Android-based universal vehicle diagnostic and tracking system

A Smartphone is a mobile phone built on a mobile operating system, with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than a feature phone. The first smart phones combined the functions of a personal digital assistant (P A! with a mobile phone. Later models added the functionality of portable media players, low-end compact digital cameras, pocket video cameras, and GPS navigation units to form one multi-use device. odern smart phones also include high-resolution touch screens and web browsers that display standard web pages as well as mobile-optimi!ed sites. "igh-speed data access is provided by #i-$i and obile %roadband. "ur aim is to design a #ull fledge user friendly application using smart phone application for user information. $he system %ill consist of & parts as follo%s. '! Process unit in car &! (onitoring unit $he Process unit will consist of micro controller, different sensor inputs given to micro controller, L&' to see the sensor readings. %luetooth module is used to read the data from controller. $he (onitoring unit will consist of Smart Phone %ith )luetooth module. (eadings will continuously display on smart phone. This system aims to provide a low-cost means of monitoring a vehicle)s performance and tracking by communicating the obtained data to a mobile device via %luetooth. Then the results can be viewed by the user to monitor fuel consumption and other vital vehicle electromechanical parameters. 'ata can also be sent to the vehicle)s maintenance department which may be used to detect and predict faults in the vehicle. This is done by collecting live readings from the engine control unit *+&,- utili!ing the vehicle)s built in on-board diagnostics system *.%'-. /n electronic hardware unit is built to carry-out the interface between the vehicle)s .%' system and a %luetooth module, which in part communicates with an /ndroid-based mobile device. The mobile device is capable of transmitting data to a server using cellular internet connection. 0n today1s world where science has made ama!ing advances so have the recent cars. These cars are more advanced than ever. They have more speed, state of the art engines and are very closely to these reasons there is a need to adapt a device which can continuously monitor all the various parameters of car. #e have design such a system which, in case of accident will records all the parameters and also help us to prevent any accident to happen in certain e2tends. The pro3ect is developed to record informational data, such as4 speed of vehicle, temperature of the engine *56 seconds before-, etc. to revolutioni!e the field of motor vehicle accident investigation. 0t can also use for vehicle mapping and accident alert with the help of GPS and GS

speed etc. instead of a general-purpose microprocessor.-$: . speed measurement.> S?ST+ @ because there are many parts related to vehicles where fault may occur. /n embedded system contains at least one microprocessor which performs the logical operations for the system. The pro3ect is developed using /( AI( "# P*"+. whereas general-purpose microprocessors re7uire additional chips to provide these functions. )ASI. alcohol detection.ur aim is to design <&/( %L/&= %. location of car using Global Positioning System. /n embedded system can be defined as a control system or computer system designed to perform a specific task and also be defined as a single purpose computer. fuel leakage.P$: microcontroller. To recover from fault we re7uire various data for analysis. / typical microcontroller contains sufficient memory and interfaces for simple applications. which are a type of microprocessor that emphasi!es self-sufficiency and cost-effectiveness. . the timer in a microwave oven. an P5 player or any other device with some amount of intelligence built-in.sing GS dedicated mobile.-. a cell phone. /fter data ac7uisition we will send this data to internet or can be stored for further even though they might not necessarily be visible. technology the current detail of the car can be sent to a . any embedded systems use one or more microcontrollers.-". chip to store the software. including at least one (. Some of the embedded systems we use every day are control the menu system on television. engine temperature.89: This pro3ect includes features like fuel leakage detection. This pro3ect is designed with the help of +mbedded Technology. all the data is recorded on a smartcard. here in this pro3ect we are going to ac7uire data related to various parts of vehicles. So. such as temp of engine. +mbedded systems are playing important roles in our lives every day.

5. The pc unit has an on board C% sDw which graphically shows all the data to the analyst so that the reasons of crashDaccident can be understood better and 7uickly also send help to driver. 'ata ac7uisition mode. S S sending mode. obstacle. /fter the accident the Bc writes all the information on the Bc memory. and cabin temperature. GPS odule . 9. LPG gas leakage. the bu!!er will sound and gives an audio indication to the driver.The basic block diagram of the system is as shown in the fig. door and bonnet position. alcohol A accident sensors. 0f any of the parameter is found abnormal. engine temperature. This unit continuously scans for various parameters of car. /s soon as the accident is detected the Bc send massage command to GS modem to send GPS coordinates along with all parameters and accident detail. speed of vehicle. Total block diagram is divided into two modes. they are E. /ll the parameters are locally displayed on the L&' display fitted on the car dash board. 0t scans and stores the data such as fuel level.

accide nt. fuel.#ig.engine temp &ontroller emory (P . )lock iagram L&' LPG.obstacle 9 />95 %luetooth module memory .alcohol.

