¡eudersIIp By DesIgn:
How One ¡ndIvIduuI Cun CIunge TIe WorId
Lecdership Principles oj ßuclminster Iuller

by Medurd GubeI und JIm WuIker
© zoo6, AII RIgILs Reserved

He dIdn`L Ieud up un urmy or corporuLIon, wusn`L eIecLed Lo uny pubIIc oIIIce,
wus noL LIe Ieuder oI u IounduLIon, und wusn`L weuILIy. ¡n IucL, Ie Iud none oI LIe
LruppIngs mosL peopIe usuuIIy ussocIuLe wILI IeudersIIp - yeL BuckmInsLer
¡uIIer`s IeudersIIp sureIy cIunged LIe worId durIng LIe zo
cenLury, und IIs
ImpucL conLInues InLo LIIs cenLury us weII.

How dId Ie uccompIIsI LIIs? WIuL were LIe LooIs oI IeudersIIp LIuL Ie empIoyed?
¡uIIer IImseII oILen used LIe pIruse ¨compreIensIve unLIcIpuLory desIgn scIence¨
Lo descrIbe LIe Iur-reucIIng scope oI IIs work und reseurcI eIIorLs. ¡n LIIs urLIcIe,
we InLroduce u Irumework oI IeudersIIp wIIcI we cuII ¨compreIensIve
unLIcIpuLory desIgn IeudersIIp¨. TIrougI u cureIuI sLudy oI ¡uIIer`s wrILIngs,
InvenLIons, und meLIodoIogIes wIuL emerges Is u powerIuI bIueprInL Ior probIem-
soIvIng IeudersIIp In un uge oI rupId cIunge - u IeudersIIp upproucI LIuL Ius
ImpIIcuLIons Iur beyond LIe IIeId oI LecInoIogIcuI InnovuLIon. ¡n IucL, we beIIeve
LIuL ¡uIIer`s probIem-soIvIng IeudersIIp skIIIs ure noL onIy useIuI Ior cIungIng
LIe worId - buL cun uIso be used wIen uddressIng LIe equuIIy cIuIIengIng Lusk oI
cIungIng your own IocuI orgunIzuLIon or busIness.

1o Principles
for Comprehensioe Anticipotorg Design Leodership

So wIuL cun ¡uIIer`s upproucI Lo IIIe, cIunge, LecInoIogy, und desIgn LeucI us
ubouL IeudersIIp? WIuL do we meun by ¨compreIensIve unLIcIpuLory desIgn
IeudersIIp¨? BeIore expIorIng LIe specIIIc prIncIpIes LIuL we uncovered, IL Is
ImporLunL Lo upprecIuLe LIe rIgorous, LenucIous, und InspIred puLLerns oI LIougIL
LIuL Ied Lo some oI ¡uIIer`s mosL ImpressIve breukLIrougIs. As ¡uIIer IImseII

"I ulwuys suy to myselI: Whut is the most importunt thing we cun
think uboot ut this extruordinury moment?¨

TIIs wus no mere pIuLILude - buL In muny wuys summurIzes ¡uIIer`s enLIre
IeudersIIp pIIIosopIy. ¡uIIer wus clucçs consIderIng noL jusL ImporLunL LIIngs -
buL perpeLuuIIy uLLempLIng Lo dIscern LIe most importcnt LIIngs und pIucIng
LIem In LIe conLexL oI extrcordincrç LImes. ¡n IucL, IL Is no exuggeruLIon Lo suy
LIuL LIere were Iew oLIer pussengers ubourd SpucesIIp EurLI durIng LIe zo

cenLury so keenIy uwure, und deepIy upprecIuLIve oI LIe exLruordInury cIunges
LIuL were unIoIdIng - us II wuILIng uIong LIe puLI oI IIsLory In un uImosL cIIIdIIke
sLuLe oI expecLunL gruce. ¡orces seL In moLIon eons ugo were bIossomIng uII
uround IIm, gIvIng bIrLI Lo LILunIc cIunges und LruIy usLoundIng InvenLIons,
some uIreudy In Iund - oLIers jusL uround LIe corner - und Bucky ¡uIIer wus
ubsoIuLeIy LIrIIIed Lo be LIere, IeIpIng nudge LIIngs uIong In wuys Ie uIone couId
ImugIne. ¡L wus IIs vuIues und vIsIon oI u perIecLIbIe socIeLy, uIong wILI IIs ruzor
sIurp uwureness oI socIuI und LecInoIogIcuI Lrends, combIned wILI u reIenLIess
dedIcuLIon Lo Iocus - recllç jocus - on LIe most ImporLunL LIIngs - LIuL served us
LIe IounduLIon Ior IIs wIde-rungIng conLrIbuLIons und ImpucL.

