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Shelter Plus Care 2009 Start Up Conference

S+C Grantee, S+C Sponsor and HUD in Partnership

The Benefits of Shelter Plus Care

Stick with what your agency does Best:
– Service providers provide services – Housing providers provide the housing.

    

Quick turn around time:
– S+C avoids the time lag of housing development .

Flexible models to choose from Capitali e on ser!ices" mainstream resources and efforts already underway. S#C Sponsor or $ro%ect based creates a stream of re!enue to stimulate capital funding S#C &enant" Sponsor or $ro%ect based allows for an immediate supply of housing for new participants.

Benefits of S+C for C C
&he S#C funds for new and renewal re'uests are consider per the F()**+ Super,-F. a housing acti!ity and can help your C-C with obtaining more points in the competition  S#C can be tailored to the full Bonus or $ro rata need amount a!ailable

S#C for ,ew $ro%ects in )**/
 Used

!onus or pro rata need funds for a ne" S+C pro#ect for disa!led ho$eless sin%le persons and ho$eless fa$ilies "ith a disa!led adult and children '(2009, there is no Sa$aritan &nitiati)e * #ust per$anent housin% !onus to ser)e sin%les and+or fa$ilies

 &n

Shelter Plus Care as a C C Bac, up Pro#ect for Strate%So$eti$es C C hi%h ran,ed pro#ects ha)e failed to su!$it at the last $o$ent, !een dis.ualified !- HUD, "ithdra"n or fundin% reduced  S+C fund re.uest is eas- to tailor to a)aila!le funds  S+C pro#ects $a- !e a !ac, up plan !addin% pro#ect re.uests #ust !elo" the fundin% line esti$ated !- the C C.

Grant 'undin% Basis 'air /ar,et 0ent 1'/0S23 4 nu$!er of units !- !edroo$ si5e 4 60 $onths7 %rant funds
– 82 $onth for rene"al pro#ects – 820 $onths if pro#ect !ased "ith

reha!ilitation – HUD funds up to 8009 of initial '/0 rent for fi)e -ears or one -ear for rene"als
1hi%her if e4ception rents docu$ented !Housin% :uthorit- "ith application2

Uses of Shelter Plus Care 'unds

Pa-$ent to the propert- o"ner 1the difference !et"een tenant re.uired rent pa-$ent and the reasona!le rent2

ccasionall-, tenant is also paid "hen the utilitallo"ance e4ceeds the tenant re.uired rent a$ount – Utilities include heat, electricit-, "ater, se"er and %ar!a%e collection onl
– – – –

ther uses of Grant funds after pa-$ent of rent
Da$a%e deposits ;acanc- pa-$ents of up to 90 da-s <i$ited Da$a%e pa-$ents Up to =9 of funds dra"n $a-!e for :d$inistrati)e fee

see $anual and re%ulations for li$itations on use of funds and docu$entation procedure

Pro%ra$ Goals
To assist ho$eless disa!led indi)iduals and their fa$ilies 0efer for Section 8 of the 0esource /anual> 01 2ncrease housing stability by obtaining permanent housing3 )1 2ncrease skills and4or income3 51 -btain greater self6sufficiency.

$ro%ect $erformance 7oals
.nnual $rogress 8eport )**+
– $articipants who stayed six or more months in

permanent housing

–,ational a!erage is 95.:;
– $articipants who had employment income when

they exit

–,ational a!erage 0/; exit with employment income
– -!erall increase percentage of participants whose

income by exit from your program has increased through go!ernment benefits and employment

<xiting =omeless $articipants with >ainstream 8esources in )**? .ll 7rants
SSI 11.4% Social Security 1.7% S !I"# $ildre%&s 1.1% ,( or ,e%eral (ssista%ce -.2% Percent listed in Annual Progress Reports National Averages for 2006 SSDI 4.4% '(NF or MFI" 7.7% .mployme%t *e%e+its 20./% No Resources 30.5% Medicaid 13.3% Food Stamps 20.2% )etera%s *e%e+its 1.4% 1t$er Speci+y 4.2%

