Publicity program for EPET Department related to ETAP Objectives  Ceating awareness about ETAP  Generation of enquiries for

training program  Projection of EPET Department in college as well as industries Event Activity E pected Output ! minute video "OD will tell about Awareness in staff t#e software and and students facility in $%C t#is will be uploaded on department website as well as on faceboo& 'ews in Campus %t will tell about (ife of t#is activity is times software facilty more and create awareness in students Opening ceremony D)D can be called Awareness at #ig#er for labs and putting to s#ow t#e lab and level and in staff t#is news in mail software and news wit# p#otograp#s can be put in yicmail small ca&e party is can also be arranged *roc#ures *roc#ures can be T#is met#od is used distributed to for immediate students if possible publicity E+*roc#ure can be mailed to all students %nterviews %nterviews of Creates fait# in t#e students preferably customers from industry and of staff *anners *anners at different Can catc# visitors locations in college %nformation on Tec#nical Gives a touc# of 'otice *oards information genuinness to t#e publicity

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government agencies.$$$7 companies. .A audits by 8$ different accreditations by leading standards bodies Playing t#e Percentages • • • • • 8$$< of the Top 8$ electrical design firms rely on ETA 2EC& &agazine4 =6< of software features originate from user suggestions =$<7 of 5. nuclear power plants have standardized on ETA >$< of Top 8$ electrical design firms have multiple1corporate ETA licenses :6< of our revenues are reinvested bac? into product @-.)ore E pertise to Power $our 3uccess • • • • • • • 6$. development and support engineers :$7 successful third%party .$$$7 man%years of electrical power systems e'pertise 6$$7 sales and support representatives around the globe 9$$7 employees worldwide 8$$7 research.".$$$7 licenses sold in more 8$$ countries worldwide 6. education institutions use ETA 9.

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