-uates to the effort. "hus, the aim is not to achieve absolute perfection %which is invariably a sub8ective 8udgement anyway&, but instead to see$ the best ratio between input and output 0 best output relative to input. .ee also the acronyms )7+ and /AY, which convey similar ideas. "he 7aw of (iminishing Returns is another %converse& way of exploring or illustrating this principle, i.e., that beyond an optimum # OB OB# level and type of effort %investment, resource, time, etc&, which is commonly the crucial 65G of the maximum possible, the rate of return declines, such that, for example, the final 2G of improvement might easily re-uire a whopping <EG of the total possible investment. N.'. "he OB OB principle is not to be confused with or regarded as undermining "otal Ouality methodologies

such as .ix .igma and "O %"otal Ouality anagement& which concern near0to 255G -uality and reliability necessary in critical processes such as manufacturing and other activities with important safety and reliability implications. "O and .ix .igma deal with absolute situations, where performance and -uality is viewed in isolation. OB OB and /areto Analysis are useful in relative situations, where performance and -uality do not have to be perfected in every single absolute respect, rather optimised to produce the best result or effect, relative to the investment.



.odular b2ect5 riented &ynamic 3earning 'nvironment. oodle is a very popular open source =7+ %=irtual 7earning +nvironment& internet website platform. /latform in this sense means the technology and code on which a website operates. Apparently the first stood for artin, after artin (ougiamas, the originator of the oodle system. Also, apparently, the word moodle is now a verb too, referring to the process of improvisation and discovery leading to en8oyable personal development and learning. oodle.

. 7
.easure f 7erformance. Critical and essential aspect of all sorts of business activities %training, delegation, planning anything, product development, etc&, often overloo$ed, which invariably produces unsatisfactory and un0measurable results that then surprise the perpetrators. %Ac$. (on Clar$&

.ean !ime $etween %hanges of .ind. Originally an engineering abbreviation, which is actually applicable to all pro8ect wor$ and delegated tas$s, from the perspective of the delegate, or person expected to carry out the wor$. ,hen designing, performing or carrying out any activity at the re-uest or instruction of another person or group, it is usually best to wait a given time %the "'C & until the specification has stabilised. A few situations and instructions have a "'C of Cero %for example when you have left your car in the C+O#s car0par$ space&1 most other tas$s %for example creating a new corporate brochure or a company0wide training programme& tend to change in nature considerably, and many times, before agreement is possible on final specification. "he "'C factor does not allow of course for those pro8ects which need to be started before a precise specification can be agreed, which is another matter altogether.... %Ac$ *&


NAAB) has been alternatively and mischievously interpreted within parts of ! Borces as . Again.A& .. . Aeightley& . Army and Air (orce 0nstitutes.. arguably resulting from low incentive. and by comparison with their customers. . %"han$s R 'olden and .. %"han$s N"&..ot Actually &one. "he acronym#s original meaning was National Association of 7ocal *overnment Officers.A3) . !owever. . a relatively safe existence. Retrospectively applied meaning to the NA7*O trade union name. now the largest @A trade union . . who bail them out and never mention a thing.AA(0 ..+ in 233H to form @N). "his form of the acronym is of course eminently transferable to all orgnisational situations where managers fail to notice their mista$es.avy.A& Nurses and healthcare staff acronym to describe test results that are within the normal range. given the acronym#s obvious disrespectful tone. Another demographic social class acronym from the 23I5s. %ac$ + "homas& .1770' .othing Abnormal &iscovered:&etected. Not a recommended trainer#s term..ot At All (lipping 0nterested in referring to certain NAAB) staff who display a lac$ of motivation.iddle5aged 1rban 7rofessional.ot A %hance !il After %hristmas. and also fail to notice the generosity of their staff. in which case it means .ON. etc.. NAC"A" %"han$sgiving&.A%!A% . =ariations include NAC"A+ %+aster&. "he NAAB) traditionally run shops and bars within forces establishments. which merged with N@/+ and CO!.. one of those acronyms whose origins are not widely $nown.aff All Ambition (' all 0nterest or .ee also uppet in the word origins. @nderstandable response from overwor$ed despatch departments and customer services staff when attempting to explain -uite reasonably that it#s not possible to process urgent last0minute orders received at lunchtime on the day before holiday shut0down.ost 1seless 7olice 7robationer 'ver !rained. %O(. Amusing twist on the Y@//)+ theme.ot A 3ot )oing n. NA( is alternatively often used when superiors as$ for the results of tests that no0one thought to order.

"hey see$ to promote stability and well0being in the North Atlantic area. and to refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force in any manner inconsistent with the purposes of the @nited Nations. "hey therefore agree to this North Atlantic "reaty > Article 2 "he /arties underta$e.%. Any such armed attac$ and all measures ta$en as a result thereof shall immediately be reported to the . and specifically for glory0hunters and autocrats everywhere %Ac$. 5 C April >DCD "he /arties to this "reaty reaffirm their faith in the purposes and principles of the Charter of the @nited Nations and their desire to live in peace with all peoples and all governments. here it is below. Article . as set forth in the Charter of the @nited Nations.peden&. each of them. ) love the irony where it says D. "hey are resolved to unite their efforts for collective defence and for the preservation of peace and security. Article 6 "he /arties will contribute toward the further development of peaceful and friendly international relations by strengthening their free institutions.. if such an armed attac$ occurs.. "hey will see$ to eliminate conflict in their international economic policies and will encourage economic collaboration between any or all of them.ot A !eam perator is rather fitting don#t you thin$ in terms of certain NA"O and @N members# behaviours in modern times. in the opinion of any of them. to settle any international dispute in which they may be involved by peaceful means in such a manner that international peace and security and 8ustice are not endangered. NA"O comprises 6.. 7 . individual liberty and the rule of law. by means of continuous and effective self0help and mutual aid..uch measures shall be terminated when the . including the use of armed force. and by promoting conditions of stability and well0 being. !he . individually and in concert with the other /arties.o Action.D "he interpretation . separately and 8ointly. political independence or security of any of the /arties is threatened. Article H )n order more effectively to achieve the ob8ectives of this "reaty.ot A !eam perator. "hey are determined to safeguard the freedom.representing over a million public service wor$ers and volunteers. !alk nly %than$s * Coo$&. all supposedly #. by bringing about a better understanding of the principles upon which these institutions are founded. %Ac$ R "ic$ner& . will assist the /arty or /arties so attac$ed by ta$ing forthwith. to restore and maintain the security of the North Atlantic area. the territorial integrity. %2& Bor the . which given the meaning has far wider application than references to NA"O. signed on 4 April 2343.. Article E "he /arties agree that an armed attac$ against one or more of them in +urope or North America shall be considered an attac$ against them all and conse-uently they agree that.ecurity Council. countries %as at ay 655I&.orth Atlantic !reaty 5 8ashington &. common heritage and civilisation of their peoples.A! . in exercise of the right of individual or collective self0defence recognised by Article E2 of the Charter of the @nited Nations.committed to fulfilling the goals of the North Atlantic "reaty. founded on the principles of democracy. and to refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force in any manner inconsistent with the purposes of the @nited Nations. the /arties. Also mischievously interpreted as ..# )f you are interested in what the treaty is and what NA"O is technically for.. +xcellent reverse acronym for emphasising verious aspects of team0wor$ing.ecurity Council has ta$en the measures necessary to restore and maintain international peace and security . Article 4 "he /arties will consult together whenever. which properly stands for the . .to settle any international dispute in which they may be involved by peaceful means in such a manner that international peace and security and 8ustice are not endangered. will maintain and develop their individual and collective capacity to resist armed attac$. such action as it deems necessary..orth Atlantic !reaty rgani/ation.

tates of America.& . "he Council shall set up such subsidiary bodies as may be necessary1 in particular it shall establish immediately a defence committee which shall recommend measures for the implementation of Articles H and E.tates of America will inform each of the /arties of the deposit of each such instrument of accession. Brance. so to spea$.tates.ea or the North Atlantic area north of the "ropic of Cancer. or aircraft of any of the /arties. 7uxembourg. vessels. or at any time thereafter. including the development of universal as well as regional arrangements under the Charter of the @nited Nations for the maintenance of international peace and security.tates on the date of the deposit of their ratifications. after the deposition of the ratifications of all signatory states. the @nited Aingdom and the @nited . having regard for the factors then affecting peace and security in the North Atlantic area.tate in a position to further the principles of this "reaty and to contribute to the security of the North Atlantic area to accede to this "reaty. invite any other +uropean .purpose of Article E. %H& Article 26 After the "reaty has been in force for ten years. "he definition of the territories to which Article E applies was revised by Article 6 of the /rotocol to the North Atlantic "reaty on the accession of *reece and "ur$ey signed on 66 October 23E2. "he Council shall be so organised as to be able to meet promptly at any time. if any of them so re-uests.tates of America. (uly certified copies will be transmitted by that *overnment to the *overnments of other signatories. the /arties shall. and underta$es not to enter into any international engagement in conflict with this "reaty. consult together for the purpose of reviewing the "reaty. "he *overnment of the @nited . the North Atlantic Council noted that insofar as the former Algerian (epartments of Brance were concerned. the Netherlands.nato. on the Algerian (epartments of Brance %6&. Article 25 "he /arties may. which will notify all the other signatories of each deposit. Canada. Article < "his "reaty does not affect.H. any /arty may cease to be a /arty one year after its notice of denunciation has been given to the *overnment of the @nited . Article I +ach /arty declares that none of the international engagements now in force between it and any other of the /arties or any third . Article 24 "his "reaty. shall be deposited in the archives of the *overnment of the @nited .ota $ for the whole shooting match.$ . 23.. Any . when in or over these territories or any other area in +urope in which occupation forces of any of the /arties were stationed on the date when the "reaty entered into force or the editerranean .6. 23. Article 22 "his "reaty shall be ratified and its provisions carried out by the /arties in accordance with their respective constitutional processes. "he "reaty shall enter into force between the . "he "reaty came into force on 64 August 2343. %As at ay 655I 0 see www.tates which have ratified it as soon as the ratifications of the ma8ority of the signatories. or the primary responsibility of the . . which will inform the *overnments of the other /arties of the deposit of each notice of denunciation. literally meaning #observe well#. Article 3 "he /arties hereby establish a Council. to consider matters concerning the implementation of this "reaty. an armed attac$ on one or more of the /arties is deemed to include an armed attac$> on the territory of any of the /arties in +urope or North America.tates of America. on which each of them shall be represented. on the territory of or on the )slands under the 8urisdiction of any of the /arties in the North Atlantic area north of the "ropic of Cancer1 on the forces.tates of America. have been deposited and shall come into effect with respect to other . including the ratifications of 'elgium. of which the +nglish and Brench texts are e-ually authentic.tate so invited may become a /arty to the "reaty by depositing its instrument of accession with the *overnment of the @nited . Article 2H After the "reaty has been in force for twenty years.ecurity Council for the maintenance of international peace and security. the relevant clauses of this "reaty had become inapplicable as from :uly H. "he instruments of ratification shall be deposited as soon as possible with the *overnment of the @nited . Abbreviation of the 7atin expression commonly used in explanatory writing. by unanimous agreement.tate is in conflict with the provisions of this "reaty. On :anuary 2. and shall not be interpreted as affecting in any way the rights and obligations under the Charter of the /arties which are members of the @nited Nations.

Alternatively and sardonically employed by some sound reproduction purists to mean . F Normal Bor . A great one for -uiCCes and smart ale$s. "he third word is widely substituted for other areas. %Ac$ A'. and NBB F Normal Bor Bife&. nationalities are not recommended for third words.ot 4nown.0). %O(.. %ac$ +"& .. and thereby to #program# yourself. mar$eting. . Blexible and disparaging reference to a group of people deemed to be less intelligent or capable than those using the term. eg.usic %Ac$ / Air$patric$&.37 . #/rogramming# refers to and implies your actual or potential ability to affect your mind#s control over your behaviour and language.$- . ) bet you never $new that. 'eware potential discrimination litigation haCards.o 4nown &rug the N7/ section for more information. #7inguistic# refers to the interpretation of experience through language.0%A. the term is widely applicable beyond this. solicitors. . %O(. ie. organisational and inter0departmental rivalries.A&.ow 0've )ot -ou. engineers.. .0. #Companded# is a technical compound word made from #compressed# and #expanded#. and ( !arte for further details&.(3 . also featured on this page.A&. towns and cities %for example NBN F Normal for Norfol$. NB. alternatively the abbreviation is used to mean . mastering a new s$ill. . .ormal (or 3ondoners.elby. #Neuro# refers to the way your brain and senses..ultiple*. . salesmen. uncovering deceipt or duplicity.. accountants. whereby third word options include> management. A modern scientific model for communication and self0development. &idn't Ask..ear50nstantaneously %ompanded Audio . li$e modem and codec.ot 0ntended to %arry Any . etc. etc. solving a problem. interprets and process your experiences. An acronym specifically relating to "ransactional Analysis #games#. Nursing and healthcre staff acronym. "he acronym potentially extends to corporate. officers.euro53inguistic 7rogramming.4&A . however.

