The Mission Statement

Vision: To meet and exceed customer’s expectation by products& services at offering high quality

competitive prices, in time all the time.

 To be recognized as the largest & most efficient manufacturer in our product line in the Nation.  To be a responsible corporate entity which recognizes and insures that its activities are sustainable and have a positive impact on its employees and society.

Universal Motors & Eco Motors : For food processors. Portable Personal Stereos etc. Micro-wave tables. Tandon Sh N.C. High-Speed Recorders. Portable Personal Stereos etc. Agarwal PRODUCT RANGE Tape DeckMechanism :For Stereo Players. D. Mixer & Grinder. Micro Motors : For Tape Deck Mechanisms .K. S. Synchronous Motors & Stepper Motors : For Air-conditioner louvers.L Sethia ShKishor Sethia Sh Sanjeev Sethia Sh Vikas Sethia Dy Chief Executive General Manager Sh. Rotary display tables etc. Double-Speed. CD /VCD /DVD loading.C. .Single-Speed. Car Stereos.COMPANY INTRODUCTION Year of Establishment Managing Director Chief Executive (Works) Executive (Works) 1969 Sh M.

Free Power Generators : For Transistors for Philips Audio Systems : Complete Audio System as Tape Recorder. Goa Home Appliances : Electric light weight Irons. Electrical Light Fittings : ElectricalLuminaires for Philips. Baddi. Mixer/Juicer/Grinders for Philips at Elin. Toasters. Walkman and Radio for Philips at Elin. Two in One. Audio Systems Fan Blower Motor : For Frost Free Refrigerators Submersible Pump: For Air Coolers . CD Mechanism : For Audio/Video Systems Terminal Blocks : For Refrigeration Speakers : For TVs.

ISO IMPLEMENTATION:• • • ISO 9001 : 2000 ISO 14001:2004 ISO TS 16949. ) are allowed in a month after 3 late coming half day will be marked • Attendance marking Punching card has to be punched in Recording machines which are maintained at main gate and second gate for all persons.2002 For Quality since 1996 For Environment since 2002 For specific requirement of Automobile Industries since 2005 CERTIFIED BY DNV (DET NORKSE VERITAS) WORKING CONDITION • Canteen Lunch TimingsProvided in Canteen.B.C. 3 times late coming (10 min. 11:30 to 2:00 PM. • Gate Pass System ( Employees)Official / Personal the times for maintaining incoming and out going time of . • Shift Timings • Punctuality General/ A. Coupens for lunch 100%.

• Tea Facilities (Staff) . . • Salary / Wages Payments Before 7 th of every month. for new person quarterly. • Out door duty Authorization slip has to be submitted in Personnel deptt. • Performance Appraisal . (Workmen) . • Bus Arrangement - Workmen are Searched by Security and staff as Only for Female Employees for which approx.00 will be deducted. • Traveling Expenses Paid by the accounts deptt by recommendation of HOD and approval of GM / Dy. before or after finishing of assignment.• Security System and when required.Workmen have to pay subsidized cost for tea.E. as per rules available at Accounts deptt. Workers are paid by cash and Staff through Bank.. C. • Compensatory Payment officers are .Jr.Annually in April.Tea is provided free 2 times in a day.of working. Rs. 350. They will be entitled for one day’s salary payment. Requisitionfor compensation to be submitted to HRDdepartment after sanctioned fromHOD and approval of Management. After8 hrs. Staff upto Senior Engineers and entitled to compensatory payment if they are continuously staying on duty for more than 6 hrs.

• Selection of Manpower interview of the candidate Selection committee will take the and if found suitable the application will be forwarded for approval to the Management for final interview and selection.EL (1 day after 20 days working)EL can be accumulated upto maximum 45 days.only for the persons out of ESI coverage )Earned Leave . 2 months salary which should be deducted within that year. 4. Advance can between 20th and 22nd of every month.Eligible person can put forward loan application to Personnel department after recommendation from the management. .E.M / Dy.E In case of Grievance . • Manpower Requirement required by HOD. G.• Leaves Facility - 7 Causal Leave (CL). and Through Authorization slip be of HOD for approval in 3 months availed once approved by the GM. HOD 2. The slip has to be submitted to Personnel Deptt for arrangement of manpower. C. C. Max. • Grievances Handling procedure has to be followed :1. following • Loans and Advance Payment - Loan may be granted once in two years to permanent employees . Personnel3. • Leave Available system Leave application is to be submitted to Personnel deptt after Getting approval of HOD. 7 Medical Leave (ML.

