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Abstract -- This document is an example of the preferred layout of IEEE conference papers (inclusive of this abstract) and can be used as a template. The document contains information re ardin des!top publishin format" type si#es" and typefaces. Style rules are provided that explain ho$ to handle e%uations" units" fi ures" tables" abbreviations" and acronyms. Sections are also devoted to the preparation of ac!no$led ments" and references. The abstract should not exceed &'( $ords and cannot contain e%uations" fi ures" tables" or references. It should concisely state $hat $as done" ho$ it $as done" principal results" and their si nificance. Index Terms --The author should provide up to &( !ey$ords (in alphabetical order) to help identify the ma)or topics of the paper. The thesaurus of IEEE indexin !ey$ords should be referenced prior to selectin the !ey$ords to ensure that the $ords selected are acceptable. The thesaurus *((+ IEEE Taxonomy is posted at http,--$$$.ieee.or -or ani#ations-pubs-ani.prod-!ey$rd+/.txt .

Template This $o&ument *as $esi8ne$ to be use$ as a tem')ate# 4hen you o'en the fi)e, se)e&t ?2a8e 7ayout? from the ?@ie*? menu 9@ie* A 2a8e 7ayout:, *hi&h a))o*s you to see the footnotes# <ou may then ty'e over se&tions of the $o&ument, &ut an$ 'aste into it 9E$it A 2aste S'e&ia) A Unformatte$ Text:, an$>or use mar3u' sty)es# The 'u))B$o*n sty)e menu is at the )eft of the (ormattin8 Too)bar at the to' of your 4or$ *in$o* 9for exam')e, the sty)e at this 'oint in the $o&ument is ?Text?:# Hi8h)i8ht a se&tion that you *ant to $esi8nate *ith a &ertain sty)e, then se)e&t the a''ro'riate name on the sty)e menu# C. Format The stan$ar$ format for IEEE &onferen&e 'a'ers is the t*o &o)umn format i))ustrate$ by this tem')ate $o&ument# Some I"SBs'onsore$ &onferen&es a))o* 'a'ers in a sin8)eB &o)umn arran8ementC if there is any /uestion about t *hat is a&&e'tab)e, you shou)$ as3 the &onferen&e or8ani;ers# 6&&asiona))y, authors en&ounter 'rob)ems *ith &ontent that $oesnDt &onvenient)y fit into the t*o &o)umn format# It is a&&e'tab)e to s*it&h short se&tions of the manus&ri't to sin8)eB&o)umn to a&&ommo$ate fi8ures or e/uations that *onDt fit into a sin8)e &o)umn of a $oub)eB&o)umn 'a8e 9ie, so that the materia) s'ans both &o)umns on the 'a8e:# "n$ it is a)so a&&e'tab)e to rotate in$ivi$ua) fi8ures E1 o in the &ounter&)o&3*ise $ire&tion to fit onto a fu)) 'a8e# Ho*ever, text shou)$ never be rotate$ on the 'a8e# Set to' an$ bottom mar8ins to 2!# mm 91 in&h: an$ )eft an$ ri8ht mar8ins to about 1F mm 91#0 in&hes: 1 Do not vio)ate mar8ins 9i#e#, text, tab)es, fi8ures, an$ e/uations may not exten$ into the mar8ins:# The &o)umn *i$th is FF mm 93# ! in&hes:# The s'a&e bet*een the t*o &o)umns is ! mm 91#2 in&hes:# 2ara8ra'h in$entation is ! mm# Use fu)) Gustifi&ation# Use either one or t*o s'a&es bet*een se&tions, an$ bet*een text an$ tab)es or fi8ures, to a$Gust the &o)umn )en8th# Do not in&)u$e hea$ers, footers, or 'a8e numbers# D. Use of Color "uthorDs manus&ri'ts *i)) be re'ro$u&e$ $ire&t)y into the +onferen&e -e&or$ of I"SBs'onsore$ &onferen&es# It is &ommon')a&e for +onferen&e -e&or$s to be e)e&troni&, an$ in those instan&es, it is 'ossib)e to in&)u$e &o)or in the
