Through Dooms of Love

There was a crack! as Ron Apparated into their cramped house, shaking off the chill of the blustery evening he had left behind in the windy streets of Glasgow. The rooms were dark, but cozy in a decidedly intimate way that made his blood rush, and for a wild minute he contemplated shrugging off not only his robe, but all of his clothes. The youngest Weasley son had learned some restraint over the past few years, however. After taking a moment to get his bearings in the — scented, he now noted — dimness, he padded toward the bedroom. Christmas music wafted down the hallway, the words and tune unfamiliar to him. He tread quietly to the doorframe, and out of long self-unnoticed habit, tugged through his long hair, currently pulled back from his face in a ponytail. There was a bit of unruly curl to it which manifested itself the more he let it grow, but continued protestations that he was only "wearing it Black" meant that for the most part, his parents had finally stopped giving him grief

about it. Hermione had never complained. Ron stood, shadowlike, looking in on her. She lay on their blanket-covered bed, the green cabled throw being her first large hand-knitted project. It was also Crookshanks' favorite perch, and he lay at her feet, curled in on himself. Hermione's eyes were shut, her normally errant mane restrained by several clips. Instead of her wand, she had a Muggle apparatus pointed at their stereo, her hand resting on the bed. As Ron lingered, he knew that he had heard that song before. It'd been mere moments prior; Hermione had the one song set on repeat. It was one of several aspects about her that threatened both to drive him raving mad and simultaneously wish to drown in her idiocentricities. The latter was a word she had accidentally fabricated, and it well explained some of her complicated Muggle/Wizard attributes; a kind of muddied sense of self that Ron had never had to worry about. His rather soggy mind began to pick up on the words of the music in their decidedly non-magic

loop. No sad thought his soul affright, sleep it is that maketh night; Let no murmur nor rude wind to his slumbers prove unkind… Ron walked into the room and gingerly sprawled near Hermione, hoping not to disturb her. As the harmonies continued through the tonal paths written by their composer, he took a quick glance to the side table and saw with stifled satisfaction that the flowers he had ordered were there. The glass vase which held them subtly changed hues from scarlet to deepest violet and back again. Inside were tiger lilies. Her favorite. With confident fingers he traced the smooth skin above her eyebrows, not wishing to wake her, but rather to ground himself. So much had been taken away from him, and from her, as the war with Voldemort continued to rage on uncountable fronts. As he was currently sequestered away from it all, for a quiet moment he reflected that he was the luckiest man alive. He savoured her sacred everydayness and even occasional haughty barbs which accidentally fell from her tongue. They reminded him of their

one time 'ickle prefect' as named by the twins (one who had even dated Hermione for a short time. to keep his foot out of his mouth. Ron Weasley. speaking before thinking. shut up. though she now . he reveled. his fingers loosening two of Hermione's clips so that he could entangle his hands in her frizzy hair. Ron!"s said by a breathless Hermione. But he had never been able to wait. always spouting off. He cracked one eye half-open to gaze at her. so innocent despite the trials they had undergone. The week before Christmas. Recklessly Ron leaned into Hermione. he had been rather undone by it all. and lay fully on his side. he had been flabbergasted to discover that beyond their intense bickering lay a profound longing. He.days at Hogwarts when they were younger. much to his chagrin. then at the flowers. This is good. "Oh. In his seventh year. He closed his eyes. you lucky git!"). and his being branded by her searing kisses. It was their first wedding anniversary. Even after it had been sealed by several. breathing in the jasmine scent of her hair ("Something to smell like summer. you just aren't affected by day after day after day of grey skies like I am. Ron.

but Ron was never sure of that). they're simply glorious. shocking most of their friends and crushing her parents' hopes for a church wedding. "And I you.swore it was due to some inexplicable Charming concoction that George had tried on her." A slow smile warmed her face. was married to her. "Hermione." They both glanced at the gift arrangement. not Muggle. Hermione had discovered an unexpected and vibrant romantic streak. I watered them. "Happy Anniversary. With Ron's heartfelt request. the glass container still shifting its ." Ron breathed." She gazed at him for a few moments. "Thank you for the flowers. despite their acknowledgement that their daughter spent most of her time in the Wizarding world. then leaned over to place a soft kiss on his lips. That. He had proposed a year and five days ago. "I love you." He paused a moment. They had eloped and were married only days later. when Hermione opened her eyes. caressing a cheekbone. Ron was starting to get a slight headache from the powerful cranberry scent of the enchanted tapers which glowed. The song began again. hovering above their chest of drawers.

