 Headquartered in Zuffenhausen, a city district of Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg  Owned by the Piëch and Porsche fami ies, and

!atar Ho dings, through the !atar "n#estment $uthority %&'()*  $s of Se+tember ,'&&, !"$ owns -'*./( of the #oting rights in 0o 1swagen $2 and -'*&( of Porsche Zwischenholding GmbH, which owns &''( of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, the manufacturer of a range of s+orts cars and S30s*  4ounded as Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche GmbH %which stands for Doktor Ingenieur honoris causa Ferdinand Porsche Aktiengesellschaft) in &5/& by 4erdinand Porsche, an $ustrian engineer born in 6affersdorf, and Porsche7s son-in- aw $nton Piëch, an $ustrian awyer*  8he officia 9date of birth9 for the first Porsche is considered being :une ;, &5<;*  Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG is res+onsib e for the actua +roduction and manufacture of the Porsche automobi e ine*  "nitia y, the com+any offered motor #ehic e de#e o+ment wor1 and consu ting* One of the first assignments the new com+any recei#ed was from the 2erman go#ernment to design a car for the +eo+ e, a 2erman= Volkswagen*8his resu ted in the 0o 1swagen Beet e, one of the most successfu car designs of a time*  8he Porsche >< was de#e o+ed in &5/5 using many com+onents from the Beet e*  8he ?ada Samara was +art y de#e o+ed by Porsche in &5;<* 8he Lada Samara is an economy car +roduced by So#iet@Aussian #ehic e manufacturer $#to0$Z under the ?ada brand since &5;<*  Porsche Bngineering 2rou+ a so he +ed Har ey-Ca#idson design the Ae#o ution >'-degree #-twin water-coo ed engine and gearboD that is used in their 0-Aod motorcyc e*  4erdinand Porsche started his Eob career with 0ereinigte B e1triFitGtswer1e Be a Bgger H Io* in 0ienna in the year &;5/* Short y before the turn of the century, 4erdinand Porsche started to wor1 for the ?ohner "m+eria Aoya Iourt Ioach 4actory in 0ienna* With his de#e o+ment of the whee -hub motor Porsche had the internationa audience at the Paris Wor d 4air stunned in the year &5''* "t was there that he +resented a #ehic e with four dri#en whee s= the first four-whee dri#e #ehic e in automoti#e history* "ncidenta y this construction +rinci+ e was used by J$S$ in their unar #ehic e .' years ater*

with a Fero in the midd e . the Mübe wagen and Schwimmwagen*  8he two com+anies co aborated in &5>5 to ma1e the 0W-Porsche 5&< and 5&<->.the foundation of the success Porsche*  8he first Ihief BDecuti#e Officer %IBO) of Porsche $2 was Cr* Brnst 4uhrmann  4uhrmann was res+onsib e for the so-ca ed 4uhrmann-engine used in the /-> Iarrera mode s. Porsche drew u+ a memorandum of understanding with 8oyota to earn and benefit from :a+anese ean manufacturing methods* "n . ha#ing four o#erhead camshafts instead of a centra camshaft with +ushrods. were hand bui t in 2münd@MGrnten %$ustria)*  "n &5-/ the famous Porsche abe badge is seen for the first time*  On Se+tember &. was the mode that had to re+ ace the decaying 5&&. which won the famous 8arga 4 oria right after being aunched*  "n &5.. a two-seat /-> with a &*& iters centre engine. SS and SSM and a so de#e o+ed truc1 and aircraft engines*  Curing Wor d War "".''.was +atented* Porsche res+onded right away. where he he d the +osition of 8echnica Cirector* He was in charge of designing the famous s+orts cars..''< Porsche was + anning a four door #ersion. 4erdinand Porsche transferred to Caim er. which had Stuttgart as its ca+ita and became +art of Baden-Württemberg after the +o itica conso idation of West 2ermany in &5<5*  Jumber one. &5>/. defeating the B6W series .Porsche has the on y s+orts car to win this award* 8he Porsche 5. ty+e S. 4erdinand Porsche bui t the first two-seater s+orts car. and the 4ord 2ranada* 8he 5. won in &5. and the 5&< had a 0o 1swagen engine*  Porsche7s com+any ogo was based on the coat of arms of 4ree Peo+ e7s State of Württemberg of former Weimar 2ermany. 4or the $ustro-Hungarian army Porsche designed truc1s and the K?andwehrFugL... which cou d mo#e both on the road and on rai *  $fter Wor d War ". as we as the --' S+yder. the $C KSaschaL. and had a water coo ed front engine* 8he fine oo1ing 5. wou d e#entua y fai in the ro e of succeeding a myth* $round the year . a new generation Porsche designed by 9ButFi9 Porsche.together with the /-> ../. 0o 1swagen +roduction turned to the mi itary #ersion of the 0o 1swagen Beet e. Stuttgart. which was ins+ired on the ines of the 5&&* 8he +roEect name for this new Porsche was ProEect C&* 8he I& was the code-name for a new fi#e-door 0o 1swagen s+ort . as in the 0o 1swagenderi#ed seria engines*  "n &55'. changing the name to 5&& and offered the car to the 2erman and internationa mar1ets* "t became one of the biggest s+orts cars in the wor d and is .''< it was re+orted that 8oyota was assisting Porsche with hybrid techno ogy*  8he 9car of the year9 award eDists since &5>< and is a +riFe gi#en out by the car Eourna ists* 3+ to . whereby the 5&<-> had a Porsche engine. <' HP weighing >-' 1g* 8he fo owing -' s+ecimens of the so-ca ed /->@. a +rototy+e ca ed 5'& was introduced at the "$$* Jot unti $ugust &5>< did it become +ossib e to de i#er the first 5'& %5&&) to customers* "n ate fa of &5>< the 4rench car +roducer Peugeot obEects to the name 5'& because the combination of three .

