The Truth Behind the Pseudonym

Harry took a gulp of wine, inspiration buzzing through him as strongly as the alcohol. Merlin, but he loved this. Seconds later his fingers danced along the keyboard. "I wish my apprenticeship wasn't coming to an end," Dorloss said, leaning on his shovel. "You mean you've thoroughly enjoyed learning the finer Rohirric techniques of shovelling shit?" Dorloss guffawed, tossed aside the shovel and walked strode over to the laughing man of Rohan with whom he'd quite unintentionally become enamoured of. He tackled him to the floor, fists flying. Léofur gave as good as he got, even though he had less height and wasn't as sturdily built as Dorloss. When at last they stopped, breathlessly laughing and bruised, Dorloss' mouth was a mere hand span from Léofur's. He ached to bridge that gap with a kiss.

He clicked send without even checking the spelling. It was too marvellous of a cliffhanger, and he couldn't wait to see what his fellow storyteller would do to continue the scene.

or regular life. You don't say the words role-playing in the same tone as Dark Arts. It was from the person playing the role of Léofur." Harry pushed the curious cat away from his computer and beverage. and yet nothing about the person's gender."Meowr!" A black cat jumped up onto his desk. work. missing the keyboard by an inch. This could get hot and heavy! Gondor4ever: Would that be so bad? Harry typed in reply. Put them out . about whom he knew all sorts of emotional truths. He could pass this individual on the street every day and never know it… except that she. was probably a Muggle. "At least you don't give me grief about my creative output. but he stroked its tail to indicate his company didn't displease him. You know Léofur is just as smitten with Dorloss. Dragonlover: I'm thinking about my reply. It really is for the best that I got my own place— Oh!" An instant message flashed into prominence before his latest literary endeavour. "Augh! Midnight! Over that way. or he.

Harry gawped at the screen. . imagining getting to write his Gondorian character having much longed-for sex with his Rohirric companion. I'll find it. though not who he was in the Wizarding world. as pathetic as that sounds. In person. so I'll need you to pick a place. Meet up with Dragonlover? In person? At some pub somewhere in Muggle London? A not unpleasant mix of anxiety and anticipation caused a shudder to go through him. Dragonlover: I'd like to meet you. Maybe he'd crossed some line he didn't know about in the land of playing someone besides yourself. Gondor4ever: I'd love to. Is that too bold? You might be really surprised.of their misery already! The cursor blinked for long enough that Harry began to wonder if he'd been too brazen. This person knew it all. I just don't want it to ruin our time here… Being in this fantasy world is a highlight of my day. That was probably why he'd been so open in the first place. He lifted his hands and saw that they were trembling. jolted out of his muzzy contentment and growing arousal. Why in Hades not? He and Ginny were separated. Tomorrow? Or the weekend? I'm up in Glasgow as you know.

Saturday. of course. for obvious reasons. Eight o'clock. Gondor4ever: How will I know who you are? Just in case it was another wizard. took a deep breath. I'll see you then. Muggle games and computers had been modified for magical use. disappointment clouding his thoughts. and while he did miss her .He pressed them firmly against the mahogany of his desk. Ginny would have had plenty to say about that. nearly all of the other people who played in this shared fantasy world he'd fallen in love with were women of various ages. Though Dragonlover hadn't said so outright. Long and almost white. really. but blond. The answer came back quickly. half asleep at his job at the Ministry from having stayed up until three or four o'clock in the morning. Some pub in London called the Royal Arms. engrossed in the land of Rohan— online. but wizards tended to stick to wizarding cyberspace. He should have expected a woman. Not from going grey. ***** Harry spent the next two days in a daze. Harry nodded. he wanted to be able to identify the other person first. Dragonlover: My hair is distinctive. and then clicked send. Gondor4ever: Perfect.

unless I disappear into the Muggle world. He didn't bother to go to Ron for sympathy. Or at least wean yourself off of it. everywhere I go. What's so wrong with spending time in a fantasy world?" "Nothing. "There was a lot more to it than that and you know it. though. even though their relationship had repaired faster than he'd expected. You drove Ginny away—" "Don't start with that. Anyway. "I reckon you ought to get rid of it. fine. You can't blame me for enjoying getting out of my head. But this was Ron." "Too right.on some levels." Harry growled." Harry admitted. He must have had more to drink than he thought if he was going to spill about his non-date. You look like shite. "You're addicted to that bloody thing. mate." "Cheers." Ron raised his hands in a gesture of surrender. their separation had been impending for quite a number of years. everybody knows who I am. "I can sleep in tomorrow. but you're staying up all night." Harry saluted him with his pint. took a healthy swig and rubbed at his eyes. . he shared nearly everything with him. on a regular basis. can you? I mean. "It really is best if we don't talk about our marriages." Ron said over drinks Friday after work. the whole thing may resolve itself tomorrow." "Fine.

