The Council as a Whole offers the second amendment to File No. 2013-694: 1! "n #a$e 1% lines 6-31% and #a$e 2% lines 1-31% and #a$e 3% lines 1-31% and #a$e 4% lines 1-31% and #a$e &% lines 1-2'% strike all lines in their entiret( and insert the follo)in$: *+N ",-.N+NC/ +0T1",.2.N3 +N- -.,/CT.N3 T1/ 4+5", +NC",6",+T."N 7/C,/T+,5 T"

/8/C0T/ +N- -/9.:/, +4/N-4/NT N04;/, 12 T" T1/ 9/+7/ ;/TW//N +NT1/ T1/ C.T5 "F

<+C=7"N:.99/ <+30+,7% 99C.%


+4/N-4/NT No. 12! W1.C1

+4/N-4/NT N". 12 6,":.-/7 F", T1/ -/7.3N% C"N7T,0CT."N% "WN/,71.6% 07/% 4+N+3/4/NT% "6/,+T."N7% C"7T7% +N- F.N+NC.N3 "F T1/ N",T1 /N- 2"N/ *N/2>! +N- :.-/" ;"+,-

.46,":/4/NT7% +7 -/F.N/- .N +4/N-4/NT N". 12 +T /:/,;+N= 7T+-.04 +0T1",.2.N3 +66,"6,.+T."N T1/ "F T1/ *6,"</CT>!? ;",,"W.N3 @43%109%000.00 +N.N

F0N-.N3 F,"4 T1/ C.T5A7 C"44/,C.+9 6+6/, F+C.9.T5 .N ",-/, T" 6,":.-/ F0N-.N3 F", T1/ 6,"</CT? W+.:.N3 6,":.7."N7 "F

C1+6T/, 126% ",-.N+NC/ C"-/% W.T1 ,/76/CT T" T1/ N/2 +N- :.-/" ;"+,- .46,":/4/NT7% W.T1 T1/ /8C/6T."N "F T1/ <7/; 6,"3,+4%





C.T5 .T/47 T"


-.,/CT95 .N

60,C1+7/ +4/N-4/NT

C/,T+.N N". 12



7/CT."N 122.B11 +!% ",-.N+NC/ C"-/% 7" +7 T" +99"W <<9 T" -.76"7/ "F +N+7 7/99 .T

70,6907 C"N7T,0CT7

T+N3.;9/ T1/

6,"6/,T5 6,"</CT?


,/C0.,/4/NT7 F", .T/47 T" ;/ 60,C1+7/-? W+.:.N3 C/,T+.N 6,":.7."N7 "F 7/CT."N

320.409% ",-.N+NC/ C"-/% F", C"N7T,0CT."N ,/9+T/6/,4.TT.N3 F//7? 6,":.-.N3

",-.N+NC/ T" C"N7T,0/- .N +CC",-+NC/ W.T1 ",-.N+NC/ 7T+T/4/NT T,/+70,5 ":/,7.31T 2010-493-/? "F .NT/NT T" 6,":.-.N3 C"4695 + W.T1 F",

,/309+T."N7? ;5 T1/

6,":.-.N3 "F


/C"N"4.C 111.163

-/:/9"64/NT? 76",T7 /NT/,6,.7/ 4+=/



C"469/8 F0N-.!%

C+6.T+9 ",-.N+NC/ T"

4+.NT/N+NC/ C"-/% T"


-/;T +N

7/,:.C/ /FF/CT.:/

/86/N-.T0,/7? -+T/.


WHEREAS, the Cit( of <acDsonEille

the *Cit(>! is the

o)ner of that certain facilit( currentl( Dno)n as */EerFanD 7tadium%> and the Cit( leases /EerFanD 7tadium to <acDsonEille <a$uars% 99C% successor F( )a( of assi$nment from <acDsonEille <a$uars% 9td. <a$uars NF9 *<<9>!% for its o#eration of the <acDsonEille footFall team% #ursuant to the terms and

- 2 -










#arties% as amended WHEREAS, <<9

the *9ease>!? and and the Cit( desire to construct the

6roGect% as contem#lated F( +mendment No. 12? and WHEREAS, /Eer;anD Field is one of <acDsonEilleAs most im#ortant economic deEelo#ment assets? and WHEREAS, the #ro#osed enhancements )ill maDe our

National FootFall 9ea$ue stadium a )orld-class facilit( and enhance the fan eH#erience for those )ho cheer on the <a$uars and come here for the Florida-3eor$ia $ame% TaHsla(

3ator ;o)l and other maGor eEents? and WHEREAS, the #ro#osed enhancements )ill #ut /Eer;anD

