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How to Meet Women and Start Conversations

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How to Meet Women and Start Conversations

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How to Meet Women and Start Conversations

What is Meet Your Sweet?
Your new life starts today. With, you get the ultimate toolkit to creating the success you crave in Life and Relationships. We know that you’ve got the smarts to take care of most areas of your life. So why should dating and relationships be any different? That’s why we here at take a life coach’s perspective to romance. We don’t want to give you a paint-by-numbers program or dumb down what it takes to master REAL success. Rather, our goal is to empower you by giving you the life skills that you need to achieve a complete personal and social transformation… …the kind that will have you feeling confident, secure, desirable, and powerful, no matter what challenge you face! We’ve done the research, and we know what works. Our thoroughly researched, nonmanipulative approach harnesses capacities that everyone has within them. Whether you’re male or female, young or old, single or in a relationship, we can help you become the absolute best you can be at relating with the opposite sex. Just imagine it. Gone are the days of struggling to get a date. Gone are the days of struggling to keep someone attracted. Gone are the days of worrying about whether you’re good-looking enough, popular enough, or captivating enough or to get attention from the opposite sex! With, you get expert advice from a team of the world’s greatest writers, life coaches, and counselors in the field of dating and relationships. Every Meet Your Sweet course includes collaborations with top names in the field. Our team of contributing authors includes our very own Slade Shaw and Mirabelle Summers, as well as Amy Waterman from and Andrew Rusbatch from So kickstart your personal and social transformation with We look forward to hearing how our courses have changed you!

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And thinking that you do just puts a whole lot of PRESSURE on 5 . (Duh. ends up stressing you out. They stress about conforming to hellishly unrealistic standards of ‘wittiness’ and ‘coolness’. First of all: Some guys hold themselves to totally unrealistic standards when it comes to meeting women and starting conversations with them. If you’re anything like most guys. I’d just like to clear a few things up that most guys get WRONG when it comes to ‘meeting and talking to women’.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations An Introduction to Your New Life As ‘That Guy With the Unfair Advantage’ (a. and directly counteracts your success. Yeah.) But you don’t need to do it STRAIGHT AWAY. I’ll explain to you WHY you no longer need to All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. you’ll probably have a fair-sized hangup about talking to women. ‘That Guy Who Other Guys Secretly Hate’) What’s up.a. we’re going to talk about several intensely relevant aspects of meeting women. During the course of this special report. This report is going to deal with those hangups one by one. and talking to them in a way that directly creates sexual attraction. it’s necessary to make a good impression on a woman. though.k. and believe that they’ve got to somehow make a big impression immediately. Before we do that. Over the next fifty pages or so.

you have been DIRECTLY and SIGNIFICANTLY LIMITING your success with women! Look. I’m aware that most of you probably won’t believe me on this matter … but bear with me for a second here.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations buy into this destructive mindset… as well as what you actually DO need to do in order to get ‘in’ with literally almost any woman. you need to realize that communication with her will follow a very different ‘formula’ than if you were just making casual friendly ‘chitchat’.com 6 . or any of the traits which most guys worry that they ‘don’t have’. so let me explain what I mean. It’s not as hard as you think. There are no skills required in talking to women successfully that any guy cannot grasp. and mistakenly believe that ‘just talking to a woman’ is enough to get ‘in’ with her. Seriously. Some guys just DON’T UNDERSTAND that if you want to create ATTRACTION with a woman. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. If you want to get ‘in’ with a woman. Talking to a woman without focusing on how to create ATTRACTION is NOT going to get you anywhere … other than to create yet another female friend. NEWSFLASH!! If you’ve been buying into either of these false beliefs. your skill in making her laugh. whether they’re for yourself. I realize this might sound a little out-there at first. You do not need to pulverize yourself against the rock of Unrealistic Expectations. your own conversational ability. Secondly: some guys swing to the opposite end of the spectrum. you need to ACT DIFFERENTLY and TALK DIFFERENTLY than if you were just being ‘friends’ with her.

You’ll be able to let go of your need to ‘control the situation 100%’ and your need to hide behind ‘techniques’. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t SPECIFIC THINGS that ‘work’ to create attraction with 7 . If you want to talk to women successfully. creating ‘attraction’ tends to follow a PATTERN.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations And once you get ahold of those skills for yourself. Aimless chatter doesn’t cut the mustard. I sat down and thought hard about what sort of ‘pattern’ a conversation might need to follow in order to reliably and consistently create All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. and instead. these things are STILL not enough. There is more to ‘talking to women’ than simply ‘talking to women’. When I first started figuring all this stuff out. in a way that reaps results. and take charge of the situation in such a way that CREATES ATTRACTION. then you’ve got to be able to CREATE ATTRACTION and ROMANCE in your conversations with them. No kidding. if you get my meaning. Yeah … it’s a lot of fun. you’ll be able to put yourself right in front of the women you desire. unless you also know the magic ingredient for creating ATTRACTION. It’s not enough to just ‘open your mouth’ and emit words at random. As a matter of fact. Even if you’re funny and smart. will be able to simply walk up to women and introduce yourself … and instantly create the kind of masculine/feminine social friction that leads to serious chemistry.

com 8 . assuming control of the atmosphere.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations the outcome that I wanted. Throughout this special report. I will tell you exactly how to do this. and assuming control of how she feels. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. though: let’s deal with the ‘basics’ before we move on to the ‘advanced’ stuff. Here’s my theory: The essence of creating attraction through conversation is assuming control of the situation. First up.

This sounds pretty obvious. waiting for her to detach from the crowd so that he can sneak up on her when she’s unaware and ‘make his move’. or to coffee shops and bookstores … and they see attractive women … women they want to meet … but they have no idea how to get their attention. you are putting the ball in her court. Women like men who are being MEN. The critical aspect of any guy that will potently attract women is his masculinity. eyes pinned to the ‘target’. until you think about what that actually MEANS … and realize that most of the guys you know most likely do NOT know how to ‘be a man’ around women in a way that makes sense to them. which instantly puts you at a disadvantage. This is what I’m talking about: A major aspect of masculinity is the ability to lead in a situation with a woman. PREVENTS you from gaining control of the situation. They go out to bars and clubs. This is a mistake. The reason that this is a problem has a lot to do with one of the ‘root causes’ of attraction. Most of these guys end up sort of lurking around. which is MASCULINITY. If you are waiting for the woman to make an action of any sort before initiating a conversation with her. It will also creep her out. and creates a mindset wherein SHE is the leader and YOU are the follower. It will waste your time and MINIMIZE your success. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations How to Legitimately Get Her Attention There are a lot of guys out there who literally don’t know how to get a woman’s attention. You’re following her 9 .

If you’re pissed off. before you’re comfortable flirting with her. It needs to be a basic component of your personality.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations I think of the ‘ability to lead’ as simply having a strong character. If you think she’s attractive. you need to make sure that ALL your behaviors are congruent with that fact. To get into the habit of ‘being a man’ around women. And if. If you wait around for HER to take action before you’re able to take YOUR 10 . and otherwise going about creating that thing called ATTRACTION. In plain English. it means that you take action when you deem it necessary. who demonstrates consistent congruency between thought and deed … and who TAKES ACTION when necessary. If you have a strong character. you are already ‘unmanning’ yourself. you act angry. you’ll probably need to make a CONSCIOUS EFFORT to get into the habit of thinking and acting like a MAN. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. If you think something is funny. Here is my definition of a man: A guy with a strong personality. Basically. like many guys. teasing her. you laugh. Here’s what all this has to do with whether you wait for her to leave the group or not. it means that you act what you feel. you look within yourself for things like ‘approval’ and ‘validation’ … rather than looking externally (to her and to other people) for those things. you create attraction with her. you’ve gotten into the habit of being too nice and spineless and too polite around women. without waiting for anyone else to ‘make it OK’ for you to do so. These are the basic qualities of ‘being a man’ that women find intensely attractive. What it does NOT mean is that you hang around waiting for signals from HER. a strong character.

