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The Forrester Wave™: Business Technology Transformation, Q3 2012
by Stephanie Moore, July 19, 2012 KEY TAKEAWAYS Companies Need Providers’ Help In Transformation Engagements As companies face a growing, diverse mix of internal and external pressures, they’re undertaking transformation initiatives that require deep technology and business process expertise. They’re looking to external services providers to act as strategic partners capable of delivering end-to-end services. The Business Technology Transformation Market Is Changing As SVM Pros Look For New Skills Consulting partners are expected to bring in the complete set of required skills, offering both high-level business acumen as well as the technical know-how. To be relevant in this market, providers must have deep industry knowledge, change management skills, and well-honed methodologies for business and technology transformation. Leaders Are Differentiated By Business Acumen The Leaders in this Forrester Wave, Deloitte, Accenture, and PwC, were separated from the rest by their ability to communicate with business stakeholders and sponsors. The provider needs credibility with both business and IT and the ability to act as a diplomat between these two core groups.

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KPMG. Forrester®.com. IBM. This report details our findings about how well each vendor fulfills our criteria and where they stand in relation to each other to help SVM professionals select the right partner for their business technology transformation engagements. 2012 The Evolution Of India-Centric Management Consulting November 23. Forrester Research. Inc. Forrester Wave. To purchase reprints of this document. Q3 2012 The Majority Of The Vendors Are Leaders In This Emerging Market by Stephanie Moore with Chris Andrews and Charles Green WHY READ THIS REPOrt Today. and The Boston Consulting Group. and Total Economic Impact are trademarks of Forrester Research. Unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved. 2011 © 2012. All other trademarks are the property of their respective companies. Bain & Company. Cognizant. Table Of Contents 2 The Business Technology Transformation Market A Smorgasbord Of Providers Make Up The Market 3 Business Technology Transformation Evaluation Overview Forrester Evaluated Key Capabilities Of Providers Providers Have A Portfolio Of Tech-Enabled Business Transformation Projects 6 Deloitte. TechRadar. In Forrester’s 18-criteria evaluation of business technology transformation vendors. and scored them. TCS. Deloitte. PwC. Accenture. business transformation is often about technology transformation. so what sort of consultants can best help clients envision and execute on their business transformation imperatives? In the past. Inc. RoleView. Cognizant. and Wipro — in the category and researched.forrester. Infosys. many of whom used to execute on the transformation blueprints developed by the management consultants. are now starting to make a dent in that market as they begin to successfully marry their technology competency with vertical and horizontal domain and business consulting expertise. analyzed. go to www. Opinions reflect judgment at the time and are subject to change. high-level business process transformation initiatives were the domain of business consulting vendors such as McKinsey & Company. PwC. Related Research Documents Navigate A Changing IT Services Landscape January 25. and Wipro. 2012 The Forrester Wave™: Business Technology Transformation. business transformation is always HP. Information is based on best available resources. we identified the 10 most significant providers — Accenture. Technology-focused IT services and consulting firms. please email clientsupport@forrester. KPMG. . TCS. And PwC Lead The Pack 8 Vendor Profiles Leaders Have Business And Technology Acumen Strong Performers Have Specific Strengths Contenders Have A Strong Technology Focus 11 Supplemental Material Notes & Resources Forrester conducted services evaluations in April and May 2012 and interviewed 10 vendor companies and reference customers from each of the vendors: Accenture. For additional information. At the very least. Infosys. Technographics®.For SourCiNG & VeNDor MaNaGemeNt ProfessioNaLs JuLY 19. IBM. HP. 2011 Wipro Consulting Services: Can Wipro Finally Crack The Code? August 30. Deloitte.

