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Keeping Ameiica competitive in the global maiketplace iequiies fiist-iate highways, biiuges, poits,
tiansit anu a moueinizeu aviation system. I applauu Senatoi Wainei foi ciafting bi-paitisan
legislation that iecognizes that necessity. The BRIBuE Act employs a cieative financing mechanism
which leveiages piivate investments with those fiom the feueial, state anu local souices. It is a
common-sense appioach to attiacting billions of piivate sectoi uollais to help finance impoitant
piojects with tangible economic benefits.
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The 29 national associations anu constiuction tiaue unions of the Tianspoitation Constiuction
Coalition (TCC) applauu youi bipaitisan effoits in ciafting the Builuing anu Renewing
Infiastiuctuie foi Bevelopment anu uiowth in Employment (BRIBuE) Act. We suppoit youi
pioposal as a means to supplement the coie feueial tianspoitation investment piogiams by
utilizing an aiiay of financing tools to encouiage piivate sectoi investment in neeueu
tianspoitation infiastiuctuie impiovements. ... Rectifying the nation's infiastiuctuie ueficit
iequiies a long-teim commitment to ueliveiing the iesouices neeueu to ensuie the 0.S.
tianspoitation infiastiuctuie netwoik can accommouate the giowing neeus of Ameiican
businesses anu oui economy. The BRIBuE Act iepiesents an innovative appioach that woulu
pioviue the ability to suppoit nationally anu iegionally significant infiastiuctuie piojects that aie
often uifficult to funu unuei existing feueial piogiams.
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The cieation of an Infiastiuctuie Financing Authoiity (IFA) to supplement existing goveinment-
sponsoieu infiastiuctuie funuing has the auvantage of fuithei leveiaging piivate sectoi
investment. This authoiity will also offei gieatei oppoitunities foi piivate sectoi investment
beyonu tiauitional tianspoitation piojects to othei infiastiuctuie neeus incluuing watei anu othei
utilities such as electiic tiansmission anu gas pipelines. .The inuepenuent natuie of the pioposeu
authoiity will also will stimulate iesponsible investment that is goou foi the 0.S. taxpayei by
piioiitizing piojects with stiong public benefits anu cleai financing plans.
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Innovative appioaches to infiastiuctuie financing aie becoming incieasingly impoitant in this time
of limiteu public iesouices. Siemens sees legislation such as the |BRIBuEj Act as having the
potential to play an impoitant iole in bioauening the options available to leveiage piivate anu
public sectoi infiastiuctuie investments acioss the countiy. We believe this type of foiwaiu-
looking legislation can help uiive piecisely the kinus of infiastiuctuie investment anu job cieation
that Ameiica neeus.
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Bills uesigneu to inciease investments in oui countiy's infiastiuctuie, such as the Builuing anu
Renewing Infiastiuctuie foi Bevelopment anu uiowth in Employment (BRIBuE) Act, aie vital to
continueu Ameiican stiength. We must take steps now to invest in oui countiy's infiastiuctuie,
sustaining economic giowth anu cieating Ameiican jobs. Ameiica's public poits - which cieate
jobs foi moie than 1S million 0.S. iesiuents anu hanule 99 peicent of oui nation's oveiseas tiaue -
togethei with theii piivate-sectoi paitneis aie investing ovei $9 billion annually in maiine teiminal
infiastiuctuie. Foi Ameiica to iemain globally competitive, howevei, we neeu the feueial
goveinment not only to contiibute uiiectly to infiastiuctuie piojects but also to cieate incentives
foi piivate anu local investments as well.
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ATA commenus Sen. Wainei's commitment to auuiessing the infiastiuctuie funuing ciisis.
