Obstetrics & Gynecology

Name of Officer Dr Anita !ay Dr Go$risan%ar &amilya Dr C(aitali Datta !ay Dr S$mit !an)an Pramanic% Dr Samb($nat( 'an*o+a*(yay Dr S(yamal Das G$+ta Dr Nabar$n Das Dr Debasmita "an*al Dr Ab(i)it !a%s(it Dr Sarbes-ar "on*al Dr Di+narayan Sar%ar Dr .($ma 'is-as Dr 'is-a)it g(os( Dr San%ari /a(iri Dr !a($l "$%(er)ee Dr San*i+ Seng$+ta Dr Po$s(ali Sanyal POSTG!AD0ATE T!AINEES Dr. Shweta Goyel Dr. Pratibha Lambodori Dr. Manisha Rasheed Dr. Shagun Gu ta Dr. Sushma ! Dr. San"hita Roy Dr. #agendranath Soren Dr. Prabhan$an %hatto adhyay Dr. Suman &alyan Pore Dr. Mrigan'a Mouli Saha Dr. &husboo Ray Dr. )agat !iswas Dr. Pu$a Sinha Dr. Subhasis Sama$der Dr. *risha Das Dr. Sayanti Paul Dr. Sam a %ha'aborty Dr. !harat %handra !arma Dr. Maheswari M Dr. %han"hal !howmi' Dr. %handan Sasmal Degree "D# FICOG "D# DN' "D# FICOG "D "D D G O ,"D "D "D "D "S "D "S "D "D DGO "S "S# DN' Post/Designation Professor& HOD Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor !"O !"O "O S! SESSION MS 2010-2013 MS 2010-2013 MS 2010-2013 MS 2010-2013 MS 2010-2013 MS 2010-2013 MS 2010-2013 MS 2010-2013 MS 2010-2013 MS 2011-201( MS 2011-201( MS 2011-201( MS 2011-201( MS 2011-201( MS 2011-201( MS 2011-201( MS 2011-2013 MS 2011-201( MS 2011-201( MS 2011-201( MS 2011-201(

D. Maity to Malda Medi"al %ollege Pro-.ttended . Soumen &oley FAC0/T1 NE2S S0PE!ANN0ATION • MS 2012-201+ MS 2012-201+ MS 2012-201+ MS 2012-201+ MS 2012-201+ MS 2012-201+ MS 2012-201+ MS 2012-201+ MS 2012-201+ MS 2012-201+ MS 2012-201+ MS 2012-201+ • • Pro-. )oy"e Rani Dr.D71P1R 1#9:2RS9*. • %haired s"ienti-i" session at !5GS%5# 2011 . HEAD OF THE DEPA!T"ENT E3A"INE!4 1.M9#2R3 M. Sri$oni %howdhury Dr. Shyamali Dutta to %al"utta Medi"al %ollege Dr.2012 Dr. Ra$se'har Sar'ar to Murshidabad Medi"al "ollege Dr. Subhas %. *arun & Ghosh on 31.3 20124 2011 3.Dr.02.D1. P5S*GR.2012 Dr. 1#D2RGR. *72S9S 2<.2012 T!ANSFE!S • • • • • • • • • Pro-. Ram rasad Dey to !an'ura Medi"al %ollege Dr. Santanu !aner$ee Dr.nnual "on-eren"e. !iswas to !urdwan Medi"al %ollege Pro-..*23 6!71S 20124 20118 M.#9P1R 1#9:2RS9*. Su$itha Dr. G. !has'ar !hatta"harya on 31. P0'/ICATIONS5678896786:4 .mita0a Mu'her$ee to Malda Medi"al %ollege Dr.0.*23 20114 2012 2. Meena'shi *iwari Dr.*.D1. Swa an Sai on 2/. #eha Ladha Dr. . Payel Ray Dr. CONFE!ENCES ATTENDED8 • . !has'arananda Seal to !erham ore Medi"al "ollege Pro. .8 M.D71P1R 1#9:2RS9*. Smriti Prasad Dr. !arun &r Mandi Dr.nni' Das Dr. Pradi & Saha to Midna ore Medi"al "ollege Pro-essor Gouri Shan'ar &amilya has $oined -rom !an'ura Medi"al %ollege P!OF ANITA !O1. Megha Sharma Dr.03.9%5G 2012 at !enaras.