that you were too freaked out to act on YOUR timetable. and showing her that you’re a man. in fact. and therefore used to having men hovering around. And let’s talk turkey here. or for her to ‘make it OK’ for you to walk on over and introduce yourself.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations So if you wait for her to ‘make the first move’. You are not trying to ‘get’ anything out of her. They end up feeling like shifty salesmen who are trying to ‘con’ the unsuspecting customer. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. deep down. she doesn’t know. making nervous eye contact. If you’re worried about interrupting a woman. you’re introducing a weird and ‘unmanly’ dynamic. She is not doing you a favor. as though they’re trying to ‘get’ something from her – a phone number. you have a MORAL OBLIGATION to give her the opportunity to have her life improved. And if YOU know. Being able to interrupt a woman is just one more way of LEADING. that’s not going to do anything good for your sense of self-esteem or strength. here is what I suggest: that you adopt the mindset that you’re going to make her life better by becoming a part of it. on some level. So … what if she doesn’t know you’ve been waiting for her to leave the group? Actually – she probably does. This is especially true if she’s an attractive woman. Even if. etc. You are going to improve her life. C’MON now … don’t underestimate how observant women are. you still do. DROP THIS MINDSET. and plain old lurking. It’s one more way of being a man. and you come up to her as soon as she’s by herself. you are actually doing her a favor. They are used to being hit on by guys. If a woman’s hanging out with a group. a 11 . by some freak chance. she knows that you’ve been waiting for her to single herself out. A lot of men are nervous approaching a woman because they feel.

or Powerful Positive Intent. calls this ‘PPI’. Dr Alex Benzer.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations This is called ‘having a buyer’s mentality’. but it definitely puts you at a tremendous moral advantage to think of yourself as ‘out to make her life better’ … … in which case. You are the one who is deciding if you want what she has to offer. FACT: It is entirely possible that you are going to enrich her life more than any other man in her life history. You can call it whatever you want. The shift in mentality is pronounced. which is where you are the one with something to ‘offload’ and you are the one trying to convince people to ‘buy your product’. A date and/or a relationship with you could literally be the best thing that ever happened to her. author of The Tao of Dating. Contrast this squarely with having a ‘seller’s mentality’.com 12 . Make sense? Good. you literally have a moral obligation to offer her that opportunity … … as opposed to ‘trying to get something out of her’. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet.

com 13 . All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. who is OK taking steps to get what he wants.  You are a buyer. This is the first step towards demonstrating to her that you are a guy who can be trusted. It is the decent thing to go up to her and see whether this possibility is actually a reality. you are a guy who is comfortable with his masculinity. and who is decisive. not a seller.)  By interrupting her. (We’ll deal with what to say shortly.  Create one yourself by walking up to her and opening your mouth. You have something to offer her that will very likely enrich her life and make her a great deal happier than she is right now.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations Key points to remember:  Don’t wait around for her to create an opportunity for you. you’re choosing to act in a way that is congruent with your masculinity.

introduce yourself. assertive guys with STRONG PERSONALITIES who are OK with LEADING the situation (and leading HER. Please. And don’t give her your name. she’ll look at you with a much more critical eye.) When you give the power to HER. then her defenses will go up. ‘Here. it’s simply the way things are. your mom probably told you to always be polite when you meet women. you are handing over all of those exciting qualities and saying. I don’t need them. and – most importantly – you’ll have given all the power to her. to ask their name. SHOULD you do this when you meet a woman? In a word: NO. You’re in control now. powerful. and be sweet and complimentary. This is no fun for her. If you do.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations Don’t Hit On Her When you were growing 14 . and definitely no fun for you. Women tend to be attracted to dominant. It’s certainly not conducive towards creating ATTRACTION. Take my cojones. This isn’t about playing ‘games’.’ When you give her a compliment upon meeting her. And DEFINITELY don’t COMPLIMENT her! Why? You don’t want to give her the idea that you’re hitting on her. you’re taking all the CHALLENGE out of the situation and making it OBVIOUS that you’re attracted to her. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. either.

Guys who hit on women give away all their power. she has something they want. NOTE: Offering to buy a woman a drink is WORSE than offering her your name. This is subtle stuff. but it all COUNTS. this is what happens: 1. Another way is by complimenting her. Don’t ruin it for her early on. or complimenting her. which demonstrates that you find her attractive or pleasant in some way. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. When you offer a woman a free drink. Trust me for now. make it clear that they’re attracted to her. rather than out of genuine attraction or enjoyment. asking hers. and therefore she’s in control . the woman may continue talking to them.within the first 30 seconds of the 15 . She will now be involved more out of a desire to ego-trip and ‘see how much she can get’ out of the situation. The trick is to allow her to reach that stage. Then you know she’s interested. the only reason you can be doing either of these things is because you’re attracted to her … … ding-ding-ding! And there goes the challenge.e. or asks for yours. It is so much more powerful when she offers her name. One of the ways it becomes obvious that you are hitting on a woman is by asking for her name. since this demonstrates personal interest in her. And by the way … introducing yourself is the same. It signifies that you want to get to know her better. and want her to know about it. It becomes instantly clear that you want to get to know her on a ‘personal’ level. Once they do. And since you don’t even KNOW her at all yet. but the dynamic will have subtly changed. and you want her to know you personally. I know.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations Guys who hit on women in the conventional sense tend to fawn and drool and generally ‘give the game away’ – i.

you think need to ‘bribe’ her with free stuff in order to have the pleasure of her company. DON’T BUY WOMEN DRINKS. 4. drool. or offer to buy her anything. If you take AWAY that challenge. Be fun and interesting. women are no exception to this rule. Don’t get too eager. People want what they can’t have. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. 3. This is what really needs to happen: SHE needs to feel as though SHE needs to impress YOU. They like to have their competitive side engaged. She sees that you believe your own personality is not enough on its own. tell her yours. by proving to her in one way or another that she’s been prequalified by her looks alone. The idea here is to keep it LOW KEY. You get deflected … AND lose out by the cost of a drink. Today is the day that you will STOP offering to exchange MONEY or GIFTS or COMPLIMENTS for the pleasure of a woman’s company. Practice taking the buyer’s mindset – ‘Do I want what she has? Is she good enough for me?’ – and start being a CHALLENGE to women. 5. YOU DO NOT NEED TO COMPENSATE.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations 2. By starting out on the ‘seller’s’ mindset – where you’re looking to get what she’s got – you automatically prevent her from attaining 16 . YOU ARE ENOUGH. Don’t demonstrate interest. of course. Trust me on this one. The shields go up. ask for her name. Women love a challenge. and be HER best self if she wants to attract or engage you. then she will LOSE the potential for feeling ATTRACTION for you. but don’t fawn. She loses respect for you. compliment her.

- ‘Hey. Use a time constraint EVERY time you approach a woman. ‘Beauty is common. Oh. Ask her questions like. This is different from complimenting her on it or showing her that you find her beauty attractive. as long as you do so in a mildly DISPARAGING and ‘backhanded’ way. What’s rare is PERSONALITY. and EFFECTIVE way of letting a woman know straight away that she can relax and enjoy your company. ALWAYS add a time constraint to let her know you’re not going to be hovering over her for hours. besides just your looks?’ Or say. and one other thing … when you first approach a woman. This is simple and easy to do. but …’ A time constraint is a quick. easy. I was just leaving. but …’ - ‘I have to get back to my friends in a sec. ‘So. without worrying that you’re going to turn into a social leech and hang off her all night. Here’s how to do it. and that you are not swept away on the power of her looks alone (hint: like EVERY OTHER MAN she’s met) by getting her to qualify herself to you. Notice how much more relaxed and open she becomes. what is it about you that would make me interested in getting to know 17 . What do you have that sets you apart from the thousands of other beautiful women out there?’ NOTE: It is OK to talk about her beauty. This is how to do it. but …’ - ‘I can only chat for a moment.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations Here’s how to be a challenge: You can show a woman that you are a challenge. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet.

How to Meet Women and Start Conversations

Key Points to Remember
 Most guys, when ‘hitting on a woman’ will ask her name and/or proffer theirs. They will also compliment her, or offer to buy her a drink. DO NOT do this.  Don’t give the impression that you’re ‘hitting on her’. To do so is to give away all the ‘control’ in the situation and basically take the fun out of it.  Once she feels like she’s the one ‘in control’ – and she will feel this way the moment that it becomes clear that she has something you want – the possibility for attraction will be dead. Now is not the time.  Avoid these problems by not asking her name, not offering yours, not complimenting her, and not offering to buy her a drink. You do not need to ‘bribe’ women with money, gifts, or compliments in order to talk to them  If she asks what your name is, or tells you hers, that means she’s beginning to be interested and wants to know more.  ALWAYS use a time constraint when approaching a woman.  Use an BUYER’S MINDSET when interacting with women. Do not pre-qualify them; EVALUATE them. Wonder if she is good enough for you. Ask her evaluative questions. Be a challenge. Women love a challenge.

