AlioNoctis Pro

'Sounds from the Other World'

What is important to be known first? Please read as this will help you to understand certain features which may not behave as you might expect at a first glance! The three 'Joysticks' differ slightly in their behaviour from each other Though this is also indicated by certain graphic lines and circles some explanations should be helpful Osc Mix: This one has two modes! "anual and "od by #$%s & axis set to manual fades between %sc ' and %sc ( ) axis set to "anual fades to *down+ and from *up+ %sc , -f both axis set to #$% modulation the amount of modulation is controlled Thus you have positive *upper right corner+ and negative.inverted *lower left+ modulation -f "od mode is set to intrm / intermitting then only the upper half of the mod wave is used This gives a kind of fixed value for the time the lower part of the wave is in use 0lso if %, W1 is active wavese2uencing for %sc , is only possible when ) axis is fully up or down 1witching of waveform happens when level of %sc , is near 3ero so nearly no sound at all from this one Thus 1aw and 4mp wave at #$%s should be avoided for this feature unless you definitively want it bouncing *me shrugging but some may think different+ Spooks: 5ere & and ) axis have 3ero at lower left corner while max value is at upper right corner 0ny "od amount is an offset added to the current position within a certain range 0lso there are "od modes! normal *norm+ and intermitting *intrm+ affecting as described above

6'..W1 to %n and have the Joy ball in the middle so no switching will happen Play a note or a chord and change waveforms until you hit a suited one and transfer this number to the resp slot )ou must not necessarily have all slots with different numbers as sometimes a more often recurring waveform e g in every (nd slot may be >ust fine too . with a negative amout from %sc ' Note: :asy way to set up a wave se2uence is switching %. one can set up a wave se2uence of 8 waves to be changed by the ) axis of %sc "ix control as mentioined above already The mod sources have been restricted to both 1low #$% as fast settings do not really make sense as diferent waves can hardly be discerned then -f %sc . detune which lets you slightly shift pitch osc ( with a positive and osc .. wave se2uencing is %ff then you have access to the 1$( #oad button= selector for Pitch "od destination and %sc ( and . to "ute+ and can be set to 7(.7'.6( octaves and shifted up by '' semitones The output of the oscillators can be mixed by the oscillator mix control pad also offering modulation by #$%s <etails of %sc "ix as mentioned above $or %scillator .Super Modulation: This one controls the amount of additional modulation to the respective destinations & and ) are 6 and 7 around 3ero at center with the upper right corner 6 and lower left 7 "ore details on this below 0lso there are "od modes! normal *norm+ and intermitting *intrm+ affecting as described above The features of the AlioNoctis Synthesizer in detail The sound sources Three di!ital oscillators have a set of '(8 selectable P9"7waves as soundsources :ach oscillator has a "#e$el% 0ttentuator selector *from 6.

% B knob you can mix between the mod amount of the :C and selectable #$% source :ach selectable mod source can be inverted by a button switch * pos . invrt + -nferno and Spooks -nferno adds some upper harmonics generated from the incoming signal of <ir!$il "ix in a way slightly similar to my 1wamp synth's Timbre modulation This one here is more straight and a lot more 9PD efficient Dsing 1pook "ode @ypass only the -nferno is at the -nf.&ilter section There are two filters! (?d@ #owpass and '( d@ 5ighpass in parallel both with resonance *A+ 9utoff fre2uency "'ut% and 4esonance "(% are ad>ustable for each filter separately with the respective knobs @oth " A % " ) % " S % " * % envelope generators let you ad>ust the way the filter works on the incoming signal with Attack= )ecay= Sustain and *elease providing the shape on filtering With the "#&O:+."ix output knob The 1pooks add some kind of spooky to metallic flavour 1pook ' and 1pook ( modifiers can be used as single= in parallel 'E( or in series '7( *see image in 0ppendix+ The spook amount is determined by the two spook knobs while the &)7Pad ads more or less density i e a fairly metallic sound in lower left corner or less density at upper right corner "oving the >oystick ball via "ouse one can modulate density while selectable #$%s can add further modulations "odulations at the 1pooks even give the choice to invert the modulation and to have intermitting modulation that is only the upper part of the #$% wave is modulating while in between the signal stays at a constant level .

