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These are some tricks that make use of programs listed in this guide and nothing will happen even if you go. DISABLE INDEXING SERVICES Indexing Services is a small little program that uses large amounts of RAM and can often make a computer endlessly loud and noisy. This system process indexes and updates lists of all the files that are on your computer. It does this so that when you do a search for something on your computer, it will search faster y scanning the index lists. If you don!t search your computer often, or even if you do search often, this system service is completely unnecessary. To disa le do the following" #. $o to Start %. &lick Settings '. &lick &ontrol (anel ). *ou le+click Add,Remove (rograms -. &lick the Add,Remove .indow &omponents /. 0ncheck the Indexing services 1. &lick 2ext OPTIMISE DISPLAY SETTINGS .indows 3( can look sexy ut displaying all the visual items can waste system resources. To optimise" #.$o to Start %. &lick Settings '. &lick &ontrol (anel ). &lick System -. &lick Advanced ta /. In the (erformance ta click Settings 1. 4eave only the following ticked" + Show shadows under menus + Show shadows under mouse pointer + Show translucent selection rectangle + 0se drop shadows for icons la els on the desktop + 0se visual styles on windows and uttons DISABLE PERFORMANCE COUNTERS .indows 3( has a performance monitor utility which monitors several areas of your (&!s performance. These utilities take up system resources so disa ling is a good idea. To disa le" #. download and install the 5xtensi le (erformance &ounter 4ist6http",,www.microsoft.com,windows%777,remove)7).mspx8 %.Then select each counter in turn in the 95xtensi le performance counters! window and clear the 9performance counters ena led! check ox at the ottom. utton elow. SPEEDUP FOLDER BROWSING :ou may have noticed that everytime you open my computer to rowse folders that there is a slight delay. This is ecause .indows 3( automatically searches for network files and printers everytime you open .indows 5xplorer. To fix this and to increase rowsing significantly" #. ;pen My &omputer %. &lick on Tools menu '. &lick on <older ;ptions ). &lick on the =iew ta . -. 0ncheck the Automatically search for network folders and printers check ox /. &lick Apply 1. &lick ;k >. Re oot your computer IMPROVE MEMORY USAGE &acheman Improves the performance of your computer y optimi?ing the disk cache, memory and a num er of other settings. ;nce Installed"

. 0nder (erformance choose the Settings utton ). . Select Trace '.pen &ontrol (anel %. RUN BOOTVIS – IMPROVE BOOT TIMES download from6http".exe8 and install %.3 -#%MB or more of virtual memory. <or optimal performance. Select the Advanced ta '.indows OPTIMISE YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION There are lots of ways to do this ut y far the easiest is to run T&(. change the ratio to #"# page file si?e to physical memory si?e. &"E<.tcpoptimi?er. The more fonts you uninstall. In the Background window select 2one ). especially TrueType fonts.hile this is good for systems with smaller amounts of memory 6under -#%MB8 it is unlikely that a typical 3( desktop system will ever need #.indows 3( has to e all things to all people it has many services running that take up system resources that you will never need. #.files.indows 3( si?es the page file to a out #. .k REMOVE FONTS FOR SPEED <onts.g. 0pon re oot.k and Re oot -.com8 Boot=is will significantly improve oot times #. If you have less than -#%MB of memory. select . Below is a list of services that can e disa led on most machines" Alerter &lip ook &omputer Browser *istri uted 4ink Tracking &lient . *ownload and Run %. trim your fonts down to Cust those that you need to use on a daily asis and fonts that applications may reDuire.Restart . &heck . Select 2ext Boot and *river Trace ).ptimal Settings then Apply -. If you have -#%MB or more.. &lick the $eneral Settings ta and select your &onnection Speed 6@ ps8 '. Right click on My &omputer and select (roperties %. Select the Advanced ta again and under =irtual Memory select &hange -.Run all the wi?ards y selecting 2ext or <inished until you are ack to the main menu. 0se the defaults unless you know exactly what you are doing. . . Re oot OPTIMISE YOUR PAGEFILE If you give your pagefile a fixed si?e it saves the operating system from needing to resi?e the page file. . analy?e and log your system!s oot process. #. DISABLE UNNECESSARY SERVICES Because . Boot=is will automatically start.speedguide. Right click on *esktop and select (roperties %. . A Trace Repetitions screen will appear. 1.I( ..ptimi?ing System ox appear.hen it!s done.hen your machine has re ooted wait until you see the . #.5xit and Save &acheman ). Be patient and wait for the process to complete REMOVE THE DESKTOP PICTURE :our desktop ackground consumes a fair amount of memory and can slow the loading time of your system.#.maCorgeeks. &lick .www. Re oot. #.2TB@0(F8 Cust in case you need or want to ring a few of them ack. Move fonts you don!t need to a temporary directory 6e. Select the *esktop ta '. in the menu go to Trace and select . use Duite a it of system resources.net. *ownload6http".ptimi?e System /. leave the page file at its default si?e.i?ard and select All %. Removing it will improve performance.ptimi?er.$o to Show .www.pen <onts folder '. &lick 2etwork Adapter and choose the interface you use to connect to the Internet ). '. Aighlight the drive containing your page file and make the initial Si?e of the file the same as the Maximum Si?e of the file. the more system resources you will gain.-3 the amount of actual physical memory y default.