ot ur %lass &ear... *ilbert& "he term #sub0prime# is a ban$ing euphemism for dodgy. especially when interest rates rose. %Ac$ . were they to find themselves in similar circumstances %this type of person $nown as a /)*)N) 'Y 0 /hew )#m *lad )t#s Not )n y 'ac$0 Yard&. . consisting of many and various and powerful interests. . snobbish.D )n essence nothing much has changed 0 other than the situation has gone global 0 since the American politician :ohn Calhoun made this observation in 23H.. You will gather that ) am not a great fan of the big ban$s. because the losses can always be recovered from their millions of other fee0paying customers who are far too passive and trusting for their own good. combined into one mass. derogatory term for something of unacceptable -uality. . and ultimately are effectively immune from even the most extraordinarily high levels of self0inflicted bad debts. in their hands.ot 0n . @pper0class.%' . ) am sure there are one or two ethical corporate ban$ers out there who have experienced feelings of human $indness and consideration at some time in their lives 0 if only towards their wives and children. short0sighted. in which ban$s and financial mar$ets -uestioned %for a day or two anyway& the wisdom of lending too much money to people who would be unli$ely to be able to ma$e the repayments. "he leaders of the big corporate ban$s don#t actually really care if the loans are ris$y and irresponsible because their corporations are expert at laying off these debts elsewhere... ris$y. "he ban$s 0 and other similarly large and greedy industries %oil. etc. defence notably& 0 hold the well0being of our world.. idiotic. *ave rise to the term #nimbyism# which is generally used by people to criticise others who are behaving in exactly the same way as would those ma$ing nimbyism accusations.y $ack5-ard.o also 'ANANA. or maybe as infants themselves prior to suffering their own desperate childhood sadness and neglect as tends to produce a fixation on greed and exploitating others 0 but they are a rare breed indeed.. %& .. . "erm given to a person or group having the audacity to complain about a nuclear waste recycling plant or high security prison being built close to their homes. ... irresponsible. %delete as applicable&. and the testicles of our politicians. . A good start. DA power has risen up in the government greater than the people themselves. *od help us all. A relatively recent acronym which achieved prominence during the summer 655< #sub0prime# loans crisis.0. . unethical. rec$ N"( and /7@. and ) en8oy very much the following -uestion and answer> .A .o . and held together by the cohesive power of the vast surplus in the ban$s. construction..ob or Assets.hat do you call twenty 65 ban$ers at the bottom of the sea?.

ee NOC( and /7@ for other snobbish code.ormal %ourtyard '*ercise. waitresses. .ot ne f . and still used all over the world.!#% .A& Nurses# shorthand acronym to describe a patient in such condition.arcastic acronym referring to a rude man. call0centre staff. the meaning and origins are not commonly $nown. . A slang prison word for a sex offender. which was derived as a shortening of #a little bit of nonsense# being a prison euphemism for the particular offence.A decades ago. certain fashion statements and haircuts1 certain stories about your wee$end exploits1 revealing weird personal facts or accomplishments such as drun$en tattoos or body piercings.. . %Ac$ C /urdom& .!& . "he abbreviation refers to colour television standard developed in the @. %Ac$ Charli& . nurses.ot n . +xcellent term for covert customer service communications. websites. "he expression has also been applied to people themselves. .#(8 .) . derived supposedly from the term chal$ed above a culprit#s cell door by prison officers. especially dodgy emails. and is liable to adversely affect career progression or even 8ob retention. meaning that the prisoner should be $ept apart from others for his own safety. eg. . for example. etc. . recommended or revealed is on the wrong side of political correctness or decency. Alternatively the acronym came after the word.ot Euite +ight. despite its propensity to #colour drift# %whereby the colour reference signal wanders . Acronym to warn others %or remind oneself& that the information or content being sent.ot !op &rawer. %O(. Although the video and "= abbreviation is widely used.ature's )entlemen.E+ . An abbreviation applicable the problems we all encounter which defy reliable analysis.ational !elevision #ystem %ommittee. "he acronym is of course transferable to a variety of other high ris$ behaviours or revelations. and so it#s transferable to pretty well all situations beyond the medical world. as used by various customer0facing roles. possessing a huge collection of belly0button fur0balls.ot #afe (or 8ork. etc. @pper0class people#s expression refering to something of less than acceptable -uality.

the Oualifications and Curriculum Authority&. %) don#t believe there is actually an N=O in /aint0'alling yet. "he firing s-uads typically were made up from their own reluctant comrades.off0fre-uency&.ever !wice the #ame %olour. 'ut N=O#s don#t suit everyone.everal million certificates have been awarded since N=O#s were first introduced in 23I.& Of the people who are not overly impressed with "his tendency gave rise to the amusing alternative derogatory meaning given to the abbreviation %allegedly by boffins at the ''C&> . between 2324 and 232I. N=O#s now come under OCA. since 233< and as at 655. any had previously distinguished themselves for many months or years in the most savage conditions ever experienced in warfare. %$inesthetic learners for example& particularly if delivery and assessment methods ma$e no allowance for fol$ who not naturally inclined to the structured and strongly administrative bias that N=O accreditation typically demands. used on medical reports of soldiers suffering from shell0 shoc$. also Aolb#s learning styles.. by the then NC=O %National Council for =ocational Oualifications 0 incidentally.555 'ritish troops were officially diagnosed as suffering from nervous or mental disability %we#d say shell0shoc$ or post0traumatic stress disorder these days&. 'ritish soldiers %including Commonwealth soldiers serving with the 'ritish army& were shot by firing s-uad. N=O#s are of course a significant presence in @A training and development..ot 9ery Eualified. which is of course very unfair and is not to be recommended at all 0 even if the proud new owner of an N=O level 2 in /aint0'alling is parading it around the office li$e a !arvard doctorate. and sentence to death by firing s-uad many of those found #guilty#. %Ac$ ( !arte& . "o help understand why this is loo$ at the notes relating to multiple intelligence types and learning styles. and the big section on personality types and models. % ore explanation about N=O#s will soon appear on this site. 'ritish Army (octor#s shorthand from the Birst . Over H55 of these men received the death sentence for what amounted to being incapable of fighting due to shell0shoc$ and mental illness. ost of the victims were very young men 0 some even less than the official recruiting age. despite which the 'ritish military authorities continued to charge and convict sufferers with cowardice and desertion. )n all.ot -et &iagnosed 5 . /rior to official recognition of the condition. Bew if any of the convicted men . . the term *AA %*od Only Anows& was used.ome people love them. especially if they happen to feel a little enviously or resentfully towards other people#s N=O achievements. others loathe them. H4.-&.orld .+CA and /A7 acronyms.ervous. N=O#s are wonderful for very many people> . .9E .ational 9ocational Eualification. which is a pity.& . the N=O acronym has been $nown %ac$ O *olamaully& to be interpreted instead to mean . more than 2<. 'y (ecember also . .

the 'ritish *overnment agreed to pardon H5. .ee also the stories page for suggestions of how this all relates to ethics and responsibilities. A7 ver An*ious At (awn Campaign.. and many were ostraciCed by their communities. ore about this sub8ect is at the deeply disturbing website for the . . should search their own souls and learn from their failings. "he many government ministers who up until this time refused to do the right thing. %O(. August 655. which ) predict will be deemed politcally incorrect within the next few years. Other countries either did not shoot their own soldiers. incredibly because permission was re-uired by the condemned man %difficult to believe. thus appeals were effectively prevented. "he story emphasises two things> first. and in many cases have commemorated the victims.. OA/ is might alternatively and mischievously be interpreted %than$s . first published in 23<4. sub8ect to ratification by /arliament. and an alternative to the conventional ld Age 7ensioner interpretation. "his alternative meaning probably began in the 'ritish Army %than$s :ac$son& where it was a 8ibe at senior officers said to have been awarded the O'+ by virtue of their troops# wor$.. and the related discussion ideas.A& Original doctors# shorthand seen on prescription notes. so as to reduce the embarrassment and reaction&. "he usage is transferable to commerce and other wal$s of life. and still one of the most stirring accounts of institutional inhumanity and in8ustice that you will ever read. ore is also in the wonderful boo$ #"he "hin Yellow 7ine# by . $' ther $uggers' 'fforts.had proper representation at their #trials#. or have long since issued full pardons. that people in authority have a responsibility to behave with integrity1 and second. but applicable far more widely. but true&. 'eware of ageism ris$s if relating this to the conventional meaning. Only in 23I3 did the 'ritish *overnment agree to release full details of the trials and the circumstances of the executions %on a rolling <E year basis. although of course some O'+#s are actually awarded to very worthy and deserving people. which came on < November 655. the persistence and determination of ordinary people will eventually force them to do so. and worse. even though the decision to carry out their sentence had been made some days or wee$s prior. that where people in authority fail to act with integrity. )t#s a pity it too$ so long. ost were informed of their fate a few hours before the execution. )t too$ 35 years for this wrong to be reconciled. who reinforced the #guilt# of the victims and prolonged the suffering of their families.idows were denied normal pensions and rights. of these men %seemingly the number of 'ritish soldiers considered shot for #cowardice# or #desertion#&. Relatives were rarely informed prior to the execution and afterwards were refused access to any papers or details. cCarthy& to mean n Another 7lanet. .illiam oore. After decades of lobbying and campaigning by mostly ordinary people. on 2. revised in 2333..

certain character traits are more li$ely to be caused by inherited %nature& than others. etc. penness to e*perience. "hese days a much under0rated piece of e-uipment. '*traversion:introversion. %Ac$ (r /hil !ammond for many& )+ )reat +esponsible ne..pargo&. "his means that in terms of the #nature versus nurture# debate. %'A. "here are lots of them. and in years gone by also carried the meaning ne $utton '*posed 0 a reference to a man#s open trouser fly %than$s /J: and N .euroticism. propensity to hold serious religious belief is more li$ely to be genetic %nature& than propensity to have strong political attitudes. nurses and other healthcare staff as secret coded comments about the patient. #nurture# 0 the way we have been brought up and our experiences&. Agreeableness. by which modern day psychologists believe every person#s personality and behaviour tendencies can be measured. . and propensity to drin$ coffee or alcohol is more li$ely to be genetic %nature& than propensity to smo$e tobacco. first used by */#s. for example.. #O(. consultants. "hat said. as most of them are applicable far beyond the medical world.& "7 ver5"ead 7ro2ector. on average #nurture# factors have more influence over our personality than #nature#. . %.As# are mar$ed as such throughout this archive. %Ac$ /. 0..)ncidentally O'+ technically stands for rder of the $ritish 'mpire. who have delusions of grandeur or difficulties delegating and sharing with their teams. %onscientiousness. #nature# 0 inherited genes from ancestors and specifically parents&. "he #'ig Bive# personality dimensions. pro8ect leaders. department managers. li$e a pencil and paper.ardonic acronym for committee chair0 people. and a flip0chart. and extremely subtle differences exist.4- . )nterestingly. between H5G and E5G of the variation between people#s measurements in these characteristics are attributable to genetics %ie. and the remainder to environmental factors %ie.ource> Nature =ersus Nurture by att Ridley& &#A riginal &octors' #horthand Acronym. "hese dar$ and wonderful acronyms are now available for us all to use and en8oy.

%hild. or sometimes 7eace At 3ast. "he best demonstrations of the Osintot principle are generally provided by leaders and politicians who believe they are somehow immune from its ris$s. unrelated to "= technology. %than$s (!&. %than$s i$e&. )n the television context /A7 has also been given the alternative ironic meaning 7ale and 3ifeless %than$s R 'lunden&. which is a reference to the %then& extra cost of the #delay line# re-uired to ma$e the /A7 receiver wor$. #0. . 7A( 7issed And (ell ver.ever !hought f !hat.! ! h #hit 0 . . !ealthcare acronym.. weddings. excessive indulgence at corporate hospitality events. Also. 7A% 7arent. )n essence he adapted N". /A7 more generally stands for 7rice:Availability 3ist.C to a .6E0by0E5 scanning system. Rarely admitted but often thought. Osintot %than$s A"& arises especially in the context of planning and pro8ect management of all sorts.alter 'ruch.. "eavily 0n &ebt.g. or similarly protected or excused by their chosen god. conferences. Applicable in other aslow. so don#t try appealing to their level 4 needs. "hese people are at aslow !ierarchy of Needs level H. "he three alter0ego states defined in +ric 'erne#s theory of "ransactional Analysis./A7. as a more stable %self0correcting& technology than N". +%"0& ne +ecent %hild. and additionally 7aid for Added 3u*ury. was developed by a * also . 7A3 footnote %$indly sent by :im c(onald&> the "ransactional Analysis pages on this site. and came up . etc. at "elefun$en. as previously stated here 0 see note below&. "elevision standard embraced and popularised by the ''C %not actually #developed by the ''C#. Adult. 7A3 7hase Alternate 3ine.o 4ids -et.C for handling the colour0carrier "= signal. by inverting its #phase# on every line as the picture is drawn down the screen. . Amusing demographics acronym from the dating industry. 0ncome. .+CA . .

and the /areto /rinciple.with an elegant %if slightly pricey& fix for N".0% 7ressured And .C#s sensitivity to phase distortion. so a patient9colleague who is very demanding9unreasonable is a pain in the bac$side for the other staff. %ac$ +"& 7%. "he /'/ expression is therefore extremely transferable to all types of wor$. as part of an explanation as . 4 years before the /A7 patent was awarded to 'ruch. which for the record is> 7ersonal %omputer . (escriptive and useful acronym for all sorts of situations. %"han$s . greater good. profit. . Bar more amusing and useful alternative abbreviation than the normal )" industry interpretation. 'illbess& 7$7 7roctodynia $y 7ro*y. . benefit. etc. "he principle of #wor$ing smart#. )n life and business it#s helpful to focus your efforts on tas$s and activities that will give the highest return on your efforts. %Ac$ A Bourie& 7&A 7ublic &isplay of Affection. causing them /'/. effect. "he word #yield# means the result or productive effect of an action or activity. Courtesy of /rince Andrew. (u$e of Yor$. circa early 6555.ot 0n %ontrol. and it is fitting he be also )7+ and OB OB. be that business results. )t was developed by !enri de Brance and patented in 23EI.emorise %omputer 0ndustry Acronyms.+CA actually predated /A7.emory %ard 0nterface Adapter. )ncidentally. but $now people who have and reported him to be a fine person as well as a dedicated engineer. or any other desired impact. /roctodynia is the medical term for rectal pain. relationship and service situations.%0A 7eople %an't .hen you plan how to spend your time. as -uoted in a press interview.D %Ac$ :im c(onald& 7A. )dentify and then wor$ on things that will produce the best yield in your chosen area. %O(.A& !ighly amusing healthcare abbreviation to describe a condition suffered by clinical staff. in concept at least. etc. . %Ac$ * Christie0 acAllan& 7A7rioritise Activities by -ield. ) never had the honor of meeting r 'ruch. plan to spend it on efforts that will produce the highest yield according to whatever you are trying to achieve. A reminder also that pressure alone does not produce panic 0 it#s whether you can control it. also $nown as the I5>65 Rule.