and innovating. Thus. we see that business and technology innovation are today inextricably linked: A technology-enabled business transformation is an enterprise transformation requiring an “embedded” IT transformation to achieve a targeted set of business benefits. high-end consulting companies provided business strategy and domain expertise. In most cases. Reproduction Prohibited . these projects start with a clearly identified business challenge. because the projects start with the business. and clients would use a more technology-centric services provider to implement the strategy. Business priorities are changing in the “new normal. avoiding marginalization. Forrester Research. growing revenue.” and applied technology is the answer to most business challenges. even if they already have strong vendor management capability. it is impossible for it to understand what the optimal business strategy is. Unfortunately. Therefore they are increasingly looking for providers with the required business and technical capabilities to implement the transformation approach. a rapidly changing technology environment. A Smorgasbord Of Providers Make Up The Market The business technology transformation market comprises a range of different providers. they recognize that help/relief has to come from experts who are as technology savvy as they are business savvy. but the business professionals involved recognize that the solution will be enabled. The market can loosely be divided into two categories: 1) those coming from a management or business consulting background. and a multitude of business demands. They can see the value leakage when the strategy implementer has not totally bought into or is familiar with the strategy itself. which reduce client-side complexity and avoid value leakage. The classical management and business consulting firms are eager to evolve their IT capabilities. when the strategy creator does not fully understand the technology landscape or the art of the possible in technology. in large part. In addition.For SourCiNG & VeNDor MaNaGemeNt ProfessioNaLs The Forrester Wave™: Business Technology Transformation. Clients understandably want to avoid the leakage associated with having to engage a separate and additional provider to implement the desired change strategy. July 19. In looking at Deloitte’s definition of technology-enabled business transformation. 2012 © 2012. The type of consultancies that are best poised to help their clients develop and execute on their business transformation projects are those that have equal amounts of business and technology acumen. customers that use multiple providers for their transformation initiatives find that managing them is a significant additional effort. by technology. the explicit focus of these projects is “technology-enabled business transformation” (as opposed to technology or IT transformation). and the IT consultants and outsourcers are beefing up their business consulting units to capture market demand with: ■ End-to-end services. such as lowering costs. And business centricity or technology centricity alone will not help companies achieve a meaningful transformation. each approaching the market from its unique heritage and capabilities. In the past. Inc. As corporate executives face a toxic mix of shrinking or stagnant IT budgets. improving competitiveness. or 2) those coming from a deep technology background. Q3 2012 2 tHE bUSINESS tEcHNOlOGY trANSfOrmAtION mArKEt The business consulting market landscape continues to undergo a deep-seated shift.

more often than not. Forrester Evaluated Key Capabilities Of Providers After examining past research.For SourCiNG & VeNDor MaNaGemeNt ProfessioNaLs The Forrester Wave™: Business Technology Transformation. 2012 . Forrester evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of the top business technology transformation providers. Expertise in business process management. And the business. which. Phil Garland. Client maturity levels have risen dramatically. With the increasing involvement of the business. which engage new stakeholders in the transformation process. Clients expect methodologies and tools to not only optimize the cost of the engagement but to guarantee a successful outcome. believes that the business is spending about seven times more than IT on business/technology transformations. which we grouped into three high-level buckets (see Figure 1): © 2012. managing partner at Wipro Consulting Services. is the transformation driver. Q3 2012 3 ■ Business and tech capabilities. will also lead to higher levels of client satisfaction. Inc. the provider may often take on the role of peacemaker or translator between different sides of the client organization. we developed a comprehensive set of evaluation criteria. One reason the more businessfocused providers scored so well in this Forrester Wave™ is because they have a historical and natural connection to business executives and have learned to engage with the IT executives over the years as their businesses became more technology-focused. Clients want providers to fully understand their unique business pressures and concerns. confirms that more than 50% of his CIO practice customers are actually outside of IT (CFO. it is crucial that the services provider has credibility with both sets of stakeholders. Forrester Research. BUSINESS TEcHNOlOGY TrANSfOrmAtION EvAlUAtION OvErvIEw To assess the state of the business technology transformation market and see how the vendors stack up against each other. if done expertly. COO. change management. and this in turn has led to new and higher expectations. and technology-specific methodologies (such as Oracle Financials’ implementation methodology) are all now considered prerequisites from providers. and CMO)! And Kirk Strawser. which drive the front-end of the engagement. and vendor and expert interviews. the leader of PwC’s CIO practice. Reproduction Prohibited July 19. To be successful. user need assessments. project management. ■ Vertical capabilities. Vertical expertise enables providers to take a go-to-market approach focused on client business issues. Most transformation projects are no longer being generated by IT alone but are rather being run by a combination of IT and the business. We evaluated 10 vendors against 18 criteria. and this can only be done by providers that have deep industry knowledge and insights and that are able to engage with IT and the business in a realistic solution-focused dialogue. which leads to consistency and client satisfaction. ■ Deep methodological expertise. In fact. Clients want to make sure that they are buying the institutional and collective expertise of their services provider as opposed to just the contents of their lead consultant’s hard drive.