"Fuck!" he exclaimed. . It was bad enough that Hermione. The telephone near their bed rang." she murmured. his heart's desire. he had yet to get used to that particular device. and an owl tapped its beak on the window. still his best friend in the world. was an Auror. "Still nothing. stretching to the window to let in the owl. As Hermione gave him a reproachful look while leaning over to answer the phone. was one as well. and for him simply to vanish— Just at that moment. She took his hands in hers. Ron bit down on his lower lip in frustration and anger. Ron tumbled over the blanket. apparently. "Gah!" Hermione squealed while Ron shot up from the bed. It had been over three months since anyone had heard from Harry. who had disappeared. who was speaking to her parents.hues in a gentle pattern. He half-listened to Hermione. despite his own father's obsession with Muggle artifacts. two loud noises simultaneously shattered the reverent mood. but Harry.

"Hush." She nodded. anyway. he removed the parchment from its leg. placing the handset on to the receiver while Ron unrolled the recently arrived paper. you!" Ron didn't recognise the owl. After giving the bird what he hoped was a reassuring smile and stroking its head. Ron mouthed the words. which gave him his second affronted glance in mere seconds. bright eyes. he lowered the page. Do you mind if they reschedule for dinner?" "No. what ." Hermione said. After a few minutes. He scrunched up his eyes and held the parchment close to his face. having been called by her favorite nickname. "I'd forgotten.Crookshanks growled at Ron. As she brought the conversation with her mother to a close. "Dad's ill and can't come over with Mum tonight. trying to read the scrawled message. "Well. then hooted worryingly at seeing the cat. relief poorly disguised in her voice. "Ron." She smiled in response. quickly scanning its news.

Hermione reached over to the bedside table to pick up her glasses. "They reckon he'll leave the U. "Let him go?" she repeated. now flustered and somewhat anxious. — maybe even Europe.K. free. that is. He's changed sides and since he provided so much information. "Neville. "Draco. only to falter in the last seconds of the game." he spat. an officious tone creeping into her voice. handing her the page. they've let him go. Ron shook his it?" Hermione demanded. just like that?" Ron nodded savagely. but also furious. incredulous. She put them on and read the parchment as Ron gnawed on an already ." With slightly trembling fingers. as though he had just seen his beloved Chudley Cannons almost win the Quidditch Cup. "Just go." "Who's it from?" she asked." Hermione's jaw dropped. "Malfoy. disbelievingly.

who had been sent to the Balkans as part of the war on Voldemort. She hadn't needed glasses at Hogwarts. she had been savagely attacked. that Hermione had survived at all. It was only thanks to Neville. rather to Ron's displeasure. gone to Bulgaria to attend the wedding of Viktor Krum. Hermione had been within Neville's sights on the cobbled street. but her eyesight had never been the same. This decision had happened to coincide with a rather sudden growth spurt and a supportive girlfriend. despite all of the hours spent in the relatively dim light of the Gryffindor common room. when a Death Eater suddenly appeared. meeting him for coffee. it appeared that Hermione would recover. Neville had kept his interest in herbology. Mungo's.well-bitten fingernail. a cousin of Seamus'. Ron had spent seventy-two anguish-ridden hours at her side at St. but in his last two years at Hogwarts he had also decided to become an Auror and revenge his parents. . Hermione had. While sightseeing for one day in Sofia. her first as an Auror. It was only after she had been ambushed earlier that year. After three days of intense work by the Healers. unsure how much of the damage sustained by the multiple Crucio curses inflicted on her would be permanent. Muriel Finnigan.