incredulous. "It's not sick! They're just characters! And you're a judgmental twat. his forehead furrowed." he added." He suddenly noticed that it seemed quieter than before. Harry's defences raged to full force. her." "In real life?" Are you crazy?" Ron stared at him. Fucking Hades. So which one is it?" Harry felt his cheeks colour. "Why do you think meeting him. Why go and ruin that?" Harry took another big drink."Really?" Ron's eyebrows rose. he saw dozens of . It's Dragonlover. "He. the comment almost but not quite swallowed as he took a swig of ale. whatever. will ruin our characters?" "Because it could be a totally dumpy old woman and that would be the end of that romance you're having. "Oh. she— any of them could be insane! They're all as batty as you are about being somebody they're not. "What's happening tomorrow?" "I'm meeting one of the other players. One night he and Ron had been utterly pissed and he'd gone on and on about the person playing Léofur. As sick as it is. As he glanced around. Harry.

signalling the bartender to refill his glass. "Well." Ron would always be his best mate." Ron groaned. or witch." "I don't want to think about that. in fact. maybe it really is for the best for you to meet one of these people in real life. Reckon they're Muggle?" "Sure of it." Even as he said the words. then Ron said. if it turns out that the person isn't all you hope for. I hope you're not too disappointed. feeling butterflies of anticipation . A few moments passed in silence. he held a sliver of hope that whoever it was was a wizard. It would alleviate his sense of isolation. "They've been fucking like rabbits. But it might be the end of your characters'… whatever it is.curious eyes evaluating him before hastily returning to their own drinks. and. I Saved the Wizarding World. "You should keep your voice down. Mr." "Shut up. "Well. So it was with dark humour that Harry said." Harry said unconvincingly. but might lead to other and different complications. Harry just smiled. but he'd gone a bit off the deep end when he found out that Harry fancied men as well as women. he realised that he wasn't certain of it.

and due to that and his height." He fed the cat and looked at himself in the mirror one last time. "But I'm not like that. His wand was hidden in his sock. but he felt it didn't look out of place." he said to his reflection. marvelling at how affected he was by this meeting. purring. He still had a young-looking face. It couldn't be called distinguished. by which point the butterflies were legion. "I could stand her up." He'd picked an Apparating point several blocks from the pub. Harry had agonised over what to wear. I suppose you want some dinner. its presence reassuring against his calf. ***** Saturday evening finally arrived. And hope she or he isn't an axe murderer. he quite liked the small shock of grey that had appeared at his left temple. "Let's go and see who Dragonlover really is. finally deciding on his usual weekend ensemble of jeans and a button down shirt. who made a figure eight around his ankles." he said to Midnight. Oh. He poured himself a shot of firewhiskey to dampen his nervousness. "Go on. giving himself a chance to stretch his legs and . The bit of gel in his hair was performing admirably— for now. Doubtless the unruly waves would return to their usual chaos by the time the night was over.start their movement in his stomach. That's why you're being so clingy.

" he said. and walked through the open door. At the bar toward the wall he saw long. Ron could be right— it wasn't that uncommon. a sense of déjà vu coursing through him with the force of a mighty wave. The black knit shirt and black tightly fitting trousers revealed that Dragonlover was no woman. Their respective characters had become even more inseparable. "So you've told me. Do you mean to tell me that you're Gondor4ever? Which is a ridiculous name. which now worried him. curiosity changing to shock. Draco Malfoy was still giving him a look of disbelief when Harry blurted out. "I… well… yes and no. that should be pretty obvious. really— what if he didn't get along with this person? "Only one way to find out. but he had been obsessing about this moment since Wednesday.get re-acclimated to Muggle London life. Outside of the Royal Arms he paused. Harry's stomach dropped when the blond man turned and looked at him. by the way. looking at the sharp features of his former nemesis. At least a hundred times. I'm Draco. nearly white hair pulled back in a ponytail. now in his mid-30s and without the air of arrogance that Harry remembered." Harry's mind was spinning with the incongruity of having this conversation with Malfoy. and then back to confusion. He'd never been to this pub. ." he said under his breath. then anger. "Are you Dragonlover?" He held his breath.