2012 Mar226<:3.%I&#'/ 01'$&(*(01 J)'$ 20122 2034 565e 178 • .abortion? • @.Page4 3@82Print I-. diagnosti" dilemma.ITIES3 • Parti"i ated and deli0ered le"tures on PP*%* in PP*%* sensitiAing rogramme in !M%7 • 6or'sho and sensitiAation rogramme o.-.! 2m5% • 6or'sho and sensitiAation rogramme o.#'/ 01'$&(*(01 (+ I'/I#:J#'7+$.PP 91%D P!OF GO0!ISHAN&A! &A"I/1A P0'/ICATIONS5678896786:# • Does route o.2011 ONGOING P!O.intra0enous iron su"rose 0ersus oral iron as"orbate in iron de-i"ien"y anemia in antenatal mothers4 its maternal and -etal out"ome. 3<736.-.%I&.4 383=360 • *a'ayasu arteritis in regnan"y3 an analysis -rom eastern 9ndia3 #%&9I>$01'$&(* (. 2012 32:1.methyl ergometrine 0s miso rostal in re0ention o.3 .. Kolkata March 2012.ECTS IN CO//A'O!ATION 2ITH SCHOO/ OF "EDICA/ SCIENCE AND TECHNO/OG1. "om arati0e study o.2.IC"! APP!O. no 03.gestational hy ertension.$.$.4<3878 • %lini"al biomar'er -or redi"ting ree"lam sia in women with abnormal li id ro-ile3 statisti"al attern "lassi-i"ation a roa"h in I$$$?!lore :I&-M.*o>o lasma antibody in normal regnan"y and regnan"y with history o. randomiAed "ontrolled ilot study3 #M$%I&#' J()%'#* (+ (. "om arati0e study to e0aluate the e--i"a"y and sa-tey o.2.n analysis3 -I'0#P(%$ M$/I&#* J()%'#* 20122 <3:10. randomiAed "ontrolled trial "om aring two di--erent antibioti" regimens -or ro hyla>is at %esarean se"tion3 ..deli0ery a--e"t maternal and erinatal out"ome in women with e"lam siaB ..-.. '(2.$. THESIS G0IDE3 • = . vol.Journal of Indian medical association vol 110. D! CHAITA/I DATTA !A1. Pregnan"y with huge abdominal mass.:-P%I'0$%. 2011.9$ J()%'#* (+ (. study o.• • Perinatal out"ome in regnan"ies with intrauterine growth restri"tion by using umbili"al and middle "erebral artery "olour Do ler.@ OTHE! ACADE"IC ACTI.ED AND F0NDED .ost artum hemorrhagein high ris' -emales@ • @.Indian journal of Perinatolog and re!roductive "iolog .a roteomi"s a roa"h?. March 2012.sero re0alen"e o. IIT &HA!AGP0!4 • =2arly redi"tion o.'4@8671731265703@70I'-P$& accession num"er41168@303 • 9dio athi" dilated "ardiomyo athy "om li"ating in a regnan"y with uterine -ibroidin #-I#' J()%'#* (+ &*I'I&#* &#%/I(*(01 >(* 15. no. ASSOCIATE P!OFESSO!4 P0'/ICATIONS 5678896786:4 • 9s regnan"y sa-e with e>tra he ati" ortal 0ein obstru"tionB .

