emergency dispatch center. NVR. the Advantech AVS video wall controller is capable of not only handling multiple displays but also of capturing video or graphics streams from a wide range of sources such as PC. transportation. integrating. Powered by Matrox Mura MPX and endowed with industrial reliability. Once streams are captured. When equipped with Matrox Mura MPX cards. besides being used as a signage display. blue ray player. decoder box. scales. set up box.a reliable. security. can also be a powerful control room tool. high performance video wall is really the backbone of the central control room. aggregating. the AVS video wall controller flexibly switches. In professional applications that require high situational awareness . organizes and displays that content in real time. oil and energy .such as SCADA.Video Wall Architecture A video wall. analyzing and manipulating massive amounts of information from a whole array of sources. etc. the Advantech AVS video wall controller makes an ideal solution for system integrators or OEMs who need to build high performance video wall systems. • Industrial Reliability: 0 ~ 40º C Operating Temperature Range • BIOS Optimized: with Special Resource Allocation for Mura MPX • Data Switch Optimized: Video Data Switch with Zero Latency • Power Solution Optimized: Power Supply More than Sufficient for Mura MPX • Remote Management: Server Can Be Remotely Monitored and Controlled . DVR.

• Thermal Optimization: No thermal issue even when multiple Mura MPX are installed in the system.Origin of Advantech Video Wall Controller When Advantech Meets Matrox Advantech. the Mura MPX Series output/input boards feature highly flexible. but also fulfills its customers’ needs with the value added services of on-demand production. Matrox. Advantech and Matrox will jointly launch a series of video wall controllers by integrating their industrial server and Mura MPX graphic cards with strict and comprehensive compatibility. one of the industry leading suppliers of display solution provider. • Data Switch Optimized: Video captured can be displayed anywhere on the video wall. global logistics. • Power Solution Optimized: Power supply is sufficient for the system to carry multiple Mura MPX. key characteristics are listed below. The Mura MPX Series really is an ideal solution for large-scale. Advantech video wall controller features Mura MPX Series compatibility. and multi-channel video signal I/O Mura MPX series products. is well known for next generation video wall solutions based on its high performance. image quality. Being strictly validated by the Matrox laboratory. • Remote Management: A remote administrator can monitor and control the system by network connection. and technical support.Aiming at offering premium solutions for video wall system integrators. • Industrial Reliability: System can run stably under 40°C temperature. plus capabilities for HD image capture and display of uncompressed data and peer-to-peer data transfer. one of the world leaders in industrial computers. not only provides global customers with high-tech and quality embedded system platforms. What Is Advantech Video Wall Controller ? An Advantech video wall controller is designed for video wall applications. Engineered to deliver unparalleled performance. multi-channel video wall applications. universal input channels supporting digital and analog signals. . What Is Matrox Mura MPX Series? The Matrox Mura MPX Series redefines the future of collaborative video walls and wall matrix management. and reliability verification and fine tuning. high flexibility. and scalability. performance. Enhanced by Advantech's global service network. the new partnership will offer video wall integrators with unprecedented turnkey solutions and added value. and industrial reliability. • BIOS Optimized: Multiple Mura MPX cards can be recognized by the system and function well.

