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His Eminence the Patriarch Sir. Dr. Archbishop Michael
+ Chief Patriarch of the United States - Mexico - and ALL Latin American Countries +

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The Sovereign Order of O.C.A.N.A. is a worldwide, lay, diplomatic religious order which seeks to glorify the Creator by promoting the sanctification of each member through work with the sick the poor and witness of the faith and to protect The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

+ Holy Old Orthodox Catholic Archdiocese + The Holy Old Orthodox Catholic Archdiocese and Global Diplomatic Ministry is under the Apostolic care of His Eminence the Patriarch Sir. Dr. Archbishop Michael. The Orthodox Catholic Archdiocese and The Sovereign Order O.C.A.N.A. exist to bear witness to the love and ministry of Jesus Christ given to him by the father Yahweh God. Our Apostolic Mission: To Share Jesus Christ, The Power of His Resurrection, His love, And His Ministry with All Creation! We recognize the fullness of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and in such a spirit of unity, We aspires to offer Orthodox Catholic services to all people from all backgrounds of life, spiritual and religious experience. We are seeking for qualified persons for the Holy Priesthood to help us spread the full Holy Spirit empowered Apostolic Ministry, the Love of Jesus Christ, and the Gospel of Salvation in all its forms. Jesus Christ is in our midst. He is alive in us and always will be - AMEN! We have been appointed by Jesus Christ and empowered with Full Valid Apostolic Succession both Orthodox and Catholic to preach the full gospel of salvation.

The O.O.C.A. Brings The Full Love And Apostolic Ministry Of Jesus Christ With All His Blessings To All People. The Apostolic Priesthood and the Holy Orders of Ministry in our tradition are Holy and very powerful gifts of Yahweh God through His Son Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit to the people. The priesthood is a gift that must have 100% devotion to Jesus Christ, His path and his way with actual ministry to his church and the entire world. We reject and have no part with any system that overburdens priests or members of their church or ministry. Jesus Christ Does Not Force Us To Choose Between Graces. We Prefer Married Priest That Preach The Good News of JESUS CHRIST! We believe in and live to the utmost the Love and Faith of Jesus Christ and the path that he personal walked - follow in his footsteps. We do good works in humility as if done onto Christ Himself. We have a deep intimate relationship with God that pulls everything together, gives personal strength, gives personal hope, and enlivens us with the life and love of Jesus Christ to live life -- TO THE FULL AND FOR EVER MORE! We have open doors to all people of good will who love Jesus Christ and share His Love with all creation in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

Who We Are: We Are ORTHODOX CATHOLICS! ORTHODOX CATHOLIC: Because we reflect the traditions of the Church of Antioch where they were first called Christians. Our Apostolic Succession Comes Down From St. Peter. ORTHODOX CATHOLIC: In following the teachings of the Seven Ecumenical Councils of the Undivided Church proclaimed in the ancient creeds, adhering faithfully to the Principles of Apostolic Succession and a life of worship through the Holy Mysteries, the Seven Sacraments. ORTHODOX CATHOLIC: Because the church is neither limited to any place, nor time, nor people, but contains true believers of all places, times, and peoples. ORTHODOX CATHOLIC: Because we believe in Jesus Christ! his personal faith and teachings. The Apostle Paul says that the Word of the Gospel is in all the world; "All over the world this gospel is bearing fruit and growing, just as it has been doing among you since the day you heard it and understood God's grace in all its truth." (Col. 1.6), and that in the Christian Church there is "neither Greek nor Jew, circumcised nor circumcised, barbarian nor Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all, and in all" (Col. 3. 11); “They which be of faith, are blessed with faithful Abraham" (Gal. 3. 9.). We Are ORTHODOX CATHOLIC! We honor the Pope as the Patriarch of Rome, one among equals. APOSTOLIC: Because the church has from the Apostles, without break or change, both her doctrine and the succession in the gifts of the Holy Ghost, through the laying on of consecrated hands. "You are not any more strangers and foreigners, but fellow-citizens with the saints, and of the household of God, and are built on the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone" (Eph. 2.19, 20) ORTHODOX CATHOLIC: Because it is the Father Yahweh that we serve by and through Jesus Christ our savior in the fellowship and power of the Holy Spirit. AFFIRMING: The eminent position of the Sacred Scriptures within the life and worship of the Christian people, without in any way denying its context within the living Tradition handed down from the time of the Apostles, as expressed in the close union of proclaimed Word and celebrated Sacrament in the Church's liturgical tradition.

TRADITIONAL: In the holding of the apostolic origins, practices and biblical doctrines of the Christian faith. A place of refuge for traditional minded Christians that wants to hold to the Apostolic origins, practices and biblical doctrines of the Christian faith in the midst of reforms and political correctness. EPISCOPAL: Meaning government by Archbishops. Our Apostolic Succession Is Our Divine Inheritance So We Hold It with Great Respect The Church will not enter into any polemics with any other jurisdiction for we hold all members of the body of Christ to be Holy and necessary for the Glory of God. Our succession is available to all called by Jesus Christ to the priesthood. We are at your service, and ready to help!

His Eminence the Patriarch Archbishop Dr. Chief Alexander Swift Eagle Justice On October 12th, In The Year Of Our Lord 2011 - In The Federal District Of Mexico, By The Laying On Of Hands Ordained Consecrated & Passed All Lines of Apostolic Succession and Authority To: His Eminence the Patriarch Sir. Dr. Archbishop Michael + Chief Patriarch of the United States - Mexico - and ALL Latin American Countries + Holy Old Orthodox Catholic Archdiocese Church & Ministries Email: OrthodoxArchbishop@yahoo.com

Go and make disciples of every nation... Matthew 28:18-20.

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