$&9'(*(01.endometrial matri> in women with endometriosis at $)%(P$#' -(&I$.ITIES OF 67864 • G$i*e o.I(' A $M.*95#4 )ay ee ubli"ations 2012.P*2R 5C !SSDI • .in 2012(!I"#$) .A FOGSI organiAed by 'OGS • GESTATIONA/ DIA'ETES9 NE2 C!ITE!IA4 at .S*2R *R.ssessment o.nnual "on-eren"e o.#*E3 organiAed by 'ENGA/ O'STET!ICS & G1NECO/OG1 SOCIET1 OTHE! ACADE"IC ACTI.G9#.• • =5>idati0e stress and matri> metallo roteinases as otential biomar'ers in the early redi"tion o.early regnan"y 0aginal h and gram stain in asym tomati" women and its e--e"t on regnan"y out"ome 2.      2thi"s "ommittee member -or C/INICA/ !E.* S79S71 S1R.the endometrium -or assessment o.0/.0asodilators in ree"lam sia3 role o.R.M5NSS&: 9n0ited as Guest le"turer to de artment o.ltered rodu"tion o.#9S9#G %5MM9**22 M2M!2RE3 organiAed by 10.#.%I&I#'.#'/ 01'$&(*(0I-.D5RG.%1(*(01(ESHRE)72011:co author.A FOGSI • #5#-D2S%2#* :.9#9#G 5C *R.S*2R2%*5M.). Study o.9#2RS as M.ro-in-lammatory "yto'inesB? at #I&(0 2012 • =Mi"ros"o i" imaging o.L 7.( #/>#'&$. &.ITIES4  .uterine re"e ti0ity in women with latent genital tuber"ulosis? at &)%%$'.#2%5L5G.1 (+ 9)M#' %$P%(/)&. SPAIN 2012(co author) • 5>idati0e stress indu"ed e>"essi0e degradation o.2ndometrial Re"e ti0ity and its %orrelation with Sub-2ndometrial !lood Clow DS2!CE in 6omen with Latent Genital *uber"ulosis? P!ESENTATIONS AT INTE!NATIONA// NATIONA/ CONFE!ENCES4 • =.E!SI'I/IT1 OF !IS0G 5re0ersible male "ontra"e ti0eE trials %ondu"ting *R.R*9%9P.*hesis3 1. Serial -etal 'idney growth monitoring as a arameter -or determining gestational age4 dete"ting 91GR and identi-ying any renal anomaly 3.OD1NIA4 at .5&R.. MI&%(-&(P1 &('.DP..I' -&I$'&$ #'/ .$. 1ltrasonogra hy and la"ental histo athology interrelationshi in low birth weight babies in "om arision to normal birth weight babies.:).!iote"hnology St <a0ierFs "ollege to s ea' on =!e+ro*$cti>e 'iology 9 c$rrent me*ical +rotocols? 9n0itation as e> ert -or P(D >i>a >oce at SMS* IIT &(arag+$r %7.-.'OGS 2O!&SHOPS O!GANISED/ATTENDED IN 67864 • 1R5G.%I.P*2R 9# !55&: “Indications and Selection criteria in an Intrauterine Insemination Program : I#*R.warded +$**(B-9IP (+ I'/I#' &(**$0$ (+ (.I('.1*2R9#2 9#S2M9#.L %7.regnan"y indu"ed hy ertension? =. IN P!EGNANC14 at East <one 10.nnual "on-eren"e o62S* !2#G. PA!TICIPATION AS FAC0/T1 SPEA&E! IN 67864 • HI.&S7.9#2R o.E"ENTS/ACTI. OTHE! !E/ATED ACHEI.