+art of PS$ Peugeot Iitroën*  Second argest carma1er based in Buro+e*  Wor d7s o dest continuous car brand and second o dest car manufacturer*  Peugeot Iom+any was founded in &. Bmi e Peugeot a++ ied for the ion trademar1*  "n &. after meeting with 2ott ieb Caim er  On .-. designed by ?Non Ser+o et* 8hat ma1es Peugeot one of the +ioneers of the automobi e* 8he fo owing year Peugeot abandoned steam in fa#or of +etro * "n &.. this re+resents a maEor reduction in uns+rung and rotating masses* 8he consequence of this is better road ho ding and increased comfort.&'. after meeting 2ott ieb Caim er and Omi e ?e#assor. 4rance*  $rmand Peugeot became interested in the automobi e ear y on and.$rmand Peugeot sets u+ bicyc e manufacture at the Beau ieu + ant* He eDhibits the first steam-+owered tricyc e at the &. +articu ar y on une#en roads.. steam was abandoned in fa#our of a four-whee ed car with a +etro -fue ed interna . which are a++roDimate y -' ( ighter than standard discs of simi ar design and siFe* $s we as enhancing +erformance and fue economy.. as we as greater agi ity and im+ro#ed hand ing*  6aEor 4rench car brand.5'.' Jo#ember &.bac1 to be +ositioned between the Passat and the Phaeton* 8he I& was a so ca ed= the Porsche Panamera*  PIIB enab es shorter bra1ing distances in e#en the toughest road and race conditions* BDce ent fade resistance ensures greater ba ance when s owing from racetrac1 s+eeds* $nother 1ey ad#antage of PIIB is the eDtreme y ow weight of the ceramic bra1e discs..5 Paris Wor d BDhibition. and manufactured coffee mi s and bicyc es*  8he Peugeot Iom+any and fami y are origina y from SochauD.

gear-dri#en camshafts. an im+ro#ed ?. a of which soon became standard on racing carsQ unfortunate y. from bicyc es to tan1s and she s*  "n &5. with a three-+oint sus+ension and a s iding-gear transmission*  $t the &5'& Paris Salon.< Peugeot bought a /'( share of Iitroën. 1W) one-cy inder. but Boi ot easi y won the e#ent. which aimed to 1ee+ se+arate identities for both the Peugeot and Iitroën brands.cu in) engine) was +roduced with a +ioneering ba bearing cran1shaft.*  Peugeot was an ear y +ioneer in motor racing with $ bert ?emaPtre winning the wor d7s first motor race. whi e sharing engineering and technica resources* Peugeot thus brief y contro ed the racing name 6aserati.%with -. cu in) four-cy inder B b of &5&.h+ %/*. Zuccare i was 1i ed during testing on +ub ic roads. the &.-' cc %-.5< Paris-Aouen race.-*   Renault S.combustion engine bui t by Panhard under Caim er icense* 8he car was more so+histicated than many of its contem+oraries.cc %/<.A. in a / h+ Peugeot*  4or the &5&/ 4rench 2rand PriD. but dis+osed of it in 6ay &5. Peugeot debuted a tiny shaft-dri#en >-. cc %<' cu in) . becoming a maEor manufacturer of arms and mi itary #ehic es.-* 8he Eoint +arent com+any became the PS$ %Peugeot SociNtN $nonyme) grou+.55*  Headquartered in Bou ogne-Bi ancourt* . and too1 it o#er com+ ete y in &5. ma1ing him %and Peugeot) the race7s first doub e winner*  Curing the 4irst Wor d War.>-. Peugeot turned arge y to arms +roduction. is a 4rench #ehic e manufacturer estab ished in &. and dry sum+ ubrication. dubbed B b %Baby)*  Bttore Bugatti designed the new .