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How to Meet Women and Start Conversations

Walk Away From One Opportunity In Order to Create Many
I’m going to make the assumption here that you’re interested in approaching very attractive women – women who, by their very nature, are somewhat accustomed to being approached by men. If you want to stand out from the crowd, it follows that you’ve got to act in a way that’s different from everybody else. You need to be DIFFERENT from other men. An easy way to do this is to use the ‘takeaway’. Let me tell you what I’m talking about. I was talking to my friend Marko the other day. He’s a bartender by trade, so he meets lots of beautiful woman during the course of every shift. Marko had something very interesting to say about a technique that he accidentally stumbled across in his line of work … and the EFFECT it has on women. Here’s what he said. ‘When I’m at work, I’m busy. Even if I’m talking to a really beautiful woman, I’ve only got a couple of minutes max before I’ve got to go take someone else’s order. So I’m always walking away from hot women, even though it drives me wild to do so. ‘The weird thing is, I swear to God, I think it makes them think I’m ‘hard to get’ or something. And the hotter they are, the more they LOVE IT. ‘I don’t know if they think I’m avoiding them, or whether I’m ‘too cool’ for them … it’s like they forget that I’m actually at work and that I literally don’t have time to talk to them all night.
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How to Meet Women and Start Conversations

‘Something about this ‘hard to get’ vibe drives them crazy. After just a couple short conversations with a woman where I walk away from her each time, she’s ready to give me her number. And the more beautiful the woman is, the less time it takes before she hands over her number – voluntarily.’ Hmmmmm! Very interesting. Why do you think THIS could be? My guess would be that it’s because most attractive women are used to men just hanging around until they either get told to buzz off, or until they work up the nerve to ask for her phone number. For the MOST beautiful women, they’re so used to this that when they finally meet a guy who DOESN’T act like all the other guys, it completely knocks them on their ass. They LOVE it that a guy can be a challenge and not be totally swamped by their beauty … to the point that they didn’t even think about the fact that Marko HAD TO walk away from them. Powerful stuff. This kind of behavior resonates with women on a GUT-LEVEL, because it PROVES to them that here is a guy with options, who is not desperate to ‘get in’ with them. And for really beautiful women, this kind of behavior is SO RARE that it literally drives them CRAZY. Like I said, women love a challenge. This simple technique is known as the ‘takeaway’. And you don’t have to be a bartender to do it yourself.

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Of course. and then go into a lengthy song-and-dance designed purely to impress her and make her want to hand over her information right then and there. Then.) HERE’S WHAT USUALLY HAPPENS Look: most men approach a woman. This is Cialdini’s theory of ‘Social Proof’. she’ll instantly figure you must have something cool about you. Practice being the first to end a conversation. and can make you seem frantic and nervous. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations All you’ve got to do is learn how to walk away from a conversation with a woman. is he not attracted to me?’ This is such a powerful technique that it can literally CAUSE a woman to offer you her phone number. and her desire for you will increase. All you have to do is strike up a conversation. Then walk 21 . most women aren’t comfortable giving out their information to a guy they’ve just met. and incidentally … another bonus: when you’re not stuck talking to one woman at a time for ages. puts a lot of pressure on you. this approach usually doesn’t work. ‘Hi’. talk for a few minutes – maybe two or three minutes – and then leave. ‘Why isn’t he doing what every other guy does? What. you actually meet a LOT more women during the course of a night. it’s rushed. This gives them the space they need to start wondering. which basically means that if a woman sees lots of other women talking to you. when you bump into them again later on that night. it’s instantly that much easier to start a conversation again. because she recognizes you … AND there’s the tension that exists from her WONDERING why you didn’t hang around. … Not to mention. (It can also actually be a good thing if a woman sees you talking to lots of other women. instead of you having to ask her for it. Oh. say.

logically. she doesn’t know you any better at all. But that’s the way attraction works. Well. She’s going to want to FIGURE YOU OUT. She’ll wonder why you weren’t interested in her. It’s not LOGICAL. I gotta get back to my friends. in a moment. makes her feel as though she somehow knows you BETTER … even 22 . You spot a woman you’re attracted to. and approach her. (I’ll explain exactly how to talk to her. and make her feel like she KNOWS YOU BETTER than the other guys in the room. and demonstrate an ability to WALK AWAY from her. You make a quick greeting. She’ll also know you’re not a creepy lurker. you say. ‘Cool.) After a couple minutes.’ All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. something very unusual is going to happen. since you’ve jus demonstrated your ability to LEAVE. And she is being conditioned to feel dismay and confusion when you leave. nice talking to ya. I’ll see you later. and then RESUMING the conversation later on. She’s going to perceive a CHALLENGE that she wants to conquer. and feel compelled to MAKE you attracted to her. introduce a time constraint.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations WALKING AWAY from her. and then talk for a few minutes. So here’s how it’s done. including some openers that are guaranteed to get a conversation going. So if you can be DIFFERENT from other guys.

not just some guy who’s out to ‘hook up’ with her. you turn around and leave. confident guy who has options to choose from. 3. Great demonstration of the buyer’s mindset on your behalf – and even better that you didn’t seem to like what you see enough to stick around. You’ve burrowed inside her head at least a little 23 . She’s wondering what the deal is and is wondering why you didn’t find her attractive enough to stick around. 2. If you’re NOT doing what most guys do and sticking around. ‘Huh? What just happened here? Why is he not sticking around and bugging me like all the other guys do?’ Then. She thinks. When you DO eventually go talk to her again. more valuable. you probably have options in your life. and a potential ‘step up’ for HER and HER OWN social status. By walking away from one opportunity. Her impression of you was a choosy guy who’s not just out to ‘milk’ any opportunity. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. This makes you more interesting. you have created a much better one for a little later down the track. it follows that you’re clearly not a desperate guy.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations Then. This brings her defenses right down and opens her right up for REAL conversation where you can actually forge a CONNECTION with her. This is going to make it a lot easier to approach and start a second conversation a little later on. she wonders about it some more. Here’s why: 1. In other words. It immediately presents you as a CHALLENGE. Her first impression of you was one of a casual. you’ll be floating on all the POWERFUL benefits that you’ve ALREADY CREATED by turning away from her the first time.

All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. she will work EXTRA HARD to MAKE you interested in her.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations Putting it bluntly: if a woman thinks you’re not interested in her. and create many and better 24 . friendly guy. Walk away from one opportunity. first she wants to know WHY … and then she wants to MAKE HIM attracted to her. Women like to feel attractive to men. So if a woman meets a nice. Even MORE SO if they’re USED to feeling attractive around men. who DOESN’T SEEM interested in her.

and NOT fawning over her. By NOT doing what other guys do. Talk for a few minutes. there is NOTHING MORE POWERFUL than a guy who is clearly able to ‘take her or leave her’.  When you do go back and ‘catch up’ with your new acquaintance.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations Key Points to Remember  Walk over. they’ll want a piece of it. and/or her environment. You want to seem NATURAL and EASY.  Having lots of different conversations with different women throughout the course of the night.  Be relaxed and pace yourself.  The fact that you have left without making ANY EFFORT to ‘further’ the ‘connection’ between you and her will instantly set her to wondering. walk away sloooowly.  To an attractive woman.  Women are naturally competitive. say hi and ask her a casual question that relates to herself. and then excuse yourself and leave. Don’t rush the interaction. Then. you’ll have the benefit of all those good implications you’ve already created. by using the takeaway. It also functions as a form of ‘social proof’: you will be seen talking to lots of different 25 . seem interested (‘Cool’).  When she answers. her competitive side kicks in and you become a CHALLENGE that she must conquer. is a GREAT way to meet lots of women. Beautiful women are usually very competitive. When you walk away. and they will all figure that there must be something good about you. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet.

Don’t ‘recite’ them to her. act like it’s a spur-of-the-moment thing. Openers are great for this. It’s a cool feeling. If you understand this. Bear in mind that they are to be used as TRAINING WHEELS. all by yourself. If you’re using openers. and to a lesser extent. Take a look at the ‘pattern’ of them: note that good ones tend to be LIGHT and FRIVOLOUS. I’ve included a couple here for you to experiment with. NOT the other way round. and use ‘material’ like the ‘training wheels’ that it’s supposed to be. openers. What should you say to her? It’s actually pretty easy to talk to women once you know how to get a conversation STARTED. It’s not hard to come up All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. So. always be aware that you will need to sound spontaneous and natural. are all very well -but you still need to develop social skills to go with them. and ‘material’ as being the garnish. Things like ‘techniques’.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations How To Open A Conversation So you want to open a conversation with a 26 . not to conceal the fact that you don’t have one. If your conversation with a woman is like a meal. that’s when you can start coming up with your OWN ‘openers’ and responses that are completely spontaneous … and you’ll start to know exactly what to say to any woman in any given situation. ‘Material’ is designed to complement your personality. then think of ‘social skills’ as being the steak.