her wiry hair sheltering his fingers. "Kiss me?" she asked plaintively. chilled currents taking the place of her familiar and suddenly-missed flesh. unbuttoning his green shirt. warmth on cold. He breathed in a warm breath of cinnamon/orange as they kissed. then seeking the heat of her mouth as his left hand found a familiar lodging on her right temple. and Ron closed his eyes. He began to breathe more shallowly. the heat from under her skirt radiating into his now noticeable hardness. He deepened the exchange. Their lips met. . each small wave of heated air lighting fires which smoldered in his groin. re-reading the page over her shoulder and stroking her back. With longing hands. traced achingly taut curves of her chest until she began to moan. and Hermione raised up from him. he turned her face to his. but with purpose. Ron cradled her as he rolled onto his back. After a couple of minutes she put the paper down as well as her glasses. Her dexterous hands started at his neck. his tongue running around her lips.Now Ron curled up behind her. His long fingers slowly.

range of motions. It was the emblem of the newest fledgling Quidditch team in the British Isles. then hopping astride a broom and catching a Snitch. Her short fingernails occasionally raked across his torso under his fiery chest hair. again and again. usually followed by a delicate tongue-flick. pulling them behind his head so that he could kiss her again. then dismounting and parrying left. "How is it that someone with your colouring ends up looking rather ill in green?" She trailed her index finger across the image above his heart: a knight who went through a continuous. she sat upright. and Ron raised himself up onto his elbows. she shook her head. For a brief moment. making Ron's breathing even more irregular. "What?" he asked. . the Green Knights of Glasgow. answering his question with her own. parrying right. his voice a convoluted mixture of lust and lingering insecurity. Ron rolled his eyes before grabbing Hermione's hands and clutching at them. Hermione continued to undo his oxford with painstakingly regular movements. but repetitive. who'd hired Ron to be their assistant coach.As she did so.

" Then they both heard it. Hermione straddling him. .They spent several minutes in that fashion. Ron rubbing the straining warmth of his affections against her midsection. "I'll be right back. "Ronald Weasley. the Glaswegians have made you quite the foul-mouth!" A smirking grin twitched at the corner of his lips as Ron jogged the few steps into the next room where he collapsed on his knees before the fire grating. They rolled sideways on the bed. bloody hell!" he swore. even as she freed her hands to undo the rest of his shirt. not bothering to dress as he got up from the bed." he promised. as Hermione affectionately thwacked his head. tugging it off of him. "Nothing! I wasn't saying anything. when Ron mumbled. "What? What is it?" Extricating herself from his passionate mouth. which housed an even tinier fireplace. their hands greedily searching for warm skin. "Oh. It was Fred. Ron's name was being called from the tiny living room. she replied.

" A self-indulgent thought crossed his mind." The head in the fireplace shuddered." Fred made an appraising sound. after all. "The last thing I want to hear about — ever — is your love life. Got an owl from Neville." As soon as Ron had uttered the words. he regretted it. "He thought Hermione should know.Ron's older brother gave him a quick going-over from the fireplace." . then shut his eyes in mock horror. then looked back into the room. "Would you like to tell her as well? She does happen to be winning 'most popular Granger-Weasley' this evening. Ron wrapped his lightly-muscled arms around his now very cold chest. "Not that I'm going to talk to you about it. "Please. and began spluttering. I'm not telling you a fucking detail-" "Ron!" Fred exclaimed. Ron— don't you ever wear a shirt? A man could go blind looking at your pasty …" "Piss off!" was the hasty reply. "I thought you should know that Malfoy-" "Free." Ron said venemously. "It is my anniversary. "I know.

Ron was still reconciling himself to her choice not to take his family name exclusively. Ron could just see some of he shelves from the newly-expanded joke shop being restocked by his fiancée. but had decided that it wasn't worth arguing over. then sat down before the fireplace. Fred looked cross. Magical Christmas lights blinked red." Ron's pale face beamed as she shuffled in." she sighed. a nod to her affections for arithmancy and ordered chaos in general. winking. gold. green and violet in a sophisticated pattern that Hermione had created. wearing a fluffy pink bathrobe and looking rather morose. "Oh Ron. "I'll be outside for a few minutes. "Filthy habit. you know!" her voice arched . "Fred wants to talk to you. an indescribably tolerant Muggle named Rose McLaughlin. "Anything to keep from seeing your scrawny—" "Hermione!" Ron yelled." Fred replied. Behind him. "Sure." he said.