Use while working on height or working on crane / lifter. Shoes Compulsory in Chemical working area 3.After filling the forms it has to be put in the suggestion box outside the Personnel deptt. 4. 300/cash as awardgiven and if the suggestion is fully implemented and has resulted in cost saving an amount equivalent to 10% of saving or Rs. ThickCotton hand globesWhile unloading of CRCA sheet SCHEME IMPLEMENTED IN COMPANY Suggestion Scheme :-We value suggestion given by our employees and expect that every employee will give atleast2 suggestion in a year. Mask Where fumes and gasses are used. 7. Goggles For machining jobs. 8.The forms for giving suggestions are available in Personnel as well as with the department’s head. welding jobs. 5000 whichever is lower is given to the employees on 1st of January (Annual day) . paints of Shad. Rubber hand globes 9. Persons whose suggestion are selected Rs. Use where chemical is being used. Dress Helmet For girls. Safety Ropes/ Safety belt Use during construction work . jacket and cap.e. Aprons Use for Painting work 2. 6.SAFETY IS OUR CONCERN It is advised to use Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPE) for safe working in the factory Following PPE is being used in the departments. Use where cut injury chances are there i. 5. 1. To encourage new ideas for improvement a suggestion scheme is running in the organization .

A Graphical overview Group Turnover TURNOVER OF LUMINAIRE BUSINESS Turnover(Crores) 80 70 60 Value (Cr.) 50 40 30 20 10 0 Turnover 2009 32.12 .11 2011 68.79 2010 39.

00 60.5 84.GSRS RATING GSRS Rating for Elin 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 63.00 80.00 40.00 0.5 79.5 75.0 86.00 79.5 77.0 81.22 YEAR SRS Rating of Philips For ELF 100.0 77.5 69.0 79.0 72.75 1 78.0 Scoring Months SRS Rating .00 20.

Govt. ELCINA award for Export Growth. of India for outstanding efforts in Entrepreneurship FICCI-SEDF Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2009. of India. of India) ELCINA award for Indigenisation of Capital Goods for Manufacture of Electronic Products. Small & Medium Enterprises. Elin R & D Recognised by Deptt. Two Star Industries award from Directorate of Industries Import Substitution award from All India Radio and Electronic Association Excellence in Electronics award from Govt. of Science & Technology. 2001-02 ELCINA award of Excellence for Environment Management ELCINA award for Quality Quality Excellence Award from Institute of Trade & Industrial Development Certificate of Green Partner from Sony – Japan (ROHS Compliance) Best Delivery Performance Award from Denso MSME – National Award -2008 Ministry of Micro.Awards & Recognitions 1982 1991-92 1993 1994 1994 1996 1997-98 1997-98 1999-00 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2006 -07 2007-08 2008-09 2008-09 2009-10 2009-10 2009-10 ELCINA award for Excellence In Exports 1991-92 Philips (C. of Electronics (Govt. National award for Excellence in Electronic Components from Deptt. ELCINA award for Excellence in Quality. .E. “Jury Commendation Award” Category: Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Award for Best Performance in Outstanding support from Denso Award For Best Performance in Cost from Denso HR Excellence Award for The Year 2009-10 Gold Award for Innovation In RETENTION STRATEGY. Govt.) the Best Co-maker award. ELCINA award for Research & Development Work in the field of electronic components. of India. ISO 9001 certification by DNV (Netherlands) ELCINA award for Indigenous Development of Capital Goods ESC award for Excellence in Export.