Series o20 %ases.imaging with hysteros"o y.-etal thigh "ir"um-eren"e by two-dimensional ultrasound 3 .n .the organiAing "ommittee o.&awasa'i disease3 series o.$M.guided bio sy3 J. Permanent Pa"ema'er-Related 1 er 2>tremity Dee :ein *hrombosis3 .literature. *a'ayasu .100IJs00(0(-011-1//.1+(0. Predi"tion o.2012. 38. ros e"ti0e study?3 J (+ -(). :arious "oronary artery "om li"ations o.-$P.9 #-I# +$/$%#. no 114 1<8<71<61. K..5bst and Gyne"ology2011 4D59 10.  Member o. >(* 110. #)0 2012.+ "ases and re0iew o.#'/ 01'$&(*(01 -#+(0.Pa"ing .I-$P. P.!5GS 20122013. 0ol-3. D! SH1"A/ DASG0PTA.n . )ournal o. .-etal birth weight -rom measurement o.9$ #'. 'ov 2011. Permanent a"ema'er related u er e>tremity thrombosis. =Predi"tability o. 6.-34 D S ringer grou o. ("stet.03(KI. >ol. )ournal o.ree"lam sia3 %om arati0e analysis o.n0-38 231-23+4 2012 +. 1ltrasound assessment o. D! SA"'H0NATH 'AND1OPADH1A1.%I&. <537<58.-. (.s ontaneous intra"erebral haemorrhage during regnan"y3 I'/I#' J()%'#* (+ M#. re ort on #o S"al el :ase"tomy -rom a tertiary health "are setting o.ubli"ationsE 3.I('.r"hie0es o.2012 D! DE'AS"ITA "ANDA/ ASSISTANT P!OFESSO!3 P0'/ICATIONS4 INT!NATIONA/4 1. ASSISTANT P!OFESSO! P0'/ICATIONS5678896786:4 • .diagnosti" a""ura"y o. NATIONA/4 1.I& C>(*)M$ 10@:@. Pregnan"y and subseHuent regnan"y out"ome in eri artum "ardiomyo athy3 ) o5bstG Gynae Resear"h4 *o'yo 20118 3I D3E3 222-22I. %es.nnual "on-eren"e o.rteritis in Pregnan"y3 . ASSISTANT P!OFESSO! P0'/ICATIONS5678896786:4 INTE!NATIONA/4 1.$%.rti"le -irst ublished online 21 )1L 2012. . 'o. 9s Pregnan"y Sa-e with 2>trahe ati" Portal :ein 5bstru"tionB .4 3<736.!engal 5bstetri"s G Gyne"ologi"al So"iety 2011.. .9ndia3 . D59 310.1111J$.nalysis3 Singa ore Medi"al )ournal.me*ical *isor*ers in +regnancy committee o.nd %lini"al 2le"tro hysiology.1+/.9 C>(*)M$ 715:2.$%'#* #'/ &9I*/ 9$#*.two s"reening test3 J()%'#* (+ I'/I#' M$/I&#* #--(&I#. 2. 2.%2 20128 0031L+.%ardio0as"ularG Disease Resear"h.2012D • .t resent "on0ener o.endometrial "a0ity in erimeno ausal women on oral rogesterone -or abnormal uterine bleeding3 %om arision o.n unusual "ase o..$.I(' (+ (. Jan7#!ril 20122 5:1.nalysis -rom 2astern 9ndia 3. 0 necolo.