■ Strategy.or technology-focused project. Inc. and dealing with change? What is the vendor’s capability related to metrics and benchmarking related to a company’s current IT and business performance? What’s the balance between the vendor’s revenue that comes from pure technology implementation projects with no process or business consulting services component and the revenue from pure process or business consulting with no technology implementation component? Source: Forrester Research. the ability to incorporate these skills in the client engagement. This criterion also addressed the balance between technology consulting and business consulting. crucially. Q3 2012 4 ■ Current offering. network. and. To score highly. Providers’ capacity to communicate with business stakeholders and sponsors was essential. Forrester analyzed the number of consultants who could be considered dedicated to technology-enabled business transformation. Forrester Research. providers needed to demonstrate mature management consulting expertise. ■ Market presence. Reproduction Prohibited July 19. 2012 . We evaluated the transformation capability of vendors. Internal knowledge management (KM). and hard drive? How does the organizational change management practice integrate with all other practices within the vendor’s organization? What specific methodologies does the vendor apply to help clients transform their businesses? What are the vendor’s methodologies for change management relating to culture change. we assessed the ability of providers to align IT transformation strategy with key business objectives. The maturity of the providers’ change management skills. incentives. Client references and the ability of the provider to utilize core methodologies and tools were also evaluated.For SourCiNG & VeNDor MaNaGemeNt ProfessioNaLs The Forrester Wave™: Business Technology Transformation. To evaluate strategy. retention. Inc. reuse. and collaboration platform Organizational change management (OCM) capability and integration Methodology Change management methodologies Metrics and benchmarking The balance between technology consulting and business consulting revenues © 2012. as well as the number of purely technology-focused consultants who could be leveraged for technology-enabled business transformation. Figure 1 Assessment Criteria For Evaluated Vendors Evaluation criteria Current offering Tools Criteria explanation What tools or engagement aids (custom-made or off-the-shelf ) does the vendor use to optimize its ability to deliver business transformation consulting services? Does the vendor have one? What is it? How robust is it? How does the vendor ensure that its ability to leverage knowledge and IP is not just related to an individual consultant’s own Rolodex. were key indicators as to whether the provider was really engaging in a “transformation” project or a point.

and which ones is the vendor focused on developing over the next one to five years? How is the vendor’s business transformation consulting practice organized. Forrester Research. Reproduction Prohibited July 19. 2012 . and to whom does it report? Are there subpractices in different business units? How big is the vendor’s organizational change management practice? What does the vendor do in a presales or early engagement to align IT transformation strategy with key business objectives? What are the credentials and track record of the consultants that run the business transformation practice(s)? How many years of experience do the consultants in the vendor’s business transformation practice have? Consulting engagements Vertical focus and capability Business organization Organizational change practice Business alignment Management credentials Employee background Market presence Number of consultants How many consultants across the company are dedicated to technology-enabled business transformation. Q3 2012 5 Figure 1 Assessment Criteria For Evaluated Vendors (Cont. Inc. Inc. and how many of those pure technology consultants can be leveraged for technology-enabled business transformations? Source: Forrester Research.For SourCiNG & VeNDor MaNaGemeNt ProfessioNaLs The Forrester Wave™: Business Technology Transformation.) Evaluation criteria Strategy Vendor’s vision Criteria explanation What are the vendor’s business transformation imperatives today? How does the vendor help companies transform themselves? What are the most important aspects of such engagements? How does the vendor articulate and sell a technology-enabled business transformation engagement? What offerings does the vendor have that fall into this category? How many verticals does the vendor offer technology-enabled business transformation services? What are they. © 2012.

The key was that these projects should include a business or business process consulting phase as well as a technology implementation phase. These three vendors have the ability to drive large-scale wholesale transformation engagements. © 2012. IBM. Accenture. 2012 . Cognizant. and Wipro. From a similarity perspective. Although these vendors scored in the same segment. ■ At least three references and two case studies that highlight its technology-enabled business transformation capability. DElOIttE. KPMG. ■ Recent investments in developing or augmenting its technology-enabled business transformation capability. KPMG. These three companies stood out from the rest because of their deep vertical and business consulting capabilities combined with very strong technological competency.For SourCiNG & VeNDor MaNaGemeNt ProfessioNaLs The Forrester Wave™: Business Technology Transformation. HP. Inc. Reproduction Prohibited July 19. We encourage readers to view detailed product evaluations and adapt the criteria weightings to fit their individual needs through the Forrester Wave Excel-based vendor comparison tool. PwC. Infosys. Both HP and TCS clearly demonstrated their technological expertise and will be considered by companies looking for more technology-led transformation engagements. and Wipro offer competitive options. they lagged in the depth and breadth of their technical competence or their business consulting competence — meaning they have not yet achieved the optimal blend of technology and business capability. IBM. ■ Vendors Cognizant. Infosys. Forrester Research. AND PWc lEAD tHE PAcK The evaluation uncovered a market in which (see Figure 2): ■ Vendors Deloitte. However. they are each quite different in terms of their capabilities. ■ A technology-enabled business transformation or equivalent methodology. TCS. combining technology and business. Deloitte. each had very strong client references and could demonstrate leadership in specific areas. Q3 2012 6 Providers Have A Portfolio Of Tech-Enabled Business Transformation Projects Forrester included 10 vendors in the assessment: Accenture. Each of these vendors has: ■ A portfolio of representative technology-enabled business transformation projects for enterprise class clients. This evaluation of the business technology transformation market is intended to be a starting point only. AccENtUrE. and PwC lead the pack. ■ Vendors HP and TCS perform strongly in technology engagements.