1. Think Comprehensively
¨¡ uIwuys sLurL wILI LIe UnIverse.¨

TIrougIouL IIs cureer, ¡uIIer demonsLruLed un unwuverIng dedIcuLIon Lo IrumIng
probIems In LIeIr wIdesL possIbIe conLexL. WIen IIrsL encounLerIng IIs wrILIngs,
IL Is dIIIIcuIL Lo upprecIuLe ¡uIIer`s wIde ungIe vIew on LIe worId und LIe UnIverse.
Armed wILI u poeL`s ImugInuLIon, und u scIenLIsL`s exIuusLIve InvenLory oI LIe
enLIre UnIverse - Ie couId IILeruIIy zoom ouL Irom u gIven probIem In counLIess
dIsLunL dIrecLIons unLII Ie spIed LIe remoLe IundumenLuI cuuse LIuL needed Lo be
cIunged. NoL jusL cIunged - revoIuLIonIzed. ¡I LIese upsLreum InLerconnecLIons
und cuusuLIve IucLors couId be uddressed In u cureIuIIy compreIensIve und
decIsIve IusIIon, LIen ¡uIIer Iud conIIdence LIuL downsLreum muLLers wouId
InevILubIy rIgIL LIemseIves wILI u mInImum oI sLress.

¡n Lerms oI IeudersIIp, LIIs meuns LukIng LIe LIme, und IuvIng LIe couruge, Lo
Irume cIuIIenges cIeurIy by dIggIng InLo LIeIr rooL cuuses or LIe IormuLIve Iorces
LIuL brougIL LIem InLo beIng- und seeIng LIe opporLunILIes LIuL ure uIwuys
presenL. ¡nsLeud oI LryIng Lo convInce peopIe Lo cIunge LIeIr beIuvIor, ¡uIIer
sougIL Lo cIunge LIe envIronmenL LIuL drove LIose beIuvIors. By provIdIng u new
or uILered envIronmenL, ¡uIIer`s IeudersIIp provIded u new IogIc LIuL Ieud Lo new
beIuvIors und ouLcomes. AL LIe core oI LIIs upproucI wus u respecL Ior LIe
IndIvIduuI und LIeIr decIsIons.

±. Anticipute The Iotore
BuckmInsLer ¡uIIer wus uIeud oI IIs LImes - so mucI so LIuL muny oI IIs InsIgILs,
proposuIs und InvenLIons were IILeruIIy decudes uIeud oI LIeIr eru. WIeLIer IL wus
IIs 1q¸o`s DymuxIon cur LIuL wouId Iook uL Iome uL LIe IuLesL cur sIows; or IIs
¨WorId DesIgn ScIence Decude¨ proposuI wIIcI Ius morpIed InLo Loduy`s UN
MIIIennIum DeveIopmenL GouIs; or IIs geodesIc geomeLry LIuL wus dIscovered us
u core desIgn prIncIpIe uL LIe moIecuIur IeveI (LIe upLIy numed buclminster
jullerene curbon uLom C6o or ¨BuckyBuII¨ )- ¡uIIer Iud u weII Ioned ubIIILy Lo
unLIcIpuLe LIe IuLure.

¡uIIer wus exquIsILeIy In LoucI wILI Lrends, especIuIIy LecInoIogIcuI, worId
resource, und Iumun need Lrends - enubIIng IIm Lo noL onIy IorecusL LIe IuLure,
buL uIIowIng IIm Lo unLIcIpuLe boLI upcomIng probIems und LIeIr opLImuI
soIuLIons. AImosL IIke u greuL wuILer Is ubIe Lo servIce LubIes und unLIcIpuLe guesLs
needs wILIouL your even uskIng, ¡uIIer wus ubIe Lo unLIcIpuLe wIuL LIe worId
wouId need uL crILIcuI juncLures, und LIen oIIer up boLI LIe pIIIosopIIcuI
Irumework und prucLIcuI LooIs Ior soIvIng LIose Issues.

