HP HP2-E50 Exam QUESTION NO: 1 What is NOT one of the benefits of a consultative style of selling for HP partner sales

reps? A. customer satisfaction B. customer loyalty and repeat business C. customer education D. quota achievement E. decreased time spent in the sales process Answer: D Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 2 What is an incorrect perception of a consultative selling approach? A. The sales process is accelerated. B. It requires the sales person to lead the customer through a discovery discussion. C. The sales process becomes long and arduous. D. It drives need-based discussions. Answer: C Reference:http://www.trainingindustry.com/uploadedFiles/ST/Executive_Toolkit/Intelligence_Cente r/Articles/Richardson_-_Defining_Consultative_Selling.pdf Explanation:ConsultativeSelling began to bemisunderstoodas a long, arduous sales process thatfocused on needs at theexpense of closing business.

QUESTION NO: 3 What is a critical emphasis of consultative selling? A. selling beyond what the customer wants to what they need B. exploring all aspects of the customer’s business so sales can make the mostinformed recommendation C. using questioning techniques so the customer will be able to determine their own needs D. meeting all customer requests for products and/or services Answer: C Explanation:

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Critical Advantage D. Mission Critical Partnership B..e.sharedvue. access to HP’s Global Mission Critical Solution Center through PriorityRecovery "Pass Any Exam. an assigned Account Support Manager C.) A. assigned Account Support Manager B. flexible pricing through the purchase of service credits Answer: D Explanation: QUESTION NO: 5 Which Mission Critical Service is NOT available as an HP Care Pack? A. 4) QUESTION NO: 6 Which deliverables are unique to Critical Advantage as compared to Critical Service? (Select two.net%2Fsharedvue%2Fresources%2F%3Frl%3Dts-networking-servicespresentation%26pid%3D76%26sid%3D%26lcid%3D&ei=wQz9Tu64MI_qOdXuxKgF&usg=AFQjC NHObZlvmWZ-VOAPGv22sUn2btj3sw(slide no. Any Time. virtual and physical technology review which recommends the Proactive Select servicesdesignedto address virtualized bladed and rack mounted environments D. i. 24x7 on-siteresponsesor 13x5 on-site response B.google.pk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=mission%20critical%20service%20availabl e%20as%20an%20hp%20care%20pack&source=web&cd=5&ved=0CDgQFjAE&url=http%3A%2F %2Fhp. Proactive24 E.100% Guarantee 3 . choice of hardware support. Critical Service C." . reactive support D.com. selectable and scalable proactive services and solutions C.HP HP2-E50 Exam QUESTION NO: 4 Which deliverable is NOT included with Proactive Select? A. Proactive Select Answer: C Reference:http://www. 6 hour call-to-repair.

) A.100% Guarantee 4 . 30 Proactive Select credits D. annual System Health check Answer: C. Mission Critical Partnership C. semi-annual OS patching/hot fix analysis and management E. semi-annual hardware firmware analysis and management F. Critical Service. Proactive24. Any Time. semi-annual Support Planning Reviews delivered by the Account SupportManager (ASM) B." . and Mission Critical Partnership C. quarterly Support Activity Review delivered by the Remote Support AccountAdvocate(RSAA) C. access to HP’s Global Mission Critical Solution Centre through PriorityRecovery G. Critical Advantage and Proactive Select "Pass Any Exam.html(check the table) QUESTION NO: 7 Which Mission Critical Service(s) are available as a contract? A.blogs.HP HP2-E50 Exam Answer: C Reference:http://ideasint.F Explanation: QUESTION NO: 9 Which services have been designed by HP to primarily support Business Critical Server (BCS) environments? A. Critical Service. Proactive24. Critical Service.com/ideasinsights/2011/02/hp-looks-for-critical-advantage-insupport-services. Proactive Select. Critical Advantage. andMission Critical Partnership Answer: A Explanation: QUESTION NO: 8 Which deliverables is NOT part of Proactive24? (Select two. Only Proactive Select B. and Mission Critical Partnership D. Critical Advantage. Proactive Select B.

