Amended & Enacted 11/10/2009

1Introduced by Council President Clark and Council Member Webb and 2amended by the 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
A" ORDINANCE 2009-817-E #$%I"A"CE $E&A$%I"& C#"-E"'I#" '(E CI') # 'A0E, inance Committee!



IMP#,E% P1$,1A"' '# C(AP'E$ 2345 6C#"-E"'I#" %E-E.#PME"' C(AP'E$ 111 '# 'A0E,7 ORDINANCE CODE; AME"%I"& '$1,' 1118193


$E-E"1E "EW




6,P#$', C#MP.E0 CAPI'A. MAI"'E"A"CE E"'E$P$I,E 1"%7 PE$CE"' ORDINANCE CODE, '# %EP#,I' 'A0 'A0E, I"'# '(E $#M 'W# '(E



C#"-E"'I#" P1$,1A"' C#MP.E0 '#

%E-E.#PME"' C(AP'E$ 234

C#..EC'E% '(E ,P#$', 1"%5




'# :E 1,E% E0C.1,I-E.) '# C#",'$1C'5 E0'E"%5 E".A$&E5 $EM#%E.5 $EPAI$5 IMP$#-E5 #$ MAI"'AI" '(E ,P#$', C#MP.E0; P$#-I%I"& A" E EC'I-E

%A'E8 WHEREAS5 Cha<ter 212 6Con=ention %e=elo<ment 'a>es75 lorida

24,tatutes5 authori?es counties to im<ose limited ta>es on @transient 25rentalsA 6hotel bed ta>es7; and 26
WHEREAS5 the City oB *ackson=ille has established Cha<ter 234

276Con=ention %e=elo<ment 'a>7 Ordinance Code5 im<osinC a tDo <ercent 2862E7 ta> as authori?ed by state laD; and 29
WHEREAS5 section 2128090F6476a798d85 lorida ,tatutes

30authori?es counties to use con=ention de=elo<ment ta> Bunds to 31@acGuire5 construct5 e>tend5 enlarCe5 remodel5 re<air5 im<ro=e5 or 2

1 1maintain
one or more con=ention centers5

Amended 11/10/2009 stadiums5 e>hibition

2halls5 arenas5 coliseums5 or auditoriumsA; and 3
WHEREAS5 section 23481046a76975 Ordinance Code, authori?es the

4City oB *ackson=ille to use con=ention de=elo<ment ta> Bunds to 5@acGuire5 construct5 e>tend5 enlarCe5 remodel5 re<air5 im<ro=e5 or 6maintain
one or more con=ention centers5 stadiums5 e>hibition

7halls5 arenas5 coliseums5 or auditoriumsA; and 8
WHEREAS5 section 111819F 6Indi=idual -enueH$elated Enter<rise #rdinance Bor Code5 Bacility <resently 6=enue7 <ro=ides <erBormance; Bor and im<ro=ed se<arate

9 und75


11enter<rise Bunds are established Bor the arena5 baseball stadium5 12con=ention center5 Bootball stadium5 <erBorminC arts center and 13eGuestrian center; and 14
WHEREAS5 the Council Binds that the *ackson=ille Munici<al the *ackson=ille -eterans Arena5 and the *ackson=ille


16:aseball &rounds 6collecti=ely5 the @,<orts Com<le>A7 contribute 17siCniBicantly to con=ention de=elo<ment5 economic de=elo<ment and 18the City/s Guality oB liBe; that costs oB maintaininC the ,<orts 19Com<le> ha=e continued to rise; that it is in the <ublic interest 20to
<ro=ide a oB dedicated the BundinC source Bor and the that maintenance the and

21im<ro=ement 22de=elo<ment

,<orts are

Com<le>; not

con=ention should be





23utili?ed Bor said <ur<oses; noD thereBore 24 25
BE IT ORDAINED by the Council oB the City oB *ackson=ille! Section 1. New Section 111.136 S!o"t# Co$!%e& C'!it'%

26('inten'nce Ente"!"i#e )*n+,- Ordinance Code- c"e'te+. 27
A neD section 1118193 6,<orts Com<le> Ca<ital Maintenance

28Enter<rise 29 30

und75 is hereby created to read as BolloDs!

