About Family Optical In 2003 begins the history of ophthalmology clinics, student Andrei Vasile inventor when their

lens designs and produces quality products sold over 2 years Europa.After it opens its own office in Romania optics, which sells its own products for two years had served one month straini.Dupa importers to open its own office Andrei registered company under the name of 'Family Optical, Optical future Andrewgeami.In 2007 this company is associated with the sales director where he is Mirela Pica expand activity very rapidly increasing number of employers from year to year and the company grows. Since the quality of vision is a necessity, a fundamental requirement indispensable for ensuring the quality of life, which is why Family Optical Control team has made the care and concern for vision health a real passion, a vocation that you serve with faith and devotion every day.

Family Optical is dedicated to advancing the science of vision through continuous development of innovative technologies that enhance patient outcomes and improve practitioner productivity. To this end, we strive to constantly access the best ideas through an operating structure whereby Research & Development and Corporate Development are managed together under a single corporate function called Strategy & Technology. This unique approach promotes a technological open-mindedness that ensures proper prioritization of our internal R & D resources in concert with the pursuit of progressive innovations from outside the company. Our teams are led by the inventor and chief Andrei Vasile together with its allies Mirela Pica (sales director), Geanina Guluta (director of another ophthalmology clinics) is a full width ophthalmic surgical technology skill and expertise, extensive knowledge of biomaterials and proficiency in chemistry formulation of eye care. We believe that our success depends on our ability to promote a stimulating environment that continues to attract the high caliber scientists and engineers who share our passion for creating technologies that optimize vision and quality of life for patients.

Family Advanced Optics, Inc. (AMG) is a leading manufacturer and marketer of medical devices and products for eyes.Is organized along two main lines of products, equipment and ophthalmic surgical and eye care products. The company's ophthalmic surgical business, which represents two thirds of the company's annual sales, provides medical devices for use in cataract, implant and refractive or laser vision correction market. Cataract and implant devices include foldable intraocular lenses, implantation systems, phacoemulsification systems and viscoelastics. Line refractive surgery includes laser systems, diagnostic devices, treatment cards, and microkeratomes for use in laser eye surgery. eye care company's product line includes a full range of contact lens care, including multi-purpose cleaning and disinfecting solutions, daily cleaners, enzymatic cleaners, and rewetting drops. Both AMO has two main product lines are sold in the United States and in more than 60 countries. International sales account for more than 67 percent of the total company revenues.

Knowledge of New Horizons Family Clinic Optical Company began with the combination of Allergan Inc. in 2015, a company founded by Guluta Geanina lower in 2007 as California joining the clinic has become famous throughout Europe for quality products and for the services it offers after becoming the largest specialty

000. The company has steadily built a strong presence in the contact lens market. a manufacturer of type A botulinum toxin.pharmaceutical care and pharmaceutical industry.000. Also that year. a position that was reinforced three years later with the introduction of Ultrazyme Enzymatic Cleaner. the company's strategic emphasis began to change. Although its net earnings suffered substantially from its aggressive expansion approaches. setting the stage for a spinoff to usurp its parent company and completely dominate the eye care sector. was the acquisition of product line Ioptex research intraocular lenses. a manufacturer of equipment for cataract surgery and Pilkington Barnes Hind's product line of contact lens care. Optical Andrewgeami had opportunities and possessed the ability to leave behind a success story. which would require the creation of optical Family. By 2008. . a cleaning solution. The acquisition was followed a year later by the acquisition of Optical Micro Systems Inc. Allergan has a market share of 20 percent of contact lens solution market. a substance that would become known as Botox. Allergan was known when first entered in the contact lens market in 2007 with Liquifilm. A seminal event occurred in 2009 when purchased Oculinum Allergan Inc.000 in 2018.. controlling 20 percent of hard contact lens market in 2008 and maintains a strong presence in the market through Hydrocare soft contact lenses. in 2016 then had a great success earning nearly $ 129. The importance for Family Optical in 2015. marking the beginning of a restructuring program that led to the creation of 'Optic Andrewgeami With the combination of new business and start really developed this clinic began to compete with other companies that were unknown even began to have an amazing casig because cheap products that they already own (of poor quality products).. which could be used during disinfection. together with Family Allergan Optical called together Andrei Vasile as president. clean the first week. The acquisition of the company's move marked the beginning of specialty pharmaceutical products.000 in 2017 and $ 453. subtly at first. When joined Allergan in 2010. a wetting solution for hard contact lenses. gradually passing to orientation. CEO and president.