¡or Ieuders, Lrend-spoLLIng noL onIy InvoIves u IeeI Ior LImIng, buL IL uIso requIres
LIe ubIIILy Lo Lune InLo LIe reIevunL LopIcs, Lune ouL LIe noIse, und Lo ucL uL LIe
rIgIL LIme. PIckIng up on so cuIIed ¨weuk sIgnuIs¨ Iong beIore unyone eIse Is
puyIng uLLenLIon Is u key IubIL wIIcI Ieuders musL deveIop II LIey ure Lo
uccuruLeIy unLIcIpuLe und respond Lo IuLure needs.

¸. Respect Gestution Rutes

NoL onIy dId ¡uIIer`s Lrend-spoLLIng muke IIm uwure oI wIuL Lypes oI progress
were IIkeIy Lo occur, buL Ie wus uIso very In Lune wILI LIe LImIng oI LIese cIunges.
He oILen poInLed ouL LIuL everyLIIng Ius ILs own gesLuLIon ruLe. A buby Lukes q
monLIs, u new compuLer cIIp 18 monLIs, un eIepIunL zz monLIs, und un
uuLomobIIe LIree Lo IIve yeurs. . Criticcl Pcth, one oI IIs beLLer known books,
deLuIIs IILeruIIy Iundreds oI yeurs oI Iumun LecInoIogIcuI ¨gesLuLIon¨. ¡n LIe
second-IuII oI LIe zo
cenLury, LIese gesLuLIon ruLes begun Lo pIck up In speed
und Irequency us one seL oI LecInoIogIcuI breukLIrougIs wouId ImpucL on
unoLIer. RecenLIy, InvenLor Ruy KurzweII - very mucI In LIe ¡uIIer LrudILIon -
Ius cureIuIIy documenLed In IIs book Sinçulcritç LIuL even LIe cIunge In LIe ruLe
oI cIunge ILseII Is ucceIeruLIng. ¡uIIer reIerred Lo LIIs pIenomenon, buck In LIe
1q6os, us cccelerctinç cccelerction.

TIe ImpIIcuLIons oI ucceIeruLed gesLuLIon ruLes on IeudersIIp ure proIound.
CureIuIIy IdenLIIyIng und LIen syncIronIzIng wILI LIe gesLuLIons ruLes oI vurIous
cIunges you ure IucIng IeIps Insure LIuL your soIuLIon, InvenLIon, pIun, or
reorgunIzuLIon urrIves uL jusL LIe rIgIL momenL. ¡I you urrIve Loo eurIy eILIer In
LIe ucLuuI murkeLpIuce or LIe murkeLpIuce oI Ideus - your soIuLIon runs LIe rIsk
oI beIng sLIII born; IL wIII noL guIn LrucLIon. ¡I you ure IuLe Lo murkeL - LIen
cIunces ure LIuL your soIuLIon wIII be Iorever pIuyIng cuLcI-up Lo LIe esLubIIsIed

q. Invision The Best Possible Iotore

¡uIIer uIso used unoLIer LecInIque Ior comIng Lo grIps wILI LIe IuLure. TIIs
upproucI dId noL InvoIve predIcLIng or IorecusLIng wIere dIIIerenL LecInoIogIcuI
or resource Lrends were IeudIng, buL envIsIonIng wIuL LIe worId should be IIke.
Over LIe course oI IIs IIIe, ¡uIIer deveIoped u compreIensIve moruI vIsIon LIuL
LoId IIm wIuL LIe worId sIouId Iook IIke gIven our LecInoIogIcuI cupubIIILIes - u
worId wIere everyone`s busIc Iumun needs were meL, LIe envIronmenL susLuIned
or regeneruLed, und u worId suIe und secure Irom LIe LIreuLs oI wur und socIuI
InjusLIce were LIree oI LIe IIncIpIns oI IIs vIsIon Ior Iow LIe worId sIouId be.
Muny peopIe Iound LIIs ¨bIg pIcLure¨ moruI vIsIon Lo be jusL us uLLrucLIve und
InspIrIng us IIs LecInoIogIcuI urLIIucLs.