7articipative. and the )( 25 " code. 7'$%A4 7roblem '*ists $etween %hair And 4eyboard. 7&4 7olyester &ouble54nit. 7&E 7retty &amn Euick. 7'7 7aternalistic. Alternative meaning 0 7ersonal &igital Assistant %a small electronic personal organiser& 0 which is not nearly so interesting. whether you#re a royal or not.imple and often effective abbreviation. you#ll li$e it. Original nurses# shorthand. @'A(. and a sardonic form of +*O. guaranteed to prompt nods of approval when used in business . activities.& /(A is actually very good for the soul. for accelerating and prioritising pro8ects. Classic situational analysis headings. A derogatory term for someone who is out of fashion. Or 7retty &arned Euick. . . +ound. @sage not restricted to the computer operators 0 apply to any situation where the human element contributes the wea$est lin$. #ocial. (). %ac$ (on Clar$& . %(uring his formative years 0 nor now for that matter 0 /(A was not the done0thing in the royal household. 7'++3A 7upils '< also /)CN)C. etc. !echnological. used by nurses and doctors on patients notes. "ry it. +eactive to 3ight and Accommodate to distance. from @. "echnically fuller version of /+AR7 also /+RR7A below. actually from the late 2I55s. One of the great modern acronyms.. A good presenter should never hesitate to sub8ect a bored seminar delegate to the /+AR7 test.A 23I5s campus society. 7'#! 7olitical. 'conomic. re-uests. %"han$s R for reminder& 7'A+3 7upils '<ual And +eacting !o 3ight.BO'. and so will the why he can#t hug his children. "he three main motivational styles found in organiCations and management. 'conomic.

e cannot control how others treat us. %Ac$ / Caron& 70)0. "hin$ of a number %or a word. or an answer. 70 !A 7ull 0t uta !he Air.horthand of )" technical support staff to describe #confused# users. in trying to come up with an answer or start0point. . .. /+. by police in the @. "here is a lesson here to us all. 7egislative %or 7egal&.. . and )ndustry Analysis are added. training session syndicate wor$ when groups leave the watchful eye of the facilitator. as a positive interpretation of the common derogatory reference to their noble profession.&.ot 0n %omputer. or is being exhibited. Bor example." is sometimes extended to #/ also #.BO'. 70.eed of #upervision..presentations. Bor those situations when not a lot of thought is re-uired. 70) 7ride. )mportant reminder of the aim. but we can certainly control how we respond. in always see$ing ways to turn negatives into positives.# 7rofit 0mpact of . You may see #+nvironmental# used instead of #+conomic# depending on the context.O"#.ister acronym to /+'CAA %Ac$ ( Chadwic$& . A type of hypocrite who thin$s they sit at the right hand of *od. .y $ack5-ard. A reverse acronym %see #bacronyms#& created.arketing #trategy.# 7ersons 0n . . .ot 0n ." analysis template. or for positioning unsupervised tas$s and assignments. 0ntegrity and ) also '(@.O and (). +ither version is actually a very useful analysis and interpretation tool for business and mar$eting situations. )(25". 70. Ouite an apt expression for emphasising responsibility and grown0 up behaviour.0% 7roblem 0n %hair . the free /+. Brom the educational and social care sectors. it is said. @'A(. 8ust in case the mar$eting effort threatens to disappear up its own rear end."+7)# in which the headings> +cological %or +nvironmental&.0. and loudly goes around accusing others of nimbyism %see N) 'Y&.$7hew 0'm )lad 0t's . +.

%Ac$ +(& 7 $ 7assenger(s) n $oard. /rimarily a taxi0cab drivers expression used when reporting bac$ to base that they#ve pic$ed up a fare and have the customer%s& safely aboard %Ac$ /&. %O(. Allegedly a 7ondon @nderground tube system acronym used by certain staff to describe a member of the public found un0conscious or semi0 conscious on station premises. 731 7eople 3ike 1s. "he acronym transfers extremely well to describe certain wor$ teams.) 7ersona . Abbreviation for the ageless 7atin term for an unwelcome or disagreeable person. +mergency )" acronym. Completely useless yet a widely practised computer trouble0shooting also N"( and NOC( for other semi0secret upper0class coded terms. An example of an abbreviation designed with the aim of saving time for the writer.70#A 7ermanent and 0rrecoverable #tate of Alcoholism. %Ac$ A 'utler& 73. %Ac$ /& 70!#A 7erson (or 7assenger) 0nto*icated !hrough #ubstance Abuse.A& edical acronym used by doctors and healthcare staff to describe patients with serious drin$0related problems. and to explain the importance of .on5)rata.4 7lease 3et . @pper0class reference to describe others who have similar high0class aspirations and standards.e 4now. 7. but which often turns out to be a false economy when the reader doesn#t understand the re-uest. leading to occasional word play with the similarity in the sounds. "he product of the victim#s over0indulgence when present on the platform is $nown collo-uially as a #/latform /iCCa#. . meaning literally #person not pleasing#. %Ac$ ' 'utcher& 73 4!A 7ress 3ots f 4eys !o Abort.

and pomegranate %pomme of course is Brench for apple&. decision.teamwor$ %ie.aturday. ie discussion. referring to Briday. then it contains at least one #passenger#. but interesting. 9enue.& .a2esty. not really a business acronym. being the physical point at which products are displayed on shelves or paid for at the chec$out. interpreted as /risoner Of other +ngland. Original rude version is /iss Off Off +arly.or$ expression originating in the @A. these are the essentials for a good meeting. 7 '!# (day) 7ush ff ' is everyone this afternoon?D .. as well as annoy.. )n fact a common view among etymologists is that pom and pommie probably derived from pome meaning a fruit li$e apple or pear. 7 #" 7ort ut #tarboard "ome. . utcomes. /olite /O.. &ate. !ime. or #bacronyms#. if a team is a #/O'# team.. @sage for example would be> D. first recorded in the 23<5s %Cassells& but li$ely to be earlier in actual use.! in the clichRs origins section. and that /O! and /O + are retrospectively0arrived0at acronyms. not contributing as fully as they might be&. Alternatively %ac$ *erry& it is shown as /O +. etc. )n the @A piss off means go away or leave. D*one to the pub 0 it#s /oets day.. possibly 7ondon. acronym. . Acronym alleged by some to be the original meaning of the Australian term #/om# or #/ommie# for +nglish fol$1 %many early +nglish settlers in Australia were deported criminals&. Again. "he derivation is supposed by many %erroneously probably& to relate to the detail printed on /JO tic$ets denoting the more expensive cabins on sailings from +ngland to )ndia. Nothing to do with +astern 'loc broadcasting. #e<uence. Also a reminder for team leaders and facilitators of the importance of setting up wor$ teams and syndicate groups for team0building games so that all members of the teams are engaged in the activity %see the team building activities guidelines&. and what must appear on the agenda.D %"han$s R 'rennan& 7 ". Retail term. !imings.. 7 # 7oint f #ale. !omorrow's #aturday. as in the +/O. %#Outcomes# meaning re-uired outcomes. Attendees. 7risoners f "er:"is . "omorrow#s . 7 #!A& !9 7riorities.

& 7+0. . And yet many still fail to remember even these fundamental steps. "he essential ingredients of the mar$eting mix. Anown as the corrective action loop. 7+0% 7roblem. 0nvestigation. 7777 or !he (our 7's 7roduct. (4robity means honesty.our cornerstones of sustainable success and a ma!im for modern management and organisational philosophy. 77% 7roduct 7rice %lose. %Courtesy r 'ull. and general personal development. +robity (or +urity or +rinci)les . Acronym used by . "he essential four stages for good -uality management practice. meaning good). +ectification. customer service development.hitehouse staff.%'2 .ee also B7OB"@. of the +ngland Rugby @nion national team coaching staff. +lanet. 7romotion. "he main point is that rectifying the problem is only half the story1 you need to ensure there is no recurrence. (++++ +ur)ose. %orrection.%':7+0.7 !1# 7resident f !he 1nited #tates. . 7lace. '4urpose' is an apt replacement for '4rofit' and thus makes the acronym appropriate for use in not=for= profit organisations. 3ore detailed e!planation of the 4@ model of modern leadership. A bit of an acronym cheat because #for# would sound much better than #in#.. 7rice. but /RB(+ doesn#t have -uite the same ring to it. and the start of <EG of all mar$eting presentations. uprightness = it's from the $atin word probus. %Ac$ 'ooth& +. -uality of service. 4rofit=focused corporations can of course substitute '4rofit' for '4urpose'. "he ultimate simplification of the selling process. 7+0&' 7ersonal +esponsibility 0n &elivering '*cellence. +eo)le.

A relatively recent new employee who is not -uite wor$ing out as expected. the O@AN*O acronym is now firmly established as a word in its own right.. the method has been enhanced %and named /R)NC+6& to become a generic.7+o2ects 0n %ontrolled 'nvironments. fol$ will muse over its origins and whether the wrestler of the same name %:ohnny Awango 0 phonetically the same that is&. not the candidate. As the @A Office of *overnment Commerce explains.. Younger brother to O@AN*O. +ither way. and not nearly so famous. ...on5)overnmental rgani/ation. had anything to do with the term. who used to polish his forehead with a towel before administering his trademar$ head0but. Now also ironically and alternatively interpreted %ac$ A & as Euite 1nacceptable And . best practice approach suitable for the management of all types of pro8ects.was first developed by the @A government in 23I3 as the standard approach to )" pro8ect management for central government. the /R)NC+ methodology D. /R)NC+6 has been widely adopted and adapted by both the public and private sectors and is now the @A#s de facto standard for pro8ect management.asty )overnment ffshoot..ince then..) E1asi Autonomous .. E'& . Remember 0 it ain#t their fault 0 it#s the organisation which ma$es the decision to hire. )n generations to come. %Ac$ R *esling& E1A3) Euasi Autonomous 3ocal )overnment organi/ation. E1A. and has a proven record outside both )" and government sectors.D /R)NC+6 aims to enable> • • • • • • • • • • consistency of approach control and organisation at all times regular reviews against plan continuing business 8ustification flexible decision points management control of deviations appropriate and timely management and sta$eholder involvement effective communications between pro8ect and all involved and affected identification of and learning from pro8ect lessons options for pro8ect management s$ills improvement for all staff 71+' 7reviously 1ndiscovered +ecruiting 'rror.

"he literal translation from the 7atin is #which %or what& was to be proved#.). One of the best $nown acronyms to have entered the language isn#t a true acronym at all. /roperly RA/C stands for +oyal Army 7ay %orps. Assessment.A 0 self0inflicted social abstinence& will recognise the need for such a concept. for example between sales and administration functions. but then R(AR doesn#t trip off the tongue nearly so well. Originally O+( was used by *ree$ mathematician +uclid. RA(AR also represents the -uality management assessment process used in connection with the +uropean Ouality anagement odel> +esults. A modern ironic interpretation %than$s N Nasir& is Euite 'asily &one.imilar dynamics are commonly exhibited and the sub8ect of inter0departmental banter within commercial organiCations too. and in this strict sense the expression has been used in physics and mathematics for centuries. or perhaps put more simply. #point proven#. Approach. . E(& Euality (unction &eployment. :apanese -uality and service development model. +(7 . !owever the O+( expression has become more widely adopted in recent times generally meaning #thus we have proved the proposition stated above as we were re-uired to do#. +(0 +e<uest (or 0nformation. .ales department shorthand.Euod 'rat &emonstrandum.H55 'C. +A$A&A& +unning A $usiness And &oing A &egree. embers of this $ind of virtual club %otherwise $nown as . %"han$s :ane /enson&. "he mischievous alternative %than$s alcolm :ac$son& reflects the age0old tendency for soldiers close to the action to ma$e fun of those further away from it. when he appended the letters to his geometric theorems. +A&A+ +Adio &etection And +anging. c. +eview.pecial priority when use in con8unction with RBN %see below&. &eployment. . +A7% +un Away 7eople %oming.

+'.&. %ompression. 0ce. a business activity or decision 0 anything with a cost and attributable profit&. eat it or rub it in? Nope. edical acronym for the treatment of certain leg and foot in8uries. made irresistible to the reader. . ore sales department shorthand. and the top 65G according to monetary worth.. so respect and ma$e the best possible use of other people#s time. )#ve obviously revealed the meaning now.' +ough 'ngineering . + $ +ich rdinary $riton. a part of a business. apparently it#s for Rest.ade 'asy. /+AR7. "he power of words and language is fascinating and amaCing. Compression and +levation.' +etired ld .+e<uest (or 7roposal. . A simple acronym which helps tell a very big story. 7ANO. ) sprained my an$le and was advised by my doctor to use rice. .<m of the @A population % ay 655. nevertheless wanted to share the elegant way this was sent to me. An acronym for when we#d rather be somewhere else. a lesson in humorous and succinct communication in its own right> DBollowing from reading your entry under also +*O.(A.en 'ating the explanation in the Binancial "erms section. %Ac$ )'& +"0. Bundamantal measure of business performance %of a whole business. + . (emographic acronym. although the term and the custom surrounding the concept of #Retired Old en +ating Out# .. according to the Buture Boundation. Also high priority when accompanied by RBN %see above&.hat. +eally "ere 0n . +0%' +est. ore convenionally the acronym stands for +oyal 'lectrical and . 'levation.. + 0 +eturn n 0nvestment. accounting for 6. )ce. "he acronym is commonly credited to "om 'ro$aw in his 233I boo$ "he *reatest *eneration %"han$s * "hompson&. and a reminder for us when arranging activities for others> people usually have other priorities.D %"han$s / !allums& "wo lines.ame nly.echanical 'ngineers. wealthy people who regard themselves as #wor$ing class#.

