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Fall 2013

Partnership Experience
By Josh Speight Since 2006, KBF and the Eglise Evangelique au Maroc (The Protestant Church in Morocco or EEAM) have enjoyed a unique and wonderful partnership. In joining with the EEAM, the KBF has the advantage of being united with a whole church (with nine parishes in Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Oujda, Fez, Meknes, Kenitra, Marrakesh, and Agadir) committed to long-term ministry in its Moroccan context. Additionally, by uniting with the EEAM, KBF joins a truly international team. The EEAM congregations are primarily composed of sub-Saharan Africans from more than 15 countries. The congregations also include Europeans, North Americans, South Americans, and Asians. Every October, KBF organizes a partnership experience to enhance our relationships. This year our trip was titled “Caravan for Women” and I had the privilege of journeying with 12 women from 5 KBF congregations on this Caravan. We visited 6 congregations, 10 cities, and numerous sites. At each congregation our KBF group was hosted by the women’s group of the church for a meal and a shared Bible study about a woman in scripture.

Caravan For Women
2013 KBF/Morocco Partnership

The Caravan For Women pictured at closing worship in Rabat, Morocco.

Caravan for Women Reflection
By Martha Robertson (Lexington Avenue Baptist, Danville) When I went to Morocco, I felt as though I was going home. I was there in 2009 for the Voices United tour, and fell in love. I promised I would be back (though I promised myself I would learn French, and didn’t.) And back I went! So anxious to be there and hopeful that I would see those I knew from the visit in ‘09. Benjamin, Rachelle, Helge, Christiano, Lorrianne, and so many others who touched my heart so completely.

Caravan for Women: 2013 KBF/Morocco Partnership articles and photos are continued on the insert.

Dear Friend, I recently re-read a little book written by Henri Nouwen, a Catholic priest, who wrote many books on spirituality. When I first saw the book a few years ago, I was surprised by the title, The Spirituality of Fundraising. Here are a few quotes from the book that give you an idea of why he says that fundraising can be a spiritual practice: Fundraising is, first and foremost, a form of ministry. It is a way of announcing our vision and inviting other people into [God’s] mission. To raise funds is to offer people the chance to invest what they have in the work of God. God’s Kingdom is a place of abundance where every generous act overflows its original bounds and becomes part of the unbounded grace of God at work in the world. We, at Kentucky Baptist Fellowship, are doing more than we’ve ever done because of generous people and churches. The combined generosity of numerous individuals and churches becomes part of the unbounded grace of God at work in the world. Lives are changed as we help churches and individuals connect with mission and ministry opportunities. But in order to continue these important ministries we need your support and the support of your church. We need to expand existing support and discover new sources of funding. Your financial support of Kentucky Baptist Fellowship is deeply appreciated AND needed. Together we can make a difference as we work “…to equip and empower Kentucky Baptist churches and Christians, cultivate partnerships, and engage in missions.” Whether you have made a contribution in the past or not, now is the time to make a contribution to Kentucky Baptist Fellowship. Your ongoing gifts are vital as we partner with you to provide ministries beyond your local congregation. We pledge our careful stewardship of funds entrusted to us. Thank you for your prayerful consideration. Please know that I am ready and open for more conversations. Blessings, John Lepper

January 2-5: Festival of Preachers, Indianapolis, Indiana January 9-10: Re-Imagining Faith Conference, Georgetown College February 18-21: Oasis, CBF Youth Ministry Network Retreat, Montreat, NC February 24-26: CBF ChurchWorks Conference, Huntsville, Alabama March 1: KBF Winter Coordinating Council Meeting, 10:00am – 2:00pm March 14-16: KBF Youth Missions Weekend, Georgetown April 25-26: KBF Spring Gathering with Suzii Paynter, Broadway Baptist Church, Louisville May 19-22: Faith Forward Conference, Nashville, TN

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KBF/Morocco Partnership 2013

Partnership Experience cont’d
The Bible studies were about women like Miriam, Martha, and Ruth gave space for conversation about similarities for these women despite geographical and national differences. At each congregation, we learned about the specific strengths and challenges faced by the leadership and heard ways of providing support. As a way of carrying the conversation from one city to the next - and to caravan together - two women from the EEAM church from which we were leaving traveled with us on our bus to the next city and joined the conversation. This allowed continuity and introduced more of the EEAM women to one another.

Pastors from the Caravan (pictured left to right): Kristin Belcher (FBC Frankfort), Susanne Jenkens (Woodland, Louisville), Miora Andriatsimalia (Agadir, Morocco), Reba Cobb (Broadway, Louisville), Becky Caswell-Speight (Broadway, Louisville), and Paula Dempsey (Alliance of Baptists).

The goal of this trip was two-fold 1) to establish a bond between the Kentucky Baptist Women in Ministry and the fledgling women’s group of the EEAM and 2) to aid the EEAM as they support a national women’s group in each of their congregations. Both of these goals were accomplished and are ongoing.

The Caravan For Women pictured in Meknes, Morocco.

The partnership trip to Morocco this October was a remarkable trip for many reasons: • It enhanced the bond between EEAM and KBF • It created a network among women in ministry on a global scale • It gave a face to the issue of migration for our group - a dilemma that more than 30,000 men, women and children face in Morocco daily • It networked 12 women from 5 KBF congregations • It renewed my commitment to our partnership

The Caravan for Women pose together in Ifrane at Al Akhawayn University where Karen Thomas Smith is Chaplain.

Thank you to those who participated in this year’s trip, to the nine KBF congregations who provide continual support to the EEAM, and to all of you who pray and engage with our brothers and sisters in Morocco.