Not good!!!
)etera%s !ealt$care 1.1% 0%employme%t *e%e+its 1.1%

Shelter # Care 8esource >anual6Sections

2 @ B C 6 D =

)er)ie" Goals, roles, / U and co$ponents :cti)ities ?li%i!le participants and use of funds <easin% HAS, rent calculation, ccupanca%ree$ent /atch calculatin% support ser)ices 'inancial /ana%e$ent < CCS 0ecord*,eepin% and 0eportin% re.uire$ents+ :nnual Pro%ress 0eport :P0 Grant 0ene"al and e4tension S+C Grant re.uire$ents ad$inistration and other applica!le, Unifor$ 0elocation :ct, ?n)iron$ental 0e%ulations, /B, lead paint , etc. 2"ri%ted copy i% pac3ets deleted out dated re+ere%ces4

Eho &s Ser)ed Under S+CF 0efer to Section 2.2 of $anual

Severely Disabled Adults "ho are homeless and their
household $e$!ers "ho lac, the resources to o!tain housin%

– Low income households  1=09 of area $edian inco$e ad#usted for household si5e and usuall- not an issue2 – See model disability certification form in your packet – (does not address chronic homeless in the manual

@isability or @iagnosis 2ncludes

     

Chemically @isabled – CD may be the only diagnosis for S+C Se!erely or Chronically >entally 2ll @e!elopmentally @isabled =2A $ositi!e $hysical @isability &raumatic Brain 2n%ury @ual or >ultiple @iagnosed

Since )**:
 Eith

'(200C %rants 1Ge" H 0ene"al %rants2, ne" participants must come from places not fit for human habitation 1streets, s.uats, ca$ps, cars, etc.2 or emergency shelters
– 1$ust trace ne" participants !ac,

?li%i!le Participant for an- S+C Housin% and all post 200C 0ene"als H Per$anent Housin%
ne adult participant in each household $ust !e disa!led
01 01

Comes from the street
 places unfit for hu$an ha!itation, cars, ca$p%rounds, shac,s, etc .

Comes from shelters
 (outh, %eneral population, )icti$s of do$estic a!use, fa$il-

shelters, sin%les  %enerall- @0 da-s or less for $a4i$u$ sta-s
01 01

Coming from &ransitional housing for the homeless and BB.  Documented from the streets or a shelter originally Coming from a %ail or treatment facilities with a stay of less than 5* days and BBBBBB.  Documented originally from the streets or a shelter originally

?li%i!le Participants for Units for the Chronic Homeless
1see -our %rant a%ree$ent or appro)ed application2

Coming from the streets

places unfit for hu$an ha!itation, cars, ca$p%rounds, shac,s, conde$ned !uildin%s, etc. (outh, %eneral population, )icti$s of do$estic a!use, sin%les %enerall- short ter$ sta-s


Coming from shelters
– –


Coming from a stay in %ail or treatment facilities for less than 5* days and Documented as

originally coming from the streets or a shelter
$articipant must ha!e a disabling condition and for !" months or # episodes in the last 5 years of being homeless and be unaccompanied at the time of ser!ice

 

De+i%i%5 $ro%ic !omeless6a 'ec$%ical ,uide. For !0D "ro5rams 2I% your pac3et a%d o% t$e 7e84 Note you may enroll an individual in S+C and place him in treatment up to 90 days with a unit at the end of his stay. Model ,uide +or "erma%e%t !ousi%5 "ro9ects 2i% your pac3et4

&wo 7uides for @ocumenting <ligibility


Cho (ou Cannot ser!e
– $ersons e!icted from their homes – $ersons who lost their housing while in treatment

or institutionali ed – $ersons in longer term treatment centers more than 30 days unless enrolled in S#C first – $ersons from programs that re'uire discharge planning – $ersons who came from transitional housing" but did not come from the streets or a shelter before entering transitional housing.