Shrugging. my dear. Once outside. It shone down on Ron as he put his wand in his coat pocket and tossed one end of the scarf over his right shoulder. he murmured an Incendio. his freckled fingers raked through his long hair as he stood leaning against one of the skewed . complete with Green Knights of Glasgow green and white striped scarf. "A habit is a habit. stretched a well-worn tracksuit top over his head. or just past. Absentmindedly.toward him as he dug through a kitchen drawer and pulled out a pack of cigarettes." he said. Ron put it to his lips and deeply inhaled before letting out a satisfying stream of smoke. he saw that the contents had evaporated. after a hasty glance to right and left. "I'm pretty sure I tasted Grand Marnier on your lips. he decided to take his chances and use his wand to light it on their small porch. He delved around some more and found an ancient lighter. donned his coat. as it gleamed brightly in the night sky." He went back to their room. and left the house to go smoke in the cold air. making a brief reappearance in the living room to kiss her on the forehead. and the end of his cigarette burned cheerfully. but as he shook it. The moon seemed almost full.

banister railings." His eyes regained their more usual mischievous quality. and bridesmaid's dresses. still staring at the heavy moon. . like we did! Mum's already broken in. and the like. "Rose won't hear of it. "Besides. but shook his head. She won't cry as much when you tell her. The last time that Fred had made such a visit in the fireplace. Once Ron had been able to get a word in edgewise. he'd stared at his older brother. Ron decided that he had time to take a short walk down the road. but his noises were luckily unheard in his home due to the fact that Hermione had decided to take a shower. without her nieces and nephews. where else would George be able to try out a few of our newest products?" Ron had been mid-swig on a butterbeer as that sentence was spoken. his fiancée had spent at least thirty minutes talking to Hermione about their upcoming wedding. quite sincerely." he had said. He'd choked immediately. After another drag. That had led to far more lucky circumstances for him after saying goodbye to his brother. "what are you thinking? Elope. "Fred." Fred had gazed back sympathetically.

then dropped the cigarette and ground it out with the heel of a rather shoddy shoe. But by damn.Ron briefly shuddered. and continued walking after tossing the still-glowing papers to the ground. As Ron rummaged through his right coat pocket for the pack of cigarettes. the wind which had assaulted him earlier in the day during his team's training drills was now completely absent. he decided as he took one last drag. Must walk faster when I'm thinking about Quidditch. his mind wandered through the exercises the Green Knights had performed. mulling through the strengths and weaknesses of his Beaters and Keepers as he lit a second cigarette from the one he had just finished. even if they don't have much experience. brought back to the present as he apprised the stars overhead. lost in thought about his rather youthful team. Ron unbuttoned his overcoat and flapped it in an effort to rid it of some of the smell before heading in through the front door. Out of habit. He took the . they have talent. he thought. He was rather startled as he realised that he was already almost at his house on Gaffer's Row. Their light was so distant as to seem brittle. He turned to return to their house.

"Ron!" Hermione gasped. There was someone else in the house. A man only slightly shorter than himself walked into the kitchen. a wedding gift from Ginny. his fingers hanging loosely from his beltloops. her hair mostly tidy. her hand clutching at his elbow to restrain him as he leaned toward the coatrack. Hermione was.narrow stairs two at a time and gave his coat to the first hand which protruded from a rack of five near the door. Ron was so stunned that he simply stood there for a moment. "Bright eyes. "Weasley. "why don't we just have some wine? Isn't it a bit late…" His voice trailed off as she turned to look at him and he heard their toilet flush. but it was in his coat pocket on the wall." . he noted sadly." the man said benignly. fully dressed again. hair impeccably groomed. "Draco is visiting. but his clothes appearing to be rather travel-worn. and she was using their martini shaker to make a drink. Instinctively Ron reached for his wand." he began.