5.''&*  $s +art of the Aenau t-Jissan $ iance. tan1s that made a decisi#e contribution to the fina #ictory*  1919-1945 Aenau t moderniFed its +remises. Aenau t owns the Aomanian manufacturer $utomobi e Cacia and the Morean Aenau t Samsung 6otors a so subsidiaries AI" Banque %+ro#iding automoti#e financing) and 6otrio %automoti#e +arts)*  Aenau t 8ruc1s. starting u+ the first +roduction ine at Bi ancourt in &5.and 8ay orism in &5&/* Curing the first wor d war. +re#ious y Aenau t 0ehicu es "ndustrie s. has been +art of 0o #o 8ruc1s since . becoming the ANgie Jationa e des 3sines Aenau t %AJ3A)*  . the com+any turned out truc1s.argest automoti#e grou+*  1898-1918 ?ouis Aenau t and his brothers founded their com+any in &. ambu ances.5* 8he firm tried to 1ee+ the id on costs in order to weather the economic crisis* But socia conditions deteriorated* ?ouis considered the second wor d war and conf ict with 2ermany as a mista1e. stretchers.* 8hey quic1 y made a name for themse #es in motor racing notching u+ a string of wins with their #oiturettes* 8he Aenau t factories ado+ted mass +roduction techniques in &5'. she s and e#en the famous 48&. and he ga#e in to the demands of the 2erman forces* $s a resu t. the com+any is the fourth. Aenau t was nationa iFed in &5<-.

the firm continued to achie#e im+ressi#e resu ts in ra y racing*  1975-1992 8he com+any continued to grow u+ to the ear y &5. moderniFed its + ants. but the +roEect was dro++ed in &55/* 8he +ri#atisation of the com+any in :u y &55> mar1ed a mi estone in its history* 8a1ing ad#antage of its newfound freedom. the Aenau t &>. the first 9sma car for e#erybody9.1945-1975 Aenau t. Aenau t acce erated its internationa eD+ansion* 8he aunch of ?ogan was a 1ey +art of the strategy to win emerging mar1ets* . Aenau t too1 a sta1e in Jissan in &555* 8he com+any continued to inno#ate and renew its range with #ehic es inc uding 6Ngane and ?aguna* Success in 4ormu a & raised the Aenau t brand7s +rofi e* 8he Aenau t-Jissan $ iance conso idated its structure and continued to de#e o+ new synergies* With the acquisition of Samsung 6otors and Cacia.*  1992-2005 Aenau t considered a merger with 0o #o.. as we as bui ding and buying new +roduction sites* Ste+hen O74 aherty acquired the Aenau t 4ranchise for "re and in the ear y &5-'7s* He o+ened his Aenau t showrooms in a famous Cub in andmar1 on the corner of She bourne Aoad in Ba sbridge* $n attem+t to conquer the 3S mar1et fai ed but Aenau t ne#erthe ess continued its internationa eD+ansion* Success came with the <I0. fo owed by the Aenau t < and Aenau t -R*8he com+any then aunched an u+mar1et mode .'7s* 8he renewa of the range gathered +ace with the aunch of two u+mar1et mode s= Aenau t . the first 9#oiture S #i#re9 % itera y 9car for i#ing9)* $t the same time.and Bs+ace* 8he brand made its mar1 in motors+orts and entered 4ormu a &* But the com+any was osing money hea#i y* By initiating a drastic cost-cutting +o icy and refocusing on its core s1i s. now a nationa cor+oration.. Aenau t was bac1 in the b ac1 in &5.

Aenau t +ursued its +roduct offensi#e with the aunch of Jew 6Ngane and ro ed out numerous initiati#es regarding the e ectric #ehic e. Since 2005 Iar os 2hosn. +artnering with Better P ace and e ectricity uti ity BC4 and +resenting a +rototy+e fue ce ScNnic and the Z*B* Ionce+t conce+t car*  $n $merican mu tinationa automa1er headquartered in Cearborn.''. 6ichigan. the ?ogan has enEoyed unfai ing success in emerging mar1ets* "n . which aims to +osition the 2rou+ as Buro+e7s most +rofitab e carma1er* Since then. a suburb of Cetroit*  4ounded by Henry 4ord and incor+orated on :une &>. a ready President of Jissan succeeded ?ouis SchweitFer at the head of Aenau t* He im+ emented the Aenau t Iommitment . &5'/* ..''5 + an.