F!EE PAPE! P!ESENTATION3 1. 15: 2. :itamin D de-i"ien"y and regnan"y out"ome. %ase Re ort3 Indian journal of Perinatolog and %e!roductive . ONGOING !ESEA!CH4 1.7ealth G Camily 6el-are4 &ol'ataI000/1. . M. Menstrual disorders in SL2. 9dio athi" Dilated %ardiomyo athy %om li"ating a Pregnan"y with Cibroid3 #sian Journal of &linical &ardiolog 2012.C5GS92012. FAC0/T1 SPEA&E!4 1.#sian journal of o"st Ag nae20112243873@..nalysis 4 J of Ph sicians of India :J#PI.%ardiology4 !ei$ing 2011. 3. +.%ardiology-20114 !ei$ing4 %hina.IT !A&SHIT. *ro i"al heart diseases in regnan"y. Int J of ("stA0 ne India20102 12:3. new "utting edge with a"hie0able s'ills.iolog 201021 458756.#ugust issue. 3. D! A'HI.ll Mono"horioni" *wins Should be deli0ered by "esarean se"tion in . 2. 2. Pregnan"y in maternal "om lete heart blo"'3 9nternational %ongress o.9%5G 2012 :. (.4 50751.deno"ar"inomaD. Minimally in0asi0e surgery3 .#.trial ta"hy"ardia in regnan"y.9nternational %ongress o. 2. T!AINING4 *raining rogramme on =Medi"al edu"ation4 resear"h and te"hnology. K.S9. 1rogynae"ology3 2011 3 by !5GS%5#2011 in 6oodlands 4&ol'ata. !5GS%5# 2011-12 (. 2O!&SHOPS ATTENDED4 1. 2.D2#5M. %ardio0as"ular hemodynami"s in highris' mothers. #ondes"ent 0aginal hystere"tomy3 2012 !5GS R&MSP.? 9nstitute o.4 3667@0.1:.4 51@7520. &li el-*renaunay Syndrome in Pregnan"y3 Indian journal of Perinatolog and %e!roductive . 3.ASSISTANT P!OFESSO!4 P0'/ICATIONS5678896786:4 .. +. (. Parti"i ated as -a"ulty member s ea'er -or . Su""ess-ul regnan"y out"ome -ollowing unilateral adrenale"tomy in a "ase oadrenal %ushingFs SyndromeD%SE.NATIONA/3 1.9%% R%5G L%on-eren"e-2011 2. K.iolog 201121:2. 9s menstrual disturban"es in SL2 a multi-a"torial issueB 3.L9G#1ME o. =*ro i"al heart diseases in regnan"y?. Pros e"ti0e . Maternal 5besity and Pregnan"y 5ut"ome3 . 1mbli"al endometriosis8 a rare "ase re ort. 1rogyneJ2ndos"o y 6or'sho -2+th . Parti"i ated as -a"ulty member s ea'er -or %y roterone :S Dros erinone in P%5S D !5GS%5#2011E.R.%er0i> with Su""ess-ul Pregnan"y 5ut"ome . 3. %om lete heart blo"' in regnan"y. Minimal De0iation . 2011 .

01.u0a C5GS9 2012. . 2.bilateral internal ilia"Dhy ogastri"E artery ligation and other surgi"al ro"edures in management o. new "utting edge te"hnology with a"hie0able s'ills.2. 3. Indian Journal of Perinatolog and %e!roductive .01. no. >ol 2. *o i" MM!ad 5bstetri" 7istory D!57E? in !5GS%5#4 3Ith . < :1.d0erse Cetomaternal 5ut"ome .against the motion in 2ast None . Parti"i ation in Panel Dis"ussion. March 2012. Parti"i ation in Debate.nemia3 Presented in ++ th . 2O!&SHOPS ATTENDED3 1. FAC0/T14 1. Rare Genital Malignan"y with 1nusual Presentation.2. .H0"A 'IS2AS. 03.3 .ttended Pre"ongress wor'sho in 2ast None .u0a C5GS9 2012 on 1rogynae"ology and "ommuni"ation s'ills.ttended Post"ongress wor'sho in !5GS%5# 2012 on #D:7. Study *o %om are *he 2--i"a"y G Sa-ety o. ASSISTANT P!OFESSO!4 .ntenatal 6omen G its .ttended Pre"ongress wor'sho in !5GS%5# 2012 on Minimal in0asi0e surgery L . 