trying to keep his tone light. interrupting their conversation." "Right away." Harry took a seat next to Malfoy. "Yes. "Not half as much as I am. Draco still looked shell-shocked. I didn't think—" Harry lowered his voice. I wouldn't have thought you'd have a computer. woodsy cologne. even though there was a fair din in the pub as it was. Please. "I've changed a fair amount since we were in school. Dragonlover was his friend. but he was recovering his sensibilities. "I can't tell you how surprised I am. He could deal with the Draco part… maybe. But you've been… you're really the person who's been playing Léofur?" "Can I get you a drink?" the bartender said. The strongest bitter on tap. "Why are—" "How on earth—" they said in tandem. If nothing else. catching a whiff of a light." . much less be adept enough to be involved in role-playing? About a Muggle fantasy land?" He heard his voice creeping up and forced himself to take a couple of deep breaths. "You were always so anti-Muggle. Draco shook his head and took a long pull of his pint." he said as Harry gratefully accepted his pint from the bartender.

"I'd keep my name out of anything you discuss with Weasley." Malfoy's lips quirked to the side. now that he had the opportunity to look at him up close for the first time in… a long time. especially not back then!" Harry let out a sharp laugh. his voice . "Ages ago I told you it had to do with my family. and my story. his face had a sharp. what now? I didn't expect Gondor4ever to turn out to be Harry Potter. Who had aged well. Though now the name makes perfect sense. handsome quality.Malfoy said haughtily." Harry took another swig of his drink. But why role playing?" "Same as you. "Ron is going to absolutely piss himself. But you know all about me. trying to reconcile the late night instant message chats with the very real presence of Draco Malfoy. In fact. I found it was liberating to be taken at face value in the Muggle world." "I didn't exactly expect you to be Dragonlover." "I could hardly have put two and two together. Besides. The question is. I wanted to escape. after hiding away in the wizarding world for a while. it was worth noting. "Fair enough. and wasn't as unappealing physically as Harry had found him back when he was sixteen and seventeen. "That should be pretty obvious by now." he said." Malfoy gave him a hard look.

What have you done? He sighed to himself. Malfoy . that is?" "My intent?" Harry smiled when he saw Draco pull up his trouser leg." "Here— can we talk about this somewhere else?" Malfoy took a couple of swallows to finish his pint. "Before you discovered it was me. Harry downed his pint while Malfoy paid for their drinks. okay. as you know. We can Apparate near here." "Um… well. "Just because you've turned out to be someone I know doesn't mean I can keep it a secret." Harry insisted. then they left the noise of the pub and went out into the warm June night.almost threatening. "So what was your intent?" Harry asked as they approached the Apparition point. his own wand stuck in his sock as Harry's was. Harry. wishing his mind wasn't filled with the images of what their characters had been getting up to in recent days. Especially not from Ron. "He's my best friend! I told him about this meeting. "My house is in London. Oh. Merlin." Harry said. newly flustered as he continued to reconcile the person he did know very well from the all night chats with Malfoy. He actually was easy on the eyes and filled out his snug trousers in a way that made Harry's pulse speed up.

Before I let myself got off the deep end into yet another fantasy world. Harry sat down." A light smile lit on Malfoy's lips and he stood next to Harry. After the wrenching sensation of Apparatition. otherwise I would have Apparated us inside. "I'd hoped to start up a relationship. I mean. "I keep wards on it. baffled. I'd begun— I'd started to fantasize about what you looked like. and said. but it didn't feel as awkward as Harry might have expected. opening the door and waving Harry in. so it took him a moment to realise he'd been asked a question. "What about you?" he asked. that's fine. Do you mind going side-along?" Harry was still catching up to the words 'relationship' and 'fantasize'. I'd become quite attached to Gondor4ever.gave him an evaluative look. perched on the . Draco was a good half a foot taller than he was. "What about me what?" Harry replied. "No. "What was your intention in meeting Dragonlover?" Draco had steered them into a living room and waved toward a leather sofa. seemed to steel himself. I decided I should try to meet you." Malfoy explained before pointing his wand and murmuring the phrase to disengage the wards. Harry found himself in the back yard of an ordinary looking Muggle house.

I'd started to fantasize about you. and wondered what it would feel like to run his fingers through Draco's hair. and I'm interested in more. now that we know who we are." Draco poured them both a tumbler of brandy and handed the glass to him. I guess I wanted to know what he. And no. "That's a good question. about Dragonlover. what now?" he asked before taking a swallow of brandy. I felt like we had a really good rapport. and wondering if we'd hit it off in real life." "And it doesn't bother you that I'm a guy? Oh. "Well. Keeping you guessing in case you decided your experimenting was over. would you like a drink?" "Sure. Dragonlover knows that I'd had a couple of experiences with guys.edge. I would never have imagined knowing so much about you. Harry felt a tingling at the touch. Why didn't you tell me that you were male?" "I was going to in not too long. it doesn't bother me. was like in real life. I liked the mystique. and yes. or she. "Well. Well. Draco took a seat next to him so that their legs almost touched. but now that I . watching Malfoy's graceful movements with an increasing admiration and desire. letting his fingers brush Harry's.