"his challenge of #generational utiliCation# is now one of the greatest opportunities for human$ind 0 whereby people can %must& achieve greater fulfilment in old age. as in engine speed and <I. "he big story lies in the social and economic implications of the Romeo phenomenon.. and RO"B7A/) / F Rolling On "he Bloor 7aughing And /eeing )n y /ants.inute.& + !(3A. aside from two of the better examples> RO"B7A')C F Rolling On "he Bloor 7aughing And 'iting )nto Carpet. Now more widely applied to any form of relatively indiscriminate and fast0 turnaround no0nonsense high0volume human processing method %eg. )n modern times however human$ind benefits not 8ust by people living longer. *enerational transfer of $nowledge and help has always been significant in human evolution. if ways can be found for rich9retired old men %and women& to help a little with the next and needy generations. and is bound to increase and spread in one form or another everywhere given demographic pro8ections %many people living longer. %Alternatively. whereby cars and truc$s board one end and disembar$ at the other. .en 'ating ut. experience and maybe even a bit of wealth too with others where it#s needed. eans by which retail prices are controlled by primary suppliers.. +evolutions 7er . +olling n !he (loor 3aughing And. +esale 7rice . )n years to come how many people will $now that 7/ stood originally for 7ong /layer?& . )nterestingly some assert that this effect %and benefit& was responsible for the evolution of the female menopause %women who lived longer because they could no longer bear children ensured improved survival of their descendents and therefore their genes&..aintenance. getting richer. "he @A Net 'oo$ Agreement. HH and 4E records.. +7. which are actually considerable and potentially very positive. general practitioners. N!. etc. which will %and must& provide progressively improving connections and inclusiveness for generational teaching and learning. but also by the better availability of $nowledge and practical help 0 first through boo$s. while and through sharing wisdom. and being more active and useful in later years&. as was.panish holiday tattoo parlours. indeed a growing #Romeo Club# sub0 culture exists in the @. Originally and still a type of cross0channel ferry. )nternet and texting abbreviation prefix with too many variations to mention here. and now through the internet.%alternatively +ich or +espectable ld . + + +oll n +oll ff. or 'n2oying utings& seems to pre0date this. dentists.

(( colour poster is available from the free businessballs posters page for anyone suffering in a .6(6 mathematical acronym interpretation may well have first been suggested by author "om Clancy %Ac$ = O#*rady and 7 ( *ray& 0 if you $now more please contact us. #reply more about R.6(6 about their 8obs then for goodness sa$e do someting about it. Another amusing demographics social category acronym. %"han$s A for raising R. etc H# #kills.=/ in the cliches origins page. "oned down version. as a re-uest for the recipient to reply.. life is too short to waste it doing a 8ob that you hate.mith for spelling and diacritical corrections. 7iterally translated as #reply if it you pleases#. "he . in +nglish interestingly.ever Again. !O/+B@7. #ystems. #taff. /roperly in Brench> +Fponde/ s'il vous plaGt 0 meaning #please reply#. #tructure.+#97 +eponde/ #'il 9ous 7lait. since #s#il vous plait# has long meant #please# in Brench. And if you are managing people who feel .ee also *7A .ociete Anonyme 'elge d#+xploitation de la Navigation . . and than$s C . and that#s down to you mate. )t#s not the people who are bad 0 it#s the organisation. ()NAY. to the 'elgian . "his motto of the downtrodden has been around for decades.e are all here on this +arth only once %depening on your religious outloo$& 0 whatever. ORC!)(. )f your wor$ really ma$es you feel this way then perhaps it#s time to suggest a few changes or move on. A free . .abena airline company %which for the record was properly titled #.(( posters appearing around the place then perhaps as$ yourself why. .A #uch A $ad '*perience.. "he idea is that the first six .6(6 organisation and wishing to give a bit of free feedbac$ to the hierarchy. "he cAinsey organiCations#s famous <. #tyle. R. (oc$erill& #2&2 (##&&) #ame #tuff &ifferent &ay. "his now widely applicable acronym was seemingly pioneered by 'elgian people. And if you are a C+O and see a few . #hared values. analysis and development.=/. #trategy..#s combine to form the seventh> #shared values# %Ac$ . . #A$'. etc. literally from the earlier full construction of #if it pleases you#.=/ is traditionally printed on invitations to weddings and parties. referring. or more recogniCably. model for organiCational culture.& +1$ +ich 1rban $iker.

representing not so well0off people who regard themselves as #middle class#. Classic acronym now established as a word in the language. (emographic acronym. developed from the Brench standards group represented by the root words above. )t#s also an example of an acronym entering everyday language whose origins are un$nown by 33. #%+0. & Other airline0based #A$1 #elf Ad2usting $alls 1p. A . and another good acronym for -uiCCes. #A&(A$ #ingle And &esperate (or A $aby. which is a lot more fun than the technical origin. . "he acronym reminds us that many crisis situations become less of a crisis given time and tolerance. "he diving instructor apparently trades as #Charlie (olphun#. "he problem will wor$ itself out %than$s B 7awton&. . %ac$ A'. )t must be said that this acronym is here for interest rather than humour. reflecting changing times. odern demographics acronym. from a diving instructor in !awaii.CAR" cable or lead is of course the 620pin device for lin$ing "= and audio and video e-uipment. accounting for 2.Aerienne#&.C@'A is #wimmer %omes 1p $arely Alive. )t#s a good -uiC -uestion. #A3 #uburban Asset 3ightweight. especially if you insist on the accents over the letter e#s. #%A+! #yndicat des %onstructeurs d'Appareils +adiorFcepteurs at !FlFviseurs.33G of the population. who suggests that the #real# meaning of .I4m of the @A population % ay also (+7"A. "he world is becoming a lonelier place seemingly. and the bottom 65G according to monetary worth. %Ac$ Anon and acronyms. according to the Buture Boundation. Anyone able to shed any light on his true identity for proper attribution please let me $now. %Ac$ Andrews& #%1$A #elf5%ontained 1nderwater $reathing Apparatus. A wonderful contribution from "im 'oyd suggests an amusing alternative .&.C@'A interpretation.&.

0dentifying features.. it would have entirely different connotations. since although #Anglican ethod# fits the acronym more accurately. Acronym describing any pointlessly over0engineered gadget.ethod. holidays. both probably originating from early @. alternatively and amusingly $nown as #ystem 'ssentially %ontrived (from the) American . inter0 departmental negotiations as to ownership of issues and follow0up.. . +egistration..$A& #ingle 0ncome . or perhaps more fittingly as #ystem 'ssentially %ontrary (to the) American . Acronym for identifying vehicles involved in incidents.eed f A 7roblem.o $oyfriend And &esperate.C standard.o Accident. #0. or a sales0centred . Customer services and despatch expression. used by @A forces and services staff. "he notion that the . "he Brench virtual0 e-uivalent to the @A0originated /A7 "= broadcast standard. and a personal reminder not to leave things until the last moment. %Ac$ / Resheph& #" ! 0! #hould "ave rdered !his 0n !ime. Christmas.ake = model. %Ac$.A industry for health and safety training and promotion. %olour. %A$ (! and i$e& #'7 #omeone 'lse's 7roblem. etc.emoire. A7 #olution 0n ..#hape.A #afety 0s . %Ac$ / 7oc$& #0. system or service for which no real or meaningful demand exists> a sledgehammer to crac$ a nut. etc.ethod.+CA system probably owes less to the Americans than to the 'ritish method is lost. especially appropriate approaching department close0down for wee$ends.. customer service applications. Acronym of the clever double0meaning maxim from @. "= engineers who developed the forerunning @. Originally from !itchi$er#s *uide "o "he *alaxy1 now in wider use> eg. #'%A. N". (emographics acronym from the 'ridget :ones era. :ohn& #0. #ysteme 'lectroni<ue %ouleur Avec .

. #.& #3A #ervice 3evel Agreement.A+! #pecific.7A#s that can be established. but also between departments. efficiency and supply chain or order flow service -uality.easurable. for instance complaint escalation timescales1 survey re-uests1 pricing re-uests. . AR" planner template. Agreed. Antidote acronym to A)//+R. or an ob8ective for yourself.easurable. etc.7A also stands for . sales -uota. or agreeing an ob8ective with another person. although recording and publishing them in a sensible format are essential or they won#t be observed. . etc& but not the needs of the potential customer. . the process which measures a website#s search engine rating by virtue of the number and type of lin$s to it from other websites. . rather than facilitate and enable1 it reminds us of the importance of understanding and empathy. %Ac$ :. )f you#re setting a standard. A . typically between customer and supplier.)NOA/ is a also product or service designed from the supplier#s perspective rather than from the customer#s view. in order to maintain -uality. "here is no limit to the number of . #ingle 0ncome !wo %hildren ppressive .& . for which more detailed explanation exists on the delegation also trading agreements and templates. partners or any parties co0operating to achieve a consistent result.approach to relationships. . !ime5bound. where the proposition fits the supplier#s or sales0person#s needs %for profit.itcom is in itself a #made0up# portmanteau word.)NOA/ represents push and persuade. the tas$ or standard must meet these criteria to be effective. +ealistic. for instance. A remar$ably simple and effective mechanism for ensuring good wor$ing or trading relationships. %ac$ : "allon& #0!% .ervice 7evel Agreement establishes mutually understood and acceptable expectations between two or more for example the . aslow !ierarchy of Needs examples. commission.7A#s are useful also in establishing co0operation between departments. AR" acronym exist. . Bor consumer customer profiling. %. "he acronym warns against inappropriate mar$eting or selling. anything where one party expects something of another. #405ing #pending the 4ids' 0nheritance..trategic 7in$ Analysis. -uotation re-uest response times1 brea$down service response time1 chargeable and non0chargeable support items. Other interpretations of the . . meaning situation comedy %ac$ Noor&. for example #pecific.

assuming you subscribe to such philosophy.easurable. and incidentally later used as name by 23<5s @A roc$ band. . . obviously %incidentally the 23<5s band was 'ritish not American as previously stated here 0 than$s for correction Reynolds&.A) #ensitive .ee the different . #. for oneself or when agreeing ob8ectives. AR"+R posters on the posters page. . included here because of its historical interest.& .A+!'+ #pecific. # A+:# A++ . . a blueprint for all ob8ectives and responsibilities.martie !unt team building game and acronym. %. .NAB@ and A+O'+ acronyms.osed 'gotistical +ude !eenager. "raditional interpretations of the .Achievable. "he .hereas the #+thical# aspect is fundamentally important for everything that we the different . !ime5bound. #. AR"+R version below is more powerful and relevant for the moden world because it includes the essential philosophical aspect. AR" and . tas$s and pro8ects with others. Obviously this is the more polite version. AR"+R acronym use #+xciting# or #+n8oyable# instead of #+thical#.ormal 5 All (ouled 1p. +ecorded.'+! #not5. let#s face it. AR" acronym. AR" and . 'thical. "he version which includes #agreed# is arguably more powerful because this represents the emotional contract with whomever is expected to meet the ob8ective or standard. it is not always possible to ensure that all delegated wor$ is #exciting# for the recipient. the wonderful wall picture showing the . AR"+R posters on the posters page. Agreed. (emographics acronym of sorts.NAB@.A(1 #ituation . (emographics acronym and dating term. #. +elevant. when widely used by the Americans forces. .ew5Age )uy. especially delegation. ! the . but in a delegation context.NAB@ Remains a widely used description by front0line staff of an incompetent management. "he acronym is from the second world war. "he deluxe version of the . Avoid interpretations that include both Achievable and Realistic because the words effectly mean the same so is a waste of a word. +ealistic.

"he 'ritish e-uivalent of . "he . %. . also lin$s to 'uddhism.ONAR acronym. %Ac$ Andrews& # $ #hortness f $reath. (+eflect).& %Ac$ (C& # )0 #enior fficer's )ood 0dea. %Ac$ Anstey 7atimer . (evised originally for school0 children. )t is easy to see why the . N7/.O' alternatively and perhaps more conventionally means #on f a $ particularly "he Bour Agreements by (on iguel RuiC %agreement 2 0 'e impeccable with your word&.ONAR version was preferred. %O(. a natural sister expression to RA(AR %neither is strictly a true acronym. this acronym touches on a fundamental principle for peace of mind and a happy fulfilled life. was A. more an abbreviation& li$e RA(AR entered the language as a word in its own right many years ago.()C. which stood for Anti0. .ice !hings !o All 7eople.A*)) 0 than$s ic$ . # .ardonic and amusing acronym from the military and emergency services.chool& # # #ave ur #ouls.orld . Bor interest here is the ayday word origin. # .. Action0based mnemonic with sound principles.!!A7 #ay nly . .O' 0 . "he .O'.helan& # " #mall ffice:"ome ffice.ONAR.. Action. which was originally transmitted in morse code by mariners in peril and otherwise endangered fol$.A+ # und . "he international # ayday# radio distress call for help. which typically describes anti0submarine underwater detection )). Apparently favoured by the Royal ail. also . originated as an American term in .ubmarine (etection )nvestigation Committee. pportunity. .Avigation and +anging. "he abbreviation is occasionally doubled0up for amusing effect to describe a particularly obnoxious patient with the complaint. ie.#ituation.ONAR acronym. %.A& Commonly used medical acronym when writing patient histories. etc. that are increasingly prevalent in the modern business age. Acronym expression for the #virtual office# environment and characteristics found in self0employed and small businesses.

in other words. One of the most enduring selling acronyms. !uthwaite actually say #Need0payoff# instead of #Need#. b2ectives. A summary of the .O.# #!A%B #ituation analysis. are owned by !uthwaite.O. the rights in the trademar$s . . 'e advised that ..+77)N*S are owned by either !uthwaite )nc of the @. )f in doubt as$ the )/ owner. Contrary to popular thin$ing./)N . 0mplication. Action.eed. #trategy. As with any protected intellectual property the use of . or !uthwaite )nternational of the @A./)N . #7'8 #ingle 7erson 'valuation 8orksheet.. especially when valuable and important responsibilities are being delegated or awarded./)NS and .com&."ACS is a protected trademar$ owned by the originator /R . .5s to "OC and "O ./)N .+77)N*S methods and materials are not to be used in the provision of training and development products and services without a licence.. %huthwaite.. 7roblem. much loved by men in suits who use terms li$e #a big win# %a new contract& and #leverage# %being able to exploit a situation or aspect of strategy for advantage&. (escribes trustworthy people and organiCations. . Borerunning -uality theory from the 23.O. )nc. %ontrol.elling. whom you can find at prsmith. A timesheet."ACS model is here. etc. "he .mith in the 2335s. =ery modern business0spea$."ACS is a business mar$eting planning system developed by writer and spea$er /R .. %ac$ /R . #7 " #afe 7air f "ands. that you have to submit to 8ustify your existence within an organisation.B #ituation.arcastic term for a list of activities and times./)NS selling process remains an extremely useful method for sales discussion with a prospective customer. .."ACS methods and materials in the provision of training and development is li$ely to be sub8ect to licensing conditions.mith and " Rowe& #7% #tatistical 7rocess %ontrol.elling model is still a mainstay of his !uthwaite )nternational training organiCation. !actics. please note that the copyright rights in Neil Rac$ham#s boo$./)NS . developed by Neil Rac$ham during the 23<5s0I5s1 the . %Ac$ R Oa$ley& #70. )ncidentally./)NS and .O. (epending upon the geographic territory./)N/# 8ust doesn#t have the same cachet. but #. .