1 Internal • Remote Management: IPMI.5” HDD/SSD) • Remote Management: IPMI. Advantech Remote Monitoring Utility • Form Factor: Wall-mount/Desktop • 400W 80 Plus Single Power Supply • Quad GbE LANs .5” HDD) • 3.5” Drive Bays: 2 Removable.25” Drive Bays: 3 External (Optional module for 3 removable 3. Advantech Remote Monitoring Utility • Form Factor: 4U Rack-mount • 500W 80 Plus Single Power Supply • Dual GbE LANs • Supported Mura Cards: 2 Standard Mura MPX • Maximum Video Inputs: 8 Analog/Digital • Maximum Video Outputs: 8 Analog/Digital • Processor: Intel® Xeon® 1200 series up to 4 cores/8 threads • Memory: DDR3 1333 MHz (ECC) UDIMM up to 32GB • 5.Advantech Video Wall Controller 8-Output Solutions Powered by Mura MPX ™ AVS-290-00A1E AVS-240-00A1E AVS-240-00A1E Available Now AVS-290-00A1E Available Now • Supported Mura Cards: 2 Standard Mura MPX + 1 Mura MPX-V8/V16 • Maximum Video Inputs: 8 Analog/Digital + 16 Analog • Maximum Video Outputs: 8 Analog/Digital • Processor: Intel® Xeon® 2400 series up to 8 cores/16 threads • Memory: DDR3 1333/1600MHz (ECC) UDIMM/RDIMM up to 96GB • 5.5” Drive Bays: 1 External (Optional module for 2 removable 2.25” Drive Bay: 1 External • 3.

Advantech Video Wall Controller 20-Output Solutions Powered by Mura MPX ™ AVS-541-00A1E AVS-540-00A1E AVS-540-00A1E Available in Q1 2013 AVS-541-00A1E Available in Q1 2013 • Supported Mura Cards: 5 Standard Mura MPX • Maximum Video Inputs: 20 Analog/Digital • Maximum Video Outputs: 20 Analog/Digital • Processor: Intel® Xeon® E5 2600 series up to 8 cores/16 threads • Memory: DDR3 1333/1600MHz (ECC) UDIMM/RDIMM up to 96GB • 5. Advantech Remote Monitoring Utility • Form Factor: 4U Rack-mount • 700W 80 Plus Single Power Supply • Dual GbE LANs • Supported Mura Cards: 5 Standard Mura MPX + 11 Mura MPX-V8/V16 • Maximum Video Inputs: 20 Analog/Digital + 176 Analog • Maximum Video Outputs: 20 Analog/Digital • Processor: Intel® Xeon® E3-1200V2 series up to 4 cores/8 threads • Memory: DDR3 1333 MHz (ECC) UDIMM up to 16GB • 5. Advantech Remote Monitoring Utility • Form Factor: 4U Rack-mount • 810W Front Accessible 3+1 Redundant Power Supply • Dual GbE LANs Note: This product is still under development.5” HDD) • 3.5” HDD/SSD).5” HDD/SSD). its specification is not fully settled down.5” HDD) • 3.5” Drive Bay: 1 External (Optional module for 2 removable 2.25” Drive Bay: 3 External (Optional module for 3 removable 3. 1 Internal • Remote Management: iAMT. .25” Drive Bay: 2 External (Optional module for 3 removable 3. 1 Internal • Remote Management: IPMI.5” Drive Bay: 1 External (Optional module for 2 removable 2.

http://www.including HDCP • Hardware genlock across cards for beautiful.Matrox Mura MPX Series Video Wall Controller Boards Powered by Mura MPX ™ Features • PCI-Express x16 Gen 2 Full-Duplex bandwidth • Full HD DVI. . 3rd-party User and OEM Software Gives you the option to control Mura with different software features and ergonomics to more closely match your needs.com/crestron_mura_module Matrox is a Crestron Certified Integrated Partner. Select the option that best suits your needs. Crestron Certified Integrated Partner Module Download Free TCP/IP Integrated Partner Module for Crestron Processors and Control Interfaces.matrox. Matrox User and OEM Software Matrox MuraControl for Windows and Apple iPad tablets for users and OEMs. synchronized multiscreen output • Edge-overlap (for edge-blending projectors) and Bezel management Output Resolution Model Mura MPX-4/0 Mura MPX-4/2 Mura MPX-4/4 Mura MPX-SDI Mura MPX-V8 Mura MPX-V16 • Supports hardware-based scaling • Alpha-blending of captured video • Picture-in-picture and multi-source overlap and switching • Supports a large stretched desktop and can run local applications Input Resolution SL-DVI 1920X1200 1920X1200 - Part Number 96VG-2G-PE-MA 96VG-2G-PE-MA1 96VG-2G-PE-MA2 96VG-1G-PE-MA 96VG-128M-PE-MA 96VG-256M-PE-MA Output 4 4 4 2 0 0 Input 0 2 4 2 8 16 SL-DVI 2048X1152 2048X1152 2048X1152 2048X1152 - RGB (VGA) 2048X1536 2048X1536 2048X1536 2048X1536 - RGB (VGA) 2048X1536 2048X1536 - Component (VPbPr) 1080i 1080i - S-Video/Composit NTSC/PAL/SECAM NTSC/PAL/SECAM NTSC/PAL/SECAM NTSC/PAL/SECAM SDI 1920X1080 - Software A variety of software options exist that allow you to manage and take full control of a Matrox Mura MPX enabled video wall. Matrox TCP/IP and RS-232 Command-based API Makes creating customized GUIs or embedding video wall control into your own existing applications extremely quick and easy. Digital. and video capture . VGA.