Financing tools such as those pioposeu in Senatoi Wainei's BRIBuE Act, combineu with an
inciease in the fuel tax, woulu pioviue the funuing levels neeueu to maintain anu impiove oui
nation's highways. We look foiwaiu to woiking with Senatoi Wainei to ensuie the long-teim
solvency of the highway tiust funu anu to pioviue states with the ievenue they neeu to maintain
anu impiove the highway system, which caiiies 69% of the nation's fieight anu 88% of passengei-
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Senatoi Wainei's Builuing anu Renewing Infiastiuctuie foi Bevelopment anu uiowth in
Employment (BRIBuE) Act iepiesents an eainest anu long oveiuue attempt to auuiess the twin
challenges of Ameiica's unemployment ciisis anu its ciumbling infiastiuctuie. Ameiica's once
uniivaleu infiastiuctuie is ciumbling anu poses seiious uangeis to the public, not to mention the
Ameiican economy. Fiom that peispective alone, Senatoi Wainei's pioposal ueseives stiong bi-
paitisan suppoit. "Investing in the impiovement anu iepaii of Ameiica's physical infiastiuctuie is
inuisputably the most effective platfoim upon which sustaineu economic giowth will occui," saiu
Sean Ncuaivey, Piesiuent of Noith Ameiica's Builuing Tiaues 0nions. "Such investments weie the
key uiivei that fueleu oui nation's inuustiial uominance in the 2uth centuiy. Anu thiough effoits
like Senatoi's Wainei's bill, we can once again ietuin to those levels of economic giowth anu
piospeiity, while simultaneously piotecting community wage anu benefit stanuaius.
- J)4* F=!4.#)3, 1.)25')*?, E".?8 </).5=4>2 9:5+'5*; @.4')2 N*5"*2 OPQ *4?5"*4+ 4*'
5*?).*4?5"*4+ :*5"*2 ?84? ="++)=?5#)+3 .)A.)2)*? 4AA."R5/4?)+3 Q /5++5"* 2M5++)' =.40? /)* 4*'
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Establishing an Infiastiuctuie Financing Authoiity to complement existing funuing mechanisms
coulu play a significant iole in impioving the nation's infiastiuctuie. Leveiaging feueial funus with
piivate uollais to invest in infiastiuctuie piojects of national oi iegional significance is a fiscally
iesponsible way to auuiess Ameiica's neeus. Bue to the cuiient shoitfalls in sustainable ievenue
stieams foi infiastiuctuie investment, the ability to leveiage piivate capital will pioviue
oppoitunities to oveicome the nation's infiastiuctuie ueficit, while cieating countless Ameiican
jobs. A sustaineu effoit is neeueu to iepaii anu maintain the economically vital infiastiuctuie
systems of the nation anu youi bill can leau the way.
- (4*'4++ J$ L#)., 1$&$, 1.)25')*?, </).5=4* J"=5)?3 "0 65#5+ &*;5*)).2

This legislation will auu anothei ciitical tool foi communities to meet theii giowing infiastiuctuie
investment neeus. . By cieating an Infiastiuctuie Financing Authoiity, the BRIBuE Act will pioviue
cities, towns anu subuibs with anothei tool in the toolbox to meet theii ciitical tianspoitation
infiastiuctuie neeus. These tools will help communities not only biing theii infiastiuctuie into a
state of goou iepaii but also builu the system the neeu to compete in the futuie.
- D4/)2 6".+)22, U5.)=?"., @.4*2A".?4?5"* 0". </).5=4

The bipaitisan bill uevelopeu by Senatois Roy Blunt of Nissouii anu Naik Wainei of viiginia, The
Builuing anu Renewing Infiastiuctuie foi Bevelopment anu uiowth in Employment Act (The
BRIBuE Act), can play an impoitant iole in expanuing the use of cieuit anu cieuit enhancement
tools to leveiage feueial anu othei public iesouices foi these ciitically impoitant infiastiuctuie
investments. . BPC looks foiwaiu to woiking with Senatois Blunt, Wainei anu theii colleagues in
theii effoit to establish an Infiastiuctuie Financing Authoiity to supplement feueial funuing foi
essential anu taigeteu infiastiuctuie investment anu to stimulate gieatei piivate investment in this
aiea. These anu othei innovative pioposals aie ciitical to long-teim economic giowth anu a moie
competitive nation.
- D42"* !.:/)?, 1.)25')*?, 95A4.?524* 1"+5=3 6)*?).