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You will know them by their fruits. Mt.


From The Diary of John G. Lake

A number of years had passed since God had healed his wife, Jennie. Durin this time, he had continued practicin the ministry of healin . !"ery answer to prayer and miraculous touch of God created within him a reater lon in for the deeper thin s of the #pirit. Durin his business life, he made it a habit of spea$in somewhere practically e"ery ni ht. After the ser"ices, he was in the habit of %oinin with friends who, li$e himself, were determined to recei"e the baptism in the &oly #pirit as they belie"ed the early disciples had recei"ed it 'Acts (:1)*+. &is prayer was, ,God, if -ou will bapti.e me in the &oly Ghost and i"e me the power of God, nothin shall be permitted to stand between me and one hundredfold obedience., from /0he 1io raphy of John G. 2a$e3
Above we see Lake's condition while still merely saved. Apparently, he already prayed for healing, but received inconsistent results. arnest !eeker

Lake's Crucible of Preparation

#ome months before 4 was bapti.ed, '1567+ 4 sat in a cotta e meetin at the home of 1rother 7red 1osworth. 1rother 0om was preachin . At the close of the meetin , he came to me and said, ,1rother, what is your name8, 4 said, ,John 2a$e., &e replied, ,John 2a$e, as 4 was preachin , Jesus told me, John and 4 are oin to preach to ether., 4 lau hed, replyin li htly, ,4 wish it were so, but 4 can9t preach. 4 am not where 4 ou ht to be with God., &e said, ,:e"er mind. Jesus is oin to fi; you up., #ome months later as he "isited our town a ain, one day 4 %oined 1rother 0om and 1rother 7red 1osworth on the sidewal$. As we wal$ed down the street, 4 stepped between them, ta$in each by the arm. 1rother 1osworth turned to me, sayin , ,2a$e, when are you oin to surrender to Jesus8, 4 said, ,Anytime, 7red., 0om turned to me sayin , ,Do you mean it<, 4 replied, ,4 do, 0om., =e all three fell on our $nees on the sidewal$ and ri ht there 4 surrendered to my 2ord. 0hen 4 sou ht God for sanctification and my 1aptism in the &oly Ghost. 4n >ctober 1567 the 2ord in &is oodness bapti.ed me with the &oly Ghost after se"eral months of deep heart searchin and repentance unto God at the home of a friend. 4n company with 1rother 0homas &e.malhalch, was called to my home at ?ion @ity, 4ll., to in"ite me to accompany him to pray for a sister who was an in"alid and had been in a wheelchair for a number of years. As we entered the home, 4 felt a reat calm restin upon me. 4 did not feel to %oin in the con"ersation. 1rother

0om proceeded to instruct the sister from the =ord concernin healin , and 4 sat in a deep leather chair on the opposite side of the room. My soul was drawin out in a reat silent heart cry to God. " #esus, $ so long for the baptism of the %oly &host, but $ feel so unworthy' so far from thee. " (hrist, if it be possible to bapti)e such as me, please bapti)e me. $ am so hungry, so tired of trying, so weary of doing things myself. $ am sick of sin, sick of self, sick of trying, sick of working, etc. etc. Aresently, a reat Buiet came upon me deepenin rapidly into a peace such as 4 had ne"er before $nown or e;perienced ) a Buiet of spirit, soul, and body. My bein was soothed in a perfect calm, so deep, so Buiet. My mind was perfectly still. 4 said, ,>, Jesus, what is this ) the calm of God8 4s this the baptism of the &oly Ghost8, Aresently, it seemed as if 4 had passed under a warm tropical rain that was fallin not upon me, but throu h me. 0he reali.ation of peace was such as 4 had ne"er $nown. 0he rain continued to fall upon me. >, the rest of soul. >, the Buiet of God. >, the peace of that hour. 0he peace ) 4 cannot describe ) that passeth all understandin . 0his condition of peace was so reat 4 feared to breathe. 4t was as the silence of hea"en. 0he sa"in rain continued to fall upon me. 4t soothed my brain. 4t soothed my body. 4t soothed my spirit. =ould it e"er stop8 4 feared it mi ht. 4 said, ,> God, 4 did not $now there was such a place of rest as this.,
%ere Lake enters into %is *est. %e is delivered from all sorrow, and so becomes able to fellowship with %im without clouds to obscure. +his is the white stone blessing of a pure heart. &od re,oices to share %is -resence and power with such souls made true. .elow this is shown to be immediately evident in Lake's life// arnest !eeker