TIe Luke uwuy Ior Ieuders Is LIuL noL onIy ure vIsIon sLuLemenLs powerIuI LooIs Ior
brIngIng ubouL cIunge - buL LIuL oILen peopIe respond more enLIusIusLIcuIIy Lo
bIg und InspIrIng cIuIIenges LIun suIe IncremenLuI cIunge.

g. Be A "Trimtub¨

Something hit me very hard once, thinking about what one little man could do. Think of
the Queen Mary - the whole ship goes by and then comes the rudder. And there's a tiny
thing at the edge of the rudder called a trim tab. It's a miniature rudder. Just moving the
little trim tab builds a low pressure that pulls the rudder around. Takes almost no effort
at all. So I said that the little individual can be a trim tab. Society thinks it's going right
by you, that it's left you altogether. But if you're doing dynamic things mentally, the fact
is that you can just put your foot out like that and the whole big ship of state is going to
go. So I said, call me Trim Tab.

¡uIIer`s eIIIgy ¨CuII Me TrImLub¨ Is ruLIer
unIque. As descrIbed ubove, u LrImLub Is u
nuuLIcuI devIce LIuL ucLs us u smuII rudder
used Lo Lurn LIe Iurger rudder oI gIunL
sIIps, oIIerIng Lremendous Ieveruge In
Lerms oI sLeerIng und cIungIng LIe
dIrecLIon oI LIe sIIp. ¡uIIer, druwIng upon
IIs nuvuI experIence, suw LIe LrImLub us u
powerIuI meLupIor Ior eIIecLIve IndIvIduuI IeudersIIp: smuII und sLruLegIcuIIy
pIuced InLervenLIons cun cuuse Iurge-scuIe und proIound cIunge. WIuL mukes LIIs
meLupIor InLeresLIng Is LIuL LIe sIIp ¡uIIer wus reIerrIng Lo couId be LIe enLIre
pIuneL, or uny IocuI sysLem you ure desIrIng Lo sLeer or cIunge dIrecLIon. To
undersLund LIe IuII dImensIons oI LIe meLupIor you need u cIeur undersLundIng
oI LIe currenL dIrecLIon oI LIe ¨sIIp¨, LIe IIow oI LIe currenLs IL Is movIng LIrougI,
LIe knowIedge oI wIere IL Is IeudIng, und u vIsIon oI wIere LIe sIIp ougIL Lo be
IeudIng-us weII us undersLundIng wIere und Iow Lo uppIy pressure on LIe
rudder Lo brIng ubouL cIunge. As we Iuve seen, ¡uIIer Iud u sLrong vIsIon Ior uII
LIese LrImLub uLLrIbuLes. WIuL Is uIso InLeresLIng ubouL u LrImLub Is LIuL IL
eIIIcIenLIy brIngs ubouL cIunge wILI mInImum eIIorL - In oLIer words - doIng
more wILI Iess - unoLIer oI ¡uIIers` key prIncIpIes.

TIe guIdIng quesLIons Ior everyduy IeudersIIp LIuL emerge Irom u LrImLub
upproucI ure eusy Lo IIsL - buL mucI more dIIIIcuIL Lo execuLe:
u. Whut ship ure yoo steering?
Are you LryIng Lo cIunge LIe enLIre worId? Or muybe jusL your own
depurLmenL? WIuL Is LIe sçstem you ure seekIng Lo sLeer or cIunge

b. Whut direction is yoor ship corrently heuding?
TIIs oILen requIres cureIuI dIscernmenL und reIIecLIon. WIuL Is LIe ¨bIg
pIcLure¨ dIrecLIon und desLInuLIon?

c. Whut ootside corrents, winds, tides, or events ure impucting
yoor ship? SomeLImes LIese ure obvIous, und cIose uL Iund - buL
oILenLImes LIey ure remoLe eILIer geogrupIIcuIIy, In LIme, or IuncLIonuIIy,
und IL requIres specIuI InsLrumenLs und meusuremenLs Lo guuge LIese
ouLsIde IucLors.

d. Where ought yoor ship be going?
TIIs Is oILen LIe mosL crILIcuI quesLIon oI IeudersIIp. WIuL Is LIe gouI, LIe
prIze, wIIcI you need Lo keep In sIgIL so LIuL your reguIur udjusLmenLs Lo
LIe LIIIer, In response Lo LIe cIungIng currenLs oI LIe envIronmenL, wIII
keep you on LurgeL? WIuL Is LIe bIg pIcLure gouI, noL nexL quurLer`s proIIL
murgIn, sIure prIce, or unILs deIIvered-buL LIe overurcIIng socIuI good?
How wIII your eIIorLs IeIp Lo Increuse overuII gIobuI weII-beIng?