&5'. 4ord introduced the first engine with a remo#ab e cy inder head.*  8he 4ord 6otor Iom+any was aunched in a con#erted factory in &5'/ with twe #e in#estors.'&' #ehic e sa es*  Henry 4ord7s first attem+t at a car com+any under his own name was the Henry 4ord Iom+any on Jo#ember /. One of the wor d7s argest and most +rofitab e com+anies.4ord introduced the seat be t reminder ight*  8he 4ord 6ustang was introduced in &5><*  "n &55' and &55< res+ecti#e y. the first car with safety g ass in the windshie d* 4ord aunched the first ow +riced 0. which became the Iadi ac 6otor Iom+any on $ugust .*  "tTs sis the com+any that offered ?ifeguard safety +ac1age. 4ord introduced the 6ode $. inc uding 9Irosso#er S30s9 bui t on unibody car + atforms. for the first time in a car. most notab y :ohn and Horace Codge *  "n &5'. and.. which inc uded such inno#ations as a standard dee+-dish steering whee .argest in the wor d based on . &5'&. 4ord a so acquired :aguar Iars and $ston 6artin*  4ord mo#ed to introduce a range of new #ehic es. as we as being one to sur#i#e the 2reat Ce+ression*  Iommercia #ehic es under the 4ord brand and uDury cars under the ?inco n brand*  Owns sma sta1es in 6aFda of :a+an and $ston 6artin of the 3nited Mingdom*  introduced methods for arge-sca e manufacturing of cars and arge-sca e management of an industria wor1force using e aborate y engineered manufacturing sequences ty+ified by mo#ing assemb y ines  By &5&< these methods were 1nown around the wor d as 4ordism*  Second.. o+tiona front. and in the same year offered the first retractab e hardto+ on a mass+roduced siD-seater car* "n &5>. rear seatbe ts. engine +owered car in &5/. rather than more body-on-frame chassis* . in the 6ode 8* "n &5/'.argest 3*S*-based automa1er and the fifth. and an o+tiona +added dash and a so chi d-+roof door oc1s.

to merge with Porsche* • 4amous for Ciese engine U 8C" which stands for K8urbocharged Cirect "nEectionL* • 3nder the so-ca ed 90o 1swagen ?aw9. SB$8.. Bugatti and Bent ey marques. was a++ointed BDecuti#e Ihairman in &55. 8rans+orter or Mombi %cam+ers. no shareho der in 0o 1swagen $2 cou d eDercise more than . great-grandson of Henry 4ord %and better 1nown by his nic1name 9Bi 9). :etta is for Eetstream. S1oda. Wi iam I ay 4ord :r*. short for Mombinations1raftwagen)* • 0W 3+V "s a city car. Scirocco is a desert wind. who is common y ca ed the sa#ior of 0W* • Iom+any a ways had a c ose re ationshi+ with Porsche. i*e*.' +ercent of the firm7s #oting rights. 2o f is for the 2u fstream wind. 0W a so got rights for the s+irit of ecstacy mascot and the gri e* 8hey were so d to B6W which had bought Ao s Aoyce name because 0W was on y interested in Bent ey anyway* Bent ey was at the time the more #o ume car manufacturer with twice the number of cars +roduced as Ao s Aoyce* 8i . B6W a owed 0W to use the ro s royce name and +ro#ided engines for ro s royce %because 0W cou dn7t reengineer ro s royce to run on 0W engines in time)* 4rom . and a so became Ihief BDecuti#e Officer of the com+any in .''. Passat is a trade wind. +art of the Jew Sma 4ami y %JS4) series of cars* . regard ess of their e#e of stoc1 ho ding* • 0o 1swagen and Sanyo ha#e teamed u+ to de#e o+ a battery system for hybrid e ectric #ehic es* 0W has a naming con#ention that re ies on winds as they are ca ed in 2erman or their originating region. ?amborghini.''&*  Vol swagen Grou! • 0o 1swagen means K+eo+ es carL in 2erman* • 8ag ine@S ogan U KCas $utoL or L8he IarL* • Wor dTs third argest manufacturer behind 8oyota and 26* • Buro+eTs argest automa1er* • 0o 1swagen %0W) is the best-se ing marque of the 0W grou+* • 4ounded by 4erdinand Porsche* • Owns $udi. 0ento is "ta ian for KwindL. etc* 8he 2o f was ca ed the Aabbit in the Jorth $merican mar1et* • 0W grou+ created wor dTs first successfu W engine* • 8he +o+u ar 9Hi++ie #an9 or 9Iam+er9 is actua y the 0W 8y+e . and truc1 manufacturer Scania* • 0W bought Ao s royce motors from 0ic1ers %Bent ey was +art of ro s royce motors) Bent ey from 0ic1ers* $ ong with Bent ey.''/.. many automa1ers %inc uding 4ord) famous y did not acce+t contro of the com+any saying it wasnTt worth anything* • Iom+any + aced under British $rmy 6aEor "#an Hiest. 0W7s Ao s-Aoyce@Bent ey di#ision became Bent ey* B6W o+ened a new factory for Ao s-Aoyce at 2oodwood near the historic 2oodwood circuit* • $fter Wor d War "".