keyboard the resp #$% will be reset to start at 3ero but not when playing #egato that is as long as a key is held no reset of the #$% will occur! -n fact this can be used similar to the Transition feature of the 1T1 for the oscillator mix Please note as esp the 1pooks might be sensitive to ks on so if you experience clicks have a look whether the resp #$%s are set to ks on in that case simply set to off P$#%= #$% '= #$% ( and 1#$% ' and 1#$% ( have a 2uite common set of waves like 1ine= Triangle= 1aw etc while #$% . allows two more complex waves to be mixed and shaped= #$% ? offers a set of nine rather complex waveforms Sample / 0old provides a random modulation signal like pulses at varying levels in different types and the Iariation knobs allows to vary the 'patterns' of 1G5 to a certain extend The Super Modulation 1.2 'ontrol pad This is a I:4) powerful modulation control which overrides the modulations already set at the destinations $or each of the '.off button This is 2uite a powerful feature and should not be underestimated as this is a Hey sync so any time a first key is pressed on the "-<. destinations you can select the source & positive or & inverted= ) positive or ) inverted or set to %ff -n manual mode you can use the grey ball to fly around in the s2uare -f you choose 0uto "ode )ou have two selectable sources one for the & axis and one for the ) axis to have this modulation done by different mod sources= and the ball will move around :ven )ou can set the amount of this modulation by the respective knobs to positive or inverted amount 0nd modulation can be set to normal or intermitting mode too There are ten fixed destinations for 1uper "odulation! %sc "ix & axis 5P #$%!:C "ix %sc "ix ) axis #P #$%!:C "ix #P ! 5P "ix Pan <irect <ir ! $il "ix Pan <elay 1pook "ix -nferno "ix .Mod Sources There are F #$% including a dedicated Pitch mod #$% and a 1ample G 5old modulator -t should be noted that Pitch #$%= #$% '= #$% (= 1#$% ' and 1#$% ( and 1G5 have a ks on.

7 )elay / Main8 There is one I90 0<14 :C for the output which can be made velocity sensitive in using the 0 Iel %n . -ntern is a global setting valid for all patches while the bpm for internal is stored within each patch 0lso one might use this to do an offset to the host setting for bpm tempo related #$%s and <elay .99M and Ialue display! There are F #a3y buttons offering a more detailed #a3y function on dedicated sections of this synth while the 'st one #a3y *0ll+ affects all assigned parameters Kote! once somebody mentioned 'ah= this is where you switch to next program' L7+ -f you want to hide the 99M and Ialue display simply click on 99M or the whole area as depicted to pop it up again This is a global setting valid for all patches 9lock 1elect! Though it seems not needed it has turned out some patches sound better at a different bpm tempo than default '(.you might use a suitable >oystick or touchpad *like on Horg J' synth or Kovation "-<.controller keyboards+ for external realtime control L7+ 0s in most cases it is not always useful to use all possible destinations here! #ess is often more! )ou got the option to use it but that does not necessrarily imply )ou have to use in any case! The Output section 34'A incl5 Mix6 Pan6 +. is valid The switch 5ost .This is really a powerful feature to modify a sound at an awesome extend with a single ball 0s it is accessible via "-<. %ff button "ain Iolume ID meter display can be switched on . off by clicking on the "ain Iol label The %utput of both filters can be balanced by #P!5P "ix and this output can be balanced to the direct *unfiltered+ signals from the oscillators by <ir!$il "ix knob The delay itself is synced to @P" in various fractions of note values even with three options Crv' to Crv. which are a bit out of note related values 7 this might provide a more groovy delay $eedback sets the amount of repetitions while the amount of delay is ad>usted by the <elay#vl knob The blue <elay #vl is a switch for setting instantly <elay %n or %ff Pan works in two modes! normal and put delay signal into opposite direction *Pan <l inv+ which provides a good spatial impression @ass :nhance adds a significant amount of bass to the signal and this output is always centered and not fed into the delay #ast but not least the 5C $ortune famous #a3y buttons and the realtime "-<.bpm -n order to give an idea of the recommended bpm this switch has been added so you can switch or ad>ust tempo in the host -nternal default is N. thus host '(.

