Write about the theme of family love which is portrayed through the characters in the novel that you

have studied. Support your answer with close reference to the text. [15 marks] The novel that I have chosen to portray the theme of family love is “Step by Wicked Step” by AnneFine. This novel is regarding five British school children from Stagfire who shared their joys, sorrows and anxieties of their family life. It all begin when they arrived ahead of their classmates for a week-long field trip at "haunted' Old Harwick Hall. In the stormy wild night, Claudia, Pixie, Robbo, Ralph and Colin find a long-abandoned secret room containing a mysterious journal with the aid of flashes of lightning. They uncover a heart rending story of Richard Clayton Harwick, who runs away from the sinister influence of a loveless stepfather. This discovery triggers off each of them to reveal and share their own engrossing, heart-rending stories filled with hurting and healing moments way through a minefield of embittered or uncommunicative or just plain immature parents, insecure or reluctant step parents and resentful step siblings. The implied themes in this novel are revealed through the characters thoughts, speech, actions, reactions and what others say about them. Thus, based on this novel, I have chosen to write on Richard Clayton Harwick’s family members who have portrayed the theme of family love amazingly and dramatically through sense of love, devotion and loyalty. Richard’s mother, Lilith was the first to portray the sense of love in the family. She took all the trouble to search for Richard after he ran away from home. Richard was frustrated as his mother married Reverend Coldstone after his father's death.Lilith suffered Coldstone’s anger as when she spent a fortune seeking for Richard, their money lessened. Out of love for her beloved son, Richard, Lilith willingly sacrifices her wealth. She never stopped searching for him until her death. She died of broken heart because of her undying love for her beloved son, Richard. Charlotte showed her love too through her devotion. She kept searching for her beloved brother, Richard, after her mother’s death. However she faced trouble as she had no money of her own. Because of her strong family love, she married a rich man she did not love as he promised to help her find Richard. She was willing to sacrifice due to her immense devotion to her brother. She managed to reveal her selfless characteristic through her quest for her brother. Richard also showed that he had strong love for his family through his sense of loyalty. Before Richard’s father died, he tells Richard to take care of his mother and sister, Lilith and Charlotte Harwick. Richard become depressed as his father had only thought of his mother and sister instead of him until the end of his life. Richard become more tensed when his mother marries Reverend Coldstone, who is cruel towards him. Richard is then sent to a boarding school called Mordanger School, where he still suffered. Then he decides to run away and sail all over the world. Although he ran away, he still came by the house twice to catch a glimpse of his mother and sister due to his love that still lives in him, He finally returns home after he found a note on the captain’s table from the solicitors who have stated something to his advantage . He discovered a letter from his beloved sister, Charlotte , who had written before her death, In the letter, Charlotte reveals all the difficulties they had had to undergo. He realized that his mother

Another reason why I like Colin is because of his determination. He also remembers the many names that his stepfather gives him . He shows maturity by not telling his mother about his feeling towards his stepfather. In fact. Instead. He is determined to look for his stepfather. The character that i like the most is Colin. The above reasons are why I like Colin the most. He remembers how his stepfather rolls his own cigarette out of tobacco tin. He remembers everything about his stepfather. Jack. Therefore. He misses the times when his stepfather walks with him to school and pushes him up the swing in the park. First. He never blames his mother like any other children of his age. His final decision of whether to stay or leave Harwick Hall remains unknown while the family love will remain in his memories for the rest of his life. Colin still loves his mother and accepts the situation. loyalty and devotion growing without force under the shade of genuine family love. Sonny-Boy. i also admire Colin for being a sentimental person. he keeps an exact account on how long his stepfather has been gone which is five years. Buster and Bluebird'.'Col. there is forgiveness . He treasures all all the good things Jack does for him and that has given him strength. However. He has restored his loyalty in the end but his loved ones are gone forever. Colin proves to be a very sentimental person. he always prefer cash for Christmas present from his mother and does three paper rounds to earn money. Character that you sympathize ? The novel that i have read is Step by Wicked Step by Anne Fine. he writes a letter to his stepfather in his effort to locate his whereabouts. devotion and loyalty. Collie. Thus. Character you like the most? The novel that i have read is Step by Wicked Step by Anne Fine. The character that i sympathize in this . he saves every penny whenever he gets the chance. he has deep hidden feelings about the matter. Although Colin is perhaps too young to understand the conflict faced by the adults. patience. The sentimental values in Colin is the reason why he can stay loving towards his stepfather after so many years. eight months and seven days. his maturity has actually made me like his character very much. I adore him for his strong will. As a child he does not give up easily but makes a plan to achieve his dreams. This novel managed to prove that strong family relationship sustains family bond and heals all the hurting moments through sense of love.and sister was searching for him deliberately. Therefore. For example. Finally. I like him because Colin shows maturity beyond his age. The power of family love leads to reunion and healing in a family. we should appreciate and love our family unconditionally and be prepared to make sacrifices as when there is strong sense of love. he defends his mother's actions. Colin does all this because he is determined to leave home one day when he is old enough to look for his beloved stepfather. Then.