To further illustrate this with a practical factory control-room scenario.. surveillance. video wall performance continues to improve while total cost of ownership goes down. allowing for a maximum of twenty video source inputs and display outputs corresponding to twenty monitors. Vice President of Advantech Embedded Systems Group..Press Release For Immediate Release Primary Media Contact: Advantech Co. and will aim to enable OEMs and system integrators to create video wall solutions for various markets such as control rooms for factory automation. eight of the inputs could be connected to surveillance system NVR machines or directly to CCTV cameras that monitor the working fields or important 1 . network. surveillance. 2012.com./Product Marketing Ginger Chin Tel: +886-2-2792-7818#1310 ginger. and transportation are all active behind the scenes. “The development of video wall technology has changed basic lifestyles: digital signage. the AVS-540 pre-configured system or ASMB-822 serverbaord with five PCIe x16 slots can support five Mura™ MPX cards.” says Franz Wei. video conference. today announced that it is partnering with Matrox Graphics Inc. Advantech has developed a series of industrial serverboards. Ltd. factory automation. Advantech is aware of this transformation and is collaborating with ecosystem partners to develop premium video wall solutions to fulfill the market demand.TW). a global embedded computing leader providing embedded platform solutions across multiple vertical markets. the world’s leading innovator in graphics and video solutions. The solutions include Matrox validated industrial serverboards. making video walls the fastest-growing area in the IT and digital electronics industries. Thanks to computer. and Advantech Video Wall Controllers – the AVS series pre-configured systems — designed for 8-output and 20-output video walls.chin@advantech. For instance.tw Advantech and Matrox Partner To Offer Premium Video Wall Solutions Nov 15. chassis and pre-configured systems (AVS series products) supporting two to five Mura™ MPX cards. stage broadcasting. and display technology advances. digital signage. to launch premium video wall solutions designed for and validated with Matrox’s Mura™ MPX video wall controller boards. chassis. Taipei –Advantech (2395. transportation.

featuring Gen 2. high resolution HDCP-encrypted content from Blu–ray Disc™ players. with decades of experience in developing computing platforms for applications in various industrial sectors. Advantech. The advancement of video wall technology is changing the industrial landscape and the way we see and react to the world. satellite signal receivers. The Mura™ MPX series. access control software programs.Americas & Asia Pacific. All information can be immediately displayed on the video wall. and the other two connected to the servers running various SCADA software. opening one or multiple sessions on each display or spanning a single spreadsheet across several monitors—depending on the focus requirements of any given situation. ten connected to operator workstations running production management. In some critical applications. servers. etc. position and display them across the video wall canvas in real-time. demanding the reliable and safe operation of powerful Matrox Mura™ MPX cards running with the most reliable Advantech premium video wall solutions. system reliability and stability can be a matter of life and death. software operating screens of PCs. video wall system integrators can buy Matrox-validated Advantech serverboards. pads. Video source feeds may include live videos from surveillance cameras. process management. such as electric utility monitoring and military command and control rooms. Recine. Users can configure the video display wall with great flexibility. sees the importance of the video wall mission and is proud to offer its best support.Press Release For Immediate Release equipment. chassis.0 PCI Express® x16 connection interface. “Through this cooperation between Advantech and Matrox. Key Features • Optimized BIOS supports multiple Mura™ MPX cards • Data bus architecture optimized for zero-latency video data switching • Wide operating temperature range provides high reliability in the field • High efficiency power solution meets multiple Mura™ MPX power requirements • Video wall can be remotely monitored and controlled 2 . Matrox Graphics Director of Sales . rotate.” says Samuel A. or AVS series preconfigured systems that have been compatibility and performance tested with Mura™ MPX cards in Matrox’ hardware and software quality assurance labs as well as strained in thermal and longevity tests to meet the exacting requirements of customers in this market. provides up to a maximum of four inputs and four outputs on a single card that can capture a variety of input sources then scale.

