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Accredited with highest rating of Five Star status by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) of UGC, Govt of !ndia


(TWO YEAR MODULAR PROGRAMME) !n collaboration with Confederation of !ndian !ndustry (C!!), A " and #e$artment of Scientific % !ndustrial &esearch (#S!&), Govt of !ndia, New #elhi Inst !"t#$ns% E&#'#(#&#t) C$n*#t#$ns% +n* S)&&+(!s ('o be &etained by the Candidate) L+st *+t, -$ s!(.#tt#n' t/, +00&#"+t#$n 1 2-7-2006 !0t$ 3400 04.4 t$ t/, D# ,"t$ % D# ,"t$ +t, $- A*.#ss#$ns% N,+ Un#5, s#t) P ,ss% H)*, +(+* - 600 007 TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT ( 'he new )antra for Global Com$etitiveness !n the wa*e of $olicy of liberalisation, $rivatisation, and globali+ation, there has been a tremendous influ, and e,change of technology in several fields which are vital for the growth of our economy 'he $ro$er e,$loitation of technology strongly influences business com$etitiveness, which is no longer a matter of choice, but a matter of necessity for survival in com$etitive business environment 'he success of an organi+ation increasingly de$ends u$on )anager-s ability to hangle technological change and use it as a tool com$etitive edge !t is im$erative that, if !ndian )anagers are to survive, com$ete, and e,cel in the global scenario, they need to be ade.uately e.ui$$ed with understanding of issues connected with management of technology, vi+ , 'echnology Search, 'echnology Selection, 'echnology Assimilation, 'echnology Ada$tation, 'echnology !ndigenisation and Creation of New 'echnologies INNOVATIVE INITIATIVE O7 OSMANIA UNIVERSITY !n order to bridge the ga$ in )anagement education relative to 'echnology, the #e$artment of /usiness )anagement, 0smania Univeristy, has ta*en a $oineering initiative, which is one of the first of its *ind in the entire country to offer )/A ( 'echnology )anagement a 'wo year, )odular "rogram VISION 8To strive for Excellence in the area of management education and training with focus on technology management, confirming to challenging standards expected by contemporary technology-driven organisations. PROGRAMME OB9ECTIVES 'he core ob1ective of this $rogramme is to turn out future managers, who would fully meet, the dynamic needs of the industry in a com$etitive and challenging environment For this they should be $roficient in different functional areas of management li*e )ar*eting, Finance % 2uman &esources )anagement and at the same time have the re.uired core com$etencies in a$$reciating the issues relating to technology management 'he following are the broad ob1ectives of the "rogrammes3 4 'o $rovide strong conce$tual base in all the facets of )anagement li*e )ar*eting, Finance, 2uman &esources )anagement, 5uantitatives, )!S and /usiness "olicy areas, and develo$ s*ills re.uired for a$$lication of conce$ts to real life business situations 6 'o bridge the *nowledge ga$ in management education with the focused in$uts on technology management to meet the chanllenging re.uirements of contem$orary technology driven organisations 7 'o e.ui$ the students with analytical frame of mind to com$rehend and hangle com$le, issues in relation to )anagement of 'echnology, vi+ , 'echnology Forecasting, Search, 'ransfer and Creation of New 'echnology D# ,"t$ D# ,"t$ +t, $- A*.#ss#$ns N,+ Un#5, s#t) P ,ss : P!(&#"+t#$ns Os.+n#+ Un#5, s#t)% H)*, +(+* - 600 007