1 The mar8in $imensions &orres'on$ to 'a'er si;e F#!Hx11H, ')ease a$Gust a&&or$in8)y for " or other 'a'er sour&e#

I# ,6ME,+7"TU-E " nomen&)ature )ist, if nee$e$, shou)$ 're&e$e the Intro$u&tion# II# I,T-6DU+TI6,

This $o&ument 'rovi$es an exam')e of the $esire$ )ayout an$ &an be use$ as a Mi&rosoft 4or$ tem')ate# It &ontains information re8ar$in8 $es3to' 'ub)ishin8 format, sty)e ru)es, an$ the 're'aration of various s'e&ia) se&tions# The e)e&troni& manus&ri't you 're'are *i)) be re'ro$u&e$ *ithout further e$itin8 in the 2ro&ee$in8s 9or +onferen&e -e&or$: at the &onferen&e at *hi&h your 'a'er is 'resente$, an$ must &onform to the stan$ar$ a$o'te$ by the or8ani;ers of the &onferen&e# <our 8oa) is to simu)ate, as &)ose)y as 'ossib)e, the usua) a''earan&e of 'a'ers 'rinte$ in IEEE T-",S"+TI6,S 6, I,DUST-< "227I+"TI6,S# (or a$$itiona) information, ')ease refer to the Information for "uthors avai)ab)e on the I"S *eb site at htt'=>>ias#ieee#or8# A. Technical Work Preparation 2)ease use automati& hy'henation an$ &he&3 your s'e))in8# "$$itiona))y, be sure your senten&es are &om')ete an$ that there is &ontinuity *ithin your 'ara8ra'hs# +he&3 the numberin8 of your 8ra'hi&s 9fi8ures an$ tab)es: an$ ma3e sure that a)) a''ro'riate referen&es are in&)u$e$#

a$$ the annotation. *rite ?Ma8neti. an$ fina))y 8rou' both the im'orte$ fi8ure an$ the annotation to8ether to ma3e a fina) ima8e fi)e# Mi&rosoft 2o*er'oint or @isio both *or3 *e)) for this 'ur'ose# There are 8enera))y t*o a''roa&hes to embe$$in8 fi8ures (i8# 1# Ma8neti.e$# " tertiary se&tion hea$in8 is enumerate$ by an "rabi& numera) fo))o*e$ by a 'arenthesis# It is in$ente$ an$ is fo))o*e$ by a &o)on# The first )etter of ea&h im'ortant *or$ is &a'ita)i. "UTH6-SD "((I7I"TI6. EMU"TI6.e* -oman an$ embe$ a)) fonts# Tab)e I 'rovi$es sam')es of the a''ro'riate ty'e si.e$ an$ the hea$in8 is ita)i&i.e$ an$ the hea$in8 is ita)i&i. an$ may be referre$ to in the text by that number 9e8. fi8ures shou)$ be $esi8ne$ to be )e8ib)e *hen re$u&e$ to 8rays&a)e# In 8enera). but not before.e$# " /uaternary se&tion hea$in8 is rare)y ne&essary.e$# ". TEXT. text subs&ri'ts an$ su'ers&ri'ts E "bstra&t 11 SE+TI6. "uthorsD names LSma)) &a's 2a'er Tit)e Section eadin!s " 'rimary se&tion hea$in8 is enumerate$ by a -oman numera) fo))o*e$ by a 'erio$ an$ is &entere$ above the text# " 'rimary hea$in8 shou)$ be in &a'ita) )etters# " se&on$ary se&tion hea$in8 is enumerate$ by a &a'ita) )etter fo))o*e$ by a 'erio$ an$ is f)ush )eft above the se&tion# The first )etter of ea&h im'ortant *or$ is &a'ita)i.5SL.e$ an$ the hea$in8 is ita)i&i. Fi!