Our mission is to enable an intelligent planet with Automation and Embedded Computing products and solutions that empower the development of smarter working and living. and global logistics support. services. AVS-240.aspx About Advantech – Founded in 1983. customer-centric design services. hardware. and solutions. and AVS-541.com/products/Video-Wall-Server/sub_d782e7a2-d216-49e7-8b59-ceb4 4ec4f648.advantech.advantech. AVS-540. 3 . (Corporate Website: www. software. please contact a local Advantech sales office. Advantech offers comprehensive system integration. For more information. We cooperate closely with our partners to help provide complete solutions for a wide array of applications across a diverse range of industries. embedded systems. Advantech is a leader in providing trusted.com). automation products. innovative products.AVS-290. or visit our website at http://www. chassis and pre-configured systems . With Advantech. there is no limit to the applications and innovations our products make possible.Press Release For Immediate Release Advantech premium video wall solutions include a series of industrial serverboards.

DVI. those monitoring traffic safety in highway tunnels are especially mission-and-life critical. and a traffic management system. power supplies and others.Ample inputs for data and video from different sources including 32 cameras and 20 operator workstations or servers . an emergency operations system. SDI. They had to test compatibility of these components.Excellent reliability for 24/7 operation System Before choosing Advantech’s AVS products. the customer like many other video wall system vendors in the China market today. System Requirements . Supported by the new AVS series—Advantech’s newest video wall controller products. our customer was able to render a proposal which provided industrial-grade stability and reliability with the highest cost/performance ratio among competitors. a video wall was needed in the main control room that was able to display all data and video coming from these systems in real time. over and over again and often encountered difficulties in dealing with thermal issues and system performance and this meant a lengthy R&D process with repeated investment.Application Story 24/7 Surveillance for Highway Tunnel Security Turnkey Video Wall Controller Solution for Control Room Project Introduction China’s booming economy has led the country to invest more on traffic infrastructure which has created the need for traffic management and security monitoring systems overseen by video walls displays in control rooms.Visualize and display data on multiple monitors with flexible configuration . YPbPr.Outstanding computing performance . a vehicle recognition system. etc) . S-Video. with advanced warning capabilities that could draw an operators’ attention to the most critical images.Capability of capturing multiple video sources (VGA. and co-validated with Matrox Mura MPX video cards. including motherboards. Composite. And crucially at the center. 1 . video cards. A large system integrator customer in China submitted a bid for a highway tunnel surveillance control room project which comprised of a video surveillance system. developed video servers by themselves with components purchased from different sources. Among all the traffic monitoring systems.

