INTRODUCTION State Profile Tamil Nadu is situated on the southeastern side of the Indian peninsula.

It is bounded on the east by Bay of Bengal, in the south by the Indian Ocean, in the west by the states of Kerala and Karnataka and in the north by the Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The state of Tamil Nadu has an area of 130058 sq. km. and a population of 62.41 million. There are 30 districts, 385 blocks and 16317 villages. The state has population density of 479 per sq. km. (as against the national average of 312). The decadal growth rate of the state is 11.72% against 21.54% for the country. The TFR of the state is 1.7 against the national average of 2.8. The Infant Mortality Rate and Maternal Mortality Ratio are 37 and 134 respectively for Tamil Nadu, which are lower than the national average. Sex ratio is 987, much better than the national level at 933 (Table 3). ( Table 3: Socio-Demographic and Health Indicators of Tamil Nadu & India
Source: cited on 11 Feb 09. cited on 17 Feb 09. – cited on 17 Feb 09.

The above table shows the main health indicators like birth rate, death rate, TFR, IMR, MMR lower than the national level. This indicates better socio-demographic conditions in Tamil Nadu than the national level. The state's institutional deliveries are 94%, against the national average of 41%. The respondents in the study mentioned, every year 1.2 lakh deliveries are conducted in government health setup, where nursing/midwifery services plays a key role in antenatal, natal and post-natal care. Vital Events Tamil Nadu India Total population (Census 2001) (in millions) 62.41 1028.61 Crude Birth Rate (SRS 2007) 16.2 23.5 Crude Death Rate (SRS 2007) 7.5 7.5 Total Fertility Rate (SRS 2006) 1.7 2.8 Infant Mortality Rate (SRS 2007) 37 57 Maternal Mortality Ratio (SRS, 2001 - 2003) 134 301 Institutional Deliveries (DLHS-3) (2007-2008), NFHS-3, India (2005-2006) 94% 41 % Sex Ratio (Census 2001) 986 933 Child Sex Ratio (0-6,Census 2001) 942 927 Female Literacy Rate (Census 2001) (%) 64.55 53.7 Population below Poverty line (%) 21.12 26.10 Expectation of Life at Birth (2006-10) Male 67.6 65.8 Female 70.6 68.1

Better socio-demographic and health indicators in TN are reflective of good MCH/ midwifery services and better organizational structure of the health and family welfare in the state.
Assessment of Nursing Management Capacity in Tamil Nadu