Field in a #osition to attract additional maGor eEents to <acDsonEille and )ill hel# reEitaliIe -o)nto)n? and WHEREAS, the 6roGect )ill si$nificantl( stren$then the TaHsla( 3ator ;o)lAs #rofile )ithin the colle$e Fo)l s(stem and #osition <acDsonEille Eer( faEoraFl( in the

discussion of future sites for colle$e #la(off footFall $ames? and WHEREAS, the estimated cost of the 6roGect is 7iHt(Three 4illion "ne 1undred and Nine Thousand -ollars

@63%109%000!% of )hich the Cit( ContriFution is

to Fe a not-

to-eHceed amount of Fort(-Three 4illion "ne 1undred and Nine Thousand -ollars @43%109%000! the *Cit( ContriFution>! and

<<9As estimated contriFution is estimated to Fe T)ent( 4illion -ollars a$rees @20%000%000! to #roEide from a the *<<9 ContriFution>!? and the Cit( the initial term fundin$ financin$ for the Cit( the




- 3 -

*Notes>!% #ursuant to the terms and conditions set forth in the #ro#osed T)elfth +mendment to 9ease? and WHEREAS, u#on suFstantial com#letion of the 6roGect%

Cit( intends to refinance the Notes )ith fiHed rate deFt% FacDed F( a #artial #led$e of the ConEention -eEelo#ment

TaHes% #ursuant to the terms and conditions set forth in the #ro#osed T)elfth +mendment to lease? and WHEREAS, the Cit( desires to aEoid an( increased Furden on taH#a(ers? and WHEREAS, the Cit( desires to finance the Cit(

ContriFution in a )a( that )ill not affect the $eneral fund Fud$et )hich #roEides im#ortant serEices liDe #uFlic safet(% #arDs% and liFraries? and WHEREAS, the Cit( desires to use an eHistin$ fundin$ source alread( Fein$ directed to the stadium for im#roEements? no) therefore BE IT ORDAINED F( the Council of the Cit( of

<acDsonEille: 7ection 1. Cor#oration Amendment are to hereF( Le se. The 4a(or to and




+mendment No. 12 to 9ease F( and Fet)een Cit( of <acDsonEille and <acDsonEille hereto <a$uars% as Second 99C% in suFstantiall( E"#i$it 1% the form as




*7econd ,eEised /HhiFit 1% 7econd ,eEised +mendment No. 12 9ease% NoEemFer 12% 2013 J Council of the Whole>. Section %. A&t#ori'in( t#e Borro)in( nd

A**ro*ri tion o+ ,&nds +or O$-i( tions in Amendment No. 1%. Restor tion o+ ,&nds. @43%109%000 under its The Cit( is hereF( authoriIed to Forro) Commercial - 4 6a#er Facilit( and such





a##ro#riated to the


#a( as


Cit(As in






+mendment No. 12. 0#on suFstantial com#letion of the 6roGect% Cit( shall refinance the Notes )ith fiHed rate deFt% FacDed F( a #artial #led$e of the ConEention -eEelo#ment TaHes

sufficient to coEer annual deFt serEice on the scoreFoard and N/2 im#roEements% #ursuant to the terms and conditions set forth in the #ro#osed T)elfth +mendment to lease. /&r*ose o+ a##ro#riation 6roGect. in **ro*ri tion. 2 is to o+ The #roEide Section .. of for the the The

#ur#ose fundin$


Section 0.

W i!er

/&rc# sin(


#roEisions of Cha#ter 126% "rdinance Code% are hereF( )aiEed% eHce#t that this section shall not )aiEe an( #ortion of

Cha#ter 126% "rdinance Code% #ertainin$ to the /Kual ;usiness "##ortunit( #urchase 6ro$ram. Further% items the Cit( is authoriIed the to






#ro#osals for the construction materials and im#roEements for the 6roGect. F( the Chief 7aid items to Fe #urchased shall Fe determined 6urchasin$ "fficer )ith the adEice of the

-irector of 6uFlic WorDs in accordance )ith 7ection 6 of this "rdinance. Section 1. Re2&irements +or Items to $e /&rc# sed.

