ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is a great invention of modern technology, as we know that majority banks of our country are doing trading on-line basis. anks are !roviding debit and credit cards to the customers. "ith the hel! of those cards, customers can easily withdraw money from booths at any time. ATM booths are !laying a vital role in our modern e-banking system. They !rovide #$ hours service throughout the week. %ecently, there was wides!read allegation from the customers that they got fake notes from ATM booths. &f anyone gets fake notes from ATM, s'he can not !roduce any evidence of that. (o, banks should be more cautious regarding this issue. They should ensure that there will be no more fake notes in ATM. )therwise customers will reject this !o!ular service.
(o you thought that just because you got your currency notes from across a bank teller*s counter or an ATM, they were guaranteed to be the genuine item+

ust one of many e!isodes . 8owever. well.duly checked for authenticity'genuineness and fitness by machines. lakh. ru!ee denominations. or a large city. No corrective action from BNM.. but if you had found yourself with even one of those currency notes. and then tried to go back to ( & to argue about it. That is about 2-/. "ere those who were behind this crime !unished+ "e don*t know. and that also only where branches have daily cash transactions e3ceeding %s-.2 currency notes. and /.. 8ow about that for a neat system to make sure that any fake notes in circulation will not be com!lained about+ The issue of fake notes has become a worrying issue lately. Till March #.000 rupee note! The ATM belonged to a large reputed pri"ate bank that has its presence in #$0 %ndian towns and cities! &n Thursday.which as of now is also !rivatised. !robably doesn*t transact in lakhs !er day. that didn*t !revent the fine !eo!le at ( & from re!lacing %s$ crore worth of genuine money with some funny money made elsewhere .000 . is often still not re:uired to !rovide currency note checking facilities.over %s$ crore worth of fake currency in an assortment of -. shoebo3es to fill./. but hey. they would have filed an <&% with the local !olice..same series. ut as !art of an % & controlled cash chest at an ( & branch in an e3tremely small town in 4ttar 5radesh that does not even have a railway station+ 6omariganj. )ne could !robably understand if it was moving from one hoodlum to another.. and there is no smoke without fire . No security scanner while depositing? You can no longer blindly trust your bank ATM as a DNA staffer learnt to his utter shock when a machine presented him with a counterfeit 1. That*s for sure. would take around 2. the bu99 is that this currency was destined.. and as !er information. running into 01.//. bank. close to the &ndo-7e!al border. you will continue to get currency notes that may not have been . he punched his '%N into the ATM placed on the bank premises in (T Nagar and withdrew (s). via !rivate trans!orters.000! *a"ing got a denomination of four 1. large steel trunks of the sort used by banks to move cash around.. or even in a medium or small town. This e!isode a cou!le of years ago was sought to be hushed u! by both % & and ( &. to the business of refilling ATM cartridges . everything. Against you. the gra!evine is su!reme.

hi"a-inagar branch of a nationali. the manager bu.ed bank within /0 minutes! 0ut the cashier re-ected one (s1. they sent the bank manager with a genuine note and took away the fake one! .. adding that management of the ATM was outsourced and the agency could not be contacted! A series of telephone calls followed from "arious bank officials. was a couple of millimetres narrower! 5hen the fake note was taken back to the bank owning the ATM.planations like 85e will in6uire into it:< 8Millions of notes are fed into the machines and it is not possible to record the serial number of e"ery note:< 8This occurrence is "ery.rupee notes and ten 100 rupee notes. after checking it on the machine. seemingly tired of their own babble.o to a"oid this problem we de"eloped such system which will a"oid trouble for customer as well as to the bank ! =>Y'AD . agreed it was an 8odd note: and noted a complaint. too.ed his senior who ad"ised him to note a complaint and take a photocopy of the note! The manager. including the top corporate communication official in Mumbai! 0ut e.000 note after checking the wad on a note sorting machine! The note bore No! 12* 1$1#33 and had the signature of (0% go"ernor Y4 (eddy! The clerk pointed out that she considered the note as fake as the watermark digits did not glow and the "ertical watermark showed two red glows on its security thread instead of all glowing green as on a genuine one! The left margin on the note. he deposited the money in his wife+s account at the . "ery rare:< 8%t may not be a fake note as (0% keeps changing designs and it could be one of the old designs: were gi"en! At the end of the day. the manager promptly 6ueried7 8*ow do % know you got this note from our ATM9: 0ut when the withdrawal slip was produced.

erial '(%NT>( WORKING: %n this system.BLOCK DIAGRAM: @2D M%2(& '2 (. microcontroller is used to recei"e and display the note serial number and amount of that note! 'c is connected to controller note serial number is read and process using matlab in pc and serial number and note amount . /?/ 2ontrolle r (. /?/ .

/?/ Software: keil A4ision? matlab .and total number is send serially to controller! 5ith help of controller note number and amount is display on the @2D And serially it is printed on page with help of printer! &ur system will able to make DD in the atm center only which will sa"e the use time! Hardware: '2 $0)1 controller .erial printer @2D ma.