. $o to Start and then Run and type JregeditK &lick through the file system until you get to JA@5:L4. particularly at startup and shut+down.sysinternals. To fix this turn off the system sounds" . so that it doesn!t get impacted y normal disk usage. &lick J. This cool little app can e used to defrag your pagefile.www.R* =alue! &reate a new *. To turn off System Restore" . when you access a directory 3( wastes a lot of time updating the time stamp showing the last access time for that directory and for A44 su directories.I( 2etBI. Another way of keeping your pagefile defragmented is to run (age*efrag.k! DEFRAGMENT YOUR PAGEFILE @eeping your pagefile defragmented can provide a maCor performance oost.. and can also e set to defrag the pagefile everytime your (& starts.R* =alue called 92tfs*isa le4astAccess0pdate! Then Right click on the new value and select 9Modify! &hange the =alue *ata to !#M &lick 9.&A4LMA&AI25ESystemE&ur rent&ontrolSetE&ontrolE<ileSys temK Right+click in a lank area of the window on the right and select 9*.com8 and Run (age*efrag Tick J*efrag at next Re ootK.<ast 0ser Switching Aelp and Support G 6If you use .mscK *ou leclick on the service you want to change &hange the startup type to 9*isa leK TURN OFF SYSTEM RESTORE System Restore can e a useful if your computer is having pro lems.orkstation To disa le these services" $o to Start and then Run and type Jservices.S Aelper 0pload Manager 0niversal (lug and (lay *evice Aost .ireless Iero &onfiguration 6*o not disa le if you use a wireless network8 .indows Time .indows Aelp and Support leave this ena led8 Auman Interface Access *evices Indexing Service I(S5& Services Messenger 2etmeeting Remote *esktop Sharing 6disa led for extra security8 (orta le Media Serial 2um er Remote *esktop Aelp Session Manager 6disa led for extra security8 Remote (rocedure &all 4ocator Remote Registry 6disa led for extra security8 Remote Registry Service Secondary 4ogon Routing H Remote Access 6disa led for extra security8 Server SS*( *iscovery Service G 60nplug n! (ray will disa le this8 Telnet T&(. To stop 3( doing this you need to edit the registry.ne of the est ways of doing this is to creat a separate partition on your hard drive Cust for your page file.@! DISABLE SYSTEM SOUNDS Surprisingly. however storing all the restore points can literally take up $iga ytes of space on your hard drive..kK Re oot SPEEDUP FOLDER ACCESS – DISABLE LAST ACCESS UPDATE If you have a lot of folders and su directories on your computer.pen &ontrol (anel &lick on (erformance and Maintenance &lick on System &lick on the System Restore ta Tick 9Turn off System Restore on All *rives! &lick 9.. the eeps that your computer makes for various system sounds can slow it down. To install" *ownload6http". If you are uncomforta le doing this then please do not attempt.