2.4@<7@8.1. *o i" 3 =Mono"horioni" twins should be deli0ered by "aesarean se"tion?. .3#l #meen J Med -ci :2012.1.Indian journal of Perinatolog and re!roductive "iolog . Li-e threatening menorrhagia as a resentation in a "ase o. no. %om arati0e study o. ASSISTANT P!OFESSO!4 P0'/ICATIONS4 • • • Pregnan"y with huge abdominal mass. vol.insulin resistan"e and treatment res onse with insulin sensitiAer drugs in obese and non obese atient with oly"ysti" o0ary syndrome3 I'/I#' M$/I&#* J()%'#*. June 2011 1nusual resentation o. 2.naemia in .iolog . Ste wise uterine a"'ing and bilateral uterine artery ligation during %esarean deli0ery in ante artum hemorrhage minimiAed -atal obstetri" hemorrhage3 I'/I#' M$/I&#* J()%'#*. D! . %om arati0e study o.uterine er-oration3 Indian journal of Perinatolog and re!roductive "iolog . /ec 2010. vol. 2.*reatment 6ith 9ntra0enous Cerrous Su"rose :ersus 5ral Cerrous Sul hate *hera y 9n Post artum .el0i" hemorrhage3 I'/I#' M$/I&#* J()%'#*. D! DIPNA!A1AN SA!&A!. 3. . June 2012. 'o. vol.nnual "on-eren"e. diagnosti" dilemma. Primary Callo ian *ube %ar"inoma D PC*% E L . D! SA!'ES2A! "ONDA/. CONFE!ENCE PAPE!4 1. no.SL23 Indian journal of Perinatolog and re!roductive "iolog . ASSISTANT P!OFESSO!# ADDITIONA/ CHA!GE4 DEP0T1 S0PE!INTENDANT P0'/ICATIONS4 1.9%5G :aranasi 2012.3. .

4 3<736.$%'#* #'/ &9I*/ 9$#*.%I&.9 C>(*)M$ 713:3. . 2ast None .1:.ttended wor'sho on %ol os"o y • .9$-I#4$--#1.I('#* J()%'#* (+ 01'$&(*(01 #'/ (..$%'#* #'/ &9I*/ 9$#*.9%% R%5G %on-eren"e 3.$.s ontaneous intra"erebral haemorrhage during regnan"y3 I'/I#' J()%'#* (+ M#. Jan7#!ril 20122 5:1. re ort on #o S"al el :ase"tomy -rom a tertiary health "are setting o.I-$P.IT GHOSH. Medi"al management o. CONFE!ENCES ATTENDED4 1.-$P.-$P. Do en"il.nnual %on-eren"e 2.$%.2011D D! 'IS2A.-etal thigh "ir"um-eren"e by two-dimensional ultrasound 3 .9ndia3 .9 C>(*)M$ 715:2.P0'/ICATIONS 5678896786:4 NATIONA/4 1.$%.ostdural un"ture heada"he in reality3 . "om arati0e study between en"il.n unusual "ase o.oint 2+G 6hita"re and "utting be0elled 2+G Ouin"'e s inal needles in 320 obstetri" atients3-#'$-.ttended two wor'sho s "ondu"ted by !9R*7 on Sa-e surgi"al ra"ti"es in 9n-ertility !EG0/A! ACADE"IC ACTI.I(' (+ (.-.9$ #'.ttended the !5GS wor'sho on Cetal Medi"ine • .oint s inal needles de"rease the in"iden"e o. 2I*7 .9 #-I# +$/$%#.n unusual "ase o.. .2012D 2.$.s ontaneous intra"erebral haemorrhage during regnan"y3 I'/I#' J()%'#* (+ M#.. "ase re ort3 I'/I#' J()%'#* (+ M#.$M.-. re ort on #o S"al el :ase"tomy -rom a tertiary health "are setting o.2012D D! PO0SHA/I SAN1A/. Sublingual miso rostal 0ersus intramus"ular o>yto"in -or re0ention o.2011D 2.9$ #'.2012D 3.ITIES4 • . ros e"ti0e study?3 J (+ -(). C5GS9 8 resented a short a er OTHE! ACADE"IC ACTI.#'/ 01'$&(*(01 -#+(0.#'/ %$-$#%&9$-C>(*)M$ <:2. ASSISTANT P!OFESSO!4 P0'/ICATIONS 5678896786:4 • .-etal birth weight -rom measurement o.ost artum hemorrhage in low ris' women3 I'.2012D • .$%'#.%I&-.9 C>(*)M$ 715:2. J)*7/$&.$*-$>I$%C>(*)M$ 113:2.$%'#* #'/ &9I*/ 9$#*.la"enta a""rete with Methotre>ate3 .I-$P.ITIES .ttended the !5GS %M2 on Medi"al Disorders in Pregnan"y • %om leted a C5GS9 "erti-ied "ourse in 2ndos"o y • Parti"i ated in the !5GS HuiA on Medi"al Disorders in Pregnan"y • .I& C>(*)M$ 10@:@.. +$.9ndia3 .2012D INTE!NATIONA/ 1.I& C>(*)M$ 10@:@.%)#%1.. SENIO! !ESIDENT4 P0'/ICATIONS 5678896786:4 • =Predi"tability o.$M. !5GS%5# 3Ith .