0hen 4 became conscious of a chan e comin o"er me. 4nstead of the rain, currents of power were runnin throu h me from my head to my feet, seemin ly into the floor. 0hese shoc$s of power came intermittently, possibly ten seconds apart. 0hey increased in "olta e until, after a few minutes, my frame shoo$ and "ibrated under these mi hty shoc$s of power. 0hen as 4 shoo$ and trembled, the shoc$s of power followed each other with more apparent rapidity and intensity. My forehead became sealed. My brain in the front portion of my head became inacti"e, and 4 reali.ed the spirit spea$in of &is seal in their foreheads. 4 could ha"e fallen on the floor e;cept for the depth of the chair in which 4 sat. A ain a chan e. 0he shoc$s of power lessened in intensity and now ha"e ta$en hold of my lower %aw. 4t mo"ed up and down and sidewise in a manner new to me. My ton ue and throat be an to mo"e in a manner 4 could not control. Aresently, 4 reali.ed 4 was spea$in in another ton ue, a lan ua e 4 had ne"er learned. >, the sense of power. 0he mi hty mo"in of the #pirit in me. 0he consciousness it was God who had come.
"bviously, brother Lake has ,ust received the pentecostal infilling with the !pirit0 right there in the same sitting/ $ believe all the other heritage souls obtained %is *est separately0 e1cept for 2inney who received the evangelists' mantle at the same time. 3igglesworth, for instance had been walking in %is *est for several years before he received this pentecostal power. "bserve that first came %is *est and the reformation of character that it brings, and then came %is !pirit and the addition of power. 2irst comes grounding in %im, and then comes e4uipping. arnest !eeker

0hen #atan came and su ested, ,4t is not real power. 4t is only ima ination. 0here are not currents of real power. 4t is only physic phenomena., 4 said, ,4t9s power. 4 $now it, and God in &is lo"in mercy pro"ed it to me., At this point 1rother 0om, not yet ha"in obser"ed what the 2ord had been doin with and to me, motioned me to come to pray with the sic$ woman. As 4 stood up 4 was tremblin so "iolently 4 was afraid to put my hands upon her head. Cnowin the honeycombed state of the bone in many rheumatic cripples, 4 was afraid lest the tremblin of my body mi ht dislocate the ri id nec$. 4t occurred to me to touch the top of her head with the tips of my fin ers only. Aermittin the %oints of my fin ers to be as thus, no %ar to the sic$ one was D i"enE. As 4 touched her head 4 could feel the currents of power shoot throu h me into her. 1rother 0om was still so en a ed with the sister, he had

not yet obser"ed that Jesus had bapti.ed me. 4 opened my mouth wide, thus not permittin the mo"in of my ton ue to produce sound. Aresently, 1rother 0om said, ,2et us pray,, at the same instant. 0a$in one of the sister9s hands, at that instant a shoc$ of power shot throu h me and down throu h the sister into 1rother 0oni. &e instantly dropped her hand and drew bac$, apparently not what had happened. &e a ain lifted the hand and started to pray. As he prayed the #pirit deepened on me. 4 could $eep the sounds bac$ no lon er and as 4 prayed the #pirit prayed throu h..... me in another ton ue un$nown to me. 7or years 4 had been used of God in layin hands on the sic$. God had i"en wonderful healin at times, but there was no seemin continuity of healin power. As 4 prayed the #pirit said, ,=hat shall 4 i"e you8, 4 said, ,> Jesus, my soul has co"eted the ift of healin ., And 4 felt that thenceforth, God would use me in that ministry.
!o, brother Lake in one sitting has now5 6. entered %is *est 7. been filled with the !pirit, and 8. been given the gift of healing. 3hew/// "bviously, the Lord has plans for this vessel// (onsider the implications of this/ 3as this the normative process e1perienced by the primitive church and foretold by #ohn in 9atthew 8566: ;$ indeed bapti)e you with water unto repentance, but %e who is coming after me is mightier than $, whose sandals $ am not worthy to carry. %e will bapti)e you with the %oly !pirit and fire. <=#> arnest !eeker

