The project Data acquisition and tracking systems for cars is designed mainly for Transport Industries where control over the car is required to be enhanced. It can establish control over all the cars owned by the industry in case of any untoward event and also to track the travel which the car is performing. It can, thus, detect any intentional or unintentional fraudulent malfunction got developed by system failure or by the driver himself. The project uses DA !Data Acquisition ystem" for storing the parameters, #$ !#lobal $ositioning ystem" for navigation. Determining the position of vehicles on the road by using #$ technology is the key information to help the car owner to trace out the particular vehicle. Thus, robust and reliable vehicle detection and tracking are the basic steps in these systems. #enerally #$ module is planted on the top of the car near wind shield. The DA !Data Acquisition ystem" can be called as %D& ' %vent Data &ecorder ( which resembles a black bo) unit in aero planes. This device is implemented for usage in all types of cars used in the road transportation through which parametric information can be utili*ed in critical cases. The data recorded in the device can be used for further investigation if any. %D& is planted in between dashboard and the bonnet or the section which can be considered as a minimum damage area. PROBLEM STATEMENT: To design and develop a A&+ microcontroller based data logging and #$ tracking system for motor cars by application of sensors for Alcohol test, ,ollision Detection, &$+ test, Temperature test, &ain Detection, +ist Detection.

OBJECTIVES: • &eal time data logging by using various sensors foro o passive safety. DESIGN AND ALGORITHM 3.1 BLOCK DIAGRAM . tracking of .ehicle and further investigation if required.

6" If result of the test happens to be positive then ignition will be T0&1%D 277 till the time level reduces below the threshold and switch on the alarm for 3 mins 4 engine will be turned off after 3 mins. . mining sectors. speed. >" If distance key is pressed by the driver for first time then send the odometer reading with the suffi) ? <!source". 7uel level sensor. . 8" If test result seems to be negative then engine can be T0&1%D 21." If the owner requests to know the location of the particular vehicle by entering the unique ID which would be assigned to that vehicle<s # + module. 3" Turn on #$ 4# + modules 4 start logging of odometer. Temperature sensor.WORKING: /" TA&T condition for data logging parameters will occur when ignition will be T0&1%D 21. //" tore the travelled distance without passenger 4 with passenger in memory. 9" After turning on the ignition or engine the data logging will be started by &$+ sensor. 3" It will be also helpful military applications such as solder tracking army and for sub' marine applications. then the # + transmitter will send the co'ordinates of latitude and longitude acquiring through #$ receiver. !In both 277=21 case of ignition". APPLICATIONS : /" 1avigation system from this project will be mainly beneficial for public transport industries for fleet management and also in marine. 5" Alcohol test will be carried out continuously. /@" After travelling the desired distance if the key is pressed by driver for second time then send the odometer reading with the suffi) ?D<!Destination". . :" If any collision occurs then message will be transmitted to the 2wner along with positional co'ordinates to trace out the location of the accident.

6" .apturing position and status found in country side and making decisions supported by geographical analysis.5" Data acquisition system helps for further parametric analysis in some critical cases like accidents. . theft like situations.