Mission Critical Hardware Specialist (MCHS). a business that is moving from a peer-to-peer networkto their first server.HP HP2-E50 Exam D.100% Guarantee 5 . Mission Critical Partnership and Critical Service E.based ITenvironment B. Mission Critical Partnership. MCHS.www2. and Proactive 24 Answer: E Reference:http://h20195.aspx/5981-6231EEW. and RSAA C. MCHS.com/V2/GetPDF.pdf(page 1 and 2) QUESTION NO: 10 What is the Customer Support Team roles assigned to Critical Advantage and Critical Service customers? A. only after completion of an IT to Business Alignment workshop D. only after review by an HP Support Solution Architect (SSA) C. ASM. and Business Critical Consultant (BCC) B. BCC.hp. second bulleted point) QUESTION NO: 11 When can Mission Critical Technical Services (MC TS) be sold to a target customer? A. Critical Service. and BCC Answer: B Reference:http://h20195. a business that is managing a distributed IT environment with in-house ITstaff "Pass Any Exam. ASM.pdf(page 3.aspx/c02717173. anytime Answer: C Explanation: QUESTION NO: 12 Which customer profile is a good target for an IT to Business Alignment workshop? A.com/V2/GetPDF. and Support Contract Administrator (SCA) D. ASM.www2. Remote Support Account Advocate (RSAA)." . Account Support Manager (ASM). Any Time. within 90 days of the installation of the hardware B.hp. MCHS.

Any Time. 3 . a detailed understanding of the MC portfolio and deliverables C. clarification of the business impactif key IT services are unavailable B." . 2 hours C. a quick snapshot of the customer’s IT Service Management process maturity Answer: A. MCS Cost of Downtime Tool "Pass Any Exam.C. a business thatis virtualizing their existing IT infrastructure Answer: B Explanation: QUESTION NO: 13 What are the benefits for the customer of taking part in an IT to Business Alignment Workshop? (Select three. one full day Answer: D Explanation: QUESTION NO: 15 What tools are available to assist with demonstrating the financial benefits of the customer purchasing an MC support solution from HP? (Select two.HP HP2-E50 Exam C.) A.4 hours D. 1 hour B. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Tool B.) A. clarification on whether the IT organization could be outsourced E. a better understanding of how a specific MC support service will mitigate anyIT risks D. a detailed review of the customer’s IT Service Management process maturity F. a business thatis trying to control IT costs and wants access to technology expertise D. ideally. how much time should you ask them to allow for the meeting? A.E Explanation: QUESTION NO: 14 Once you assess the customer's readiness for an IT to Business Alignment workshop.100% Guarantee 6 .

C. Clarify all of the customer critical applications and the corresponding technology. services. Answer: D Explanation: QUESTION NO: 17 Apart from the ITSM snapshot. F. B. Analyze the existing infrastructure for any single points of failure to improve service levels. the service levels required forany critical IT. Estimate the potential ROI using the industry data in the HP Mission CriticalROI tool. must be discussed with the customer during an IT to Business Alignment Workshop? (Select four.HP HP2-E50 Exam C. MCP/CS/CA/P24 Quoting Tool E. Any Time. G. Care Pack Product Selector Answer: A. Answer: C.100% Guarantee 7 . Provide an overviewof the entire HP MC portfolio. Research the customer specifically and their industry in general to better understand their business. E. Align and position a specific HP MC support service to meet required service levels.C Explanation: QUESTION NO: 16 What is the most important activity to complete in preparing for an IT to Business Alignment workshop? A. Estimate the potential impact of system failures using the Cost of Downtime tool. Research the customer’s service call history to determine what problemsthey have had in the past. what are the topics that. C. D. Make recommendations on what application options would meet customer requirements D.H Explanation: QUESTION NO: 18 From an HP/Partner perspective.) A. at a minimum. H. Gain an understanding of the business impact of critical services being unavailable. B. Discuss and possibly define (at a high-level). MCS Return on Investment (ROI) Tool D. Provide detailed MC support pricing options for the proposed solution.E." .D. what is NOT a main goal of the IT to Business Alignment "Pass Any Exam.