. next note down your Ouestion areas. not choices&. the . seemingly used in Yor$shire. 7lan. which is now central to much @A formal accredited life0coaching training. .#E3+ #urvey. adapt if necessary. you will $now what they mean. %Ac$ " 'eecroft& A suggested origin of the #game of soldiers# phrase %ac$ R 'roo$man& is as an old +nglish and slang name for the game of darts. 7erception. )mpossible to pronounce..upratentorial means above the nec$. )t basically means -uic$ly . Nurses# and (octors# healthcare acronym. +ecall.#. Euestion. Recall your -uestions and Review the material you#ve read. and the target. but nevertheless a great discipline for the learning0through0reading process. before committing to action. the issue.t Bagoc 0 con$ers instead of soldiers. +eview.. and pace %timescale and milestones&1 or perhaps a timeline that incorporates both plan and pace review plan."+///A %or altenatively referred to as . %Ac$ 7R& . 7ace.t Bagos. 'motion.. #! (A) # #od !his (or A )ame f #oldiers. ."+///A process entails> • • • • • • validating the sub2ect %the issue or matter& that is the focus of the person being coached %coachee& validating or helping to establish the specific target %or goal& of the coachee ensure emotional context is addressed and resolved relating to the coachee. then Read it in detail. Also .aint of than$less tas$s.hen you next hear someone utter the oath. )f you $now more or better about the origin of this phrase please tell me. . which if appropriate should be re0 evaluated widen perception and choice in the mind of the coachee help the coachee establish a clear plan %process with steps. Adapt:Act. while struggling with a pointless report or piece of daft analysis. #!0 :#0 #upra!entorial in rigin. !arget.aint Bagos 0 the /atron sod this for a game of soldiers in the cliches origins page.urvey the whole thing %ie loo$ but not in detail&. (on Clar$& #!'777A (also #!'77A) #ub2ect. #Bor the love of ."+//A& aconym represents a coaching %notably life0coaching in a business context& model advocated by expert coach Angus c7eod. so the acronym is a covert way to say that the illness is all in the imagination. 'ased partly on N7/ %Neuro07inguistic programming& principles. +ead. %Ac$. "he .

ove n.A. #kill.ust $e beyed. emotional maturity. %harity. 1nderstanding. . . writer. . and advocate of cybernetics. #elf5 confidence.anagement. companies based in the area of California $nown as .ee also '. ( /agett& #8A) #cientific 8ild Arsed )uess. and then .easure. %ourage. #9. !/ founders.A % anagement 'y .5 boo$ /sycho0Cybernetics. ie the trainee#s command of the s$ill.@ O has strong connections with the "ransactional Analysis and N7/ principles of self0reliance. axwell altC %2I330 23<E&.onderful acronym devised by American plastic surgeon. and other successful @. 'O#s % anagement 'y Ob8ectives& and Open (oor /olicy9 anagement. . and focus on future not blame. 'steem.#!.@ O acronym is a powerful maxim for a positive successful approach to life and wor$. odern management style pioneered by (avid /ac$ard and . %Ac$. agree a !as$ for the trainee to perform that will involve using the s$ill. "his is ideal for those situations when someone can#t bring themselves to come up with an opening estimate. central to the computer industries& including principles such as '. who asserted that these listed -ualities feature in the attitudes and thin$ing of successful personalities. #1%%'## #ense of$ing Around&. 'O has for some reason never really caught on. altC was intrigued that many of his patients achieved increased self0esteem following plastic surgery to correct a significant bodily defect. #8. "he classic process for developing s$ills in people> identify the #$ill.. . #ilicon 9alley .easure the performance. Now a trademar$ associated with motivational spea$er and author /aul c*ee %#"he . #elf5acceptance.ilicon =alley %so called after the silicon chips. #hut 1p .@ O *uy#&.ee also B)(O.illiam !ewlett. . altC explained his ideas in his 23. "he theoretical partner acronym !. #1.$ ('swambo') #he 8ho . whereas other people#s feelings of inferiority persisted despite improvement to their physical being.. the . !ask.

. .ee also !O77AN(.& Bor detail of the origin of "AN.ho#s company car. %. %"han$s C Cassidy& #8 ! #trengths. +*Y/". @se either or both in business presentations to impress and convince your audience that you $now a bit about mar$eting. C!)/.. or are out of stoc$."AAB7 see the entry in the cliches origins section. "echni-ue alone is not enough. the purpose of which is to encourage and remind sales staff to sell products or services which the sales company has within its range %or current stoc$&.. A $ind of wartime envelope text message to a loved one. !A+&0# !ime And +elative &imension(s) 0n #pace. but who cares 0 it#s a great acronym. )#m unsure as to whether it#s one or a number of the free .o #uch !hing As A (ree 3unch. and actually a very useful framewor$ for interpreting and explaining business situations.ow..O" analysis template and examples. Bamous mar$eting analysis headings acronym. !hreats. . )"A7Y and NOR. . 8eaknesses.A* F shortened less scientific form. A double also the /+. /erhaps someone will clarify?.O" exercise team building game. !A7'# !echni<ue And 7ractice (or 7ressure) '<uals #kill.. . *reat for encouraging technical9detailed9finisher people who might be uncomfortable with the vagueness of the start of the creative process. (on Clar$& #8A34 #ealed 8ith A 3oving 4iss.#!AA(3 !here Ain't . rather than selling solutions %or raising customer expectations for them& which do not actually yet exist. %Ac$." acronym. (r . pportunities. #ell 8hat's Available . and free .ales acronym from 23<5s or perhaps earlier. Application of a new techni-ue in a practice or pressure situation is re-uired to turn the techni-ue into a s$ill and then improve it. !A. %Ac$ (r Neale Roney. Bor anyone who needs reminding of the realities of the business world.)C!& #8A. so to spea$.even though they#re the best placed person to do so.

. !'A. !ogether 'veryone Achieves .elling and communications %specifically -uestioning& acronym reminding sales people to as$ customers open -uestions. "'7 %or H'7& is fast becoming a highly significant and influential factor in the success of businesses and organisations.. assuming staff and customers continue to assess and ma$e decisions about supplirs and employers from a #triple bottom line# perspective. %Ac$ C Aeeble& Alternatively !each 'veryone About . Another O(.. and a great acronym for training and team building.hile the robustness of #H'7 accounting# principles are still sub8ect to much debate. old dogmas and philosophies. /lanet. !5%17 !otal %ontrol 1nder 7ressure. such as counselling or stress training. or !hinking %learly 1nder 7ressure. /eople.A&.ore. %O(.. which according to interviews are versions used by the +ngland rugby coaching staff. .otivation. Also good for sales and mar$eting campaigns that never seem to wor$. %Ac$ Andrews& !''!" !ried 'verything 'lseI. "he modern criteria for sustainable organisational and business success> the "riple 'ottom 7ine 0 /rofit.orld Cup success.!ry "omeopathy. *reat for dead products. in terms of corporate responsibility and all that it extends to> business ethics. &escribe to me. over0used ideas. fair trade.A.. Organisations which understand and incorporate "'7 principles into their fabric and behaviour are therefore more li$ely to thrive and grow. !$3 (or 3$3) !riple $ottom 3ine. Acronym to emphasise the need for concentration and focus. which gather helpful information about the . there is no doubt that customers and staff are increasingly aware. '*plain to me. and expect ever more. notably during their 655H Rugby . laCy employees..!A!! !ired All !he !ime. !'& !ell me. A simple truth. alternatively interpreted as !hink %orrectly 1nder 7ressure. the list goes on. etc. environmental sustainability. social and community responsibility. but perfectly admissable outside the medical arena.

7ension 0nade<uate.?.ee -uestioning on the sales training page. how. Closed -uestions..customer#s re-uirements and needs..?&. from the root *ree$ $ empathy also. (o you. . Cerebral of . and are used for filtering %determining the relevance or #fit# of customer9offering& and for closing %for example. meaning to move. Amusing.... day# expression. for example. #. so> in this context $inesis means broadly #body activity#. and later adopted as a brand name for the "*)0Briday#s American themed restaurant0bar chain founded in New Yor$ in 23. which for politeness can be prefaced with the words #Can you please. "*)B also prompted the crude adaptation #"B) Briday# name of Chris +vans# boundary0brea$ing 2335s @A Briday evening "= show. for help with listening and building rapport and trust.wietli$& /olite and probably @. version of the +nglish #/O+". &ammit.ould you li$e to go ahead. who. esoteric. and utterly non0politically correct term. . and are used for gather information and building rapport %which is dependent on good listening&. "here are other applications however.?.?#& and for clarification %#(o you mean in the next wee$ or the next month. %Ac$ + . which... At first glance this acronym is only of use if you are involved in teaching +nglish as a foreign language. !)0( !hank )od 0t's (riday. and for diffusing conflict. Open -uestions typically begin with what.?.?#& and for gaining commitment %#(o you the xyC aspect.# are especially effective when -uestioning senior capable people who are happy and comfortable to spea$ at length in giving a long explanation to a very short -uestion. Are they. )f using this it#s as well to understand exatly what it means to avoid being undone by someone bold enough to demand a proper explanation.. etc. !'# 3 !eaching 'nglish to #peakers of ther 3anguages. and so "+( is a very useful reminder. and the "+( phrases.?. "he "+( -uestions. %"han$s C Cassidy for "+(& !'70& !astes '*pensive.. to emphasise the need for technicians and bureaucrats to use plain +nglish in writing technical manuals and instructions for users. typically begin with phrases such as> )s it. ..ales people %and many other professional communicators& often use closed -uestions when they should be using open -uestions. when. Aternatively %ac$ 7C& !'(3 F "eaching +nglish as a Boreign 7anguage.E. !ave you. why. Alternative to !O/+B@7... which generally prompt yes or no answers. !"0%4 !hose "aving 0nsufficient %erebral 4inesis..

ee also the suggested origin of #"ip# meaning #gratuity# in the cliches origins page. *eneral call0to0action acronym. A good mnemonic for end0of0training or meetings.o Alternative. Of course. %Also !ongue 0n %heek 0 a device for reducing the ris$s associated with using humour or sarcasm. and later 7atin cerebrum. %Ac$ 7. Bor that extra bit of emphasis 0 interestingly attributed to 'aroness argaret "hatcher.course relates to the brain and thin$ing. from *ree$ $ara.A !here 0s .&. %Ac$ B *uertler& !0% !aken 0nto %onsideration. !3A !hree 3etter Acronym.0 !hree . !3+ !wo53egged +at. As found in legal margins. ideal for giving humourous emphasis to sorts of issues relating to -uality management and customer service. when responsibilities and accountabilities need to be attached to ideas and plans. meaning brain. %Ac$ /& uch !. !0. "he "7AR standards 0 recognised all around the world 0 amusing and very important sounding Ouality Assurance . !ealthcare acronym referring a little unsympathetically to a patient undergoing treatment of an experimental or desperate nature.& !07 !heory 0nto 7ractice. .! .eaningless 0nitials.tandard acronym. Also #"oo )nformation#. Ac$ ! Ni$laus. meaning head. %Ac$ A!& !. !3A+ !hat 3ooks About +ight. with commitment to implementation and timescales. Antidote to the "7A.

! $A#" !ake ut $ack And #"oot... .itro5!oluene. Not so. Commonly and covertly used in 7os Angeles.horthand for the re8ection letter pile.!hanks. %Ac$. !E. inappropriate sales propositions./C. and no doubt elsewhere.anagement.o !hanks. :uran and +dwards0 ( ')(.uperb nurses abbreviation shorthand for the worst patients. describing the system by which a company manages "otal Ouality. was home0grown in :apan.ystem some years ago their engineers devised an . +xtension of "O .. which is neither memorable nor easily pronouncable until %li$e lots of things& you brea$ it down into recogniCable chun$s> !ri5.$ill. Cliche0based acronym and a good basis for discussions and exercises 0 see team building games. Allegedly when the 7oc$heed Aircraft company introduced their own "otal Ouality anagement . ost people believe that the :apanese "O philosophy. they are both still revered as industrial icons. !E. taught the :apanese all they $now about "otal Ouality anagement in the 23E5s. A little $nown fact is that the two American gurus. . )n the world of chemical explosives "N" of course stands for !rinitrotoluene. %O(. if not all the products.ounds li$e it should be a "= game show. "he basis of experiential learning and training 0 as in #) do and ) understand# %see the Confucius -uotation&. . and successor to . And now it#s easy. for unsuccesful 8ob applicants. !otal Euality . (on Clar$& ! !$A3 !here ught !o $e A 3aw.. but .. !E% !otal Euality %ontrol.# !otal Euality . Borerunning theory from the 23<5s to "O .anagement #ystem. or anything worthy of polite refusal %Ac$ . /ar$es&. "o the :apanese. %Ac$ A"& ! 0# !ask riented 0nstructional #ystem.A& . @se in con8untion with "A/+. "he "as$ provides the /ressure element which when applied to the "echni-ue produces .

action plans. Ricoh. 7. ""BN was popularised %along with 'BN 0 #bye for now& in the @A by the daytime radio (: :immy Young in the 23. see you later. !a !a (or . etc. especially before concluding negotiations about the sale.A)N actually originated as as a metaphorical name 0 not an acronym 0 .ame. +mployers transferring out and transferring in staff should ensure they understand these laws.ow. %Ac$ .inclair0!yde for alerting me to this omission in the list.*& !+07 !ransaction. Merox and Aoda$& with the purpose of developing and promoting the #". and the name of the group formed in 2336 %by vendors such as Adobe. or #bye for now. ob8ectives.1 any situation where responsibility or $nowledge is needs to be confirmed. !17' !ransfer of 1ndertakings for 7rotection of 'mployment. !echnology 8ithout An 0nteresting . !##$A! (tissbat) !he #tudent #hould $e Able !o. purchase or transfer of business interests..& !!(. 7artnership. +very -uality company has these things in place. "he hard and soft elements of the "otal Ouality anagement model.ove to #eattle %home of competitor 'oeing&.& !!# and %%% !eams. +elationship.. "he @A#s "@/+ regulations are employment legislation which dictate proper process and employer#s obligations regarding the transfer of staff from one employer to another. for example in the case of transfer of staff to an outsourced services supplier.alternative meaning 0 !ime to Euit and . 0nformation. capability.A)N# is the de facto compliance interface standard for scanning devices. "his is a terrific acronym for emphasising and agreeing expectations of responsibility. )n other words. "he se-uential development of a successful customer0supplier co0operation. !ools. %"han$s ! .5s but li$ely existed considerably before this.A)N )nitiative#. %Ac$. %ommitment. !8A0. #ystems and %ulture. #". ". "a0"a meaning goodbye is first recorded in use as a nursery expression in 2IH<. %ommunication.