INCOMING QUALITY CONTROL(I.Q. To recover salvageable class component from broken / damaged To carry out aging test of components. It is the job of the IQC to conduct inspections and handle quality problem before the manufacturing process starts. Evaluation of new parts & report generation.C) DEPTT. visual & functional inspection of significant deviations. . Specific tasks of IQC include:              To perform approved list check To evaluate supplier quality records To perform sampling of incoming material based on the IS-2500 Part-1 1991 ISO2589-1:1989 Verifying accuracy through calibration Assess dimension. To conduct supplier’s end audit for factory evaluation and to made 4M agreement. Continually Enhance the IQC process Evaluation of online rejection Co-ordination with suppliers for quality problem To short quality related problem in shop floor.


SAMPLING PLAN LOT SIZE CODE ACCEPTED REJECTED SAMPLESIZE LATTER 2-8 9-15 16-25 26-50 51-90 91-150 151-280 281-500 501-1200 1201-3200 3201-10000 10001-35000 35001150000 150001500000 500000OVER A B C D E F G H J K L M N P Q 2 3 5 8 13 20 32 50 80 125 200 315 500 800 1250 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 3 5 7 10 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 6 8 11 .

No.No. b) Rectification Maintenance :. bend and wear out then damage parts are repaired or replaced by new . damage.Each time the mould is removed from the injection moulding m/c preventive maintenance is done. Core & Cavity insert Ejector pins 6 7 8 9 10 Riser (Spacer) Slider Feeding Bush Core Pin Guide pin 11 12 13 14 15 Limit Bolts Spring Cooling Channerls Nylon Bush Guide Bush Type of Injection Moulds:S. Parts S. Types Two plate moulds 1 (Standard moulds) Three plate moulds (stripper plate 2 moulds) 3 Split cavity moulds 4 Hot runner moulds Type of Mould Maintenance:a) Preventive Maintenance :. . MouldDesign: -Mould is 1) Core 2) Cavity separated into two halves :- Main Parts of the common term used to describe the production tooling used to produce plastic parts in injection Moulding machines. Parts 1 2 3 4 5 Mould Base Location Ring Sprue Bush.MOULDING SHOP Mould: . Parts S.No.When any part of mould has broken.

THERMOPLASTICS:-Thermoplastics are materials that can be repeatedly heated. melted and converted into a product. known as Monomer. ADVANTAGES OF USING PLASTIC Light in weight •Higher strength to weight ratio •Wider design freedom •Easy Processability •Low Energy Required for Manufacturing •Minimum post finishing required •Corrosion Resistant. In simple words plastic is one of the family members of polymers. 2.PLASTIC • Plastics are Macromolecular structured Polymer. Engineering Plastics – The Plastics which are used in Engineering applications. 2.The product cannot be re-melted and converted into another product again. • All Plastics are Polymers. Elastomers (Rubbers) or adhesives. TYPE OF PLASTIC 1. •Low creep •Better aesthetics . • Polymer is made up of many repeating simple chemical units. CLASSIFICATION OF THERMOPLASTICS :1. Commodity Plastics – The Plastics which are used in Non critical applications.But All Polymers are not Plastics. THERMOSETS:-Thermosets undergo a chemical reaction during conversion into a product. they may be Fibers .