"Pass Any Exam. to align and appropriately recommend HP support services to meet customer requirements B. It is an approach to defining/clarifying service level requirements after infrastructure has been purchased. to understand whether a customer’s IT is delivering the appropriate servicelevels to meet business requirements D. Any Time. ITSM maturity. The customer should have the same maturity level of Technology andSupport Partnerships. D. B. to provide a quick snapshot of the customer’s IT Service Managementprocess maturity Answer: B Explanation: QUESTION NO: 19 What are the key elements of HP’s “3 pillar approach” to meeting customer business requirements/service levels? A. C. ITIL v3 maturity needs to match the service levels required and investment in technology." .HP HP2-E50 Exam Workshop? A. Demonstrate that the same level of Support Partnerships. to provide the customer guidance on what IT infrastructure they should buy from HP C. Answer: D Explanation: QUESTION NO: 20 DRAG DROP Place the question types in their proper order for a consultative sales call. and technology investment are required.100% Guarantee 8 .

Uncovering Problems C.pk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=consultative%20sales%20call%20question s%20needs%20identification%20commitment%20verification&source=web&cd=7&ved=0CEkQFjA G&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.aspx%3Ffileticket%3D4PENmsZTiOo%253D %26tabid%3D432%26mid%3D1589&ei=Zdr9ToLwE8P04QSuwb2NCA&usg=AFQjCNEANxCApiMxv9SULYwuGjbIyoLvg(slide 6 and 7) QUESTION NO: 21 What is the deepest of the levels of needs identification questions? A.edu%2FLinkClick.100% Guarantee 9 .google. Any Time." .png Reference:http://www. Collecting the Facts B. Determining Accountability D.neo. Understanding the Implication Answer: D Explanation: QUESTION NO: 22 "Pass Any Exam.com.HP HP2-E50 Exam Answer: Explanation: Macintosh HD:Users:iMac:Desktop:Untitled-1.

" . Which response is most likely to indicate an opportunity for HP Mission Critical Technical Services? A. customer support Answer: C Explanation: QUESTION NO: 23 What are the main goals of any IT department in mitigating the potential risks of downtime to business critical IT services? (Select two. and loss of revenue D. at a minimum. new IT service provisioning D. disasters or security breaches) B. loss of revenue and any damaged financial performance B.g.100% Guarantee 10 .E Explanation: QUESTION NO: 24 When evaluating the cost of downtime for a customer’s critical applications. and financial performance Answer: D Explanation: "Pass Any Exam. any damaged reputation. to plan against risks where IT has limited control (e. to ensure support contract exists with either the partner or HP. loss of employee productivity. loss of revenue and employee productivity C. to ensure easy and quick access to spare parts to ensure fast fix times C. from a financial perspective? A. payroll B. any damaged reputation.HP HP2-E50 Exam You have asked a customer about their critical business processes that are supported by IT services. to ensure that all critical IT serviceinfrastructureshas either software or hardware clustering D. and they will fix the problem Answer: D.. software and application failures E. what should you aim to clarify with the customer. customer satisfaction. loss of employee productivity.) A. to proactively plan against unplanned events such as hardware. Any Time. supply chain planning C.

