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 Languages : C , c , !"#".  $perating %ystem : &indows '(,)***  $ffice Tools: +% $ffice )**,,)**$o $)rri#)lar A#&i'i&ie.:  /re.en&e( a &e#0ni#al .eminar on -irele.. &e#0nolo"ie. /ro e#& *)mmar+: Title: " +ain (ro.ect on /" 0y1rid 2eural "pproach for Character 3ecognition.4 3ole: (ro.ect Leader. Team si5e: 6 1e.#ri2&ion:

In this paper an attempt is made to develop English character recognition system. The paper describes the process of character recognition using the hybrid algorithm of Back Propagation and Genetic Algorithm for the recognition of uppercase alphabets. In the survey, it is found that back propagation is although an efficient techni ue for training multilayer feed

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