KBF/Morocco Partnership 2013

Caravan for Women Reflection cont’d
And it happened again! Our focus was different this time, though, and (frankly) I was nervous that I was not up to anything that wasn’t musical. But God is faithful, and I fell in love again with these beautiful children of God. Gladys, Emmanuelle, Emelee, and so many others. And I fell in love with babies of women I don’t even know, who are so precious and innocent in the great fight that is raging all around their tiny lives. I hugged and loved on as many people as I could and they did the same for me. Now I’m home and their faces are in my minds eye every day, their voices in my head, and the love they have for the Lord astounds me.

Felicia Biggerstaff (Georgetown Becky Caswell-Speight (Broad- Baptist) watches a woman crochet at Association Al Kawtar for women way Baptist) offers the cup of with phyiscal disabilities in Christ to Sierra von Hellens (Georgetown Baptist) at closing Marrakech. worship in Rabat, Morocco.

Because love, you see, knows no barriers of language, race, politics, wealth, poverty, or any other man-made limit we could set. I learned more than I ever thought I would about the power of love, both giving and receiving, and the love of God in our fallen world. God is still here, still working, still loving through us. Perfect Love is Perfect love in any language I speak. It makes me know I’m not alone, that I’m not a freak. Others may not understand my words, But they can read my heart And feel the love I want to share... to give them just a part Of the love my Jesus gave to me when he took the cross of shame. The love that I feel every time I hear Him call my name.

The Caravan for Women visits the Berber women of Tarmilat who create rugs and purses for sale. Tarmilat is a personal ministry of Karen Thomas Smith.

KBF Morocco Christmas Cards
Proceeds benefit the work of the International Aid Committee (CEI) of Eglise Evangelique au Maroc (EEAM) and their ministry with migrants and refugees in Morocco. Kentucky Baptist Fellowship will make Morocco Christmas Cards available again for Christmas in 2013. Help refugee children and families in Morocco receive the basic necessities in life through the simple gift of a Christmas card. Each card has a suggested donation amount based on the type of ministry led by International Aid Committee in Morocco. The card carries a simple phrase like: “A gift has been made in your honor which will purchase one month of food for a refugee family in Morocco by [insert name] to celebrate the Christmas season.” For more information, contact Josh Speight at or 502-426-1931.

Oasis: February 18-21 @ Montreat Conference Center, Montreat, NC
After October 1: $285 for a shared room, $385 for a single. After November 1: $310 for a shared room, $410 for a single. Guest Speaker: Mark Yaconelli, speaker, youth worker, and author of numerous books including Contemplative Youth Ministry: Practicing the Presence of Jesus Guest Artist: Paul Soupiset, a graphic designer, illustrator, liturgist, youth media consultant, journalist, mentor, and self-described armchair theologian from, San Antonio, Texas. Worship Leader: Eric Mathis Eric is Assistant Professor of Church Music and Worship Leadership at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. He has recently been named program director of anima: the Forum for Worship and the Arts. Schedule: Come to the mountains to relax, learn, practice spiritual disciplines, and interact with fellow CBF youth workers in a confidential and intimate setting. We will begin with dinner on Tuesday, and conclude by 10 am on Friday. For an additional cost, participants are invited to extend their stay through the weekend, to enjoy time in the North Carolina mountains. Registration Information:

2014 National Festival of Young Preachers, Indianapolis, IN January 2-5
The 2014 National Festival of Young Preachers will be held January 2-5, 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Most sessions are scheduled for the Sheraton Town Centre Hotel, with some events to be held across the street at Christ Church Cathedral. The final event, PREACHAPALOOZA, will be held at the Hilbert Circle Theater. Kentucky Baptist Fellowship is proud to be a founding partner with The Academy of Preachers who presents the annual National Festival of Young Preachers event each year. More information about the Festival and the Academy can be found by visiting http://www.academyofpreachers. net/festivals/national-festival/

2014 KBF Youth Missions Weekend: March 14-16 Georgetown, KY
More info coming soon!

February 24-26, 2014 First Baptist Church, Huntsville, Alabama Visit for more info

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A Word from our Moderator: Tara Edwards
Isolation is a funny thing. In our society, isolation has become the topic of sociological research as many of us have become more tied to electronic amenities. Wikipedia displays the psychology definition as the “failure of an individual to maintain contact with others or genuine communication where interaction with others persists.” The negative connotation around isolation is quite prevalent. I have shared the story about how I became intimately involved with the KBF. Long story short, while in seminary in Virginia and living in Louisville, I was peripherally involved with CBF functions. I suppose I assumed the community would always be accessible for me. Only after moving hours away from Louisville, and an hour away from the nearest CBF friendly church, was I asked to be on the KBF Coordinating Council. Then, again, while moving even further away, I was asked to be Moderator Elect. There is some comedy that I and others find when my name in the KBF program is not listed next to the membership of a Baptist church. Yet, there is beauty there as well. As Dr. Lepper likes to say, the KBF is a miracle of partnerships – which, I suppose, extends to the moderator being a member of a Christian church. I have been asked by numerous people, including members of my local congregation, when will I give up “this Baptist thing.” I do not ever intend to give it up. That is the other side of the coin that happened to me during my geographical CBF isolation – I chose to be more connected. While Wikipedia points out numerous negatives about isolation, there are positives. For me, the more isolated I became from my community of Baptists and my comfortable place of faith, the more intentional I had to become in choosing to seek out opportunities to serve and to develop relationships. Now, I admit, a year ago, I opted not to drive 4½ hours for a 3 hour meeting, so, thanks to technology, I used Skype. But on the whole, the meetings that I do attend, the conference calls that I participate in, the mission opportunities that I take a week off from work to offer my sweat to, are so life-giving. Truly, I am grateful for the isolation that I have experienced over the past 5 years because I have had to learn about myself, learn what is important to me, find ways to make it work and stay involved, and allow my faith to be stretched.
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