Green Mountain Writing Project at UVM Invitational Institute Course Syllabus 2013 E SS200!

E"GS 2#$ Credits: 6 Instructors:; Julia Hewitt, Heidi Ringer, Monda ! "rida , June #$ % Jul &', &$() *e+clusive o, holida .:$$ am %#:#$ /m 0ocation: 1he 2niversit o, 3ermont Course escri%tion& 1he 4reen Mountain 5riting 6roject at 23M 7rings together a grou/ o, e+/erienced teachers o, all su7jects, ,rom 8indergarten through college. 9uring a /re%institute orientation, ,our '%da wee8s, and a ,ollow%u/ session, ,ellows loo8 at themselves as writers, teachers and researchers. : ;ational 5riting 6roject ,ellows draw on the research and e+/erience o, others across the /ro,ession and across the ears. : "ellows /re/are, re,ine, /resent and res/ond to research and in<uir 7ased teaching demonstrations, trans,era7le across grades and su7ject areas. : "ellows write, res/ond to each other=s writing, revise and /u7lish throughout the summer institute, learning writing ,rom the inside out and /ro,oundl in,orming their instruction. ;ational 5riting 6roject ,ellows draw on the research and e+/erience o, others across the /ro,ession and across the ears. : "ellows read and a//l the wor8s o, other teacher%writers and researchers *>ee >ummer Institute Reader2/on success,ul com/letion o, the Invitational >ummer Institute, teachers ma 7e invited to 7ecome /art o, 4M56=s esta7lished cor/s o, 1eacher Consultan ,or 3ermont schools and school districts. Goals& 1he 4reen Mountain 5riting 6roject Invitational Institute has si+ /rimar goals: (. 1o create a cadre o, teacher leaders ,or /ro,essional develo/ment in 3ermont schools; &. 1o generate in teachers con,idence to write so the ,eel com/etent teaching writing; #. 1o assist in develo/ing s/eci,ic s8ills in the teaching and assessment o, writing; ). 1o hel/ teachers e+/lore current literature o, their /ro,ession; '. 1o 7uild and e+tend the 4M56 communit in which teachers share their teaching, their research and their writing; 6. 1o ,acilitate an understanding o, the writing /rocess, es/eciall ,rom a student writer=s /oint o, view. 'earning (utco)es& 6artici/ants will (. 9evelo/ an attitude toward writing as an element in dail li,e; &. 2nderstand the elements o, a success,ul ;ational 5riting 6roject teaching demonstration;

#. ?+/erience multi/le dimensions o, the writing /rocess and trans,er this learning to their classrooms.

General Course In*or)ation Course Policies+E,%ectations "ellows are e+/ected 1- .o /e)onstrate an as%ect o* classroo) %ractice by : develo/ing an in<uir demonstration idea; : con,erring with a coach 7e,ore the /resentation; : /resenting to and receiving ,eed7ac8 ,rom the grou/. 2- .o e,%lore t0e)selves as 1riters by : 7ringing writing to res/onse grou/s each time the grou/ meets; : reading writing at read%arounds; : assem7ling a /ort,olio o, three @,inished@ /ieces; : carr ing at least one /iece through revision to /u7lication in the institute antholog . 3- .o rea/ 1i/ely in t0e t0eory an/ %ractice o* teac0ing 1riting by : e+/loring one area o, literac instruction through reading and discussion; : /re/aring ,or reading discussion grou/s; : e+/loring the relationshi/ o, theor to /ractice in journals, dail logs and demonstration lessons. 2- .o be active )e)bers o* t0e Institute- Aeing an active mem7er o, the Institute re<uires /ositive contri7utions to the grou/, including : /roviding su//ort to ,ellows wor8ing on demonstrations and writing; : /roviding ,eed7ac8 and suggestions ,or writing and /resentations, 7oth in small grou/s and in the institute at large; : maintaining a dialogue with instructors; : attending all sessions, arriving on time, contri7uting to events ta8ing on roles called ,or in the regular 7usiness o, the institute *logger, reader, /resenter, grou/ leader, antholog editors, social event coordinator...- so the res/onsi7ilit ,or the institute is shared. 3tten/ance E,%ectations& 1he 4reen Mountain 5riting 6roject re<uires ,ellows to attend all sessions o, the Institute. Contributions in Class& Re,er to items ( ! ) in Course 6olicies and ?+/ectations. 3ca/e)ic 4onesty 5 Pro*essionalis)& Bll students are re<uired to 7e ,amiliar with and adhere to the Code o, Bcademic Intergrit *htt/:CCwww.uvm.eduCDuvm//gC//gCstudentCacadintegrit ./d,-.