Here. Shite!" Ron exploded. "Have a drink. Weasley. via Iceland." Ron's vision was temporarily clouded with rage. "What the bloody hell are you doing here?" He took a brief moment to breathe. "And who let you in?" Draco smiled." The voice. As they all went into the den . his voice tremulous. Draco has helped out the Order in ways that no one else could. took out a wine glass. "Ron!" Hermione purred. while silky smooth. and handed him an open bottle of shiraz. We all should. gazing calmly at Hermione. but he took out the cork and poured himself a full glass as Hermione poured the gimlets for Draco and herself." She silently pleaded with him. grated on Ron as though he were being flayed." She opened up a cabinet. "We're just having a couple of gimlets.His blue eyes stared incomprehensively. "He's our guest. "It's our anniversary. He's on his way to the States. "I hope I'm not intruding. cautiously. as Draco's visage took on its more usual haughty look. Malfoy.

"And you. letting his fingers play with the ties on her shirt sleeve above her elbow. he thought quickly. placing a long arm strategically around Hermione's narrow shoulder. Despite himself. But I still don't like him in my house. putting his wine glass down and feeling for his shirt logo only to realise that he was still in his ragged tracksuit top. "New Quidditch team? Really?" . and Ron found that he wasn't quite as on edge as he had been a few minutes prior. The three settled into seats. even when Draco told them some of what the Death Eaters had been doing in recent months. "I'm the assistant coach for a new Quidditch team. What are you doing?" "Well. Our house. Weasley.and Hermione waved her wand at the fireplace. Ron placed himself right next to his wife." Ron replied." Draco's grey eyes lit up. Ron and Hermione on a futon and Draco in a cushioned chair. and his oxford was probably lying crumpled on the bed. He has turned his back on his family. the room was filled with cheery light. he began to relax as they spoke of the past few years.

rushed hissing at the door. "I didn't think you were much into Quidditch. "Do you know where he is?" As Draco shook his head. snatched into his robe pocket for his wand. "Yes.Despite himself. but it never worked. Crookshanks. . Hermione stiffened. then whipped back around to Draco. "There's not a lot you would ever have thought of me. Hermione groaned and took a large swig of her gimlet." A wry smile flit across Draco's face. with catlike grace. Ron leaned in. Seconds later. a rather unrecognizable sound of solid wood crashing to the ground filled the room. Ron leapt to his feet. As a Seeker I did what I could to beat Potter." At Harry's name. The team's a bit green. "But loads of innate skill. The Green Knights of Glasgow. beyond the Slytherin team. At this. Ron turned his head to look at her." Ron toyed with the glass in his hand. in a shot of orange fur. hearing glass shatter as Draco. his martini glass thrown against the wall in the process. yet." he said.

running at the black-cloaked figures. Then he rushed forward past the first figure in black. tossed aside as she made her mad dash on hands and knees from the room. launching himself at his coat and his wand. then slid from the futon to the floor. the spell hitting one on the right in the middle of the chest as it slumped to the floor. Ron took in the chartreuse colour of Hermione's gimlet dripping from the table to the floor. . Green light from hastily uttered spells glanced past Ron's head as he desperately took in the situation. He brought them here! his mind raged. crawling toward their bedroom to retrieve her wand.Three Death Eaters entered the room. Hermione screamed. "Get Granger! It's her they want!" For a split second. seeing that Draco had aimed a particularly nasty spell at its face. "Stupify!" Draco snarled. until seconds later he realised that Malfoy was fighting against the Death Eaters. "Weasley!" Draco yelled.

Wands levelled. shouting spells as fast as her mouth could form the words. and another of the figures collapsed to the ground. Ron's jaw dropped and he skidded in his tracks as he saw who it was: Lucius Malfoy. the tall man ripped off his mask. With a howl of rage. Whizzing red light shot right above his head. wand in hand and aimed for the third Death Eater. seemed to be of a different caliber than the others. . As he did. his wand aimed at its heart. Many of them found their mark."Duck!" Even as he heard the hoarse cry." Hermione was thrown onto the hardwood. In a surprise wandflick and a bitterly uttered. the mutual hatred in their gazes forming an almost-visible bond across the room. and for a confused few seconds Ron couldn't see. burning a large hole into the wall. blood trickling from her nose. taking precious seconds to look at his wife. His coat fell on his head. The third. however. Ron dropped to the floor. incomprehensibly escaped from Azkaban. father and son stared at each other. but then he threw it off. "HERMIONE!" Ron yelled. "Avada Kedavra!. he ran straight at the black-hooded figure. Hermione had emerged from their room.

