Documentary film about the World War on Women

Female - The World War on Women, is a documentary film addressing the various forms of violence and abuse suffered by women on every continent around the globe.

End Gendercide Now

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The Film:
Female -- The World War on Women (working title) is a documentary film addressing the various forms of violence and abuse suffered by women on every continent around the globe. While exploring personal stories illustrating an array of issues such as the femini ation of poverty! gendercide! female genital mutilation! child marriage! and the ob"ectification and exploitation of women! experts seek to identify the cultural mindsets and traditions that result in such human rights violations while activists offer hope of change through viable solutions.

The Back Story
#n the recent groundbreaking documentary film! It’s a Girl! the world was introduced to gendercide! the global female genocide that has resulted in nearly 200 million ‘missing’ women in the world today$ killed! aborted and abandoned simply because they are girls. %hot on location in #ndia and &hina! It’s a Girl reveals the issue and asks why this is happening and why so little is being done to save girls and women. 'hrough It’s a Girl! (irector Evan Grae (avis succeeded in leveraging the power of documentary storytelling to engage nearly half a million people to take action to end gendercide in #ndia and &hina! and countless more were made aware of this ma"or global human rights violation. It's a Girl has screened in hundreds of locations in over )* countries! including colleges and universities! film festivals and symposiums! and most notably! in the European and +ritish ,arliaments and on &apitol -ill in Washington (.&. It’s a Girl has been featured in countless interviews! articles! and reviews of ma"or media outlets such as ++& .adio! N,.! New Internationalist! Ms. Magazine! World Magazine! The Atlantic! Voice of America! Christianity Today! mirates Woman Magazine! &+& .adio! IndieWire! /ovie Guide!!ront"age Magazine! The Washington Times and many more. Evan Grae (avis has taken his film and the issue of gendercide to some of the largest TEDx stagesin %outh 0sia and the 1.%.! challenging leaders and influencers from all over the world to take action to end gendercide $ one of the most significant human rights issues of our time and the greatest form of violence against women in the world today.

See the It s a !irl trailer here:

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It s a !irl is a h"ge s"ccess# and now it s time to think a$o"t what s next%

Introd"cing a second# and e&"ally 'ower("l# doc"mentary (ilm 'ro)ect taking the It's a Girl ca"se to the next le*el%
0s the It’s a Girl action and screening campaign continues to gain momentum! and with the recent successful release of It’s a Girl on (2( and i'unes! Evan Grae (avis is ready to take his mission to the next level with his next feature length documentary film3 Female – The World War on Women. 'he devaluation and sub"ugation of women worldwide continues today on a scale never seen before in history. What kind of epidemic is at the root of such widespread and methodical violence targeting half of the world4s population5 'he answer is misogyny: the hatred of women! or the belief that women are inferior to men. #t comes in many forms! including social discrimination! physical abuse! legal discrimination! and the generali ed ob"ectification of women. /isogynistic cultures often give husbands and fathers full legal rights over their wives and daughters. /isogyny can be found in every part of the world! where one out of three women will become a victim of violence in her lifetime. #n many parts of the developing world! however! misogyny is even more deeply woven into the fabric of the family and social culture $ making the violence inescapable. Female – The World War on Women will explore this conspiracy of silence6 this epidemic of criminal cultural entrenchment! from the most compelling angles! enlisting the help of some of the world4s leading authorities who will bring the issues into bold focus.

Some o( the 'ossi$le stories to $e ex'lored:
Femini+ation o( ,o*erty
,overty today has a woman7s face. Women do two8thirds of the world4s work! receive 9* percent of the world4s income and own 9 percent of the means of production. 'wo out of three people living in extreme poverty in the world today are women.

Female Feticide and In(anticide
/ore girls are killed in #ndia and &hina each year than are born in the 1.%. as a result of gendercide. 0nd despite growing awareness about the plight of millions of girls being killed every year! the practice continues to increase. 'he cultural preference for sons! combined with the :ne &hild ,olicy in &hina and dowry practices in #ndia! has resulted in a female genocide that far outnumbers the lives lost in all of the ma"or genocidal events of the )*th &entury combined.

Female !enital -"tilation
0ccording to the World -ealth :rgani ation! about 9;* million girls and women worldwide are currently living with the conse<uences of =emale Genital /utilation. #n 0frica! an estimated 9*9 million girls ten years old and above have suffered this brutal non8medical procedure believed to reduce a woman4s libido and ensure premarital virginity and marital fidelity. +ut the price paid by those who suffer this brutal practice is a lifetime of pain! infections! increased risk of childbirth complications and newborn deaths and often infertility.