7ollowin my baptism in the &oly Ghost came si; months of the most terrible fi htin s, sometimes "ictory, sometimes defeat, sometimes awful chords and soul storms, with limpses of God9s sunshine. 0he #pirit tal$ed to me of oin up, ,All., 4 did not $now what that would mean, but >, brothers and sisters, when we say all to Jesus it means much. My home, business position amon men, friends, family, e"en my dear wife could not at this time understand. God said, ,Go and preach., 4 said, ,4 will ni hts, but 4 must o on with my business., After some months, 4 found my interest in commercial and worldly affairs was passin away. A man would come into my office. 4 could not thin$ of his money. 4 could only thin$ of his soul. >, was he sa"ed8 @ould 4 brin him to Jesus8 And many times it ended in my tellin him of this wonderful #a"ior and ha"in to pray instead of tal$in business at all. > belo"ed, when the #pirit of Jesus, the &oly Ghost, comes, it is Jesus9 own passion for souls. -ou must lo"e them. -ou can9t help it. Jesus died for them. 0he &oly Ghost is &is #pirit. &e lo"es them still. &e lo"es throu h you. A ain, the 2ord said, ,7ollow Me,, and li$e Matthew, 4 closed my office, arose, and followed &im.
+he above follow0up is shared by all who enter %is *est, since the Lord initiates a process of reconciling the outer circumstances and commitments to the new consecrated realities in %im. +his too is deliverance 0so that the soul may be freed up outwardly to live in accordancee with the inward Life of (hrist that has now been created. arnest !eeker

Preparing for the Mission Fiel s

>ne day about April 1st, 156F, 1 went to 4ndianapolis, 4ndiana, for a ten)day "isit with 1rother 0om, who was preachin there. 0hen 4 assisted in the ser"ices and wor$. =hile "isitin at the home of a 1rother >sborne, as we prayed before retirin , the #pirit of the 2ord came upon me and God tal$ed to me concernin Africa. 7rom my childhood 4 had been much interested in Africa, especially #outh Africa, and for years 4 had felt that one day God would send me to Africa, but ne"er possessin what 4 re arded as the Di"ine !Buipment necessary for a successful @hristian wor$er, 4 had banished the thou ht and stifled the "oice within. 0hen 4 now had a lar e family ) myself, my wife, and se"en children. 0he way seemed impossible. God a"e me at this time a