Eho &s $ot Homeless under any year
     

Pa-in% $ore than @09 of inco$e <i)in% in o)ercro"ded conditions &n su!standard housin% <i)in% "ith roo$$ates or relati)es S+C to ,eep people in their e4istin% ho$e &n a pro%ra$ or institution in "hich a dischar%e plan that $ust address housin% See $ore restricti)e rules for post 200C

Eho &s $ot Homeless under any year continued

<ea)in% directl- fro$ prison
– so$e e4ceptions if short ter$ sta-, dischar%e plan not

re.uired and "as ho$eless prior to incarceration

 

Eards of the state or those in foster care &ndi)iduals in the State /ental Health S-ste$ institutions that include dischar%e plans :n- licensed housin% institution under /innesota 861a2 Section 2BC that re.uires an appropriate dischar%e plan

 -utreach

– Methods and sources for finding new clients or participants
 S+C

Regulations 24 CFR 5 2!325 "utreach #cti$ities
– 8egulation re'uires grant recipients and their

partners to focus outreach on those who are

living on the streets or other places not meant for human habitation or those in emergency shelters
– &hese are the homeless persons that outreach

efforts need to bring in as new participants to S#C

Shelter $lus Care6 Section 0.) of 8esource >anual

0ental :ssistance 8. Tenant !ased 2. Sponsor !ased @. Pro#ect !ased  C -ear contract  80 -ear contract if 0eha!ilitation 8. S0 +pro#ect !ased

Tenant and Sponsor Based
Units $a- $o)e around "ith either the tenant or the sponsor  Sponsor owns or leases units in Sponsor !ased  Tenant leases units in tenant !ased  Contract authorit- is for C -ears for ne" and one -ear for rene"al  Grantee+Sponsor $a- li$it ser)ice area  T"o $ost popular pro%ra$s

 :ssistance

tied to a !uildin% o"ned !- a for*profit or nonprofit entit@ %rants in /innesota

Pro#ect Based and S0 "ith or "ithout reha!ilitation

 0ental

assistance for 80 -ears

– I@000 or $ore for reha!ilitation done per unit – :llo"s 82 $o. reha!ilitation period

Good alternati)e to the Section = Sin%le 0oo$ ccupanc- or Pro#ect Based pro%ra$s
– Allows for full rent by si%e of unit – Application process is streamlined – $eeds only & year funds

Deep on &argetE
Dnow the number of units contracted  Dnow the si e of units by number of S8-" efficiency" 0br." ) br." 5 br." F br." etc.  Dnow the population ser!ed  Dnow whereabouts of participants  Dnow and keep current assessment of clientGs and their householdGs needs  Dnow ser!ices pro!ided to clients

Staying on &arget
   

Dnow reporting dates Dnow S#C 8esource >aterial Dnow current occupancy Dnow acti!ities and responsibilities of grantee" sponsor" and =H@ Dnow what the grant application" >-H and grant agreement says Dnow when to renew grant

=ow to Deep &rack of the FundsE
 

@e!elop spread sheets with funds budgeted by month or 'uarter Budget for administration Iadmin. is only if excess funds a!ailable1 and rental assistance by month Calculate demand for funds for fi!e years I8enewals one year1

!e conser)ati)e at firstJ

 

Deep funds for future rent increases (ou may add units or increase si e of units pro!ided there are fund for the number of units in your application for the balance of the grant term

Spend 'unds in a Ti$el- /annerJ
  

Deep pro%ect full for the contract term : year grant funds draw at the rate of 0; to ); per month or F; to ? ; per 'uarterJ 0 year grant" draw about +6/; of funds per month J
J$lease note any draw made must be backed by actual expenses incurred

  

>onthly draws sa!es your agency interest costs lost in fronting rent to property owners K helps with forecasts F( )**+ grant agreements re.uire .uarterl- dra"s Lack of progress may result in lost of funds at the close of the grant and monitoring issues

@.&. $ri!acy" =2$.. and =H@Gs .ccess to Files
MGrantee, Sponsor and Participants $ust allo" =H@ access to all case files related to housing" assessment of ser!ices needed and matching support ser!ices. See =2$.. legislation that allows go!ernment access as part of an audit or in!estigation. M8efer to grant agreement with =H@ MSuggest sponsors and participants %e aware of this re&uirement through the participation agreements ' leases and Memorandum of (nderstanding 'unds ha)e !een suspended "hen access has !een denied to HUD fficialsJJJJ

