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1he theme for Nat|ona| Iam||y Careg|vers Month 2013 |s
"Iam||y Careg|vers - Now More 1han Lver!"

Lach year, more and more Amerlcans are carlng for a loved one wlLh a chronlc condlLlon, dlsablllLy,
or Lhe frallLles of old age. 1here are as many as 90 mllllon famlly careglvers ln Lhe u.S. Loday.

! 1wo out of every S adu|ts are fam||y careg|vers. 39° of all adulL Amerlcans are carlng for a
loved one who ls slck or dlsabled - up from 30° ln 2010.

! A|zhe|mer's |s dr|v|ng the numbers up. More Lhan 13 mllllon famlly careglvers are provldlng
care Lo more Lhan 3 mllllon loved ones wlLh Alzhelmer's dlsease.

! 8ut |t's not [ust the e|der|y who need careg|v|ng. 1he number of parenLs carlng for chlldren
wlLh speclal needs ls lncreaslng, Loo, due Lo Lhe rlse ln cases of many chlldhood condlLlons.

! Wounded veterans requ|re fam||y careg|vers, too. As many as 1 mllllon Amerlcans are
carlng ln Lhelr homes for servlce members from Lhe lraq and AfghanlsLan wars who are
sufferlng from LraumaLlc braln ln[ury, posL-LraumaLlc sLress dlsorder, or oLher wounds and

! And |t's not [ust women do|ng the careg|v|ng. Men are now almosL as llkely Lo say Lhey are
famlly careglvers as women are (37° of men, 40° of women). And 36° of younger
Amerlcans beLween ages 18 and 29 are famlly careglvers as well, lncludlng 1 mllllon young
people who care for loved ones wlLh Alzhelmer's.

! Iam||y careg|v|ng |s ser|ous work. AlmosL half of famlly careglvers perform complex
medlcal/nurslng Lasks for Lhelr loved ones - such as managlng mulLlple medlcaLlons,
provldlng wound care, and operaLlng speclallzed medlcal equlpmenL.

! Iam||y careg|vers are the backbone of the Nat|on's |ong-term care system. lamlly
careglvers provlde $430 bllllon worLh of unpald care each year. 1haL's more Lhan LoLal
Medlcald fundlng, and Lwlce as much as homecare and nurslng home servlces comblned.

WlLh Lhe ranks of famlly careglvers growlng every year - Lens of mllllons sLrong -
we recognlze Lhe lmporLance Lo Lhe naLlon of Lhe role LhaL famlly careglvers play
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