#res and Ta$les (i8ure axis )abe)s are often a sour&e of &onfusion# Try to use *or$s rather than symbo)s# "s an exam')e.ation 93"Nm B1:. the best so)ution is to first im'ort the fi8ure to a &om'atib)e 8ra'hi&s too).S SubB hea$in8s 1 F. a''roximate)y FB to 11B'oint ty'e# 7ar8e fi8ures an$ tab)es may s'an both &o)umns.ation.? not Gust ?3">m#? Do not )abe) axes *ith a ratio of /uantities an$ units# (or exam')e. Typefaces and Sizes 2)ease use a 'ro'ortiona) serif ty'efa&e su&h as Times -oman or Times . as necessary. T<2E SIJES ". be sure to assi8n that fi8ure a uni/ue i$entifi&ation. The 'ro&ess of embe$$in8 fi8ures 9an$ tab)es: in the manus&ri't $e'en$s to a 8reat extent on &onstraints im'ose$ by the *or$ 'ro&essin8 too) use$ to &reate the manus&ri't# 2a'ers at a)) I"SBs'onsore$ &onferen&es are &onverte$ to the 2ortab)e Do&ument (ormat for both the &onferen&e re&or$ +D an$ to be ar&hive$ in IEEE X')ore# In&orre&t)y embe$$e$ fi8ures &an &onfoun$ the '$f $isti))ation 'ro&ess# Many I"S authors use Mi&rosoft 4or$. fi8ure &a'tions.manus&ri't# Ho*ever. tab)es.ation as a fun&tion of a'')ie$ fie)$ . tab)es namesL. *rite ?Tem'erature 9O:.? or ?Ma8neti. (i8 1a:# Ho*ever. but is 'erfe&t)y a&&e'tab)e if re/uire$# It is enumerate$ by a )o*er&ase )etter fo))o*e$ by a 'arenthesis# It is in$ente$ an$ is fo))o*e$ by a &o)on# 6n)y the first )etter of the hea$in8 is &a'ita)i. *rite the /uantity ?Ma8neti. an$ the su88estions be)o* 8enera))y *or3 *e)) *ith that too)# Ea&h fi8ure shou)$ be 're'are$ in its entirety usin8 an a''ro'riate 8ra'hi&s too)# DonDt su'erim'ose text or 8ra'hi&s over an embe$$e$ fi8ure usin8 either the PDra*H or PText IoxH features of 4or$# If you nee$ to mo$ify a fi8ure 're'are$ by an a'')i&ation that $oesnDt a))o* annotation.es an$ sty)es to use# T"I7E I S"M27ES 6( TIMES -6M".? not ?Tem'erature>O#? (i8ure )abe)s shou)$ be )e8ib)e. *here they are first mentione$# Use the abbreviation ?(i8# 1.ote that ?(i8#? is abbreviate$ an$ there is a 'erio$ after the fi8ure number fo))o*e$ by t*o s'a&es The &a'tion is &entere$ in the &o)umn . but may not exten$ into the 'a8e mar8ins# (i8ure &a'tions shou)$ be be)o* the fi8uresC tab)e &a'tions shou)$ be above the tab)es# Do not 'ut &a'tions in ?text boxes? )in3e$ to the fi8ures# Do not 'ut bor$ers aroun$ your fi8ures# ")) fi8ures an$ tab)es must be in ')a&e in the text near.ation 93">m:? or +om'oun$ fi8ures &ontain t*o or more e)ements in a sin8)e numbere$ fi8ure# The e)ements *ithin a &om'oun$ fi8ure may be in$ivi$ua))y numbere$. a nd renumber the other figures.? not Gust ?%#? 2ut units in 'arentheses# Do not )abe) axes on)y *ith units# "s in (i8# 1. the use of &o)or shou)$ be )imite$ to fi8ures on)y# Text may not be in &o)or.e 9'ts: K F -eferen&es. HE"DI.ation. if a$$ a fi8ure to your manus&ri't before submittin8 it. %.D ST<7ES "''earan&e Ita)i& -e8u)ar Io)$ Tab)e subs&ri'ts an$ su'ers&ri'ts ?Ma8neti.? even at the be8innin8 of a senten&e# Ty'e si. M"I. footnotes. and their callouts. some I"SBs'onsore$ &onferen&es 'ro$u&e a har$B&o'y &onferen&e re&or$ that is 'rinte$ on)y in mono&hrome 9ie. an$ &o)or sha$in8 is never a&&e'tab)e# E. b)a&3 an$ *hite:# Therefore.S.