@ Restart (& MAKE YOUR MENUS LOAD FASTER This is one of my favourite tweaks as it makes a huge difference to how fast your machine will 9feel!.pt imi?e<unctionK Select J5na leK from the list on the right Right on it and select JModifyK &hange the value to J: to ena leK Re oot IMPROVE SWAPFILE PERFORMANCE If you have more than %-/MB of RAM this tweak will considera ly improve your performance.&A4LMA&AI25ES.exeK then ok &lick on the System.kK =oila G your programs will now load faster.prefetch"#M at the end of the line.shortcut you use to launch the program Select properties In the 9target! ox. This places all oot files next to each other on the disk to allow for faster ooting. :ou can set it to J7O ut it can make windows really hard to use as menus will open if you Cust look at them G well move your mouse over them anyway.hat this tweak does is remove the slight delay etween clicking on a menu and 3( displaying the menu.@K IMPROVE BOOT TIMES A great new feature in Microsoft .pen &ontrol (anel &lick Sounds and Audio *evices &heck (lace volume icon in task ar &lick Sounds Ta &hoose J2o SoundsK for the Sound Scheme &lick J2oK &lick JApplyK &lick J. $o to Start then select Run Type 9Regedit! and click ok <ind 9A@5:L&0RR52TL0S5RE&ontrol (anelE*esktopE! Select 9.<T.. <or any program" Right+click on the icon. $o to Start Menu and &lick Run Type in JRegeditK then click ok <ind JA@5:L4. add 9 .indows 3( is the a ility to do a oot defragment.AR5EM icrosoftE*frgEBoot. It asically makes sure that your (& uses every last drop of memory 6faster than swap file8 efore it starts using the swap file. $o to Start then Run Type 9Regedit! then click 9.aitTo@illAppTimeout! Right click and select 9Modify! &hange the value to !#777M &lick 9. IMPROVE XP SHUTDOWN SPEED This tweak reduces the time 3( waits efore automatically closing any running programs when you give it the command to shutdown. If your program doesn!t load properly Cust undo the change.k! <ind JA@5:L&0RR52TL0S5RE&ontrol (anelE*esktopEK Select JMenuShow*elayK Right click and select JModify! Reduce the num er to around J#77O This is the delay time efore a menu is opened. $o to Start then Run Type Jmsconfig.ini ta 5xpand the '>/enh ta y clicking on the plus sign &lick on new then in the lank ox typeK&onservativeSwapfile0sage N#O &lick . I tend to go for anywhere etween -7+#-7 depending on my mood MAKE PROGRAMS LOAD FASTER This little tweak tends to work for most programs. &lick J.@! . . By default this option in ena les ut on some uilds it is not so elow is how to turn it on.

*ou le+click on 9Scripts! and then on 9Shutdown! 1. If for some strange reason you need to do this in the future.&A4LMA&AI25ESystemE&ur rent&ontrolSetE&ontrolE! Select 9.aitTo@illServiceTimeout! Right click and select 9Modify! &hange the value to !#777M &lick 9.g.S . .@! 2ow find 9A@5:L0S5RSE. '. To enter the ios you usually press 9<%M or 9delete! when your (& starts %.pen 2otepad and create a new file with the following entries" R* .n the 9$eneral! ta . #. Save the new as anything you like ut it has to e a 9. &lick on 9Start! and then K&onnect To.k! SPEED UP BOOT TIMES II . To fix this we need to make some changes to the Bios. &lick 9Add! and find the atch file that you created and then press 9.I(! in the list of services and click 9(roperties! . It!s Duite simple to implement" #.perating System from the A**.hen your (& starts it usually looks for any oota le media in any floppy or cd+rom drives you have installed efore it gets around to loading the . Type in 9gpedit. type in the location of your temp folderK %. repeat the steps a ove and put your floppy or &*+rom ack as the 9<irst *evice! SPEED UP BOOT TIMES III . . Right+click your network adapter card and click 9(roperties!.D J&"E*ocuments and SettingsEK0ser2ame without DuotesKE4ocal SettingsEAistoryK R* . Select 9Boot SeDuence! ). (ress the 95scape! key to leave the ios. at '.2ow select 9AungAppTimeout! Right click and select 9Modify! &hange the value to !#777M &lick 9.D J&"E*ocuments and SettingsE*efault 0serE4ocal SettingsEAistoryK R* . To do this do the following" #. This can waste valua le time. at or deltemp.@! 2ow find 9A@5:L4. select 9T&(.S . *on!t forget to save your settings efore exiting 2ote" . Cust go ack into your ios.msc! and hit 9ok! -.D J*"ETempEK PQRJK*eletes temp folder. you won!t e a le to oot from a floppy disc or a &*+rom.nce this change has een made. fast oot.*5<A04TE&ontrol (anelE*esktop! Select 9. 2avigate to the 9Boot! menu '.aitTo@illAppTimeout! Right click and select 9Modify! &hange the value to !#777M &lick 9.indows Settings! /.Show All &onnections! %. By configuring a manually assigned I( address your oot time will improve.S .@! SPEED UP BOOT TIMES I This tweak works y creating a atch file to clear the temp and history folders everytime you shutdown so that your (& doesn!t waste time checking these folders the next time it oots. Then either move your Aard drive to the top position or set it as the 9<irst *evice! -. &lick on 9&omputer &onfiguration! then 9. at! file e.hen your computer oots up it usually has to check with the network to see what I( addresses are free and then it gra s one of these. &lick 9Start! then 9Run! ).