I almost felt as though we'd shagged! Or that Léofur did." "No. both from excitement of imagining Draco taking care of himself while thinking about him." "That's a relief. I admired you." "Really?" Harry almost choked on his brandy." "No. It took me a long time to recognise some key truths about myself. "I was just glad that you even wanted to have a conversation after I walked into the pub." "Maybe at seventeen or thereabouts. as far as I could tell. Despite myself. but there was something else. but I've gone through a lot. but also because he'd done the same. "If you'd wanted to run away. But you and I aren't Léofur and Dorloss. "Must admit to having become pretty hot and bothered myself." "Did you?" Harry felt himself flush. I might have become paranoid. leaning over slowly so that Draco . I just wanked." Harry said. My sexuality was a pretty major element." Harry said with a laugh. "Almost. but I knew Gondor4ever as a real person. And after what our characters did together in recent days.know it's you. we're not. I must admit that I'm still intrigued. It's not as though we were ever friends. But we've flirted enough as our personas that it's almost as though…" Draco put a hand on Harry's thigh.

"Glad to find that out before any clothes started vanishing. "It's been longer than I'd like to think since I've been that turned on by just kissing. letting his fingers drift along Draco's kiss-swollen lips. "We're Harry and Draco. "I just feel strange. Draco's mouth opening to him and their tongues sliding along in the other's mouth. "You're a fabulous kisser. You're not the tall. lanky type I usually swoon over. When he didn't. a current of anticipation. but you're not unattractive. that's for sure." Draco murmured.could pull back if he wished. but you're somebody I feel I know really well. Nice to know I'm remotely appealing." Draco said. His arousal grew as they kissed." "I could say the same about you. because . breathing heavily. May I kiss you?" Draco responded nonverbally. his lips quirking into a smile. "You're not my usual type. Harry chuckled and put his drink down so he could put an arm around the back of Draco's neck. Harry felt a not unpleasant buzzing in his body. and he licked his lips. Draco's hand was busy palming the bulge at Harry's groin and he strained into the touch. feigning indignation." "I could get used to seeing your face on a regular basis." Harry said. thanks!" Harry said." "Oh. and not just in the Prophet. After a time Harry pulled back. bridging the short gap and kissing him until their noses bumped.

"I didn't know today was your birthday! Don't you think Gondor4ever would have wanted to… surprise you with something?" "Oh." "In a good way." Draco said. Come here. That was the last coherent sentence that was said for a long time. but I could never have predicted it would be you." Draco let out a low laugh." Draco pulled Harry into his lap." Draco said." "I'd like to think it's more exciting to have Gondor4ever around in person. "I didn't know who I would end up meeting tonight. nudging him gently. waiting for you to show up. I hope?" "That should have been obvious.usually I'd be on my computer by now. Later. I was surprised. Or I suppose I could go home and we could type to each other?" "Not a chance. . giving Harry a warm smile. You've turned out to be very surprising. after receiving a mind-melting blowjob and Harry had reciprocated to the best of his admitted less-experienced ability. they lay side by side on the couch. "This was my birthday gift to myself.

why not? Now that I know it's your birthday." . of all people." Harry admitted." Draco grabbed two handfuls of Harry's arsecheeks. Intimately. "You'd rather be doing something else then?" Harry said." "Because you know me. that it's your birthday. You know. know what that is. "It's taken me this long to find out who you are in real life. I don't even feel that awkward." He leaned up and kissed Harry. Would you like to stay?" "Well. short and chaste." Draco purred. And you. that we're naked. we can celebrate a bit more. "Yes. 'what next?' kind of feeling. "That you're— you. I don't want to go back to staying up until crazy-thirty in the morning on my computer. "And it doesn't have to be over." "Are you sure you don't want me to write to you?" Harry joked." "It's certainly been memorable."This is just so… surreal. "And if you wanted to do some of the things you so eloquently wrote on Dorloss' behalf. I'd consider this one of the best birthdays I've had. his desire newly awakening as he felt a similar stiffening against his thigh. rising up onto an elbow. "I could quickly Apparate home and get my laptop—" "Don't you dare. before lying down.

Harry thought. incredulously both lover and friend. pleasure blooming in him as he imagined himself as Dorloss with Léofur.I do know. marvelling at the very real presence of Draco Malfoy. however. All through that passionate night. he kept his eyes wide open. Back to Harry Potter Fanfiction Home .