feature comparisons. Q3 ’12 Risky Bets Strong Contenders Strong Performers Leaders Deloitte Accenture Wipro IBM Cognizant KPMG TCS Current offering HP Infosys PwC Go online to download the Forrester Wave tool for more detailed product evaluations. Inc. Forrester Research.For SourCiNG & VeNDor MaNaGemeNt ProfessioNaLs The Forrester Wave™: Business Technology Transformation. Reproduction Prohibited July 19. Market presence Weak Weak Full vendor participation Strategy Strong Source: Forrester Research. and customizable rankings. 2012 . © 2012. Inc. Q3 2012 7 Figure 2 Forrester Wave™: Business Technology Transformation.

60 2.00 4.00 2.00 5.28 3.00 4.00 3.00 3.00 5.00 5.00 3.00 2.00 3.00 3.00 2.00 3.00 3.00 5.00 3.00 5.90 5.00 2.70 3.00 3.00 2.00 5. All scores are based on a scale of 0 (weak) to 5 (strong).00 4.00 5.00 5.00 4.00 3.00 5.00 5.00 Source: Forrester Research.00 5. and implementing state-of-the-art technology.00 5.85 2.00 5.00 2.00 3.00 3. vENDOR PROFILES Leaders Have Business And Technology Acumen ■ Deloitte. Deloitte clearly understands the intersection of technology and business.00 4. reuse.00 3.00 5.00 5.00 2.00 4.00 5.00 3.00 3.00 5.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 5.00 3.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5. Reproduction Prohibited July 19.00 2.00 5.00 3.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 4.20 3.00 4.For SourCiNG & VeNDor MaNaGemeNt ProfessioNaLs The Forrester Wave™: Business Technology Transformation.00 3.00 2.00 3.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 5.00 4.00 5.15 5.00 4.00 2.00 5. Inc.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 2.00 4.80 3.00 3.00 3.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 5.50 2.65 4.00 5.00 4.00 5.00 3.00 5.70 3.00 3.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 4.00 4.00 2.00 1.00 2.00 5.00 5.00 2.00 5.20 4. 2012 Wipro PwC IBM TCS HP .00 3.00 5.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 4.00 3.00 5.00 3.00 5.00 3.00 2.00 5.10 5.00 5.00 5.00 4.00 2.00 4.00 5. and collaboration platform Organizational change management (OCM) capability and integration Methodology Change management methodologies Metrics and benchmarking The balance between technology consulting and business consulting revenues Client references Case studies STRATEGY Vendor’s vision Consulting engagements Vertical focus and capability Business organization Organizational change practice Business alignment Management credentials Employee background MARKET PRESENCE Number of consultants 50% 5% 10% 4.00 2.15 3.00 5.00 2.00 5.00 3.00 3. Q3 ’12 (Cont.00 5.00 3.00 2.00 3.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 5. Its client references were among the best we received.00 5. Q3 2012 8 Figure 2 Forrester Wave™: Business Technology Transformation.00 2.00 3.00 4.) Forrester’s Weighting Cognizant Accenture Deloitte Infosys KPMG CURRENT OFFERING Tools Internal knowledge management (KM).00 3.10 5.00 2.00 5.00 5. future flexible architectures.00 30% 15% 50% 20% 10% 15% 15% 10% 10% 10% 10% 0% 100% 4.00 3.00 2.00 4.00 3.85 4.00 5.00 5.30 4.00 3.00 10% 5.00 5% 5% 5% 15% 5.00 3.00 5.00 2.00 5.90 5.00 4.00 3.00 5. with one project incorporating current and future business needs.00 4.00 2.00 5. The © 2012.00 5.00 5. Inc.00 5.00 3.00 4.00 4.00 3.00 5.00 5.00 3.00 3. Forrester Research.00 4.00 5.00 4.00 5.50 5.