?F 0lfter .implemented this as got a bit bored listening always to the same patch when testing new dlls in hosts .((8..Some more !eneral hints: Dsing long release settings will increase 9PD7usage 7 remedy! lower release at filter 0<14= lower release at 0<14 in master section and raise delay #vl instead 1o in most cases a release >ust below half way up of the slider will be sufficient to get a fading on the sound 0lso fast #$% settings at many destinations consume a lot more 9PD than one efficiently set at the most significant target which is in fact in most cases sonically even more efficient for a more pronounced sound 1witching between patches might lead to some sound artefacts by <elay when done while sound is still playing -n order to have a clean switching the sound of current patch should have faded to 3ero level before switching to next patch %r= have delays set at the same <elay parameter value 9redits and further info 0lioKoctis 1ynthesi3er has been created by 5 C $ortune with 1ynthedit by Jeff "c9lintock Patches were kindly contributed by <imitri 1chkoda *<1 or no sign+= <r 5einrich 5orstmann *55+= #loyd "cHay *lk+= "arko 5autamOki *"5+= @ob %'<onnell *@"+= 1habdahbriah *1<@+ This I1Ti uses further modules by <avid 5aupt= Helly < #ynch= Peter 1choffhau3er and #ance Putnam "ore I1T. voice registered Pro version There is an easter egg hidden on the CD.N?(PPF Cermany email! fortuneRflomo7art de Thanks to all who have helped and do support my work! Note: The five voice free version is fully functional but does not prevail all features of the '. Transition 1ynthesi3er 0nvilia 1ynthesi3er &7Wheel of $ortune ? *&7Wo$ ?+ 5omepage! www hgf7synthesi3er de 5 C $ortune C 5ager 0lmaweg ?P 5 C $ortune! The <reammachine 0tonoise *1ynth and $&+ 1T17.7 finding it )ou'll can switch patches at random ..

