An Example of Modern Day Meekness: Brother Moses Mahlangu

• 1964 received a Book of Mormon & was fascinated • Didn’t see an LDS Church until years later • When he entered the church, he was kindly told that he could not attend the services or be baptized because the country’s laws did not allow it at that time. • • Was meek, humble & without resentment. Asked for leaders to leave window open on Sundays so he could listen to the services • Several years passed as Brother Mahlangu’s family and friends attended Church regularly through the window. • 1980 they were told they could attend church and also be baptized.


Boastful and Prideful

Godfearing, righteous, humble, teachable, and patient under suffering.

Ready to argue!!

Willing to follow Jesus Christ

Calm, docile, tolerant, and submissive

Recognize weakness and be willing and anxious to improve

Vital for us to become more Christlike and develop other virtues

Not something we have to strive for daily

Don’t need to control your temper, go ahead and be angry

Let our reactions be wild and unrestricted… say whatever you want to say!

Be Contentious

Recognize how dependent we are upon God and desire to do His will Behaving with goodness and kindness, showing strength, serenity, healthy self worth, and self control

You know everything and don’t need help… and say so!

Let the Lord lead you by the hand as you are humble.

A Gift from Heavenly Father

Taken from Elder Ulisses Soares General Conference Talk October 2013 Be Meek and Lowly of Heart

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