3cco))o/ations& Bccommodations will 7e /rovided to eligi7le students with disa7ilities. 6lease o7tain an accommodation letter ,rom the BCC?>> o,,ice and see one o, the instructors earl in the course to discuss what accommodations will 7e necessar . I, ou are un,amiliar with BCC?>>, visit their we7site at htt/:CCwww.uvm.eduCaccess to learn more a7out the services the /rovide. BCC?>>: B%(E$ 0iving 0earning Center, 2niversit o, 3ermont, Aurlington, 31 $')$'. 6H: F$&%6'6%EE'#, 11G: call E(( *rela -, "a+: F$&%6'6%$E#., ?mail:, Instant Messenger: 23Maccess. 4eneral o,,ice hours: F:#$am ! ):#$/m Monda through "rida . Call to ma8e an a//ointment. 6e7uire/ 6ea/ing 0amott, Bnne. 8ir/ by 8ir/ or Hing, >te/hen. (n Writing& 3 Me)oir o* t0e Cra*t .0e Invitational Institute 6ea/er, a com/ilation o, articles and essa s related to writing and teaching writing. Electronic Sub)issions+Internet Use& "ellows /re/are a digital /ort,olio o, their wor8. Stu/ent Evaluation+3ssess)ent Gra/ing& E,%ectations *or an 93: in t0is course& 5riting is detailed and thought,ul, showing man levels o, thin8ing; 5riting /ort,olio holds all re<uired /ieces; 9emonstration is com/lete, organiIed, and o, high <ualit ; Bll reading and writing assignments are com/leted on time; "ull, coo/erative /artici/ation; "ocus, coo/eration and leadershi/ in grou/ wor8; 6unctualit and attendance at all sessions. E,%ectations *or a 98: in t0is course& 5riting is detailed and thought,ul; 5riting /ort,olio holds all re<uired /ieces; 9emonstration is com/lete, organiIed and o, high <ualit ; Bll reading and writing assignments com/leted on time; "re<uent, coo/erative /artici/ation; "ocus and coo/eration in grou/ wor8; 6unctualit and attendance at all sessions. E,%ectations *or a 9C: in t0is course& 5riting is detailed and thought,ul; 5riting /ort,olio holds all re<uired /ieces; 9emonstration is com/lete and organiIed ; Reading and writing assignments o,ten com/leted on time;

Coo/erative class /artici/ation; "ocus and coo/eration in grou/ wor8; 6unctualit and attendance at most sessions. escri%tion o* Class 3ssign)ents& Writing Project e)onstrations 1his class 7rings together teachers to loo8 at their own writing and to use this as a lens to loo8 at student writing across grades and across the curriculum. "ellows will research and /resent in<uir 7ased demonstrations designed to engender rich and engaged student writing. 1hese demonstrations include: a theoretical 7asis ,or a /articular a//roach to the teaching o, writing; involvement o, /artici/ants in writing; engagement o, /artici/ants in the in<uir ; the use o, e+am/les o, a range o, student writing to illustrate the a//roach; and a com/anion handout including a demo outline; a statement o, theor 7ase; a list o, the 3ermont or Common Core >tandards the demo addresses; assessments used; and a 7i7liogra/h o, resources. Writing Port*olio Bt the end o, the summer institute, ,ellows must su7mit a /ort,olio o, their writing which includes the ,ollowing: : B /iece o, @teacher lore@ that e+/lores an e+/erience o, teaching and learning; : B J1his I AelieveK essa related to some as/ect o, education; : Lne /iece o, their choosing. 1his should 7e a ,inal dra,t o, a /iece develo/ed during the institute; : B cover letter to the instructors re,lecting on their e+/erience as teacher%writers during the summer institute and commenting on each /iece. In addition, ,ellows su7mit u/ to ) /ages o, writing ,or /u7lication in the Institute antholog . Percentage Contribution o* Eac0 3ssign)ent 1eaching 9emonstration: #'M 5riting 6ort,olio: )'M Class /artici/ation: &$M Instructional Se7uence 1he content o, this course is 7ased largel on the content o, teaching demonstrations that ,ellows develo/ and /resent during the summer institute.

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