CHA.TER 111.



H 2 H

1 1 2 3)*n+8 4
6a7 'he City hereby establishes a Sec. 111.136. 2 2 2

Amended 11/10/2009

S!o"t# Co$!%e& C'!it'% ('inten'nce Ente"!"i#e



5enter<rise Bund5 knoDn as the ,<orts Com<le> Ca<ital Maintenance 6Enter<rise
und5 Dhich Dill <ro=ide Bor im<ro=ed accountability Bor

7<erBormance oB maintenance and u<kee< Bor the *ackson=ille Arena5 8the *ackson=ille Munici<al ,tadium5 and the *ackson=ille :aseball 9,tadium; and Dhich Dill ha=e as a <rimary source oB re=enue5 the 10ta>es on @transient rentalsA authori?ed by section 2128090F 11,tatutes
and section 23481046a7697 6Con=ention lorida 'a>7


12Ordinance Code8 13
6b7 'he use oB such enter<rise Bund re=enues shall be to

14construct e>tend5 enlarCe5 remodel5 re<air5 im<ro=e5 or maintain 15the
*ackson=ille Munici<al ,tadium5 the *ackson=ille -eterans

16Arena5 and the *ackson=ille :aseball &rounds 6collecti=ely5 the 17@,<orts Com<le>A7 or5 as may be determined Brom time to time by the 18Council consistent Dith state laD8 19
6c7 'he City has com<leted the <ayment oB ca<ital debt

20related to <rior encumbrances u<on the ta>es im<osed on transient 21rentals5 and is dedicatinC this BundinC source as set Borth in 22subsection 6e7 beloD5 to the need to maintain its ,<orts Com<le> to 23a=oid siCniBicant ca<ital e><enses Dhich Dould be incurred should 24adeGuate maintenance not be timely Bunded8 Additionally5 since the 25re=enue <ledCe to re<ay the Bacility related borroDinC has been 26timely <aid5 these Bunds are a=ailable8 27
6d7 ,ubIect to a<<ro<riation by the Council5 the %irector oB

28 inance5 Dith the concurrence oB the E>ecuti=e %irector oB the 29*ackson=ille 30directed
to Economic make %e=elo<ment Commission5 Brom the is und authori?ed Bor and




H 9 H

1 1maintenance oB the ,<orts Com<le>8 2

Amended 11/10/2009

EBBecti=e #ctober 15 20105 the tDo <ercent con=ention

3de=elo<ment ta> Bunds im<osed and collected in accordance Dith 4Cha<ter 2345 Ordinance Code5 shall be de<osited into the ,<orts 5Com<le> Ca<ital Maintenance Enter<rise 6to
construct5 e>tend5 enlarCe5 und5 to be used e>clusi=ely re<air5 im<ro=e5 or


7maintain said ,<orts Com<le>8 8
6B7 All Bunds Dithin 'he ,<orts Com<le> Ca<ital Maintenance und shall carry BorDard Brom Biscal year to Biscal year


10and shall not la<se8 11
Section 2. E33ecti4e D'te. 'his ordinance shall become

12eBBecti=e u<on siCnature by the Mayor or u<on becominC eBBecti=e 13Dithout the Mayor/s siCnature; the allocation oB the re=enues set 14Borth in ,ection 1 shall become eBBecti=e as oB #ctober 15 20108 15 16 orm A<<ro=ed! 17 18
/s/ ,te=en E8 $ohan

19#BBice oB &eneral Counsel 20.eCislation Pre<ared :y! Cindy A8 .aGuidara 21/=ar/DDD/a<<s/con=ersion/tm</scratchJ1/1KK9431K98doc


H 4 H

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