( S9plT1ky5igh .QQ S%rcTHind"anPad . S1$&T:lvish$orest .F S9plT1un4ising .8' S1$&T1urrealQ . S9plTDltra$loat .NF S1$&TCliding . S1ynT@rite$at1yn . S%rcT9hord( .P' S1ynT@assical . S9plT0yesha .'. S9plT1imple1oft .N.'? S9plT5ermaphrod . S1ynT@ass@rite .8Q S1$&TTubularity ... S1ynT1yn.'N S9plT5vyWidePad .?F S%rcT0spiration .(Q S9plT"ourning .( S9plT0tck#itePad . S1$&TTime#ag .( S1ynT#ite@rite '.? S1ynT"orphed '.?? S9plTWidenPad .?.'Q S9plT5iCrinder . S1$&T-n5rm<rill .Q. .FF S1$&TPoly1hift .8N S1$&TTunnel@el .(P S9plT1hena7org .P S9plT<elphi .? S9plT1parkleIox .NP S1$&T-nharm7I..(' S9plT"ariTuc .Q.P.F8 S1$&T1tyx$loat .(? S9plT"orning1un .NN S1$&TClassyJone .?( S9plTDplifting . S1$&T"ystery .PP S1ynT5vy@rite '.PQ S1ynT9oldPoly#@ .(.' S9plT0sian1pirit ..P? S1ynT9hordal .P.FP S1$&T1ub1torm ..F S9plT<arkness .?.'F S9plT-llusion .F S1ynTPoly1imple '.. Sx$&TChost9lck7r '(' Sx$&TCliss7rev '(( Sx$&T"achina& '(..' S1ynT#ite0tck '.'P S9plT#igaPad .?P S%rcT@road@ras .N. S1ynT#ow1yn '.? S9plT@elphegor .8? S1$&TTubeKse .(..N? S1$&TChostly .. Sx$&T"any9locks '(? Sx$&T1amDnhold '(Q Sx$&T1itar7rev '(N Sx$&T1trum#oop '(F Sx$&TDnKatural 9pl / more complex wavesL %rc / more orchestra related wavesL 1$& / 1pecial $& wavesL 1yn / fairly typical synth waves= less complexL x$& / xtra $& waves G $& loops ..(F S9plTKice%rgan .N8 S1$&T-nharm7I ..8P S1ynT0tck"edPad . S%rcT$ogAuyer .8.Q S9plT1pheroidia ..Q S1ynT"ovinJaws '.'8 S9plT#ayer7& .PN S1ynT$itinthe"ix .FQ S1$&TKoise9hord ..8 S9plT1uperPad .' S9plT1it0rc . S9plT"a>estic .'' S9plT<ramati2ue .?N S%rcT0ngel9hoir .F' S1$&T-nsideTube .?Q S%rcT0aa%hhhs . S9plT"oonlight .NQ S1$&TChostsphere ..%sc ''? S1ynTIoice%f1yn ''Q S1ynTWide1aws ''N S1ynT&Pulsed ''F Sx$&T@itdisorder ''8 Sx$&T9hipTalk ''P Sx$&T$&74attler '(.'( S9plT$ar0sianic .QN S%rcT#o0rtIox .F..(( S9plT"etal0tk .'.PF S1ynTCood#ow .N S1ynTKon1tatic '.P S1ynT4hodes-sle ''. S9plT1oftIocPad ..P8 S1ynTCrowl1pit . S1ynTH17$at@ras '.F.N( S1$&T0tck$low .Q' S%rcT<rawbar%rg .8F S1$&TDnderworld .Q( S%rcT:lvish9hoir ..?8 S%rcT@lasomatrix ..#ist of '(8 waveforms in Pro version as external 1$( file while stored internally in the free version+ ...(8 S9plT1ad0ngel .8..Q? S%rcT5eavy%rg. S9plT$ountain ..Q S9plT@rite"orph . S9plTWhispering .N' S1$&T0pparition . S9plT0ngelIoice .88 S1$&TWhat@irds .(N S9plT"ove%n . S1$&T1urreal? .P S9plTTension .P( S1ynT@rite$at .N S9plT@riteI1parkle ..Q8 S%rcT1tringTanga .QP S%rcT1uperstr .FN S1$&T%uterPad .8 S1ynTP1yn5it '.. S1ynT4odikhan ''' S1ynT1aw9utting ''( S1ynT1aws%ff ''..8( S1$&T1ynthorn .QF S%rcTKoIocal .F? S1$&TKoise9hoir .N S9plT1teelTank .F( S1$&T#ong4ange . S%rcT1ymphonic .8 S9plT<eep1pace& . S9plT<eu1ixty .?' S9plTDnspecific ..

intrm8 This is normal mode where then modulation is affecting on both sides of the & axis This is intermittin! mode where modulation is affecting only on the 6 side of the & axis Thus there is a part *in the middle of the image+ with a fixed value for modulation .Si!nal &lo9 options of -nferno and Spooks Not sho9n in ima!e: ':ypass' for Spooks so only -nferno is affectin! sound5 #&O: normal / intermittin! mode 3norm .