"ill +arth and . 'order.D Considering that the technology is concerned with connecting two functions 0 that of driver and application 0 this seems perfectly logical. the clever fol$s at ". wearing a coat in the winter.. to fail to return something borrowed. nor 'irth.D 1$0 1ne*plained $eer 0n2ury. %Ac$ /J:& .. mobile phones over a year old.ust $e +eally ld. Acronym remar$ing that someone#s choice of attire or other tell0tale behaviour gives their age away1 for example. 1.A)N group iteself ac$nowledges that the expression continues to haunt the standard. nor 'reed. "his gives rise also to the use of the word in slang verb form> #twoc# meaning to steal. !owever. and .. etc.. )ncidentally the next lines of the poem are> D.. Bor example> D(id you buy that rather fetching hotel bathrobe or do you twoc it?.$+ yo1 . with the result that many now believe the word came from the acronym and not vice0versa. and next to a competition to create an acronym root phrase retrospectively from the word %sponsored by who or what ) don#t $now&. never having heard of myspace. or more orthopaedics nursing.hen two strong men stand face to face.eat1 'ut there is neither +ast nor .A& (run$. using a pen and notepad. Rosling& !8 % !aking 8ithout wner's %onsent. with in8uries of un$nown origin. wal$ing anywhere. phoning instead of emailing. tho# they come from the ends of the earthND %Ac$. which contributed first to the belief that is was an acronym.$y stand presently at *od#s great :udgment . "he ". +ast is +ast. 'allad Of +ast And .. which is #two# or #two things#.est.est is . and widely applicable elsewhere. %Ac$ A/& 1(3A 1nidentified (our 3etter Acronym. Acronym from Nova .est> DOh. )nspiration for this came from the opening line of Rudyard Aipling#s 2II3 poem. coo$ing fresh vegetables.based on literal meaning of twain. Companion acronym to @"7A.est.A)N decided to use the word in upper case %apparently to improve its distinctiveness&. and never the twain shall meet. %O(. . 7egal and police acronym describing theft of some sort.

"his neat acronym cleverly conveys its meaning in the word since a =)'+ adds sensory information to text. Older readers will recall that the word vibe was 23. 90$' 9isual $ook 'nhancement. "ransfers easily to other environments. A simple powerful concept that %as at the early 6555s& we#ve not begun to see exploited widely yet.onderful dar$ humour self0explanatory healthcare acronym from orthopaedic nursing in Nova . who specialise in practical. that is to say 0 you#ve got to be doing something that nobody else is doing. . for example a (=( with a boo$./s. so video enables a wider sensory experience. You can#t be very successful in any business unless you have at least one @. .5s slang for atmosphere or feeling.tewart in November 655< when .1. "he @/' acronym and concept was developed by "he ar$eting *uild. =isual 'oo$ +nhancement is video0based content to support or illustrate text0based material.cotia.lightly toned down interpretation. . %Ac$ A/& 17$ 1ni<ue 7erceived $enefit./ means to your also @B7A above. which is a very different way of approaching selling than from the traditional angle of seller0oriented @. Canada. "7A. Your @. %O(.ocialising9(ating terminology. including wor$ situations. "ypically applicable to the male of the species. 1#7 1ni<ue #elling 7oint (or 7roposition).A& . and effective sales and mar$eting. innovative./ from the customer#s perspective. ore interesting than the straight 9'#! 9ery 'gotistical #tupid !wit. .09A% 1nusually ./. derived from the word vibration.hat your @. )t#s essential to discuss your offering in these terms with your customer. or conceivably a video file within an online text0based tutorial. 1!3A 1nidentified !hree 3etter Acronym. but surely will. and especially applicable when sub8ect is wearing said garment.asty 0nfectionJ 9ultures Are %ircling. ) first heard the term =)'+ used by :ac$ie . "he acronym =)'+ is however a very modern acronym from and for the digital age 0 rather li$e cartoon illustrations have been used traditionally to support text instructions or details.

)nformal acronym used by 7ondon "ransport staff to describe certain types of visitor to 7ondon.A*s. )f anyone $nows who coined the =)'+ acronym originally please tell me.orld Cup in *ermany. "he .A* is not to be confused with . . "his interpretation is obviously the polite version. and earlier in the creative process 0 even before the pro8ect ma$es it onto the cigarette pac$et or nap$in.A*. . RN7) %Royal National 7ifeboat )nstitution& and other maritime agencies. . 8A) 8ild Arsed )uess. %Ac$ A'& . A fitting customer service variation on the traditional #=ery )mportant /erson# meaning. "he . .emi0official acronym used by 7ondon "ransport referring to a blind or partially sighted person needing assistance.AB) leader is a sad phenomenon of the modern age that will come to an end when ordinary people use their collective power to change things. who use .inning is not +nough. and no control of the forces that they see$ to dominate. (on Clar$& . but actually transferable to anyone who blusters and blunders about.. having no regard for the safety of others. usually due to the actions of an idiot in charge of a small sailboat getting into difficulty or causing trouble to others. +ssentially a maritime term. particularly those struggling to comprehend the @nderground system and blaming everyone but themselves for their confusion. 8A(0 8ind Assisted (laming 0diot. which contains a #=)'+# 0 a (=( 0 to augment the words on the pages.AB) in marine =!B messages to describe an incident or potential incident at sea in which lives are at ris$.hortened form of . as seemingly concocted by the @A tabloid press with reference to the partners of +ngland#s footballers at the 655.referring to his autobigraphy.AB) expression is however far more potent and meaningful when applied to certain leaders of governments and large corporations who embar$ on or maintain activities and policies which rec$lessly and arrogantly endanger and undermine people#s well0being and safety also )/. meaning #. %Ac$ A 'utler& 907 9isually 0mpaired 7erson.ives And *irlfriends#. %Ac$. 90 ! 9illage 0diot n !our. 8A)00 . "he acronym originates %Ac$ + Creswic$& from the @A Coast *uard.

. spea$ing laCily or fast. would pronounce the phrase. .ot 'asily +efuted. cCarthy& to mean 8omen Are #uperior 7eople.. the meaning is almost entirely conveyed phonetically in the abbreviation. as well as a huge library and information service covering scientific history. 8"8hat "ave -ou. Bascinatingly. Alpha0males might not necessarily appreciate the supreme ironic -uality of this acronym. %Ac$ ( aguire& 8A3 % 8hat A 3oad f %rap. Acronym to describe one of those days when you#ve planned to do all sorts of things and yet not managed to achieve any. +xtension of the .ardonic term from the armed forces.o (ish../ is alternatively and amusingly interpreted %than$s . Alternative to #etc#.8hat A )ood 0dea 0f.( 8et Arse .agner )nstitute as a #source# for statistics and research information. "he first and original demographics acronym? As featured in countless American police chase movies when the good guys are rushing out the description of the bad guys in the first frantic A/'. D wa# lo# cra# D. 8A. .A* acronyms.A* and .'+ 8ild Assed )uess.agner Bree )nstitute of the @. %Ac$ A !umphreys& 8A#7 8hite Anglo5#a*on 7rotestant. ultiple use acronym. .helan& 8A). "he acronym more li$ely originated as a means of po$ing fun at those who habitually -uoted the . %Ac$. /erhaps based ironically and unfairly on the admirable . such is the way many people. ic$ . .A. /olite version.. 80(' 8ash 0ron (ornicate 'tc. but eminently transferable and 8ust as effective in describing any daft instruction from the idiots above. which provides the oldest free adult education programme in America. 800(. ie.

ee the guides to delegating and the "annenbum J . they may hear but they won#t really listen. etc.eI "he essential element of all successful communications. was allegedly %Ac$ Rob Carr& originated by a touring rugby team for tour "0 shirt slogan.o which group do you thin$ they are going to send into action first?. "he office manager noticed that amaCingly /eters# success rate was close on 255G.peden& 8 . Originated in the Australian Army and now deservedly in wider also *AABOBY. D. Classic ironic #bac$ronym#. 8aste f (lipping !ime And ..))B factor in selling> Airman /eters was assigned to the Air Borce induction training centre to explain and sell the Air Borce 7ife )nsurance to new conscripts. and modern managers need to support people in doing so. the latest government training initiative.oney. An example of the .)OBYB. a term used by women and men to describe a certain type of man who prioritises his fondness for . Bor a free . is actually a wonderful maxim for developing personal self0reliance and for organisations who want their people to be self0reliant and always growing.)OBYB. $eer And !elevision.. so he decided to listen to /eters# techni-ue.en. %Ac$ ( artin& "he .O 'A" acronym is alternatively interpreted into meaning 8omen 5 ver . After outlining the insurance policy basics to the new recruits. whereas if you don#t have the insurance. )f there#s nothing in it for the other person. 8 (!A.eedless &ata n 8hole #ystem. and without the .D 80..& 8# 8ill 0nstall . /eters was heard to say> D)f you#re $illed in action and have the Air Borce )nsurance. /olite version. but need we say more?.))B line. and the principle of persuasion and influence. certain corporate re0 branding schemes. compensation is 8ust the statutory Q2E.))B factor they#ll never commit to action.555.oney. $rains And !ime. 80 (-(# 8ork 0t ut (or -our (lipping #elf.8hat's 0n 0t (or . /erhaps a little unfair.$A! 8aste f . )deal for pro8ect management commentaries.hy wait for someone else to give you the answers if you can wor$ it out yourself? "oday#s organisations need to encourage their people to ta$e initiative. %.chmidt model relating to developing teams&. colour poster see the free businessballs posters page.555 to your beneficiaries. the government has to pay QE55. +g.D %Ac$ 7 . Another great acronym from down0 under. even if mista$es are made. and then finished with the . . .)OBYB.OB"A pro8ect. D) have to wor$ the wee$end on the latest company .. .D /eters paused. .

who don#t understand the creative process %li$e the true story about the director of a Tmulti0million company who complained that a concept advertisement layout was full of gobbledegoo$.Y.). 8+A7 8ind.OO/ 8ell ff below. 8 7 8ell ff lder 7erson.Y* approach to )A).) above. /atronising alternative to !O/+B@7 and "+/)(.Y. +eel And 7rint.).). measured . 8-)08-& . as . Nevertheless. and is an excellent reminder of the importance of visualising outcomes in order to achieve results. "rue ) assure you.& %Ac$.). Now used to denote the completion of any pro8ect %#it#s a wrap#&. (on Clar$& 8-#08-) 8hat -ou #ee 0s 8hat -ou )et.Y*. Contrast the planned.OOB above. although not always true.Y. this famous acronym has applications 8ust about everywhere. and . )f you#ve accessed this archive via the )nternet you#ll probably $now this one already.OOBs1 A variant of .women over and above the stereotypical #blo$e# pursuits. Also referred to as . +xcellent variation on the ubi-uitous . . )deal for presenting concepts to stupid boards of directors.oopie %as in Yuppie& "he new focus of so many modern advertising campaigns. Also $nown as . used when filming is completed. %Ac$ Christiansen& 8 ( lder (olk.Y* is now common computer 8argon. this is supposedly originally a movie0ma$ers# term. )t was of course the random text that designers use instead of copy before the real stuff is written. 8 !%"A 8onderful ld !hing %onsidering "is:"er *7A . 8-#$-)0 8hat -ou #ee $efore -ou )et 0t.

0ntelligent. Also relevant for pro8ect planning and all matters of investing in people.Y*). . programmers. Alternatively #Young @rban /rofessional#. 9erbal. to reinforce the notion of self0determination and self0reliance. Attractive. Another demographic acronym.Y( also emphasises the importance of communicating fully and properly with people whom you expect to produce results of any sort> internal and external staff and suppliers.Y*).hould really be Y@ /.. which was alternatively defined as #young urban professionals#. which in some ways resonates more amusingly than Y@//)+.. /erhaps the best $nown acronym0derived demographic term ever to have entered common parlance. plant and e-uipment. Also a great partner acronym for :B(). "he #+ure$aN# feel of the YA!OO word of course adds to the effect of liberating and lifting one#s limits. development. designers. A maxim for life and personal responsibility> you get out what you put in 0 you reap what you sow. but not strictly a full proper acronym.Y( poster is available from the businessballs free posters page.. this particular interpretation provides a wonderful mnemonic and aid for training and coaching 0 to encourage others to #thin$ outside of the box# and to visualise new directions and goals.Y*). to ma$e the words sound more pleasing .. etc..peden for the acronym& -A" -ou Always "ave ther ptions. particularly for those moments when someone#s digging a hole for themselves or trying to flog a dead horse. @pwardly0 obile /rofessionals# were originally called Y@ /)+. . %Ac$.Y( is also a great reminder that people are more li$ely to perform to their fullest potential when they are given fair reward and recognition. %.8hat -ou )et 0s 8hat -ou &eserve. . .-ou're n -our wn. 0 but the term was -uic$ly superseded by Y@//)+. . As is a factor in much of the development of language and expressions. Bor the other more ordinary corporation0oriented YA!OO bac$ronyms see the corporation bac$ronyms list.. the 0y or 0ie endings were added for greater euphony 0 ie. etc> if you want good results then invest properly and act with integrity.. #uccessful. Obvious and wide0ranging uses. (on Clar$& -1770' -oung 1pwardly5mobile 7rofessional. A free . but would it have caught on?. %than$s 7 .& -A90# -oung. writers.hile this is ostensibly a corporation bac$ronym.eemingly #Young.