2ssues for $ro%ect with Layered funding
 

-ther funders may ha!e conflicting re'uirementsN Chronic =omeless narrower than Long6term homeless term
– =H@ re'uires a disabling condition – =H@ limits to unaccompanied adults – =H@ re'uires last residence to be the streets or a shelter

=H@ definition of eligibility for $ermanent =ousing may appear to conflict with other agencies
– -ther S#C pro%ects are expected to be kept full e!en if new

candidates are not long6term homeless household

7rantee must work it out to =H@Gs satisfaction and may need aggressi!e outreach plan to find candidates that meet re'uirements of all funders

Docu$ent, Docu$ent H Docu$ent
         

Ho$eless status and housin% inspection n %oin% assess$ent of clients @ o Support ser)ices pro)ided c Client inco$e "ith third partu )erification and rent calculation m 0ent to o"ner 10easona!le Costs2 e Da$a%es and Deposits n t :d$inistration Costs Disa!ilities "ith .ualified dia%nosis
– SSD& or licensed indi)idual

Due process and follo" up Basis for fund dra"s fro$ < CCS

/e$orandu$ of Understandin%


Who recruits & approves participants? Who finds housing units? Who documents match? Who does H ! inspections? Who does the Annual Progress Report and H"#!? Who revie$s disa%ilities or gets a diagnosis? Who $or&s & tal&s $ith propert' o$ner and $hen? Ho$ to change the "()? Who determines rent is reasona%le? Ho$ is due process carried out? What*s the appeals process? Who & ho$ often are participant assessments made? Who provides $hat support services? Who gets ho$ much and $hat administration costs? What are the lines of communication?

Co$pliance, Co$pliance H Co$pliance
/cKinne- ;ento :ct  G ': fundin% re.uire$ents for -ear funded

– Gote an- special re.uire$ents for !onus

fundin% if applica!le

2B C'0 C=2 Shelter Plus Care 0e%ulations  :ppro)ed %rant a%ree$ent  HUD appro)ed %rant application and latest HUD appro)ed chan%es

0e$ed- for Default
 'ork
 

with H(D to Correct problem)

Chan%e polic- or actions of %rantee or sponsorJ ther outco$es occasionall– 0ei$!urse %rant if costs "ere ineli%i!le – Chan%e sponsor or %rantee – ther outco$es for ille%al or e4tre$e situations

S+C is $ot Section * ))))))))))
S#C is funded under separate legislation from Sect. +
– ,o criminal background restrictions re'uired – Check with your attorney about aliens who are illegally in – – – –

the country or undocumented ,o credit check or rental history re'uired beyond homeless status4disability status Chemical addiction can be the only disability ,o set =.$ payment for all clients6each case !aries ,o minimum rent paid by participants

)now the difference %etween S+C' Section other rental assistance programs*********


S+C is $ot Section * )))))))))))
– &enant cannot pay more than 5*; of ad%usted income – @ifferent process for documenting program administration

Costs must be earned

– 8easonable rent only standard for renting a unit6 %e aware

of your %udget – ,o portability beyond ser!ice area as defined by the sponsor and grantee

2n order for case managers to make home !isits" etc.

– @ifferent re'uirements for household sur!i!ors – ,o penalty in rent for those sanctioned under >F2$ I&.,F1 – (ou may only terminate clients from the program for

significant problems.

Some 2ssues on $recedents
– Section + and other administrati!e policies by the housing

authority may be good to address in some situation – =owe!er" do not always defer to Section + policies when in doubt. +hink of the S+C clients and their uni,ue or special needs) – Look to your partners to resol!e problems such as annual certification appointments" need to mo!e" special circumstances not addressed in the regulations or resource manual. – 8emember you are ser!ing a population that needs reasonable accommodation and a frail population with special needsE

Ehen -ou ha)e a .uestion or a dou!t**
call or email your =H@ representati!e to work out a policy appropriate for the S#C participants

 


pportunit- H Ci)il 0i%hts

– &n hirin% and client participationLs

Dru% 'ree Eor,place  Unifor$ :ct and 0elocation  <ead !ased paint $easures  ?n)iron$ental 0e)ie" and Co$pliance and assu$es the role of inspectin% for co$pliance  :nti*lo!!-in%*no 'ederal funds used