but was forced out of the com+any he hadfounded because of dis+utes between him and the su+er#isory board* He founded a second com+any and continued using the Horch brand name* His former +artners sued him for trademar1 infringement and he was barred from using the Horch brand name* So. Cam+f-Mraft-Wagen %CMW). with the $uto 3nion and JS3 brands effecti#e y dead. the com+any7s officia name was now shortened to sim+ y K$udi $2L* • $ series of reca s from &5. <th U Wanderer* • $udi factories were destroyed in a ied bombing in WW""* %$ "ta ian and 2erman com+anies were +art of the aDis war effort) • $uto 3nion was acquired by Caim er-BenF who in#ested hea#i y in the com+any* • $uto 3nion was dis+osed of by Caim er-BenF because of its ow +rofitabi ity* • 8he new owner 0o 1swagen benifited from Caim er-BenFTs in#estments which inc uded a new factory at "ngo stadt and a +roduction-ready modern four-stro1e engine* • 0o 1swagen dum+ed CMW because of its association with two stro1e tech* • $uto 3nion merged with JS3. to &5... /rd U Horch. which was then the wor dTs argest manufacturer of motorcyc es %but had mo#ed onto sma cars).-. ca ed $udi JS3 $uto 3nion $2* • "n &5.. he renamed his com+any $udi* • "n $ugust &5. .• 8he 0W 8y+e &>> Schwimmwaggen %f oating @swimming car) +roduced in WW"" for the 2erman army was the most mass +roduced am+hibious car in the wor d* • 0W 2o f is the wor d7s third most-se ing mode * • 0W W?& to be the greenest 0W* Audi • Positioned as the +remium brand within the 0o 1swagen grou+* • $udi tag ine U K0ors+rung durch 8echni1L which means KProgress through 8echno ogyL • $udi tag ine in 3*S* U K8ruth in BngineeringL* • Purchased from Caim er-BenF as K$uto 3nionL* • 4ounded by $ugust Horch* • $udi is atin for KHorchL which means K istenL in 2erman* • $udi headed the now defunct K$udi Brand 2rou+L which consists of $udi.nd U CMW. acquired the maEority of shares in $udiwer1e $2* • $udi merged with Horch. to form the K$uto 3nionL* • $uto 3nion used < inter in1ed rings %the $udi badge today) re+resenting these < brands* "t was used on y for $uto 3nion racing cars* 8he member com+anies used their own names and emb ems* "t was desgined by Aayan $bdu ah* 8he first ring re+resents $udi. SB$8 and ?amborghini* • $ugust Horch founded K$* Horch H Iie*L. CMW and Wanderer in &5/. after sudden unintended acce eration of .