n the Bottom you should see 9=irtual Memory! and a value.ATA(I &ontrollers! '. A possi le solution for this.xx or #S%. $o to your control panel. &lick on 9*evice Manager! ). Again if you are not sure what figures to enter use 9ipconfig. In the 9&urrent Transfer Mode! drop+down ox. click 90se the following address! and enter an I( address for your (&.nly! ADD CORRECT NETWORK CARD SETTINGS Some machines suffer from Cerky graphics or high &(0 usage even when a machine is idle. ). the system pauses ecause of excessive high+priority activity associated with trimming the working sets.hat it does. sometimes computers switch to (I.#/>. then click 9Set! and Re oot. Right+click on the 9Recycle Bin! on the desktop and then click 9(roperties! %. If the =irtual Memory =alue is smaller than your system memory. then click on 9System!. DISABLE PREFETCH ON LOW MEMORY SYSTEMS . If you are using a router this is usually #S%. .). can also can help network performance is to" #. *ou le&lick your network adaptor under 92etwork Adapters! -.run! and type 9cmd! and then 9ipconfig. I hate the annoying 9are you sureF! messages that 3( displays. and 0nder 9(erformance! click 9Settings! then the 9Advanced! Ta %.#.nce you have re ooted install &learMem ENSURE XP IS USING DMA MODE 3( ena les *MA for Aard+*rives and &*+Roms y default on most ATA or ATA(I 6I*58 devices.I( properties.all! as in stage ). Select 9&onnection Type! and select the correct type for your card and then Re oot REMOVE ANNOYING DELETE CONFIRMATION MESSAGES Although not strictly a performance tweak I love this fix as it makes my machine 9feel! faster.all!. To &heck your (aging <ile" #. mode which is slower for data transfer G a typical reason is ecause of a virus. To ensure that your machine is using *MA" #. . -. select 9*MA if Availa le! if the current setting is 9(I.xx. *ou le+click 9I*5 ATA. . FREE UP MEMORY I found this useful app via <ixMy3(. click &hange and change the Min =irtual Memory to a num er that is greater than your total system memory. then go to the 9Advanced! Ta . . To run this tool. In the new window. your paging file must e at least as large as physical memory. If you are not sure what address you could check with your IS( or go to 9Start. Tust go to your Recycle Bin and 9Restore! the file. which.#/>. This will show your current I( settings which you will need to copy. especially if I have to use a laptop touchpad to close them.hen you run this tool. Aowever. Select 9Manage! '. . 5nter the correct details for 9Su net mask!.I n the T&(. is it <orces pages out of physical memory and reduces the si?e of running processes if working sets to a minimum.k! If you do accidently delete a file don!t worry as all is not lost. select the 9Advanced! ta /. '. &lear the 9*isplay *elete &onfirmation *ialog! check ox and click 9. To remove these messages" #. Right+click 9(rimary &hannel! and select 9(roperties! and then 9Advanced Settings! ). .7. &learMem Is an 5xcellent Tool for speeding up your 3( &omputer 6especially if your system has een on for awhile and you have a lot of applications open8. This is the value that must e at least as large as how much memory is in your system.pen 9*evice Manager! %. Right&lick 9My &omputer! %. 9*efault gateway! and 9*2S Server!.

(refetch is designed to speed up program launching y preloading programs into memory G not a good idea is memory is in short supply. Re oot. To disa le prefetch" #. . as it can make programs hang.k! '. Type in 9Regedit! then click 9. Right+click on J5na le(refetcherK and set the value to !7M -. 2avigate to 9A@5:L4.&A4LMA&AI25ES:ST5ME&ur rent&ontrolSetE&ontrolESession ManagerEMemory ManagementE(refetch(arametersE 9 ). &lick 9Start! then 9Run! %.