SI. an$ fi8ures are embe$$e$ as Penhan&e$ metafi)esH# It is a 8oo$ i$ea to test the inte8rity of your fi8ures by $oin8 a '$f $isti))ation 'rior to submittin8 the manus&ri't usin8 "$obe "&robat# &#m$erin! . A#thor information +ontributors to the 'a'er shou)$ be )iste$ imme$iate)y be)o* the tit)e of the 'a'er as i))ustrate$ in this tem')ate# In&)u$in8 an eBmai) a$$resses for ea&h author is not man$atory. an$ rms $o not have to be $efine$# Do not use abbreviations in the tit)e un)ess they are unavoi$ab)e# *.sH or SI Units: is a$vo&ate$# This system in&)u$es a subsystem of units base$ on the meter. +5S. se&on$. Units Metri& units are stron8)y en&oura8e$ for use in IEEE 'ub)i&ations in )i8ht of their 8)oba) rea$ershi' an$ the inherent &onvenien&e of these units in many fie)$s# In 'arti&u)ar. as in S3T# Do not use ?-ef# S3T? or ?referen&e S3T? ex&e't at the be8innin8 of a senten&e= ?-eferen&e S3T sho*sU#?# . The author information sho*n in the manus&ri't shou)$ . 2 91: *here 'F is the fau)t &urrent# Use ?91:. A$$re)iations and Acronyms Define )ess &ommon abbreviations an$ a&ronyms the first time they are use$ in the text.in a 4or$ $o&ument Q either the Insert AR 2i&turesR(rom (i)e metho$ or the +o'y> A 2aste a''roa&h# InsertR A 2i&turesR(rom (i)e is a)most a)*ays su&&essfu).? ex&e't at the be8innin8 of a senten&e= ?E/uation 91: is #U?# -. even after they have been $efine$ in the abstra&t# "bbreviations su&h as IEEE.ri!inality of Content 2)a8iarism in any form is ex'ress)y forbi$$en. but is a &onvenien&e for rea$ers of the 'a'er# It is not ne&essary that author bio8ra'hies be in&)u$e$ in the manus&ri't itse)f a)thou8h some authors &hoose to in&)u$e that materia) after the referen&es# 7imit author bio8ra'hies to 211 *or$s# If a 'a'er is subse/uent)y a''rove$ for 'ub)i&ation in 'EEE Transactions on 'nd#stry Applications. but not 5ree3 symbo)s# Use a )on8 $ash rather than a hy'hen for a minus si8n# Use 'arentheses to avoi$ ambi8uities in $enominators# . MOS.umber footnotes se'arate)y *ith su'ers&ri'ts 9Insert A (ootnote:# 2)a&e the a&tua) footnote at the bottom of the &o)umn in *hi&h it is &ite$# Do not 'ut footnotes in the referen&e )ist# Use )etters for tab)e footnotes# +he&3 that a)) fi8ures an$ tab)es are numbere$ &orre&t)y# Use "rabi& numera)s for fi8ures an$ -oman numera)s for tab)es# "''en$ix fi8ures an$ tab)es shou)$ be numbere$ &onse&utive)y *ith the fi8ures an$ tab)es a''earin8 in the rest of the 'a'er# They shou)$ not have their o*n numberin8 system# '.e* A Mi&rosoft E/uation or MathTy'e E/uation:# ?()oat over text? shou)$ not be . su&h as 3#!Bin&h $is3 $rive# (. that you obtain *ritten 'ermission from the 'erson or entity that o*ns the &o'yri8ht for the sour&e from *hi&h the fi8ure *as ta3en. you *i)) be re/uire$ to furnish author bio8ra'hies an$ 'hoto8ra'hs that *i)) be a''en$e$ to the 'ub)ishe$ 'a'er# "uthor bio8ra'hies an$ 'hoto8ra'hs are not in&)u$e$ *hen 'a'ers are 'ub)ishe$ in 'EEE 'nd#stry Applications %a!azine. an$ the 8ra'hi&s may ori8inate as #G'8. %ath and E+#ations Use either the Mi&rosoft E/uation E$itor or the %athType &ommer&ia) a$$Bon for MS 4or$ for a)) math obGe&ts in your 'a'er 9Insert A 6bGe&t A +reate . "+.umber referen&e &itations &onse&utive)y in s/uare bra&3ets S1T# The senten&e 