. but named after $udi A. $udi started the $udi 6i eage 6arathon to +romte its 8C" diese techno ogy* • $udi is now de#e o+ing the $udi e-tron e ectric dri#e +owertrain system* • 8he origina e-tron conce+t is based on the A.''>* • "n .* • $udi A. is ightest a -whee dri#e car in fu -siFe uDury segment* • $udi $. and S< were the first in the S ine of +erformnce cars* • AS ta1en from 2erman KAennS+ortL which is trans ated as KAacing S+ortL* • 8here used to be on y & AS mode at a time unti recent years* • $udi S range of cars has em+hasis on #ertica ines in gri e* • $udi +roduce a s+ecification of o+tiona s+orts trim +ac1ages to their mainstream mode s.* • $udi has the second most wins at ?e 6ans. e-tron quattro became the first hybrid to win the . simi ar to B6W7s iCri#e* • quattro refers to $udiTs !uattro < whee dri#e system* • !uattro 2mbH U subsidiary of $udi which s+ecia iFes in +roducing high +erformance $udi cars and com+onents* • $udi was first com+any to +roduce a &''( ga #aniFed %to +re#ent corrosion) mass mar1et #ehic e.< Hours of ?e 6ans* • "n . race car won ?e-6ans for . both in . fo owing introduction of the +rocess by Porsche* • $udi S and AS are a range of high +erformance cars* • $udi S and AS cars are a ways a -whee dri#e* • 8he S. e-tron set the record for the fastest B0 to a+ the Jurburgring* • 8he $udi A&' 8C" was the first diese s+orts car to win %though not the first diese engined car to com+ete) the &. first car to feature $udiTs $ uminium S+ace 4rame techno ogy* • $udi + anning an a iance with :a+anese e ectronics giant Sanyo to de#e o+ hybrid e ectrics* • $udi A. $udi7s A&.years out of .'&.$udi -'''s ed to s um+ing of sa es in 3S* • $udi 66" is a user interface and media system de#e o+ed by $udi.< Hours of ?e 6ans. winning in && of the &/ years they +artici+ated* 8hey ha#e recent y dominated ?e 6ans* Lamborghini • • • car* 4ounded by 4errucio ?amborghini* 4ounded with the obEecti#e of +roducing a refined grand touring .''5. was de#e o+ed from $udi ?e 6ans !uattro conce+t. Hours of Sebring and the . racing car* • $udi A. 1nown as the S ine %not to be confused with the S range of high +erformance cars)* 8his is mere y a trim s+ecification which a ows customers to effect a s+orty a++earance in their mainstream $udi mode * • $udi $.

window ess #ersion of the ?amborghini $#entador* : stands for 9:ota9* • On y & $#entador : has been and wi be made* "t was a eady so d before un#ei ing at the 2ene#a 6otor Show* 8here wi not be a second $#entador : e#en for the ?amborghini museum* • $t the . and made sure that the bonnet stayed c osed to hide the missing engine* • 8he /-' 280 was redesigned into the /-'28 which was ?amborghiniTs first +roduction mode * • 8he /-'280 was so d at a oss in order to 1ee+ +rices com+etiti#e with 4errari7s* • ?amborghini 6iura was the first #iab e road car s+orting the midengine ayout* • 8he 6iura was origina y concei#ed as a road car with racing +edigree by ?amborghini7s engineering team. < whee dri#e* . ?amborghini un#ei ed the 3rus Ionce+t S30* 8his is the first S30 By ?amborghini since the ?6''. was so im+ressed by the maEestic 6iura anima s that he decided to ado+t a raging bu as the emb em for the automa1er he wou d o+en short y* • 4irst two ?amborghinis had a +hanumeric names* 6ost ater cars were named in connection with bu fighting* • ?amborghini bro1e from tradition. then was fina y +urchased by 0WTs $udi* • 8he wor d of bu fighting is a 1ey +art of ?amborghini7s identity* • "n &5>.''-< stands for ?ongitudina Posterior %Position of the engine). ?amborghini un#ei ed the $#entador : U a roof ess.''HP. who designed the car in their s+are time against the wishes of 4erruccio ?amborghini* • $t aunch. a 8aurus himse f. . 2ene#a 6otor Show. it was the fastest +roduction road car a#ai ab e* • $ retro-sty ed ?amborghini 6iura conce+t car was made in .• 4actory at Sant $gartha.''> commemorating the <'th anni#ersary of the &5>> 2ene#a introduction of the origina 6iura* • 8he com+any changed se#era hands and fina y came under Ihrys er. an eDc amation of astonishment used by Piedmontese men u+on sighting a beautifu woman* ?egend has it that sty ist Juccio Bertone uttered the word in sur+rise when he first aid eyes on the Iountach +rototy+e.* • ?P . but for countachV. BeiEing 6otor Show..* • 8he 3rus is a + ug-in hybrid with a turbocharged 0. a renowned breeder of S+anish fighting bu s* ?amborghini.9* • 8he Iountach was the first ?amborghini to feature the signature scissor doors* • 8he 6urcie ago was the first ?amborghini after $udi acquired it* • 8he 6urcie ago was the first ?amborghini to use carbon fibre* • $t the .'&. 9ProEect &&. 4erruccio ?amborghini #isited the Se#i e ranch of Con Bduardo 6iura. naming the Iountach not for a bu . "ta y • ?amborghini /-' 280 was ?amborghiniTs first +rototy+e car* • 8he ?amborghini /-' 280 went on dis+ ay without an engine under its hood* 4erruccio ?amborghini had the engine bay fi ed with bric1s so that the car wou d sit at an a++ro+riate height abo#e the ground.'&.