"he expressions reflect social change and also changing attitudes to certain lifestyles and values. &0. Alternative meaning in similar context is )enial ld (isherman 'n2oying +ecreation. ade0up #bacronym#. )f you have examples of other lifestyle and demographics acronyms please send them. . . . $1+7 $ankrupt 1nemployed +e2ected 7erson. "hese amusing and occasionally less0than0/C acronyms and abbreviations are an increasing presence in our language. Bor fuller descriptions and contributors where applicable see the entries as they appear above. %"A9 %ouncil "oused And 9iolent. Affluent. lifestyle and demographics profiles acronyms listing !ere in one section are all the lifestyle and demographics profiles acronyms that feature in the dictionary above.o 4ids -et. Ac$ :. )reying. ) ('+ )enial ld (arts 'n2oying +etirement. 3eisured. %as an extension of ()NA& to which incidentally restrospectively the #yet# was added to ma$e it ()NAY. )3A. . not the actual aslow.arried.4&ouble 0ncome .& )f you have your own suggestions for this acronym finder please send them via the contact us the ear 0 li$e the plural ()NA) entry in main listing. "'8 "igh 'arning 8orker.

+%"0& ne +ecent %hild.o 4ids -et." 7'(13 "ard5up ld 7erson '*pecting (ull 1seful 3ife. 0. + $ +ich rdinary $riton.oney $ut A +eal &onut. 4077'+# 4ids 0n 7arents' 7ockets 'roding +etirement #avings. . +A$A&A& +unning A $usiness And &oing A &egree.iddle5aged 1rban 7rofessional. 3 . "eavily 0n &ebt. + . 30('+ 3a/y 0gnorant (ool '*pecting +etirement.o 0ncome. .1770' .ob or Assets. . .4ne 0ncome.en 'ating ut:'n2oying utings. .0.A ..$A+& 3oads f .' +etired:+ich:+espectable ld .o .

'+! #not5.A) #ensitive . #A3 #uburban Asset 3ightweight. 9'#! 9ery 'gotistical #tupid !wit. #0. 7ension 0nade<uate. #0!% . !'70& !astes '*pensive. #405ing #pending the 4ids' 0nheritance. #A&(A$ #ingle And &esperate (or A $aby.$A& #ingle 0ncome .o $oyfriend And &esperate. #. 8A#7 8hite Anglo5#a*on 7rotestant.osed 'gostical +ude !eenager. #. . &ammit.+1$ +ich 1rban $iker.ew5Age )uy. #ingle 0ncome !wo %hildren ppressive .ortgage.

consultants. 1raemia. )f you have examples of others please send them. riented times 3 (person. Of course the use of most of these terms is not encouraged 0 they#re here as amusing and interesting examples of modern communications. 0n2ury. "hese outrageous acronyms and abbreviations %identified in the dictionary listing above by the term O(. nurses and other healthcare staff on patients# notes or in verbal references. the use of dar$ humour to help deal with life#s upsets. 8 !%"A 8onderful ld !hing %onsidering "is:"er Age. of customer service attitudes. &ead &runk and &iabetes. healthcare acronyms listing !ere in one section are all the healthcare acronyms featured in the dictionary above.horthand Acronym& are used 0 allegedly 0 in various parts of the world by certain doctors. language adaptation. time). -1770' -oung 1pwardly5mobile 7rofessional. which stands for Original (octors . 8 8ell 7 ff lder 7erson. place. A 63 Alert.8 8ell ( ff lder (olk. %!ealthcare mnemonic to aid memory of possible causes of unconsciousness.& . */#s. and particularly these acronyms serve to demonstrate the importance of humour in stressful occupations. Bor further descriptions and contributors see the entries as they appear above in the fuller listing. 'pilepsy.A. A'0 1 &&& Apople*y. pium or other drugs.

1nresponsive. relating to a victim#s level of response 0 see A=/@ detail in main listing& A8 3 All 8ell n 3eaving.& A971 Alert. %+mergency burns assessment methodology 0 see entry in main listing.A( 3 All (ine n 3eaving. %Birst aiders training acronym used in casualty assessment. A8!( Away 8ith !he (airies. .&$ut 1nfortunately . 9oice. &epth. %Appalling obviously. A)A Acute )ravity Attack. #ee #oon. %/atient fell over& A#&A Age.ot &ead -et. %. $$## or $2#2 $ig $oobs. $8# $eached 8hale #yndrome.& $1. and a bit scary too. Area.&. also !(5$ the listing above under the '@N(Y entry& $9A $reathing 9aluable Air. 7ain.

(unny 3ooking 7arents. (A# (at And #tupid.%. (+A%# (ornicates +egularly And %hain #mokes.urses Assistant& %!& %ircling the &rain:%lose !o &eath. if a newly admitted patient dies suddenly before they have been examined %#cler$ed#& by the ward doctor. (34(37 (unny 3ooking 4id. (34 (unny 3ooking 4id. '+%7 'ndoscopic +etrograde %holangio57ancreatoscopy. . &!# &anger !o #hipping. &+! &ead +ight !here.asty Arses. the #admission# notes may be written up post0mortem %after they should have been. in other words&. Alternatively. !here. %alternative to usual meaning> %ertified . !here. and !here.A %leaning . in which case the acronym ta$es on a more mischievous interpretation> 'mergency +etrograde %lerking of 7atient. &+!!!! &ead +ight !here.

in which case it means .& . "090 "usband 0s 9illage 0diot..A& . . )$% )eneral $ody %rumble.'+ )et ut of . . ) 4 )od nly 4nows.othing Abnormal &iscovered:&etected.. %NA( is alternatively often used when superiors as$ for the results of tests that no0one thought to order..(3 . ) .um.y 'mergency As A "atter. )ood 3ooking .AA" . 'thnic #kirt. )7 )ood for 7arts nly.)A4 )od Alone 4nows.ot Actually &one. )+ 30'# )uardian +eader f 3imited 0ntelligence.. )3.

F .ot . 70#A 7ermanent and 0rrecoverable #tate of Alcoholism. 7$7 7roctodynia $y 7ro*y. . .4&A . %A pain in the bac$side.ot 4nown.E+ . Alternatively the abbreviation is used to mean . &idn't Ask.. .orfolk& .ature's )entlemen. .ot -et &iagnosed 5 .& 7'A+3 7upils '<ual And +eacting !o 3ight.o 4nown &rug Allergies. .. 7'++3A 7upils '<ual. 7A( 7issed And (ell ver. eg. A7 ver An*ious 7erson. . .-&.ervous. +ound.ormal (or 3ondoners.(.) ne f .ot Euite +ight. %And variations on the same theme..ormal for . +eactive to 3ight and Accommodate to distance.

)f you have examples of other healthcare acronyms please send them.& rigin. 1. %Bor the treatment of certain leg and foot in8uries.09A% 1nusually . %ompression. 1$0 1ne*plained $eer 0n2ury.!ry "omeopathy. %A patient undergoing extreme9experimental treatment& ! $A#" !ake ut $ack And #"oot.+0%' +est. 0ce. 'levation. #!0 :#0 #upra!entorial in nec$#.asty 0nfectionJ 9ultures Are %ircling. !''!" !ried 'verything 'lseI.. .& # $ #hortness f $reath. !3+ !wo53egged +at. ) no longer publish rude acronyms on this page. %)magined 0 supratentorial means #above the !A!! !ired All !he !ime. Contributors of these acronyms are ac$nowledged in the detailed entries in the main acronyms section.

ubs %nubs are wheel bushes&. interesting and amusing examples. these barbed interpretations also serve to show that cars can give rise to strong feelings and bias. frustration and ironic's 8heels:$lack .anure 8agon):$ayerischer .an's 8illy:$ring .y 8illy:$ought . 'very 9alve +attles. il 3eaks 'very !ime:%heap "eap 'very 9alve +attles r 3eaks 'very !ime:%an "ear 'very 9alve +attling n 3ong '*tended !rips .al 8ieder ()ermanK 'bust again'):$ei . Another #trut !o verhaul . %"'9+ 3'! %latters "eavily.!3'$eautiful 'ngine.ercedes 8astebasket:$arely .et 8ielen (&utchK 'bo* with wheels') $#A $est #crap Available.ist8agen ()ermanK $avarian .any Apparent +epairs !o 0nternal . No offence is intended> A#! .oney in 8heelbarrows:$lew . A few of these acronyms %#bac$ronyms# or #bacronyms# more correctly& are potentially offensive on the basis of race and or taste.acronyms from the automotive industry Acronyms from or related to the automotive sector 0 some amusing. so if you are easily offended don#t read them. "his is not an exhaustive list and attempts only to include the more creative. others more interesting from a social and cultural perspective.y 8ad:$uilt from . $'.ainly by 8ankers:$lack .igrant 8orkers:$ig5up .eeds !o 3ast 'ndless -ears.8 $reak . )t#s interesting that nearly all are negative 0 cars for many people are an easy target of envy. humour and the adaptability of language.ist8erke ()ermanK $avarian .ercedes threw away'):$ayerischer .ercedes 8eggeworfen ()ermanK 'made from the parts .ightly 5 . )n addition to providing some interesting examples of attitudes. .y 8indows:$uilt by .oving and 8orking:$ersten . .A+!0.anure 8orks):$ak . $.

etal:)enerally .'s %ompanion.ow. " . )rinding . &ead:(ound n +ubbish &ump:(i* r +epair &aily:(ast nly +olling &ownhill:(i* r +eplace &aily9(lip ver.ade %arefully:)arage .% )arbage . )!0 )od !he 0nsurance.ot &one Accelerating:"ave ne.&A "old n . " 3&'.& &)' &amned ld &irty )as 'ater:&ead n &ay )uarantee '*pires:&ies n &ay )uarantee '*pires:&rips il. +ead &irections:(irst n +ace &ay9(ull f +ust and &ecay:(or utstanding +eliability and &ependability:(amil2en lssons +ullande &ass (#wedishK '(amily lssen's +olling !oilet').ess of %rap:)otta . &rops )rease 'verywhere (0A! (ound 0n A !ip:(ailure 0n Automotive !echnology:(i* 0t Again !ony:(i* 0t Again !omorrow:(utile (or (eeble) 0talian Attempt at !ransportation:(ehler 0n Allen !eilen ()ermanK 'faulty in all parts'):(ur 0taliener Achreichende !echnologie ()ermanK 'for 0talians ade<uate technology'):(ui 0diota Agora e !arde (7ortugueseK '0've been stupid now it's too late') ( +& (ound n +oadside.e*ican %ar:)arage .ever &id Again. ). ).an's %ompanion 9)eneral .ever &o it Again:"ad .echanic %oming9)ood . ne. . "ope ur 3uck &oesn't 'nd .

ust 'nough 'ssential 7arts:. 7A+ .usical )ear $o* )rinds !eeth.ostly )araged:. 1sually #erious:3eaking il !o 1nder #ide.ust 'nough 'ngine 7ower:. . .) .A)1A+ .assive .unkJ 'ach and 'very 7art:. Always +eliable:. .''7 ..ust 'mpty 'very 7ocket.any ld 7arts Assembled +ecklessly.obile. 40A 4illed 0n Action:4illed in Automobile. .ade At Loo by &emented Apes.ust A )auge 1nder Another +epair.y ld 7lymouth (or 7ig) Ain't +unning:."1.'+ "uge 1nnecessary . 3A&A 3eft At &ump Abandoned:3aissee Au &epotoir Abandonee ((renchK 3eft At &ump Abandoned):3angs Achter &uwen Alstublieft (&utchK 'please push from behind') 3 !1# 3oads f !rouble. 'mmissions +idiculous.ostly ld 7arts And +ust:.AL&A .)$ )! . .otor n 7avement After +ace:.oney )one:. .ighty )ood.assively ver57owered. .

A:. thers $ehind 0ncreasingly 3ate 70. airlines and aviation acronyms As with the other acronyms on this website this listing illustrates the amusing development of coded langauge and communications and is not meant to cause offence. : Bobian. . $03' ld 3adies &riving #lowly . "his is not an exhaustive list and attempts only to include the more creative. interesting or amusing examples. . ) no longer publish rude acronyms on this page. Clory. . even though some no longer exist. . * "olentino.&0A After 0 +eturn 0'll .ever &o 0t Again.eatly !oasts ccupants. . : Ouir$. A few of these acronyms %#bac$ronyms# or #bacronyms# more correctly& are potentially offensive so if you are easily offended don#t read them. : !emmingway. . %Ac$ ( Compton. ( 'urton. . * (ay. " (ay. neither is it to be seen as a comment on service levels or the -ualities of the doubtless fine organisations featured in the list.3&#. ( !aw$sworth. . +d /. Rivera. #1$A+1 #till 1sable $ut All +usted 1nderneath. !arvey& )f you have other automotive or car acronyms please send them. . C /urdom. Cadd. ! . No offence is intended> A0+ 0.!A !he ne -ou ught !o Avoid:!oo ften -ankees (or -anks) verprice !his Auto:!aking ur -en ut !hanks America.$ariah. 'uc$ley. " Cole.! 7owerful 0ncendiary.aking 'veryday.

ourney 'very !ime. etc.):Always 3ate 0n !ake5off. $ A% $oys verseas After %rumpet:$etter ff n A %amel:$etter %anada:$oeing nly Aircraft %onsidered. 'A#-.A30!A30A Airplane 3ands 0n !urin And 3uggage 0n Ancona:Airplane 3ands 0n !okyo And 3uggage 0n Atlanta (etc. . '3 A3 'very 3anding Always 3ate. )A+1&A )ood And +eliable 1nder &utch Authority:)overnment Airway +uined 1nder &utch Administration. A8A America's 8orst Airline. n Air $80A $ut 8ill 0t ArriveI:$etter 8alk 0f Able:$ritain's 8orst 0nvestment Abroad. $'A $ritian's '*cuse for an Airline. Always 3ate 0n Arrival:A 3ittle 0talian !radition And 3otsa 0talian Attitude. &'3!A &ivert 'veryone's 3uggage !o Atlanta:&on't '*pect 3uggage !o Arrive:&oesn't 'ver 3eave !he Airport:&idn't '*pect !o 3and !here Anyway:&elivering 'veryone 3ate !hrough Atlanta:&on't '*pect to 3eave the !erminal Alive.'! 'conomy Airline #lows -our .