n obser0ational study to determine asso"iation o. Sushma ! L .la"enta in normotensi0e and hy ertensi0e women Dr.%lini"al Resear"h in 7uman Re rodu"tion is running sin"e 1/. study on subdermal "ontra"e ti0e im lant D9MPL.nita Ray is the 5--i"er L in L %harge.@.-emale genital -istula 3E .#5#E THESIS S0'"ITTED in 67864 'ATCH OF 67879678@ )ournal %lub Maternal Mortality . Mrigan'u Mouli Saha.abnormal uterine bleeding in erimeno ausal and ostmeno ausal women Dr. &hushboo.maternal and erinatal out"ome o.gestational diabetes mellitus Dr.Pros e"ti0e study on LD7 as a bio"hemi"al mar'er in ree"lam sia G maternal G -etal out"ome Dr. "om arati0e study to assess blood loss in atients undergoing abdominal myome"tomy by intramyometrial 0aso ressin administration 0erusus "on0entional tourniHuet a li"ation. *he di--erent studies that are going on at the "entre are as -ollows3 1E Phase 9: L multi"entri" study with %ent"hroman.regnan"y with heart diseases with s e"ial re-eren"e to heart -ailure.regnan"ies with thalassemia traits in "om arasion to non thalassemia grou . study on teen-age regnan"y and its out"ome (E . "ase "ontrol study o.Serial Cetal &idney growth monitoring to dete"t any 91GR4 determination o.sub "lini"al hy othyroidism on regnan"y out"ome Dr. "om arati0e study o. .#agendra Soren.(00 mi"rogram Miso rostol sublingually in a "ase o. Suman &alyan Pore.2--e"ts o.no0el biomar'ers 9nterleu'ins K47"g and Prl with the onset o..Mi-e ristone and 5rmelo>i-ene on siAe oleiomyoma and uterine artery blood -low Dr.gestational age and to dete"t any renal abnormalities.the -etal out"ome a""ording to the "ord blood 7 de ending on the mode o. Sham a %ha'raborty.the reterm labour@ .Glyburide and 9nsulin in the treatment o. Pratibha Lambodiri L %om arati0e study o.deli0ery Dr.RandomiAed %ontrolled *rial o. Subasis ma$umder.-irst trimester delayed regnan"y loss Dr.ECTS4 *he Regional %entre o.Teac(ing +rogramme !edside %lini"s Seminar 7ands-on-training -or ost-graduates !ESEA!CH P!O. Manisha Rasheed L 2--e"t o. 'ATCH OF 67889678A • • • • Dr. study o.udit • • • • • • • • • • Dr. Shagun Gu ta L %om arati0e study between *rans0aginal Sonogra hy4 7ysteros"o y and DG% -or diagnosti" e0aluation o.*risha Das.@.=.maternal !M9 on obstetri" out"ome Dr. San"hita Roy.t resent Pro.. 2E 7os ital based sur0eillan"e o.@ Dr. Prabhan$an %hatter$ee.@ Dr.2. Shweta Goyal L %orrelation o.@. "om arati0e study o.@ Dr.