Reproduction Prohibited July 19. and a detailed implementation road map that it can either implement on its own and/or with partners. indicating the seriousness with which Wipro is approaching the consulting services market. a target operating model. its consultants are able to deal with both the technology and business stakeholders. Wipro Consulting Services (WCS) uses its “design with a purpose” approach to provide clients with an integrated team incorporating customer insight. since the end of its non-compete with IBM. Q3 2012 9 depth of its capabilities surprised even Forrester. business case. PwC realizes that deep technology expertise is absolutely required for business transformation. works across IBM’s Global Business Services organization to integrate business consulting capabilities. IBM’s client partner leaders are really the key to its success with its large-scale clients. PwC. it is more focused on the technology transformation aspects of engagements as opposed to the business process consulting aspects. process design. has worked hard to develop. Forrester Research. Clearly the importance of the business decision-maker and stakeholder in business transformation projects gives the more historically business-focused consulting firms a leg up. though IBM points to its Business Analytics Optimization and Smarter Commerce services as evidence of its increasing business focus. ■ Wipro. ■ PwC. IBM has an excellent vision for technology-enabled business transformation.For SourCiNG & VeNDor MaNaGemeNt ProfessioNaLs The Forrester Wave™: Business Technology Transformation. ■ IBM. Wipro is the most advanced in terms of its approach and its vision for transformational consulting. Accenture has outstanding knowledge management capability. its technological capabilities to be on par with its excellent business consulting capabilities. and Accenture consultants view the reusable methods and IP and processes as the critical success factor in their everyday activities. it is not surprising that technology and technology service consulting overshadow its business consulting expertise.1 From the perspective of the pure-play Indian vendors. not just a discrete group within Accenture. Accenture’s breadth and depth of offerings and its technology and business process expertise placed it firmly in the Leader category. 2012 . Its ability to leverage institutional assets and knowledge allows Accenture more time and flexibility to innovate on behalf of its clients. Clearly. ■ Accenture. IBM’s Strategy & Transformation practice. Thus. BearingPoint’s North American entity. and PRTM). which has doubled in size in the past two years. Deloitte’s approach to this practice area highlights its exemplary understanding of Fortune 500 business and technology needs. While WCS is currently relatively small in comparison with the rest of Wipro. Given the depth and breadth of IBM’s technology capability. In addition. both organically and inorganically (via acquisitions of Diamond Consulting. since Deloitte’s brand is so much more clearly identified with its advisory services. Inc. however. Reference feedback and consulting examples all underscored the importance of the client partner’s input and influence on making projects successful. © 2012. it does report directly to Wipro’s CEO. Accenture believes that business transformation is the goal of the entire organization. In addition. its knowledge capture and management capabilities and its change management approach are outstanding.

such as its groundbreaking transformational consulting work with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA21) in India. and some of the bleeding-edge tools that TCS has developed to support consulting engagements will set up the consulting group for success as it matures. TCS has some strong reference examples. TCS clearly has significant strengths and is doing state-of-the-art consulting work. Clearly. In addition. Coming from a strong technology heritage. and this issue is exacerbated by the fact that not all practitioners use a common knowledge management tool set. it has a very strong vision. For example. Infosys has worked hard to shift its focus to look more extensively at business consulting. Its technical capability — from a size and variety standpoint — is small. ensuring consistency and integration across engagements. Cognizant Business Consulting has grown rapidly in recent years. there are still challenges in the collaboration between the two groups. TCS has some work to do with regard to formulating a North American consulting strategy so that success is not dependent on individual client partners or relationships. However.” and this is reflected by its greater strength in business consulting than in technology. two of the projects reviewed were more technology-centric than business-consulting-centric and were described as such by the delighted reference customers who were technology or technology-product executives as opposed to business executives. Forrester Research. TCS consulting partners in North America are top-notch. It utilizes its proprietary Value Delivery Framework (VDF) when delivering transformation services. © 2012. while all three of Infosys’ references were delighted with Infosys’ capability. KPMG has outstanding program management capabilities that allow it to work effectively with technology providers that implement the strategy KPMG consultants develop. KPMG’s strong suit is definitely the strategy and business consulting required at the beginning of a technology-enabled business transformation engagement.For SourCiNG & VeNDor MaNaGemeNt ProfessioNaLs The Forrester Wave™: Business Technology Transformation. Cognizant is the company to watch in this space in 2012 and 2013. given the lack of integrated consulting strategy in North America. It supports its knowledge management capabilities with 50 full-time professionals responsible for the upkeep and utilization of its knowledge management repository. it did not have quite the same level of depth and maturity with regard to its tools and methodologies as some of its competitors. KPMG describes itself as a “business integrator” as opposed to a “systems integrator. Although Infosys has integrated its former Infosys Consulting team with the larger enterprise applications consulting practice. In pockets. It has made significant investments in tools and engagement aids that can now match those of longer-established consulting firms such as Deloitte or Accenture. But perhaps because of its very fast growth rate. ■ KPMG. Nonetheless. 2012 . the focus of its consulting projects is much more technology-centric relative to the other players. Reproduction Prohibited July 19. Inc. ■ Infosys. its client references were superb — both on the business and technology side — and it is clear that it deeply understands technology-enabled business transformation. Strong Performers Have Specific Strengths ■ TCS. while Infosys has the business process consulting heavyweights within its ranks. Q3 2012 10 ■ Cognizant.