'un&tuation fo))o*s the bra&3ets S2T# Mu)ti')e referen&es S2T. an$ am'ere 9MOS":# Iritish units may be use$ as se&on$ary units 9in 'arentheses:# "n ex&e'tion is *hen Iritish units are use$ as i$entifiers in tra$e.umber e/uations &onse&utive)y *ith e/uation numbers in 'arentheses f)ush *ith the ri8ht mar8in. the use of the Internationa) System of Units 9PSystVme Internationa) $WUnit. or a''ro'riate ex'onents# Ita)i&i. but you may a)so $e)ineate su&h materia) by usin8 a $ifferent ty'e fa&e or in$entation# <ou must a)so &)ear)y &ite the sour&e from *hi&h the /uote$ text *as ta3en# +o'yin8 fi8ures is more invo)ve$# IEEE re/uires that you in&)u$e the 'hrase PX XXXX. se)e&te$# To ma3e your e/uations more &om'a&t. D+. you must &)ear)y $ifferentiate &o'ie$ text from ori8ina) text that you a&tua))y *rite# Muotation mar3s are best *ay to i$entify /uote$ materia).e -oman symbo)s for /uantities an$ variab)es. as in 91:# Ie sure that the symbo)s in your e/uation have been $efine$ before the e/uation a''ears or imme$iate)y fo))o*in8# − ( 3E A 2 ' F = ' B = − ' C = A ' A1 + A' A 2 + ' A1 = . 3i)o8ram. S3T are ea&h numbere$ *ith se'arate bra&3ets S1TBS3T# -efer sim')y to the referen&e number.? not ?E/# 91:? or ?e/uation 91:. you may use the so)i$us 9 > :. the ex' fun&tion.1 + . #8if. #bm'. . an$ the &ontent of your 'a'er shou)$ be tota))y ori8ina)# Ho*ever. #e's or #tif fi)es# +o'y >A 2aste is more )i3e)y to be su&&essfu) if the P2aste S'e&ia)H o'tion is &hosen. there are situations *here it is a''ro'riate to in&)u$e /uote$ materia) in te&hni&a) 'a'ers# If you &o'y text from other sour&es. an$ that you &ite that sour&e as a referen&e# %. re'rinte$ by 'ermissionH on fi8ures that you &o'y from 'ub)ishe$ sour&es.

"'r# 1EFF# E# H# Mi))er. 1E!1. a''ear before the Periodicals/ S1T S2T S3T J# (# (u))er. S6n)ineT# 12345. +"# S6n)ineT# "vai)ab)e= htt'=>>***#am$ah)#&om>$o&>'ro$u&ts>bs8>intra> infra>htm) Papers Presented at Conferences 3Unp#$lished5/ SET D# Ebehar$ an$ E# @o8es. 5ermany.e* <or3= 4i)ey. Te&h# -e'# T-B 1211 9 231B K:B3. an$ +# J# +arter. May 11:# &et0orks# 92n$ e$#: S6n)ineT# "vai)ab)e= htt'=>>***#atm#&om Technical 6eports/ S0T SFT E# E# -eber. ea&h shou)$ be )iste$ as a se'arate referen&e# 5ive a)) authorsW namesC $o not use et al. Plasma Sci. +o))e8e 2ar3. . 1EE0# Standards/ S13T 'EEE "#ide for Application of Po0er Apparat#s B#shin!s . J# 2eters.. ''# ! EB!!0. Sunnyva)e.. +". +#J# Esse). 1EK . ?")ternatin8 &urrent fe$ 'o*er su'')y. vo)# I# . De't# "eros'# En8#. '# F1# 5# 6# <oun8. I"S Te&hni&a) +ommittees &reate 4or3in8 5rou's to investi8ate an$ re'ort on some subGe&t# 2a'ers *ritten by *or3in8 8rou's are subGe&t to the same ru)es as 'a'ers *ritten by in$ivi$ua) authors or 8rou's of authors# The on)y 'ra&ti&a) &onsi$eration is that rather than )istin8 a)) of the authors of a *or3in8 8rou' 'a'er un$er the manus&ri't tit)e. vo)# 3. E# (# (u&hs. ea&h &itation must be &om')ete an$ &orre&t# There is no e$itoria) &he&3 on referen&esC therefore. to be 'ub)ishe$# -# J# @i$mar# 91EE2.? 'resente$ at the 2n$ Int# +onf# 6'ti&a) (iber Sensors.? in Proc.? 'EEE Trans.ine# +itin8 the 'eerB revie*e$ version of the 'a'er rather than the &onferen&e version *i)) enhan&e the &re$ibi)ity of your 'a'er as *e)) as in&rease the im'a&t fa&tor of the Gourna) that 'ub)ishe$ the *or3 you are &itin8# 7ist on)y one referen&e 'er referen&e number# If a referen&e is avai)ab)e from t*o sour&es.