does it. venom in both voices. breathing heavily." Draco stood. then slithering into a black vapour which hovered in the air before dissipating. Protecting a mudblood was the least I could do before sending you beyond the veil. And you're a terrible father. "Your first heroic attempt as a turncoat. the two golden-haired figures raged differing curses. as green light shot from Draco's wand into Lucius' chest even as a hideous snakelike creature barreled straight from Lucius' wand toward Draco's heart. his wand pointed unwaveringly at his father's heart. and not quite in tandem. "The feeling is mutual." Lucius sneered. You aren't worthy to be a Malfoy. "To say that I despise you would be an understatement. Draco?" Lucius growled the words. seemingly passing through him. . "AVADA KEDAVRA!" Draco bellowed as Lucius hissed something that sounded like "MEDUSAVRA MORI!" Ron stared. where you belong."So it comes to this." "Not yet!" Draco yelled. and you've failed. never losing eye contact with Draco. horrified.

Lucius falling first. still leaning askance against the wall of their hallway. "Vengeance. Draco crashed into the coffee table.It was as though time had slowed as the two Malfoys reeled." He coughed a few times. heavy shards of glass unwittingly forming a deadly pillow under his head." Blood burbled up into the corner of his mouth. who sat." he promised. Veiled grey eyes looked up at Ron. He tried to force his lungs to work. Thought that being fresh out of Azkaban and killing Granger. lowering Draco's head reverently to the floor. trying frantically to move the glass." Ron felt his hand lightly squeezed. Timing was rather off. Hermione in the corridor. tried to absorb the dead Death Eaters in the kitchen. "I'll be right back. Ron ran to him. Draco dying at his knees. "Why?" Ron wailed. Weasley. He crawled on hands and knees to Hermione. . falling in on himself as he sank to the floor. her wand lying useless on the dusty wood. he'd bring Potter out into the open. "I'm sorry I failed. "Why Hermione?" Draco's eyes began to close. stunned. "He was going after Potter. to ask the questions which burned at his lips while his heart thrashed in his ribs.

Ron took her precious face in his hands. how she could burn those candles anytime she wanted. he'd never complain. he told her how much he loved her. *** A week later. he surrendered. mewing pitifully. she whispered that she thought he should have them. murmuring apologies for his uncouth behavior. He had held up pretty well at the funeral. Ron sat with Lupin in a Muggle pub. It was the notes and letters he had sent . he'd never smoke again… Over time. and sobbed unconsolably into her neck.She wasn't breathing. ran his thumbs over her recently-waxed eyebrows. He was rather unable to notice that Crookshanks was weaving through his arms before settling at Hermione's ankles. As tears dropped silently from her bloodshot eyes. Silently he held her in his arms as he lowered her to the floor. at least until Mrs. for not having his wand when he should have. As he continued to hold on to her. then kissed her eyelids. Granger had come up to him and presented him with a small packet of papers.

which shattered. Ron had lost his composure at that point. He was assaulted by the memory of Lucius' contemptuous face as he'd spoken the unforgivable curse at Hermione. Eventually he came to his senses enough to use his wand to repair the . Granger had found them as she had been scouring the house for any and all of her daughter's things. For a few moments he stared angrily at the broken glass. Ron had dumbly noted that it had been cleaned up. some coming from places as far away as South America. Narcissa was conspicuously absent. his crying more like dry heaves than actual weeping. clutching Mrs. burying his head in his knees. tangible evidence of her only child. Even Draco had been given a proper funeral. then sank to the floor.Hermione. frigid air rushing into the room. Granger to him. Mrs. In a fit of rage he yelled. Once back at their home. "You fucking killed my wife!" He grabbed the vase and hurled it at the window. many whose names he couldn't remember. with classmates in attendance Ron hadn't seen in years. now gone forever. some dating back to their fifth year at Hogwarts. the multi-coloured vase holding the tiger lilies still shifting its rainbow hues.