Early -arriage./hild Brides
#t is estimated that as many as 9** million girls will be given as child brides in early marriage over the next decade. &hild brides are the victims of cultural >norms? that turn a blind8eye to the unspeakable sexual exploitation and rape of little girls made legal through marriage. Neither physically nor emotionally ready to become wives and mothers! these girls are at far greater risk of experiencing dangerous complications in pregnancy and childbirth! becoming infected with -#2@0#(% and suffering domestic violence. With little access to education and economic opportunities! they and their families are more likely to live in poverty.

0a'e in 1ar
.ape3 'he physical! social! mental and emotional weapon of war targeted at defenseless women and young girls.0ccording to the 1nited Nations! women can face devastating forms of sexual violence during times of war! which are sometimes deployed systematically to achieve military or political ob"ectives.

:ne of the greatest untold stories of violence and abuse against women of our time is that of over A* million women thrown away today in the brutal aftermath of their husbands4 deaths. 'ossed out like an unwanted garment! they are left to fend for themselves in the face of strong social stigmas that ensure they will not find work or a friendly hand up. Beft with few options! they often must resort to prostitution or begging. %ub"ected to social isolation! rape or murder! forced into prostitution or remarriage! victims of property theft and all kinds of physical and psychological abuse! hope is lost and their lives become a daily hell.

1hat is the answer2
Woven throughout stories that capture the greatest forms of violence against women in the world today! the narrative of activists and experts will explore the hope for change seen in the inspirational stories of those who are leading the way to greater rights and freedoms for women within their own cultures! who are inspiring movements demanding e<uality and "ustice. We4ll also examine movements of the past that have been successful in winning e<uality and "ustice! like the #nternational %uffrage movement and the women4s liberation and civil rights movement here in the 1%. What made those movements successful and where can we find and support similar movements in critical regions of the world today5

1hy a Doc"mentary2
Evan Grae (avis4 passion as a filmmaker is to leverage the power of documentary storytelling to engage the heart of the viewer in the critical issues of our time. 0 documentary film has the ability to educate and mobili e grassroots action! allowing those who are passionate about the issue to host screenings in their community. 'hrough a worldwide action and screening campaign! then through (2(! digital distribution! television broadcast and educational use! a documentary film can bring important issues like gendercide and violence against women to the world stage unlike anything else.

1here’s the -oney !oing2
'he goal of the films Evan Grae (avis creates is to educate and mobili e a broad audience to take action and collaborate with grassroots partner organi ations working to restore dignity and "ustice to those featured in his films. Evan creates his films to leave one dominating <uestion in the minds of the viewer3 What can I do to hel"# 0s a result! Evan4s distribution model is designed for impact over profit. =unding his films through donations frees Evan from the profit motive and empowers him to focus on getting the message and issue in front of as many people as possible with the hope of creating a grassroots movement. -ere4s how your money will be spent3

1hy 340#000. 1hy 3400#0002

CD*!*** will fund the development and pre8production! getting us well into the production phases of the film! allowing us to conduct the research! identify key stories! travel and capture some preliminary footage and put together a trailer and other tools we will need to raise the remaining funding for post production and distribution. CD**!*** is the overall budget for the film and is our ultimate fundraising goal. 0 film like this! that captures a global human rights issue! re<uires travel to multiple countries. #ncluded in this budget are research! travel! translation and transcription! e<uipment costs! editing! art and design! original music! licensing footage! color correction and sound sweetening! and marketing and distribution. :ur experienced team has learned how to produce a high8<uality product on an economically reasonable budget and will begin work on this film immediately with the goal of releasing the film in the fall of )*9E.
1hat do I !et 5"t o( This2

+esides the satisfaction of knowing you helped create a grassroots movement restoring "ustice to millions of women suffering unimaginable wrongs throughout the world today! you4ll get some awesome rewardsF Bisted in the right column of this page are a number of gifts we would love to give you to show our gratitude for your generous support for this pro"ect.

6ow /an I 6el'2
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0isks and /hallenges:

'his film will get made. Why5 +ecause it4s the right thing to do. # believe that. Justice matters. &ompassion matters. 'he human rights of these women should matter. Kou matter. 'his is your chance to do something. Join us. We7re an experienced team and know what it takes bring this film to the marketplace and achieve maximum exposure. 'hat said! there are many risks associated with documentary filmmaking and things may take longer than expected. (ocumentary filmmaking is a very unpredictable and fluid process during which the scope and story continually evolve. #t may take longer than we estimate to obtain the necessary footage we7re seeking (L8A months). #t may take longer than we estimate to assemble the pro"ect together (M8A months) and deliver a final cut to our backers. 'hese are the challenges and realities of independent filmmaking today. It wo"ld $e 7-78I9! to raise o"r entire $"dget o( 3400#000 with yo"r genero"s s"''ort here on Indiegogo: nevertheless we are committed to pursuing all available funding options to ensure this important film gets made. We believe in this pro"ect because we believe in the dignity of women! and we are willing to go to the mat to right this wrong and do what we can to restore value and e<uality to women worldwide. Will you help us5