9weight was the enemy9* • Bttore Bugatti a so designed a successfu motoriFed rai car.m+h)* • Bugatti 0eyron 0itesse is the wor d7s fastest con#ertib e* • 8he origina Bugatti 0eyron and 0eyron 2rand S+ort %con#ertib e) has a W&> engine with < turbo chargers which +roduces &''&HP* • 8he 0eyron Su+er S+ort and 0itesse has a W&> quad turbo engine which +roduces &. !ueen B iFabeth "" usua y tra#e s in one of two custom-bui t Bent ey State ?imousines* $esla %otors • • • 4ounded by B on 6us1* Jamed after Jico a 8es a* Based in Si icon 0a ey* . 1m@h %.*."ugatti • 4ounded in &5'5 in 6o sheim. and for the artistic way in which the designs were eDecuted.. with a to+ s+eed of </&*'.ega car in the wor d.-'m+h* • 8he Bugatti 0eyron Su+er S+ort #ersion is the fastest road.''HP* • Origina y Bugatti was to bui d on y /'' 0eyrons %inc uding a #ersions). the $utorai * • Bugatti 0eyron was the first +roduction car to cross .>. 4rance by "ta ian-born Bttore Bugatti* • 6anufacturer of high-+erformance automobi es* • Bugatti won the first e#er 6onaco 2rand PriD* • Bugatti is 1nown both for the e#e of detai of its engineering in its automobi es. but the 0eyron con#ertib es eDtended that number by &-'* • Bugatti has decided that &> cy inders and &''&HP is the minimum for any of its future cars* • Bugatti u tra uDury u tra high-+erformance sedan conce+t is ca ed &>I 2a ibier* "entle# • Bent ey was founded by Wa ter Owen Bent ey* • $ Bent ey cars are made at Irewe* • Bent ey was bought by Ao s Aoyce* Ao s Aoyce was bought by 0ic1ers which made Bent ey and Ao s Aoyce into Ao s Aoyce 6otors* • Bent ey7s badge and hood ornament is ca ed the 9Winged B9* • Bent ey is the on y manufacturer to use +o ished stain ess stee instead of chrome % i1e for the radiator gri e of the 6u sanne)* • Bent ey showed a S30 conce+t at the 2ene#a $uto Show ca ed the Bent ey BWP 5 4 Ionce+t* • On state occasions. gi#en the artistic nature of Bttore7s fami y* • Bttore Bugatti famous y described Bent ey7s cars as 9the wor d7s fastest orries9 for focusing on durabi ity* • $ccording to Bugatti.

'' mi es %/. Surrey. and is a so ca ed 9Sunset9* • 4is1er Surf conce+t is a <-door + ug-in hybrid* • 4is1er $t anta is a <-door hybrid sedan conce+t which is to s ot be ow the Marma* %cLaren Automoti&e • Bstab ished as 6c?aren cars in &5. Sweden* 4ounded in &55< by Ihristian #on Moenigsegg* Moenigsegg7s first factory in $nge ho m caught fire* So they mo#ed to . to be re#ea ed at the Paris 6otor Show* • 6c?aren is designing a sma er car under the codename P&/* 'oenigsegg • • • Based in $nge ho m. is the first and on y a -e ectric s+orts car in seria +roduction* • 8he 8es a Aoadster is the first +roduction automobi e to use ithium-ion battery ce s and the first +roduction BB0 %a -e ectric) to tra#e more than . Ia ifornia* • 4irst car is the 4is1er Marma. 3*M* • 6c?aren 6P<-&.5* • 8he origina 6c?aren 4ormu a & team was founded by Bruce 6c?aren* • 4irst car was 6c?aren 4&* • 6c?aren headquarters is the 6c?aren 8echno ogy Ienter in Wo1ing. in an attem+t to re#i#e coachbui ding to customer s+ecifications* • Based in $naheim. to com+ete with the Porsche 5&. Henri1 4is1er and Bernhard Moeh er first founded 4is1er Ioachbui d. with o+tiona $WC* • 8es a 6ode W features fa con-wing doors* • 8es a se s e ectric +owertrain com+onents to Cai mer and 8oyota* Fis er Automoti&e • 4ounded by Henri1 4is1er and Bernhard Moeh er* • Before 4is1er $utomoti#e. is the s+iritua successor to the 6c?aren 4&* • P&. S+yder* • P&.• 8es a aims to acce erate the transition to e ectric mobi ity* • 8he 8es a Aoadster.' 1m) +er charge* • 8es a 6ode S is the ongest range +roduction B0* • 8es a 6ode S has the owest drag coefficient of any +roduction car* • Bach 6ode S is test dri#en in indoors %because it has Fero emissions)* • 8es a 6ode W is an e ectric crosso#er S30 conce+t.I was codenamed P&& in +rotoy+e stages* • 6c?aren W-& U a one off* • 6c?aren is designing a hy+ercar under the codename P&. a + ug-in hybrid uDury sedan* • 4is1er Marma S is a hardto+ con#ertib e #ariant of the 4is1er Marma.