e. Where cun yoo most eIIiciently exert pressore Ior "moving the
rodder¨? AnswerIng LIIs quesLIon uccuruLeIy Is onIy possIbIe II you`ve
Luken LIe LIme Lo unswer LIe prevIous quesLIons! ¡n LIe sysLem you ure
seekIng Lo sLeer, wIuL Is LIe rudder, wIuL Is LIe LrImLub? ¡n compIex socIuI
sysLems, IL Is oILen InsLrucLIve Lo usk, wIuL Is LIe rudder oI LIe obvIous
rudder or LIe LrImLub oI LIe LrImLub? TIese ¨LrImLubs oI LIe LrImLub¨ need
Lo be IdenLIIIed so LIuL LIe IeusL umounL oI eIIorL Is needed Lo cIunge LIe

I. How cun yoo most eIIiciently exert pressore Ior "moving the
rodder¨? Once you undersLund wIere you ure goIng, und wIere cIunge
needs Lo Iuppen In order Lo move In LIuL new dIrecLIon - LIe IInuI sLep Is
Lo envIsIon und pIun Iow Lo muke LIe cIunge Iuppen. ¡uIIer Iud greuL
IuILI In LIe IndIvIduuI`s ubIIILy Lo buIId urLIIucLs, LooIs, und creuLIve
responses LIuL wouId ¨move LIe rudder¨. NoL onIy LIuL, buL Ie recognIzed
LIuL eucI person wouId muke IIs or Ier own unIque conLrIbuLIons, bused
on LIeIr skIIIseLs, IIIe-IIsLory und uvuIIubIe resources. TIe poInL Is noL Ior
everyone Lo go ouL und InvenL new Lypes oI geodesIc domes - ruLIer, eucI
person sIouId be equuIIy InvenLIve In LIeIr own wuy.

g. How do yoo continoe to nuvigute soccessIolly throogh chunging
tides? One oI LIe mosL remurkubIe LIIngs ubouL ¡uIIer`s IIIe Is LIuL Ie wus
ubIe Lo reInvenL IImseII und IIs purLIcuIur ureu oI Iocus on severuI
occusIons - wIIIe keepIng IIs core vuIues consLunL. TIen druwIng on LIe
knowIedge und experIence Irom one pIuse, Ie wus ubIe Lo reuIIze even
IIgIer IeveIs oI creuLIvILy und InvenLIve breukLIrougIs LIun In LIe
prevIous pIuse. TIIs process oI conLInuuI IeurnIng, creuLIon, modIIIcuLIon,
und synLIesIs cuImInuLed In IIs gIobuI IecLures durIng LIe 1q6os wIen Ie
spoke on Iundreds oI coIIege cumpuses - cupLIvuLIng LIe younger
generuLIon wILI IILeruIIy u IIIeLIme oI InsIgIL, observuLIon, und wIsdom. ¡n
sLeerIng by key guIdIng prIncIpIes, ¡uIIer wus ubIe Lo nuvIguLe u compIex
cenLury, mukIng u unIque und IusLIng conLrIbuLIon.

NoL every Ieuder Is desLIned Lo be LIe sume sorL oI ¨LrImLub¨ LIuL ¡uIIer wus - buL
every Ieuder cun guIn vuIuubIe InsIgILs Irom IIs IIgIIy Ieveruged upproucI und
seu-IurIng und nuvIguLIon mIndseL.

6. Tuke Individoul Initiutive

By IonIng und IonorIng IndIvIduuI perspecLIve und InILIuLIve, ¡uIIer wus ubIe Lo
Luke LIe Ieud on u vurIeLy oI Issues. ¡uIIer wus noL seekIng Lo be u ¨Ieuder¨ In uny
convenLIonuI poIILIcuI or economIc sense - Ie suw wIuL needed Lo be done Lo
muke LIe worId u beLLer pIuce und wIIcI no one eIse wus uLLendIng Lo, und, beIng
Lrue Lo IImseII -dured Lo go oII In dIrecLIons LIuL LIe LypIcuI crowd-IoIIowIng
IndIvIduuI dId noL ever dreum oI goIng. HIs upproucI wus un unLI-¨BIg Mun¨
Ieuder, or unLI cenLruI supreme uuLIorILy sLyIe oI IeudersIIp. He IeIL LIuL everyone
sIouId be und Is u Ieuder . . . oI uL IeusL oI LIeIr own IIIe.