global logistics and technical support—saving effort on after sales service and customer support. They were also often having to provide maintenance service for their systems. installation and operation.Application Story When they finally completed a workable system and shipped it to their customer for on-site installation. all the hassles from R&D. plus they had to stockpile replacement components for maintenance needs. if something happens they just call Advantech for trouble shooting instead of contacting multiple vendors for support. Advantech's turnkey solution helps system integrators shorten product development cycles. to after-sale service went away and now they are able to focus on their core business of designing and developing high-end video walls and providing value added services to their end customers. To aid maintenance. by choosing Advantech's turnkey solutions. However. this helps customers save a lot of time with on-site visits. causing extra inventory costs. Advantech acts as single vendor for customers. saving R&D investment. stability and reliability are crucial. mechanical or thermal problems. Conclusion For 24/7 applications like highway tunnel control room video walls. 2 . stability and reliability features built in. This was because their computers were not able to endure vibration during transportation. shipment and installation. Advantech’s long product life cycle support reduces costs for stockpiling components. and anti-vibration. their video wall performed with optimal quality and reliability. AVS series have remote control and management functions built in. Advantech AVS series video wall controllersare dedicated to video wall applications with industrial grade designs for efficient heat-dissipation. and minimizing headaches from rising costs of shipping. each AVS product is sent to Matrox headquarters at Montreal to go through tests to ensure that the computer system is fully compatible with Matrox’s Mura MPX video cards and can achieve optimal performance without electrical. Individual components purchased from different vendors meant the technical support from their suppliers varied and was often of poor quality. or the system couldn’t even boot up. things still went wrong—either the graphic cards or memory modules broke loose. On top of that. With Advantech AVS series products at the center.

security and surveillance. entertainment. Product Sales Manager. At the core of a video wall application is one or more output/input graphic cards plugged into a computer system–the video wall controller. shopping and other public venues. This helps to enhance situational awareness. set-top BOX HDMI feeds. display systems used in the control room can create large-scale and highly functional video walls to display any incoming video or data. computer . extensive collaboration and more responsive and effective decision making based on access to accurate and timely information. Automatic Train Protection (ATP). From digital signage in sports. or nuclear power plant control rooms. conveying new thoughts and messages of the latest developments in many areas.Seeing the World with the Latest Display Technology: Advantech Video Wall Controllers Certified By Matrox By Ken Lin. Automatic Train Supervision (ATS). Take the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) control room as example. such as military command centers. Benefiting from a new generation of video wall controllers loaded with multiple Matrox MuraTM MPX output/input graphic cards. transportation management. The function of the video wall controller is to capture all the video sources to be viewed. many video walls are in mission-critical environments. to mission-critical control rooms for military operations. such as VGA or DVI feeds from any of a range of sources: operator workstations running maps. Automatic Train Operation (ATO) programs or Passenger Information System (PIS). As mentioned. Broad video walls composed of multiple monitors provide the viewers with a large virtual desktop that can be easily manipulated in response to rapidly changing conditions. power and energy. Advantech The advancements in video wall technology are opening up more windows on the world. platform live video CCTV feeds. then scale and spread them across the video wall matrix. which can be a crucial factor in executing safe and efficient transportation management. convert them to a common format. etc. factory automation. video wall controller technologies are bringing us to a whole new world of immediate visualization.

satellite and cable TV set-top boxes. opening one or multiple sessions on each display or spanning a single spreadsheet across several monitors—depending on the focus requirements of any given situation. Under this cooperative scheme. Blu-ray players. In addition to the product itself. Users can configure the video display wall with great flexibility. the operator can easily display just a few sources of more situational significance and enlarge any of the images to be shown across a number of monitors. These will be called Advantech Video Server (AVS) series products. technical support and logistics services through its worldwide service centers. the AVS products have been certified compatible by the Matrox laboratory. and security and surveillance monitoring. system integrators can reduce costs and focus on activities that maximize their add-on value. . Matrox Graphics. and will aim to enable OEMs and system integrators to create video wall solutions for various markets such as digital signage. Advantech and Matrox are partnering to launch a series of video wall controllers designed for and validated with Matrox’s MuraTM MPX graphics cards. just to name a few. reliable industrial computers designed with special considerations for video wall applications.systems used for video wall controller platforms are not ordinary commercial computers. Matrox PowerDesk software is powerful enough to allow for flexible configuration of video wall layouts that can respond to situational awareness. With these benefits. This is the nexus of the partnership between the world’s leading innovator in display solutions. and global IPC manufacturer. That is to say. Advantech also offers premium system integration. but highly ruggedized. and minimize it in the next moment.0 PCI Express x16 connection interface. computers. Advantech. and so on. Matrox Mura™ MPX Driven by Advantech Server-grade IPC To continue to expand market share. The MuraTM MPX series. Video source feeds may include both digital and analog signals from surveillance cameras. With friendly graphics user interface. position and display them across the video wall matrix in real-time. stable. rotate. provides up to a maximum of four inputs and four outputs on a single card that can capture a variety of input sources then scale. video wall system integrators who buy AVS products need not worry about issues of compatibility with MuraTM MPX. successful and outstanding video wall performance relies on the marriage of powerful video card(s) and reliable industrial computer(s). process and system control rooms. featuring the Gen 2.