) You: Hey. The Pez approach (originally coined by PUA Mystery. Crack a grin and pull out your Pez dispenser. Me and my friends were just watching the game. If you pause here and wait for a response. I’ve got to get back to my friends in a sec. you know who you remind me of? Her: Who? You: Someone I’d like to meet. 27 .) This one always gets a laugh. Walk up to a woman. and we were talking about the fact that guys always watch the score.) 4. You: Hey guys. I can only talk for a second. (This one works best in sports bars. though. but me and my friends were just talking about this.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations with a good one on the spur of the moment … soon. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. (This one ALWAYS gets a conversation going. you’ll be able to do this for yourself. ‘What do you want?’ look. here are a couple examples. you’ll put her on the spot and it will feel like a car crash. and just wait for her to start giving you that. What’s the story behind that? 2. let me get a female opinion on something. tilt your head to the side and look serious. The question opener. The opinion opener. (pause) Do women actually think that David Bowie’s hot? 3. (Immediately start talking about something else. and chicks always watch the legs. and we seriously can’t settle the argument. For now. but let me get your opinion on something. The opinion opener.) You: Hey.

I have personally used every one of the openers listed above many many times. and they ALWAYS work. nothing more. as if you’re just about to turn around and walk away) it literally almost doesn’t matter WHAT you say. Don’t try to keep the conversation going by talking more about the opener. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. By the way … it’s the ENERGY LEVELS that count more than anything else here.. you need to have energy levels that are equal to or higher than the energy of the person or group that you are approaching. introduce a time constraint. Get into the habit of using an opener.e. seem energetic. the aim with any opener is to DISARM the woman. unless it feels natural and ‘right’ to do so (i. and have the body posture that you’re just about to leave (address her over one shoulder.) A NOTE ON OPENERS: 28 . and then quickly start talking about something else. because they’re designed to get a conversation STARTED. or get mixed up. I love Pez. it will feel weird and forced. You: Didn’t your mom tell you not to take candy from strangers? Her: Yeah … You: Isn’t it cool how forbidden stuff can be so exciting? (Immediately start talking about something else.) If you do.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations You: Pez? Her (laughing) Sure. have a grin on your face. Openers are not there to CREATE ATTRACTION. she’s enjoying it. If you’re approaching a woman. As long as you look bubbly. It doesn’t even matter if you screw it up. They are there for the sole reason of starting a conversation and getting your foot in the door. stumble over your words. in order to seem like a high-value guy who’s going to be fun to be around.

- If you’re sitting down. Sling one arm over the back of it. how much space you take up – that makes the biggest impression. ‘High energy’ is not the same thing as ‘nervous energy’. - Whenever you approach a woman.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations It’s your personal energy – the smile on your face. Lean back in your chair. - Don’t waste energy jittering. A FEW QUICK TIPS ON HIGH-ENERGY BODY LANGUAGE - If you’re standing up. put your hands in your lap. your body language. or obsessively panning the room with your head. fidgeting. take up some space. Do NOT hunch yourself 29 . the way you hold yourself. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. practice looking like one. She’ll relax more and won’t peg you as a creepy lurker. Do NOT lean forwards towards her – it looks desperate and insecure. put a BIG SMILE on your face. Highenergy men take up room. or curl your shoulders in. twist around slightly and address her over one shoulder like you’re just about to walk away.

com 30 .How to Meet Women and Start Conversations YOUR ENERGY LEVELS vs HER ENERGY LEVELS YOUR ENERGY HER ENERGY All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet.

unless she is enjoying talking about it.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations Key Points to Remember  Any kind of canned material is the GARNISH on your social skills.  SMILE. It’s not the main course itself. Address her over one shoulder as if you might be just about to walk away. the easier it will be to start spontaneously coming up with openers of your own on the spur of the moment. They are a way to start a conversation with a woman.  Openers are a great way to get your foot in the door with a woman.  Openers are NOT a way to create attraction.  Change the subject quickly after using an opener.  Always use a time constraint when ‘opening’ a woman.  Use good body language. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. The more accustomed you become to using 31 .  Always use high energy when approaching and ‘opening’ a woman.

natural conversation with a woman in a way that feels very personal and easy to her. to figure things 32 . which is how they’re able to imitate humans and do things like unlock their cages. one of the key areas of our physical and mental development is our ability to be interested in things. as a human being. And so for them.) But you.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations How To Use Story-Telling To Create A Bond So after you’ve opened a conversation. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. Monkeys and chimps. and teach ourselves how to improve our own survival skills until we have literally taken over the planet. really. and to relate it to yourself. As human beings. pick up pens and scribble with them. have a limited capacity for interest. develop our massive brains. It is this capacity that has enabled the human race to grow. (Yes. then what do you do? What skill-set can you use to create a fun. have the benefit of a massive brain and a massive capacity to be INTERESTED in stuff. Other animals do not have the mental capacity for interest. interesting conversation with a woman? Can you really pull a conversation out of nowhere – time and time again – like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat? You bet you can. or to teach themselves anything. the status quo continues uninterrupted. for example. Here’s how to do it. It’s this capacity that’s going to allow you to create spontaneous. They have no desire to learn. and that makes it clear that you’re a PERCEPTIVE and INTELLIGENT GUY. and even converse with humans in sign-language.

or bark.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations You just have to utilize that capacity for interest. and pause for a beat. What is there about her that you could conceivably like to know more about? Approaching a conversation in this manner is going to keep anything you say relevant and natural-sounding. The idea is to keep a relaxed pace – you’re having a conversation. Breathe. Don’t barrage her with questions. take a moment to digest what she said. or by asking a question. your interest. from which you can then use her answers to demonstrate your perceptiveness. ‘Why’s that? What do you mean? Why’s that? What do you mean?’. and figure out what there is about her and what she’s doing that you could be interested in. All good things. take a look at her and the environment. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. An opportunity for you to connect with a real live human being. BUT. Once you’ve thought of something to riff off. When you see a woman you’re attracted to. don’t OVERDO it. So. not interrogating her. Don’t make her feel like you are grilling her. or she WILL start to get creeped out. take a mental step back. Remember: this is a conversation. you can then elicit more information from her … either by telling a story. Don’t just fire more questions at her. when she answers 33 . A WORD OF WARNING ABOUT QUESTIONS It’s good to ask a woman questions every so often: open-ended questions about herself. and your ability to talk about stuff that interests her.

otherwise. while ‘control’ is definitely a good thing. It was awesome. You’ve got to be OK with revealing a couple personal facts about yourself. and the whole thing will feel really off. No woman is going to stand there and answer question after question without wanting to hear something about you. and that you say it in ‘statement form’. you’ll just be firing questions at her. This way of speaking to a woman – in ‘statement style’ rather than ‘question style’ – comes off much more confident and laid-back than if you just peppered her with question after question. too – or else the whole interaction will turn sour. I saw them live last year.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations Slow the pace down a little bit and remember that. too. This is where STORY TELLING comes in. I love them! YOU: Yeah. you make an announcement about yourself to her that is somehow related to something you’ve noticed about her. you need to allow the conversation to evolve at its own pace. but you don’t have to do this by any means. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. Basically. The only necessity is that it reveal something about yourself. Here’s an example of how you might story-tell: YOU: Do you like the band? HER: 34 . A ‘story’ can be anything from a short interjection to a longer ‘anecdote’. You can tack a question onto the end if you feel like it. too. The best way to talk to a woman and to find stuff out about her is to use STORIES to get her to open up and tell you about herself.

and also encourages her to respond … in a very ‘non-needy’ and natural way. You don’t need to get bogged down trying to make things ‘complex’. do you like it? Blah blah blah. This is an example of a short story: the fact that you saw the band live last year. But that’s the whole 35 . you want to keep it simple and authentic. and it’s not hard to see the difference between the two. and it’s a great way of creating a personal bond really quickly. The great thing about ‘storytelling’ in conversations with women is that it tends to encourage a real back-and-forth effect. ‘complex’ is BAD. It’s very natural to talk. what’s your name? What are you doing here? That’s a pretty dress you have on there. you could think to yourself. Obviously. kind of like a tennis match. ‘What could I find interesting about what she’s doing?’ Then. and it goes back and forth. where did you get it from? Um. I was so gutted! I bet it rocked. For example: ‘I’m trying to find a book for my sister … can you recommend something for me?’ Contrast this question and short story about yourself to what most guys do. Contrast that with a one-sided interrogation session.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations HER: I missed that show. You tell her something about you. ‘Hi. um. you could walk up to her and say something that’s designed to satisfy your interest about what she’s up to. what do you do? Oh really. Making a simple statement like that tells her something about you. that also tells her something about yourself. So if you see a woman in a bookstore browsing through some books. on a subject that she’s interested in. When it comes to conversation. which is walk up to a woman and say.’ All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. then she tells you something about her. When you’re opening up and telling stories to her. otherwise you will sound weird and rehearsed. this is a very simple example.