OUR 7ACULTY 'he #e$artment of /usiness )anagement has a faculty strength of 68 full(time teachers in various fields li*e )ar*eting, Finance, 2&), 5uantitatives, )!S and /usiness "olicy areas All the faculty are well .ualified in the area of their s$eciali+ation and alomost all of them hold doctoral .ualifications 'he faculty members have rich e,$erience in teaching, training, and management research GUEST 7ACULTY Some of the Guest Faculty who delivered lectures for )/A('echnology )anagement "rogramme include3 9 "rof :i$in Gu$ta, "h # , ;harton /usiness School, USA 9 #r :inay <umar, ) 'ech , "h # , 2ead ( 'echnology )anagement #ivision, #S!&, New #elhi 9 "rof Arun "illutla, "h # , St Amrose University, =owa, USA 9 "rof / & :irmani, "h # , Former "rofessor, ASC!, 2yderabad 9 #r S Sunderra1an, "h # , Scientist, #&#0, 2yderabad 9 /rig Chaudary, :S), College of #efence )anagement, 2yderabad 9 #r Atul Sen, Scientist, 2ead ( <nowledge )anagement Centre, #&#=, 2yderabad 7ACILITIES 'he #e$artment of /usiness )anagement has e,cellent academic infrastructure which include3 9 ;ell furnished and s$acious class rooms 9 State(of(the(art Audio :isual e.ui$ment 9 Fully e.ui$$ed com$uter laboratory with =AN and !nternet facility 9 ;ell stoc*ed =ibrary with e,tensive collection of /oo*s and >ournals 9 ;ell e.ui$$ed Auditorium and Conference room with a ca$acity of 7?? seats PROGRAMME STRUCTURE AND CONTENTS 'he "rogramme is divided into two modules and four terms s$anning over a $eriod of two years of instruction @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ MODULE-I 1 7IRST YEAR TERM-I TERM - II 4 4 Foundations of 'echnology )anagement 6 4 'echnology Forecasting and Assessment 4 6 'echnology, Creativity and !nnovation 6 6 'echnology 'ransfer )anagement 4 7 !nformation 'echnology for /usiness 6 7 'echnology "ro1ects, A$$raisal 4 A 0rganisational /ehaviour and !nter( and Bvaluation $ersonal s*ills 6 A /usiness &esearch )ethods 4 8 "rinci$les of )ar*eting 6 8 Bconomic and =egal Bnvironment 4 C Accounting for )anagement 6 C Financial )anagement 4 D =ab for Course 4 7 6 D :!:A :0CB(! 6 E "&0>BC' &B"0&'(! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ MODULE-II SECOND YEAR TERM-III TERM-IV 7 4 "roduction % 0$erations )anagement A 4 Strategic )anagement of 'echnology 7 6 !nternational /usiness % Strategic Alliances A 6 Su$$ly Chain )anagement @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 7UNCTIONAL SPECIALISATIONS (one of the following three areas to be o$ted) Marketing 7 7 "roduct )anagement A 7 Consumer /ehaviour 7 A Financial System and Services A A Services )ar*eting @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 7#n+n", 7 7 Strategic Financial #ecisions A 7 !nternational Finance 7 A Financial System and Services A A Security Analysis and "ortfolio )anagement @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ H!.+n R,s$! ", M+n+',.,nt 7 7 0rganisational #evelo$ment and A 7 "erformance A$$raisal and Counselling 'eam /uilding 7 A =eadershi$ and Change )anagement A A !ndustrial &elations and =abour =aws @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 6

TECHNOLOGY SPECIALISATIONS (one of the following three grou$s to be o$ted) GROUP-A1 7 8 &esearch and #evelo$ment )anagement A 8 /usiness "rocess &e(engineering 7 C 'otal 5uality )anagement A C !ntellectual "ro$erty &ights GROUP-B1 7 8 /io('echnology(! A 8 Bnvironment and Social As$ects of 'echnology 7 C /io('echnology(!! A C <nowledge )anagement GROUP-C; 7 8 &elatioal #atabase )anagement Systems A 8 &e.uirements )anagement 7 C !nternet % e(Commerce A C Bnter$rise &esource "lanning (B&") A D :!:A :0CB(!! A E "&0>BC' &B"0&'(!! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ AWARD O7 DEGREE (M$*!&+ S"/,.,) 'hough the students who successfully com$lete all the course re.uirements under )odule ! (i e , 'erms ! % !!) become eligible for the award of "ost(Graduate #i$loma in 'echnology )anagement ("G#(')) the student will be awarded )/A('ech )anagement #egree u$on successful com$letion of all the course re.uirements under )odule !! ('erms !!! % !:) by the University ELIGIBILITY CONDITIONS <4 =!+&#-#"+t#$ns1 /achelor-s #egree from 0smania University or a #egree recognised by the University as e.uivalent thereto, with an aggregate of not less than A8F mar*s in "art ! and "art !! $ut together (Non(credit courses not included) A $ass for SC % S' candidates is sufficient 24 E>0, #,n",1 'he candidate see*ing admission must have a minimum of three years e,$erience in B,ecutive G )anagerial G Administrative G Su$ervisory $osition in a Commercial G !ndustrial G /usiness G Government G Non(Commercial underta*ing G any other organisation, after obtaining the /achelor-s #egree 24 M$*, $- s,&,"t#$n1 Candidates need to a$$ear for entrance e,amination, which is based on the written test (ob1ective ty$e) to be conducted by the University S)&&+(!s +n* 0+tt, n $- MBA (T,"/n$&$') M+n+',.,nt) Ent +n", T,st - 2006 'he Bntrance 'est will be for 4?? mar*s and will be of H? minutes duration 'he test shall consist of 6 $arts and the mar*s are alloted as shown below P+ t-A (30 > < ? 30 M+ @s) B!s#n,ss An$B&,*', : C! ,nt A--+# s 'his section consists of different ty$es of .uestions to test the general awareness of the candidate on the contem$orary socio(economic, business issues and scientific *nowledge P+ t-B (60 > < ? 60 M+ @s) S,"t#$n-I (20 > < ? 20 .+ @s) N!., #"+& A(#&#t) &atios and $ro$ortions I Numbers and divisibility, =C), GC), "ercentages, "rofit % =oss, "artnershi$s ( 'ime % #istance I 'ime and ;or* I Areas and :olumes ( )ean, )edian and )ode ( Sim$le $roblems on "robability S,"t#$n-II (20 > < ? 20 .+ @s) G,n, +& En'&#s/ 4 'he candidates will be assessed on their ability to understand the functional use of grammer in day to day communication as well as in the business conte,t 6 'o identify the vocabulary in day to day communication T/, "+n*#*+t,s B#&& (, +*.#tt,* (+s,* $n t/, +n@s s,"! ,* #n t/, MBA(T,"/n$&$') M+n+',.,nt) Ent +n", T,st4 In "+s, $- + t#, #n t/, +n@% t/, $ *, $- ., #t B#&& (, *,"#*,* $n t/, -$&&$B#n' (+s#s4 <4 M+ @s s,"! ,* #n P+ t-A $- Ent +n", T,st4 24 P, ",nt+', $- .+ @s s,"! ,* () t/, "+n*#*+t, #n t/, C!+&#-)#n' ,>+.#n+t#$n4 24 A', $- t/, "+n*#*+t, (s,n#$ #n +', ',tt#n' /#'/, 0 #$ #t))4 7EE PARTICULARS 7# st Y,+ - Rs4 60%000DS,"$n* Y,+ - Rs4 60%000D; A**#t#$n+& 7,, -$ S)st,.s S0,"#+&#E+t#$n - G $!0 8CF $n&) - Rs4 <0%000DGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
;; 7,, 0+ t#"!&+ B#&& (, +s 0, t/, Un#5, s#t) n$ .s B/#"/ + , s!(H,"t t$ "/+n',