Richard realises that his mother will not take his side and his sister. He believes that Richard is too wild and needs to be taught manners. He loses his father to sickness. Character you admire because of the positive qualities? The novel that i have read is Step by Wicked Step by Anne Fine. he worried about how it would affect Dumpa. Due to his maturity. Robbo is a kind person. Reverend Coldstone is a harsh man who is strict and hard towards Richard. . These are some of the positive qualities that Robbo has displayed and which have drawn my admiration. Children become victims when families breakup. He loved his parents and sister and loses them all. It also helped him realize that drastic changes were needed to keep the family together and to come to a solution that would benefit all parties. Finally. Richard runs away to a life at seaand does well there rising to the position of Captain. His new stepfather makes life hard for him. He is miserable and decides to act. The character that i admire because of the positive qualities is Robbo. His stepfather too had passed away and his dear Charlotte had died in childbirth. His immense kindness was evident in the way he sought to protect Dumpa. He understood why Roy felt unwelcome in the house and that the only reason he remained there was for Dumpa. Robbo's best quality is his maturity. Robbo is also very understanding and sensitive person. Charlotte makes herself happy by being nice to her stepfather.novel is Richard Clayton Harwick. He experiences much misery and loss and these are reasons why I sympathize with him. There he is bullied and beaten. Richard is a victim of breakdown in his family. He showed a maturity beyond his years when he confronted his mother and sister directly and dealt with the situation once and for all. I feel sorry for Richard for all he wanted was his family and love. The burden and strain his mother went through while trying to referee the fights between Roy and Callie was not lost on Robbo either. His mother remarries a very cold and hard man and this causes much unhappiness to Richard. This adds to his misery. At home he was beaten by his stepfather for every small mistake and the school experience makes him more bitter about life. He was willing to put himself in his mother's and Roy's shoes and tried to understand their pain. He is a young boy who feels trapped in very unhappy circumstances. When he returns. Therefore. He did not want his baby half-brother to have to go through the pain and suffering he and his sister had experienced during his parents frequent arguments and final separation. He shows no love for Richard and sends him off to Mordanger School where Richard is treated badly. he finds that his mother has died of heartbreak. he was able to accept his parents' separation and bot be jealous or resentful of Dumpa and Roy. Even though he wished his parents were back together.