it makes it painfully clear that you are ‘out to get to know her’. to get a woman to associate romantic thoughts and feelings with you. Ask her SOME open-ended questions about things that are interesting to her. if she’s browsing through some books. and guide it in a romantic direction. you can bet that this is something that she finds interesting and is likely to be quite happy to talk about it. So: Learn to utilize your capacity for interest in a 36 . Intensity of feeling is what you’re looking for here. There’s not this awkward subtext of ‘I want to get to KNOW YOU!’ hanging over the both of you. And rely mostly on story-telling in your dialogue. when you fire a whole string of questions at her. For example.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations When you approach a woman and start a conversation that has nothing to do with what’s going on around you. and announce something about yourself at the same time. Equally. She doesn’t automatically assume that you’re out to ‘get something’ from her. You really could just be making casual conversation. it’s not such a loaded situation. obviously. A WORD ON ROMANCE The way to create attraction is. And the best way to do that is to TAKE CONTROL of the conversation and get her talking about things that make her FEEL EMOTIONS. This will make it easy for you to take control of the conversation. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. it becomes obvious that you know nothing about how to set her at ease or actually get a mutually interesting conversation going. But when you casually remark on something in your immediate surroundings.

You just need to talk about things that will CREATE emotions in her. Neither do you need to actually talk about feelings. Hence. is a pretty safe shot. if you just walk up to a woman. overly-personal things. This is how you get a woman to ‘feel something’ for you: to consistently create situations with her in which she is ALIVE and AWARE and FEELING EMOTIONS. making a statement about something she’s doing. the necessity of tailoring your questions to things about her. and then make a statement about it.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations 37 . is a great way to get her thinking about things she feels passionate about. or about romance. make an observation. If she’s doing it. For example. This is what I mean by the ‘tennis-match’ effect of story telling. Often. Either one is. then it’s a natural progression for her to transfer those feelings to you. and creating a ‘tennismatch’ effect by telling personal stories. she’s obviously going to feel much more ‘intense’ about the conversation than if you’re just talking about her job as a computer programmer and how many hours’ worth of overtime she did this week. by including story-telling in your conversation. getting her to open up about herself to you. at least. and then asking her a question about it. an emotional spring-board for further questions and a developing conversation. Equally. she will come up with one of her own … without you having to ‘ask her’ anything directly. She could like romance novels or she could hate them. If you talk about things that she is passionate about. And when a woman starts to feel intense feelings. that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to get ‘heavy’ or ‘corny’ or say cheesy and intrusive. she will likely have some sort of feeling about it. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet.

com 38 . My exgirlfriend used to wear boots with spiky heels like that. you will BORE HER and turn her OFF. The aim here is simply to start creating a rapport with her. HER: Yeah. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. It’s got so that when I’m not wearing heels. YOU: (start talking about something else. like. You are not interesting to her yet. I’ve actually started thinking of myself as being the height that I am in these shoes. The way to make her think you are cool is to utilize your capacity for interest and be interested IN HER. I seriously don’t know how women manage to handle changing heights all the time with shoes like that. and then all of a sudden I lost all that extra height when I took my shoes off at night. Once you’ve made a little progress. I actually feel short. you don’t want to keep talking about shoes. If you talk about yourself. But at the start. those are funky boots. you need to talk about things that it’s a safe bet that SHE is interested in. I think I’d start to develop an inadequacy complex.) Obviously. I’ve done that a few times. My mom’s always going on at me to take them off inside. That’s not the aim of the game. you can start talking about anything you feel like. They look sort of difficult to walk in though. One time she snapped her heel right off. because I leave little dents in the floorboards all through the house. If I was. yeah. YOU: Tell me something. She doesn’t have enough invested in the situation to spend energy listening to YOU and things about YOUR LIFE. an extra four inches taller during the day. Once you’re in. I guess that’s why you guys wear those things all the time. you can change the subject. HER: Ha ha.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations For example: YOU: Wow. if you seem like you’ve got an investment in making her think you are a cool guy. and she was always getting them caught in drains.

and then relate it back to yourself. ‘So are these your favorite kinds of books?’ And she said. Then say it – preferably in a STATEMENT FORM (although the odd ‘question’ is also fine. and what you’d like to know more about. someone always comes up to me and goes. So if you asked her. or whether you can think of something funny to say. because that’s how you’ll know what to say next. Actually. Think about what you can tell her about your life that relates to this.) Let’s take it back to the bookstore 39 . Listen to her answer – and then utilize your capacity to be interested again. ‘What’s your book about?’ That’s such an annoying question. Don’t think about what kind of impression you’re making or whether she likes you or not. I know what you mean. Don’t waste your time and energy thinking about what else you can say next. She’s answered your question and now it’s your turn to say something else to keep the conversation alive. Listen to what she’s saying. You just have to focus on that interest. I hate it when people ask me questions like that. You could say.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations The same goes for how to keep the conversation going. ‘Well. ‘Yeah.’ … does that mean you’re totally stumped? Not necessarily. What do you say? Here’s what you do: when she’s talking. you listen to her. I don’t really know.’ All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. Ask yourself what interests you about her answer. Like if I’m reading a book.

because it’s ABOUT HER … and you’re also revealing stuff ABOUT YOU at the same time. But don’t get carried away and start telling long ‘anecdotes’ about things … that can get old pretty quick. ‘But you’re in the romance section. To talk to a woman. pours out ALL SORTS of information about herself … All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. The first step of any seduction is always about her.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations To which she might say.’ To which you could say … … well. I just wanted something fluffy to read over the weekend. Make them interesting and relevant to what she is doing and what she likes. Internalize this fact. If this is 40 . Ask her questions about herself. I don’t even like romance novels all that much. and it’s MUCH more interesting to her. You have to get interested IN HER. you have to focus on her. It’s MUCH more personal. Make statements and tell stories that encourage her to respond. during the course of the conversation. think about it this way: Have you ever met a woman who comes up and introduces herself to you … and then. and then making statements and asking questions that are based on what she just said. yeah. It’s never about you.’ And then you could say. But hopefully you’re beginning to see how listening to what she’s saying. I’m not even all that much of a reader. I’m not going to map out the whole conversation for you. To be honest.’ Her: ‘Yeah. is a much better way to keep things fresh and exciting than simply walking up and droning off a list of ‘interview questions’. Think tennis match: lots of back-and-forth. ‘Actually.

whether she’s looking for a new boyfriend/revenge sex/casual fling or not. They. If you’ve ever had anything like this happen to you. you’ll choose the LATTER option. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. arbitrarily withhold information. what her family’s 41 . BLAH. I want you to STOP A MOMENT and THINK about it. get turned OFF by guys who OVERDO it. which part of town she lives in now. Attraction is about DESIRE. or make up LIES about yourself in order to seem more interesting and more desirable. BLAH. come on too strong. what she does for a living. And guess what? Women are a lot like men in this regard. ‘yearn’ for something or ‘desire’ something if it’s ALREADY RIGHT THERE IN YOUR FACE. You cannot. and reveal lots of things about themselves before she’s even had a chance to work up any DESIRE to know about him in the first place. by defintion. BLAAAAAAH. I’m not suggesting that you ‘play games’ with her. It’s about YEARNING. where she’s from. How did it make you feel? Did it make you want to get to know her even better … and as though you COULDN’T WAIT to take her somewhere and get all naughty and naked with her? Or did it make you feel as though she was coming on way too strong and like she was really pretty BORING? If you’re anything like most guys. Being a little elusive and a little mysterious creates the SPACE she needs to feel those feelings of ATTRACTION. this crazy new diet she’s on.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations … like. how many drinks she’s had this evening. where she was brought up. too.

she needs you to talk about things that are interesting to her.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations I AM suggesting that you pay attention to the fact that. she needs you to tell stories about yourself in a way that encourages her to respond … without OVERDOING IT and HAMMERING HER with fact after fact about yourself. Specifically. she needs certain things to happen in a certain way. This is the absolute BEST way of bonding quickly with a woman. in order to create ATTRACTION. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. And most importantly. She needs you to ask her the odd 42 .