MULTI-LATERAL COLLABORATION )/A('echnoloy )anagement, is offered by #e$artment of /usiness )anagement, 0smania University, in collaboration with and active assistance of renowned !nstitutions such as Confederation of !ndian !ndustry (C!!), (A " ), and the #e$artment of Scientific and !ndustrial &esearch (#S!&), Govt of !ndia, New #elhi OSMANIA UNIVERSITY has the distinction of earning F!:B S'A& status from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), University Grants Commission, New #elhi ;hich is the highest rating conferred u$on any !nstitution of 2igher learning in !ndia 0smania University, established in 4H4D, and s$read over nearly 4C?? acres, is a multifaculty, multi(cam$us, and affiliating Univeristy of National and !nternational re$ute 7

D,0+ t.,nt $- B!s#n,ss M+n+',.,nt% 0smania University, is one of the largest and earliest /usiness Schools in the Country, and has been in the forefront of management education for more than A? years 'he #e$artment has a faculty strength of 68 'he ins$iring cam$us and its serene environment $rovide a $erfect setting for a $ersonally enriching and $rofessionally rewarding learning e,$erience C$n-,*, +t#$n $- In*#+n In*!st ) (CII)% is !ndia-s $remier business association, with a direct membershi$ of over A48? cam$anies and indirect membershi$ of over 8?,??? com$anies from 6?? National, &egional and Sectorial Associations D,0+ t.,nt $- S"#,nt#-#" +n* In*!st #+& R,s,+ "/ (DSIR)% is an a$e, level institution under )inistry of Science and 'echnology, Government of !ndia, has been guiding education and training in the area of technology management of National level !t is a $oineering ste$ on $art of the University to design multi(lateral collaboration with !nstitutions of re$ute, in order to consolidate and strengthen the .uality of academic in$uts 'he involvement of e,$erts from these institutions will give $ractical industry orientation to the learning $rocess TEACHING METHODOLOGY 'he teaching methodology for )/A ( 'echnology )anagement "rogramme com$rises of 9 =ecture method 9 Grou$ e,ercises 9 !ndustry visits 9 Case analysis and $resentations 9 =ectures by e,$erts from !ndia and Abroad RESERVATION <4 L$"+& +n* N$n-L$"+& C+n*#*+t,s i) Admission to E8F of the available seats in every course shall be reserved in favour of the local candidates in relation to the local area in res$ect of 0 U sub1ect to community and other reservations in force ii) 'he remaining 48F of the seats which are o$en to local and non(locals shall be filled u$ sub1ect to similar reservation as a$$licable to E8F local candidates N$t,1 4 Candidates are advised to submit the filled in a$$lication well before the last date to avoid last minute rush 6 Admission is by centralised counselling 7 Candidates will have to a$$ear for the entrance test and counselling on their own e,$ense A Not withstanding any thing contained in this brochure, such as reservations, the rules and regulations are in force in the University on thedate of counselling will be a$$licable 7$ , -! t/, *,t+#&s% 0&,+s, "$nt+"t1 D# ,"t$ D# ,"t$ +t, $- A*.#ss#$ns N,+ Un#5, s#t) P ,ss : P!(&#"+t#$ns Os.+n#+ Un#5, s#t)% H)*, +(+* I 600 007 P/4 N$4 270J0<26