WheneEer items to Fe used in such construction #roGects are to Fe #urchased directl( F( the Cit( #ursuant to this "rdinance% the follo)in$ reKuirements shall Fe met: a! The #urchase shall Fe in the Cit(As name )ith

o)nershi# of such items u#on recei#t Eested in the Cit(? and

- & -


The #urchase shall Fe F( a Cit( 6urchase "rder or

other Cit( document and shall Fe directl( funded F( the Cit(? and c! The EendorLsu##lier shall inEoice the Cit( directl(

for #a(ment )hich shall Fe made directl( F( the Cit( to the EendorLsu##lier? and d! The Cit(As 6urchase "rder or other document shall

clearl( state the #urchase is eHem#t from 7ales TaH #ursuant to the Cit(As 7ale and 0se TaH /Hem#tion Certificate? and e! The Cit( ma( #roEide ;uilders ,isD .nsurance to

#rotect a$ainst the loss of such items and to eEidence the Cit(As liaFilit( therefore% or alternatiEel( ma( reKuire <<9As contractor to #roEide insurance namin$ the Cit( as the

additional insured and direct loss #a(ee? and f! +cDno)led$ement of recei#t of the item and a##roEal

of #a(ment shall Fe documented F( an official of the Cit( or an authoriIed a$ent of the Cit(. Section 3. W i!er o+ /ermittin( ,ees. The Cit(

hereF( )aiEes the #roEisions of 7ection 320.409% "rdinance Code% for an( #ermit fees related to the re#airs% maintenance% and im#roEements )ith res#ect to the 6roGect. Section 4. Code. W i!er o+ Section 1%%.5116 7, Ordin nce

7ection 122.B11 a!% "rdinance Code% is hereF( )aiEed to

eH#edite the dis#osition of an( sur#lus #ro#ert( relatin$ to the re#airs% and im#roEements to /EerFanD 7tadium contem#lated F( +mendment No. 12 in Second Re!ised E"#i$it 1% laFeled as *7econd ,eEised /HhiFit 1% 7econd ,eEised +mendment No. 12 9ease% NoEemFer 12% 2013 J Council of the Whole>.

- 6 -

Section 5. Enter*rise ,&nd.



C *it -

M inten nce

This "rdinance and the T)elfth +mendment to

9ease is to Fe construed so as to Fe consistent )ith and in accordance )ith "rdinance 2010-493-/. Section 8. Tre s&r9 Re(&- tion Com*-i nce. 6ursuant

to +mendment No. 12 relatin$ to the 6roGect% <<9 is maDin$ the <<9 ContriFution to)ards the cost of construction of the


The <<9 ContriFution is currentl( eH#ected to Fe

a##roHimatel( @20 million% as the same ma( Fe modified F( +mendment No. 12. The Cit( hereF( eH#resses its official

intent #ursuant to Treasur( ,e$ulation section 1.141-4 c! 3! E! that such <<9 ContriFution )ill Fe allocated to costs of the 6roGect funded F( eKuit(. Section 1:. /conomic herein. Section 11. C *it Re!en&e M inten nce Amendin( Section 111.1.3 6S*orts Com*-e" Enter*rise ,&nd7, C# *ter 111 6S*eci O!ersi(#t De* rtment. shall oEersee the The #roGect "ffice of



nd Tr&st Acco&nts7, Ordinance Code. 7ection 111.136

7#orts Com#leH Ca#ital 4aintenance /nter#rise Fund!% Cha#ter 111 7#ecial ,eEenue and Trust +ccounts!% Ordinance Code% is

hereF( amended to read as follo)s: CHA/TER 111. S*eci - Re!en&e ; Sec. 111.1.3. Enter*rise ,&nd. a! The Cit( hereF( estaFlishes a s#orts Eenue-related fund% Dno)n as the 7#orts )hich Com#leH Ca#ital for S*orts ; ; C *it M inten nce nd Tr&st Acco&nts.


enter#rise 4aintenance





- ' -

im#roEed accountaFilit( for #erformance of maintenance and u#Dee# for the <acDsonEille +rena% the <acDsonEille 4unici#al 7tadium? 7tadium% and )hich and )ill the haEe <acDsonEille as a #rimar( ;aseFall source of

reEenue% the taHes on Mtransient rentalsM authoriIed F( F.7. N 212.030& and 7ection '64.104 a! 3! ConEention

-eEelo#ment TaH!% "rdinance Code% net of deFt serEice eH#enditures. ; Section 1%. E++ecti!e ; ; D te. This "rdinance shall

Fecome effectiEe u#on si$nature F( the 4a(or or u#on Fecomin$ effectiEe )ithout the 4a(orOs si$nature.>? 2! ,emoEe Re!ised E"#i$it 1 and re#lace )ith Second Re!ised E"#i$it 1 attached hereto% )hich attaches the 7econd

,eEised +mendment No. 12 9ease? 3! "n * (e 1% -ine 1, amend the introductor( sentence to add that the Fill )as amended as reflected herein.

Form +##roEed:

/s/ Margaret M. Sidman "ffice of 3eneral Counsel
9e$islation 6re#ared ;(: 4ar$aret 4. 7idman


- B -

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