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Amended & Rereferred 10/22/13

1Introduced by Council President at the request of the Mayor and 2amended by the Rules Committee 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 2
A! "R#I!A!C$

ORDINANCE 2013-694 A%&'"RI(I!) A!# #IR$C&I!) &'$

MA*"R A!# C"RP"RA&I"! +$CR$&AR* &" $,$C%&$ A!# #$-I.$R /$&0$$! AM$!#M$!& &'$ CI&* !%M/$R "1 12 &" &'$ A!# -$A+$ &'$ !o5 &'$ %+$4

2AC3+"!.I--$ --C54 12

2AC3+"!.I--$ 1270'IC' #$+I)!4 MA!A)$M$!&4

2A)%AR+4 !"5

6AM$!#M$!& 1"R


PR".I#$+ "0!$R+'IP4

C"!+&R%C&I"!4 "P$RA&I"!+4




"1 &'$ !"R&' $!# ("!$ 68!$(97 A!# .I#$" /"AR# IMPR".$M$!&+4 A+ #$1I!$# I! AM$!#M$!& !"5 12 A& $.$R/A!3 +&A#I%M 6&'$ 8PR"2$C&97:

A%&'"RI(I!) &'$ /"RR"0I!) A!# APPR"PRIA&I"! "1 ;<3410=4000500 I! 1%!#I!) 1R"M &'$ CI&*>+

C"MM$RCIA- PAP$R 1ACI-I&* I! "R#$R &" PR".I#$ 1%!#I!) 1"R &'$ PR"2$C&: 0AI.I!) C'AP&$R ?@? 6("!I!) +%/PAR& C"#$7 / PAR& 13 6+I)! +I)! R$)%-A&I"!+74 ("!$74



"R#I!A!C$ C"#$: 0AI.I!) PR".I+I"!+ "1 C'AP&$R 12?4 ORDINANCE CODE4 0I&' R$+P$C& &" &'$ !$( A!# .I#$" /"AR# IMPR".$M$!&+4 0I&' &'$

$,C$P&I"! "1 &'$ 2+$/ PR")RAM4 A!# &" A--"0 &'$ CI&* &" #IR$C&-* P%RC'A+$ C$R&AI! I&$M+ +P$CI1I$# I! AM$!#M$!& !"5 12 &" -$A+$:

0AI.I!) +$C&I"! 1225A116A74 "R#I!A!C$ C"#$4 +" A+ &" A--"0 22- &" #I+P"+$ "1 A!# +$-- +%RP-%+ &A!)I/-$ PR"P$R&* A+ I& C"!+&R%C&+ &'$

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PR"2$C&: $+&A/-I+'I!)

Amended & Rereferred 10/22/13 R$B%IR$M$!&+ 1"R I&$M+

&" /$ P%RC'A+$#: 0AI.I!) C$R&AI! PR".I+I"!+ "1 +$C&I"! 3205<0=4 ORDINANCE CODE4 1"R

C"!+&R%C&I"! R$-A&$# P$RMI&&I!) 1$$+:PR".I#I!) "R#I!A!C$ &" C"!+&R%$# I! ACC"R#A!C$ 0I&'

"R#I!A!C$ 2010C<=3C$: PR".I#I!) 1"R ".$R+I)'& /* &'$ "11IC$ "1 $C"!"MIC #$.$-"PM$!&:

PR".I#I!) A! $11$C&I.$ #A&$5 WHEREAS, the City of 2acDsonEille 6the 8City97 is the oFner of

10that certain facility currently DnoFn as 8$EerbanD +tadium49 and 11the City leases $EerbanD +tadium to 2acDsonEille 2aGuars4 --C4 12successor by Fay of assiGnment from 2acDsonEille 2aGuars4 -td5 136822-974 for its oHeration of the 2acDsonEille 2aGuars !1- football 14team4
Hursuant to the terms and conditions set forth in that