¡or Ieuders, ¡uIIer`s upproucI demonsLruLes LIuL you don`L need Lo Iuve LIe job
or be LIe experL or Iuve money Lo muke u dIIIerence. Every IndIvIduuI sIouId IeeI
empowered Lo muke IIs or Ier own conLrIbuLIon - wIeLIer or noL LIey`ve
receIved some sorL oI oIIIcIuI bIessIng or suncLIon. ¡nLeresLIngIy, even LIe bIggesL
oI corporuLIons now recognIze LIe need Ior seII-moLIvuLed IndIvIduuIs Lo work on
projecLs und Ideus In LIe unexpIored murkeL ureus. TIIs Is noL jusL un uILruIsLIc
ucL on LIeIr purL - ruLIer, LIese compunIes recognIze LIuL LIeIr IuLure murkeL
success depends on creuLIng und cupLurIng enLIreIy new murkeLs, und LIuL LIese
murkeLs ure uImosL uIwuys drIven InLo beIng by LIe dedIcuLIon und moLIvuLIon oI
u jusL u Iew IndIvIduuIs.

,. Ask The Obvioos And "Nuïve¨ Qoestions

SomeLImes IeudersIIp InvoIves noLIIng more LIun sImpIy uskIng LIe obvIous
quesLIons. ¨WIy do we do LIIngs In LIIs wuy?¨ ¨Gee.. ¡ don`L know - LIuL`s LIe
wuy we`ve uIwuys done IL.¨

¡or ¡uIIer, IIs busIc quesLIons LypIcuIIy Look on u bIg pIcLure vIew: ¨WILI our
expundIng LecInIcuI resources - wIy cun`L we commIL Lo IeedIng und cIoLIIng
everyone on LIe pIuneL?¨ ¨WIy cun`L we desIgn Iomes LIuL ure eusy und
InexpensIve Lo buIId?¨ ¨WIuL Is weuILI?¨ ¨WIy sIouIdn`L weuILI conLInue Lo
Increuse us our knowIedge oI LecInoIogy grows exponenLIuIIy?¨ ¨WIy don`L we
sImpIy Iook uL Iow nuLure buIIds LIIngs, und LIen buIId our own sLrucLures
uccordIngIy?¨ PurL oI LIe power oI LIese quesLIons IIes In LIe IucL LIuL LIey sprIng
Irom IndIvIduuI observuLIon und InspIruLIon, und ure noL dependenL on u
commILLee, poIIcy, procedure, oIIIcIuI edIcL. or dogmu LIuL no compuny or group
Ius LIougIL Lo uddress becuuse LIey Iudn`L LIougIL Lo usk LIe obvIous quesLIons.

¡or Ieuders, someLImes LIe besL wuy Lo InILIuLe cIunge Is Lo sImpIy usk LIe
upproprIuLe und perIups nuïve-soundIng quesLIons. TIe unswers cun oILen brIng
ubouL u surprIsIng joIL oI ucLIon!

S. Ðo More With Less

¨Recl ueclth is indestructible cnd uithout prccticcl limit. It ccn be neither
crected nor lost - cnd it lectes one sçstem onlç to join cnother - the Lcu oj
Consertction oj Enerçç. Recl ueclth is not çold. Recl ueclth is lnouinç uhct
to do uith enerçç.¨