%Not an airline but an amusing acronym used by airport staff referring to daft customers& 30A! 3uggage 0n Another !erminal. 3$0A% 3eft $rains 0n Airport %arpark. .43.70% nassis 3ikes -our .A #uch A $ad '*perience. EA. #A"#A #tay At "ome #tay Alive. 4eeps 3osing . .o #teward Available:3et 1s (ree !he "ostages And .ot #hoot Anyone.oney.#A 3et 1s (ind !he "ostess As .ancies !rained As #tewards:Euench A .agging !hirst And #leep. %Originally Eueensland And . 7A3 7lane Always 3ate. 3-. #A$'.orthern !erritory Air #ervice&.!A# Eueers And . 3 ! 3ot f !roubles.oney 7aid 0n %ash.ever Again. 31(!"A.

!A7 !ake Another 7lane:!amancos Aereos 7ortugueses (7ortugueseK 7ortuguese Airborne %logs). 1!A 1nlikely !o Arrive.. Not true of course.. !8A !ravel 8ith An*iety:!housands 8andering Aimlessly:!errorists 8elcome Aboard:!he 8orst Airline:!ry 8alking Across:!eeny 8eeny Airlines:!hird 8orld Airlines.#A# #ame As #abena:#e* And #atisfaction:#candinavian Alcoholic #ystem %referring to travel to /oland for its cheap vod$a& # #A #tay ff #tay Alive. !A%A !ake A %hance Airlines:!res Accidentes %ada Ano (#panishK !hree Accidents %ounted Annually). #80##A0+ #e*y 8omen 0n #wissair #ervices Are 0ndeed +are. !A7 !ake Another 7lane. . but then none of this stuff is. 9A#7 9omite A<ui #eu 7orco (7ortugueseK !hrow 1p "ere -ou 7ig 5 a reference to the 9A#7 sick5bag logo):9arias Aeromocas #ao 7utas (7ortugueseK 'a number of the air stewardesses are loose women') Again not true of course. li$e the rest of this silliness.

"hey are a bit of fun and no offence is intended.80A 8henever 0t Arrives. *lenn !ooper. " Clar$e. public image. and for the health and hygiene0 conscious there is the very silly A &ure* 0s &isposable After #e* %ac$ : Ouir$&. A&0&A# After &inner 0 &id A #hit. staff attitudes. New contributions and suggestions gratefully received. ( . Navaroli. "hese meanings are not true statements of fact. * Cartledge. corporation backronyms (reverse acronyms from corporation names 5 'corporanyms') (ue to the increasing interest. this section for the corporation bac$ronym genre has been added. including me. Reducing one of the foremost consumer brands of our times to such a trite vulgarity is somehow a very amusing 8uxtaposition %Ac$ :R&. etc& contained in the creation and use of amusing corporation #bac$ronyms# %or #corporanyms# to coin a daft new portmanteau word&. 7 =an !elden& )f you have other notable airlines and aviation acronyms please send them. A . %#% %ollection of #mall %ompanies..tenning.. Chin. but strangely to many. %Ac$ (uncan.. Bor procrastintors everywhere %ac$ N . bac$ronyms %Ac$ /B&. )f you have others to share feel free to send them. :anes. ( Rawsthorn. Other variations include %ac$ /J:& the similarly daft and amusing A &og 0s &irty And #mells or A &og 0s &irty And #hits. + .$inson. ( .pargo& there is All &ay 0 &ither And #<uirm.idwell. + (avies. language.ilson. "here seems no earthly reason for this to be funny. 7 artin. potential and learning value %social. Alternative interpretation %apparently used by staff& of the C. 'ut if the cap fits any particular C+O#s out there. /lease note that Airlines and Automotive acronyms %#bac$ronyms# are listed separately&.C company name. * . ' /oulter. All &ay 0 &ream About #e* is perhaps the best $nown of these weird A()(A. it is.argent. which properly stands for .

initially as a service shuttling bills of lading between . which is from Old +nglish #hladan# traceable bac$ to <6EA(.. Not the country +ngland 0 the @. 7ading is from the word #lade#.C#s operatianal structure. A bill of lading is incidentally a document detailing what#s being shipped and to whom.. on the web at CR+ngland. and whose roots were very close to the word load. "he #old hand# drivers had a bit of a 8o$e on the +ngland name %due to the fact that an +ngland truc$ invariably came up in stories about truc$s in ditches or nasty but stupid loo$ing accidents involving stationary ob8ects&. Not true of course. "his #bac$ronym# %or #bacronym# 0 meaning an acronym that is constructed in reverse from a word. truc$ing company CR +ngland. )n any event *uinness J *rand etropolitan would have offered relatively little scope for constructing a sardonic #bac$ronym# than (iageo.ciences Brancisco and !onolulu.ew )uy 3asts About .mall Companies# version reflects C. "ide and 3ose:&on't "urry 3ads.& &0A)' &on't '*pect Any )reat 'mployment pportunities. )ncidentally (iageo is apparently !indi for #give and live for the truc$ing industry in the @nited . %yes. !olden& .ergo. !ide and 7ose. +very New *uy 7asts About Ninety (ays. who formed the company in 23. 7arry !illblom and Robert 7ynn. y father drove for @nited =an 7ines for many years and other large transport services before (iageo#s previous name was *uinness J *rand etropolitan. along perhaps with the fact that the *uinness name had become associated with a ma8or fraud case in the late 23I5s following its ac-uisition of @nited (istillers in 23I. )t#s interesting that the company name features three $ey letters of the ancient +nglish word so closely related to their trade.. "he #Collection of . %Ac$ ..tates there is a company called CR +ngland.... %"han$s *regory for (rop. '. rather using initials from a phrase or series of words& does however illustrate the ris$s of corporate rebranding with a name that invites such creative and mischievous interpretation. "he word lade is preserved in the modern word laden. and C Armer for (on#t !urry 7ads. as explained by the contributor> D. "he pioneering (!7 delivery company grew from their modest beginnings into a global organiCation with reputation to match. %"han$s : !oneycutt& &"3 &rop.& 'very . meaning loaded with.. which splits its activities into several business units.3. (!7#s name in fact derives from its founders# surnames# initials. Adrian (alsey. "he merger of the two organisations hastened the name0change.)3A. becoming along the way %they say& the first to bring air express to the +astern 'loc countries in 23IH and to the /eople#s Republic of China in 23I. Not true of course.Computer .inety &ays.

uspension 'ridge completed in 2I. typically used in -uarries. Baceboo$ and 'ebo put together.& "A+!3 "ardly At +unning !emperature 3ong. *.estern entry in @ncyclopedia. 'verything !o Attract . "he *reat .estern# company. %although be careful when you visit this website 0 it poses a greater ris$ to wor$ productivity than yspace. illustrating that the tradition of re0interpreting amusing meanings from company names and initials has been around for at least a half a century. a situation which persists. or #. )8+ )oes 8hen +eady. which led. Aindly and reverential #bacronym# popular in the days of the original *reat .. brea$0downs. allegedly. and the understandably venomous criticisms made of the modern Birst *reat ..R main listing.estern imposter reflects how our essential services have been exploited for profit and political expediency.R is transferable to other situations.estern# as it is not so fondly referred to by its reluctant victims. founded in Austria. %D)s it a !artl.D&.estern Railway Company was founded in 2IHE initially for the construction of the 7ondon to 'ristol railway..ewstern Railway is not to be confused with the more recent re0privatised and much re0named. as commonly believed.'!A. "he original *reat . merged and otherwise convoluted #Birst *reat . An acronym that#s now become a term used generally by certain @A service engineers to describe a machine with consistent problems. overseen by the genius )sambard Aingdom 'runel %starting at the ripe old age of 6<&.andercoc$& . "he origin is apparently from a company called !artl Crushte$. %as well as the demise of the !artl Crushte$ @A operating subsidiary&. explained in the *.. .orst 7ate . "he machines allegedly developed a reputation for poor reliability. "he comparison between the playful old #*oes . which used to manufacture roc$ crushing machines.4 after H5 years# construction and seven years after 'runel#s death in 2IE3.estern Railway. %Ac$ ar$ . to the development of the !AR"7 reverse acronym %bac$ronym& by the company#s service engineers.hen Ready# bacronym %actually no bad thing considering modern concerns about safety&. Not. the actual origin of the famous womenswear chain.hen will the daft buggers learn? A lesson for all the arrogant and greedy businessmen and politicians who#ve en8oyed playing with our national infrastructure li$e it were one big toy train set is highlighted in the superb .en.estern Railway Company ceased to operate in 234I as part of the nationalisation of the 'ritish railways in that year. faults etc. "he *reat .orst 7ate . which is explained in the main +"A entry above. including the wonderous Clifton .

CThis campaign is all about support at workD -o matter whether you're behind a desk.e (it -n Australia.) is fronted by (esperate Aousewives star -icollette #heridan (e!ample of brand endorsement by a celebrity = 'aspirational marketing'). The Aestia website also enables the visitor to see the T? advert featuring 3s #heridan and some behind=the=scenes footage of the photo=shoot (use of internet technology and likely viral marketing techniGues = 'titillation' marketing = titillation is actually from $atin. Aestia's intriguing advertising campaign (5>>6=>.illing in the missing two words was obviously irresistible to someone. %n obscure=looking acronym ('backronym' actually) until it is e!plained that the %ustralian Aestia company is a leading bra maker. The Aestia name was . Aestia's own publicity says the company caters for 'every siBe in %ustralia'. not least the use of irony and humour. . in case you were wondering. you're hoovering (aka vacuuming) Fsic = the translation of hoovering into vacuuming is actually in the GuoteH or doing a bit of laundry. who in launching the campaign reinforces the Aestia positioning thus. and nothing to do with breasts). and you feel great when you are wearing a Aestia. which (whether intentionally or not) effectively provides most of the backronym interpretation.. 4art of the +erlei group.*E$(-A *olds Every $i. The Aestia website is actually a fascinating e!ample of several aspects of modern marketing. ++Eing. It's all about feeling good.C (e!ample of market positioning and ironic = we assume ironic = use of the 'women at work' theme).

then you didn#t need them in the first place.. Incidentally both ?esta and Aestia are derived from 'oman1Ireek mythology: Aestia is the %ncient Ireek goddess of the hearth and home.e. According to Australian #bac$yard# car0maintenance tradition. Alternatively and amusingly 0've $een . i.chosen by founders &dward and #erena Aerson in :<@> because their first choice name ?esta was already registered (e!ample of importance of branding and registration of trademarks). "eaps f 3ittle &irty 'ngine .oved %ac$ / 7arson&. %Ac$ : *ullefer& 0$. and 0've $een to . ?esta is the 'oman goddess of the hearth. which in 'oman mythology also related to the alter and fire. Aussie #bac$yard# mechanics apparently assert that if the nuts are left over. 0t's . 7ess imaginatively. 0'm in $lue .uts. more than three miles from central 7ondon %ac$ ' Cavalot&. this acronym is a reference to the parts usually left over after repairing the engine of a !olden car. A 23<5s reference to the standard )' executive#s business suit&.aterial.anchester %referring to the supposed reluctance of )' #s American executives to travel into bandit country.. (hence also #wan ?esta matches = there are many other e!amples of the use of mythological " 3&'.

see also> amusing and fascinating origins of words. and then opted for the word Yahoo when it leapt out of the dictionary at them. Additionally %ac$ .panish 0mmensa $ola de . ) no longer publish rude acronyms on this page. )ncidentally Yahoo founders Yang and Bilo maintain they only chose the YA %Yet Another& part of the acronym. /usey&. or 0t's $een .alfunctioning. and 0nfernal $looming . but which was devised afterwards by persons un$nown&. expressions and cliches money slang and money history %@A& word0play puCCles and games for -uiCCes and exercises amusing and inspirational stories and analogies for training. Other interpretations include> -et Another "ierarchical fficious racle. %which sometimes is attributed wrongly to Yang and Bilo.anually. nothing to do with the website. Also> -et Another "elpful peration rigin and -et Another "yperte*t nline rganiser. public0 spea$ing and writing funny -uotes allegedly from letters to )slington Council#s !ousing (epartment real funny insurance claims real funny . and the gratuitously offensive . is actually a wonderful maxim for life.ea$est 7in$ answers real funny Bamily Bortunes Answers . 0t's $eing . )f you#ve found these acronyms amusing and thought provo$ing. "his alternative bacronym. -A" -ou Always "ave ther ptions. /lease note that Airlines and Automotive acronyms %#bac$ronyms# are listed separately&. which might of course have nothing to do with )' corporation at all.achine1 neither of which necessarily relate to )' per se of course.ended.ierda %huge ball of pooh&. )f you have other #corporanyms# that you#d li$e to share please send them.$etter . Other non0)' 0 corporate interpretations are listed under )' in the main acronyms listing above.

and the various free amusing. if you are not already there . educational and inspirational resources on the main businessballs website.