RTO and CTO D. RPO B. vendor involvement and support Answer: C Explanation: QUESTION NO: 27 What is the term used to describe a customer’s target for allowable data loss in the event of infrastructure failure? A." . Restoration Point Objective B. Recovery Point Objective D. storage. Required Point Objective Answer: C Reference:http://www. RPO. MTO. servers. RTO and CTO Answer: B Explanation: QUESTION NO: 26 You have asked a customer to outline their current IT environment. and network B. Which characteristic is least likely to be relevant in assessing an opportunity for HP Mission Critical Technical Services? A.itilexam.HP HP2-E50 Exam QUESTION NO: 25 According to ITIL best practice.html QUESTION NO: 28 "Pass Any Exam. hardware and application clustering C. the number of users D. what industry standard parameters need to be defined by the customer prior to any investment made in designing and building any new IT service? A. RTO and RPO C.net/Recovery-Point-Objective-RPO_459. Any Time.100% Guarantee 11 . Repair Point Objective C.

Fully aligned IT services actively support business requirements. data de-duplication C. IT services are cost efficient. B. IT services should also be an enabler for new business opportunities. Recovery Time Objective B. Restoration Time Objective C. C. D. backup and recovery planning Answer: A Explanation: QUESTION NO: 29 What is the term used to describe a customer’s target for resolving any hardware or software incidents in the event of a failure? A.HP HP2-E50 Exam You have asked a customer about their IT strategy and current IT initiatives. E. Any Time. system fail-over provisioning D.wikipedia. IT services are highly available and of high quality. Tolerable Recovery Objective Answer: B Reference:http://en. IT services can be designed prior to clarifying business requirements. Which response is most likely to indicate an opportunity for HP Mission Critical Technical Services? A. server virtualization B. Answer: E Explanation: "Pass Any Exam.100% Guarantee 12 .org/wiki/Recovery_time_objective QUESTION NO: 30 Which high-level statement is NOT true regarding the role of a good IT department working in partnership with their business? A." . Tolerable Outage Objective D.

An overall framework or architecture for measurement ensures a standard approach is used for the measurement of end-to-end services. there should be agreed metrics for the end-to-end availability and performance of all services and an agreed. D.100% Guarantee 13 . which is done as part of the IT to Business Alignment workshop? A.. to uncover any consulting opportunities for detailed ITSM organizational design B. or measurement is of technology components only. transaction volume.tarrani. C. Data is collected on a regular basis and made available when required. reliable. to validate whether the customer has adopted an ITSM method D. to be better able to position ITSM related MC support deliverables Answer: B Explanation: QUESTION NO: 32 Based on an evaluation of your customer’s Service Measurement and Reporting aspect of their ITSM maturity under the area of Continual Improvement and Automation." . Any Time. to provide a detailed view on the customer’s IT Service Managementmaturity C. There is regular data collection of the workload of each service (e.HP HP2-E50 Exam QUESTION NO: 31 What is the main aim of the ITSM snapshot. they should have adopted a recognized service management method such as ITIL. No metrics exist. B. resource utilization).g. Collected data is compared against agreed KPIs and trend analysis is carried out to identify potential issues and opportunities for improvement. Agreed metrics exist for the end-to-end availability and performance of each critical service.com/pix/ITSMMaturityModel_v3. Answer: B Reference:http://www. Agreed metrics exist for all services. Which finding would score a “3” on this evaluation? A.PDF(service continuity management) QUESTION NO: 33 Based on an evaluation of the customer’s Governance and Strategy aspect of their ITSM maturity. and repeatable method or tool to collect data. Which finding would score a “4” on the evaluation? "Pass Any Exam.

