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Philippine *a0 1urisdictions




Supreme Court

Exclusive i. Petitions for certiorari, prohibition or mandamus against: 1. Court of Appeals; 2. Court of Tax Appeals; 3. andiganba!an; ". Commission on #lections; $. Commission on Audit.

ii. 1. a. b. c. d. e. iii.

%ith the Court of Appeals Petitions for certiorari, prohibition or mandamus against: &egional Trial Courts; Ci'il er'ice Commission; Central (oard of Assessment Appeals; )ational *abor &elations Commission; +ther ,uasi-.udicial agencies.

b. i. ii. iii. i'. 1.

Petition for re'ie0 on certiorari against: Court of Appeals; Court of Tax Appeals; andiganba!an; and &egional Trial Courts in cases in'ol'ing Constitutionalit! or 'alidit! of a treat!, international or executi'e agreement, la0, presidential decree, proclamation, order, instruction, ordinance, or regulation; *egalit! of a Tax, impost, assessment, toll or a penalt! in relation thereto; 1urisdiction of a lo0er court; and +nl! errors or ,uestions of la0.

%ith the CA and &egional Trial Court 1. Petition for certiorari, prohibition or mandamus against first le'el courts and other bodies 2. Petition for /abeas Corpus and ,uo 0arranto


3. ".


%ith &egional Trial Court Actions against ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls.

Court of Appeals

Exclusive Actions for annulment of .udgments of &egionalTrial Courts.

With the Supreme Court Petitions for certiorari, prohibition or mandamus against: 1. &egional Trial Courts; 2. Ci'il er'ice Commission; 3. Central (oard of Assessment Appeals; ". )ational *abor &elations

Or i!ar" appeals from# 1. &egional Trial Courts, except in cases exclusi'el! appealable to the upreme Court 2. 2amil! Courts Appeal $" petitio! for revie% from#

ources: &emedial *a0 Compendium b! 2loren3 &egalado 4olume 1, ele'enth edition Ci'il Procedure b! %illard (. &iano, 2556