He even tries to mediate between Callie. It just goes to show that sometimes children can behave better than adults. Claudia and her father are as different as night and day. Their differences are more marked. he chooses the cowardly way of leaving home. There are glaring differences and some similarities between Richard and Robbo. without realising even once how hurt and abandoned they felt at his leaving. His arguments with his stepfather are so bad that it is impossible for them to love together. He feels like a stranger in his own home. On the other hand. He is too stubborn to compromise or at least try to make things better. Her father. Claudia is a much better person than her father. The character that i have picked to compare with another character is Claudia and her father. However. But this is where the similarities end. He allows his stepfather to make his home like a tomb as he calls it. Richard handles things differently. unlike her father. This is something Robbo would never do. Claudia is smart enough to realize that her father has set up the accidental meeting to introduce her to Stella. Claudia also shows remarkable perception. The novel that i have read is Step by Wicked Step by Anne Fine. When she and Stella has had a fight. When situations prove to be difficult. He chooses to make the best of a challenging home situation. Based on these characteristic. He routinely asks her whether she and her mother are fine. One of the key differences between them is her bravery. Not surprisingly. he chips in to help his mother and stepfather. This brings us to Claudia's intelligence. Claudia is kind and forgiving person. Their stepfathers are difficult to live with and so conflicts arise within the family. For similarities. He loves his half-brother like his own. could not even summon up the courage to properly introduce her daughter to Stella. Comparison : Similarities and Differences The novel that i have read is Step by Wicked Step by Anne Fine. Although she wants to be angry at Stella. They both make a good comparison of characters.Compare and contrast one of the character in the novel with another character. his stepfather. . Robbo refuses to let his stepfather ruin his happiness. she forgives and help her out. both are products of a broken home and both have to adjust living with a stepfather. on the other hand. she forgives her and makes up. another character which is very different from her father. his old sister and Roy. Claudia has the courage to thank Stella in front of her father's friend so that her father's friends would be nicer to Stella. opting to make the introduction seems like an accidental meeting. her father could not forgive or make up with her mother as easily and he does not stop himself from making harsh remarks about her either. Finally and the most importantly.

we have to be patient when facing challenges. Every weekend she goes to stay with her father and his new family.She also realizes how badly she has behaved. At the same time. There are some event that are so important to a character in this novel. Therefore. patience achieves better results than rashness and anger. This honest conversation creates an understanding between them. Both Lucy and Pixie speak truthfully about how they feel about each other and the family situation. Lucy goes all out to prove her wrong. In doing so. Important lesson The novel that i have read is Step by Wicked Step by Anne Fine. she has a talk with her. She thinks all kinds of ways to get rid of Hetty such as pretending the room is haunted and giving Hetty the 'semi-silent' treatment. One of the five pupils who comes form broken families is Pixie whose parents are divorced. after quarrelling with Sophie. It is the same with Stella. The important lesson that i have learnt from this novel is we have to be patient when facing challenges. Lucy. When Hetty moves into Pixie's bedroom. She dislikes her stepsisters. Important event The novel that i have read is Step by Wicked Step by Anne Fine. Pixie is unhappy. It ends . Often. This is the start of a new friendship and understanding between them. they achieve what they desire. This prompts the guests to give Stella a chance. Two characters. she listens to Pixie. She believes that a stepfamily can never be a happy family. all her attempts are rejected but does not discourage her. When Pixie's stepmother . During a major confrontation. This event is the turning point in Pixie's relationship with her father's new family. She exercise much patience in trying to win Claudia over. Initially.she manages to reason things out with Pixie. Lucy and Stella handle challenges with patience. Lucy's stepdaughter. She tries her best to explain to Pixie that a stepfamily can be a happy one. hears about her behavior. Pixie realizes that Lucy hates being a step-parent and how hard it is caring for someone else's child. Lucy learns how Pixie hates pretending there is a normal family and how difficult it is to be caught between her divorced parents. She succeeds in the ens for Claudia stands up for her when she sees how unfairly her father's friends treat Stella during supper.These are some of the similarities and differences between Richard and Robbo. They simply ignore her. is difficult to handle. Hetty and Sophie and calls them 'the Pains'. even after all the trouble she has gone through to make sure that everything is perfect for them. This removes some of the underlying tension between them and marks the beginning of a harmonious and happy friendship. In fact. Claudia comes downstairs and thanks Stella for the green pyjamas that she has bought for her. They hug each other like a mother and daughter would. letting her pour out all her frustrations. she puts in more effort to make Claudia likes her. Her patience pays off. Pixie. She and Pixie have a good cry together.

The signals the change in Pixie's relationship with her stepfamily.woth them crying and hugging each other. The honest talk between Pixie and Lucy is an important event to Pixie as it improves their relationship and they become more like a normal family after that. Pixie is happier and gets along much better with her stepsisters. It proves thatopen communication can heal relationships. After this event. .

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