Muny peopIe conLInue Lo mIsLuke money Ior weuILI, buL cupILuI ILseII Ius become
u vusL munuIucLured commodILy cIrcIIng uround LIe EurLI In seurcI oI Lrue
producLIve weuILI. And wIuL Is producLIve weuILI? Knowing how to do more
with less. Any LecInoIogy or sysLem oI LecInoIogy LIuL cun creuLe more ouLpuL
wILI Iess InpuL wIII rupIdIy guIn InIIuence In Loduy`s IyperIInked gIobuI economy.
WIeLIer IL Is LIe ToyoLu IybrId cur deIIverIng more mIIes Lo LIe guIIon, or u new
compuLer deIIverIng more compuLIng power per doIIur, or GoogIe deIIverIng
brouder und IusLer seurcIes per cIIck, or DeII sourcIng componenL purLs Irom uII
ucross LIe worId In order Lo deIIver LIe cIeupesL und mosL powerIuI compuLers, -
weuILI Loduy IIows Lo LIe orgunIzuLIons und IndIvIduuIs wIo cun use creuLIvILy
und InILIuLIve Lo geL more done wILI Iess. ¡uIIer wus ImpuLIenL wILI urLIIIcIuI
IInuncIuI scIemes. HIs vIew on weuILI uIso mude IIm prugmuLIcuIIy opLImIsLIc
regurdIng IumunkInd`s ubIIILy Lo Ieed und cIoLI LIe pussengers Iere on
SpucesIIp EurLI. ¡uIIer`s equuLIon Ior pIysIcuI success oI IumunILy cun be
summurIzed IuIrIy succIncLIy:

A. True weuILI = Resources + Humun know-Iow uppIIed Lo meeL needs
B. You cun never Ieurn Iess, you cun onIy Ieurn more, so LIereIore weuILI Is
IncreusIng us we Increuse our undersLundIng oI LIe worId, ourseIves und
LIe UnIverse

TIus - wIIIe LIe suppIy oI ruw muLerIuIs Is u zero-sum gume, und Ieuds Lo u
scurcILy menLuIILy -LIe wIId curd In weuILI creuLIon LIuL breuks LIe zero-sum
sLundoII Is Iumun IngenuILy, uIIowIng us Lo uccompIIsI more und more wILI Iess
und Iess. ¡uIIer wus convInced LIuL every IndIvIduuI couId muke u conLrIbuLIon Lo
LIIs overuII cycIe oI weuILI creuLIon. ¡or Ieuders, LIIs meuns recognIzIng und
encourugIng everyone In LIe orgunIzuLIon Lo conLrIbuLe on u consIsLenL und
InspIred busIs.

q. Seek To ReIorm The Invironment, Not Mun

The junction oj uhct I ccll desiçn science is to solte problems bç introducinç
into the entironment neu crtijccts, the ctcilcbilitç oj uhich uill induce their
spontcneous emploçment bç humcns cnd thus, coincidentcllç, ccuse humcns to
cbcndon their pretious problem-producinç behctiors cnd detices. Ior excmple,
uhen humcns hcte c titcl need to cross the rocrinç rcpids oj c riter, cs c
desiçn scientist I uould desiçn them c bridçe, ccusinç them, I cm sure, to
cbcndon spontcneouslç cnd joreter the rislinç oj their lites bç trçinç to suim
to the other shore. (See bottom oj pcçe z.)

¡IowIng ouL oI IIs LrImLub pIIIosopIy, ¡uIIer cume Lo LIe concIusIon LIe mosL
eIIecLIve Ieveruge cun uImosL uIwuys be Iound noL by LryIng Lo cIunge IubIL
rIdden men und women - buL by reIormIng LIe pIysIcuI InIrusLrucLure In wIIcI
LIey IIve und worked. TIus, muny oI IIs projecLs Iocused on Iurge compIex
sysLems sucI us IousIng, uuLomobIIes, energy, eLc. ¡uIIer wus convInced LIuL II
LIese Iurge scuIe sysLems couId be opLImIzed wILI u vIew Lowurds muxImIzIng
ucLuuI Iumun guIn ruLIer LIun meusured by IInuncIuI sLuLemenLs, LIen LIere
wouId be u broud ImpucL on Iumun socIeLy us wIoIe.

¡or Ieuders InLeresLed In ¨mukIng LIe worId u beLLer pIuce¨ - LIe ImpIIcuLIon Is
LIuL reIormIng LIe pIysIcuI envIronmenL cun oILen Iuve u Iurge ImpucL on
peopIe`s beIuvIor.

1o. Solve Problems Throogh Action
Mcn lnous so much cnd does so little.