Certifications Continued

/aintenance of effort
– *not replacin% local and state %o)ern$ent


Pro)ide ser)ices specified in application  Gon*profit !oard $e$!ers are not paid  Go participant or its !oard $e$!ers or contractors are de!arred  :pplicant+%rantee is .ualified to participate as a unit of local %o)ern$ent

C-cle of Grant
    

<ocal ran,in% and fund announce$ent !- HUD Co$pliance "ith special conditions if anGrant !e%ins "hen a%ree$ent is e4ecuted Start of operations – 0ene"al pro#ects start "here last %rant ends 'irst :nnual Pro%ress 0eport 1:P02 to HUD 8C $onths after start date 12Dth, @9th etc2 – see latest A-. version

 

– H/0S answers ,uestions "1!& HUD deter$ines ris, annuall- and $a- )isit and $onitor %rantee Grantee rene"s pro#ect in fourth operatin% -ear

/innesota Grantees
                Be$id#i H0: Car)er Count- H0:   Cla- Count- H0:  Croo,ston H0: Da,ota Count- CD:   Duluth H0:  Hennepin Count- H0: &tasca Count- H0:  /an,ato H0: /etro Council H0:   /inneapolis PH: l$sted Count- H0:  0ice Count- H0: St. Cloud H0:  St. <ouis Par, H0:

St. Paul PH: H0: of St. Paul ;ir%inia H0: Eashin%ton Count- H0: Eill$ar H0: Blue ?arth Count-3 Grant Count-3 1ser)in% B counties2 Hennepin Count-3 l$sted Count-3 0a$se- Count- 3 Scott Count- 3
/innesota Housin%1State a%enc-2 1all %rants transferred2

2 3rantee is the county government
1usually Human services

/innesota Grantees
"ith so$e dedicated units for the Chronic Ho$eless
       

Be$id#i H0: Cla- Count- H0: Croo,ston H0: Duluth H0: &tasca Count- H0: l$sted CountH0: St. Cloud H0: Hennepin CountH0:

 St.

<ouis Par, H0:  St. Paul PH: H H0:  ;ir%inia H0:  Blue ?arth Count-3  Grant Count-3  Hennepin Count-3  0a$se- Count-3 33rantee is the county

government 1usually Human services

/innesota ?4perience** Sponsors
Hennepin, :no,a, Grant, Scott, Car)er and 0a$se- CountiesM* Hu$an Ser)ices Depart$ents, 0an%e /ental Health, Hu$an De)elop$ent Center, Gorthfield Co$$unit- :ction Center, Nu$!ro ;alle- /ental Health, Perspecti)es, <utheran Social Ser)ices, Hu$an Ser)ices &nc., <andland /ental Health, Hearth Connection, Central /innesota Health Center, Catholic Charities, Co$$unit- &n)ol)e$ent Pro%ra$s, South"estern :dult /ental Health Consortiu$, and thers

S+C 0ene"al Process as of 2009
      

 

.pply for a renewal in the year prior to depletion of funds .ll '(2002 and '(200@ /an- '(200B ne" pro#ects throu%h ?SG:PS 2nclude 8enewal re'uest in the ranking by C-C 8enewal funding not part of C-CGs pro rata or need share 8enewal is for one year only First renewal based on number of households under lease at renewal time not the number in the contract – I more or fewer from original number of appro!ed units1 Second and further renewals – may ad%ust bedroom si e but not increase units ,ew $articipants coming into a renewal grant must conform to the current definition of homeless.

