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Hazardous Gas Detecting Method Applied in Coal Mine Detection Robot

As one of the largest coal production and consumption countries in the world, many countries are having related accidents occurred frequently such as gas explosion, flood, breaking out of fire during the exploitation of coal mine. Coal Mine Detection Robot can be substituted or partial substituted for emergency workers to enter the mine shaft disaster site and detect hazardous gas and do some environmental exploration and surveying task.

Coal Mine Detection Robot uses to detect hazardous gas simultaneously. The principle of gas survey meter of infra-red spectrum is according to the selectively absorption of infrared radiation by the mash gas, CO to achieve the detection of their concentration. The advantages of this kind of hazardous gas detecting are: simultaneously and rapidly detecting hazardous gas and high sensitivity, good selectivity and fast response. Otherwise, it is easy to be taken by robot due to its simple and light structure, have a lager detection range and probe is not easy failure to be poisoning and aging.

Proposed System:
The research of Coal Mine Detection Robot can make the coal mine detection works improving a lot, and reduce the casualties caused by mine accident. It will be substituted or partial substituted for emergency workers to enter the worksite and to carry out environmental prospecting and surveying task. Here, in this project using Zigbee technology the details gets communicated and so we can identify the situation happening under the ground. This robot can go into explosion environment and detect gas content and temperature. Here using CCTV the images are captured in the coal mine and monitored in the display unit. The gas and temperature details are sensed through corresponding sensors, and fed to the microcontroller unit. Microcontroller unit, in turn sends that digital data to control section through Zigbee communication. In the control section, according to the sensor details the robotic movement is

done through keypad unit, using the microcontroller the keypad inputs are taken as input and that corresponding details are sent through Zigbee communication. According to the keypad input received the robot is controlled by microcontroller in the robot section. In order to control the motors used in the robot, we use relays in the robot section, relays are nothing but the electromagnetic switch, which activates the motors according to the given input from the microcontroller.

Block Diagram:
Control Section:

Power Supply

8051 Micro Controller LCD



Robot Section:

Power Supply

Motor Driver PIC Temperature Sensor Micro Controller Gas Detection Sensor Motor Driver



Hardware Requirements:
8051 Microcontroller PIC Microcontroller Keypad Temperature and Gas Sensor Zigbee Transceiver CCTV LCD and Buzzer Relay Driver Robot Mechanism

Software Requirements:
Embedded C Keil C Compiler

This robot has automatic collision avoidance system. It easily carries food, medicine to victims, while other robots not do.

It can be used in coal mine industries