15certain lease betFeen the Harties4 as amended 6the 8-ease97: and 16

WHEREAS, 22- and the City desire to construct the ProIect4 as

17contemHlated by Amendment !o5 12: and 18

WHEREAS, $Eer/anD 1ield is one of 2acDsonEille>s most

19imHortant economic deEeloHment assets: and 20

WHEREAS, the HroHosed enhancements Fill maDe our !ational

211ootball -eaGue stadium a ForldCclass facility and enhance the fan 22eJHerience for those Fho cheer on the 2aGuars and come here for the 231loridaC)eorGia 24eEents:and 25
WHEREAS, the HroHosed enhancements Fill Hut $Eer/anD 1ield in Game4 &aJslayer5com )ator /oFl and other maIor

26a Hosition to attract additional maIor eEents to 2acDsonEille and 27Fill helH reEitaliKe #oFntoFn: and 28
WHEREAS, the ProIect Fill siGnificantly strenGthen the

29&aJslayer5com )ator /oFl>s Hrofile Fithin the colleGe boFl system 30and
Hosition 2acDsonEille Eery faEorably in the discussion of

31future sites for colleGe Hlayoff football Games: and 2

C 2 C

1 1
WHEREAS, the estimated cost of

Amended & Rereferred 10/22/13 the ProIect is +iJtyC&hree

2Million "ne 'undred and !ine &housand #ollars 6;?3410=400074 of 3Fhich the City Contribution is 41ortyC&hree 56;<3410=40007 6contribution
Million 6the is "ne 8City estimated to be a notCtoCeJceed amount of and !ine and &housand 22->s Million #ollars estimated #ollars


Contribution97 to be


76;20400040007 6the 822- Contribution97: and the City aGrees to 8HroEide the initial fundinG for the City contribution from a short 9term financinG facility4 Hursuant to the terms and conditions set 10forth in the HroHosed &Felfth to -ease: and 11
WHEREAS, the City desires to aEoid any increased burden on

12taJHayers: and 13
WHEREAS, the City desires to finance the City Contribution in

14a Fay that Fill not affect the General fund budGet Fhich HroEides 15imHortant serEices liDe Hublic safety4 HarDs4 and libraries: and 16
WHEREAS, the City desires to use an eJistinG fundinG source beinG directed to the stadium for imHroEements: noF

17already 18therefore 19 20

BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of the City of 2acDsonEille Section 1. Amen ment to !e"#e. &he Mayor and CorHoration

21+ecretary are hereby authoriKed to eJecute Amendment !o5 12 to 22-ease by and betFeen City of 2acDsonEille and 2acDsonEille 2aGuars4 23--C4 in substantially the form attached hereto as Re$i#e

2414 labeled as 8ReEised $Jhibit 14 ReEised Amendment !o5 12 -ease4 25"ctober 1<4 2013 L Rules95 26
Section 2. A(t&o)i*in+ t&e Bo))o,in+ "n A--)o-)i"tion o.

27/(n # .o) O'0i+"tion# in Amen ment No. 12. Re#to)"tion o. /(n #. 28&he
City is hereby authoriKed and to borroF ;<3410=4000 funds under are its







30aHHroHriated to Hay the City>s obliGations Fith resHect to the 31ProIect4 as HroEided in Amendment !o5 125 2
C 3 C

1 1
Section 3.

Amended & Rereferred 10/22/13 1()-o#e o. "--)o-)i"tion. &he HurHose of the

2aHHroHriation in +ection 2 is to HroEide fundinG for the ProIect5 3

Section 4. C&"-te) 626 34onin+ Co e5, 1")t 13 3Si+n

4Re+(0"tion#5, S('-")t B 3Do,nto,n Si+n O$e)0"6 4one5, O) in"nce 5Co e,

,"i$e . ChaHter ?@? 6(oninG Code74 Part 13 6+iGn

6ReGulations74 +ubHart / 6#oFntoFn +iGn "Eerlay (one74 "rdinance 7Code4 is hereby FaiEed for any conflictinG HroEisions of the siGn 8FaiEer in reGard to the !orth $nd (one Eideo board5 9
Section 2. W"i$e) o. 1()c&"#in+ Co e5 &he HroEisions of