"It does become bearable. even from Neville. Remus laid a warm hand on his. and day by day. "I could tell you that it gets easier. and Ron raised his head to look into his companion's kind golden eyes. then nodded and withdrew his hand to take a deep swig of ale. "but I never was much of a liar. a newly-blind man instinctively turning toward remembered light. Lupin knew." Ron made a feeble attempt at a smile. Ron was drawn to his company. He couldn't stand the looks of sympathy. The shock of loss. hour after aching hour. and got mind-numbingly drunk. he'd opted to take the edge off of his hangover by meeting Remus for drinks." he said gently. then found a bottle of scotch in the cabinet. who lived with his own parents' madness. its unrelenting persistence." Lupin continued after swallowing some of his own ale. Ron half-heartedly smoking a cigarette. "But you . then placing the bottle on the table.window. They sat across two bottles of Orkney SkullSplitters. After several days of relentless overindulgence. if only that.

"You're going to burn your fingers." It had taken Ron a while. "I mean. and I still think I see him places. "What did you do?" Ron asked wretchedly. "I've always been daft. he hated sleeping alone. always cold. nodding at the cigarette in Ron's freckled fingers. His own body betrayed him.never forget. Hermione had been dumbfounded that he hadn't noticed anything during the Christmas at Grimmauld Place their fifth year. a good couple of years. to understand that Remus and Sirius had not been just good mates. didn't you say?" and then he would smother her with kisses. . "Emotional capacity of a teaspoon. right after?" Lupin looked knowingly at him." Ron mumbled. "Thanks. almost burned to the filter. in fact. It's been six years." he said. you told me so often enough!" he had joked back. grinding it out into an ashtray. Now Ron felt suddenly achey. as though he had a fever. they were RemusandSirius.

"It isn't fair. "I have to meet up with someone from the Order. mate. "Mum? You?" "Amazing warmth of heart."Molly consoled me. "But ultimately you realise that the person is never gone. then took a pull on his pint. "So I'll be haunted." They sat in silence for awhile until the older man said. Ron." Ron mulled over the comment. Ron looked at him strangely." he said. You know where my flat is?" Ron nodded. his hair hanging limply at his shoulders." the redhead said as Remus stood up from the table and shrugged on a threadbare coat. she has. after draining his bottle." Remus said. ." Remus said. more to his beer than to Lupin. "Cheers. "You don't have to go through this alone. though." Remus continued. his own personal hygiene having taken a back seat to his mourning process. Fucking brilliant.

*** Once back at the house. and therefore less likely to incur a cracked head should he fall down the stairs in a fit of drunken stupidity. said. over the slight paunch he had developed in his belly.Lupin gave him a surprisingly jaunty. He couldn't help it. Ron. "You need someone to dress you! That trench's hideous!" Remus smiled. but he wanted to feel something besides gnawingly empty." Then Ron was alone at the table. or relive moments when he had imagined it was her. it is. staring bleary-eyed. he tried. after shutting the Muggle deadbolts on the doors. Tell Dumbledore I need an increase in pay. He tried to imagine it was her. "Yes. It did keep him inside. Ron took a shower. over fiery hair to his… Well. he tried running his fingers over his chest. yet somehow melancholy salute. As the water pounded on his back. however. as though that would keep anyone he knew out. . a crushed pack of cigarettes and two empty beer bottles for company.

"Fucking hell!" he swore. but she had seemed to have thighs that went on forever under a surprisingly short skirt. which needed cleaning. he made his way to their room and crawled under the knitted blanket. . given the climate. a visiting Quidditch team from Scandinavia. either. hearing all-too-faintly Hermione's chastisements in his head. his hand grasped the remote for the CD player. but their water heater had never been that good. dried off. Bollocks. He turned off the cold. grasping for the doorframe. then rubbing his big toe.or that really attractive coach of the Norwegian Northwinds. Eventually he stopped the shower. hopping loopily on one foot. And it hadn't been summer. It was no use. Ron now prided himself in his ability to be self-indulgent. After closing his eyes and imaging all kinds of foul language that he hoped would make Hermione's hair curl from even beyond the grave and somehow bring her back. trying to scald himself. Muttering various other unmentionables. and put on a rather ancient bathrobe which barely reached his knees. His long white feet tripped over Crookshank's litter box.