Appendix on creatin! one's o9n sounfonts also from existin! ones: There is a free 1oundfont #ibrarian from 9reative #abs .strongly recommend to have a look at this tool as it will enable you to create your individual combinations of sounds * / presets in sf( files+ esp for the %ne1hot .donationware tool Viena by Henneth 4undt 7 http!.$orms.index htm 0s a ma>or advantage 4iena does not re2uire the presence of a 9reative 1oundblaster #ive or 0udigy card to assemble 1$(7files and please note there is only one 'n' in Iiena *unlike Vienna from 9reative #abs+ .www saunalahti fi. 0udigy card installed you might even listen to a selected preset .public.1$(7TipsGTools 3ip -n order to make 1$(7files from )our wavefiles )ou can use the freeware..developer.1ound$ont.kruPP. vocal phrase part so your musical creations will sound different in the end %ne rule to be remembered! Al9ays 9ork on a copy of a file. 0udigy card installed+ to manage= reorgani3e existing soundfonts 7 thus even the fairly unexperienced can create his own collection of sf( files even allowing to modify some basic setting like rootkey )ou can download it here *.. L7+ There is a 3ipfile available for download containing a pdf and tools for creating sf( files! http!.rd item from bottom+ http!.connect creativelabs com..0ll-tems aspx This program is very easy to use as it does support drag and drop to copy presets from one soundfont to another one The only minor drawback is that you'll probably have to renumber the presets manually With a 9reative 1oundblaster . :"D which can be used *even without having a 9reative 1oundblaster .www hgfortune7vsti web?? net.

N / '.. / 8' / 8( / 8.'' for sliders / kno<s *recogni3ed data valid from . / F? / FQ / FN / FF / F8 / FP / 8. / '' / '( / '.' #P! 9ut A 0 < 1 4 "ix 0!@ #P :C!#$%0mt / F.8 / '. / (' / (( / (.( / '.F / '. / '? / 'Q / 'N / 'F / '8 / 'P / (.'' =s is essential for the in<uilt #azy system5 . / P? / PQ / '.? 0mp 0 < 1 4 / P( / P. / ''? / ''Q / ''N / ''F / ''8 / ''P Please note: The !i$en assi!nment of M-). 1hape #$%? 4ate 1G5 Iar 5P! 9ut A 0 < 1 4 "ix 0!@!5P :C!#$%0mt "ix #P!5P "ix <ir!$ilter <ly #evel <ly$dbck @ass:nh 1pook "ode 1pook ' & 1pook ( ) "od0mnt & "od0mnt ) 1pook ' 1pook ( 1pook "ix -nferno -nferno "ix -nf "od1rc -nf "ix"od1rc 1pk'"od1rc 1pk("od1rc / '. / ''' / ''( / ''. / 8? / 8Q / 8N / 8F / 88 / 8P / P.. / '.Q 1uper"od &70xis )70xis &7"od )7"od %scill "ix "od"ode& "od"ode) &"od1rc )"od1rc & "od ) "od Wav 1el ' Wav 1el ( Wav 1el . / P' / '.-mplementation of M-). / (? / (Q / (N / (F / (8 /( / (P / . %sc(!. / F' / F( / F. / .7'(F+ "ain Iol Pan /F /8 / '.M-). <etune #$%.P / ''.

Terms of #icense A!reement: )ou are K%T 0##%W:< to sell the program or charge for the access to the free version )ou are allowed to distribute the free version of this program *online or on maga3ine 9<'s+ as long as )ou do not charge for this program! 0nyway )ou are re2uested to send an info about such a distribution )ou may use the program in personal and.or commercial music *credits are welcome+ @ut )ou are not allowed to make samples *looped or unlooped+ for commercial sampling 9<s )ou are allowed to run the registered version of the program on different computers as long as )ou are the only person having access to and using the program )ou are not allowed to modify= decompile or reverse7engineer the program This program is not copy7protected but protected by national G international *copyright7+ laws 9hanges G enhancements may be made without prior notice and a grant that further editions will read patches from former version cannot be given The software is supplied as is Dse this program on )our own risk and )our own responsibility 0s of accompanying 1$( *soundfont files+ 7 with registered version only! 7 )ou may use these in other applications too even modify these for personal use= but )ou are in no case allowed to make these files *original or modified based on waves supplied with my I1Ti+ available to others .