which consists of microsco+ic carbon nanotubes to hide the interior ighting unti it7s turned on. has a body made entire y out of Moenigsegg7s +ro+rietary materia consisting of diamond-coated carbon fiber* On y / were made.Iinques and . ProEect9. which then shines through what a++eared to be so id a uminium* • 8he $gera A bro1e the 2uinness Wor d Aecord . "ta y* • 6ercedes $62 su++ ies engines for Pagani* • Pagani7s first car was ca ed 9I. and was ater renamed as 4angio 4& in honour of fi#e-time 4ormu a One cham+ion :uan 6anue 4angio* 8he fina car was named the Zonda I&.'-/''-' 1m@h with a time of Eust .&*&5 seconds* Pagani • 4ounded by Horacio Pagani* • Based near 6odena.*5 b %&*/ 1g)@h+* • 8he IIWA 8re#ita which trans ates into 9three whites9 in Swedish. ma1ing this the rarest Moenigsegg* • 8he $gera is the successor to the IIW@IIWA* 8he name $gera comes from the Swedish #erb 7agera7 which means 9to actL or 9to ta1e action9* • 8he $gera has a ighting system ca ed K2host ightL. the W commemorating the &'th anni#ersary of the com+ etion and test dri#e of the first II #ehic e in &55>* • 8he IIWA is a biofue or f eDib e fue #ersion of the IIW* • 8he Moenigsegg IIWA ho ds the +ower-to-weight ratio record for +roduction cars. the test requirement was deemed too com+ icated for ow-#o ume manufacturers to co+e with* • 4irst +rototy+e was Moenigsegg II* • Moenigsegg IIA brief y he d the wor d record for fastest +roduction car. but not see them* 8hey ado+ted a s ogan 98he show must go on9* 8hey a so had a ghost symbo which Moenigsegg now +uts the ghost symbo on the rear window of e#ery car they bui d there to honour the squadron* • Moenigsegg is the on y su+ercar and ow-#o ume manufacturer to +ass the new Buro+ean +edestrian im+act tests* :ust after Moenigsegg +assed this test. which was the first Swedish fighter squadron* 8hey were ca ed the ghosts since they eft before dawn and came bac1 after dus1. who died in &55-* • 8he Zonda A is a racing #ersion of the Zonda and is not street ega * On y &' were made* • 8he Zonda A ho ds the record for fastest time around the Jürburgring* • 8he Zonda Iinque %"ta ian for -) was meant to be the ast Zonda* "t is a roadgoing #ersion of the Zonda A* On y .some abandoned air force bui dings nearby* 8he bui ding be onged to the Jo*& squadron.Q the 4angio 4& name was dro++ed out of res+ect for 4angio. with a +ower-to-weight ratio of . so +eo+ e cou d hear them.Iinque Aoadsters were made* • 8he Zonda 8rico ore is the ast Zonda which was not bui t as a one-off* "t is named after the "ta ian aerobatics squadron* "t was origina y meant to be a one-off but / . beating the 6c?aren 4&* • 8he name IIW is an abbre#iation for Iom+etition Iou+N W.

the "ncan 2od of wind* Hindustan %otors • Part of Bir a grou+* • "ndia7s +ioneering automobi e manufactoring com+any* • ?argest car manufacturer in "ndia before the rise of 6aruti 3dyog* • $mbassador is based on the British 6orris ODford """* • $mbassador is considered as a definiti#e "ndian car and is fond y ca ed 98he 1ing of "ndian roads9* • Iontessa is based on the British 0auDha 0ictor 4B and used an "suFu engine* • $#igo U re#ision of the $mbassador • 3sed to ma1e earth mo#ers %H6 Barthmo#ing Bqui+ment Ci#ision U H6BBC) in a Eoint #enture with Iater+i ar* Iater+i ar bought the + ant.were made* • 8he Pagani Huayra %+ronounced why-rah) is named after Huayra-tata. H6 sti a +artner with Iater+i ar in Hindustan Power P us* • 8here were +artnershi+s with 26 and "suFu* • :oint #enture with 6itsubishi* (amaha • 4ounded as a +iano and reed organ manufacturer* • 8he Xamaha cor+orate ogo is com+osed of three tuning for1 + aced on to+ of each other in a triangu ar +attern* • Xamaha means 9mountain eaf9* • 4irst to bui d a monoshoc1 motocross bi1e* • Xamaha and 8oyota ha#e a ca+ita a iance* .