The Realism of Courbet Source: The Lotus Magazine, Vol. 10, No. 4 (Apr., 1919), p.

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8 Nov 2013 12:52:06 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions ."THE AMAZON From the painting by Gustav Courbet This content downloaded from 157.4.71 on Fri.92.

Bryson Burroughs. I8I9. prises. as in all his practices. who is supposed to have been preferences with no idea of establishing a new sestheticism until the idea'was sug the original of Amandorine in Champ gested by theori"zingfriends. The artist.92. which he became involved in political enter took place on the tenth of June. and above allRembrandt. In' this. says Mr." a portrait of Louise Colet. massacres the imbeciles. Correggio. is an ener getic. function of the imagination is to find the Courbet came of a peasant family at fullest expression of the. reproduced upon This content downloaded from 157.American painters. filledwith the joy of life and the love of his work. and died in exile. were his gift'was for painting." Mascarade de Ia fleurv's " As the founder of the Realistic SchoolI ble that his realismwas part of an inevita ble artistic development. then of Ornans. Courbet felt himself vealed through his pictures.71 on Fri." he seems paintings is now being held at theMetro to have abandoned himself to his merely is writer 'a politan Museum. Homer. As a student. and Eakins.chosen subject. and his marvellous ability to but stuns intelligent. Velasquez." His bent was HE AMAZON. is a specially like Rousseau and Corot felt called upon fine example of the work of Gustav to invoke. susceptibility to this power. exuberant person of enormous ap drawn to the great realists of the past Holbein. The subject of stories. he held. re should be commemorated in this country. I't is proba Vie Parisienne. of whose a exhibition centenary' Courbet. and it is fitting that the hun as a schoolboy. "who and of nature.4. charms the express these in his art. I9I9 Number 4 THE REALISM OF COURBET to copy exactly what he saw. Only things actually seen should be represented. His genius lay in his Dutch Masters. In temperament he the foremost' remained always -heedless and impulsive followers. Franche-Comte. and' his only Whistler.Volume X April." he said. 'and the' w'as returning to the more or less natural classic art. Courbet's principles have furnished some of the greatest names to as a reaction to the courtly ideality of the eighteenth century. and hiswork had none of the artificial arrangements and embellishments that even innovators the opposite page. for it followed of Painting. though in his later years dredth anniversary of his birth. the little petites. 8 Nov 2013 12:52:06 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . and fecundity "the exact image of life. and when interest modern art.

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