¡uIIer wus never one Lo mereIy LIeorIze ubouL Iow LIIngs ougIL Lo be, und IIs
creuLIve porLIoIIo, spunnIng neurIy sIx decudes oI conLInuous IeudersIIp und
InvenLIon Is LesLImony Lo u Iunds-on, InvoIved, und ucLIon-cenLered IIIe.
BegInnIng eurIy In LIe zo
cenLury, IIs creuLIve porLIoIIo documenLs u LruIy
sLunnIng runge oI projecLs (Irom sIeILers Lo IIyIng curs, buLIrooms, IIouLIng cILIes
und socIuI poIIcy), InLeresLs (Irom geomeLry, Lo cosmoIogy, urcIILecLure,
LecInoIogy, und IumunILy`s IuncLIon In LIe UnIverse), wrILIngs (z; books,
Iundreds oI urLIcIes und LIousunds oI IeLLers correspondIng wILI peopIe uII over
LIe worId), us weII us druwIngs, pIoLogrupIs, vIdeoLupes, und observuLIons,. HIs
CIronoIIIe documenLs IIs eIIorL ¨Lo see wIuL one ordInury person couId
uccompIIsI.¨ ¡uIIer receIved z8 US PuLenLs und cIrcIed LIe gIobe more LIun ¸o
LImes, IecLurIng Lo uudIences uII over LIe worId. TIe scope oI IIs curIosILy, und
runge oI LecInIcuI und urLIsLIc pursuILs were unILed by u common LIreud oI
provIdIng IumunILy wILI LooIs und urLIIucLs Ior LIe beneIIL oI uII. AnoLIer LIIng Lo
noLe Is LIuL noL onIy dId ¡uIIer cIoose InLeresLIng projecLs Lo pursue, buL IIs
meLrIcs Ior success were oILen uL odds wILI LIe prevuIIIng wIsdom und vuIues. TIe
vuIue Ie puL on money reIIecLed IIs bIg pIcLure vIews on mucI oI socIeLy`s oLIer
sucred cows. He suw money us u meuns Lo IurLIer IIs expIoruLIons In ¨mukIng LIe
worId work Ior 1oo% oI IumunILy¨ buL IL Iud IILLIe InLrInsIc vuIue.

¡or Ieuders IookIng Lo soIve probIems, ¡uIIer exumpIe oI un ucLIon-IIIIed IIIe
sIouId serve us Lremendous InspIruLIon. NoL onIy dId ¡uIIer`s ucLIons und projecLs
brIng IIm greuL suLIsIucLIon over LIe yeurs - regurdIess oI LIeIr ImmedIuLe ImpucL
- buL us IIs porLIoIIo oI eIIorLs grew, LIey served us InspIruLIon Ior even greuLer


Ij humcnitç does not opt jor inteçritç ue cre throuçh completelç. It is
cbsolutelç touch cnd ço. Ecch one oj us could mcle the dijjerence.

Here In LIe eurIy z1
cenLury, LIe ¡nLerneL - by oIIerIng IndIvIduuIs uImosL
unIImILed uccess Lo InIormuLIon - Ius mude ¡uIIer`s CompreIensIve AnLIcIpuLory
DesIgn ¡eudersIIp upproucI even more powerIuI LIun ever:

• Thinl Comprehensitelç
• Anticipcte The Iuture
• Respect Gestction Rctes
• Entision The ßest Possible Iuture
• ße A Trimtcb
• Tcle Inditiducl Initictite
• Asl The Dbtious And Ncïte Questions
• Do More With Less
• Seel To Rejorm The Entironment, Not Mcn
• Solte Problems Throuçh Action

¡n IoIIowIng LIese 1o prIncIpIes, LIere Is no LeIIIng wIuL u sIngIe ordInury Ieuder
wIII be ubIe Lo uccompIIsI!

Aboot the Aothors

Medcrd Gcbel Is LIe Iounder oI BIgPIcLureSmuIIWorId.com In PIIIudeIpIIu, PA ,
us weII us Iormer presIdenL oI LIe WorId Gume ¡nsLILuLe. He spenL severuI yeurs
workIng In conjuncLIon wILI BuckmInsLer ¡uIIer.


1im Wcller Is LIe Iounder oI MIndPuIuce.com, und DIrecLor oI BusIness
DeveIopmenL Ior SMART ¡Ink MedIcuI In ¡unsduIe, PA. EurIy In IIs cureer Ie
wus u worksIop IucIIILuLor wILI LIe WorId Gume ¡nsLILuLe.


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