proof of concept.) exists. innovate. Someone is responsible for obtaining. Revision levels are generally maintained according to vendor's recommendations. Maintenance activities are generally reactive after a failure.HP HP2-E50 Exam A. routine maintenance activities and schedules should be defined and implemented. monthly etc. reviewing. requirements gathering. B.. Any Time. Answer: D Reference:http://www.tarrani. D. firmware revisions. do. implement.com/pix/ITSMMaturityModel_v3. check. and implementation B.PDF(service level management)``` QUESTION NO: 34 Based on an evaluation of your customer’s Technology and Operation aspect of their ITSM maturity with respect to technical management. Common maintenance work instructions are documented. service definition. A list of required activities and frequency (daily. underpinned by change management D.release andsupport. and implementing proactive advice from the vendor e. Which finding would score a “1” in this evaluation? A. design. B.100% Guarantee 14 ." . Answer: C Explanation: QUESTION NO: 35 What are the key lifecycle stages for reliable IT service delivery? A. C. Proactive work is carried out by the vendor as part of a service contract. development. and improve C. D. C. configuration advice. plan. Senior IT and Business Management support the ITSM method implementation and a manager is responsible for it. investigate. A single service management method has been adopted throughout the ITorganization.g. No service management method has been used or multiple methods have been used that are not coordinated. and act Answer: A Explanation: "Pass Any Exam. All aspects of the chosen ITSM method have been adopted as appropriate and Governance is in place to ensure consistency.

Contact your HP support specialist or services PBMs with the identified customer needs so they can complete the proposal on your behalf. C.100% Guarantee 15 . "Pass Any Exam. but is easier to sell.HP HP2-E50 Exam QUESTION NO: 36 On the IT to Business Alignment continuum. Select the highest MC TS support offering that has deliverables that meet allof the customer’s needs. Choose any of the MC TS supportofferings thatinclude a call-to-repair commitment. how should you begin positioning your recommendations? A. Proactive24 plus 6 hour Call-to-Repair B.com/ideasinsights/2011/02/hp-looks-for-critical-advantage-insupport-services. Mission Critical Partnership. including timelines. Critical Service or Critical Advantage Answer: D Reference:http://ideasint. Answer: D Explanation: QUESTION NO: 38 What should you do to successfully close the sale at the end of the IT to Business Alignment workshop? A. Proactive Select or Proactive24 D. which should include a customized proposal submission with more details and pricing. Hand the customer all the relevant MC TS support product data sheets and agree to call the customer for a decision after the workshop. Agree on next steps. B.selling later.blogs. Select the MC TS support offering which is the cheapest with an aim of up. Any Time. D. C. B. if a customer has a “Highly Available” service level requirement for a specific application. Select the closest MC TS offering with deliverables that meet most customer needs.html QUESTION NO: 37 Once you have analyzed your specific customer needs and aligned them to HP’s MC Support service portfolio." . Mission Critical Partnership C. what is the most appropriate HP Mission Critical support solution that should be proposed? A.

portlet. Partner Business Manager C.2490f98226c23dcc7aeb9e2ba186ee01%2F QUESTION NO: 40 What is the primary reason partners should sell HP Proactive and Reactive services? A.www2.com%2Fportal%2Fsite%2Fpartnerportal%2Fmenuitem.prp_dd74323b09f1e2dfecc8e567a1c39e01_TARGET=%24SM%24ht tps%3A%2F%2Fh20375. what is the best source for assistance with sales of HP Mission Critical Support Services? A. Customer satisfaction and loyalty decreases with the provision of services.www2. B. D. hp.hp. Any Time. Call for a break to prepare your final proposal. theHP Mission Critical Services portfolio delivers high customer satisfaction due to the customer getting move visibility to problems when they happen.tpst=dd74323b09f1e2dfecc8 e567a1c39e01&javax.92adb114d98ecc78f24af950f8039e01/?javax. Answer: D "Pass Any Exam. On-going business relationships between HP and its partners are improved.100% Guarantee 16 .com/portal/site/publicpartnerportal/menuitem." . 95% of customers who purchase hardware with HP proactive services will repurchase satisfied customers are repeat buyers. and attempt to obtain a decision from the customer during the workshop. HP Partner Portal D. HP Product Bulletin Answer: C Reference:http://h20375. C.HP HP2-E50 Exam D.hp.portlet.com B. Answer: C Explanation: QUESTION NO: 39 For HP partners.