+ES -eferen&es are im'ortant to the rea$erC therefore. ?(re/uen&y $omain system i$entifi&ation of he)i&o'ter rotor $ynami&s in&or'oratin8 mo$e)s *ith time 'erio$i& &oeffi&ients. -# 7# Mit&he)).647ED5ME. "u8#:# 6n the use of atmos'heri& ')asmas as e)e&troma8neti& ref)e&tors# 'EEE Trans. an$ O# J# -oes)er. M"# Intranets= Internet te&hno)o8ies $e')oye$ behin$ the fire*a)) for &or'orate 'ro$u&tivity# 2resente$ at I. an$ )ater revie*e$ an$ a''rove$ for 'ub)i&ation in I"S Transa&tions or I"S Ma8a. Antennas Propa!at. ?6xy8en absor'tion in the EarthWs atmos'here. 7os "n8e)es. .i)ian 'o*er system an$ the &ha))en8e of the "ma. 1EF # S11T 2ro&ess +or'#.ov# 1EKF# S# 7# Ta))een# 91EEK.on transmission. (ramin8ham. or in the a&3no*)e$8ement at the en$ of the manus&ri't# "22E. 2772 'EEE Po0er En!ineerin! Society Transmission and Distri$#tion Conf. Univ# Mary)an$. ''# 31!B321# Dissertations/ S12T S# H*an8. 1E0F# . ''# F0KBFF1# "vai)ab)e= htt'=>>***#ha)&yon#&om>'ub>Gourna)s>21's13Bvi$mar Books/ S T S!T SKT E# +)ar3e. Sam')es of the &orre&t formats for various ty'es of referen&es are 8iven be)o*# Papers from Conference Proceedin!s 3P#$lished5/ S11T J# 7# ")/ueres an$ J# +# 2ra&a. IEEE Stan$ar$ +!0#1E#111B1EE!. E$# . an in&om')ete or *ron8 referen&e *i)) be 'ub)ishe$ an$ *i)) $etra&t from the authority an$ va)ue of the 'a'er# -eferen&es shou)$ be rea$i)y avai)ab)e 'ub)i&ations# It is &ommon for 'a'ers to be 'resente$ first at &onferen&es. Circ#it Analysis of AC Po0er Systems.? 2h#D# $issertation. ?Di8ita) sin8)e si$eban$ $ete&tion for interferometri& sensors. the res'e&tive E$itorBinB +hief may note &han8es in author affi)iation that have o&&urre$ after the 'a'er *as ori8ina))y *ritten# The name of a &ontributor may not be remove$ from a 'a'er after it has been submitte$ *ithout *ritten 'ermission from that author# 6&&asiona))y. an$ S#H# 5o)$ for their *or3 on the ori8ina) version of this $o&ument# -E(E-E. 2n$ e$#. Stutt8art.? U#S# 2atent 1F 210. ''# 1!BK # J# Jones# 91EE1. ?The Ira.? "eros'a&e +or'#. the membershi' of the *or3in8 8rou' may be )iste$ in either a b)o&3 of text ')a&e$ at the bottom of the )eft &o)umn on the first 'a8e of the manus&ri't.ETEK "nnua) Meetin8# S6n)ineT# "vai)ab)e= htt'=>>home#'ro&ess#&om> Intranets>*'2#ht' "+O.e* <or3= M&5ra*BHi)).? in Plastics. if a&3no*)e$8ment# nee$e$.ref)e&t the affi)iation of ea&h author at the time the 'a'er *as ori8ina))y *ritten# If the 'a'er is subse/uent)y 'ub)ishe$ in either 'EEE Transactions on 'nd#stry Applications or 'EEE 'nd#stry Applications %a!azine .T The fo))o*in8 is an exam')e of an a&3no*)e$8ment# 92)ease note that finan&ia) su''ort shou)$ be a&3no*)e$8e$ in an unnumbere$ footnote on the tit)e 'a8e:# The authors 8ratefu))y a&3no*)e$8e the &ontributions of I#X# "ustan. "u8# 1EE!# Patents/ S1 T 5# Iran$)i an$ M# Di&3. "#H# Iur8meyer. "'r#:# The Intranet "r&hite&ture= Mana8in8 information in the ne* 'ara$i8m# "m$ah) +or'#.ov# . Po0er Deli)ery .DIX "''en$ixes. ?" note on ref)e&tor arrays.? 'EEE Trans. ?Syntheti& stru&ture of in$ustria) ')asti&s. ?Inf)uen&e of harmoni&s on 'o*er $istribution system 'rote&tion. vo)# 3.