There are an estimated 29.8 Million people enslaved in the world today. - www.globalslaveryindex.


Yes, slavery still exists today.
And the Freedom Café of Durham exists to help stop it. - Human Trafficking is the fastest growing nd illegal trade, 2 most profitable only to drug trafficking, netting $32 billion per year. - Cases of human trafficking have been reported in all 50 States. - 66% women, 22% children, 12% men. Those stats are the tip of the iceberg. We implore you to take a moment, and start with the website listed above. The issue is everywhere, and solving it long term is going to take time and a farsighted approach. That’s where we come in.

The Freedom Café of Durham
10 Mill Road, Durham NH 03824 Hours: Monday - Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM (Subject to Change after December 2013) Perform For Freedom Open Mics: Wednesdays 7-10PM (Performers Wanted!)

Café of Durham

The Freedom

Sean Matthews General Manager (617) 850-5435

Bryan Bessette Operations Manager (603) 767-5698

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Proudly Serving:

The Freedom Café seeks to raise awareness and resources to support ending the worldwide atrocities of human trafficking and slavery.

Want to know more or get involved?

The Freedom Café provides high quality beverages in a friendly and educational atmosphere. Through our normal café hours and our community and seminar events, we invite the community into the Anti-Trafficking Movement. We then donate our proceeds to reputable organizations or projects involved in the process of ending human trafficking and slavery.

For-Profit vs. our Non-Profit Approach Traditional For-Profit Café
What typically goes into determining the price of your coffee, tea, or consumable? 1) Price of inventory 2) Equipment 3) Rent/Lease on building 4) Insurance 5) Utilities 6) Staffing 7) Related Costs 8) Profit Margin

Our “Pathway to Freedom” Model Freedom Drinker- Regularly enjoys our hand-crafted offerings, signs up for our monthly newsletter, likes us on facebook, and tells their friends! Freedom Worker- The lifeblood of our organization. All of the above, plus volunteer whatever you can. Freedom Fighter- Someone who dedicates all or part of their life to the Cause. Our Current Most Pressing Need: To raise awareness and build our local network by speaking out!

Expertise Organic and Ethical Sourcing Partnership Hospitality Empowerment Openness and Transparency

All of these are paid for in your $2-5 Café Beverage.

*OUR* Non-Profit Café
We drive down the overhead costs through generous donations and volunteer power. 1) Price of Inventory $0.20-$1.00 per cup Covered by Fusion Community Church 2) Equipment In-kind donation from Lighthouse Ministries 3) Rent/Lease Covered by Church of the Rock 4) Insurance In-kind donation from Lighthouse Ministries 5) Utilities Volunteers and Sponsors 6) Staffing 7) Related Costs YOUR donations and Sponsors Sponsors, Volunteers, and Donors allow us to allocate anything over $1 toward our featured fundraising goal.

As you can see to the right, we only must cover the cost of consumables. The customer (Freedom Drinker) receives any consumable at no charge. They are then invited to make a fair market donation to The Freedom Cafe of Durham. On our end, we designate ~$1 of each donation to pay cover product costs and awareness materials. Everything you give over the initial $1 is then gifted to a reputable non-profit working in the field to end human trafficking and slavery.

If you or your group would like to have us come speak, in any format, about human trafficking and our work, please contact Sean or e-mail

Photo from our Opening Night on February 6 2013 Photo credit: Freedom Worker Daniel Mannarino

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