/lso it continuously displays the measured parameters. #'/SC is interfaced the P&. #ith this interfacing the stored data is transferred serially to P&. for the analysis Alcohol Sensor: /( -F microcontroller first reads the value of alcohol sensor if any alcohol is detected in the driver1s cabin.: 0n data ac7uisition mode /( -F microcontroller ac7uires and stores different parameter of car. 0t senses signals from input blocks and processes output blocks. (" . whether the door is opened or closed is sensed by door status block and gives the corresponding signal to microcontroller. according to which it provides the controlling actions. The main block of #ireless 'ata /c7uisition System for Cehicles is /( -F micro controller which is heart of the &/( %L/&= %. The software program is stored in /( -F microcontroller on chip memory. The (T& provides real time clock depending on which the various events occur. The speed of the vehicle is sensed by the speed sensor and this speed is measured in (P by /( -F microcontroller. then bu!!er on for indicate or alert to avoid an accident. .Smart Phone %ith )luetooth or A$A A-/0ISI$I". Through serial communication block the purpose. #henever accident takes place the accident interrupt block gives interrupt to the /( -F microcontroller. The status of door status i. The on chip /'& converts these parameters into digital form and gives to the /( -F microcontroller.> S?ST+ which provides monitoring and controlling actions. The L&' block is provided for visual display of the message and password.e. #ith the help of keyboard block the driver can enter the password along with cabin temperature.

0f any obstacle is observed. an optical sensor is used. $emperature: 0t continuously monitors the temperature of engine as well as cabin A sends its value to microcontroller. "bstacle: To detect any obstacle. 0f temperature of engine or cabin e2ceeds desire value then system alerts to driver. Speed of vehicle (*P(!: Speed of vehicle is measured on the basis of tachometer for this we use 0( sensor TLP E65E/. an audio indication is given by the bu!!er. %y using GPS we can send the help to the e2act location where the /ccident is happen. oor and )onnet: The door and bonnet status is checked with the help of limit switches. /ll these data is sent to the base unit via S S. #uel 1evel Indicator: $or fuel level indication float type fuel level indicator is used. an audio indication is given by the bu!!er. 2PS (odule 4 GPS is connected to the system for receiving the coordinates of the e2act location for the vehicle and send through the S S to the pre defined number. 0f any LPG gas leakage is detected then display the gas concentration on L&' and bu!!er on for indicate or alert the driver to avoid an accident.1P2 gas sensor: /( -F microcontroller also continuously scans for LPG gas leakage sensor. /s the level of fuel varies the resistance of fuel level indicator changes and corresponding value displayed on screen. The Bc uses <at@ commands to initiali!e the mobile and send the S S to the base unit. /s soon as the accident happens the corresponding accident switch is pressed as soon as the accident is detected. . The /( F microcontroller stores all this data on the ram memory. Accident s%itches: #e are connecting impact switches on to the e2terior of the car. 0f any of the door or bonnet is not closed properly.

(emote place data can be ac7uiesced.S(S S. Shows engine temperature.: '. e2pressP&% is use for &ircuit and P&% designing. The main blocks of this mode are microcontroller. ISA 4A.S: • • &ost of some sensor is very high such as vibration sensor 'amage of sensor cannot be detected. A 4A. GS module. APP1I-A$I". /s accident occurs to the car e7uipped with pre-recorded mobile number.2 (" . Personal vehicle: The main application of black bo2 is for personal vehicle use if any unfortunate accident had occurred to a vehicle fitted with black bo2 then immediate help can be provided to the victimi!ed car on receiving S S.: 0n this mode the #'/SC sends either S S or directly dials calls to pre-recorded #'/SC the accident interrupt block numbers. . 'etect if the driver is drunk or not.$A2. S-"P. generates an interrupt. Send location of car and its maintenance to base station through GPS A GS Sense gas A fuel leakage and display its status on car monitoring system. /naly!e the accidents detail.. mode interfacing unit and accident interrupt. 5 #0$0*.$A2. collision data and position data. I.S: • • • • • • • • Security of vehicle. GPS module. (ecord driving data.n receiving this interrupt microcontroller either sends S S or dials call to Soft%are used: & language is use for programming. . 3ard%are used: the /( -F microcontroller. techni7ue.

in =ashmir military vehicles can be fitted with car black bo2 so if militants had attacked or damaged the vehicle immediate S S is send to military based station and this ammunitions can be made save from wrong hands. The insurance company can easily analy!e the data recorded. 7. .&. Cs time. %ut if black bo2 is used the data can be made available for each and every second with very high accuracy. /nd they can find out whether the accident had made or insurance companies can implement this car black bo2 in the insured vehicle and as a data before and at the time of accident is locked into black bo2. (ilitary applications: ilitary vehicles carry ammunition from one place to other for e. 6. Insurance companies: ost of the times of accident are false .engine temp. /nd so the false claim is avoided. *esearch and development of vehicle: 0n testing the vehicle in ( and ' sent an engineers re7uired data at various speed and time. %ut this data is not available e2actly as it is not possible to measure the data for every second and to measure the number of parameters at the same time.g. %lack bo2 not only makes the data available but with the help of L/%C0+# software the data can be plotted in graphical form that is speed Cs time .