all Advantech AVS products are designed with server grade chipsets to have enough PCIe lanes from the CPU and high data switch rates between PCIe slots. Because in most application scenarios a video wall controller needs to carry more than two MuraTM MPX cards. and data exchanges among these inputs and outputs are extraordinary. Moreover. the PowerDesk edge-overlap feature allows the user to easily and intuitively adjust the number of overlapping pixels between edge-blending projectors to create a seamless. it requires huge transient video data transfers between and among multiple MuraTM MPX cards. two connected to operator workstations running production management software. Design Highlights As mentioned. A reliable. A video wall controller’s PCIe slot design must have not only enough bandwidth but also a data switch rate that ensures quick. For example. Especially for a dense system in a large scale video wall application. smooth.or move images from here to there across the entire visual canvas.0 PCIe x8 bandwidth. All information can be immediately displayed on the video wall. no-latency display. a 2. Every PCIe x16 slot supports at least Gen 2.0 GB/sec card to card (slot to slot) data transfer occurs. when four such video streams are captured by a MuraTM MPX card and displayed through four output ports on a different card. Advantech has developed a series of AVS products with a variety of PCIe expansions ranging from two slots to more than ten slots. when using projectors as display devices. To further illustrate this with a practical factory control room scenario. there can be many data inputs and outputs in combination. powerful dedicated video wall controller has to deal with the following problems from the design level: (1) PCIe Bandwidth and Data Switch Rate Provision When images on a video wall are enlarged. a 1080p full HD video stream generates 0. For example. . computers supporting video wall applications are no ordinary computers. and the other four connected to those running SCADA software. unified image. two of the inputs could be connected to a surveillance system NVR machine. reduced or moved across multiple monitors. the AVS-290 with two PCIe x16 slots can support two MuraTM MPX cards. BIOS is also tweaked to support multiple GPUs (a MuraTM MPX card can have up to two GPUs) and to maximize card-to-card transfer rate. allowing for a maximum of eight video source inputs and display outputs corresponding to eight monitors.5 GB/sec data throughput.

ventilation becomes the priority. When operators find the voltage in . Canada for validation. Remote management allows operators to get their hands on all these figures related to system health via network connection. Advantech has employed a component placement call Rack Optimized Placement which places the memory slots parallel to PCIe slots on the motherboard in order to maximize the efficiency of the chassis airflow and cooling performance. This feature is especially important for a video wall administrator because the video wall controller is usually put in the computer room where the operator usually does not seat in. Ordinary computer motherboards have their memory sets be positioned horizontally. when it comes to a dense system supporting video wall. this ensures rock solid compatibility. This is one of the reasons why a video wall controller is usually more pricy than other IPCs or ordinary computers. When a computer system is going awry. operators can also use smartphone. as PCIe traces can be more conveniently routed to the CPU. This poses challenges for PCB wiring and forces us to employ more PCB layers to complete needed wiring. memory.Advantech sends all video wall controller prototypes to Matrox headquarters in Montreal. (3) Remote Management Capability Remote control and monitoring is also an important part for maintaining system health and operational reliability. Advantech video wall controllers driving Matrox cards can power video walls up to full 1080p inputs and outputs with zero latency. iPad or laptop to monitor system status. voltage or fan rotation speeds. (2) Thermal Design When multiple graphic cards are employed in a computer system to drive a multiple monitor video wall. the price tag is worth it as system shutdown or failure due to overheat could be catastrophic in mission-critical applications. MuraTM MPX GPUs’ temperatures to keep system very stable when operating with multiple MuraTM MPX cards. However. abnormal signals will surface first in temperature. This is to facilitate more economic PCB wiring. PCIe expansion slots and other components on the board. motherboard major ICs. In addition to using a remote computer to access the video wall controller. However. perpendicular to CPU. the power consumption is huge and there rise system heat problems that need to be carefully dealt with in both board and system design levels. effectively lowering CPU. System cooling performance relies on the selection and installation of fans and efficient air flow design in the chassis.