Height FRO FRO.Thickness O.01mm 0.Angle I.001mm 0.Pin Gauge Std Slip Gauge Least Count 0. CALIPER Micrometer DIGI.Radius. HT.01 mm 0.(MM) 265 220 295 210 240 125 200 100 250 145 278 200 145 200 250 300 OPENING STOCK 560MM 400 MM 720 MM 370MM 500 MM 270 MM 500 MM 220 MM 760 MM 200 MM 195 MM 195 MM 150 MM 410 MM 450 MM 675 MM SPACE MAX.Thickness Depth.Height Depth.Width.Details of Moulding Machines S.80 mm 1.001 mm 0.(PS) 83GMS 72 GMS 150 GMS 55 GMS 280 GMS 156 GMS 132 GMS 55 GMS 424 GMS 14 GMS 72 GMS 55 GMS 6 GMS 55 GMS 60 GMS 200 GMS ALL MACHINE ARE PROGRAMABLE LOGIC CONTROL MACHINE Measuring Instruments Details Sl.50-7.01 mm 0. OF M/C 1 1 1 2 1 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 CLAMPING FORCE 130 TON 80 TON 168 TON 50 TON 150 TON 90 TON 90 TON 50 TON 220 TON 15 TON 70 TON 50 TON 7 TON 50 TON 75 TON 350 TON MIN. MOULD HT. BETWEEN TIE DAYLIGHT BAR H*V 750MM 620MM 950 MM 610 MM 950 MM 620 MM 670 MM 540 MM 1000 MM 350 MM 295 MM 295 MM 210 MM 580 MM 610 MM 1475 MM 460*460 MM 390*390 MM 560*510 MM 355*355 MM 490*490 MM 360*360 MM 360*360 MM 310*310 MM 510*510 MM 225*225 MM 320*320 MM 320*320 MM 140*140 MM 320*320 MM 340*340 MM 722*722 MM SHOT WT.001 mm 0.RRO. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 TOSIBA IS 130 TOSIBA IS 80 TOSIBA IS 170 DEMAGE 50 DEMAGE 150 SUPPER MASTER 90 (TOGGLE) SUPPER MASTER 90 (HYDRAULIC) SUPPER MASTER 50 SUPPER MASTER 220 JSW 15 JSW 70 MULTIPLAST SUMITOMO CN 50 CN 75 FEROMATIC 350 NO.N NAME OF M/C O. GAUGE Height Gauge Pappy Dial Profile Projector Std.D Slot Calibration Frequency 6 Month 6 Month 6 Month 6 Month 6 Month 6 Month 6 Month 6 Month .01mm 0.01 Range 0-150 mm 0-25mm 0-50 mm 0-10 mm 0-0.00 mm Characterstic Length.D. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Instruments Dial/DIGI.

K. Component Production Yes Parts Process Inspection Scrap If reusable No Deposit to Store Send to Scrap Yard Unloading of Tools & send to Tool Final Inspection O. specs. Receipt of Work Order from PPC Receipt of Raw material from Store Check the availability & condition of tools Corrective Action Short Capacity Assessment OK Make the alternate Arrangement Preparation of Daily M/c Loading Plan Provide drgs.K.K. Not O.K. Sheets. process inspn.K. Loading of Tools & take the Set up samples Not O.. Corrective Action Set up sample Inspection O. Work Instructions etc..Flow Diagram of Production Monthly Production Plan from PPC Not O. Rework Scrap Component Deposit in Stores/Excise .

Varying &Warpage Warpage & ejector mark Warpage Silver mark No effect .NO. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Process Parameter Ejector Temperature Material Injection pressure Injection speed Injection time Holding pressure Holding time Cooling time Back pressure Screw rotation LESS Comp. Not fill properly Dim.not eject proper EFECTS MORE Ejector mark &mould not closed Material burn Flash Flash Burn mark Catching problem Flash &catching problem Catching problem Production loss Nozzle choke Flash Filling problem&screw broken problem Shrinkage&short moulding Short moulding& weld line Weld line Comp.Process Setting Parameters S.

PROCESS FLOW CHART FOR PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE OF MOULDS Receipt of Tool with History Card after Production OK Condition of Tool & Quantity Produced NG Only Cleaning and Lubrication required Complete Preventive Maintenance Required Sent to M/s Maint. Cleaning. Lubrication and Preservation ( Shrink Film Wrapping) Performing Preventive Maintenance as per checklist and other Problem noticed Updating Tool History Card Handing over to Tooling History Card to Comp. file Storage and Updating Tool Storage register Updating Tool History Card . Dept.



4-1 mm Steam Cover Dent 0.MATRIAL USED Material Thickness Used for Problem UV Motor CRCA-Cold Rolled Comtrolled Annealed 0.4-2 mm Deck Port Auto Part Width Variation Rust Problem GPSP-Galvanized plated Skin Pass 1.F(Electro Light Fitting) Thickness variation EGCC-Electrical Gr. Carbon Content 0.2 mm Phosphorous Bronze Leaf Switch Blackish Shed .5-3 mm Auto Part Deep Scratches Aluminum 0.5-2 mm E.L.


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