2012 . and vendor and expert interviews.For SourCiNG & VeNDor MaNaGemeNt ProfessioNaLs The Forrester Wave™: Business Technology Transformation. Inc. Forrester Research. user need assessments. we develop the initial evaluation criteria. From that initial pool of vendors. and its quality management and ITSM tools will help optimize IT. SUPPlEmENtAl MATERIAL Online Resource The online version of Figure 2 is an Excel-based vendor comparison tool that provides detailed product evaluations and customizable rankings. Once we analyzed the completed vendor surveys. and 3) Forrester client demand. 2) customer success. However. HP knew that it might struggle to compete with some of the consulting stalwarts participating in this Forrester Wave given its deep focus on technology. HP will need to make some inorganic investments to compete. © 2012. Forrester also conducted reference calls with three of each vendor’s current customers. Q3 2012 11 Contenders Have A Strong Technology Focus ■ HP. To evaluate the vendors and their products against our set of criteria. We choose these vendors based on: 1) product fit. From a business innovation or business transformation standpoint. To validate product and vendor qualifications. ■ Customer reference calls. HP views this as an opportunity. And what we found is that HP has a strong technology transformation vision and would be a prime vendor of choice for clients looking for technology rationalization and implementation. but with its new focus on improving its business consulting capability. We eliminate vendors that have limited customer references and products that don’t fit the scope of our evaluation. Reproduction Prohibited July 19. Forrester surveyed vendors on their capabilities as they relate to the evaluation criteria. The Forrester Wave Methodology We conduct primary research to develop a list of vendors that meet our criteria to be evaluated in this market. It has a strong set of tools for technology analysis. we then narrow our final list. Its focus is definitely on modernization and optimization of technology assets as a means to improve IT’s efficiency and effectiveness. After examining past research. Data Sources Used In This Forrester Wave Forrester used a combination of two data sources to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each solution: ■ Vendor surveys. it still has a way to go in terms of growing its business consulting capability and integrating that capability into the larger HP enterprise services group. we conducted vendor calls where necessary to gather details of vendor qualifications.

and/or discussions with client references. Inc. We send evaluations to the vendors for their review. strategy. See the August 30. and we adjust the evaluations to provide the most accurate view of vendor offerings and strategies. Forrester Research. These default weightings are intended only as a starting point. demos. Q3 2012 12 we gather details of product qualifications through a combination of lab evaluations. We set default weightings to reflect our analysis of the needs of large user companies — and/or other scenarios as outlined in the Forrester Wave document — and then score the vendors based on a clearly defined scale. Reproduction Prohibited July 19. 2011. questionnaires. Forrester intends to update vendor evaluations regularly as product capabilities and vendor strategies evolve. ENDNOtES 1 Forrester analyzed the newly revamped WCS in August 2011 and the investments it was making in order to differentiate itself both from its traditional Indian pure-play competition and the classic management consulting firms. The final scores generate the graphical depiction of the market based on current offering. and market presence. 2012 . and we encourage readers to adapt the weightings to fit their individual needs through the Excel-based tool.For SourCiNG & VeNDor MaNaGemeNt ProfessioNaLs The Forrester Wave™: Business Technology Transformation. “Wipro Consulting Services: Can Wipro Finally Crack The Code?” report. © 2012.

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