Fred was giving me grief. give me a minute. the same song on repeat just as when Hermione had programmed it. "About?" Ron rolled his eyes. shivering." He rubbed his eyes. 'Shanks. "Ron. "No comments about.The track of the song that she had been listening to only a few days ago came on. clutching the cover to his chest. He burrowed under the blanket. "Nevermind. and with a start Ron realised that it was Christmas Eve. . meowing angrily at him. it's you. "What're you doing here? I'm a bachelor now.oh." George raised an eyebrow. Can't cook to save my life. "Aw. *** In the morning he awoke. George." he mumbled before hearing his brother's voice. Crookshanks was at the side of the bed. and sat up halfway." He ran both hands through his hair.

He looked down at his hands. at the least. breathing on it." Ron replied. purring. Ron had known that Hermione would love it. "Oy. placing Crookshanks gingerly on the bed. including a delicate watch with absolutely miniscule emeralds in it. "Yeah. when his eye . He began wrestling with it." he mumbled morosely." Ron muttered. his silver wedding band gleaming far too brightly in the morning sun." He sank back into the bed. "I'm sure Hermione didn't leave you without coffee. or tea.Don't know what's in the fridge. There was sure to be a small pile in the living room near the fireplace. "Where's your loyalty." He stood up. that cat. then trying miserably to wrench it off. then turned over. "Prezzies. D'you wanna starve with me?" George sat down on the bed and Crookshanks jumped up into his lap. shaking his fist in a feebly menacing manner. eh?" George shook his head. "S'bloody traitor. Despite the gems' size. though the cat promptly jumped down and rubbed his head repeatedly against George's ankles. S'all in the kitchen.

you better train that Seeker of yours. but found that he wiped away a tear instead. Be careful. Once opened. More than she ever admitted to anyone. he paused and leaned forward to grasp at it. Ron attempted a feeble grin despite himself. drawing up his knees as he looked at the unexpected parchment. . he read: Dear Ron. She loved you. but I couldn't. but until then.glanced on a bit of white against the green of the blanket. Know that you're not alone in mourning Hermione. Momentarily distracted by the smell of coffee in the kitchen. I wish that I could have said something to you. Someday soon you can tell me what happened. Ron. I hope to see you soon. and not in the dead of night while you're snoring. But I think you knew that. He stared at it for a while. The Swiss will clobber her. the handwriting distressingly familiar.

"Poetry. scratching under the cat's bony jaw. insistently burrowing under Ron's hands. "I can never fully . breathing deeply. "We're doomed." Ron said. now Hermione…" he shook his head. "Mum will be so pleased. blowing on the coffee. "'Love is the whole and more than all. "Oh. "We're what?" George echoed.'" George stared at him for a moment." he replied." he murmured. "Muggle poetry." Ron shook his head. "I'm haunted. nothing. handing a cracked Chudley Cannons mug to Ron." he said sadly. then turned reddened eyes toward his brother. "Bill. Crookshanks leapt up on the bed.HP With a meorw-umph! sound. shoving the piece of parchment into an undersized pocket. She'll think you're channeling Bill from beyond the grave." he struggled. "Never quite gone. bringing in two cups of potent coffee." He stared into the black beverage. then sat down heavily on the bed.

disturbing several Muggle residents in town during their Christmas celebrations before going back to check on his younger brother. . y'know?" He took a couple of sips of the coffee before placing it on the bedside table.go back.e. then Apparated home. then played around a bit with the telephone. of chants and spells and the faint orange smell of Grand Marnier. George left the bedroom to putter around the kitchen. which is partially quoted in this story. ****** The song Hermione has on repeat is from Ralph Vaughan Williams' Christmas Hodie. of clear eyes framed by rogue curly hair. Verse one. is by one of my favorite composers. "Anonymous. Choral XV. George took the mug and washed it. Ron was curled up into a large pink pillow. Ron dreamed of sweet toffee-flavored kisses." The title of this story and the brief phrase Ron quotes toward the end is from a poem by e. Crookshanks under his arm.

cummings. "my father moved through dooms of love. Back to Harry Potter Fanfiction Home ." It seemed both to fit his situation as well as that of Remus/Sirius.