C 6ard L 2K Ligation 6ard.@ Dr.intra0enous iron su"rose 0ersus oral iron as"orbate in iron de-i"en"y anemia in antenatal mothers4 its maternal and -etal out"ome. Shyamal Dasgu ta4 ./.ssistant Pro-essor Dr. 0NIT DIST!I'0TION3 0nits 9.0/ new ti"'ets on 20. "om arati0e study o. Pro-. %handan Sasmal. %haitali Datta Ray4 . Pro-essor Gouri Shan'ar &amilya Dr. A*mission Day Monday *uesday 6ednesday *hursday Cons$ltants Dr.E P!OCED0!ES4 . Lo"ation3 Gynae"ology building Dground -loorE 5.@.sub"lini"al hy othyroidism with hy er rola"tenemia in re rodu"ti0e age grou .ssistant Pro-essor.I0 Gynae 6ard.@ Dr.11. %han"hal !howmi"'. 2m hasising on low birth weight babies. Sayanti Paul.@Ceto la"ental interrelationshi through ultrasonogra hy and histo athology.@.**2#D...12 P!OCED0!ES/ IN.2011-31. 99 .@.@ Dr.@ 2--e"ts o.30100 P 7ighest 5PD .ssistant Pro-essor Dr.ttendan"e .)agat !iswas.Maheshwari.sso"iate Pro-essor Dr.D .3K %abin L 2 Maternal 6ard . Mandal4 .#%23 *otal atient L +/(00 D1.@ Dr. 999 .2/300 5ld .tor0astatin and met-ormin in the atients with Poly"ysti" o0arian syndrome.O! OPE!ATI. .sso"iate Pro-essor Dr. Sarbeswar Mondal4 .+( Labour Room L / G./.• • • • • • • Dr.2012E #ew.@ Dr. )huma !iswas4 .G9#.L 111/ LS%S3 22K/ . "om arati0e study to e0aluate the e--i"a"y and sa-tey o. T0'ECTO"1 AND DIAGNOSTIC /APA!OSCOP14 /12 TOTA/ N0"'E! OF DE/I.10.bhi$it Ra'shit4 .@. Randomised "ontrolled trial between o0ulation indu"tion with intrauterine insemination 0ersus o0ulation indu"tion with timely se>ual inter"ourse.oat artum hemorrhagein high ris' -emales@ Dr. 9: .methyl erometrine 0s miso rostal in re0ention o.M.10 O P D.ttendan"e L222 new ti"'ets on 2(.P.ICE INFO!"ATION4 !eds lo"ation3 Gynae"ology !uilding and Ronald Ross !uilding !ed Distribution3 Gynae"ology beds L +04 5bstetri" beds . S R Pramani"'4 . D.@Study o.ESTIGATIONS PE!FO!"ED 578 86 88 to @7 88 86:4 "A.3( /APA!OSCOPIC P!OCED0!ES4 3K "INO! OPE!ATI. Randomised "ontrolled trial "om aring the e--i"a"y o.ssistant Pro-essor Dr. !harat %handra !urma.%lomi hene "itrate in idio athi" oligos ermia. O+eration Day *hursday Criday Saturday Monday :.12 P Lowest 5PD .@ SE!.E!IES4 33. Poo$a Sinha.E P!OCED0!ES.sst.

Dr.ssistant Pro-essor Dr. Pro-.1nitE and PP*%* unit are also running e--i"iently. #.P. .sst.ssistant Pro-essor *uesday 6ednesday *umor %lini"4 9n-ertility %lini"4 1ltrasonogra hy4 Cetal Monitoring4 Post Partum 1nit DP. !aner$ee4 . .nita Ray Dr. S.9! 99 ! Criday Saturday Pro-essor G 7ead . !iswa$it Ghosh . Di #arayan Sar'ar4 .