Jacques Jaikaran MD Federal Detention Center Fed. Reg.

No 79206-079 PO Box 526255 Houston, Texas 77052-6255 August 5, 2009 Hi Shirley: Thank you for coming to the courthouse this afternoon. How did you hear about the hearing? I did not know that I was going to court until this morning at 5:00 AM. Who is Jerry Payne? Is he helping you? Judge Hughes is intent on punishing me. He is protecting a bank that had no right of action in the state court where the state judge ruled that a copy of a note is just as good as an original and the bank was never made to prove its claim in the state court. According to Jeff, Hughes is extremely biased against me. He aided and abetted the theft and sale of a $1.5 million home with a mortgage note of only $250,000 in which the bank who sued me in the state court had no interest. Please send me Dr. Umali's address and Dr. Hil's address (Dr. Rizvi) and Dr. Kuhne's address. Do you think Jerry Payne can get me out? I am the plaintiff in a civil case and if I try to prosecute or defend, the Judge holds me in contempt. I am not even allowed to file papers in court. The hearing before this, the judge basically threatened Jeff Grass. That is why he withdrew from assisting me. Besides, over a million dollars was stolen from me when my home was stolen by US Bank who had no standing to sue. There is a very successful doctor in Dallas who got divorced and that phony psychiatrist testified for his wife. I believe the doctor is a cardiologist of Mexican origin with a western name. He and I talked. He is on your email list. Can you contact him and see if he can pay a good attorney to get me out? He told me if I needed anything to let him know, when I talked with him last time, before Christmas. I was so pleased to see you in court and am very thankful. If you noticed, Shirley, Judge Hughes was giving a lot of testimony. Law does not permit that. Please keep in touch. I do not know what will become of me and Sue. Sue needs an attorney's help to send a Proof of Claim for the IRS to fill out. They will refuse to do so and then the attorney can get the Bench Warrant dismissed. Thanks for hooking up with Ken Townsend, my friend. Please keep in touch with him. Thanks, again, Shirley. We are all broke but we need some well-off people to help us. I have had painless hematuria and a painful sliding inguinal hernia. Judge Hughes is not playing fair in my case. He has a conflict of interest and has violated my constitutionally protected rights and now has incurred a liability. He is hoping that I will

do something foolish, which is not going to happen. Please see if Payne can help Sue with the Proof of Claim form that the IRS needs to fill out and get a copy of the court order compelling Sue to meet with the IRS. I do not recall such an order and Judge Melinda Harmon would have signed it at the US District Court where you were this afternoon. My regards to Carol Ann Davis. Did I meet her? So long and God bless. As you observed, Hughes will not allow me to get surgical help, and there is none here where I am. Best regards, Jacques

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