Finance Meeting
“It was inspiring to meet Celso Benídio, an Alumni of FEP, who coincidentally quit his job of Investment banker for the leading Portuguese conglomerate, SONAE the same day he visited us to venture on the entrepreneurial journey, a passion he has nurtured since his early bachelors days. The interesting thing is I also aspire to set out on entrepreneurial journey, but as any newbie, I have my doubts. So, I fired unending list of questions at him that he answered meticulously and convincingly and that motivated me not to give up. The take away for me from the meeting was to believe more in myself and not to be deterred by the fear of Failure. It was a wonderful experience.
Pratik Ashok MSc Finance, 1st year student


Research & Valuation

The Research & Valuation team continued to analyse companies from several sectors and preparing the models for valuing these companies. The results of all this work will start to be published during November. Additionally, in partnership with the Financial Markets team, it prepared the sessions of the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) to be hosted during the month of November and December.

Financial Markets
This month our Financial Markets issued four new weekly reports, as well as daily briefs, continuing providing research on global markets. On the portfolio management front, we extended our value strategy to 3 new markets: Iberia, Europe and Asia. Moreover, a new strategy was implemented on the US stock market: momentum. Lastly, our forex traders finished outlining their strategy for next month.

Personal & Professional Development
Personal & Professional Development team prepared the first of several “Literacia Financeira à la Carte” activities, a financial literacy program targeted at UP’s canteen users. Moreover, it organized a finance
meeting with Celso Benídio as well as a reasoning, numerical and verbal training session. Finally, it is preparing, alongside with FEP, a master class with Anton Kreil.

Reasoning Tests
“The reasoning test organized by FEP Finance Club is a really good program which allows me to test my ability to quickly identify patterns, logical rules toward complicated issues. The test provides me with techniques of how to think logically and analytically in given situations. It helps me develop skills of analyzing, integrating information and applying it to solve problems. As this kind of test is being used in recruitment process by employers, I am sure that this reasoning test will help people become better-prepared in jobs hunting.”
Olayvanh Souphavongtay MSc Finance, 2nd year student

External Relations
The External Relations team started to put together our next business trip. More information about this event will be revealed during the next few months. It also started preparing all the logistics related to a networking event in Lisbon, hosted by Goldman Sachs in November.