10ChaHter 12?4 Ordinance Code4 are hereby FaiEed4 eJceHt that this 11section shall not FaiEe any Hortion of ChaHter 12?4 Ordinance Code4 12HertaininG to the $qual /usiness "HHortunity ProGram5
1urther4 the

13City is authoriKed to Hurchase directly certain items sHecified in 14the

HricinG HroHosals for the construction materials and

15imHroEements for the


+aid items to be Hurchased shall be

16determined by the Chief PurchasinG "fficer Fith the adEice of the 17#irector of Public 0orDs in accordance Fith +ection ? of this 18"rdinance5 19
Section 6. Re7(i)ement# .o) Item# to 'e 1()c&"#e 5

200heneEer items to be used in such construction HroIects are to be 21Hurchased directly by the City Hursuant to this "rdinance4 the 22folloFinG requirements shall be met 23
6a7 &he Hurchase shall be in the City>s name Fith oFnershiH

24of such items uHon receiHt Eested in the City: and 25

6b7 &he Hurchase shall be by a City Purchase "rder or other

26City document and shall be directly funded by the City: and 27

6c7 &he Eendor/suHHlier shall inEoice the City directly for Fhich shall be made directly by the City to the


29Eendor/suHHlier: and 30
6d7 &he City>s Purchase "rder or other document shall clearly

31state the Hurchase is eJemHt from +ales &aJ Hursuant to the City>s 2
C < C

Amended & Rereferred 10/22/13

1+ale and %se &aJ $JemHtion Certificate: and 2

6e7 &he City may HroEide /uilders RisD Insurance to Hrotect

3aGainst the loss of such items and to eEidence the City>s liability 4therefore4 or alternatiEely may require 22->s contractor to HroEide 5insurance naminG the City as the additional insured and direct loss 6Hayee: and 7
6f7 AcDnoFledGement of receiHt of the item and aHHroEal of

8Hayment shall be documented by an official of the City or an 9authoriKed aGent of the City5 10
Section 8. W"i$e) o. 1e)mittin+ /ee#5 &he City hereby

11FaiEes the HroEisions of +ection 3205<0=4 Ordinance Code4 for any 12Hermit fees related to the reHairs4 maintenance4 and imHroEements 13,it& resHect to the ProIect5 14
Section 9. W"i$e) o. Section 122.9113"5, Ordinance Code5

15+ection 1225A116a74 Ordinance Code4 is hereby FaiEed to eJHedite 16the disHosition of any surHlus HroHerty relatinG to the reHairs4 17and imHroEements to $EerbanD +tadium contemHlated by Amendment !o5 1812 in Re$i#e
E%&i'it 14 labeled as 8ReEised $Jhibit 14 ReEised

19Amendment !o5 12 -ease4 "ctober 1<4 2013 L Rules9. 20 21/(n .

Section 9. &his S-o)t# Com-0e% C"-it"0 :"inten"nce Ente)-)i#e is to be construed in accordance Fith


22"rdinance 2010C<=3C$5 23
Section 10. O$e)#i+&t De-")tment. &he "ffice of

24$conomic #eEeloHment shall oEersee the HroIect described herein5 25

Section 11. E..ecti$e D"te. &his "rdinance shall become

26effectiEe uHon siGnature by the Mayor or uHon becominG effectiEe 27Fithout the MayorMs siGnature5 28 29 30 31 2
C @ C

1 11orm AHHroEed 2 3 /s/ 2ohn C5 +aFyer 4"ffice of )eneral Counsel 5-eGislation PreHared /y 6

Amended & Rereferred 10/22/13

2ohn C5 +aFyer


C ? C