When talking to a woman. and holding BACK a bit is necessary in order to create and amplify her attraction towards you. in order to have 43 . and then using your ability to feel interest about what it is that she says.  Being a LITTLE bit mysterious.  Don’t waste your time focusing on YOU or thinking about what she thinks of you. Don’t stress about it. You will seem much more laid-back and confident.  Don’t ask too many questions. or be overly organized.  All great seductions start off by focusing on HER. she will always provide you with something to riff off. Get interested in HER. Assume that if she’s talking to you. Don’t talk about yourself too much. cool conversations with a woman that will INTEREST HER. but keep a RELAXED PACE. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet.  SOME questions are good.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations Key Points to Remember  You don’t need to PLAN things. Assume that she will always provide you with SOMETHING that interests you enough to get a conversation going. This is not an interrogation and you don’t want her to feel like you’re conducting a survey. You’ll trip yourself up. talk about HER. This technique is what will keep the conversation going. She can’t want more of you if you’ve shoved yourself into her face and told her everything about you before she can even wonder about you in the first place.  Keep the conversation going by listening to her. Use STATEMENTS and STORIES to get her talking. and will forget to be internally referenced. a LITTLE bit elusive. it’s going well.  All you have to do is utilize your capacity to be interested.

maybe that’s a sign that it’s not going so well.’ This is a good way to tangle yourself up in your own feet. Equally. don’t make yourself leave just because 2 minutes are up. and you just wish it was OVER already . and that it is a good idea to bail out. For example. You don’t have to ‘follow the rules’ to the letter. All suggestions are here for you as GUIDELINES. and then I’ve got to WALK AWAY at that point NO MATTER WHAT. you’re not really feeling a ‘connection’.com 44 .How to Meet Women and Start Conversations Learn To Self-Regulate Plenty of men get all hung up on the RULES of talking to women. If it’s going terribly. if you’re three minutes in. you can’t think of anything to say. Learn to calibrate the situation FOR YOURSELF. they think. I’ve got to talk to her for two or three minutes. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. Equally. For example. You need to be able to self-monitor. and a conversation still hasn’t taken off yet you’re feeling stressed out. and learn how to evaluate the situation for yourself. if a conversation is going REALLY WELL. ‘OK. you don’t ‘have to’ bail out after three minutes just because you read that that’s what you ‘should’ do. if it’s going WELL.well. don’t force yourself to stick around because ‘the rules’ say you should … just add a time constraint and make your exit. The trick to true success with women is learning to SELF-CALIBRATE.

com 45 . add a time constraint (‘I’ve gotta get back to my friends. You can try again later if you feel like it … or better yet. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. Don’t force yourself to arbitrarily leave or stay just because that’s what the book says to do. Learn to regulate your own environment and act accordingly.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations Key Points to Remember  You don’t always have to follow rules ‘to the letter’. see you later’) and get out. move on to some OTHER women.  If you do need to leave early.

and TOO SCARED to keep are setting yourself up for FAILURE with women and FAILURE according to YOUR OWN STANDARDS. DEPRESSED. DON’T FALL INTO THIS TRAP. talking about how many numbers or email addresses they got the other night and arguing about who is ‘the best’ according to how many ‘numbercloses’ they got. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. Link success to the things that YOU have control over. if you set your standard of success with women in accordance with the OUTCOME of a situation. There are a BAZILLION reasons why a woman might not be amenable to talking to a man – ANY man – at ANY given moment. If you define ‘success’ as the OUTCOME of a situation – e.g. you are forcing yourself to focus on WHAT HAPPENS … rather than focusing on the things that YOU have CONTROL over. how many phone numbers you got .com 46 .How to Meet Women and Start Conversations How To Define Success With Women You’ll probably be familiar with all those guys out there on the Seduction Community forums and message-rooms. A better way to handle it is to define success as whether or not you made an effort to initiate a conversation with her. And anybody can tell you that linking your success to a factor that YOU have NO CONTROL over is a great way to end up SCREWED UP. Can you control whether she likes you or not? Nope. Why? Because.

Maybe she’s got a boyfriend and isn’t looking for any other attention right now. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. There are literally thousands of reasons as to why a conversation with a woman will never go ‘to the next level’. Maybe she’s really shy and hates talking to new people. Maybe she’s a lesbian. But you CAN control whether you MAKE AN ATTEMPT to talk to her … … and THAT is where the ‘success’ lies.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations MOST of them have NOTHING to do with YOU AS A PERSON. Her cat could have just 47 . Instead. Maybe she doesn’t speak English very well. not the OUTCOME that happens. focus yourself on the things that you have directly under your control – such as whether you even tried to talk to her. Tie your standards to the EFFORT that you make. I mean. Stop being so outcome-focused. YOU JUST DON’T KNOW. And most of the time. you won’t know what those reasons are. Maybe she’s one of those horrible women who don’t have a sense of humor. Maybe she hates men. think about it … ANYTHING could be influencing the mood and the reactions of ANY woman you talk to. She could have just been fired. Don’t get so hung up on ‘what happens’.

if you don’t hit if off with a woman. It plays back a loop of thoughts and ‘opinions’ to us. For example: ‘Oh no. If you don’t make an EFFORT to choose the ‘tape’ that is most helpful to you and most conducive to the achievement of your goals. Someone out there reading this just rolled their eyes and said. distracting. right. In other words. consider this: the human mind is like a tape recorder. that’s still success. The ‘phone-numbers = success’ thing is just ONE example of this. your mind will NATURALLY settle at the ‘lowest common denominator’ and will NATURALLY begin to hector you with low-quality.’ Is this thought helpful? Is this going to help you keep getting better and BETTER with women? Here’s a hint: NO. because you made the effort to create some attraction and you took some steps to make it 48 . And in fact.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations The only way to stay sane and to keep having FUN with this is to set the bar of success at a REALISTIC LEVEL: in accordance with what YOU HAVE CONTROL over … … which is the effort that you make. These thoughts and opinions are our SELF-TALK. you’re still a SUCCESS. it’s not a blight on you or her.’ If that guy was you. ‘Yeah. and they govern the way we feel about ourselves at any given moment. I didn’t get her number … I’M A FAILURE WITH WOMEN. NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. Whether it ‘worked’ or not.

You have to actively choose which ‘tape’ plays inside your 49 . because EVERY MAN has a ‘negative’ voice inside him . It’s the best way and the ONLY way to get better and better and BETTER EVERY DAY with the women in your life. Instead. you’ll start doubting yourself and getting in your own way … and then you’ll STOP TRYING. not the RESULTS that you get. You have to actively choose to believe that ‘success with women’ is tied to the EFFORT that you make. You have to actively choose to believe the MOST HELPFUL BELIEFS that you can think of. you’ll get discouraged.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations If you succumb to thoughts like that – and trust me when I say that EVERY MAN has the capacity to get distracted by those thoughts.then you will NEVER get better with women. you’ll start feeling dumb. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet.

and the results will come. You have to ACTIVELY CHOOSE to believe that ‘EFFORT = SUCCESS’ if you want to get better with women and attraction. Focus on the effort for now.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations Key Points to Remember  ‘Success with women’ is linked to the EFFORT that you make. and being TOO SCARED to keep 50 .  If you allow your brain to poison your self-talk with the kind of negativity that NATURALLY OCCURS in every man’s mind.  Your mind will NATURALLY settle on negative self-talk if you let it. \ All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. doubting yourself. not the RESULTS that you get. THIS is what causes failure with women – NOT the women themselves. you will end up feeling dumb.