spiritual "ision of Africa, especially of the ?ion wor$ there, so accurate that when 4 arri"ed in Africa four months later, 4 found it correct in e"ery detail. As my ten)day "isit closed, 4 found myself bein drawn stron ly to return at once to mybusiness, but God would not i"e me liberty to do this. And this has always been to me one of the stran e wor$in s of God in my life. My affairs needed my personal attention much. 4t seemed suicidal to put my complicated business into another9s hands to close up. As 4 said, bein o"erpowered with desire to return to my office and put my affairs in shape, 4 decided to do so, and then commenced spiritual and physical chastisement so terrific, 4 felt as thou h my reason must surely be dethroned. =hile in this turmoil of soul, one day 4 met 1rother Aearse, now of Australia, a precious, odly man. &e said, ,1rother 2a$e, the 2ord has been layin it on my heart to in"ite you to come to my home that we may ha"e an e"enin of prayer to ether., 4 said, ,4 will come toni ht at F p.m., 4 was there. 1rother Aearce, wife, and dau hter, and myself made up the prayin company. As we $nelt to pray, my soul was in such an uish, 4 felt 4 must hear from hea"en or die. =ithin a short time after $neelin to pray, 4 felt myself bein o"ershadowed by the &oly #pirit. 0hen commenced the most "i"id spiritual e;perience of my life. 0he 2ord brou ht to my remembrance from my childhood on e"ery occasion when &e had tried to woo me to &is way, and 4 had turned to my own way instead. > the many, many times &e had called when 4 did not heed, times lon since for otten by me. >, how &e showed me &is lo"e for me. &is an;iety to help, but 4 would not. &e showed me the lost world, dyin souls, the sic$, and sufferin , sayin , ,All this 4 did for thee. =hat hast thou done for Me8, until my heart bro$e in an uish. 4 cried and told &im 4 would o all the way with &im, e"en unto death. 0hen the #pirit said, ,=ill you o8, 4 said, ,-es, 2ord, anyplace, anywhere. 1ut >, Jesus, the burden must be -ours. 0he responsibility -ours., 0hen a series of "isions of different cities came before me. 7irst of ?ion @ity, 4ll., where the lory of God o"ershadowed the old Dr. Dowie 0abernacle in #hil"apor as a hea"enly li ht and radiated out o"er the entire city. >, what a #pirit of Arayer was in me. My soul flowed out in a cry for the lost and perishin world. 0hen &e showed me the downtown district of the city of 4ndianapolis, 4nd., and the same illumination of God9s lory, only in a smaller compass. 0his 4 understood to be the e;tent of God9s blessin on each place throu h our ministry. 0hen Johannesbur , #outh Africa, and a wonderful illumination of God9s lory li htin up the whole land. My soul continued to pour out in a stream of prayer. 0hen two other places were shown. A ain, 4 heard the "oice, ,=ill you o8, ,-es, yes<, 4 cried, ,4f -ou will prepare and eBuip me and o with me., 4 prayed. ,=hen will 4 o8, 0he 2ord said, ,:ow., A ain 4 prayed, ,=here will 4 o8, And at once commenced to roll from any mouth in another ton ue a sin le word repeated o"er and o"er, perhaps twenty times. 4 said, ,2ord, what is it8 =hat does this word mean8, And at once, the interpretation came, $ndianapolis. 4 cried, ,2ord, 4 will o< 49ll o at once<, =hen 4 arose from my $nees it was to find the household in reat fear, belie"in 4 must ha"e lost my reason. 4 comforted them, assurin them it was God. >n loo$in at my watch, 4 was ama.ed to find 4 had been on my $nees for four hours. 0he first time in my life such a thin had occurred. 4 returned to my own home and told my dear wife. 0he #pirit so rested upon me that 4 spo$e in ton ues or prayed the entire ni ht. 4n the mornin , 4 pac$ed my suitcase and went to 4ndianapolis, where 4 %oined 1rother 0om in his meetin s. As 4 entered the &all, he said, ,4 $new you were comin . 0a$e a seat here by me., 0he followin ni ht as 4 stood to testify, the #pirit impelled me to say, ,1rother 0om thin$s he is oin to @olorado, but he is not. &e is comin to ?ion @ity with me., 0om lau hed, sayin , ,:ot unless the 2ord sends me., 4 replied, ,-ou will hear from hea"en., #ome days later while he was prayin , the 2ord told him to o. >, what a wonderful series of meetin s. 0hat was how God poured out &is #pirit at one meetin in the upper room of 1rother &ammond9s 7aith home, 0he &a"en. 0wenty)fi"e were bapti.ed in the &oly Ghost and spo$e in

