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I am a senior electronics engineer focusing on RF systems, microwave, wireless and analog circuits design and optimization which allow engineering and management teams to achieve program and corporate objectives. My field of experience is diverse: fluent in analog/digital signal processing and communication systems theory; familiar with mix-signal/RF IC design; adept at gathering and translating complex wireless systems requirements into viable solutions; experienced in electronic system bringing up, testing and debugging. I have worked with large firms as well as with fabless design centers. My strengths include innovative design solutions, expertise in RF systems and abilities at collaborating across departments to complete projects to specification on time and within budget.

Areas of expertise
Systems Design and Analysis RF, Microwave, Analog Design Communication Systems Theory Technical Project Management New Business development Proposals/Reports Writing Circuits Analysis/Optimization Design Troubleshooting/Test Spread-Spectrum Systems

L-3 COMMUNICATIONS, COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS-WEST, Salt Lake City, Utah 2010 – 2013 Senior RF Systems Analyst
New business development support. LOS and satellite communication system analysis and frequencies management. Conducted EMI/EMC testing at systems locations and implemented coexistence mitigation solutions. Performed RF testing with different waveforms for new communication systems. Assisted with proposals for new communication systems development.

L-3 COMMUNICATIONS COLEMAN AEROSPACE, Orlando, Florida Senior RF Engineer (consultant)

2009 – 2010

RF system analysis for delivery vehicles telemetry and ground systems. Developed link margin calculations, antenna analysis and RF system coexistence analysis. Conducted testing to support forensic investigations of failures root causes and provided solutions. Performed testing and documentation on telemetry components. Assisted with reports and specifications documentation.

INDIAN RIVER SILICON, LLC, Melbourne, Florida Senior RF Systems Architect

2007 - 2008

Lead RF engineering systems’ contributor to the 802.11n MIMO embedded projects architectural evaluation, decision making. Provided a high level of technical support to the individual engineering tasks. Developed architectures for RF wireless systems projects. Performed system architecture tradeoff analysis, evaluation and critical parameter performance optimization. Provided system level and detailed analog and RF circuit’s specifications. Guided and advised RF/Mix-signal circuit design engineering teams. Researched the discrete time transceiver architectures implementation. Helped customer significantly improve new 11n MIMO transceiver IC design Developed and implemented new methodology for MIMO transceiver architecture optimization Provided support for RF/Mix-signal/SW teams during product development Analyzed systems architecture tradeoffs and standards requirements for 60 GHz, DIRB and WLAN/BT/GPS/FM combo chip solutions Led company research efforts for discrete time transceiver architectures implementation

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CONEXANT SYSTEMS, Inc., Melbourne, Florida Electronic Design Senior Staff Engineer

2006 – 2007

Analyzed and optimized transceivers architecture for 802.11a, b, g, n and MoCA products. Generated detailed block level 11bg simplified transceiver specification for RF/Mix-signal teams. Created system and detailed block level 11n 3x3 MIMO transceiver specifications for RF/Mix-signal teams. Planned engineering activities for WiMAX, Bluetooth and FM radio design implementation in submicron CMOS. Coordinated PDR and CDR meetings Helped to solve and analyze problems with two new transceiver silicones Played a key role in 802.11 and cell phones coexistence specification requirement definitions Selected vendors for alternative external PA supply and helped evaluate prototype reference designs

AMI SEMICONDUCTOR, Inc., Pocatello, Idaho Senior RF Systems Architect

1996 - 2005

Worked as an interface between external customers and internal design teams by translating customer requirements to ASIC solutions design specifications. Analyzed and simulated customer systems architecture tradeoffs and developed creative and effective technical solutions to satisfy customer needs. Developed and implemented RF projects plans and led design teams during RF ASIC development. Generated and presented technical presentations to customers and organized, directed, contributed at Corporate Level meetings. Facilitated hands-on RF products trainings for sales personnel. Raised customer confidence by presenting state of the art alternative architecture designs and analysis Increased the level of successful first time silicon out RF designs Managed successful RF Bluetooth module project execution as a project manager Implemented high fidelity IR headphones receiver ASIC architecture design Designed new topology low noise and high dynamic range mixer for direct conversion receivers Solved stability problem with PN code acquisition and tracking circuits in a DSSS baseband chip Created an easy to follow reference designs and application note documents

SCIENCE RESEARCH DEPARTMENT of MTI, Moscow Leader of Research Group

1989 – 1993

Coordinated research efforts for the adaptive interference suppression technique implementation in the spread spectrum telecommunication systems. Led a group of five engineers and technician in the design, development, prototyping, and testing of the adaptive canceller device. Co-authored comprehensive research and prototype test reports. Exceeded all the hard-to-reach performance and schedule goals Secured customer funds for research extension


1982 – 1989

Served as a core member on the cross-functional team responsible for state of the art space surveillance radars electromagnetic compatibility (EMI/EMC) compliance. Identified best concepts/designs in interference immunity, EMC, and radiation safety areas. Designed subsystem architectures, algorithms, RF specifications and test procedures for over the horizon advanced design array radars. Developed EMI/EMC test methodologies and helped customers on locations to conduct compliance tests. Surveyed and authorized new installation locations for over the horizon advanced design array radars on the subject of EMI/EMC. Contributed to a significant increase in radars interference immunity Introduced new EMI/EMC verification methodologies Collaborated two new State Standards for space monitoring (SM) radar systems

Andrei R. Petrov: (321) 848-7658 ·


COLLEGE of ENGINEERING IDAHO STATE UNIVERSITY, Pocatello, Idaho Adjunct Faculty Taught EE g418/518 Communication Systems -- 3 credit class Taught EE 329 Introduction to Electronics -- 3 credit class 2003 – 2005

MOSCOW TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY of COMMUNICATIONS and INFORMATICS, Russia 1990 - 1993 Assistant Professor Directed practical training (seminars, workshops, laboratories) on solid state radio-engineering Guided graduate students’ theses

Master of Business Administration (MBA), 1995
Marriott School of Management Brigham Young University (BYU), Provo, Utah

Doctor of Philosophy, Communication Systems Engineering, 1993
Dissertation under guidance of Prof. Dr. Y.A. Kubitskiy: Title: “Research and Design of an Adaptive Canceller Devices for Quasi-Harmonic Interference/Jammer in Spread Spectrum Communication Systems” Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics, Moscow, Russia

Master of Physics, 1987
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, USSR

Bachelor and Master of Science in Radio Engineering, 1982
Diploma Thesis under guidance of Prof. Dr. N.I. Smirnov: Title: “A Signal Detector Module for a Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Communication System with the Use of Consecutively Connected SAW Filters” Moscow Telecommunication Institute, Moscow, USSR

- Awarded DARPA contract for “Time Domain Approach to Nonlinear Transmitter Architecture for High-Order Modulation Signals,” 2013 - Spirit of Excellence Special Recognition for excellent contribution and services to L-3 Communications, 2011 - First Level AMI Semiconductor Invention Achievement Award in Recognition of Technical Leadership and Innovative Contribution to AMIS, 2004 PUBLICATIONS - Seven Patents - Eleven Application Notes - Forty Four Papers and Scientific Reports - Three Books Reviewed for John Wiley & Sons

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)