Most men find this pretty upsetting. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. For example. The truth is that this report has only scratched the surface of what there is to learn. There’s so much to say that it’s LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE to fit it all into just these few pages. and if you’re HONEST about it. Or it could be that you need a ‘complete overhaul’. If you’re like MOST 51 . as well as the attendant other ‘areas’. is something that you’d like to REALLY get a handle on in your own life. And they definitely don’t like to admit that they feel this way. there are several other areas that are CRITICAl to your overall success: - Self confidence - Energy levels - Relationship management - How to get a 2nd (and 3rd) date - How to create LONG TERM ATTRACTION Take a moment and think to yourself about whether ‘meeting women and starting conversations’. and want to figure out your own ‘attraction quotient’ from SCRATCH in order to leave old habits and anxieties behind. you’ll admit that there are probably a few key areas that could do with a bit of a ‘tweak’ before you begin to see the results that you REALLY want. beyond ‘meeting women and starting conversations’.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations Outro ‘Meeting and approaching women’ is a MASSIVE subject.

learn to USE that skill to create ATTRACTION and CHEMISTRY with the women that you’re interested 52 . I think it’s one of my best EVER. And then. and SO sure that you’re going to LOVE IT. And I’ll put my money where my mouth is. that you take this as an opportunity to DO SOMETHING about it? In other words. If you want to learn more about these skills and how you can use them to meet. absorb it. too: I’m SO proud of this book.meetyoursweet. instead of getting UPSET about it. LEARN from the situation and decide to GET THAT SKILL SORTED called ‘meeting women and starting conversations’. then try this on for size: how about.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations If you know what I mean. or ‘stalling’ – then you should read this: https://www. freaked out. No kidding. or wishing that things could be different. talk to. and learn. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. that I’ve put my ‘ironclad moneyback guarantee’ in place … … AS WELL AS my special $5 trial offer! Read it. and ATTRACT the women of your choice – as well as how to keep yourself from getting I’m really proud of this book – in fact. instead of getting bogged down in upset and anxiety.

com 53 . And I’ll talk to you again soon. if you’re SERIOUS about getting BETTER with women. Slade Shaw All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations I’ve also included some recommended resources overleaf that I suggest you check out. Be cool.

.................61 Conversation Chemistry – How to use the power of communication to create and maintain unstoppable attraction with the Opposite Sex!......................55 Men’s Foundation Program: The core essentials to creating the success you crave in Love… Fireworks With Females....68 The information inside each of these courses will empower you by giving you the life and love skills that you need to achieve a complete personal and social transformation........ tips and techniques in your ultimate toolkit to creating the success you crave in Life and Relationships… Connect And Commit: How To Take Things To The Next Level Of Commitment..........57 Technique and Life Skills Programs: The specific 54 ......... ......................How to Meet Women and Start Conversations The Meet Your Sweet Course Catalog Transformational 12-Issue Course: A 12-Month Education in Total Attraction Transformation Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series – For Men......................................... ............59 Supreme Self-Confidence in Dating..... and help you attract..64 2nd Chance: How to Win Back the Love of Your Ex.......... seduce and keep the woman and committed relationship of your dreams… and you can get a 60-day guarantee on ANY course listed above.... Relationships & Social Situations.......................... All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet....................

Many experts and pickup artists will share the techniques that work for them. are you? You want a method that works for YOU. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. The problem with most other guys and PUAs is that they think there’s a magic bullet: ONE thing. As far as most women know . a man that not only has the SKILLS.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series – For Men Created by the Meet Your Sweet Team Edited by Slade Shaw Success with understanding and attracting women is an elusive skill that evades most men. one new skill that will guarantee success with women. attraction just happens. And when they see the whole package.. • You’ve finished a conversation. knowing you didn’t really say what you needed to and left her with a poor first impression. That may mean closing on a girlfriend. sparks fly! But first. • You really like women but usually end up being their friend rather than their lover. not always another one-night stand. But women are so much smarter than that. You know what you want and what you like in women. ATTITUDE and the CHARISMA to back it up. but you’re not them. I have a few questions to 55 .. Have you ever had any of these things happen to you? • You wished you were someone else in order to become more attractive to women. all the way from start to finish. They want the WHOLE picture. Doogie Howser is probably better at getting chicks than you. one secret. but when it comes to actually getting it. You’re not going to wear black eyeliner and do magic tricks. but the CONFIDENCE.

It’s about being ALL THREE. starting today. who understands attraction is about more than just looks. you need to know that it’s about much more than just ONE opener. ONE affirmation. we have created a course that is going to change your life. If you want to truly understand attraction in a way that you never have before. • You’re confused about attraction and what women truly want in a guy (Do they want a nice guy? Do they want a jerk? Do they even know what they want?) • You’ve found yourself in a relationship where the love and attraction is waning. with the first of 12 life-changing issues.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations • You wish you had a social circle and social skills to impress a woman and show her you are a man of value.meetyoursweet. It’s about you actually being the COMPLETE PACKAGE. but you don’t know what to do to fix it. No matter if you are 26 or 62. or intellect. You can get your copy of “Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series” by going to: 56 . or ONE aspect of your character. attitude. a man of integrity and a man of All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. It’s never too late to see the big picture and truly transform yourself into the attraction master you want to be. ONE part of your body.

because it’s worked for me my WHOLE LIFE. I know this stuff works. the input of my ‘natural’ friends. In fact. It isn’t a decision based on what you dress like. and MOST IMPORTANTLY.. to being the kinds of guys who can walk up to an UNUSUALLY ATTRACTIVE woman. my own YEARS of experience of being ‘that guy’ with women. and observing their behavior around women. in about 3 minutes flat.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations Fireworks With Females By Slade Shaw Success with high quality women is a total mystery to most men. . it’s worked for the HUNDREDS of guys who learned it.. what you look like. I’ve seen in REAL LIFE how the application of these concepts and ideas can literally TRANSFORM the lifestyles of HUNDREDS of men. This book is a combination of that research. and get her phone 57 . As far as most women know .. and the THOUSANDS of hours I spent doing extensive research into human behavioral psychology.... and went from ‘abysmal failures’ with women.... it just happens.. most women won’t be able to explain to you why they are attracted to certain men and not others. and the emotional and psychological underpinnings of self-confidence and dominance.. At least they won’t necessarily understand what is really going on. talking to them.. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. and Mirabelle’s incisive professional insight as a female dating coach. The reason they can’t tell you is because women don’t just decide that they are going to feel attraction for a man. what kind of things you say and how much money you have. applied it. It’s based upon the THOUSANDS of hours I spent meeting guys. it’s worked for the thirty or so guys I grew up with.

meetyoursweet.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations The “Fireworks With Females” course has been specifically designed to teach you how to: • • • • • • • • • keep a beautiful woman attracted communicate with women on a sexual level create attraction and chemistry with women be the man that EVERY woman wants demonstrate quickly that you are a man of high value approach women and start conversations change your self image for dating success use the power of body language to become irresistible to women take control and develop unshakeable confidence You can get your copy of “Fireworks With Females by going to: All Rights Reserved © 2008 58 .

the woman you love more than anyone in the world … and have those feelings reciprocated? When your love life is going well. attract emotionally available women who take you seriously and support you in your life goals. it’s not actually magical at all – it just takes knowledge and a little skill. Amy’s discovered a foolproof method of magnetically attracting your partner to grow in closeness and commitment – on physical and emotional levels – as time goes on. then you’ve got to read this book. Imagine how it would be to have someone in your life who is genuinely and deeply committed to you and your relationship? Imagine never feeling insecure about the future again? Imagine knowing that you can attract and create a relationship where the two of you want exactly the same 59 . It’s crucial to your success. But the best part is. affection. your favorite person. because you know something even greater is in store? Do you want to be in a relationship with your best friend. How would it be to be completely immune to the death of love and closeness in your relationship? To not be worried when the lust and romantic love starts to fade.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations Connect And Commit: How To Take Things To The Next Level Of Commitment by Amy Waterman This course is all about building the love. if you want to learn how commitment really works for women. and long-lasting relationship that you want and deserve. take things to the next level of commitment. That’s where this All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. everything else works like magic. and are going to grow from strength to strength together? If you want to put an end to unfulfilling relationships.

there are a number of bonus ebooks and audio files that will further assist and enable you on your search for commitment in your love life and relationships. and foster commitment through every stage of the attraction and relationship process. You can access the “Connect And Commit” course at this web address right here: 60 .com/commitment/men All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. create. maintain. Amy’s life-changing course is one of the most thorough courses on helping you understand. It’ll change your life in ways you never knew was possible.meetyoursweet.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations course will give you the step up in your love life that you really need. even in times of stress and change…then I strongly recommend you read this book. If you want to create the ultimate relationship… improve your relationships starting RIGHT NOW… create better communication with everyone around you… achieve true and lasting physical passion in your relationship… and strengthen your relationship with your partner. In addition to the course.

com 61 . or who you’d really love to meet.. that they might be out of your league. I strongly believe that this information could help you lift yourself above the rest when it comes to attracting and maintaining relationships with women. or when you’re talking to a woman you’re attracted to. For example: on a date. When you’re not self confident. and as a result always settle for second best? • Have you ever felt yourself shaking with self-consciousness when you are talking to a girl that you’ve got a crush on? Lost your words? Can’t be your best self? • Have you ever been in a relationship where you got emotionally insecure and ended up driving your partner away by your clinginess and insecurity? • Have you ever fallen in love with someone before you’ve even dated her and got jealous and upset when she pays others attention and goes out with someone else? If you answered YES to any of the above questions. but were too overwhelmed by fear and nervousness to go over and start a conversation? • Have you ever felt like you don’t deserve the kind of woman that you are REALLY attracted to.. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations Supreme Self-Confidence in Dating. then you get nervous and act differently at times when you feel stressed or need to be at your best. then this book is a great fit for you. Relationships & Social Situations by Slade Shaw Let me ask you a few questions: • Have you ever seen a woman from across the room that you really like..