ton ues. 4n perhaps twenty minutes the #pirit of God fell on the meetin li$e a cloud. 4nstantly, one after another commenced to spea$ in ton ues. >, what lory. >, what hi h praises of God. >, what re%oicin . 4t was estimated that se"eral hundred recei"ed the baptism of the &oly Ghost durin this series of ser"ices lastin , 4 thin$ in all, about si; months. >ne day in >ctober, 4 went out with a youn man to saw down a lar e tree for firewood. 4 had been prayin about uidance for future wor$ for the 2ord for some days, belie"in my mission at ?ion @ity to be fulfilled, when a ain the #pirit spo$e to me and said, ,Go to 4ndianapolis, rent a lar e hall, prepare for a winter campai n, and in the sprin you will o to Africa., 4 a ain obeyed without Buestion. >n arri"in there, 4 found a little company of saints holdin an occasional meetin in a small hall. 4 told them what the 2ord had said and God witnessed to them. 4t was &is messa e. 3e had no money, but we belie"ed God, we prayed, and in a few days had no less than G166 handed in for the 2ord9s use. =e commenced the wor$ in a lar e hall and from the first, God reatly blessed in sa"in , healin , and many in the &oly Ghost. An operation of God occurred at this time. 4 feel it ood to record. 7or many months 1rother 0om and myself had been prayin for reater power for the healin of the sic$ and the castin out of demons. At this time, one mornin in comin to brea$fast, 4 found 4 could not eat, but felt well. At noon it was the same, this continual Dille ibleE reat desire to pray came upon Dille ibleE. >n the e"enin of the *th and Hth day, as 4 $nelt to pray, the #pirit of God spo$e to me and said, ,7rom hereafter thou shalt cast out demons., >n the followin ni ht a youn man came to me inBuirin , ,Do you belie"e the motto up there8, pointin to a painted motto in lar e letters on the wall. 4t was, ,4n My :ame shall they cast out De"ils., 4 said, ,-es, 1rother, 4 do., &e said, ,Are you sure, for 4 am in earnest8, 4 replied, ,My 1rother, with all the earnestness of my soul., ,=ell,, he replied, ,4 ha"e a brother in the asylum. &e has been there two years and the doctors cannot i"e us any hope or, in fact, seem to be at a loss to e;plain the reasons for his condition., 4 then inBuired under what circumstances his brother had went in. &e told me that the brother had been attendin a re"i"al meetin and was see$in sanctification and was a reli ious man who had trained his family in the fear of the 2ord. 0hat he had suddenly went insane. 0hey had to put him in the asylum. &is family was in reat financial distress. 0he #pirit of the 2ord impressed me it was a case of de"il possession, and we arran ed the brother should be brou ht to the meetin on #unday afternoon. &e came in char e of his brother, his sister, and an attendant. &e came at once and was persuaded to $neel at the altar. 4 then called a number of saints whom 4 $new to be "i orous in faith for healin and castin out of demons. 1rother and #ister 7lower, their son, Ioswell, Miss Alice Ieynolds, and others. 0hen 4 stepped down, put my hands on his head and rebu$ed, bound, and cast the de"il out. &e was instantly deli"ered and sat up Buietly. 0hree days after, he was dischar ed from the asylum and went home well, returned to his wor$ in a rain ele"ator. 7our months afterward, his mother, sister, and brother returned to the mission to praise God, sayin lie was perfectly, permanently deli"ered. 0he power to cast out demons continues to abide upon me.

T!"#$D%&' ()*+M,+# -.' /0/1

A remar$able case of castin out a de"il too$ place after the e"enin ser"ice. A Mr. @ornelius, possessed of a de"il for about one)and)a)half years, said that in a "ision, God showed him 1rother Gordon &inds and said he was to come to our tabernacle, and that 1rother &inds and 1rother 2a$e would lay hands on him and cast the de"il out. =e did. As we prayed, he fell bac$ward on top of the platform, then slipped down into a sittin DpositionE on the floor with his bac$ a ainst the platform. 0he de"il caused him to cry out and fi ht with his

fists, but in a few minutes he was o"erpowered by the &oly Ghost and cast out. 0hrou hout the stru le, 1rother 2a$e held his head firmly between his hands DandE at the same time in the name of Jesus commanded the de"il to come out, which he did. =hen the de"il was cast out, the lory and praise of Jesus filled his soul. 4n a few minutes the &oly Ghost DhadE such possession of him that he spo$e in ton ues and praised Jesus. 'from p.7F)FH+

Christ Dominion
!"ery student of the primiti"e church discerns at once a distinction between the soul of the primiti"e @hristian and the soul of the modern @hristian. 4t lies in the spirit of (hrist dominion. 0he &oly #pirit came into the primiti"e @hristian soul to ele"ate his consciousness in @hrist, to ma$e him a master. &e smote sin and it disappeared. &e cast out de"ils 'demons+J a di"ine flash from his nature o"erpowered and cast out the demon. &e laid his hands on the sic$, and the mi hty #pirit of Jesus @hrist flamed into the body and the disease was annihilated. &e was commanded to rebu$e the de"il, and the de"il would flee from him. &e was a rei nin so"erei n, not shrin$in in fear, but o"ercomin by faith. 4t is this spirit of dominion when restored to the @hurch of @hrist, that will brin a ain the lory)triumph to the @hurch of God throu hout the world, and lift her into the place, where, instead of bein the obedient ser"ant of the world and the flesh and the de"il, she will become the di"ine instrument of sal"ation in healin the sic$, in the castin out of de"ils 'demons+, and in the carryin out of the whole pro ram of Jesus9 ministry, as the early @hurch did. 'from p. 775+

+his article was sourced from #ohn &. Lake0 +he (omplete (ollectionof %is Life +eachings (ompiled by *oberts Liardon ??@ pages dited and published by +. . -lumb. 3e hope this selection has built your faith to enter %is own *est... http5AAwww. nter%is*