the software-based solutions are more economically appealing. administrators or operators can start. the operators can get access to that unit via the Internet to understand the status of the system. .the system becomes unstable. in a dormancy or is failed. However. Obviously. as long as that small unit is still “alive”. Matrox validation means assurance that Advantech video wall controllers are electronically. Many of these systems can automatically issue local alarms. all excellences will never count till they are thoroughly validated. However. shut down or restart the system remotely. With out-of-band solution. run them reliably and stably without getting overheated. These guarantees are nowhere available if one purchases any ordinary PC from the market or any IPC without Matrox validation to run a video wall graphic card. send alerts or notifications to operators through e-mail or cell phone message when any abnormal situation is happening in the system. Matrox Graphics Validation For a highly functional system. and can support all the functionalities and merits to perfection. temperature is rising or the fan rotation is slowing. can install these cards without mechanical interference. they can avoid a catastrophic system failure. and if in time. even when the system is powered off or the OS is dead. The remote management capability has almost become heritage for server-grade IPCs. Under the cooperation plan between Matrox and Advantech. good electronic designs are important. they can immediately take actions to repair. mechanically and thermally compatible with Matrox’s graphic cards. especially for those used in critical missions. for video walls used for mission-critical applications. Advantech has sent all the prototypes of its video wall controllers to Matrox’s lab at their Montreal headquarter for validation and certification of compatibility and reliability. hardware-based IPMI or iAMT solutions are strongly recommended. There are technological or business options for remote monitoring and control: either software-based in-band solutions which operate utilities or application software under operating system like Windows. The SUSI-Access remote diagnosis software developed by Advantech is even free and available for all its customers. or hardware-based out-of-band solutions such as IPMI or iAMT that are enabled by a separate BMC circuits on motherboard or embedded controller inside Intel PCH chipset to allow remote administrators to have access to it regardless of whether the system power is on or off.

up to 5 Years of Extended Warranty. with validation from Matrox. such as electric utilities monitoring and military battlefields. helping them speed up deliveries. sees the importance of the video wall mission and is proud to offer its best support. system reliability and stability can be a matter of life and death. Alliance of Winners This partnership between Matrox and Advantech is a win-win strategy: on one hand.Advantech Technical Support Advantech is the world’s top IPC manufacturer and supplier. Conclusion The advancement of video wall technology is changing the industrial landscape and the way we see and react to the world. Video wall system integrators and users of Matrox graphic cards running on Advantech platforms do not have to worry about maintenance and repair issues. Matrox can leverage Advantech’s worldwide business and technical network to further expand its market share. Advantech expects to plant flags in the burgeoning video wall market. . Advantech has established branches in many countries which can provide system assembly services to video wall system integrators to save their assembly and testing efforts. And all customers using Advantech systems are entitled to Advantech’s 3-5-7 Services. and operates a global business and technical support network with sales and service available in every corner of the world. with decades of experience in developing computing platforms for applications in various industrial sectors. and 7 Years’ guaranteed Product Supply. In some critical application cases. which means: 3 Levels of Service. Advantech. on the other hand. demanding the most powerful Matrox MuraTM MPX cards running on the most reliable Advantech Video Server (AVS) systems.