then as far as she’s concerned. without needing someone else to ‘complete’ you. and run out of things to say… then as far as she knows. You’ll be looking for a woman to ‘complement’ you instead of asking her a favor by dating you. And in those crucial first few moments. fumble your words. it’s difficult to attract a really good catch. a little nervousness . so its crucial that you are able to follow through and hold a conversation. fumbles their words and runs out of things to say. then you may actually struggle to make your life turn out the way you want it to. you are the kind of person who is nervous. And this is exactly the kind of problem that this book deals with in detail.can be endearing and can even help you.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations If your confidence betrays you at these vital times.with a smile! . it’s really unfortunate that people may assume from your shy or nervous behavior that you simply don’t like being around them. (Of course. and without it. you lose your credibility and social status. If that impression she gets in those first few moments is all she knows of you.) Also. That’s why first impressions can count for so much and be so hard to change. Women expect you to take the lead when you approach them. So if you meet a woman you are attracted to and act nervous. Why? Women base their assumptions of you on what they know of you. you’ll become a guy who enters a relationship with confidence and charisma. Confidence is attractive and a crucial tool for men to have when dating. that image she has in her head of you IS YOU. your love life is going to be characterized by a series of stilted interactions and misunderstandings of who the REAL YOU 62 . but if you can’t let your best self shine through quickly. They pick up on your discomfort. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. By reading Slade Shaw’s book. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations This is one of the most powerful and special characteristics that you could possibly offer to a 63 . You can access ‘Supreme Self-Confidence’ at this web address: https://www. The self-confidence that Slade teaches you will instantly help you become a more socially adept man who is able to manage the challenges and negotiations that all relationships and interactions bring.

Section 3: Communication inside a relationship Inside this life-changing and engaging course. Hence. no matter whether you are single or in a long term relationship! We’ve broken it up into three specialized sections: Section 1: The principles of great communication with the opposite sex. Conversation Chemistry was created and is actually the length of two full books (298 pages) and is packed full of essential communication secrets for you.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations Conversation Chemistry – How to use the power of communication to create and maintain unstoppable attraction with the Opposite Sex! by Mirabelle Summers (co-authored by Amy Waterman) When renowned online relationship experts Amy Waterman and Mirabelle Summers started researching and writing Conversation Chemistry. as there was so much essential information in each of them for people at all stages of a relationship. These principles differ between men and All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. But the feedback received was an overwhelming number of suggestions that they combine them both together. Section 2: Secrets to talking to and communicating with the opposite sex during dating. and one for people who are already in a relationship. including: • The principles of great 64 . you will uncover a whole host of conversation tips and strategies. they were initially going to write 2 separate books: one for people who are single or dating.

All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. This is truly powerful stuff you won’t want to miss out on! • Find out the key secret to become a charismatic and high-status man who has no doubt that what you’re saying is interesting to your audience. If you suffer from approach anxiety. You’re going to find out in detail how and why men and women communicate differently. you’ll find that people will not just enjoy talking to you. conducted by a couple of doctors. You’ll hear what this process is. • The one thing that you absolutely must say to put people at ease and dramatically reduce your chances of getting “brushed off” by a woman when you try to strike up a conversation. they’ll go out of their way to talk to you! • How to overcome approach anxiety.this may determine whether or not she develops a romantic interest in you. and how you can use it to your advantage in sparking attraction. They proved the theory that there is a definite sequence to the process of attracting a mate. If you follow this process. you’ll build up an incredible attraction for you when it comes to the ladies! • Find out the form of intuitive communication that NLP practitioners. • The 5 conversation turn-ons that when applied diligently. psychologists and even pickup artists alike agree is crucial to forming a lasting bond with another person… • The ‘magic’ ingredients necessary to build potent rapport with women.. Going up to someone and starting a conversation can be incredibly difficult! You’ll learn how to calm these nerves right here with our highly effective 5 step strategy. find how and why! • How to adapt the way you talk to suit the man you’re talking to . and how to communicate in such a way that builds unstoppable attraction. you’re not alone. • Find out the surprising results from a study of singles bars.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations 65 ..

You’ll learn some incredibly powerful secrets here. rather than grow apart. or make a relationship into the best one you ever had. This is an incredibly important chapter for you to read as arguments have been proven to be severely detrimental to many relationships. Discover the next step and how to assess your progress at regular intervals. • Using the power of talking about the future to further enhance your long term relationship success. Without forgiveness life is governed by an endless cycle. enjoy a fun and flirtatious conversation. • Discover the 3 traits of happy couples who know how to disagree in a healthy. and yet seen as strengtheners for others who know how to argue properly. master the art of flirting. • Uncover essential secrets on how to forgive. Conversation Chemistry is designed to take you to the ‘next level’ of communication. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. you’ll discover vital communication skills that will bring the two of you together and you’ll find out common communication mistakes so that you don’t make them yourself! • What to do if communication stops.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations • How to spark chemistry and sexual chemistry with women. so it’s essential you master this crucial relationships skill! • How to argue properly and grow together as a result. In this exciting section. whether you’re out to meet someone 66 . Rarely go out for an evening alone together? Feel like you’ve run out of things to say to each other? Find out how to revive your communication and get to know your partner again. and they are a lot easier than you imagine! • The communication skills required for a great long-lasting relationship are different to those that spark attraction and get you through the first month or two of dating. nondestructive way.

com/conversationchemistry/men/ All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations You can access ‘Conversation Chemistry’ at this web address: 67 .meetyoursweet.

. I know what you are going through. I tell you exactly – EXACTLY! – what you need to heal the wounds and make your relationship better than it ever was before. did she support you in your goals . All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet. I’m going to reveal to you my powerful methods for winning back your ex. Essentially. it isn’t a happy place and it isn’t an exaggeration to say that can even feel like someone has just died. I’ve been there. figuring out whether it genuinely is a good idea to get back with your ex. And in this book.How to Meet Women and Start Conversations 2nd Chance: How to Win Back the Love of Your Ex by Mirabelle Summers (co-authored by Amy Waterman) If you’re going through the emotional turmoil of a break-up with a woman that you really didn’t want to happen (or now regret happening). • Why Do You REALLY Want To Get Back Together With Her? • And Is It REALLY A Good Decision To Make? • Were you and your ex really good together? Did she treat you the way you deserve to be treated? • More importantly.and did you support her wholeheartedly in hers? I’m asking that question in particular as it is the biggest determining factor in long-term relationship success according to numerous studies. recognizing why it happened in the first place. and. if it is. Breaking up is an awful 68 . I’ve written this book to guide you through the process of healing the pain of a breakup. But first I have a very important question to ask you before carrying on . then you have my whole hearted sympathy..

• Help you gain perspective and work through what really went wrong. indeed anyone who feels they would like to share their opinion with you. stop apologizing and stop begging. 2nd Chance: How to Win Back the Love of Your Ex is a course that is specifically designed to: • Maximize your chances of winning back your ex • Help you get your life back on track so that you are happy again and have a positive and exciting future ahead of you.) Before you do anything that you think will win back the love of your ex. But now it’s time to get advice that is GUARANTEED to work. really. no matter what happens. You have listened to the advice of friends. and negotiation process that characterizes a relationship breakup and rescue. No more sending flowers or begging for forgiveness! (Yes. you need to listen to what Mirabelle Summers has to say. If you are committed to getting back with your ex.. consideration. 2nd Chance is a course that guides you through the whole self-reflection. Even if you genuinely feel that you are ‘in the wrong’. and discover relationship secrets to help you avoid going down the path that caused your breakup again. 69 . And get your relationship back on track towards mutual growth and bonding. and giving your relationship every chance of success..How to Meet Women and Start Conversations The first thing that you need to do right now is STOP doing what ever you are doing to get her attention back. you can’t afford to be getting information that could potentially set you back or even end any chances of saving your relationship. All Rights Reserved © 2008 MeetYourSweet.

How to Meet Women and Start Conversations You can access ‘2nd Chance’ and win back the love of your ex at the following web address: All Rights Reserved © 2008 70 .meetyoursweet.