Sinhgad Technical Education Society’s

Class: F.E Date: 19/08/2013 Subject: Basic civil & Environmental Engineering Term-I Max. Marks: 25 Time: 30 Min

INSTRUCTIONS 1] Questions 1 to 25 – carry 1 mark each question 2] All Questions are compulsory

Q 1) To carry out geotechnical investigation is a role of civil engineer in a) Construction of a dam c) Construction of a canal b) Construction of a road d) Everywhere in a),b) & c)

Q2) Rehabilitation of people affected is a major concern in a) Construction of a dam c) Construction of a road b) Construction of a canal d) Construction of a bridge

Q3) Calculation of earthwork that is volume of cutting and filling is required for a) Construction of a dam c) Construction of a road b) Construction of a canal d) Construction of a bridge

Q4) Structural Design of various members is a role of civil Engineer in a) Construction of a dam c) Construction of a bridge b) Construction of a building d) Everywhere in a) ,b) & c)

Q5) Relative positions of various points on the ground are determined in the horizontal plane by a) Surveying c) Leveling b) Estimation d) Construction Management

Q6) The part of the structure between ground level and first floor level is known as ………. a) Fluid Dynamics c) Fluid Kinetics b) Fluid Statics d) Fluid Kinematics . behavior of fluid is studied at the rest. a) Surveying c) Leveling b) Estimation d) Project Management Q8) A G + 20 storied building is to be constructed. Which of the following branches will Help you to determine the reservoir capacity? a) Surveying c) Leveling b) Estimation d) Project Management Q10) The road pavement which cannot change their shape to some extent without rupture are……… a) Rigid Pavement c) Semi rigid Pavement Q11) A Sleeper rest on ……. a) Ballast b) Sub base d) Rails b) Flexible Pavement d) Loose Pavement c) Rigid Pavement Q12) In ……. Which type of the structure will you allow? a) Framed structure c) Load Bearing structure b) Composite structure d) Compound structure Q9) A suitable site for construction of a dam is selected. a) Plinth c) Superstructure b)Mega Structure d) Substructure Q7) Optimal use of various resources for proper planning of various activities is ensured in……...

S.S.C X F. Q 16) Waste water needs treatment a) So as to make it potable b) So as to make it safe for discharging in water source.C / F. b) Both (a) and (b) d) Neither ( a) nor (b) . a) Metrological b) Survey b) Construction Engineering d) none of these. Q19) Remote sensing in Surveying uses a sensor system that transfers and receive the energy in The form of………. rays b) Infrared rays d) Magnetic waves Q20) Ultimate bearing capacity of soil is given by a) S.Q13) Stability analysis of the soil is studied in a) Surveying b) Construction Engineering c) Geotechnical Engineering d) Project Management Q14) which of the following is not a part of Environmental Engineering a) Sanitary Engineering b) Water Supply b) Geotechnical Engineering d) Environment pollution.V. Q18) The point on the surface of the earth directly above the Hypocenter is called……… a) Epicenter b) Hypocenter b) Center d) none of these. .S.B. / S.B.B. c) F. moderate and minor earthquakes. Q15) A Potable water is a) Fit for drinking b) Unfit for drinking b) Not available d) none of these. b) S.C d) None of these. a) Electromagnetic waves b) U. Q17) An earthquake map of INDIA has been prepared by the……… Department showing zones Liable to severe.

Footing is used.Q21) which is the example of substructure? a) Footing b) Parapet wall b) wall d) Slab Q22) When the load on the two close columns is unequal. a) Trapezoidal b) Rectangular b) strap d) Isolated Column Q23) The foundation is known as shallow when ……… a) D <= B b) D > B b)D=B d) D < B Q24) Bearing capacity of soil is measured in ……… a) KN/m2 b) KN/m3 b ) KN/m d) KN/m4 Q25) The project management tool(s) is/are a) Bar Chart b) Project Evaluation And Review Technique b ) Critical Path Method d) All Of The Above .