S+C 0ene"al Process as of 200= and Ter$ ?4tensions
 

.ny unused funds must be returned to =H@ >ay extend initial : year term of F( )**F grant to a!oid the renewal process
– 8emaining funds for must go to at least +anuary

3,' 20,,' %ut not %eyond Septem%er 30' 20,,! – -o funds added to grant

4inal Funding <nd @ates for : (ear 7rants
F: 2003 +u%ded %e7 pro9ects ca%%ot 5o 8eyo%d Sept. 30; 2010 latest renewal year 2009  F: 2004 6 Sept. 30; 2011 latest renewal year 2010  F: 2005 <Sept. 30; 2012 latest renewal year 2011  F: 200- < Sept.30; 2013 latest renewal year 2012  F: 2007< Sept. 30; 2014 latest renewal year 2013  F: 200=< Sept. 30; 2015 latest renewal year 2014  !eart$ (ct li3ely to come i%to e++ect i% 2011. 4

Some >ore 2ssues

Hse your public money wisely" in a way that makes sense" complies with the re'uirement of the program" your appro!ed application" grant agreement and the intent of Congress


in dou%t could you e/plain your actions to 0(1 or the 2300 pm news4444***

$ractices &o .!oid

@o not make clients homeless in order to ser!e them
– 5nstead ser$e people already homeless in shelters

or on the streets as re&uired %y the regulations ****

  

@o not ser!e agency staffGs friends and relati!es Iif needed" discuss with =H@ first and seek wai!er1 @o not ser!e people in housing they already occupy .!oid recruiting clients from facilities in which a discharge plan needs to be in place @o not use units owned by participantOs relati!es

Be .bo!e BoardE
 Pro!le$s

"ith case $ana%ers $isrepresentin% clients "ith pre* arran%ed place$ent of clients in ho$eless pro%ra$s for one ni%htJ  Can -ou reall- house a ho$eless person fro$ identif-in% a potential client, appro)in% and $o)in% in in one da-F  0each out to those "ho trul- are "ithout current housin% resourcesJ

P<nhancing Shelter $lus Care -perationsQ
0 ) ) 5

F : ? 9

2ntroduction 7etting (our $ro%ect -ff the 7round $roperty .c'uisition and Financing $articipant -utreach and 8etention Strategies Calculating support ser!ices &racking Supporti!e Ser!ices @eli!ery K -utcomes 7rant .dministration >o!ing Beyond S#C Conclusion

P<nhancing Shelter $lus Care -perationsQ
.ppendixes . Contact 2nformation and added sources of information B >odel documents including >emorandum of Hnderstanding C Client ser!ice plan and updates @ Ser!ice >atch and documentation of match F Ser!ice grid

C<B S2&< .@@8<SS<S www.=H@=8<.2,FShelter $lus Care Cebsite


Click on the following at this site:

brief program description" S#C 8egulations" Hnderstanding S#C" <nhanced S#C -perations S+C 0esource /anual

Shelter Plus Care 0e%ulation 2B C'0 C=2 Ke- parts : nu$!er of cross references to the Section = 0ental :ssistance pro%ra$

C-@< -F F<@<8.L 8<7H.L&2-,S

-FF2C2.L =H@ F-8>S

N /innesota

Technical :ssistance Contractor ICall =H@ first 1 N >innesota =ousing $artnership I>=$1 N 8osemary Fagrelius N 0I+**1 9)+6 +/0? ext. 0*5

N /innesota
N Pro%ra$

HUD Contacts I?0)1 59*65***

0epresentati)es N Sara Bergen ext.)0*5 or Sara.S.BergenT=H@.go! N Soe 7eary ext. )0:9 or Soe.7earyT=H@.go! N Ben -sborn ext. )):5 or Ben%amin.>.-sbornT=H@.go!

Pro%ra$ /ana%er
&om Doon ext. )0*+ or &homas.DoonT=H@.go!

0* .nnual $rogress 8eports are in on time / 7rantee and sponsor ha!e a board member who is homeless or formerly homeless + Hnits pass =ousing Quality Standards with annual inspection on file 9 &imely assessments of client needs and documentation of ade'uate support ser!ices ? &enant 8ents calculated correctly including deductions for disabilities" day care" out of pocket medical expenses" etc. : .ccounting systems per ->B standards are in place F Source documentation for costs billed to grant Iin!oices" leases"K timesheets for staff time in place1 5 =omeless K disability documentation for eligibility ) $ro%ect is full" K funds spent on time 57

Gu$!er 8
Communicate with =H@ K your partnersEE .sk =H@ 'uestionsE Let =H@Gs C$@ be the first to know E

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